Posted on May 26, 2016

Trump: GOP Will Become ‘Worker’s Party’ Under Me

Nick Gass, Politico, May 26, 2016

Under a President Donald Trump, the Republican Party would become a different one, a broad, populist coalition focused on workers who have gone too long without a raise and on social programs the party establishment has long seen as anathema to its long-term success.

“Love the question,” Trump said in response to a question from Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Joshua Green in a profile of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus published Thursday. {snip}

“Five, 10 years from now–different party. You’re going to have a worker’s party,” Trump said in the May 17 interview. “A party of people that haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years, that are angry.”


{snip} When I give speeches, sometimes I’ll sign autographs and I’ll get to talk to people and learn a lot about the party,” he said, admitting that he had not closely followed past Republican efforts to reform the immigration system.

“When I made my [announcement] speech at Trump Tower, the June 16 speech,” Trump said, “I didn’t know about the Gang of Eight. . . . I just knew instinctively that our borders are a mess.”