Posted on March 1, 2016

Families Victimized by Illegals Vow to Block Pro-Immigration Candidates

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, March 1, 2016

The families of 30 Americans raped, tortured and murdered by alleged illegal immigrants are urging Republican voters ahead of Super Tuesday to reject Sen. Marco Rubio or any presidential candidate who isn’t strong on protecting the country from undocumented criminals.


Below is the full letter:

February 28, 2016

Open Letter to All GOP Voters

Dear Republican Voter:

We write to you today as American citizens, and as The Remembrance Project’s “stolen lives” families who have lost our children, siblings, parents and other close family members to senseless illegal alien killings. To bury your own child or loved one causes a pain beyond description or imagination, and a suffering we will carry every day of our lives.

As surviving families, we ask “Why was this allowed to be done to our innocent loved ones?” The inconvenient truth is that we have been betrayed by politicians who have not merely failed, but who have intentionally refused to enforce our immigration laws that would protect our families. Consequently, the people we so dearly loved have been sacrificed, many murdered in cold blood, by violent criminal illegal aliens who should never have been allowed into our communities.

Sadly, the single most egregious Congressional promoter of open borders is GOP Senator Marco Rubio. As a key member of the notorious “immigration reform” Gang of Eight committee, Rubio’s amnesty plan was hatched, not only to give mass amnesty to illegals, but was done through daily lies about its contents:

  • Rubio boldly claimed it was security first — but it was amnesty first, security never.
  • Rubio said no amnesty for criminals — but in reality it allowed amnesty to some of the most dangerous criminals in America.
  • Rubio said it was the toughest bill ever — it was the worst bill ever, supported by virtually every open borders politicians inside and outside Congress.

Through this process, Senator Rubio steadfastly ignored our families and the warnings of law enforcement. Not once did he reach out to our families, or other families whose loved ones’ were killed by the illegal aliens. In the aftermath of 2013, and even today, each time Rubio has a chance to do something on behalf of American victims, he chooses instead to push amnesty and side with open borders and foreign interests to make life harder and more dangerous for law-abiding American families.

We do not want other families to die at the hands of illegal aliens. We want to end the massacre of innocents in exchange for enriching open border self-interest cartels. We are pleading with the Republican voter: Reject Rubio.

Send a message to every politician in Washington D.C.: if you betray American citizens, you will never occupy the Oval Office.


Maria Espinoza

Co-founder and Nat’l Director

Juan Benavides – His brother, Jessie 32, was shot nine (9) times at a children’s birthday party. His young son witnessed the murder. Jesse was his only living family member. Dallas, Texas, is a sanctuary city.

Deborah Benson Benton – Her brother, David 55, was run over by illegal who had been drinking all night in parking lot of local Mexican restaurant. The impact severed David’s legs. David became lodged in the windshield. Illegal drove around trying to dislodge his body.

Jim and JoAnne Binger – Daughter, Brittany16, raped and viciously murdered. Illegal crushed her face with rock. Brittany was their only surviving child.

Jeri Countryman – Daughter, Dani 16, raped and viciously murdered by 2 illegals.

Sabine Durden – Son, Dominic 32 pilot and EMS personnel was, run over while motorcycling to work by an illegal with priors. Dominic was her only child.

Michael Fromer – Son, Joshua 19, run over while motorcycling to work by an illegal alien.

Dan Golvach – Son, Spencer 25 year old, shot in the head by illegal while sitting in his truck at a traffic light. Only child of

Charlene Gonzalez – Husband, Dr. Mario Gonzalez 56, shot several times by 4 illegals who attempted kidnap of Mrs. Gonzales, who was pregnant.

Patricia and Daniel Gonzalez – Son, Reece 24, stabbed to death during home invasion while visiting his disabled uncle.

Bill and Teri Hartzell – Grandmother, Louise Sollowin 93, raped and beaten to death.

Billy and Cathy Inman – Son, Dustin 16, family was rear-ended by alleged drunk illegal alien. Cathy is permanently disabled and sustained brain injury. Dustin was their only child.

Merrell and Mona Kilborn – Mother, Margaret 90, killed by illegal alien driving drunk.

Sue Krentz – Husband, Robert 58, shot by illegal alien “south-bounder” who had delivered drugs into USA, robbed two homes, and used stolen gun to shoot Rob, a father and grandfather.

Kisha and Chris Lambert – daughter, Shatavia 14, shot in the back during robbery. Illegal stole her pendant, an earring, and $7.

Maureen Grossi Laquerre – Brother, Richard, killed when illegal ran stop sign and flashing red light, slamming into Richard’s motorcycle near his home. He died 6 weeks later.

Elaine Lofink – Husband, Robert 75, tire from trailer driven by illegal crashed into their car.

Vickie Schermock Lyon – Daughter, Dennielle 25 and mother of 2, head on collision by drunk illegal alien. Illegals family removed him from hospital in middle of night and remains at large.

Maureen Maloney – Son, Matthew 23, while on his motorcycle, a drunk illegal alien crashed into Matthew. Matthew became lodged in the fender of the truck and dragged over ¼ mile while illegal attempted to flee from scene.

Brian McCann – Brother, Denny McCann 66, while walking he was hit and dragged by drunk illegal alien.

Mary Ann Mendoza – Son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, crashed into by drunk illegal alien driving wrong way on several different freeways.

Angie Moreno – Son, Ruben Morfin 13__, shot in the head by illegal while walking to his grandmothers.

Don Rosenberg – Son, Drew 23, run over 3 times by illegal alien while motorcycling.

Carrie and Lou Ruiz – Daughter, Felicia 16, stabbed over 39 times by an illegal alien who fled and remains free.

Brenda Sparks – Son, Eric Zepeda 22, while motorcycling with his girlfriend, illegal alien crashed into them. Eric succumbed to his injuries 6 weeks later.

Ray Tranchant – Daughter, Tessa 16, rear-ended by drunk illegal alien. Tessa and her best friend, Allyson Kunhardt was also killed.

Carol Vizzi – Son, Justin Goodman 32,father and husband, killed by illegal alien while motorcycling to work. Jason was Carol’s only child.

Rhonda West – Son, Kendrick 14, killed by drunk illegal alien while walking to school with a friend.

Laura and George Wilkerson – Son, Joshua 17, choked, tortured, dumped in a field and burned by illegal DREAMer classmate whom he gave a ride home from school.

Clarissa Winchester – Rachel Click, killed in car crash by drunk illegal alien.

Kathy Woods – Son, Steven 17, killed when gang of illegals attacked him and his friends. Smashed window with iron pipe, then pierced Steven’s skull with a sharpened paint roller handle.