Posted on February 17, 2016

Shocking Image Depicting the ‘White Woman of Europe’ Being Grabbed and Assaulted by Dark-Skinned Men on Cover of Polish Magazine

Simon Tomlinson, Daily Mail, February 17, 2016

A Polish magazine has sparked anger after publishing a front cover image depicting a white woman being molested by a group of dark-skinned men.

The far-right weekly wSieci (Network) mocked up the picture to illustrate an issue dedicated to discussing the rape and sexual assault of women by migrants across Europe.

It shows a half-naked blonde woman, who is wrapped in the flag of Europe, screaming as she is groped by six hands next to the headline: ‘Islamic Rape of Europe’.


The image has sparked outrage after it was shared online.

Media expert Henk van Ess said: ‘Sick cover from a big Polish magazine–is deliberately arousing public fear.’

Bartosz wrote: ‘This s*** embarrasses me as a Pole.

‘It doesn’t matter that wSieci is a far right tabloid . . . this s*** is unacceptable.’

However, other users welcomed the magazine’s stance, saying it would open up the debate on the migrant crisis.

Account named IsHillaryInJailYet said: ‘Polish magazine wSieci writes about the refugee rape culture in Germany. Finally people are talking about this.’

The edition features hard-hitting articles titled ‘Does Europe want to commit suicide?’ and ‘The Hell of Europe’, it was reported by Breitbart.

In its preview, the magazine says: ‘In the new issue of the weekly Network, a report about what the media and Brussels elite are hiding from the citizens of the European Union.’

Its main feature goes on to accuse the authorities of allowing sex assaults by migrants to escalate well before they were brought into the spotlight by events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when hundreds of women reported being attacked.

In the article, Aleksandra Rybinska writes: ‘The people of old Europe after the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne painfully realised the problems arising from the massive influx of immigrants.

‘The first signs that things were going wrong, however, were there a lot earlier.

‘They were still ignored or were minimised in significance in the name of tolerance and political correctness.’

Earlier this week, prosecutors said most of the suspects identified in connection with the robberies and sexual assaults in Cologne were refugees.

The crimes, described as unprecedented by authorities, sparked uproar in Germany and a heated debate about the country’s ability to integrate almost 1.1 million people who sought asylum there last year.

Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said 73 suspects have been identified so far – most of them from North Africa.

A total of 1,075 criminal complaints have been filed, including 467 alleging crimes of a sexual nature ranging from insults to rape.

Other countries including Denmark, Sweden and Norway have reported a spike in sexual assaults.