Posted on February 17, 2016

Hungary Premier Blasts Migrant Flow as Threat to Europe

Vladimir Isachenkov, AP, February 17, 2016

Hungary’s prime minister vented his anger against the influx of migrants on a visit to Russia on Wednesday, saying that it threatens the identity of EU nations and raises terror threats.

Viktor Orban made the comments during a visit to Russia, speaking a day before a European Union summit where the migrant crisis is expected to feature prominently on the agenda.

Orban said after talks with President Vladimir Putin that Hungary disagrees with those in the EU who see the flow of migrants as something good.

“Europe’s largest nations now believe it’s mostly positive,” he said through an interpreter. “Our view is that it’s bad.”


In remarks heralding fierce debates at the EU summit, Orban said that for Hungary “Christian and national values will be as important in the future as they were in the past,” adding that his nation believes that “uncontrolled migration will cause more harm than good.”


Asked about his view, Putin said that he wouldn’t weigh in on an EU domestic issue, but praised Orban for his stance.

“We sympathize with the stance of the Hungarian leadership, the prime minister of Hungary to defend the European identity, the identity of their country, their people” he said.