Posted on January 28, 2016

Man Carrying Two Guns and Koran Arrested at Disneyland Paris

Nicole Morley, Metro, January 28, 2016

A man carrying two guns has been arrested at Euro Disney.

Police have detained the armed man, aged 28, in Seine-et-Marne near Paris.

His firearms, thought to be handguns, were concealed in a bag.

Security staff alerted police at around midday after the man’s weapons were picked up as he walked through an X-ray scanner while trying to book a hotel room.

French media say the European man was stopped at the New York Hotel and was with a woman who fled the scene, a female was arrested shortly after, but Disneyland Paris staff confirmed it was a case of mistaken identity.

As well as the two handguns, the suspect was carrying a box of bullets and a copy of the Koran on him, according to police sources.

An Interior Ministry official confirmed the arrest. The man was not previously known to police or intelligence services.

He didn’t resist arrest and no injuries have been reported.

Investigators launched a search for the female companion, who was quickly arrested, she was unarmed.

A French police official says a woman has been detained at Disneyland Paris soon after police apprehended her male partner. It was later revealed to be the wrong woman.

Police are not thought to be seeking other suspects in connection with the incident.

The man’s vehicle, which was in the car park, has security cordon placed around it as a precautionary measure.

France remains in a state of emergency since Islamist jihadis and suicide bombers killed 130 people in a series of terror attacks in and near Paris in November.

A spokeswoman for Euro Disney had no immediate comment on the arrest.

There are several hotels around Disneyland Paris, which is east of the French capital and is among Europe’s most-visited tourist attractions.

The park, which conducts security checks at the entrance, remains open.

Employees at several hotels around Disneyland Paris said they continued functioning as usual after the arrest.