Posted on October 28, 2015

Leak: 81 Percent of Migrants to Germany Are Unskilled, Government Predicts 400,00 New Welfare Claimants

Oliver Lane, Breitbart, October 28, 2015

Germany will import 1.2 million completely unskilled migrants this year, many of whom will go straight onto unemployment benefits, according to a leaked government document.

The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) October migration estimates document outlined a number of key statistics previously not in the public domain.

Among the revelations is that fact over 80 per cent of migrants have no qualifications, the majority are under the age of 45, and the agency expects 400,000 new benefit claimants next year to be migrants.

Leaked to the German weekly anti-establishment paper Junge Freiheit this week, but ignored by the national mainstream media, the document optimistically insists that despite the enormous cost of migrants to the country it was good news. Writ-large across the last slide of the presentation, they claim: “The integration of refugees is a chance for BA and society as a whole. But all must stand shoulder to shoulder”.

The golden opportunity for BA to turn the migrant crisis to its advantage may be one reason for their optimism. As the document explains, the sheer number of new unemployment benefit applications that will need processing and managing means the agency will have to employ 3,500 new staff.

The new claimants and the staff come with a cost, estimated to stand at €855 million next year (£620 million) in addition to the €35 billion already budgeted for 2016. The additional cost includes €640 million for benefit payments and €65 million for new staff–convenient empire building for the agency at a time of national crisis.


Just eight per cent of migrants have any kind of academic qualification, while 81 per cent have none at all. If Germany received 1.5 million migrants, as the present–if rapidly ascending–figure has it, that means some 1.2 million people will arrive in the country without a level of education even as high as a school leavers certificate.


When approached by Breitbart London for comment, the Federal Employment Agency confirmed the document was genuine but would not comment on how it came to be released, and insisted the information contained was not “secret”.