Posted on June 29, 2015

It Begins: Confederate Flag Rallies Draw Thousands from Across the South

Marcus Cicero, Occidental Dissent, June 28, 2015

Splendid news from across Dixie today, as thousands of brave White, and some Black, men and women assembled across several states to demand their heritage and symbols be restored and respected.

The largest rally in Montgomery, Alabama, site of Governor Robert Bentley’s treasonous decision to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol monument, drew well over a thousand folks, by conservative estimates, and was hailed as a massive success by those organizing the event.

Speeches concerning the attacks on Southern culture and history were given to a rapturous crowd, topped off with a thunderous rendition of “I Wish I was In Dixie” that brought many of those gathered to the point of joyful and patriotic tears.

Confederate flag supporters today gathered at the the state Capitol to voice their outrage at Gov. Robert Bentley’s decision to remove Civil War flags from the statehouse grounds.

The crowd of about 300–some wearing Confederate uniforms–waved the flag and sang a chorus of ‘I Wish I Was in Dixie.’

. . .

“Because he should not be taking down flags off of any monument. This is a war monument in honor of our veterans and it doesn’t matter whether they’re Confederate or United States. It’s a war monument and he dealt to political correctness because he’s a coward.”

*Note that folks on the ground have torn the citation of just three hundred attendees to shreds, putting the actual number at at least four times the figure.

Other rallies in Tampa, Florida, Harrison, Arkansas, Gastonia, North Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina drew hundreds more courageous Southern patriots into the struggle, as the waves of discontent over Marxist cultural genocide continue to grow stronger.


The controversy over the Confederate flag hit the streets in the Bay area Friday night. Hundreds of supporters donned the flag in the Drive for Pride from Brandon to Tampa and back.

The group rallying for the stars and bars had a few bumps in the ride. During the route, divers had one accident, got 2 tickets, and met some opposition, while driving home their beliefs.

Supporters decked out more than 300 cars with the Confederate flag, they say as a symbol of their southern pride.

“I’m ready to take that ride,” says organizer William Pew.

Take heart from these happenings, White Southern Man, as your nation rises up around you to demand real change, and freedom from generations of federal oppression.

This is only the beginning of something far greater, and a sign that a tough and hardy people, bound by ties of blood, faith, and custom, cannot be held down indefinitely by those who wish death and destruction for all.

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