School Districts Spending Millions on ‘White Privilege’ Training for Employees

Steve Gunn, EAG News, May 6, 2015

The Pacific Educational Group (PEG) espouses a lot of controversial and stereotypical concepts regarding minority students in K-12 schools.

For instance, the organization teaches that black kids are less likely to respond to fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work, because those ideas are supposedly foreign to African-American culture.

PEG is literally selling notions like that to American public schools, and the schools are buying them, at a cost of millions of tax dollars every year.


EAGnews recently obtained a partial list of American school districts that contract with San Francisco-based PEG for educational consulting services. Most of those services come in the form of workshops for teachers and other staff members.

Forty-two districts on that list responded to an EAGnews request for information about how much they have paid PEG over the past five years.

The total amount was $3.9 million between 2010 and 2015, with some districts spending a lot more than others.

The biggest spender on the list was Pittsburgh Public Schools, which paid PEG a whopping $586,300 over a four-year period.

The district’s initial investment was $231,000 in the 2010-11 school year. It spent $96,100 the following year, then $183,200 in 2012-13 and $76,000 in 2013-14.

Then there’s the Osseo, Minnesota school district, which has paid PEG $533,800 over the past three years.

It started with a $100,000 payment in the 2012-13 school year, followed by $225,000 in 2013-14 and $208,800 in 2014-15.

The other top PEG spenders on the list are Baltimore County Public Schools ($427,000), Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas ($362,750), Talbot County Public Schools in Maryland ($259,100) and the Bellevue School District in Washington ($237,100, including $153,600 in 2014-15).

What are the educators in these districts learning in exchange for all of that money?

The PEG message is centered on the concept of “white privilege” and the detrimental impact it supposedly has on minority students.

On a basic level, PEG teaches that minority students don’t do as well as white students on the average because traditional American education is structured around white cultural norms, which are frequently difficult for minority students to grasp.


According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

Minority students shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to those values because they are foreign to their culture, according to PEG.



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  • Whitetrashgang

    Wow, someone tells the truth why people from a maternal society are more or less useless.

  • Dave West

    Teachers learn that “planning for the future” and “adherence to rigid time schedules” are “white traits.”

    I agree! It’s about time these “white privilege” conferences became honest! It’s time they acknowledge the real cause of “white privilege”……….. IQ. Let’s bring asian privilege into the discussion, as well!

    • dukem1

      Well what does the syllabus say re: traits indigenous to their culture?

      Inquiring minds would like to know.


      • RobertLongshanks

        Well I think that’s kinda the gag. “Showing up on time”, “working hard”, and “not murdering people for their sneakers” are White traits, but no Black traits are ever listed, teachers are only encouraged to be patient and take into account their ghetto upbringing. We can only surmise that black traits consist of “whatever I can get away with”, and id say statistics of the last decade say exactly that.

      • SFLBIB

        Those who expect little will not be disappointed.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        You crackas jes don be unnerstandin dat when ussens runs afowl of de law, it is meerly de applikayshon of dat forfth principal of Kwanzaa, namebly de “Ujamaa.”

        Ujamaa is “ecomonic sharin,” and dat is what all dat meens. We is sharin yo stuff wit youz, speshully when youz is at woik and we is home an lookin to get hi…

    • Reverend Bacon

      Yes- rugged individualism must also be a foreign concept to Asians, but they do “do as well as white students.”

      Even if race were a social construct, and if the black culture which lacks all those values (showing up on time, future-time orientation), it’s shocking that their answer is for white culture to change to accommodate blacks’ unwillingness to assimilate.

    • TruthBeTold

      Diversity: We’re all exactly the same but different.

      • SFLBIB

        That’s what is known as “Disney Diversity”: a bunch of dolls in a variety of colors – but all from the same mold, and (most important) singing the same song in unison.

    • Alden

      But of course if a teacher is not in his or her classroom when school starts he or she gets in trouble. Many jobs have time clocks and sign in sheets. Many jobs are shift jobs where co workers can’t leave until their replacement arrives. Many jobs are service jobs. Restaurants and stores can’t function when their employees are not at their work station and ready to start work when the doors open to customers
      I’m 73. I remember 50 years ago when affirmative action arrived. LBJ, Nixon and their great society funded and organized numerous non profits to give classes to managers about colored peoples time. That was the concept that blacks cannot be expected to be on time for work or to come back on time after lunch.
      It never stops.

  • Tannenbaum

    …the organization teaches that black kids are less likely to respond to
    fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time
    for school or work, because those ideas are supposedly foreign to
    African-American culture.

    That’s because they are. The only alien notion this PEG group is pushing is that the rest of us are supposed to adapt ourselves to slovenly negroid ways of thought and behavior.

    According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or
    “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time
    schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is
    the key to success.”

    Intelligence is Racist. Right, PEG?

    • Jason Lewis

      White privlege is evolutionary. That’s why Eastern Asians enjoy it as well.

      • JohnnyMangoes

        Care to explain? I’m actually going to the US with my wife next week to visit my family in a 95% white state. I’m half Chinese and she is Chinese. Will we expect problems or will it be okay?

        • Lexonaut

          “Will we expect problems or will it be okay?”

          It depends on what you do with that racial chip that’s been on your shoulder, Mangoes. If you go into downtown Kellogg (Idaho, I don’t know of any place whiter) and shout …

          “Hey, white people, JohnnyMangoes is here and I’m just as evolved as you are, maybe more”

          then you might expect a problem here and there …

          … but then it all depends on the meaning of the words “problem” and “okay”, I suppose. And it probably depends on your viewpoint, too. By that I mean that the white supremacist types in Kellogg might feel that your loss in a physical confrontation is their gain.

          • JohnnyMangoes

            What are your post?

            I have “no people”. Whites are as much my people as Chinese are. And if you saw me you’d assume I was white, because I look white. Which just shows how arbitrary racism is. I was part of several white nationalist groups before who had no idea I was non-white at all.

            Which pretty much proves that WNs just go off of the way people look for the sake of ethnic unity when historically in white countries people were killing each other for other reasons.

          • Lexonaut

            Cool your jets — I’ve replied to your earlier post, let’s do a system reset, okay?

          • Alden

            Most Asian White mixes look more White than Asian Nothing unusual about that

          • Epoche

            Some of here are not specifically “white oriented” we just believe in freedom of association and personal responsibility. We are tired of the moral blackmail, the reverse racism, the double standards, the passive aggressive snark, the idiocy, and the demanded apologies from people who hate us and yet will not allow us to be physically separate. Many of the ideas posited by the civil rights movement are hypocritical and self-contradictory under an honest examination.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Upvote × 100

        • Charles Martel

          Blacks see everyone better than them as white. As long as you avoid blacks and make sure that Hispanics are not counted as whites in that state you should be fine.

        • SFLBIB

          Have you seen whites riot lately? … I didn’t think so.

        • hastings88

          Listen, Mango-troll: If you go into white areas, you will get no “trouble.” That’s because whites are civilized and, on the whole, law-abiding. We don’t even harass blacks who go into white areas. You will be left alone. That is why people from everywhere in the world want to come and live with us, including Chinese: we have better, more civilized societies than anyone else, including the Chinese, who harass non-Chinese in cities other than Shanghai or Beijing. My white wife spent a couple of years in Chong Ching (I can’t spell it) and got crowded and stared at all the time. People would swarm her and rudely pick through her grocery basket to see what she was buying. She is liberal, but called China uncivilized, overall.

          If you go into a black area in the U.S., on the other hand, chances are very good that you will be harassed verbally and also rather good that you will be a crime victim. Mexican and Puerto Rican areas are somewhat less dangerous than black, but I would never go into them.

          Why are you trolling on this site, anyway? You should be on some race-mixing site talking about how wonderful you are. BTW, your photo doesn’t fool me. I would have guessed you were at least Central Asian, an Uzbek or something.

          • JohnnyMangoes

            That’s not me. That’s a Chinese male model named Hu Bing.

            You’re right that most Chinese people are very rude. But they’re pretty uneducated on the whole thanks to the same crushing cultural changes that the Marxists brought to Europe.

      • Jason Lewis

        Asians enjoy white privlege because their outcomes in our society match or sometimes exceed those of whites. It’s said tongue and cheek because there is no such thing a white privlege. If you work hard and are intelligent western society will reward you. Asians I see take full advantage of our society and they are successful. The groups that complain about privlege are usually lazy and not very bright. As to going to a 95% white state I would say I fully expect you to be safe and treated repectfully.

    • Ultimate187

      Dat be actin’ white yo

    • SFLBIB

      “‘…the organization teaches that black kids are less likely to respond to fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work, because those ideas are supposedly foreign to African-American culture.’

      “That’s because they are.”

      You might have something here. Anyone who has spent time in the military knows that soldiers try to get by with doing as little as possible. A similar relationship probably existed between master and slave as exists between sergeant and private, and it is still with blacks to this day. They call it “the legacy of slavery.”

  • Cindy

    According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

    Minority students shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to those values because they are foreign to their culture, according to PEG.
    The Left are becoming race realists! They’re doing it in a really convoluted bizarre fashion, but they are starting to face facts. Next step: segregation.

    • TruthBeTold

      Am I supposed to be ashamed of these White traits?

      • Lexonaut

        “Am I supposed to be ashamed of these White traits?”

        Yes. You see, it’s not fair because not everybody has them. It’s especially not fair because you didn’t earn them, you were born with them. This is the very essence of white privilege.

        It is not within our power to raise those kids up and so, you see, you must bring yourself down. If you don’t … well … we have ways of making you equal.

  • dd121

    And if they don’t get the message it’s off to the reeducation camps.

    • dukem1

      Hillaryville! It’s like going to summer camp!

  • Truthseeker

    According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or
    “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time
    schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is
    the key to success.”

    Minority students shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to those values
    because they are foreign to their culture, according to PEG.

    OK. So let them disregard these principles and fail, while we adhere to them and succeed. But success is racist, I guess.

    • David Ashton

      Well, equality means leveling down to the lowest, slowest denominator.

      • Dale McNamee

        So does “diversity”…

        • David Ashton

          This “equality and diversity” meme has spread right across all the policy-making elites of the Anglosphere and the EU. As Trotsky would have said, “It’s no coincidence.”

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s bizarre. I consider these admirable traits. That must be why I’m PEGged as a ‘racist’.

  • PEG just happens to be right about white people, and somewhat right about why “minority” (i.e. certain minorities) students can never have those traits. But their solution is to bludgeon white people for having those traits, to shame and guilt them into giving up those traits.

    Except for the “individualism” part; we do need to edge away from individualism.

    • thomasdosborneii

      What do you mean by “we do need to edge away from individualism”? Was that supposed to be satire?

      “Individualism” means:

      1. the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant;
      2. a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.

      You may be a Communist, but I’m not turning myself over to collective or state control, which, of course, is what this whole anti-White thing is all about. Blacks generally have a slave mentality (the deal of slavery is “you take care of me” and in exchange “you can control me”) that is exactly what this educational process is intended to produce in Whites, too. They don’t want us to adhere to “rigorous time schedules”, because schedules have an “on” and an “off”; they want us “on” 24/7. They don’t want us to plan for the future, because they don’t want us to be in control of our future. And they don’t want us to think that hard work is the key to success, because they want our hard work but it will come with no success.

      • Inordinate adherence to individualism leaves us defenseless against non-white groups that think tribally.

      • dd47

        Individualism is an offshoot of liberalism. Social liberalism has ruined everything from the family to the nation.
        Communism is economic collectivism. Economic collectivism is what leads to the slave mentality, not opposing people for abandoning their families or having allegiance to nothing but themselves.

        • Backing up for a moment, individualism can be a good thing. It just shouldn’t be the “uber alles” virtue of a society. I’m more of the Kipling philosophy, that the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf. In that collectivism and individualism shouldn’t be seen as either-or one-or-the-other options or cults, that they can work with each other and cooperate with each other, canceling out each other’s undesirable elements, to create a virtuous society.

          • carriewhite64

            In the most apocalyptic future scenarios of America, a good combination of group strength and rugged individualism will be the most powerful survival force. Cooperation for the common good is a typically white trait that has allowed strong societies to flourish. But there will always be the outliers who are the risk takers, pioneers, and proponents of unique ideas. We need both.

          • Spikeygrrl

            “Individualism” has never been about amorality (“I’ve already got mine; skruu anyone else trying to get theirs”). Individualism — to which IQ, hard work, and a decent moral code are absolutely essential — is about the freedom to make one’s own choices. Neither independent wealth nor effective entrepreneurship are necessary OR sufficient conditions for moral adulthood… but they REALLY help.

            A few examples of individualism in action:
            — pay a poor teen’s way through a reputable, quick-completion vo/tech program
            — when approached by a panhandler stinking of alcohol or twitching from drugs, don’t fork over your pocket change. Instead, buy him coffee and/or soup and while he’s drinking it — DO NOT let him out of your sight! — call your city’s 12-Step clearinghouse to request a ride/guide to the next meeting. If your city is a large one, someone can usually come out to relieve you in less than an hour.
            — Volunteer your time and/or money to genuinely conservative and libertarian causes and campaigns.
            — Cleanse your personal speech/writing of deep-seated (doncha just wanna scream when people write “deep-SEEDED”???) Leftist euphemisms. Not “gay,” homosexual. Not “public” “school,” government school (better yet, government indoctrination facility). Not “evangelist” (of any belief system), religionist. Those folks are just plain scary, on the Right even moreso than on the Left.

            Remember: You are an individual. DON’T GIVE IN! Even if you know nothing else, you know who you are and that you have INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS guaranteed by our Constitution. Obey Leftist law if in conscience you can… but always have a dozen polite, principled, and persuasive rejoinders up your sleeve for wherever/whenever the conversation sidles toward violence. Even a body-cavity search cannot discover and/or take away from you either your IQ or your rhetorical arsenal! But programming your all-purpose attorney’s number into your cell phone wouldn’t hurt, either.

      • TruthBeTold

        Individualism is strength but is also dangerous for Whites in a non-white world.

        If Whites were alone, it would be (and is) a noble virtue.

        Unfortunately our individualism hampers our ability to see ourselves as a distinct people like blacks do.

        Blacks see themselves as a united collective. Left alone, they’d kill each other but as long as they have the White enemy, they see themselves as a group.

        Just look how fractured Whites are when elections come. We’ll vote individually or not at all if the candidate doesn’t fit our ideals to a T. Blacks will simply vote black which is why they increasing win.

        How many Whites sat out the last Presidential election because Romney wasn’t their ideal candidate?

        If Whites voted as a group for the White guy, Romney could have been President.

        • thomasdosborneii

          i see what you are driving at. However, blacks ARE killing themselves, that’s what most of the crime is in the U.S., black on black. So maybe they only come together when they vote, and voting for them is similar to committing a crime; it certainly is “looting” the system.

          Regarding if we voted as a group for white guy, maybe we would have had Romney for a while, but then just you wait to see WHAT white guys are the candidates next time!

          • TruthBeTold

            Blacks vote black. Democrats vote Democrat. Women vote women. White men will only vote for their ideal candidate. And if the nominee isn’t perfect, the individualistic white man will sit out.

            We have to start voting white. It’s our only hope. But I don’t see it happening because as I said, each white guy wants the man they consider Mr. Perfect (he doesn’t exists).

            I’m guilty of it too. If Jeb gets the nomination, I would have to think long and hard to vote for him. Or Christy? (a very long-shot candidate but who knows).

            But ONE thing we have to keep in mind is that whoever is President gets to nominate Supreme Court justices. And THIS is where the problems are coming from.

            Every Conservative keeps complaining about the upper and lower court rulings. They have to realize that whoever gets in is going to be making appointments.

            Back to Jeb.

            I would hate to vote for Jeb but if he nominated and not elected a Democrat will be nominating at least one if not two justices. And they WILL be liberals.

            Tell your friends. You’re not just voting for the President. You’re voting for the upper and lower courts.

  • Itachi

    I literally “laughed out loud” to the heading of this Article…I also had to double check the date to make sure it was not still…somehow April 1….

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.
    -Louis D. Brandeis

    • expitch

      Sunlight can also cause cancer.

      • Alexandra1973

        No it doesn’t. It actually helps prevent it. Sunscreen can cause cancer, so can being under fluorescent lighting all day.

  • Jason Lewis

    Gotta hand it to them. Those cultural Marxist are crafty and motivated.

    • AmericanRemnant

      They are devious and diabolical and ceaseless in their pursuit of nation wrecking.

  • Petronius

    Well, it’s true that if they don’t come to work on time, and don’t work hard once they get there, they are going to have trouble holding a job.

    In which case they’re going to find it difficult to plan for the future. And they may easily get bored, and turn to short-term solutions such as rioting, looting, crime, and welfare dependency.

    And then Liberals will complain that such behavior is a normal response to the lack of jobs opportunity and investment in the community.

    • AmericanRemnant

      Logic has no place in contemporary society.

      • Good Lord, that’s true, especially among our young college educated!

    • SentryattheGate

      The biggest growth in jobs is gubmint jobs—given to lots of blacks, in return for their predictable support for Democrats. Jobs where you don’t have to work or produce much, and impossible to be fired from!

      • listenupbub

        Or jobs with PEG.

  • It angers me that we are forced to pay for this propaganda through our property taxes. If we refuse to pay, they’ll take our houses.

    • Petronius

      We don’t really own our houses. We just rent them from the local government — which in most cases is run by the Democrat political machine.

      • Alexandra1973

        Property tax=squatters’ rent.

  • HJ11

    Circle the wagons, Whitey. We have to start coming out of the closet as Whites and we have to start taking action to stop the soft and the hard genocide against us wherever it rears its foul head. This means each of us as individuals must act in our own communities (lawfully, of course) to protect ourselves and ours.

  • According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

    Now if any of us said these were “White” traits that “White people naturally adhere to” we would be attacked as racist. Why do liberals get a free pass for saying basically the same things that Jared Taylor says?

    Now, as far as “adherence to rigid time schedules” being a “White trait”, I disagree. I thought it was more or less a German trait. I am Irish; I’ll get there, sooner or later, be patient!

    • HJ11

      Hmmm, I’m mostly Irish but with some German, and I do adhere to a tight time schedule, I do believe in rugged individualism and also personal responsibility,but mostly I believe in Whiteism. I am White and I like it.

      • Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, Cherokee and Tuscarora, here. I can manage a schedule, but dislike them. On the other hand, I am good at re-prioritizing things on the hoof. When I was a chemical engineer, sometimes everything got done almost right away, but that was an art form, and not due to the organizational skills I have never possessed.

    • Alex Williamson

      It’s a protestant northern european thIng. The Irish, Spanish, Italians etc tend to be a lot more lax in their timekeeping, but they are nowhere near as bad as blacks.

    • Lexonaut

      ” Why do liberals get a free pass for saying basically the same things that Jared Taylor says?”

      Because they have good intentions. Please cut them some slack.

  • HJ11

    My hope is that others on here do more than just post comments all the time. Although ;posting comments is a good thing to do, more must be done. I do my part locally and I speak out. I get called names, but I don’t care. I stand up for my belief in Whiteness, but I don’t do it in an over the top manner.

  • MekongDelta69

    They should ALL be sent back to Africa where they’ll all feel ‘right at home’ and won’t be subjected to our ‘horrible’ White culture and civilization, which promote greatness instead of sloth and violence.

    • SentryattheGate

      Reminds me of a true story of an African “migrant” to Europe. He made the illegal trip to France, where his brother had a French (white )wife/momma baby. Then he complained that “all they do here is work, work, work—not enough time for sitting around socializing!” In France, they only work 32 hour work weeks! He wanted the white lifestyle, but not their work ethic!

      • Alexandra1973

        Introduce him to the Amish!

    • carriewhite64

      Yes, I think there might exist a country on this planet where those traits would be accepted readily. Would it not be easier to live there if one cannot adjust to time schedules and work ethics?

  • AmericanRemnant

    Any school board that subscribes to this clap trap should be immediately disbanded and flogged in the public square. This says pretty blatantly that the societal ethics that built this country are outdated and society should adopt education to the pace of the dumbest one in the class. Can’t wait to see how that turns out when they’re adults. It’s bad enough now that young people have no work ethic and can barely read and write. People really can’t see this as another tactic in the nations destroyers war to destroy this country, can they?

    • Lexonaut

      “People really can’t see this as another tactic in the nations destroyers war to destroy this country, can they?”

      No, they can’t. And the Romans couldn’t see that paying off the Visigoths was a poor plan for survival.

    • TruthBeTold

      White parents should be up in arms over this. Do they know what’s going on?

      Much of this stuff is done on the sly. They do it until they get caught then make excuses.

      Their goal seems to be to plant as many seeds of doubt that will take root in the weak minded.

  • American Tax Payer

    For all the world’s brutality throughout the history of mankind, there is no greater evil than what’s going on right now.

    We’re forced to absorb these third world aliens, pay for them, give them our jobs, accept the depressed wages they bring, accept the decline in quality and lower our standards which is all a culmination of White Genocide.

    • AmericanRemnant

      Ironic isn’t it, financing our own destruction?

      • American Tax Payer

        We’re not doing it. We have a few Traitors (congress/european leaders) doing it. There are some places White People can move to and affordable too but we have to keep them secret.

        • carriewhite64

          Are they really secret, or can you disclose a few of them for me?

          • American Tax Payer

            Go to City Data, find the top five whitest states and go through each town (of your desired population size) looking at the ethnic make-up. When you find one you like, look up their Town Hall and research their plans for future zoning (look for code words like “HUD, Urban, Diverse” etc.) and check to see how much Agenda21 (sustainable development, smartgrowth, green, etc.) they’ve managed to force on the Townsfolk. Also, look at the population change. You have to look at everything (median age, income, marital status, school rank, etc.) and then you have to look at real estate for sale in that area (residential and commercial) to get an idea of what it looks like.

            It also helps to talk to real estate agents from the areas you like to get a feel of the Townsfolk. I talked to my Real Estate Agent over two years ago. I picked one from that Town and talked to him for almost two hours. Be completely honest with them. I told mine about the changes I was seeing and my idea of an American Community. I’m Thankful to God I found him ’cause he’s completely understanding and when I described the kind of people I need to be around, he immediately named a Town and I could not be more pleased. I reckon it helps that his family has been in that area since back when it was still Indian Territory. He knows it very well…

            Anyway, my area is not even on City-Data, it’s that small. BUT, we have Agenda21 here now. We are no longer allowed to burn our own leaves anymore. We still have to pay over three thousand in property taxes every year though…

            If you’re really interested, I’ll give you his name but only if you promise not to bring asians with you!

          • carriewhite64

            Thank you so much for the great information. I dream about doing this. I can work from anywhere, and I think I can talk my grown kids and best friend to move. We talk about it all the time. I had no idea this kind of research could yield the results you mention, or that it was published and available. I promise not to bring undesirables anywhere! You deserve props for doing a great job for yourself and your family. I am going to spend some time on City Data this weekend.

          • American Tax Payer

            You’re Welcome! Seriously though, not to hurt anyone’s feelings but every time asians are included, the next thing you know, white people are pushed out of the top jobs and they “own” everything and then they’re your “Representatives” and you find yourself living in asiatown but even if they don’t manage to turn it completely asian, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything American Owned. This stretches from gas stations to coffee shops to hotels to restaurants.

            I said this years ago when it first started and now, the take-over is complete: The tiny little”strip mall” in town is all foreign owned save for one business. There used to be a little butcher shop there and a tiny little restaurant inside and a few aisles for staples and little bookstore you could just trade books or buy them and a little drugstore. Now there’s an asian restaurant, asian nail salon, Egyptian owned restaurant and I don’t what kind of foreigner owns the used furniture place. Somewhere from the ME/Asia. It’s a real invasion.

            I’m talking about a Town that has 3,326 people and an 89.6% white majority. It takes so little in order to lose everything. That’s why I’m wary of white people who want to include asians.

          • carriewhite64

            Actually, this has happened in my town, too. I live down the street from an Asian restaurant, nail place, and a Viet restaurant/deli. So confusing and sad.

    • Lexonaut

      “We’re forced to absorb these third world aliens, pay for them …”

      You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. You can elect to go to prison for tax fraud, in which case your every whim will be catered to during your stay at either the Crossbar Hotel or Club Fed, depending on whom you know.

      It’s a wonderful life … Free food, free housing, all the medical care you could ever wish for, free cable TV, immaculate public areas, lots of friends to pay chess or cards with … and so on.

      • American Tax Payer

        No, not going to prison. I’m just waiting. Our house is supposed to be done on the 13th and I’ve been told this is a “highly desirable” area so I suspect we’ll be moved in the next month or two.

        We’re moving to a sparsely populated area. It’s just too much for me. When I first moved here with my husband, I only ever saw one black and he was a Jehovah’s Witness. No hispanics and certainly no asians. I just can’t handle it. It offends my sensibilities, hurts my eyeballs and my brain. It went from 100% White to 89% in fifteen years. Not good.

        • Lexonaut

          “We’re moving to a sparsely populated area. It’s just too much for me.”

          I completely understand.

  • “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success” – Well, no wonder we’ve succeeded more than all other racial groups!

    By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, blacks and browns are notorious for not having regimented and structured times among their families. When I was a cop, I routinely saw Mexican toddlers up at 10 or 11pm playing in the front yard of their homes on a weekday! The black kids too were often up late in the evening unsupervised, playing and goofing off. The parents had little concern about any of this, and they thought it was perfectly normal.

    There is little concrete structure in the daily lives of blacks and Hispanics, at least in the ones I’ve observed over the years. They are often late to events or arrive at the approximate time, but there is little that is exacting and precise about them in this sense. I call it “Mexican time” or “Negro standard of time.”

    • “Negro standard time”

      And their Negro-in-Chief is as bad about that as any of them. None of his important (or what passes for important) scheduled events ever start on time. But parties, fund raisers, tee times — He’s always Baracky-on-the-spot.

    • American Tax Payer

      You observed it but I heard it. I was watching Bridezilla’s once and this black woman said and I quote, “that’s white people time. I’m on black people time.”. That is not a joke.

  • Groovy

    The Chinese know this is what is happening to our country. This why they will win.

    • David Ashton

      They are reaching for cyber supremacy and starting state eugenic programs. But we do not HAVE to let them win.

      • Groovy

        Do you think Hillary or Jeb will do anything to stop them? Most of our political leaders are too stupid to understand what the end result of this stupidity will be.

        • Ultimate187

          Hillary and Jeb will accuse them of being mean and ethically challenged.

        • David Ashton

          As an Englishman, I think intelligence Americans may have a better chance to change the system in the US than we have in the UK.

    • dd47

      Except that they’re starting to let in Western television shows- the first one of which was Ellen Degeneris. They aren’t immune to stupidity and if the West wants to survive it should start promoting it overseas to bring everything down.

  • Dale McNamee

    I’m proud and unapologetic rugged individualist who adheres to rigid time schedules, plans for the future and works hard for success !

    • This is likely why you have been a success in life.

      • Dale McNamee

        Yep !

        • David Ashton

          And plenty of tax dollars confiscated to sustain the indolent babyfathers and pay for riot-damage repair?

  • DonReynolds

    I will be glad when all these “white traits” are COMPLETELY FOREIGN to blacks.
    Planning for the future is a middle class trait, so is the idea of scheduling activity by time of day. Lower class blacks, whites and hispanics should not be expected to act like they are middle class.

  • LexiconD1

    I’m so glad next year is my son’s last year in a public high school.

    • Alexandra1973

      Mine’s finishing 7th grade. I wonder how bad things may get in the next 5 years. This part of Ohio is pretty conservative, but even so….

  • David Ashton

    “All ya need is lurve, lurve is all ya need” (John Lennon).
    “Peace, justice, democracy” (Vladimir Lenin).

    “Untergang des Abendlandes” (Oswald Spengler).
    “Rettung des Abendlandes” (Oswald Mosley).

    • Lexonaut

      I’m reminded of an old Jack Benny on-air joke …

      Robber … Your money or you life!

      Benny ….. I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

  • American Tax Payer

    We went to Lowe’s for some mulch today. I’ve gone there for years and never saw a black face. I walked in and the first thing I saw was a mixy behind the cash register with a scowl on her face. It looked like she was mentally cussing out every white customer in there and wishing she could kill us all and our “white privilege”.

    I got my cart and was walking toward the mulch when what did I hear? That’s right, a black voice saying, “I’m gonna put this pallet right here for just a minute” and a White voice saying “okay”. I came upon them and went down a different aisle to get around the pallet he was just laying down at the corner of the aisle I needed to go down. I came up the other end of that particular aisle and started loading my bags. They came up to the mulch next to me and they’re talking and the white man is telling him, “no, we’re not really supposed to do that”. The black man was trying to explain that it’s “red” so it’s the same as the other red and the white man was trying to explain that there is a difference (brand, type, etc.).

    The two of them left but the pallet stayed there on the floor. After some browsing and twenty minutes later, that pallet that was supposed to be put away in “just a minute”, was still there. Still laying on the corner of the aisle where people could easily trip over it.

    It didn’t end there. I saw two other black employees wandering around and doing nothing. Needless to say, I won’t be shopping there anymore. The point to this is, the article is right. They really cannot comprehend White Culture and they hate us for it.

    • listenupbub

      Gosh, I have so many experiences like this.

      Blacks are always getting hired by these big retailers (probably because of “diversity” initiatives), but they do jack-squat.

      And they all look like they are about to kill someone. No wonder children are scared of them.

      • American Tax Payer

        I was certainly shocked. I’ve seen little changes here and there but there were three of them. It’s like they got rid of all the white people overnight.

        And that look she had. I bet she believes we just got those things (cars, houses, cash to buy stuff with) out of thin air. The whole concept of working, the concept of NOT living beyond one’s means just completely escapes them but hey, what do you expect with a general IQ of, what is it? 80? They need structure and they need good ‘parents’ to make them adhere to it. We used to be their parents and they did well.

        It’s funny how all this came to be after WWII. They started lying about slavery and racism and segregation and just western civilization and white people in general. And now we’re to the point that not even facts can change one’s mind. We’re close to the end in my opinion.

        • Lexonaut

          ” I bet she believes we just got those things (cars, houses, cash to buy stuff with) out of thin air.”

          You’re close. They call that thin air “white privilege”.

          • American Tax Payer

            What was I thinking? I completely forgot! I thought I worked for it but I guess not… Those people are just plain crazy. If they can’t magically have what we have, then they want to destroy it. That’s pretty bad.

            I know lots of people far better than I and they have much nicer homes, more land, nicer cars, make more money and are all around, nicer and smarter than me but you don’t see me trying to destroy them because of it. I try to learn from them. But then again, that’s a “white trait”. Or is it “white privilege”? I can’t keep up with their ever-changing complaints about white people.

          • Tim

            “I try to learn from them…” A reporter once asked Elvis if he was jealous of the Beatles success, as it was on the verge of eclipsing his own. He replied, “Not at all! Admiration builds you up, while envy just tears you down…”

          • American Tax Payer

            Call me crazy but I think that if I can learn, I can improve my situation be it monetarily, spiritually, emotionally and/or intellectually.

            I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that “learning” is a, I just can’t keep up, what is it? White privilege or a white trait?

        • listenupbub

          I’ve seen little changes here and there but there were three of them.
          It’s like they got rid of all the white people overnight.

          I feel like I have made a comment like this before.

          My hypothesis is that a black manager gets hired, and all of the sudden, all 50 step-siblings from the hood are begging for a job. She just hires all of them, whether it is good management or not, because she cares only about Her Tribe.

          And then you have like two dozen ghetto thugs clogging the halls, manning every register even when one person is shopping, glaring menacingly and scowling at every customer for no good reason.

          I share your negativity about America (you know that by now). I am just tired of this. I am tired of blacks. And, honestly, I am tired of this culture which has been molded in the shape of the blacks.

          • American Tax Payer

            Oh, you’re gonna love this! There was a White Cop who apparently, according to the video, had kicked a black man. This happened two years ago. Anyway, the Grand Jury didn’t indict him and no civil rights violations were found but they got the “right” kind of Grand Jury now. Look up Corporal Thomas Webster IV from Dover, DE. It’s on today’s news. Try and try again until you can get whitey. I don’t even know where this level of hatred comes from.

            Yeah well, they’re not gonna win. When the system collapses, obama’s military will be very busy with the muslims and the cities. They’re already preparing to try and sneak in and mark people so don’t say anything to anyone. Look up Operation Jade Helm 15. As for Our Military and Police, they’re not gonna turn on us. They’re waiting too.

  • antiquesunlight

    It’s hard to believe people are this stupid.


    I’ve had the misfortune of working with “them” never were “them” on time or ready to work, after grabass with other “thems” it was off to the baffroom for a half hour sit down, and a half a pack of Kools, and the numerous phone calls all day, then it was lunch time and on and on……..

    • Lexonaut

      And we have the nerve to call them stupid. Who is working for whom here, hm-m-m-m?

  • Alexandra1973

    I used to work with a black girl at KFC about 20 years ago. She’d take really long breaks and get on me when I called her out on it. I also saw her swipe a few things (like a cornbread muffin out of the box), and one time she was standing there doing nothing, one of the managers asked her to do something and she said “Are you asking me ’cause I’m black?” He was like, “No, because you work here!”

    • Lexonaut

      ” “Are you asking me ’cause I’m black?” He was like, “No, because you work here!”

      Let’s have a contest regarding what the black girl said next. My entry is …

      “No, white bread, I don’t work here. I only get paid here.”

      • Alexandra1973

        Actually, she got off her duff and did the windows.

        We had a black guy working there too for a while, he actually seemed to be a decent person…then I heard he got put in jail for something.

        • Lexonaut

          Ray Kroc, the developer of the McDonald’s chain said to his franchisees that if the employees have time to lean then they have time to clean.

          • Alexandra1973

            I’ve heard that quote plenty of times. LOL When I got my first job, my dad told me always look busy and if there’s nothing to do, grab a rag and start cleaning something.

  • listenupbub

    Is nobody going to comment on the most outrageous part of the article?

    The MONEY!!!!

    These jokers are making a boatload of money to give a few baloney talks a month!!! What a fake job!!! And it is costing the taxpayer, which is us!

    Blacks take so many of these fake jobs. It is one of many unofficial ways we redistribute wealth to the parasites.

    • Lexonaut

      “Is nobody going to comment on the most outrageous part of the article? The MONEY!!!!”

      I did above, before I saw your post.

  • MBlanc46

    If those ideas are foreign to their cultures, they need to return to their native lands where those their own cultural norms dominate. For Afro-Americans, who are, for better or worse, native-born Americans, we have to encourage as many of them as possible to adopt “white” norms and compel the rest to at least not openly violate them.

    • carriewhite64

      I agree. Surely there is a place on this planet where their lack of work ethic, future planning, and organization, and basic criminality would be the norm. If they don’t want to be rejected because of their deviance from white norms, they surely will be happy and accepted there, in that magical land somewhere on the planet. Where could that joyous land be, I wonder?

      • MBlanc46

        Let’s see. Starts with A?

        • carriewhite64

          Yes, that’s a good start.

          • MBlanc46

            I’m always good out of the gate.

  • Illidan Stormragge

    They’ll accept this pseudoscience but not simple IQ tests.

  • LHathaway

    How soon till these very same people ponder, why are young White people doing so bad – it must be because they think they’ve got it made, and they haven’t toughened up and been taught strengthening ways of dealing with the racism (the little that they experience) that is an unavoidable part of multicultural America. Who have been telling them everything is rosy for them? Why, the very school teachers, government and media outlets telling us all about White privilege. Oh dear. But then, it’s really not about Whites at all, is it? Going on about White men as victims, too, is all about ’empowering’, filling those of color with a sense of empowerment and breeze all intended to prevent them from a revolution and race war. It will never, ever, be about you, ever, no matter what, once you let them into your country.

  • Lexonaut

    “What are the educators in these districts learning in exchange for all of that money?”

    They’re learning that there are many different ways to launder bribe money.

  • Lexonaut

    ” Then your group could be spread all over the world and the person
    standing beside your could remain a stranger, whose bills are not your

    That’s certainly one way to achieve separation of the races. I think we should try it using electronic Confederate money.

  • TruthBeTold

    Well, you know what they say. Hitler made the trains run on time so following a time schedule is a racist construct that ends in genocide, or something like that.

    • Tim

      I believe that quote was talking about Mussolini, not Hitler…Yes! Just looked it up. A crippling general strike in 1922 helped him come to power, when he said that either the government would correct the train problem or he would…

      • TruthBeTold

        The first time I heard that phrase it was the punch line of a joke.

        I can’t recall the joke. I think it was two men talking about all the bad stuff Hitler did but then saying, ‘at least he got the trains to run on time’.

        Correction noted.

  • Alex Williamson

    So blacks are lazy and unpunctual. When we state that simple fact it’s “racist”, but if you wrap it in white privilege BS you can sell it to schools for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Madness.

  • DennisDale

    According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

    I am all for this.

  • Lexonaut

    “But how can nonwhites not be offended by the diversity elite?”

    Because of the constant flattery, as in …

    I love you blacks the best because you’re good at basketball. I you love Hispanics the best because you make great gardeners. I love you Asians the best because you’re good at taking tests. I love you Jews the best because … well … No. I don’t love you Jews the best. Fifty years ago I did but not any more.

    • Tim

      The next time some one tells you we need immigrants to mow our lawn, remind them that gardening is the second most popular hobby after photography….

  • USofAntiWhite

    OK, so White Privilege is European genetics. And people of different races are not the same. It is so easy to whip this garbage into orbit with truth, unfortunately truth is no longer on the menu. I do piss the zombies off whenever WP is mentioned I say with as little edge on it as possible, “WP… yeah, European genetics… thank you mom and dad!”

  • superlloyd

    More lies and nonsense to excuse inherent black incapacity. The reason is IQ nothing else.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    “….Teachers learn that “planning for the future” and “adherence to rigid time schedules” are “white traits.”…”

    Those pesky traits–that created Western Civilization.

  • carriewhite64

    Curriculum: Failure in life. Syllabus: How to fail in life. Evaluation of students: How successfully student fails in life. Evaluation of course: How much money instructors make and how many students actually fail in life.

  • Hilis Hatki

    “Minority students shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to those values because they are foreign to their culture, according to PEG.”

    “On a basic level, PEG teaches that minority students don’t do as well as white students on the average because traditional American education is structured around white cultural norms, which are frequently difficult for minority students to grasp.”

    Is this from Scary Movie or Airplane!

  • Dale McNamee

    Baltimore City Schools received 1 $ BILLION in funds and gets the most funding from Maryland..

    And still they whine…

  • WR_the_realist

    It’s interesting how the left now acknowledges the reality of racial differences that are deemed “stereotypical” and demeaning to minorities but recasts this as as “white privilege”.

    The left has concluded that the very traits needed to maintain a decent civilization are “white privilege” (which Asians also apparently have in abundance).

    • Alexandra1973

      A prime example of cognitive dissonance, also known as doublethink/doublespeak.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “White Privilege”: noun.

    The rare honor of subsidizing every aspect of the black “underclass” — their feeding, housing, clothing, doctoring and educating — from their illegitimate births until their intestate deaths.

    This privilege includes the commensurate obligation to accept all criticisms from these, the very objects of our misplaced sympathies, and a requisite acknowledgement that nothing is ever enough, not even the $23 Trillion we have already spent on so-called “Urban Welfare Programs”…

    • Alexandra1973

      Put that on the “Urban Dictionary” site!

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I couldn’t find the protocol for adding it: Feel free to do so if you like…

        • Alexandra1973

          I added it, just copied and pasted. Now they have to decide whether to add it. LOL If it pops up my handle there is AntiPCWoman.

  • “Blame whitey” is now considered “teacher training”. Wow!

  • Charles Martel

    Well everything attributed to white privilege in the story sounds like having enough IQ to have abstract thought.

  • Light from the East

    So working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work is trait of “white privileged”? Then, Japanese do have way more “white privilege” than whites. And you know, Chinese are good at copying things, so in a few year they will enjoy “white privilege” as well. As for me, I think I just copied “white privilege” by commenting in AR.

    • So working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work is trait of “white privileged”?

      Yes it is.

      Then, Japanese do have way more “white privilege” than whites.

      But that doesn’t change the fact that those things are white privilege. When the Japanese do white privilegey things, then the Japanese will be considered to be honorary white people.

      The solution is to consider laziness and tardiness to be a virtue.


    “Most of those services come in the form of workshops for teachers and other staff members.”

    Translation: Some consultant lobbied for this so it could have a jobs program.

    Here’s an idea: Let’s see how well their concepts work in the real world before we pay them anything. As far as the teachers go, tell them their paychecks will be late, see how well getting rid of an “adherence to rigid time schedules” for payday goes over. Where is Benito “Make-the-Trains-Run-On-Time” Mussolini when you need him?

  • Augustus3709

    Well what do you know. Smart, hard-working people succeed.

    And dumb, lazy people fail.

    By George we’ve made a breakthrough.

  • Rob

    And from where do all these millions come from to fund these nonsensical programs? Yep, you guessed it, from the white tax payer.

  • pennawhytmn

    “Buh Bu Bu Bu But Ben Carson”

  • pennawhytmn

    “Yo Missus Smith, but da clock beez all rayciss an sheet”

  • Spikeygrrl

    Funny how our worst enemies make our points for us.

    If indeed there is this gaping AND PERMANENT divide between Them and Us — “What, at this point, does it matter” whether its etiology is cultural or biological — it’s high time to thread our educational system back beyond “separate but equal” (what an inane concept!) to “separate AS APPROPRIATE.”

    Most Negroes would benefit from vo/tech programs with an emphasis on responsible work habits.

  • LeonNJ

    RamZPaul did a video not too long about how blacks in Africa didn’t need to plan ahead so they could do a funky dance to get the girl.

  • Cuddles

    You notice what the call “investments” really means anti white Marxist brainwashing.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    B-but calling it “CPT” was racist! What do you mean, they don’t value being on time?

    (colored people time)