Australia plans to strip citizenship from Australian-born children of immigrants who become fighters for the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in its crackdown on homegrown jihadis, a minister said on Thursday.

The government wants to change the Citizenship Act to make fighting for ISIS a reason for losing citizenship, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said.

The government also wants to adopt the British legal model by revoking the citizenship of extremists who are Australian-born children of immigrants or an immigrant, forcing them to take up citizenship in the birth country of their parents, or parent, Dutton said.

It also would apply to dual citizens. “The principle for us, which is very important, is that we don’t render people stateless,” Dutton told Sydney Radio 2GB.

Australia can currently only revoke citizenship in cases of fraud in the citizenship application or where an Australian citizen joins the armed forces of another country to fight Australia.

Because the Islamic State movement is not recognized as a state, membership is not a ground for losing Australian citizenship, Dutton said

“I can hardly walk down the street without people saying: ‘Why do you let these people back into our country? They come back more radicalized,”‘ Dutton said.

“They are a huge threat to Australian citizens. We should act and that’s what the government is doing,” he added.


The 17-year-old son of a Syrian-born doctor arrested at the family home in Melbourne city two weeks ago became Australia’s latest accused terrorist. Police allege he had three pipe bombs concealed at the house and was planning an attack soon.

The teen, whose name cannot be released, became the 23rd suspect charged with terrorism-related offences in Australia since September when the national terrorism threat was elevated to the second highest level because of the Islamic State danger. A third of the terrorism charges in Australia filed since the al-Qaeda attacks on the United States in 2001 have come since September.


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  • MekongDelta69

    My AmRen article of the week…

    A good note to start Memorial Day Weekend.

    Remember them…

    • Light from the East

      May this Islamist go back to his origin and may him return to “Allah” by joining ISIS (KIA aka killed in action).

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    Let us all follow their lead.

    • newscomments70

      It can’t make a big splash and then die out. It has to snow ball into much more progressive legislation and action. Deportations are the key to saving Western Civilization.

    • Justin Time

      No argument from me that Islam is the biggest threat to any civilised society, however, when we do overcome this satanic cult, we will still be stuck here in Australia with the result of the deluge of Asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesians, etc.) and Indians, not to mention black Africans and Pacific Islanders, who have no loyalty to Australia whatsoever. Even eastern Europeans (many who have been in Australia since the 1960s/70s) maintain their tribal/mafia-like behaviour here in Australia. I know… battle at a time, but just saying…..

      • LeonNJ

        Yea, I feel for you. You cut off one snakes head, but two more pop up.

      • Reynardine

        Well Islam is definitely a threat, but I’d look at it’s sleeker, more seductive c✡usin…

  • dd121

    Yeah, Australians! Some sanity comes from down under.

    • George Moriarty

      At this point of time I am not really across this story but it is encouraging and does show an element of sanity in dealing with one of the many very real problems connected with Islam in our country.

      • newscomments70

        Your left wingers will scream racism, sue, etc. Even if successful, this solution only makes a small dent. Much more has to be done. The left wing traitors need to be dealt with as well.

        • TrueNorthFree

          I agree with this comment. It is a good start, but it only makes a small dent. Much more needs to be done.

  • Petronius

    Baby steps, baby steps.

  • Jason Lewis


  • Sick of it

    Let me guess – The Syrian-born doctor is Palestinian…

    • Alden

      If he is he is, his grandparents were ethnically cleansed out of Palestine along with the Christians who had tended the shrines of the Christian Church by They Who Shall Not Be Named

  • Luca D.

    My thesis is for stripping incorrigible American criminals of citizenship and shipping them out to any country in a different hemisphere that will take them for a one time cash payment.

    • Magnum Opus

      I’ve had precisely the same idea for years. Offer reduced sentencing for permanent exile. There would be countries lining up to get with the program and the stipend that arrive with each criminal. An outpost in Africa and then one in South America, perhaps another in Asia and then one in Siberia for any incorrigible whites who choose to opt in.

      • Alden

        Probably not S. America they too much sense. But Africa for sure. They can be like all those well funded do gooder animal rescue operations that quietly kill the dogs they are supposed to be rehabilitating and readying for adoption.

        But they still get the funding to care for the dogs they have already killed.

    • BulgAryan


  • Uncle Wardle

    It is refreshing to see, once in a blue moon, a trickle of wisdom from a white, Europe-based country.

  • libertarian1234

    Good for Australia, but I’m pretty sure it is too late to stop the threat. There are too many home-grown terrorists here already.

    But it is these same fools who are implementing the deportation orders that were so ignorant and gullible they brought the third world hordes into their countries in the beginning, childishly thinking Muslims, whose holy books are filled with mostly teachings to takeover every country in which they reside, would be happy to adapt to their new homes.

    What makes these white weenies look even more foolish is the fact that Islam never failed to advertise what it expects of its followers so it wasn’t as if their intent was unknown.

    The foolish white fools still are in denial in other countries. They might be slowly catching on in Italy, but they’re still allowing in hundreds of thousands of black criminal moochers every year.

    With 700…..that’s 700….NO GO areas in France that are utter chaos at any given time the French politicos still can’t believe Islamists want Sharia law and not French citizenship.


      Politicians by nature are some of the most arrogant, power-hungry individuals out there. To admit that they made a mistake implementing The Master Plan of Globalization is not in their vocabulary. The only time these people will bend is when they sense their power is slipping.

  • Caesar Avgvstvs

    Australia to Strip Citizenship of Australian-Born Jihadis with Immigrant Parents
    They should go even further and strip all non-Europeans of Aussie citizenship. After deporting all of the third world parasites, they should reinstate the White Australia policy of 1901 to 1973.

    • Rob

      Yeah, two so called aussies executed in Indonesia for trafficking drugs were of Srilankan and Asian origin.

      • John Smith

        No loss, yet Australia went to bat for them.

  • Charles Martel

    Finally some good news

  • HwitazManwaz

    Reading this article put a smile on my face, and hope in my heart.

  • Rob

    Kudos to Australia. I can only dream of the US and the UK following in Australia’s footsteps.


    Good news like this always warms my heart, especially on a day when my Senator from California (that I have never voted for) Dianne Feinstein, is petitioning the Obama Administration to bring 68,000 UN selected Syrian asylum refugees into the United States.

    Why do I have a strong suspicion that no matter where they drop them off they will eventually find their way to the sandy beaches of Cali.

    For the record, I made a call to her DC office this morning, and voiced strong disapproval.

    Swine, all of them.

  • John Smith

    This is just “cruel and inhuman.”

    • LeonNJ

      I wonder what percent of the Australian Green Party thinks the same way?

  • Mr. L

    If only We had a Government that cared about the safety of it’s citizens and the nation’s sovereignty.

  • Sun


    First good news today.

  • KenelmDigby

    Australia is leading the world in sanity these days.

    • Alden

      The article said strip of Australian citizenship, NOT DEPORT. Which means they can continue living in Australia, often on welfare and or attending uni on scholarship or working some affirmative action governmetn job and continue plotting their terrorist activities.

      The new law strikes me as someting meant to placate White Australia opinion while allowing terrorists to continue living in Australia.

      Forgive me for my cynicism but I don’t trust any government of any White country to be anything other than bent on the destruction of its White citizens.

  • InitialSegment

    Tip of the hat to the Aussies on the board. Your country seems to be the last self-respecting one in the Anglosphere.

  • Weisheit77

    Compare this with Sweden…
    Are we positive that the vikings came out of Sweden?


      Yeah, the Vikings came out of Sweden. The ones left behind had limp wrists.

      • newscomments70

        I often call the liberal fairy-cakes in Sweden homophobic slurs. Those words should not be censored…what else should they be called?

        • LAGERTHA

          Sometimes I think us Whites over-analysis to the point of confusion.

          Just following simple logic, let’s think what it might have been like for the heterosexual male Viking getting ready to go out on the hunt. Would they want a homosexual male getting in the way? Of course not, the queers would be left behind to help tend camp with the women. If the hunter did not return, who would have the women…that’s right, we all know they swing both ways!

          As frightening as this thought is to me, sometimes, the chaos of Nature solves the simplest of riddles. Otherwise, I have no idea why Swedish men have shriveled. I apologize for the vulgarity, but this is beyond maddening.

          • newscomments70

            That makes sense. In formally agressive nations, most of the real men died in wars, that’s why Sweden and Germany have become so feminized. Their men aren’t necessarily homosexual, but they have become emasculated beta males. Liberal beta males have caused irreversible harm to our societies though. They need to be held accountable for that.

  • Reynardine

    Good on ya, mates!

    Australians all let us rejoice,

    For we are young and free;

    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;

    Our home is girt by sea;

    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts

    Of beauty rich and rare;

    In history’s page, let every stage

    Advance Australia Fair.

    In joyful strains then let us sing,

    Advance Australia Fair.

    • Lexonaut

      Are you singing in Strine?

  • A nice gesture, I doubt it would actually do much. Why? because the host countries would simply refuse to take them back, and refuse to give them citizenship. If they had real guts, they’s simply physically deliver them back to their host countries, and let them figure it out.

    • corvinus

      The Islamic State can and would have them.

  • MathMan

    When Western politicians make such boasts, the numbers deported should be shown in the national media on a daily basis with names and traceable facts so the voters can see the progress of these schemes.

    • Alden

      Where did the article say they would be deported?


    Yeah right, just like Lebanon was a prosperous country. Please, I’ve been around long enough to know all about Arab hostility. That is the point.

    Try to focus on helping your people, if you can. You have enough on your plate without needing to bash the USA, the greatest example of freedom and liberty humanity has ever known. And please, do all of us Whites a favor, and stop thinking about us. Your jealousy is palpable.

  • Jack Richards

    Many of us in Australia are determined not to make the mistakes of Europe and America. It’s a long way from over as there is more in the government pipeline as well as a growing and vocal grass-roots movement. No doubt the UN and all the American and European self-hating whites who are frightened stiff by Muslims and blacks will call us racists and all the rest of it – but who cares what they say. They’ve ruined the west and it’s time for Americans and Europeans to reclaim their own countries and kick all the moochers and frauds out – along with their treacherous enablers of the Left.

    • Alden

      The Anti Defamation League ADL established a branch office in Australia a few years ago. Once that happens, no White country has a chance.

  • Francis Miville

    Not only is it too late but the step itself is still aimed against whites : ISIS is known to be pro–Hitler, pro-Nazi, anti-Black and all Whites harbouring opinions suspected of Nazi leanings will be lumped with the ISIS terrorists. The politicians in the West don’t concieve themselves as traitors but rather believe as has always been the Masonic belief that White genes are really Jewish genes and that other peoples were formed with various degrees of Jewish admixture with the clearest to be the closest collaborators to the Jews. You are the traitors in their eyes and just don’t deserve to be White or to reproduce as such. The Jews in various countries are now pushing for an alliance with now subdued White identity movements against the Third World peoples thay have called in, in the same way they succeeded from Thatcher onwards to opt into ultra-capitalistic economic doctrines they had snubbed up to then in favour of socialism. The problem is that the first White racism the Annglo-Saxons harboured in their heyday was a Jewish construct as implied above, taking the Bible as the main argument to convince the WASPs of their innate superiority over natives as the best servants of the Jews or even as the purest de facto biological Jews. Most American White supremacists are traditionally Biblical, not scientific, and consider themselves as true Jews more deserving to be Jewish than the official ones that have miscegenated both racially and ideologically by adopting humanistic attitudes.

    • Alden

      One big problem for White nationalism or any pro White movement is that it is so tied in with conservatism which means Christian zionists and Old Testament obsessed protestants who because they are focused on the Old Testament instead of the Christian New Testament identify more with Jews than their fellow Christian Whites. James hagee is but a sympton of the problem.

  • Rob

    I guess New Zealand does not have an immigration problem.

  • Rob

    The Holt Government’s Migration Act 1966 effectively dismantled the White Australia Policy.
    After that any number of non whites have come into Australia. Just like in the US and the west, a certain group of people helped to dismantle the white only immigration policy. If there was no white only immigration policy, US, Canada, Australia and NZ would have become third world countries in the 1920s.
    Only because of a majority white population, that these countries became very prosperous and a bastion of western civilization.