Aid Agency to Launch Controversial Mission to Rescue Trafficked Migrants in Mediterranean

Colin Freeman, Telegraph, April 9, 2015

Médecins Sans Frontières was at the centre of an immigration row on Thursday after announcing plans to launch a controversial new search and rescue service for people-smuggling vessels in the Mediterranean.

The aid agency said it would be operating a 40 metre rescue and medical aid ship that would act a part-replacement for operation Mare Nostrum, the Italian navy’s search and rescue mission that was discontinued in November after European nations said they could not fund its £6m-a-month bill.

At the time, Britain also said it believed that carrying out search and rescue operations was simply encouraging more migrants from Africa to attempt the perilous crossing, which claimed 3,400 lives last year alone.

However, the decision to pull the plug on Mare Nostrum was criticised by MSF and many migrant welfare organisations, and now MSF has decided to launch its own service as a substitute.

“Europe has turned its back on people fleeing some of the worst humanitarian crises of our time,” said Arjan Hehenkamp, MSF’s general director. “The decision to close doors and build fences means that men, women and children are forced to risk their lives and take a desperate journey across the sea. Ignoring this situation will not make it go away. Europe has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent more deaths on its doorstep and must act in order to do so.”

The MSF operation will run from May to October, when the volume of trafficking boats across the Mediterranean is expected to reach its peak.

The MSF team will be stationed in the central Mediterranean aboard the MY Phoenix, a 40-metre rescue ship equipped with high speed rigid hull inflatable boats and surveillance drones. It will be working in conjunction with the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, a Malta-based charity that does similar work.

However, the project is likely to run into opposition from anti-immigration groups in both Malta and Italy, who say that search and rescue operations encourage further people trafficking. Both countries have born much of the brunt of the new arrivals, and say that they are struggling to accommodate more.

People traffickers operate their boats in the full knowledge that if they are detected by European coastguard vessels, their passengers will routinely be picked up on humanitarian grounds. The chance of a rescue increases if the boat appears to be in difficulties, thus giving the traffickers an indirect incentive to provide unseaworthy craft that run the risk of sinking.

MSF said it would be working in cooperation with the Italian Coastguard, who would call them if they had news of a boat in distress. The MSF boat is expected to take any rescued migrants to Italy rather than tiny Malta, which is barely the size of the Isle of Wight, and two years ago branded its influx of migrants as “unsustainable”.

Begun in October 2013, Mare Nostrum was launched in response to two mass drownings off the Italian coast that cost around 600 lives. It was a dramatic reversal of the Italian’s government’s previous policy that blocked immigrants at sea and often forced them to return to north Africa. But it coincided with a dramatic increase in the numbers of people being trafficked across the Mediterranean, partly due the collapse of law and order in Libya, the launch country for most trafficking operations.

After a year in which the Italian government plucked more than 100,000 shipwrecked refugees, it was scrapped and replaced by a new project, operation Triton, which is manned and managed by Frontex, the European Union’s external border protection agency. Triton costs less than a third of Mare Nostrum, but its boats only patrol an area within 30 miles of the Italian shore and does not launch pro-active search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The decision not to replace Mare Nostrum with an equivalent scheme prompted an outcry from human rights groups last autumn, who said it would mean the deaths of more migrants fleeing persecution in the likes of Libya and Syria.

But in a statement setting out British government policy at the time, Baroness Anelay of St Johns, a junior Foreign Office minister, said that search and rescue operations acted as “an unintended ‘pull factor’, encouraging more migrants to attempt the dangerous sea crossing and thereby leading to more tragic and unnecessary deaths”.

She told the House of Lords: “We do not support planned search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. The government believes the most effective way to prevent refugees and migrants attempting this dangerous crossing is to focus our attention on countries of origin and transit, as well as taking steps to fight the people smugglers who wilfully put lives at risk by packing migrants into unseaworthy boats.”

That stance was explicitly rejected on Wednesday by Mr Hehenkamp. “European governments have chosen to prioritise surveillance and border protection over saving lives,” he said. “Until there is a change in policy, Europe’s collective reluctance to provide safe alternatives for those wishing to reach our shores will continue to cost lives.”

An MSF spokesman also described the pull-factor argument as a “fallacy”.

“Those who rescue do not create the problem,” he said. “An MSF intervention does not lead people to risk their lives at sea. This is already happening and has been happening for years. Ignoring the problem and letting people drown will not make it go away.”

European Union officials fear that this year could see record numbers of migrants attempting to cross into Europe via the Mediterranean. Numbers generally increase during the better weather of the summer months, and only last Sunday, the Italian coastguard picked up 1,500 migrants in a single day.

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  • DaveMed

    Europe has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent more deaths on its doorstep and must act in order to do so.”

    Of course, having children when one is already dirt-poor only leads to more poverty and misery, right?

    So, here’s my proposed solution: each would-be migrant should be granted access – if (s)he is willing to undergo tube ligation.

    After all, we only want what’s best for them!

    • SentryattheGate

      But there would still be too many of them in Europe! And back in Africa, their fertility would still be producing even more would-be immigrants!

      • DaveMed

        I’m not happy with any of them being in Europe, but if they were sterile, I’d be less concerned.

        One way or another, Western countries need to enact some sort of check on the African population growth frenzy. This will need to be accomplished on multiple fronts.

        • With all due respect, even if they were sterile, I could not feel the same. They also bring skyrocketing levels of crime and contribute to white dispossession and the ruin of indigenous white cultures.

          • DaveMed

            Of course. My comment was mostly tongue-in-cheek. Nevertheless, I do wonder if a generation of sterile African immigrants might, hypothetically, give Europeans some first-hand exposure to “diversity” and buy some more time for them to awaken.

          • Perhaps so, but quite honestly there are enough African immigrants in Europe and if whites haven’t awakened by now, it’s highly unlikely they will do so in the near future. I don’t we think we can buy any more time in hopes that whites will awaken by all of this.

            I could be wrong, but I sense we are at our last straw and whites better do something soon before we find ourselves in such a position that we can’t do anything.

          • Sad, you are probably right. If Whites haven’t seen the obvious by now. Seriously, what more do blacks have to do to demonstrate that they are a useless race that should not be around Whites? What more do they need to do to prove the obvious? White people remind me of the battered woman: The husband/boyfriend keeps beating her over and over, but she stays and always blames herself.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            There wouldn’t be dispossession if they were sterile. They’d just grow old and die off, and that’s it. If the slaves were sterilized, America would be 0.9% black today.

        • SentryattheGate

          The US tried to curb India’s high birthrate decades ago, by offering rewards to Indian men to have vasectomies. But then India screamed “genocide!” even though we were sending lots of food and medical aid, plus $$$! Now India is one of the main sources of immigration to the US!

          • DaveMed

            Interesting. I need to read up on this.

          • Yeah, Indians are suffering “genocide”? Hmmm…number of people living in India, i.2 BILLION. Number of White people in the whole world? Around 700 million. Yeah, some genocide.

        • You know what? I had some cockroaches in my basement. I didn’t know what to do. I asked a neighbor. He said, “they are just looking for food.” Okay, I thought. So I left food on my basement floor for the roaches; I figured that is all they wanted and then they wouldn’t bother me. But, low and behold, I soon started to get tons more roaches in my basement. Some even got into my house. I realized that they just needed food, so I also left crumbs, candy and ice cream on my kitchen floor. Gosh, more damned roaches! I don’t know. It doesn’t sound as though my neighbor gave me good advice. Well, sorry for my rambling; I don’t know why I mentioned that, what were we talking about?

      • DonReynolds

        Famine is an excellent form of birth control, when all else fails…..but at least send them a good book by Malthus in the meantime.

        • Yes, sink the boats and let Nature take her course. Stop the foreign aid, and stop sending food and medicines. You subsidize something, you get more of it.

    • Chip Carver

      Whites shouldn’t be paying for non-whites, period. Even if all of the interlopers were sterilized they’d be dependent, and they’d be trouble.

      Sure is interesting how this situation picked up steam as more and more little stories about anti-immigration protests and other similar items came to light. Of course that’s paranoia, and it can’t possibly have anything to do with the folks in charge in the US stepping up the numbers of H1B invaders, allowing more and more meso-American cave people to trundle across the border and other invader friendly things going on to ensure the demise of America. No coordinated effort going on. No siree.

    • Speedy Steve

      Don’t tell me. Tell Doctors Without Borders, they have the skills and obviously enough funding to waste six million (why does that number seem fantastic?) on a boat.

  • IstvanIN

    Why don’t these doctors help the Romanians and Bulgarians, many of whom do not have adequate medical care? Let Africans help Africans.

    • DaveMed

      The Facebook pictures woudn’t garner nearly as many likes!

      • Sue

        Right before they eat them

      • It wouldn’t look as good at their next medical convention, where they can talk to all their fellow White liberals about how nice they were to help so many black people. That scores well for liberals, much better than Romanians or Bulgarians.

        • How about poor whites in Appalachia? Oh wait, those are the wrong kinds of poor people with little or no access to decent healthcare. And who wants to go do voluntourism in West Virginia, anyway? Not nearly as edgy as Haiti or Liberia.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            THANK YOU! It’s sickening, the people in Appalachia would be extremely grateful and with a little help, they could achieve great things. Africans will always Africans and will contribute nothing but misery.

          • journey

            And within their DNA, a greater potential to reap the benefits of financial help. Read that Johnson’s Great Society money was suppose to go the poor whites but instead got wasted on blacks.

          • John Smith

            Can’t make a society, especially not a great one, with blacks in it.

          • CissyScum

            Poor Appalachian hwhytes whose crime rate is less than half of the nation average in spite of their poverty.

          • DaveMed

            Very important point, and one I’ve forgotten to mention on various forums. Thanks for the reminder.

          • CissyScum

            You’re quite welcome.

            Blows the shitlib “poverty causes crime” canard right out of the water.

    • Why should they? It’s sounds so much better when they boast among those in their social circles of how they ‘helped make Africa better,’ etc. A good many of these white do-gooders love the praise of men and of being thought of as virtuous and ‘non-racist.’

  • Luca D.

    Most all of these migrants are Muslims. Divert them all to Turkey where they won’t suffer racism, culture clash or disenchantment.

    • DonReynolds

      Excellent suggestion, Luca.

    • SentryattheGate

      Yes, but Turkey borders the EU!

      • John Smith

        Greece is been having problems with them for a while now, but Golden Dawn and others are helping roll out a proper welcome for them, as best as they can.

  • Yves Vannes

    If I were a commercial fisherman, dock worker, port resident I would discourage and SINK any ambitions along this line. MSF has spent its entire career paving the road to you know where with you know what.

  • DonReynolds

    Oh yes……letting the boats sink WILL make the problem go away…..and the more boats that sink will slow the flow of invaders. Patrol boats should force smugglers to return their boats to the African coast. If NONE of the smuggled persons are allowed to land in Europe, then…..and only then…..will the smuggling be stopped.

    • Yes…..DUH!!!…you know it; I know it; most on this website (hopefully) know it; but apparently European leaders, and indeed, many “educated” White people still can’t figure it out.

  • Simonetta

    It’s time to rebuild Carthage, a new version of the ancient city built on the south shore of the Mediterranean and destroyed by the Roman Empire about 2000+ years ago.

    When Médecins Sans Intelligence comes across a boat-load of Africans, they shouldn’t drag the boat to Sicily or Malta, they should drag it back to Libya, where it came from. Then they should issue an AK-47 and 1000 rounds of ammo to each passenger (ammo given out on the boat; guns stacked on the shore, to avoid ‘accidents’). Tell them to kill as many Libyans as they need to do in order to get themselves settled into their new home in Libya.
    The “Libyans” won’t like it. But their opinions don’t matter to us anymore. After all, they declared war on us; they killed our ambassador in cold blood. An act of war as far as I’m concerned. So let the floaters be our shock troops. Let them storm the beaches. And if the Libyans manage to kill most of them before they can figure out how their new AK works, well so what? There’s millions more floaters from where they came from.
    The floaters can set up their own communities from what’s left of Gaddafi’s flotsam. They can kill off the Libyans, establish a minimal social order, and allow the oil companies to get the ‘honey crude’ high-quality oil from Libya flowing again. Then after a few years, the floaters can visit Europe the way all the other people do, as tourists.
    Why do my friends call me racist when I refer to the Mexicans blasting away outside my bedroom window at 7:00AM on a holiday as ‘LeafBlowers without Borders’?

    • Lexonaut

      “Leaf Blowers Without Borders”

      Oh dear (chuckle, chuckle).

  • dd121

    I hope a whale attacks and sinks their ship.

    • IstvanIN

      And sharks eat them.

      • WHITE sharks. Fitting. The only true believing White anymore is a Great White.

  • More white do-gooders to help fill Europe with third-world peasant invaders and, thus, dispossess the indigenous white majority.

    • “Peasant” invaders? I think you are flattering these, uhhh, hominids, too much. At least peasants are productive.

  • journey

    “human rights groups” = big money scams. There are millions more coming. Africa is breeding beyond belief. The developed countries will be forced to face the 3rd world population growth problem whether they like it or not. No more luxury of wringing of hands, breeding is a human right, or this is planet is not over populated yet.

    • Good point! Actually, foreign ‘aid’ or ‘relief’ programs for Africa are actually contributing to their high birthrates because many of them are now fed and given medical care, something they would not have had without the foolishness of the white man.

      Nature would have taken care of them in its own way, but now that they are sustained by do-gooder poverty missions, they breed excessively and over populate. Many of those ‘saved’ by white liberals end up in Europe and America and cause even more problems for us.

    • Lexonaut

      “human rights groups” = big money scams”

      Listen, journey, it takes some very special people to combine the right level of compassion with the skills and knowledge required to truly understand the needs of the blah blah blah better life yada yada yada legacy of imperialism blah blah blah.

      This is why we are so highly paid. You couldn’t begin to understand what we do or why we do it, so please just shut up (and die).

      • journey

        Very well summarized! Those are the prevailing self righteous attitudes. Actually, I have been told to just “die”.

        • Lexonaut

          ” Actually, I have been told to just “die”.”

          And it’s only your stinking white privilege that keeps you from doing the Right Thing.

          Here … Let me help you. Now … Wasn’t that tasty? Wouldn’t you like another cup of hemlock?

          • journey

            I like my earned white privilege. A large Starbucks latte, please.

  • james AZ

    In 2015 , Africa will have one billion Africans . DO Europe want more other 200,000,000 Africans move in EUROPE?……. That mean that EUROPE will have about 55% of white Europeans and about 45% of muslims and Africans .. NICE !!!!!!

    • Temporarily. Remember, the Europeans are NOT increasing in number; they are actually decreasing. The Africans and Muslims ARE increasing. Your figures are overly optimistic. Even if immigration to Europe were stopped tomorrow, there would still be a problem of too many Africans and Muslims in Europe.

    • dd47

      4,000,000,000 Africans by 2100. Civilization will simply end as Africans rampage across the entire non-African world. Their numbers will only be reduced once there is no civilization left to latch onto (once they have destroyed everything, as I am sure they will). No one will be spared.

      • superlloyd

        4 billion idiot savages. God spare us or our descendants from the black plague.

  • Folks, there’s a time and place for everything. For our own racial and cultural survival, we must CLOSE our hearts to these third-world peasant invaders. Now is the time to HARDEN our hearts. All the sentimental emotions and bleeding-heart sympathies must cease in the face of our own dispossession.

    LET THEM DROWN! Before long, the word will spread that the white man will not rescue them, and they will stop such dangerous voyages. They are not crazy, but they are sure counting on the gullibility of soft-minded whites.

    They want a better life, no doubt. I don’t blame them for this. But it’s not our responsibility nor role to provide the world’s savages, invalid, poor, low-intelligence and low-skilled workers a refuge from the depravity of their own nations.

    Our first priority is to ourselves, our families, our racial group, and our nations. We cannot ‘save’ the world, especially while destroying ourselves in the process.

    • SentryattheGate

      And the First World has given hundreds of BILLIONS $$$ in aid over the decades. We have done more than our share.

      • And that is why the Chinese will be the new superpower, after the fall of the West. The West will go the way of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Ancient Greeks and Romans. “The handwriting is on the wall.”

    • Cindy

      There have been 3rd world countries for thousands of years. Now all of a sudden in 2015 we’re supposed to drop everything and put an end to their suffering. We couldn’t help them a thousand years ago and we can’t help them today. They need to figure things out for themselves.

      • There have been people starving-including Europeans-for as long as there were people. Now it is up to White people to rescue the world. Complete B.S.

  • WR_the_realist

    And that is why when Médecins Sans Frontières sends me one of their beg letters it goes straight to the recyle bin, unopened.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    I’m still waiting for these people, advocating immigration for refugees, to explain where they will live, work, how they will be cared for and by who. Where will their medical care come from? Clothing? Food? What’s the plan for the long term? Plan A. Rescue the refugees. Plan B. We’ll get back to you on that.

  • AmericanRemnant

    Let’s see, go in and destroy Libya turning it into a ‘democratic’ Hellhole then complain about a mass exodus of those trying to escape. Yup, makes sense.

    • IstvanIN

      Libya shouldn’t even exist. King Idris only wanted Cyrenaica but the UK and US wanted all of Libya to be a single nation because it was a single Italian Colony.

      • AmericanRemnant

        I did not know it’s history, thanks. I was referring to the relative prosperity and stability the people enjoyed under Gaddifi and the subsequent ruination ‘democracy’ brought. His people were treated with more dignity and respect than western governments treat their citizenry. Even more so in recent years since ZOG has taken firm control spreading death and destruction masquerading as freedom and ‘democracy’.

    • George Costanza

      Most of these illegal invaders are not coming from Libya…

  • listenupbub

    All this altruism that we white people are doing will reward us in no way, shape, or form.

    It will do nothing for us but slowly destroy us.

    • George Costanza

      “It will do nothing for us but slowly destroy us”

      That’s the whole point…

  • JohnEngelman

    They are not wanted. They have nothing to contribute but the social dysfunctions they are escaping from.

    • John Smith

      Their very nature makes dysfunction the only possible outcome in their home countries, which only functioned when whites were in charge.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    men, women, and children are forced to risk their lives…

    Right… Men, “women”, “and children”.

    Of the registered nationalities coming to Italy by boat the three first months this year:
    >Gambia: 1270 were male, 8 were female
    >Senegal: 1143 male, 1 female
    >Mali: 926 male, 4 female

    They’re obviously not refugees. It’s just a bunch of young, able-bodied dudes flocking to Europe because they can.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    men, women, and children are forced to risk their lives…

    Right… Men, “women”, “and children”.

    Of the registered nationalities coming to Italy by boat the three first months this year:
    >Gambia: 1270 were male, 8 were female
    >Senegal: 1143 male, 1 female
    >Mali: 926 male, 4 female

    They’re obviously not refugees. It’s just a bunch of young, able-bodied dudes flocking to Europe because they can.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Why rape your own women in your cesspool of a country when you can come to Europe, rape white women and be treated like kings and have every need and desire granted?

    • George Costanza

      Italy unfortunately gave several Mali “refugees” their asylum papers and kicked them out of the asyulm centers, they complained that they had nowhere to go and blocked one of the roads.

      That pretty much sums up this whole fiasco..”gimmes somme dis gimmes som of dat” GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

  • HJ11

    More non-White genes being released into the White gene pools of Europe to infect and destroy whites via bedroom genocide. Haters of Whites are trying to have all Whites go extinct either through direct violent attacks on us or by making it easy for us to miscegenate.

  • HJ11

    Hey, is this a great plan or what? You can get rid of all Whites and no one will bring you up on charges of genocide. You just swamp White lands with non-White genes and let nature take over.

  • DaveMed

    I also notice that comments were closed after just 11 were posted.

    Too much truth and common sense.

  • George Costanza

    “An MSF spokesman also described the pull-factor argument as a “fallacy”.

    Tell that to the Australians..

  • IKUredux

    Frankly, it would be faster if all the Europeans just killed themselves. Then, all the Africans could settle in Europe wherever it suited them.

    As we all know, White people are the problem.

    Imagine a world without White people. What a dream come true.

    i swear to God, if I had one wish, it would be that all the White people on this planet were whisked away to another planet. Where, we could in fact, create a Whitopia for real. (I do have a Plan B wish).

  • Hammerheart

    Gotta keep those idealistic ‘save the world and poor dark people’ idiots busy somehow, I guess.

    • John Smith

      Ironic that the fewer dark people there are, the safer the world would be.

      • Hammerheart

        You can’t even say that their heart is in the right place when you take into account the sheer drain of resources these migrants will burden the tax payers with, coupled with fertile breeding habits that spawn progeny inclined towards criminality. They’re literally killing their own people in this manner.

  • John Smith

    Some govt. needs to send out an attack sub and sink her.

    • Quido

      It is an invasion as sure as if the Africans were armed and landed on the beaches. The results will eventually be the same. The whole situation makes me sick and the people that are behind it should be treated as traitors.

    • Light from the East

      I would prefer another solution – there was a new that smugglers and refugees deliberately let their boats capsize so that European have to rescue them. Thus, some people of ours pretend to be the European rescue team or MSF personnel , searching their boats, approaching them, and letting them see us. They will abandon the boat and we just walk away. They do it by their own decision and they finally enter the paradise granted by “Allah”. Is it good to help those people in their own way?

  • Light from the East

    “The decision to close doors and build fences means that men, women and children are forced to risk their lives and take a desperate journey across the sea. Ignoring this situation will not make it go away. Europe has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent more deaths on its doorstep and must act in order to do so.”

    If I use the logic of MSF’s general director to create my story, it would be look like this:

    “The decision to close doors of Light of the East department store means that customers are forced to risk their lives and take a desperate journey across the dangerous roads of the nation. Ignoring this situation will not make it go away. Light of the East department store has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent more accidents of their customers and must act in order to do so”

    So what does that mean?
    1. Customers need Light of the East department store so badly and they think the store is more important than their lives.

    2. They say the situation will not change, so customers’ stupidity cannot be cured, in their own words.

    3. Just as the case of a light bulb attracts bugs, the leftists will say the bulb has both the resources and the responsibility to prevent bugs’ possible deaths on the journey to the bulb. They will also say the department store has both the resources and the responsibility to do so.

    Liberals logic – Entertaining!

  • Hilis Hatki

    Welfare Vikings

  • Lexonaut

    I have an infection. My doctor has told me that the best treatment is to overwhelm my immune system with repeated injections of the infectious agent. That way my unnatural feelings of nausea will stop of their own accord. He also tells me to look at the bright side, which is that after I die I won’t be catching this disease again.

    It’s over, folks. It really is.