European Commission Prepares Plan to Distribute Migrants Across E.U.

Dan Bilefsky, New York Times, May 11, 2015

As Europe struggles to address a worsening migration crisis, the executive arm of the European Union is expected this week to submit a proposal to distribute migrants across the 28-member bloc, officials said on Monday, a plan that would encounter fierce resistance from some national governments.

Tens of thousands of migrants this year have risked the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean, often on rickety boats and with fatal consequences. Last month, a vessel capsized off Italy, killing as many as 900 people.

The proposal for redistributing migrants would be based on a quota system that would take into account factors like the size of a country’s population, the state of its economy and its level of joblessness, European Union officials said.

The plan, which has not been finalized and must be approved by national governments to take effect, is being supported by Germany. Last year, the Germans fielded one-third of the 570,800 asylum claims registered in the European Union, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and they are pressing for other countries to take their share.

The countries in Southern Europe where many of the refugees land, most notably Greece, Italy and Malta, are also pushing hard for other member states to help alleviate the pressure on them.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, the European Union’s executive arm, has argued strongly in favor of quotas since last month. “We must distribute refugees throughout the whole of Europe,” he told the European Parliament.


Last month, European leaders pledged to triple spending on border protection and approved plans to ratchet up efforts to immobilize smugglers’ boats before they can set sail. But critics and advocacy groups have criticized the European Union’s plans as too small in scope to address the scale of the immigration challenge.

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  • HJ11

    Genocide of Whites by flooding the gene pools of all White nations with non-Whites. Then, given our low White birthrate, our Whites when they come of age may choose to mate with non-Whites and produce non-White children as they become non-White baby factories. The children then born may have more White features and be even more acceptable to the next generation of Whites and thus will Whites be assimilated out of existence if this continues.

    • You nailed it! This is PRECISELY what is occurring. Funny, whites have been so badly duped by the multiculturalists that to even suggest this sounds like some crazy conspiracy to their ears when, in fact, it’s the sober truth.

    • HJ11

      More…Some of us believe that our highest possible destiny will be reached by evolving along a White trajectory. To take this trajectory, we must not have gene flow from non-Whites to Whites. Gene flow will cause us to be assimilated back into the non-White masses and will end our evolution and wipe us out as the distinct people we are. Look at the “German” colony in Jamaica. A group of “pure” Germans settled there. Now, the “Grmans” are all non-White. There are just a bunch of Blacks with German surnames. That’s all that remains of most of the White Germans: their surnames now occupied by Blacks.

      • HJ11

        Even More…the key to speciation is ISOLATION so that there is no gene flow. We Whites are a subspecies (a slightly stronger term than race). This is a step on the path to full speciation. Full speciation means we Whites will no longer be able to bear viable children with non-Whites. Some of us believe this is a desirable goal and that this will happen with some of us who are isolated. How long will this take? Not as long as some think because we have examples of rapid speciation in the animal kingdom already.

        • Michigan Patriot

          You are exactly correct ! Retired teacher of biology.

        • Sid Ishus

          Or if we could set least get to where the offspring were sterile.

        • certainl nothing less than a few dozen generations. More likely hundreds or thousands of generations.

          Evolution works over multitudes of generations.

          • HJ11

            It’s incremental. There’s evidence now that White skulls are evolving very quickly–getting longer–and this is happening in just a few generations.

          • Hilis Hatki

            Punctuated equilibrium. One of Professor Eugene Sledge’s favorite subjects

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      All we can do is have as many white children as possible. Live in a more rural area, don’t spend money on stupid stuff like cable and eating out, and raise them as aware as possible. My children will know that if you mate with a non-white, don’t ever, EVER come home. You’re as good as dead to me and it can never be forgiven. If more parents told their kids that, and stuck to it, then it might make a difference. Drastic times call for drastic measures!

      • listenupbub

        I sure hope that would work.

        I would consider more drastic measures if a certain threshold of our racial destruction is met.

        I am already considering moving to Russia, as the destruction of our ethic cultures and sense of heritage is already complete, and I would like my children to enjoy these things.

        • Jason Lewis


          • listenupbub

            What does that even mean?

          • Jason Lewis

            Sorry…..Northwest Front

      • curri

        No matter where you go the USG will eventually find you and make sure you’re enriched. Secession, political revolution or the collapse of the American Empire are the only chances to save whites from extinction.

        • HJ11

          Not the only chance. Some Whites will self-isolate. In fact, some already are doing this. Those who avoid the gene flow may be the new Adams and Eves of all future Whites. Those who don’t avoid it and miscegenate…well…they will become non-White very quickly.

          • adplatt126

            BS. It’s illegal to self isolate in any organized way. You revolt or die.

          • HJ11

            Illegal? Tell me the law that says that.

        • hastings88

          As long as a certain tribe is hiding among us, pretending to BE us, they will subvert our revolution. Perhaps the masses of mixed hordes will collapse civilizationally, and pockets of whites will survive and expand again, but only if the enemy within is rooted out.

      • Sid Ishus

        I tell my children that I expect my grandchildren to look like my grandparents.

        • David Ashton

          But young looking too.

      • Hollywood and MSM have told us for half a century: the worst racist is the father that has prejudice and does not allow his blonde daughter have an affair with a black guy.

        Even Donald Sterling was crucified for telling his hispanic (?) bimbo not to be seen with blacks at games. Though she could meed ant mate elsewhere as much as she pleases.

        • Rob

          His girl friend is ugly as hell. I do not know what he saw in her. No taste.

  • Chip Carver

    “European Commission”? Who is behind this commision? You can bet it’s people who aren’t European and wish to rid the world of Europeans.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      It’s mainly a-holes from Brussels.

    • KenelmDigby

      It is an undemocratic, unelected dictatorship.

    • Light from the East

      Another good reason for white Europeans to stick to their own nations rather than corrupted EU.

  • Susannah

    It’s so thoughtful of the European Commission to spread the joy and unmixed blessing of African and Muslim immigration throughout their domain. We wouldn’t wish for any region to miss out on the unlimited benefits of these upstanding and stellar individuals.

    Seriously, if Europe does not get a handle on this, what awaits will make Camp of the Saints seem like a child’s fairytale.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      Europeans need to be culturally enriched. They should house the migrants in Versailles.

      • John Smith

        Those in Sicily are already occupying a palace.

  • IstvanIN

    This is the same plan they have for us in the US, flood every corner of the nation, especially White majority areas, with “refugees” so that there is no fall-back position for us to defend ourselves. Then the extermination can begin in earnest.

    • Sid Ishus

      It’s all about “LOVE”. Soft extermination, one or two generations at this mixing rate and we’ll be non viable.

  • AmericanRemnant

    Treasonous behavior once had lethal consequences.

    • Sick of it

      Criminal behavior in general once had lethal consequences. Now those POS are in power.

  • Epiminondas

    The Germans have totally addicted themselves on the white guilt drug and now urge everyone else to swallow it. How tragic and absurd.

    • AmericanRemnant

      It’s been forced down their throat and they’re gagging.

      • Illidan Stormragge

        Idk, polls, from the Economist, said only 40-something percent of Germans have a hatred of immigration, same goes for Sweden or even less. The most anti-immigration countries seem to be Italy, Greece, and Spain, going into 60 and 70 percent. Many Europeans buy into this pro-immigration business.

        • AmericanRemnant

          I really have no faith in polls. They’ve become as corrupted as the ‘news’ where people don’t get news they get their opinion. I think are becoming fed up globally. I have a link on hold about Germans, hopefully it’ll come through.

          • DonReynolds

            Figures don’t lie…..but Liars figure.

          • IstvanIN

            I would doubt polls in Europe because their is no freedom of speech and the wrong comment can get you thrown in jail. People might be afraid to speak their minds.

    • listenupbub

      That is one reason why everybody should consider holocaust revisionism.

  • Easyrhino

    Gee I wonder if our dear and loyal ally Israel will step up and absorb some of the unwashed, they are our greatest ally you know!

    • Illidan Stormragge

      They have a good number of Africans of their own.

      • IstvanIN

        And they are a small country, not to mention it might be time to not blame everything on Israel.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Well, if their diaspora went to Israel, and stopped meddling in the affairs of other countries, then they wouldn’t have to worry about it. I just want them to celebrate diversity and welcome the cultural enrichment like they demand we do!

        • bbshaw

          It is now two hours later. Is it time now?

    • David Ashton

      “A Spectre is haunting Europe” (Karl Marx).

  • Red

    The plan, which has not been finalized and must be approved by national governments to take effect, is being supported by Germany

    Not by the majority of the German people. Something has to give, and soon.

    Mr. Juncker, you need to redistribute Africans to the Middle-East and deport Arabs to sub-Saharan Africa. Let them decimate each other, not spread them around Europe.

  • This is an act of war (albeit a racial one) by the European Commission, and it ought to be treated as such.

  • AmericanRemnant

    The irony of all this of course is not to raise up the human condition of the ‘refugees’ but to lower the condition of those who are blessed to receive the enrichment of their presence.The Marxist goals and the Fabian delivery.

  • dd121

    There’s at least a backlash developing in Europe. Maybe we could learn something.

    • Ella

      No backlash ever happened in the US dropping from 86% white to 60% over the last 45 years.

      • John Smith

        Keep them happy with pro sports and soap operas….

  • DonReynolds

    A more effective plan would be to stop the human smuggling COMPLETELY. That is one of the reasons countries have a Coast Guard and if the invasion gets too bad, they can send in the Navy. What else have they been tasked to do lately?
    Time to man the boats and earn that pay. Turn back to Africa or prepare to be rammed.

    • Denis

      I would assume logic would dictate that if you sent them all back, Or turned them back at their own risk, They would cease to come. .. Thus averting the circumstance which people are apparently trying to avoid. … But call me crazy. It seems reason and logic aren’t the fashion in Europe, Or anywhere else of late.

      • DonReynolds

        Dennis, you are much too clever to be a European.
        Yes, you are absolutely correct.
        If none of them hit the jackpot, then after a short while, they will realize it is a bad idea and stop risking their life to cross in a boat…..thus saving thousands of lives.
        We have the same complete disconnect in this country, particularly when it comes to “unaccompanied children” who have somehow traveled 800 to 900 miles from Central America to Texas.

    • a few years ago, Italy sent a few boats back to Lybya.

      The European top court condemned Italy, they had to pay money to a few of the poor victims. European countries are not free any more to decide their own faith.

  • WR_the_realist

    That is why any sane European would not want his country to belong to the E.U.

  • antiquesunlight

    I have an idea. Distribute them across the places they came from.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “European Commission Prepares Plan to Distribute Migrants Across E.U.”

    …if ever a white man were waiting for a sign to stand up…

    • bbshaw

      Isn’t it a project of HUD to target rural white areas of America with non-white settlement.

      • DonReynolds

        They have been doing it for years…..starting with Henry Cisneros (HUD Secretary), just before he was locked up in Federal prison for the usual bribery and corruption charges. He called it Economic Integration. The new HUD Secretary is one of the Castro brothers from San Antonio and he is even more of a radical leftist than Henry Cisneros ever thought of being.

    • newscomments70

      So many people on various race realist and WN sites are just hoping and praying for a race war….well, here it is. Who is going to “rise up”?

      • HJ11

        It all starts with One.

        • newscomments70

          There are many qualified leaders, but not enough listen to them. (ie George Wallace)

  • HJ11

    Miscegenation and the assimilation of Whites is the goal of White haters. They want to wipe us out as a distinct people. Watering down our genes by having us mate with non-Whites is a step in that direction. Genocide doesn’t require gas chambers or marching armies, it just requires flooding the gene pool of Whites with non-Whites.

  • HJ11

    Various “religious” stories and myths are half-truths: Original sin? It’s miscegenation. Baptism? A futile attempt to wash away the miscegenation with water.

  • Michigan Patriot

    They are third world, non-assimilating parasites; if they kill their host country, they will gleefully move on to the next White Christian sucker country. No loyalties ever. How about non-White Christian countries taking their ” fair ” share, especially Israel !

  • Hilis Hatki

    This a Micro-conquering.

  • JohnEngelman

    Why don’t they distribute the immigrants back to where they came from? They are not wanted. They have nothing of value to contribute to Europe.

  • Jason Lewis

    I’m sure Iceland is glad they didnt join the E.U.

    • IstvanIN

      They are bringing in Muslims on their very own. Iceland needs more people because it is a HUGE country with a small population and MASSIVE natural resources.

      • Lexonaut

        Hm-m-m-m … … … Sarcasm? … … …. It’s just barely possible.

        • IstvanIN

          They are building a muslim temple in Reykjavik.

    • DonReynolds

      The Republic of Ireland voted it down three times. So what did the EU say?
      Vote on it AGAIN……till you get it right.
      I just hope the UK voter gets a chance to vote themselves OUT of the EU. They never voted for it in the first place and they still do not use the Euro currency.

      • John Smith

        I once thought about selling technical equipment after getting a pitch from a company in the field. I found out after that that all I had to do was drive 350 miles each way for the interview at a “cattle call,” at my expense. I would be given a minimal allowance for phone and vehicle and be a 1099 employee. I passed.

        My point? There are many situations out there where one party can’t lose and the other party takes all the risks. Such is a successful country joining the EU, filled with so many marginal members. It is national welfare for much of Europe.

      • Jason Lewis

        Exactly. We in the U.S. never voted for scores of third world immigration yet we get it. The polls have always show Americans against third world immigration yet it still happens.

  • Jason Lewis

    Will this not make more come?

  • libertarian1234

    “European Commission Prepares Plan to Distribute Migrants Across E.U.,”

    No less than about 70% (Or more) of all financial experts are declaring that Europe is close to a financial implosion. Joblessness is rampant, and there’s a scarcity of revenue to meet pension payments and other mandates.

    They’re in such dire straits the bankers and the IMF are raising the possibility of doing as they did in Cypress which is confiscate savings from private accounts as a kind of tax. They’re already employing negative interest rates, which amounts to charging private patrons a fee to allow them to keep their money in their institutions. Because of that many Greeks are withdrawing their money in droves.

    And the government of Greece could default on their loans, return to their old currency and leave the EU, which would be a total disaster, because Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy are also having huge problems and could well drop out of the EU if Greece does……… if Greece does well, if and when they do drop out.

    This plucked multicultural chicken announcing a mandate to take in black criminal parasites and jihadists could well have that scrawny neck of his stretched even longer by a rope if he doesn’t change his tune and can’t find a good place to hide.

    • Ella

      Many Germans believed that the Euro would not last long due to other unstable economies. Of course the people will get the destroyed currency exchange rates.

  • Ella

    I thought Europe had experience with Muslim invaders since 700AD including piracy and kidnapping that resulted into white slavery. Maybe, they just did not “get” the message. Both Europeans and Americans have gotten too soft and now give away their lands.

    • The situation in Spain beggars belief. They were under the thumb and rule of Islam for hundreds of years. It took a monumental and violent effort to force them out. It was quite a feat! Then what happens? They slowly let themselves be taken over again! Absolute madness. Completely crazy.

      • Ella

        I agree. There were different rulers and attitudes reflecting of those times. Today, most politicians are truly pathetic and useless parasites.

  • American Tax Payer

    They’re finalizing it. In less than five years, you won’t find one single community free of non-whites.

  • IKUredux

    We Whites have two choices. Or, perhaps three. One. Everybody in the entire world who wishes to emigrate to Europe, can. Yup, the European land mass can totally sustain the entire population of Africa. And Asia. And the Mideast. Yup. Totally no brainer. Wait, I forgot! North America could be used to accomodate those Indians and Pakis and Chinese, and indonesians and Cambodians, ad infinitum.

    Apparently, the rest of the world thinks that the heretofore White countries possess a certain mojo, magic, that will be conferred on who ever inhabits those lands. Once again, magical thinking, by our racial inferiors. When the hell are we going to man up and tell them the damn truth? This situation right now, is not helping we Whites at all.

    Our second choice: We only allow a certain number of the colored people in the world who want to emigrate to our countries.Yeah, right. And we Whites get WHAT out of this? Absolutely NOTHING! These worthless Africans and assorted other detritus of the world, are incapable of sustaining the countries they come from, so, how in the hell are they going to contribute to a White technological country? HOW??? They are NOT. So, what does that tell you? The point is NOT that diversity is a strength, because we all know that it is not. No, diversity is THE BIGGEST WEAKNESS EVER!!!!!

    The third choice, and my personal favorite: NO IMMIGRATION OF NON WHITES INTO WHITE COUNTRIES. PERIOD.

    There is absolutely no strength in diversity. Ever. Period. There is only divisiveness, turmoil, and genocide.

    STOP ALL IMMIGRATION. Legal or illegal. (Seriously, what the hell is the difference?)

  • No mention of genocide against Whites, in the New York Times article.

    • Lexonaut

      Just as blacks can’t be racists because they don’t have the power, killing whites isn’t genocide because they do have the power.

  • KenelmDigby

    From the moment the central and eastern European nations foolishly joined the EU, they were slated for eventual race replacement by blacks and browns.
    That’s what the EU is all about and always has been all about.
    It’s just a crying shame that UKIP did not do better in the recent British election.

    • David Ashton

      UKIP got a good nationwide vote, but was left with one (less) MP, its most PC globalist who has attacked the party’s wish to reinstate Farage, and whose constituency was curiously not given the same Con party local onslaught that was given to Farage, Reckless and Akers. Timeo Danaos….

    • Yes, it is a tragedy – and I always have thought so – that nations like Poland are now rife for rapid and endless immigration and “resettlement” of “refugees” from all over the world, mainly Africa.

      I have seen numerous articles and some TV reports at how the “youth” of these countries – and hence their future generations – are being scattered to the four winds, leaving their lands and leaving behind them a nation that is emptying and ever ‘older’ in demographics.

      I read maybe five years ago that some in Poland are already citing shortages of skills, seeing as they have all come here, and that they may have to look to Pakistanis, Indians, Africans and others to come in to do the labouring, the plumbing, or whatever.

      A friend of mine has a friend who is Polish and came over about three years ago. He was conservative, not quite nationalist, but had a healthy racial awareness that is usually not found in many of our own people. He was sad to see how this country has ended up.

      I said that Poland could one day become the same as us and as France, but he kind of laughed that off as being impossible because the Polish people would never let it happen.

      But wouldn’t we once have said the same thing ourselves? Did we ever get the voice, chance, or opportunity to nip it in the bud? No. With the EU, there is even less say in the matter – their member states duly comply to these unelected maniacs.

      From their perspective is makes sense – some member states are heavily burdened, so splash them all around instead – but the fundamental thing is that they do not care for a moment about the European nature of Europe – Caucasians and their national heritages.

      I think the EU is not wanting to lift a finger to stop it because it is blurring the distinction between Europe and Africa. They are already in links with the EU-Africa project, the African Union, opening application centres in Africa for EU citizenship and still wishing for Turkey to join.

      If the nations of Europe, particularly the borders, were national minded and still white, they would face much harder times passing these things through – but a fringe swamped with Blacks and others? Italy, with black MPs now, etc, what chances are there of rejection?

      Junker knows damned well that they are “arse about tit” on this one. It is not a matter of settling them all over Europe, it is a matter of stopping endless, literally endless, mass movement of people. They are politically and ideologically unwilling to do this, so they are happy to sink Europe and kill off Europeans in the attitude that we will “benefit” from it.

  • hastings88

    Redistributing the wealth.

  • David Ashton

    Deafening silence from the pro-EU, pro-immigration, anti-racist and ultra-left (misnamed) “Scottish National” Party about enriching the underpopulated highlands and islands with vibrant multilingual and multifaith diversity from Africa and the Middle East. Never mind, though, the UK can still count on its (misnamed) “Green” Party to advocate open-door immigration and refugee-“rescue”, along with the legalization of multi-gender polygamy and drugs, and a ban on horse-racing and climate-denial.

  • HJ11

    Many of us Whites (I sometimes do it myself) write about how we want Whites to wake up. Well, many won’t ever wake up. It’s okay to try to wake them up, but in the meantime, each of us needs to do the right thing for ourselves and our families to survive, expand and evolve as is best for us. The way forward starts with a few declarative sentences: Put Whiteness before everything else. Stay White. Live White. Breed White. Avoid all non-Whites as best you can. Always do what is best for Whites and do not worry at all about non-Whites.

  • Alexandra1973

    I take it Europe is still too white.

    • Earl Turner

      And gentile.

  • How about distributing them throughout Africa instead? There’s plenty of fertile land there. Put them to work farming.

    • Maybe we should go out and take over some North African country again, stick an EU flag in it, then upon processing “claimants”, they are all shipped there. I am half joking of course, as the “leaders” would never entertain such a concept nor even see why it ought to be suggested.

  • mobilebay

    This may be too simple, but why can’t the developed nations (are you listening, DC?) immediately stop all funding to the invading nations? Their government would then step in to stop the “migrations” for fear of losing the financial goodies, Warn them ahead of time that if their people still tried to get in, they would either be returned or imprisioned with the bill sent to the home country. Stick to your guns and something would be done.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Because our goverments are anti white,otherwise this would already be done.

  • Rob

    I met a German guy and he was not happy when I mentioned PEGIDA. He told me that everything is going well in Germany and that all turks and muslims are very nice.

  • spahnranch69 .

    Is the genocide of the White European race a part of what was promised to the countries that voted to join the EU? Wasn’t the EU just supposed to be about eliminating passports and trade restrictions between member states, or something?