South Africa Turns on Its Immigrants

Daniel Magaziner and Sean Jacobs, New York Times, April 24, 2015

For the third time in seven years, violence against immigrants has broken out across South Africa. Pogroms that began in late March in Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal Province, have now spread to Johannesburg.

Since the end of apartheid in 1994, approximately five million immigrants have settled in South Africa; most are Africans from further north pursuing economic opportunity or refugees seeking the political stability of the continent’s most highly developed nation.

Black South Africans, most of whom remain poor and marginalized in the post-apartheid era, have watched warily for years as networks of Malawians, Somalis, Ethiopians, Zimbabweans, Nigerians and Mozambicans have begun to build small businesses and take advantage of South Africa’s opportunities.

Now those immigrant shops are being burned and their owners killed.


Two decades after its transition to democracy, South Africa is in a restive phase. The governing African National Congress has tried and failed to undo the legacy of centuries of white-minority rule. Many of its unfulfilled promises are a result of the country’s negotiated transition in the early 1990s, which saw the A.N.C. and other liberation movements abandon their most radical demands for economic and racial transformation in the name of stability and compromise.

The recent outbreak of xenophobic violence is a direct consequence of those compromises. Usually labeled a “miracle transition,” the early 1990s were actually a period of tremendous violence in KwaZulu-Natal and around Johannesburg. The unrest was fueled in part by the apartheid government’s efforts to sustain itself by promoting rivalries between the country’s “traditional” or tribal authorities and the nationalists affiliated with Nelson Mandela’s A.N.C.

The country was beset by ethnic and regional conflicts, emanating from the white minority and the various ethnically defined homelands that the apartheid government had created. King Zwelithini was the symbolic leader of the strongest of these, representing nearly 10 million Zulus, the largest ethnic group in South Africa. The king’s brand of ethnic chauvinism appealed especially to young, poor men. Along with KwaZulu’s chief minister, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, and the Inkatha Freedom Party, he repeatedly threatened to sabotage the landmark 1994 election. One of the A.N.C.’s triumphs was to co-opt these nationalist leaders into the new South Africa, without requiring them to give up their Zulu chauvinism.

Traditional leaders like King Zwelithini were put on the state’s payroll as part of a group called the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa. This gave them new legitimacy and brought a measure of peace to KwaZulu-Natal–and eventually brought the province into the A.N.C. fold, but at a cost. It gave legitimacy to a form of ethno-nationalist politics that the A.N.C. had officially opposed during the anti-apartheid struggle.


The ethno-nationalism that marked apartheid’s dying days has now morphed into a malignant “nativism” that threatens post-apartheid democracy.


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  • JackKrak

    Liberals take note – M’bwagi from Zulu tribe one doesn’t want to share space with N’gali from Zulu tribe two even though they look the same, have very similar cultures and are separated from each other only by the finest of distinctions.

    Now tell us again how pouring human detritus from all over the planet into civilized white countries will inevitably lead to hand-holding and singing about how wonderful our new multicultural societies are.

    • Whitetrashgang

      The tribe has spoken,it must be done.

      • Oil Can Harry

        The two authors of this anti-white garbage are Tribesmen, though one of them (Jacobs) appears to also be a tragic mulatto.

        • LHathaway

          They put the name of multiple writers on these type of ‘sensitive’ stories. Newspapers want to give the impression these stories are being handled with sufficient sensitivity – that their anti-white hatred appeals to all.

        • Jane Charlton

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      • Speedy Steve

        There is no censorship in the press because the party owns the media. The writers all spout the party line voluntarily.

        For a book titled The Triumph Of Provocation. The author was describing communist Poland in the 1950’s.

    • MBlanc46

      Civil wars are often the most brutal and vindictive.

      • Ella

        Unfortunately, we may see this among whites again over ideologies.

      • Speedy Steve

        It shouldn’t be too bad. The tawnies excel at fleeing danger. The Atlantic Ocean, however, may prove something of a hazard due to poor swimming skills.

    • Speedy Steve

      When we all sing Kumbaya. Or more likely — KumbAllah.

    • Light from the East

      Things just come back to the natural equilibrium point when whites are no longer in power in South Africa.

  • Avner Lipschitz, DDS

    Presenting Exhibit A for the typical African regression to primalism in the absence of YT’s evil “oppression.”

    • propagandaoftruth

      The authors’ case for blaming YT is a logical train wreck. When anti-White Marxists cogitate and ruminate – that’s like the proclamations of the prophets, lol.

  • TruthBeTold

    Two decades after its transition to democracy, South Africa is in a restive phase. The governing African National Congress has tried and failed to undo the legacy of centuries of white-minority rule. Many of its unfulfilled promises are a result of the country’s negotiated transition in the early 1990s, which saw the A.N.C. and other liberation movements abandon their most radical demands for economic and racial transformation in the name of stability and compromise.

    I found the paragraph I knew I would find and I stopped reading.

    • APaige

      What is the legacy of white-minority rule? Ohhh yes I found the answer earlier in the article: “economic opportunity or refugees seeking the political stability of the continent’s most highly developed nation.”

      • a1781054

        This. Exactly this. Why did 30 million Black Africans flee the Black countries they lived in to move to South Africa if it was so oppressive?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      It’s the South African black’s equivalent of “…It’s all Bush’s fault…”

    • Speedy Steve

      Beat ya! I quit at Daniel Magaziner and Sean Jacobs, New York Times.

      • Lexonaut

        Now that’s efficiency!

  • MekongDelta69

    Another New York Slimes anti-White article.

    Skip article.


  • If it were whites being slaughtered in SA, we would hear none of the story from the US press. Well, in fact, whites are being slaughtered. Hey Sulzberger, how about equal time for the white slaughter?

    • FinnShane

      The writers of the NY Times only take the time to report bad news, to whom the brutal slaughter of Whites doesn’t qualify.

  • dd121

    Give an African a knife, he can kill for a day. Give an African a machete, he can kill for a lifetime.

    • John Smith

      And he can eat the dead bodies.

      • Ella

        You ruined my relaxing herbal tea, John.

    • Dave West

      Give and african a knife and he’ll kill for a day, give an african $10,000 and he’ll go and buy a box full of machetes, 12 pairs of air jordans, a rolex; and he’ll kill for a lifetime!

    • Earl P. Holt III

      The truth of that was evident in Rwanda, amidst piles of ears and other “parts”…

  • South Africa is actually worse for blacks than it was under apartheid. But, don’t call me an Apartheid sympathizer. Call me an Apartheid supporter.

    • John Smith

      The whites kept blacks in their country to exploit as cheap labor, rather than driving them forth or even segregating and dividing the country by region as Apartheid ended. Keeping minorities around to exploit just doesn’t pay in the end.

      • Then what do you advocate for? Forced removal?

        • John Smith

          Yes – it’s the only real solution that works, at least besides extirpation.

          • Well, here’s the issue with forced removals. South Africa’s white population is a minority. There is no way that in a democratic society like SA, that the white population can forcefully remove the negro population.

            No, what we need is a Volkstaat. For those of you who don’t speak Afrikaans, the Volkstaat means “People’s state.” So, in a hypothetical people’s state, the Afrikaners(south african whites) would peacefully move to a predominantly white area just north of the Northern Cape. This idea has been proposed by many, including a political party known as the “VryheidsFront Plus+”. This means freedom front plus in English.

          • John Smith

            The opportunity to do it was during Apartheid. The opportunity for the Volkstaat was just before they ended Apartheid and lost control of the military.

          • George Moriarty

            With the whole world watching and bowing down to and worshiping Mandela at the time? No way.
            The lesson that all presently white countries need to learn from South Africa is that we must never allow ourselves to become a minority in our own nation. Our new masters will not treat us nicely.

  • John Smith

    Obviously the natives expect opportunity to be dropped into their laps while foreign blacks realize being in a country with so much white legacy of progress and infrastructure is opportunity in itself.

    • Blackfish

      They don’t want opportunity. Opportunity requires hard work and intelligence to convert it into financial rewards. No, they see the materials things some whites have (a nice house, car, etc) and want to take it away. They have no conception of what it takes to be successful; they only want to enjoy the trappings of success.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Rather than a unified and inclusive citizenry that continues to struggle against the legacy of white oppression, we see a black population that is willing to turn on foreigners and other South African ‘outsiders’ in ways that reject the party’s political legitimacy and promises,” Prof. Loren Landau, director of the African Center for Migration and Society at the University of the Witwatersrand, told The Anadolu Agency.

    But..but…what happened to the Rainbow Nation we were promised in South Africa by Nelson Mandela??

    “Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

    Nelson Mandela (1996)

    All the fault of the “legacy of Apartheid” – the UN must intervene and ship the unwanted refugees to the U.S.

    Oh wait…that’s already happening:

    So far this year, the U.S. has taken in 514 black refugees from South Africa.

  • a1781054

    I don’t read any articles Amren links to that does not allow open commenting. I was going to comment on the NYT website that South Africa was better off, under every conceivable measure of quality of life, when it was ruled by Whites/Apartheid.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I wonder if Jared has seen this cultural Marxist drivel piece. MarketWatch, of all places, are trying to muscle into the SPLC’s grievance industry shakedown loot. Morris won’t be happy.


    And what better source than the WaPo? Jeffrey Bozo’s new anti-West propaganda site.

  • MBlanc46

    I sympathize with their unhappiness with illegal immigrants. I certainly can’t condone their response to them. But I could condone that kind of response to a government that can’t or won’t deal with the problem. Not looting and burning, but resolute physical resistance.

  • Itachi

    “African National Congress has tried and failed to undo the legacy of centuries of white-minority rule. ”

    I stopped reading there….a misinformed fool this writer if ever I’ve seen one.

    1. The ANC are self-serving to an even higher degree then the average political party around the globe. They don’t care about the ‘legacy’ unless it can make them money.
    2. Centuries of white minority rule…other then of course the centuries where whites did not rule over the majority of blacks. Blacks had their own homelands and countries that they did with as they pleased. Not the whites’ fault they could not make a success of it.
    3.It assumes that white rule was bad when it did involve ruling over blacks. Yet white govt. built state of the art universities for blacks in South Africa, where many graduated as Dr, Vets, Nurses etc…

    The legacy of white rule was a functioning first world country that had a surplus of energy and food that was exported to great gain.

    And what is the legacy of the ANC my dear writer……regression in every way I can imagine.

    • George Moriarty

      To get daily updates of all of this (black) corruption & incompetence just read Google News South African edition.

  • Elephant in the room

    NYT seem to blame us Whites for this . There are now more Black immigrants in South Africa than the total White population of approx. 4 million Whites and on that ethnically defined homelands created by us , well that’s the areas wheres these different tribes come from , just like the Germans , the French and the Swedes come from different geographical areas .

    • AWB

      This is why i’m against ethnic cohabitation, even among whites. South Africa belonged to the Afrikaners until the british invaded and tried to displace the Afrikaner/Boer people with their own communities.

      • Elephant in the room

        There is a huge difference between the British and the rest of Europe . If we get a homeland , I will welcome German and other Northern Europeans with open arms .

        • AWB

          If the Afrikaner people get a homeland then strict control must be placed around who lives there. The same goes for America as the need for secessionist homelands increases. Allowing in anyone just because they are “white” will not work. There is no solidarity when you have people fighting for dominance of their language, when you have atheists who want to destroy the fibre of society, when you have homosexuals and feminists who systematically weaken the structure of the family.
          This strict control over the community is what has made Orania a success so far. They do not allow anyone to enter if they do not agree with all the traditional values of Afrikaner society. It’s keeping the rubbish out and the goodness in.

          • Elephant in the room

            I am a atheist and gay .

          • AWB

            You make funny jokes. But these filthy queers are the last ones who will be tolerated in any nationalistic society.

          • Elephant in the room

            Not joking . I am a libertarian . Te moeg om nou te praat . Lees hierdie artikel .

            http://www. counter-currents .com/2010/12/why-conservatives-cant-win/
            close gap between and after ” counter-currents”

          • AWB

            A disgusting moffie huh? Sies. Why you would come onto a nationalistic website and proclaim your sodomizing habits is beyond me. You are lower than kaffir scum.

          • Elephant in the room

            I am gay , a atheist and a nationalist . I don’t see any contradictions . Remember gays have higher IQ’s than straights , so maybe you would want us on your side .

          • AWB

            A faggot is less worthy of being granted acceptance into a nationalistic society, than black communist. You are just about the epitome of everything we want to avoid. Even the black communist is of a higher moral and ethical basis than a sodomizer. The scum of the earth.

          • Elephant in the room

            I dispise the left for forcing their ideology down my throat as much as I dispise you conservatives for telling me how to live my private life . As ek vir ‘n ander ou wil buk , dit het absoluut NIKS met jou te doen nie ! Get ‘n life oom .

          • AWB

            Moenie kak praat nie, moffie. We will never accept a walking piece of human excrement as one of our own.
            Good bye and go to hell.

          • Elephant in the room

            Jy het nie ‘n idee hoe vertraag jy is nie , weet net dat ek jou soort minder kan verdra as wat jy my kan verdra . Jy met jou fokken boepens en al .

  • De Doc

    Uh oh! NYTs has discovered that tribalism is alive and well in SA. What next? That the sky is blue?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    How do immigrants compare to “bush-meat” in terms of flavor and texture…?

  • Mr. Zuma has not done much to address the crisis. He issued a soft condemnation a week after the first attacks started and offered migrants safe passage back to their native countries.

    >>> Comments?

  • The strongest condemnation of the violence has come from Mr. Zuma’s ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, now the chairwoman of the African Union. Ms. Dlamini-Zuma — a Zulu and an A.N.C. veteran — has been unequivocal in arguing that diversity is South Africa’s biggest strength, and must remain so.