Six Arrested in Anti-Terrorism Sweep, Latest in a String of Such Cases

Kevin Johnson and John Bacon, USA Today, April 20, 2015

Six men have been arrested on terrorism charges in two states, accused in elaborate attempts to travel toSyria and join the ranks of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, federal authorities said Monday.

The charges were announced by Minnesota U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger, who said the group sought to join the terrorist organization for the past 10 months “by any means possible.”

Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Adnan Farah and Hanad Mustafe Musse, all 19, and Guled Ali Omar, 20, were arrested in Minneapolis Sunday. Abdirahman Yasin Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, both 21, were arrested Sunday in California after driving from Minneapolis to San Diego.

The arrests follow a string of recent ISIL-related cases, charging men and women throughout the country with various attempts to join the group or carry out attacks in the name of the terror organization.

At least nine Minnesotans have now been charged in connection with a conspiracy to provide material support to ISIL, the Justice Department said. And since 2007, about two dozen Somali men have traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the terror group al-Shabab.

“To be clear, we have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota,” Luger said.

Luger described a difficult-to-penetrate “peer to peer, brother to brother” recruiting effort in the city where there is a large Somali community.


The alleged efforts of the six charged Monday were outlined in a 31-page federal complaint in which some in the group variously sought to disguise their real itineraries by traveling on some U.S. legs of their trips by bus and car. To hide their overseas destinations, some bought airline tickets to Bulgaria, Greece and Spain, with stop-overs in Instanbul, a popular staging area for foreign fighters.


But the FBI did have one advantage: one in their number had–unknown to the others–become an informant for the bureau and began reporting on the group’s plans through last week.


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  • Chip Carver

    One does have to laugh at the media, calling these creatures “Minnesotans”. They’re Somalians. They’re genetically wired for tribal warfare, impulsive violence, and cruelty. They’re not fit for White countries. Although agents like Barbara Lerner Spectre keep trying to tell everyone otherwise in their quest to destroy the West.

    • Speaking of “Minnesotans,” or, actually, the real ones:

      White people don’t want to live in Somalia.

    • Zimriel

      A Kenyan or Ethiopian would argue that Somali Muslims are not fit for *East African* countries. I’d find it… difficult to argue with that.

      • Kenya currently has a problem with Somali militants crossing the border to murder people there. Earlier this year, Al Shabaab massacred a bunch of quarry workers in Kenya. In 2020, they also bombed crowds of soccer fans in Kampala, Uganda watching video of the World Cup, killing 74 of them.

    • Realist

      “Minnesotans” let the terrorists move there.

  • Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Adnan Farah and Hanad Mustafe Musse, all 19, and Guled Ali Omar, 20, were arrested in Minneapolis Sunday. Abdirahman Yasin Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, both 21, were arrested Sunday in California after driving from Minneapolis to San Diego.

    Oh my, it would be such a tragedy if they weren’t here anymore, and left. They would be depriving us of much needed diversity.

    • AmericanRemnant

      Not to mention cultural enrichment! Perhaps I’m mistaken but those names don’t sound very Nordic, eh.

      • Speedy Steve

        Sadly, names like that are becoming more European with each passing day.

      • True, I think we all need perhaps some Somalian food to bring us back to the realization of how much diversity we’re missing since they left.

        • Who Me?

          “Somalian food”
          What Somalian food? BBQ kitty cat? Roast rat on a stick?

  • superlloyd

    What do you expect if you import the dregs from Somalia? Let them go but don’t let them back in if they don’t come back in a pine overcoat.

    • how about this

      This is why letting people into our country out of pity is a very bad idea. The people we take pity on are likely the same people that made their country so pitiful in the first place.

      • Blackfish

        Or they are the ones with enough brainpower to flee. They need to stay and make their own country a better place rather than come to America.

  • AmericanRemnant

    If they weren’t artificially planted here in the first place it wouldn’t be an issue now would it? I think it’s called the Hegelian Dialectic.

  • IstvanIN

    Can you imagine the uproar if, during 1942, FDR started importing Germans, Italians and Japanese?

    • Albert

      I wish Northern Europeans and North East Asians were the only immigrants we would permit in our nation.

    • Who Me?

      I would much prefer Germans, Italians and Japanese (even when we were fighting with them) to Somalians, Hispanics and Muslims.

  • phillyguy

    just keep on letting these Arabs and other third world Muslims in this country and this is what you get

  • Speedy Steve

    about two dozen Somali men have traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the terror group al-Shabab.

    Whatever it takes to get them off American soil.

    • LexiconD1

      God speed, hope the call their breeders back, as well.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    These “youths” are as native to Minnesota as I am to the moon.

  • Paleoconn

    Here’s an idea, bring back the army that is overseas, all 300,000 of them, and place them along the Southern border.

  • Reynardine

    Do they really think Harold and Lena from Lake Wobegone are being recruited by ISIS?

    “Oh, you know, Harold, I really think I should go on a Jihad this year. I mean, dontcha know, I’ve always wanted to go on one…”

  • TheCogitator

    What sort of crazy people brought a bunch of Somali people into this country? They don’t look like us, they don’t think or act like us. They are our enemies. It makes no sense, but this is the policy of our evil rulers.

    • Churches used our own tax money to bring them here.

      • Sick of it

        Synagogues are churches?

        • Plenty of Lutheran churches do this.

          • John Smith

            The Snappers do it too.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Snappers… as in Mackrel Snappers…. Roman Catholics.

          • Sick of it

            There’s a total of 4 million Lutherans in this entire continent.

        • Alexandra1973

          Lutheran and Catholic churches aren’t synagogues. You have the wrong group there.

          • Sick of it

            You really should look into things more. The Jews are worse than the Catholics.

  • libertarian1234

    Well, I hope the radicals on the left enjoy this scenario, because it’s going to get worse.
    We’re right now on the verge of a disastrous scenario on so many different fronts it’s getting hard to keep up with them all.

    If this country goes down economically as expected, this place is going to be a blood bath in every urban area. In fact almost any kind of spark could ignite many different situations.

    We went, almost over night, from a desire to duplicate Main Street America in every city, state and town to deteriorating into a multicultural third world hell hole with black terrorists from within, right along with foreign terrorists who are being fed and kept until they decide to blow something up or embark on jihad.

  • baldowl

    My God. The idea is simple.
    Why is Haiti a sh*thole? Because Haitians live there.
    Why is Mexico a sh*thole? Because Mexicans live there.
    Why is Somalia a sh*thole? Because Somalians live there.

    How is, “Then let’s bring them here” the solution to anybody’s problems?

    • Zimriel

      Mexico isn’t quite as bad as you mention, as a whole.

      Mexico’s problem is that it is an empire, not a nation. Mexico has been an empire since the Triple Alliance. So, you’ll get some parts which line up quite nicely against, say, modern Spain (I’ll put downtown Tenochtitlan against Madrid any day). And you’ll get other parts which haven’t changed one whit since the days of “Apocalypto”.

      • baldowl

        I am aware of that, so that is not the bit of Mexico, nor the Mexicans, of which I speak. Also, a lot of today’s Mexicans seem to have been yesterday’s Guatemalans. so I use the word Mexican as loosely as I do pejoratively.

      • There were two Empire periods in Mexican history. The 1st is just after the War for independence (1810 – 1820) when the mexicans wanted a King and a respected General; Augustin Iturbide was named Emperor. He lasted from 1821 to 1822 I think.

        The 2nd was during the French intervention when a European prince, Maximillian, was put on the throne of Mexico from 1864 until 1867 or thereabouts.

        However, they’ve always had ethnic strife. Before the Spanish conquest it was apparently a hodgepodge of indian nations involved in fights to the death against each other.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Mexico is a toilet.

  • Greg Thomas

    “To be clear, we have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota,” Luger said.

    Wrong again….as usual! What they have is a third world diversity problem.

    • It doesn’t appear they have a terrorist recruiting problem at all. They imported Muslims, and now they have terrorist recruits: no problem!

      • Albert

        They (our media) certainly put forth a great deal of effort in convincing us that terrorism is a separate entity and in no way a product of the Muslim religion.

  • Where are they getting the money for these bus, train and airplane tickets?

    • expitch

      Identity theft, then extortion.

    • kikz2

      wouldn’t surprise me, if the mosques weren’t taking up donations….

  • kikz2

    gee could the terrorism problem in MN be related to the Somali problem in MN?

  • Rustler

    Imagine what it is like in twenty years when the twin cities’ Somalian population has grown to several hundred thousand. There will be sprawling Somalian slums and a massive gang problem. It actually sounds like America is gonna be a kind of awesome in a apocalyptic way. Will be cool to see formerly middle class Minnesota suburbs remade into East African slums.

    • InAFreeCountry

      I don’t know how the hell they stand the cold in the winter, or the mosquitoes in the summer. Minnesota has the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen, I guess that’s why the fish get so big.

  • Lexonaut

    “Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, Adnan Farah and Hanad Mustafe Musse, all 19,
    and Guled Ali Omar, 20, were arrested in Minneapolis Sunday. Abdirahman
    Yasin Daud and Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, both 21, were arrested Sunday in
    California after driving from Minneapolis to San Diego.”

    Judging by their names it sounds as if folks like these won’t be too hard to identify, especially in Sand Dog.

  • InAFreeCountry

    “To be clear, we have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota,” Luger said.

    So why are we letting the recruiters past our borders??

  • John Smith

    I’d say they have more of a Somali muslim problem.

  • Rob

    Stop importing black muslim terrorists- Problem SOLVED!!!!!

  • Light from the East

    Somalian immigrants are proven one of the worst kind of all immigrants around the world. They combine two positive “diversity” traits – African and Islamic, liberals simply can’t resist.

  • KyraNelson

    Wow! Let’s import more muzzies cause it’s working out so well for the U.S. so far.

  • Epiminondas

    Fitting justice would be for the citizens of Minnesota to bear the brunt of the terrorist activities they are willingly importing.

  • Let them commit terror acts against the same Minnesota churches that arranged for the import of said Somalis in the first place. If anyone deserves it, they do.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Should have started their own ISIS franchise here. Of course its time for a renaming

  • Albert

    This could be a problem should these people become Isis agents and then sign up to join American military forces. Knowledge is power. Double agents in our military could provide Isis invaluable intelligence.

  • Definitely a problem. We need to keep men like this in the US until after theyv’e had 12 kids apiece. Clearly we can’t let them leave the country. I mean how will it run without the critical diversity they provide to Minnesota?

  • Fr. John+

    “…We have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota,” Luger said.
    Gee, ya think!?!?!??! From 9/11 flying licenses given to non-white, non-Europeans, to Somali insurgents being fed off the largesse of Scandic/Germanic altruistic (read, NAIVE) whites, coupled with a Marxist DFL party, where do you think the disconnect might have occurred?

    Probably in NOT learning the lessons of Dred Scott, Minnesota.
    You CANNOT- nor SHOULD YOU, try to make silk purses out of sow’s ears.
    We are not a refugee camp for the detritus of Africa, Mexico, Laos, or ANYPLACE else.

    Minnesota for MINNESOTANS. Ya sure, you betcha.
    Uff da.