About 39,000 immigrant children are expected to enter the country illegally as unaccompanied minors this federal fiscal year, reaching the second-highest level of that migration since 2008, says an analysis issued Wednesday by a research group in Washington, D.C.

The estimate by the Migration Policy Institute, a nonprofit that studies the movement of people across international borders, is based on apprehension figures issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the first five months of the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, 2014, and ends Sept. 30.

Many of the children coming from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala likely will be resettled where there are established Central American communities, such as Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties, said Marc Rosenblum, the report’s author.

“They are coming from similar communities and are headed to similar communities,” said Rosenblum, deputy director of the institute’s U.S. Immigration Policy Program. “The local impact is that whatever challenges school districts and local health care systems are under already are likely to increase.”

The second wave of immigrants, as some are calling it, is expected even as localities and school systems struggle to absorb about 53,500 children who arrived in the last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, 2014. Those minors continue to move through a multistep immigration court process to decide whether they can stay or are to be deported.


In addition to unaccompanied minors, children also arrive in the United States with their mothers or other relatives, a trend that is expected to continue. Those children are counted separately in federal statistics as being part of family units.


Groups that want stricter enforcement blame the federal government for inaction as taxpayers bear the costs. They want immigrant children turned back at the border.

“Unless the federal government dramatically changes its policies on how they deal with the new arrivals, we can expect to see almost the same number of new arrivals as we did last year, because there’s no reason for them to stay” in Central America, said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based group that wants strict enforcement.

The Migration Policy Institute’s analysis, though, calls the federal government’s efforts “a success” because the flow of immigrant children is declining. It credited, in part, a “multifaceted regional policy response” by the United States in partnership with Mexico and Central American nations that “greatly reduced” illegal crossings since last year.

Marsha Catron, spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees several immigration agencies, said the federal government sent more patrol agents to secure the border, built detention space and launched a campaign in Central America to highlight “the dangers of the journey.”


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  • superlloyd

    Unaccompanied minors pushed over the border by their parent/s. The poor little innocents.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Unaccompanied minors pushed over the border by their parents, indeed. And then they DARE to gripe about “tearing families apart”, and “separating families” as the local Spanish rag continually does when the parents are deported. Family separation begins in Latin America. Men leave their wives or girlfriends and maybe a child or two. Then, the males get here, get a main-squeeze on the side who pops out more anchorbabies. Then they get charged with a DUI, driving without a drivers license. Then begins the process for deportation. And commences the wailing about “separating families” The easy solution when an illegal is deported is to also take their children with them, which is precisely the way it ought to be.

  • E. Newton

    This is very exciting. But I am afraid that the country may have too many children at this point. I suggest we take American kids and send them to Guatemala and other countries. That’s only fair.

    • Susannah

      I agree that a trade of American kids for Guatemalan kids is only fair, provided the American kids sent are all black. I’m sure the Guatemalans would just love that!
      We can take some diversity and provide the Guatemalans with some much needed diversity of their own.

      • E. Newton

        It’s an equitable agreement. However, the Guatemalans will have to understand that their police can never under any circumstances attempt to stop, question, disrespect, or even interact with their new young Afro-Guatemalans. They also need to promise to be mindful of disparate impact and Guatemalan privilege.

  • Luca

    So, of the 39,000, how many is Obama flying in so the little darlings won’t have to make that treacherous journey? Probably all. Meanwhile, the IRS just reamed me for $25k for tax year 2014. I wonder what they did with all that money?

  • Oil Can Harry

    So many of the Garbage Pail Kids are being shipped to Long Island?

    The New York Republican Party should grow a pair and turn this into a campaign issue. They won’t.

    • JohnEngelman

      The New York Republican party likes the depressing effect immigrants have on the wages of American citizens.

    • listenupbub

      Heh. Good luck getting elected by being anti-immigration in NY. I bet all the immigrants in NY would take it personally.

  • Jason Lewis

    America is a racist country. They should be sent back immediately so they will not have to endure the hate.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Oppression, racism, white supremacy… this cartoon is priceless, Jason. Love it.

    • Light from the East

      And they still want to come here while cry about it.

    • Nordmann

      Our European brethren have same problem.

  • superlloyd

    America has 93 million unemployed and that traitor Obongo is still tacitly encouraging unfettered hispanic immigration. We know where his loyalties lie.

  • InAFreeCountry

    “I have the same color and speak the language, how is it they still call me a stranger?”
    Mexico or Guatemala don’t want them, why do we? We don’t even have the language or culture commonalities. The answer is, votes for D and cheap labor for R.

  • Tim

    “Conjunto- A Slovak Polka played on stolen instruments…”

  • Hilis Hatki

    A “Children’s Crusade” to save America from the racist whites.

  • slobotnavich

    Not to worry, they’ll all become reliable Democrat voters, which is the whole idea

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Get ready, more welfare queens and future parents of welfare anchor babies.

  • corvinus

    Mexico doing the job that America (i.e., Fedgov’s immigration enforcement) won’t do.

    • listenupbub

      Not quite good enough, I’m afraid, but if they really are trying, God bless them.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Close the bloody border, NOW! Dont let these cockroaches into our country. Why can’t the bloody Mexicans stop this flood?