Black Immigration Is Remaking U.S. Black Population, Report Says

Fredrick Kunkle, Washington Post, April 9, 2015

Rapidly growing numbers of black immigrants have reshaped the overall black population in the United States in recent decades, particularly in the District of Columbia and other cities with large U.S.-born, African American communities, a new report says.

A record 3.8 million foreign-born blacks now live in the United States, the Pew Research Center reported Thursday. The influx means that the share of foreign-born blacks, largely from Africa and the Caribbean, has grown from 3.1 percent of the black population in 1980 to 8.7 percent in 2013. By 2060, 16.5 percent of the U.S. black population will be foreign-born, the report says.


The impact of black immigration has been particularly strong in cities that already had some of the nation’s largest black populations. For instance, in the District, 15 percent of the black population was born outside the United States. In Miami, 34 percent of the black community was born elsewhere. In New York City’s metro area, the number is 28 percent. Nearly half the influx has occurred since 2000, the report says.

Most of the nation’s 40 million U.S.-born blacks trace their heritage to African ancestors who were brought here as slaves. The report also notes that blacks once accounted for nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population at the end of the 18th century.


Half of black immigrants arrived from the Caribbean, the Pew report says. The largest source is Jamaica, with 682,000 immigrants, followed by Haiti, with 586,000. Jamaican immigrants now make up 18 percent of the black population in the United States, while those from Haiti represent about 15 percent of the U.S. black population.

But a rapidly growing proportion of foreign-born blacks who arrived in the United States in recent years came from Africa, led almost entirely by immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, the report says. Nigeria and Ethiopia have the first and second-most immigrants in the United States, respectively. Many sub-Saharan immigrants–28 percent–were refugees or others seeking asylum.


In terms of socioeconomic profiles, foreign-born blacks have a median age of 42 years, compared with 29 for U.S.-born blacks. Twenty-six percent have a college education, compared with 19 percent of native-born blacks, and black immigrants are less likely to live in poverty (20 percent versus 28 percent) and have higher incomes. About 48 percent of black immigrants who are 18 years or older are also married, compared with 28 percent of blacks born here, a finding that is likely related to the higher median age among immigrants.


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  • One of the big subtexts of this story is now native born blacks don’t really feel any great racial loyalty toward immigrant blacks, even immigrant blacks that are West African in lineage or actual nationality.

    If native born blacks did, then they would count Yasiel Puig as an example of a black in the Major Leagues. After all, if Puig’s great-great-great….-great-great-grandfather were dumped off the slave boats in Virginia instead of Havana, “Yasiel Puig” would be Darnell Richardson today, and would be cited as an example.

    • I disagree. Blacks always ACT like they are all different. But, in the end, race trumps everything else for them. It won’t make any difference. They are BLACKS and that is all that matters.

    • Blackfish

      AAs draw a big distinction between themselves and black Hispanics. It’s mutual. During the 60s, Roberto Clemente (born in Puerto Rico) openly said he was not black in an effort to distance himself from American blacks.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Yes, but would he hitch-up his pantses…?

  • Oil Can Harry

    These black immigrants are driving US blacks bananas with their monkeyshines.

  • SentryattheGate

    But I thought Afreaka is for Afreakants! Just because Africa has a high birthrate, while the rest of the world has lowered their’s, doesn’t mean we should have to accept them here! Our black population is still aggrieved and unassimilated, it’s crazy to add more! Even though these black immigrants are better educated, and more often married, their kids will soon assimilate to American black culture and add to the black-white divide, and with an eye for White women!

    • Whitetrashgang

      Planet of the apes was America after all.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        That final scene in Planet of the Apes where the rusted-out Statue of Liberty three-quarters sunk into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NYC, showed the shocking truth when civilized humanity give it’s civilization over to barbarians, such as we are witnessing with the multiracial, multicultural hordes. Only this time around, its nonfiction.

        • Blackfish

          I saw it a long time ago but I thought the subtext was that a nuclear war had been the cause of the end of civilization.

          • ElComadreja

            We may yet have that too.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        A caller to my radio show in St. Louis once asked if I “…have seen the movie “The Planet of the Apes?”

        I answered: “SEEN it? I’m LIVING it…!”

    • I could not possibly agree with you more. Yeah, we need more blacks like we need lepers. Actually, worse, lepers usually don’t have kids and reproduce that fast.

  • Cannot Tell

    Some black African immigrants feel superior to black Americans and believe they should emulate our work ethic and sense of personal responsibility. I, on the other hand, don’t hold black Africans in higher regard than black Americans. From what I have seen, black Africans (mostly Nigerians) blame colonization for most of Africa’s woes. I don’t know why they can’t see that they are no different than black Americans who blame slavery and segregation for the pathologies of black Americans.

    If anything, black African immigrants have less European ancestry than black Americans. That means they probably have a lower average IQ and a greater propensity to violence. God help us.

    • Whitetrashgang

      What happens if god is black?

      • newscomments70

        If God exists, it’s something that humans cannot conceptualize in such simplistic terms. For those who believe in Christianity, liberals keep screaming that Jesus was black, and they try to shove that down the throats of “white racists”. The human form of Jesus was in fact some kind of Middle Eastern descent.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Correct, Jesus was an Aramaic Jew, not the sandy-blonde blue-eyed quasi Nordic portrayed in Protestant churches and certainly not a sub-African black, either. The BIble is silent on Jesus appearance, although there is a chapter in Isaiah that i remember that says there was nothing particularly attractive about Him. The book of Revelation gives a description of Jesus that describes Him as brigther than the sun.

          To get the most possible accurate description of Jesus ethnic makeup, you’d probably have to go through the genealogy in Matthew and Luke and look up in history books or online sources about those people, the lands they came from and some of the archaeological findings that portrayed the people of those times. Most likely, he was very similar to the mediterranean peoples in Turkey, Lebanon or Egypt.

          • Alden

            His parents were converts and immigrants from Atlantis

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Oh, I forgot, slapping the palm of my hand on my forehead… ATLANTIS….that’s where Mary and Joseph were from!


          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Jesus and the Virgin Mary are pale skinned. They have appeared to saints in the past and they have pale skin. They are definetly not negroes.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            I am quite confident they weren’t negroes, either.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite


          • Samuel Hathaway

            That’s good for you, too!

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            and bad for those that do not agree.

          • sddasasd

            But I don’t think they were pasty aryans either, so.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            and are you a pasty Aryan or a negro??

          • journey

            They weren’t.

          • John Smith

            You have to believe that the accounts are valid as reported first.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            I am sorry what do you mean??

          • John Smith

            That they weren’t made up by the Church.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            SO you are saying that Jesus and Mary are pale skinned?? Good. I am glad that you did not fall for that they are all negro nonsense by Malcolm X.

          • John Smith

            Not negro, just a swarthy Semite.

          • sddasasd

            Better fall for the christian identity nonsense, then.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            and what is nonsense about Christian identity?? Are you anti Christian??

          • MikeofAges

            I am a firm believer in the historical Jesus. By that I mean that I am certain, and by “certain” I mean certain, that there was a man Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew who conducted a populist and contrarian ministry. And ran afoul of the local and imperial authorities doing it. Contrary to what people think, there is some limited contemporary reference to his existence, in once case a letter written by a traveler, apparently a woman, who describes him more or less as “quite a troublemaker”. What else happened, definitely, from the point of view normal material history, I cannot say.

            As a man born and raised in a small town in the region, he undoubtedly looked like what a Palestinian or Sephardic Jew today looks like. That is, unless he was of mixed Middle Eastern and some other ancestry, African or European.

            The Biblical story makes him concept as well as man. I don’t see a problem with people locally around the world representing him in different ways. The Nordic Jesus the Lutherans use is a striking version. But elsewhere he is represented in other ways. That is the point of the message. The message of the Christ has to be separated from its form, the person. The message came in the form it did because that was the form in had to be in order to speak to people.

            So I, for one, do not think there is any problem with representing Jesus in different ways in different places. But anyone who is an intellectual of any stripe had better be willing to recognize that Jesus of Nazareth, the physical man, was a Middle Easterner. And more to the point, did have some specific appearance whatever that was.

          • pcmustgo

            Actually the Bible DOES state that Jesus has “wooly hair” and skin like it was cooked in a fire/ or bronze or something. That’s where Blacks get the whole “Jesus was Black” thing from. Middle Easterners, including many Jews, often have curly/wooly hair too… so idk…

          • Lygeia

            The “wooly hair” thing was after the Resurrection, when his hair turned white like wool is white.

        • journey

          Guess I better not get into this discussion. My comments will surely be deleted.

        • MikeofAges

          Actually, we don’t know if God, the One God of Abrahamic origins, who morphed into many, Yahweh, Jehovah, plain old God, Allah, and the three parts of Nicene Trinity, among other things, is a personified, anthropomorphic diety. He might be a 73-year-old Southeastern European white male with a big head, bushy hair, loud voice, bad temper and weight lifter’s body. Or he might be a she, that guy’s sister. I see her and being in her 50s, with a large, roundish face, large features and big eyes, a brownish complexion and dark hair cut into a thick page boy. Maybe they pass the job off between them every now and then.

          More likely, you are correct. I describe God as being a prime mover who can be personal. The best take on the idea of a personal god I saw in a movie once. Two young male Western missionaries are taking their morning walk through the Third World village where they have their mission. One says to the other, “I believe in as personal God, but I do not believe that he makes it His business to make everything in my day go right.”

          If we add up every concept of god there is in all the individual nuances, including the gods the non-believers deny the existence of, we will find that there are more god than people given that some people are polytheists. I don’t disdain polytheism. To me, religion, like many things, is a journey, not a destination. I have an long time friend, Roman Catholic and probably a very distant relative I have recently concluded, who I talk about these things by phone with in our often irreverent and jocular way. One of the cable networks was showing the film “Jason and Argonauts”. One thing I noted was that I thought the film gave polytheism a pretty fair shake and showed how it could provide men with a moral compass.

          The mythologist Joseph Campbell liked to say that “all road lead to god”. Even that statement has some presumption in it, the presumption that God ultimately is singular in number. To me, it’s all a way of describing something we cannot in our finitude and mortality understand anyway. But I am an adherent of my own Western monotheistic Christian belief, and I am good with my choice so far. A journey, not a destination.

          • journey

            I agree to find and know God is a journey, an eternal one. Finite beings (us) trying to understand and find an infinite being, (God).

      • Reynardine

        God can’t be black.

        He’s blue and he has four arms, duh.

        • LeonNJ

          The God that I trust is Helios. He clearly doesn’t have four arms. It’s a little offensive that you said that.

      • Please. God is spiritual. He is not “white” or “black” or anything like that.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Maybe he is native, you know up at 10 to hit the beer vendor.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          You got it right more than anyone else….

    • listenupbub

      I imagine our immigrants are among the smartest ones, though.

      • superlloyd

        Even if they are, their offspring won’t be.

        • listenupbub

          I think everybody here has different ideas about heritability of IQ…

        • John Ambrose

          Regression to the mean- smart blacks are more likely to have dumb offspring than smart whites because the black mean (average) IQ is 85 and the white mean IQ is 100. And “smart” by Sub Saharan standards probably means an IQ somewhere in the 90s anyhow.

          • sddasasd

            Yeah, and that must mean we somehow manage to skim off the tiny percentage of “smart” people from africa, who somehow manage to escape their extreme poverty and all end up here, because that’s how linear social mobility is in reality (just like the whole “children of high SES blacks scoring lower on the SAT than poor white children”, because the black upper class consists of high IQ blacks born to low IQ blacks who frequently manage to escape poverty, and then their children fall back and the cycle begins again.)

            I don’t deny regression to the mean exists, but it amazes me how far-fetched and plain stupid the kind of social dynamics people who tout it often imply,

      • Sharps Rifle

        Define “smart.”

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Your last paragraph doesn’t seem to be true for the moment – the people immigrating FROM Africa are surely mostly cream of the crop. Africa has a terrible brain-drain problem, after all.

      I saw an argument in YouTube comments the other day between a native Nigerian and…I think an American black man, not sure. The latter insisted Nigeria’s problems are due to colonialism and the former insisted they are due to “pan-Africanists” who did some sort of damage to Africa in the 70s (I’m fuzzy on what history he may have been referring to, so have zero idea what this means) and African corruption and mismanagement that has nothing to do with whites.

      The whole argument seemed to reflect similar ones I’ve seen elsewhere, where the sentiment is very sharply split between “blame whites” and “blame the corrupt African elites,” and no one agrees.

      • Cannot Tell

        I’m sure you’re familiar with the statistical concept of regression to the mean. The children of the smart black African immigrants will not be anywhere near as bright as their parents.

        It’s possible that the black Africans I have met that blame Europeans for Africa’s ills are the exception, not the norm.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Sure, but I don’t think they’ll regress as far as to the mean of American blacks.

          My own city has a tiny black population which seems to be made up mostly of immigrants, and I think we largely have little trouble with them. The most trouble from blacks we have here is the cracked-out ghetto full of refugees…they’ve been here since the mid-90s, and even the elementary school in that neighbourhood is rough, with wee children pulling weapons on their teachers. Stark contrast between the refugees and the immigrants.

          It’s possible that the black Africans I have met that blame Europeans for Africa’s ills are the exception, not the norm.

          Oh, I certainly couldn’t tell you! And I wasn’t saying you were wrong, exactly. More just that I seem to have seen a split of opinion across the internet between native Africans. I was wondering if you had any idea what that one man may have meant by “pan-Africanists” causing trouble in the 70s. As you were raised in America though, I guess you may not have any more idea than I do.

        • sddasasd

          “I’m sure you’re familiar with the statistical concept of regression
          to the mean. The children of the smart black African immigrants will
          not be anywhere near as bright as their parents.”

          I am as well, and people in these discussions have a very bizarre understanding of it- they’ll often point to things like the children of high SES blacks scoring lower than poor white children, but that implies a very cyclical dynamic, where you frequently see high IQ blacks born to low IQ blacks achieving high SES, and then their children fall back. Social mobility doesn’t look anything like that, and while I can’t readily explain the SAT phenomenon, what it supposedly argues doesn’t happen to the extent it implies. This argument sounds particularly dumb when you talk about third world countries- do you really think social mobility works anything like it does in America, where intelligent people born in poverty have such an easy chance of escaping their lot, that we’re somehow getting such a marked percentage of their intelligent population proportion?

          There is no evidence, by the way, to suggest that regression to the mean happens in african immigrants.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            they’ll often point to things like the children of high SES blacks scoring lower than poor white children, but that implies a very cyclical dynamic, where you frequently see high IQ blacks born to low IQ blacks achieving high SES, and then their children fall back. Social mobility doesn’t look anything like that

            Don’t people protect their children from “falling back” once they have achieved high SES? That doesn’t mean their children don’t regress.

            Honestly, I was under the impression that regression to the mean happens in EVERY population, and mean IQ would only ratchet upwards if selection pressures were such that lower-IQ people were not having many children.

          • sddasasd

            They do, but my point is that an upper class couldn’t be sustained intergenerationally if it consisted of that. They can protect their children, but they aren’t going to match the abilities of the parents that enabled them to reach that position, and so the children themselves won’t be as rich. The logical outcome of the regression arguments I see in these circles would mean that cyclical thing I outlined.

    • newscomments70

      Despite awful realities we discuss, it’s good to see you again.

    • No matter what, genetics will take hold. No black person, in the end, ever takes responsibility for his own. or his race’s failures.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        I think some conservative blacks come very close; certainly calling out a lot of dysfunction in their communities.

        Ultimately, they generally blame that dysfunction on environmental causes – but at least they blame much less on whites. I certainly cannot fault them for wanting the cause of that dysfunction to be primarily environmental so that it can be fixed, either.

        And some of them even go a little further than that occasionally. I was watching a Tommy Sotomayor video the other day, and was startled to hear him say that the worst behaviour of black women usually comes from “dark-skinned chicks” because “the light ones have more white genes, so they’re more docile.”

        That was…pretty race realist.

        • Don’t get me started on “Tommy Sotomayor”; I have had it out with him so many times. Short story, he always hates black females. Most black men do. I think it is because black women call out black men for how useless they are. But in the end Tommy Sotomayor hates Whites, and Asians, and most other people. Gosh, I can’t believe you got on this site and tried to defend that. But, hey, thank you for your reply, and for waking me up in the morning with a lively discussion! HA HA! Peace!

          • Like black women are so great.

            I’ll put it to you this way: Where I think he sorta misses the mark about constantly blaming black women is that it takes two to tango. Sure, the black women are useless and ratchet, but so are the black men that get with them.

            Where I always roll my eyes is when he gets on this kick about “black women are the enforcement arm of white supremacy.” As if to say that WM and BF have a pincher movement going against BM. He says that mainly because of his neo Malcolm X politics. I’ve tried asking for people on his videos’ comment sections to give me evidence of such a pincher movement, and the best they can do is spouting a bunch of public policy line items that, while it may seem like they have that effect, weren’t implemented for that reason.

            What he’s right about is the insane child support and family court laws.

          • It never ceases to amaze me how blacks manage to project themselves onto us. You said it right: He thinks black women and White men are in a pincer movement against black men. What a hoot! Just the EXACT opposite is true: It is White women, and black people in general that seem to be in a pincer movement against the White male. I guess Tommy doesn’t realize that the gender gap in voting only exists for us Whites, and that all too often White women vote their gender against their race. Pure projection on his part.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            LOL, oh, I have no uncomplicated defence of Tommy Sotomayor. I’m aware he’s definitely anti-white…but then, I don’t ever expect better from a black, you know? Some of his videos are interesting, and I take what’s interesting and leave the rest.

            He sure ends up finding a lot of videos of black women behaving ridiculously – probably far more than I could find on my own.

          • He is good for a laugh, I’ll give you that. “Tommy SO TOE MAY YOUR!”

          • BlueSonicStreak

            The thing I have been finding funniest recently is how often he says, “Look that up.”

            He has zero confidence in the intelligence or education level of his audience.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      They actually probably have a higher average I.Q., due to selection bias. They have to cross a huge ocean to get here and only the far right tail of the African bell curve is smart enough to figure out how to do that (for now, anyway. After chain migration kicks in, and these right-tailers start bringing in every loser they know over there, it will be a different story.) All of the African blacks I’ve known have been fairly upwardly mobile and some even had advanced degrees. Most of these people are still anti-white, though, and vote a straight Democratic ticket, so your point about that still stands.

      • Yes, that was my point. Of course the most ambitious group of people cross the ocean looking for opportunity. But then, “regression to the mean” sets in.

    • pcmustgo

      African immigrants who come currently are the ELITE, self-selected ones… they are usually successful and NOT representative of your average, poor, starving African. And yeah, just like East Indians, whine about colonization.

    • sddasasd

      “If anything, black African immigrants have less European ancestry
      than black Americans. That means they probably have a lower average IQ
      and a greater propensity to violence. God help us.”

      No, they actually do far, far better academically than black americans, and I’m not much of a believer in the idea white ancestry has had any effect on their IQ, because just about everyone who argues this completely ignores assortive mating.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        I’m not much of a believer in the idea white ancestry has had any effect on their IQ, because just about everyone who argues this completely ignores assortive mating.

        Sorry, can you expand on what you mean by this?

        People seem to think white ancestry has raised their IQ because a) mean scores of pure Africans are lower, and b) nearly all notable “blacks” over the past few hundred years have been mixed.

        When you say that people are ignoring assortative mating, do you mean that low-IQ American blacks are mating with each other and producing more low-IQ children despite any white admixture? Or am I utterly misunderstanding you?

        • sddasasd

          People have children with people of similar IQ’s, and that is true within and between race. We see that today in black-white pairings, where white women who date and have children with black men have lower IQ’s, and the greatest overlap in the black and white distribution is in the low 90’s. People in these kinds of discussions frequently act like it occurs between people of their respective averages when that’s not the case, and while I don’t know the story back when the bulk of black-white mixing occurred in the past, I don’t see why it would be that much different- I think it mostly happened among poor and laborer whites.

          Also, that thing about nearly all notable blacks really isn’t true- Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson are among the few african-americans of any intellectual worth, and they’re clearly of largely black ancestry. Ben Carson has been verified to be 20% white, which is just about the average.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            We see that today in black-white pairings, where white women who date and have children with black men have lower IQ’s, and the greatest overlap in the black and white distribution is in the low 90’s.


            I don’t see why it would be that much different- I think it mostly happened among poor and laborer whites.

            The bulk of the mixing having happened between slaves and poorer whites is true, I think (the stories of slavemaster rape have been greatly exaggerated). But are we certain this only occurred between those of lower IQs? I’m referencing The Bell Curve here, but the authors suggested society at that time was not so cognitively stratified as it is now – that is, higher-IQ whites prior to the 1960s would have been spread all throughout society, including the labour classes.

            If you don’t believe that, what do you figure is the explanation for the SD gap between Western blacks and African blacks? Nutrition or some other environmental factor?

            Also, that thing about nearly all notable blacks really isn’t true- Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson are among the few african-americans of any intellectual worth, and they’re clearly of largely black ancestry.

            This is awkward, because you’re actually arguing “my” side – that is, I understand the “must be the admixture” argument made here, but I think people exaggerate it to some degree. There may be truth to it, but I think there is supremacist overtones in insisting on pointing out how many notable blacks are actually mixed. It’s clearly not impossible for a “pure” black to be highly intelligent. (I mean, I was not arguing the sole cause of black success to be white admixture above; I was explaining what I think the common view is.)

            That being said, I don’t think those are actually good examples. Twenty percent admixture is actually an awful lot…and Sowell is lighter in tone than Carson, and may be more than that.

            I do not say that to denigrate those men, mind you – Sowell could be half-black and half-Martian, and it would not add to or take away from anything he has accomplished as an individual.

            Ultimately, I’m still left with the question of how you think the upper class IS maintained intergenerationally (honestly, I thought everyone agreed that being born into a higher SES is protective regardless of your innate abilities), and why you think immigrants are exempt from regression to the mean when natives are not. Or do you not believe regression to the mean occurs at all? I’m still just sort of puzzled as to what you’re arguing.

      • “…and I’m not much of a believer in the idea white ancestry has had any effect on their IQ,…”
        Oh no! Moderator, a liberal just snuck in! Liberal alert, liberal alert! Okay, now seriously, it doesn’t matter WHAT you BELIEVE, there have been umpeeth thousands of IQ tests that were made trying DESPERATELY to prove that inequality was all about environment, but to no avail. Remember the book, “The Bell Curve”? Yeah, that one. We have been over and over this topic. Race difference in IQ is real. If you don’t “believe” that, then that is your right. You have the right to believe in unicorns as well.

        • sddasasd

          Hey, guess what- I’m not a liberal, and my argument about white ancestry and IQ wasn’t even in relation to that. I guess denying a really pointless, poorly argued idea in these circles set you off on that ridiculous tangent. My point was that in lieu of how people within and between race have children with people of similar IQ, and this was very likely the case when most black-white mixing occurred, white ancestry has contributed little to nothing to the IQ of american blacks because it most likely came from low IQ whites. That likewise doesn’t dispell the idea IQ is innate either.

          When you see a black that’s atleast of marginally above average intelligence, do you think to yourself “hmmm, they must get their smarts from a smart white ancestor who for whatever reason bred with a black person with an IQ about 20 points lower than their own.”? I mean, you’re inclined to believe that, but it’s really stupid and doesn’t square much with reality.

          • One problem with your theory: Most of the White genes that got into the black race came not from contemporary interracial relationships, but from slave masters who slept with some of their slaves and later, with the more attractive mulattoes. So, the idea of only the less intelligent Whites mixing with blacks is not entirely true. Notice that all of the most successful blacks that you see, are really more mulatto than black? (Of course, the race mixing doesn’t make them better people. Quite the contrary; it only makes them more dangerous.)

          • BlueSonicStreak

            No, I think he was correct when he said most interracial pairings even at the time came from people closer in class. I’m copying this comment of mine from another post:


            One of the sources quoted in that post estimates the number of mulatto babies born to slave holdings at 1-2 percent, working back from the modern percentage of white admixture in southern blacks. Assuming that estimation is correct, how many rapes result in pregnancy? In areas without widespread use of condoms, my research suggests about 17% of completed rapes, which puts the rape rate at 5.9-11.8% of female slaves on plantations.

            The number of women reporting themselves as victims of completed rapes today is just under 15%.

            The overall percentage of mulattos was closer to 10% though, so most mixed people did not come from slavemaster-on-slave rape.

          • sddasasd

            No, that is absolutely not true. The idea most white ancestry in american blacks came from slave masters raping slaves is extraordinarily over-exaggerated, and the idea most successful blacks are mulatto is exaggerated as well.

  • Some touchy feely Christians are bringing Africans into the small Texas town that is my current location. i’m generally calm, but I have to be careful about losing it and going on a profanity laced verbal attack when I see these white race traitors. One white guy was showing off an African munchkin to other whites in the local supermarket the other day. If I had done what I wanted to do I would have ended up banned from the only supermarket in town.

    One of Amren’s former commenters, a woman named Tina who now sadly has cancer and is incapacitated, used to tee off on this stuff. She chewed out her bank manager for hiring Indian tellers and withdrew her money. She saw a construction truck with illegal Mexicans in it and she called the business and cursed them out. She did this kind of stuff hundreds of times. I miss Tina and her bold, fresh approach to kicking butt.

    • listenupbub

      God bless Tina.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Transracial adoptions are seemingly quite fashionable, as you already know. Former Kansas Governor Sam Brown adopted children from Central America, Guatemala I think. However, my dads estate lawyer cheefully reports that she adopted two small Russian children several years ago who will be nicely assimilated, growing up here in the USA.

      • belajadevotchka2

        I went and got myself a Russian mail-order husband 😉

        I’m just kidding around. I didn’t pay any money for him!

        • Mrs. Putin is very mad at you for that! Stealing her man. So THAT is the reason we are having trouble with Russia; the truth is finally coming out!

        • Samuel Hathaway

          I hear from time to time about Russian mail order brides or starting some kind of relationship over the internet that turns into a more serious relationship. But these types of arrangements, more often than not, turn out badly. I do believe you have much higher standards than to order a “husband.”

          • belajadevotchka2

            Yes. It was a joke! When Americans meet us, they always ask the same 2 questions that they think are uproariously funny- “Is he your mail-order husband?” And- “Did he pay you to marry him so he could get a green card?”
            I love answering “No. I paid him to marry me so I could get Russian citizenship.”
            They look on their face is very satisfying. They are usually rendered speechless at this answer.
            Mail order brides are usually gold diggers. Russian spouses are wonderful when you meet them the right way.

    • Alden

      The Eye of Sauron (Soros) funds the Evangelical Immigrant Table EIT it is a pro immigration lobby group Supposedly their main purpose is conversion to Christianity even the Latin Americans who have been Christian for hundreds of years

    • John Smith

      Funny, but the Tea Party candidate for KY’s gov. race and GOP primary has nine kids, around half of them little negroids he adopted as strays. Bleh!

  • journey

    So what this article is pointing out is that foreign born blacks are of higher quality than the ones already here. We will have to see what happens to consequent generations. Regress to the levels of the blacks born here? After all it is the same gene pool. Matter of fact, one would think the blacks born here should either be on par or higher than the foreign blacks since there is more white genes in them.

    So do these foreign blacks get AA in addition to the ones already here? If so, that greatly
    increases the dumbing down of this country.

    • listenupbub

      But the foreign-born ones will often be among the smartest and most driven Africans, with the exception of refugees.

      • journey

        That would be the logical conclusion but the educational stats from CA on immigrant Hispanics and blacks who made it to the middle/upper classes shows in both cases that their offsprings actually regress. And, Jason Richwine’s 2009 Harvard thesis also showed that Hispanics after the first generation also regress. There is a lot to the belief that a competitive environment brings the best out of people.

        • MikeofAges

          That’s the dirty secret about American life. The longer people are here, the worse off they are. The only exception is people who are able to make hereditary arrangements, the old money and the hereditary upper middle class. Everybody is America, and that means whites most saliently, should be treated as socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged, except for those people for whom hereditary arrangements have been made. Everybody else already is, even people who by the ordinary person’s standards are relatively middle class, except white men.

    • LHathaway

      They certainly do.

    • Alden

      Yes they get AA. That may be one reason they come here
      Africans may be OK but Caribbeans are as bad as American blacks, especially Dominicans and Jamaicans

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        I think all blacks are liabilities.

      • carriewhite64

        It is insane to give affirmative action and benefits to people who CHOOSE to come here.

  • superlloyd

    The ‘elite’ from Africa and the Caribbean come to the US for education and incomes they cannot attain in the motherland. But just watch as their children, with regression to the mean, end up just as dysfunctional as the homegrown variety of negro.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      It would seem that all these unusually intelligent blacks from Africa and the Caribbean would use their skills to return to uplift the societies they’re from, and in due time, everything improves there for the better. But no, they park themselves here where everything is already done in the way of the hard work, the wars fought and the trouble it takes to keep a livable, modern society. Perish the thought that they would do anything to return to start even the most modest steps to a better tomorrow for their own societies.

      One of worst human beings I’d ever met was a Nigerian woman whom my company hired in 2000. AS it turned out, she was involved in human trafficking of other Nigerians, physically abusive toward them and pretty much turned them into slaves. Her name is Bidemi Bello. Type in Bidemi Bello in the Yahoo search engine and you can read all the details you can stand to read.

      • Return to Africa? What have you been smoking? No black EVER voluntarily does ANYTHING to help anyone other than him or her self. There aren’t many “wite wimenz” in Africa. See how ugly African women are? You see how horrible Africa is? You know how selfish blacks as a people are? Please! Return and help their people! Yeah, as John Wayne would say “That’ll be the day.”

        • Samuel Hathaway

          I like your style, John. Looks like I did have a temporary lapse in sanity there thinking that magically, the African would return to improve his own society. I should have known better. Like all us whites should have known better than to think that giving blacks all these rights and integration would usher us all together to the mountaintop of never-ending racial bliss and harmony.

          Thank you for your input and insight on this….

          • I understand. It is a problem that most of us Whites have, even me and even Jared Taylor himself. That is a pathological impulse to see the good in everyone, even our race enemies. I don’t blame you; I have fallen into the same trap myself from time to time. Peace.

        • John Smith

          I notice Indians are the same way – they go out of their way to screw each other over when there are limited resources to compete for, such as promotions.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Does America really need to import Blacks? It seems like we have quite enough to go around.

    Wouldn’t it make sense to import something that adds to the future value of the United States?

    • listenupbub

      It would make sense to import nothing and focus our efforts on our native citizens, imho.

    • I voted in favor of importing more Africans, so there! I also decided, after breakfast, to rest my hand on the hot stove, and to beat myself in the head with the frying pan. All these actions made about as much sense.

      • Who Me?

        When and where did you get a vote on this matter?

  • Luca

    Immigrants work harder. Their kids won’t. Their kids will be African Americans and generally speaking, will slip right into the ghetto subculture. You know how it is, “dey gots to be keepn it real.”

    • Jason Lewis

      The first generation Haitians in South Florida would routinely tell us how America is a racist country. Weird how they chose to come here.

      • Reynardine

        They must love them some racism because they keep coming back for more.

      • Yeah, sometimes for blacks, it doesn’t even take a generation to get them totally useless.

      • Moooochelle

        And they’re welcome to build another raft and float right back to their filthy slum island.

    • Blackfish

      Yes, like Barack Obama, Sr. & his worthless spawn!

      • Well, we can at least look on the bright side: Barrack Obama’s spawn will not do as much harm to our society as their father did! Sometimes “regression to the mean” can be positive.

  • Roninf9

    We don’t need any more immigrants, period. In fact, we need to start mass deportations of illegal immigrants and immigrants that can’t or won’t assimilate.

    This country was not founded by immigrants. It was founded by Western European colonists and pioneers that carved a civilization out of a savage and deadly wilderness. The immigrants came later to enjoy that fruits of that civilization but at least they had to work and fit in. The modern immigrants are a conquering army charged with bringing down the civilization built by the Founding Fathers.

    • listenupbub

      That is essentially true. I work with Hispanics, Cambodians, and Vietnamese every day. Most of them have been in America over 10 years.

      The Vietnamese and Cambodians make an honest effort to learn English. After a little while, they speak well- very well.

      The Hispanics, on the other hand, make no effort to learn English. There are multiple Hispanics working with me who have been in America over 20 years and do not understand nor speak hardly any English.

      Hispanics don’t want to assimilate. They don’t think they have to assimilate.

      • Roninf9

        I don’t care if the Vietnamese and Cambodians $hit gold bricks. They have their own countries and we are full up here. And even if we did require more people we should get them from Western Europe.

        • journey

          The Vietnamese and Cambodians were mainly brought here because this country used their countries as battle fields.

          • newscomments70

            Huh? US boys lost their arms and legs there to fight communism. Pol pot tortured and murdered millions of his own people in Cambodia. Even if it went badly, the free world still had good intentions.

          • journey

            Good lives were lost for nothing. I remember a UCSB student getting his draft notice out of the blue in the middle of a quarter. Fighting communism? and now the Muslims. This country created such chaos in the Middle East that it allowed an ISIS to rise up. How about fighting for corporations and their profits? Just as now, this nation is being destroyed by corporations looking for cheap labor both skilled and unskilled. This government/courts have been brought by the corporations. A country ruled by corruption and greed will not survive. Only a few dare to stand up such as like Senator Jeff Sessions and Judge Andrew Hanen. Open your eyes.

          • newscomments70

            So it would have been ok to let South Korea fall to the Pyongyang? Granted, I cannot judge whether all that bloodshed was ok, but that beautiful country was certainly saved from a horrible fate. Fighting communism was not all “nonsense”. I know people from South Vietnam whose homes and families were destroyed by the communist North. It didn’t just happen during the war. Many innocent people in Vietnam were taken out of their homes and dragged off to gulags, long after the war ended. You have no idea what you are talking about. Good lives were lost because of liberal traitors in Western countries.

          • Deacon Blue

            No, it would not have been OK. My wife is Korean {from Seoul}.
            Many SK’ers are not looking forward to reunification with their
            “Northern Cousins” anymore than I bet West Germans were
            “thrilled” when the Berlin Wall fell. South Korea is a vibrant and
            glowing hub of hi tech business that has come a long way in
            20-30 years much as Japan has. The country is homogenously
            “Asian” with virtually no Blacks anywhere. When I sell my business, we will see if we can somehow obtain “permanent residency” status in South Korea. If not there then Singapore or Hong Kong. All have investment scheme VISA’s with shorter waits for “green card” status. Sure, there are not a lot of Whites in SK {more in HK and Singapore} but there are virtually no Blacks. That is amazingly attractive to me {and my wife} as we see our communities being infested more and more on a daily basis.

            Yes, I would rather live with very few Whites and even fewer
            Blacks in an Asian country than in the USA with “Black Privilege”
            being rammed down my throat. It has come to that…a
            decision I wish I did not have to make. How unfortunate!

          • newscomments70

            North Korea is much more isolated and less developed than East Germany was. German reunification was very expensive, but Korean unification would be much worse. I’m not sure how most Koreans feel. I think most of them want North Koreans to be free, but reunification would really drag down the South. I look forward to visiting South Korea for work. I have to visit a customer there. His father is from North Korea. He dreams of North Korean freedom so that he can build a nice house in the mountains…just a dream at the moment. Sorry to be a downer, but I hear there are a lot of black US servicemen in South Korea.

            There is an interesting documentary on North Korea. I believe it was released by PBS. A South Korean citizen bribed a border guard and entered North Korea from the Chinese frontier. He basically drove his Hyundai around North Korea with a hidden camera. It was fascinating. According to this documentary, North Korean government is losing it’s grip on the people. Ordinary people, soldiers, wealthy elite all criticized the system. People were openly disobeying soldiers and police….even slapping them. I hope that means the regime is dying.

            I have checked out Singapore. I like it very much, but it is not easy for expats. The government artificially inflated the housing there, and then doubled the property tax for foreign owners. It is also a good way to attract an IRS audit. Ten years ago or so, one could buy a nice flat there for $700K. The same place would now be in the millions. Some expats prefer Thailand. That is chaotic, but has some nice advantages. You could only rent though in that country though.

            I once thought of Australia, but they have more race riots than we do. It is also prohibitively expensive. (10 years ago+, property was very affordable). Right now, I am in a quiet community in California. I eventually want to move to Asia though.

            I wish you and your wife luck with your plans. It is never as easy as you anticipate, but anything is possible. If you want an easier way out, try the over 55 communities in expensive California beach cities (if you are over 55). The houses are affordable, and the communities are almost all white.

          • Deacon Blue

            >I’m not sure how most Koreans feel. I think most of them >want North Koreans to be free, but reunification would really >drag down the South.

            I can’t speak for all or most SK’ers. My wife, her siblings,
            their spouses and my in-laws are in no hurry for reunification.
            NK is a real existential threat, moreso for the older generation,
            but the younger folks in SK don’t much bat an eye about it.

            They have come a long way, are hypercompetitive with
            education and business and the idea of being dragged down
            economically by “3rd world cousins” is not appealing to the
            SK’ers I know. Yeah, there is an angst among them that the
            NK’ers have an awful situation and every once in awhile
            a nationalist manic streak runs through one of them that
            I know but most are content with their lives now and see
            reunification as potentially a worse short term threat than
            the Kim family saber rattling that happens every now and

            >Sorry to be a downer, but I hear there are a lot of black US >servicemen in South Korea.

            Depends on what area you are talking about in SK. Sure,
            there will be Black military in and around bases. Travel
            20-30 minutes away and you will likely never see a
            single Black {and few Whites}. My in-laws live in a more
            quasi-rural setting that is cooler and very tranquil. I have
            been MANY times. No Blacks. And they don’t want them there

            Heck, they did not want me initially either as their
            son-in-law. They looked past my Caucasian genes at my
            education level, work ethic and the respect I accorded them
            as parents and their daughter as my intended. Was not
            easy at first, in retrospect I suppose they viewed me the
            way many Whites might view their daughter bringing home
            a Mullato or a Black {same thing, right?}. Uphill battle.

            However, my in-laws love the grandkids…they spent their
            first trip in the USA at our house when my second was
            born. Three months here. They were enamored with our
            kids pale white skin, a high value attribute for most Asians,
            and “toned down” more Caucasoid appearance. My
            daughter looks like an anime character with dark brown
            hair and big Caucasoid eyes but the rest of her face is
            Asian. Lighter hair is “in” all over Asia with Koreans, Japanese
            and Chinese lightening their hair. My daughter has that
            naturally. My son is the spitting image of me with very light
            brown hair, white skin and more of a lithe, Asian bone
            structure. In-laws fawned over them and took 4 SD cards
            worth of photos and videos in three months. Something
            like 50gb of data. LOL.

            >I have checked out Singapore. I like it very much, but it is not >easy for expats. The government artificially inflated the >housing there, and then doubled the property tax for foreign >owners. It is also a good way to attract an IRS audit. Ten >years ago or so, one could buy a nice flat there for $700K. >The same place would now be in the millions. Some expats >prefer Thailand. That is chaotic, but has some nice >advantages. You could only rent though in that country >though.

            Korea is my 1st choice due to familial connections.

            I do like Singapore and at the risk of boasting, throwing down
            seven figures for a nice villa is not an issue for me. I get
            audited not every year as does my business so that’s that

            Wife and I both really like Hong Kong. It is still an English
            flavored city, its a great hub into Asia for all business
            & I do a ton of trade through Hong Kong now as well
            as Shenzhen-Guangdong so this is ideal for us if I wanted
            to work as a consultant or start an Asian rim version of my
            current business. We do some trade with SK, Vietnam and
            Japan too but almost all of it is run through Hong Kong.

            However, as you know, the price for a place in the midlands
            there is $5,000,000USD for anything resembling a house.
            For half that I might get a 4BR garden style, 1800 sq ft
            place on a lower level in a tower. Outside of St. Petersburg,
            I can’t think or real estate prices anywhere higher than in
            Hong Kong. Even Japan is lower priced albeit not by much.

            HK has an investment scheme VISA for quick residency
            status for me/family. I throw up a $1,000,000+ in a bank
            account that I need to draw down on in HK, come up with
            a business plan, incorporate as a PLC/LLC there and rent
            an office space. You get fast tracked like the EB-5 program
            here. Ironically, there is no similar manner to emigrate to
            the mainland – not that I would – and after 10 years you can
            become a HK citizen.

            Singapore has a similar scheme but its much more draconian
            as you alluded to.

            I have been to Thailand and would not live there.
            Non-Thai’s can not own real estate. You can get around this
            by opening a business which you own 50% of and having
            the business own the real estate but I don’t like that.

            While all Asian countries are corrupt – this includes Japan –
            Thailand is easily the most corrupt of the places I have
            visited. The counter story about Thai women who are proper
            college students being virginal and pristine is not true as far
            as I have seen.

            So its not just the poor farm girls with a 6th grade education
            from Isaan coming down to Phuket to work the sex trade.
            Many “proper” Thai college women “moonlight” on the
            weekends. I found Thailand to be the most dirty of the Asian
            countries I had visited and a place riddled with 50-60 year
            old German/Austrian/Australian obese white guys who
            are there for sex tourism. It was somewhat repulsive and
            I do not want my kids around the debauchery. And for sure
            I am a “farang” which no matter what makes me a 2nd class
            person in Thailand.

            I would renounce my US Citizenship if I went to Singapore
            or HK or better still, South Korea and attained permanent
            resident status or better. I hate to admit this. I am USA
            by birth and loved this country for the first 48 years of
            my life but in recent times, especially since Obama came
            to rise, I have felt persecuted in my own country for merely
            being White and male and heterosexual. And we have suffered
            financially because of recent policies as well as the global
            slow down.

            We have a few national suitors who would buy us out and
            even after I pay the pernicious taxes on such a sale at
            the federal and state level I would be left in the high 7 figures
            liquid. My goal is to put most of this into a business trust
            that ladders high{er} yield corporate bonds out to 30 years
            as well as preferred stock with good dividend returns. I would
            keep maybe a million in a personal commodities account to
            allow me to play the market for MADD money {derivatives,
            forex, reits, whatever}. But I intend for us to live well from
            interest and dividend payments.

            I am sure that any one of the potential suitors for our company
            would lay off a good portion of the staff. For sure they
            would keep the “manufacturing” {kitting in reality} part
            the way it is as its a golden goose but without a doubt
            the sale and marketing folks would be let go as it would
            be merged into something larger and they would be

            Five years ago this would have bothered me and I would
            have really cared – which is why we did not sell then.

            But since I have been almost constantly beat down by
            regulations, minorities, diversity and collateral damage from
            dealing with these fabricated problems I am too worn down
            to fight much longer I think. I want to spend more time with
            the wife and my kids. They deserve it. I think I do also.

            Shame. I wanted to pass this biz to the kids and groom them
            for what I created over 20+ years. Now? I don’t see how
            that can be possible.

            Oh well…

          • newscomments70

            I hope your children will enjoy growing up and settling in South Korea. That sounds very nice. Thanks for some interesting information on Asia, I appreciate it.

            I have some local friends in Thailand who have shown me a better side of the country. I have also met many foreign visitors there who are not sex tourists (while scuba diving, hiking, etc)…many nice married couples. There are certain places where the sex industry is very obvious and grotesque. I remember staying at a western hotel in BKK and enjoying the pool. There was some older white-haired guy sucking face with a 20 year old thai girl. It was repulsive and obvious, as if he were screaming, “look at me!” . He thought he was being so impressive, as if buying affection were something so unique that he had to show everyone. Sadly it was in a residential area with many families and kids…we were all so “impressed” with this disgusting nonsense. There are many western sex tourists, but I believe that local sex patrons outnumber them (as do sex tourists from other parts of Asia and the Middle East). Also, many Asian cities and ports have a significant red light district. I heard Cambodia is much worse than Thailand, but I have never been.

            I used to have a successful business before Obama. His policies forced my business into decline. I’m getting things back together though working with overseas clients. I see no future for this country on its current trajectory. Everyday I see some outrage in the news, and there is no significant effort to stop radical left. I feel the same way as you. I commend you on your success. I hope I can achieve similar some day.

          • Deacon Blue

            >I used to have a successful business before Obama. His >policies forced my business into decline.

            Seems we have a lot in common. I became a race realist
            because of Obama and his crew. So in that aspect I suppose
            I should thank him. OTOH, his policies have made
            a business I have spent decades growing, sacrificing a
            1st marriage for and time with my family for, decline in
            value. My ROI, ROE, ROA, ROC is all much lower under
            Obama. Hey, I “didn’t build that.” LOL! Don’t get me
            wrong, if the only thing I saw diminish under Uncle Monkey
            & His Chimps was my net income, I still would not throw
            in the towel.

            It’s the increased regulation on every level that is throttling
            me, the intrusive and demanding nature of government
            employees with zero background in my area coming in
            and telling me, forcing me, to do things a “new way”
            by fiat and ignoring my educational and experiential
            background in this industry.

            I admit I can be arrogant and difficult to deal with {which
            is why I do not engage in sales much and stick with
            R&D/operations/materials management} but look, I know
            my stuff. I breath, eat and sh*t this industry.

            Increased regulatory scrutiny has not made this a better
            business, it has increased COGS for me on so many levels
            from cash flow impediments, increased costs for lines
            of credits, the need to factor invoices, the need to obtain
            insurance on my clients to make sure we get paid per the
            terms of a contract or PO now, etc.

            My industry is regulated. So when I import “parts” from
            overseas it is under the purview of ICE, FDA and Homeland
            Security. None of the three have integrated their databases
            so if customs inspects my shipment and OK’s it, FDA and
            HS can still hold it. Or if FDA clears it then ICE and HS
            can still hold it. Often times I must have full containers
            nosed into port or even devaned and it now takes me six
            weeks to clear my cargo. I have to pay demurrage charges
            of course and my 60 day credit lines are ticking down
            so in addition to paying “rent” at the port until these
            three agencies clear my stuff, I get dinged for another 2
            points to extend my credit with a bridge loan.

            Two points here, three points there, delays, etc., this eats
            into margin fast.

            All this under Obama since he hired like 3X more federal
            “workers” to stimulate job growth and they need to do
            something. So they harass business like mine.

            But even that was not enough to make me quit.

            When I had an issue with a Black employee {former}
            who sexually harassed female employees and was
            properly terminated then bringing down the wrath of
            the EEOC on my company and having to enter into
            a consent decree to “hire a more diverse workforce”
            {more Blacks}, having to kiss the ring of a greasy,
            bishop of a Black church while apologizing for being
            White, for having to settle the sexual harassment law
            suits for hundreds of thousands of dollars, for having
            a metaphorical gun pointed at my head and told that
            if I did not make a very concerted effort for my business
            to hire more Blacks that I would be sued and my name
            dragged into the local newspapers even more than it was?

            THIS IS WHAT DID IT! Having to kow tow to a smelly,
            obese, Haitian immigrant who works for the EEOC
            and who has an IQ of perhaps 75ish, that irritated me
            to no end.

            Telling me I must hire people because they are Black and
            not because the person can do the job was all I needed to
            know as to where this country is now and where its
            heading. Hell in a hand basket.

            >I’m getting things back together though working with >overseas clients. I see no future for this country on its >current trajectory.

            100% in agreement here. Diversity is the death knell of
            the USA. The opportunity costs lost because of the parasitic
            drag of diversity is one of the many reasons we are not longer
            competitive in manufacturing and as it infiltrates hi tech
            and silicon valley? Expect an eventual off shore migration
            of those companies and that industry too. How can you
            be competitive when you are forced to pay ridiculous
            corporate tax rates compared to other countries as
            well as being forced to hire certain groups that are not
            qualified to do the job you need done? Never mind that
            even if they are qualified that their productivity levels
            are the lowest of any groups?

            >Everyday I see some outrage in the news, and there is no >significant effort to stop radical left.

            As much as I detest the feral, fat Blacks with their hands
            out demanding I “gib dem dats” I truly became near
            violent when I am forced to listen to some sanctimonious
            White Progressive/Libtart pontificate from their ivory
            tower on how I must/should conduct myself and my
            business because these “Elite Whites” know better than
            I do about growing and running my business.

            And before people go running their mouths how its all
            members of the Tribe? It ain’t. Sure they are part of the
            problem but I have been forced to listen to blowhard
            douchbag Whites that are the spitting image of Elizabeth
            Warren, Jerry Brown and John Kerry look down their
            noses at me while lecturing me on how much better my
            business and life would be if I was just more aware of
            my inherent White bias, microaggressions, historical
            unfairnesses, White privilege and the like.

            It’s nauseating to listen to these retards. Worse, I do
            don’t know if I want to punch them in the face and then
            vomit on them or vomit on them and then punch them in
            the face.

            The White over-educated, public sector “do gooders”
            who never have held a real job ever in their lives have
            the temerity to castigate me and mine. They are
            the real reason this country is on a terminal decline.

            Not the Blacks, not the Tribe {albeit both have roles to play}
            its these insipid White gentile hi falutin’ limousine libtards.

            May all their daughters marry Bantu! 🙂

          • The Dude

            Thanks for sharing your experience and insights. I hope you’ll have many more children and grandchildren.

          • Spaniard in LA

            I recommend Costa Rica.

          • Alden

            My beef against Koreans Cambodians and all Asians is that they get affirmative action in jobs
            I honestly would not object to immigration but for the fact that they are from non White countries and no matter how qualified I am non Whites are hired because they are not White

          • newscomments70

            AA also screws them. They are one of the smallest minorities and miss out on jobs and university places to less qualified candidates.

          • hastings88

            It’s part of the war against YOU.

          • journey

            I do not have to live in a Communist country to know that reality. Just like I do not have to experiment with recreational drugs to know the horrors. My point is that ordinary citizens never know the true causes of wars but are used as pawns to fight those wars. And it is always the ordinary citizens that suffer the most.

            We do not even have to use wars as an example, just take the last financial crisis. Again, it is the ordinary citizens that suffers the most. Or even open borders/globalization what it is doing to the middle class.

          • newscomments70

            In hindsight, the Vietnam war was a waste of human life. But do you think that saving South Korea was a waste?

          • journey

            The Korean War was another phony war. Remember, McCarthy wanted to finish the whole thing but Truman would not let him? So, once again, the elites make the decisions and ordinary people pay the price.

            Did you ever read the book, Unbroken? Beautifully written. It is one of the most soul touching books that I rarely come across. The movie due to PC eliminated half the book. The book wrote about a soldier who survived the Japanese tortured camps then went back to fight in the Korean War. He was kind hearted, dedicated to this country, and smart. They never found his remains.

            War is truly a waste of talented human resources. And they always want the fittest!

          • newscomments70

            I assumed they were outnumbered and pushed back by the Chinese. Interesting prospective though, I will have a look at the book.

          • journey

            No, McCarthy was on the offensive. Perhaps, if McCarthy was allowed to do as planned, the ordinary North Korean citizens would be living like the ones in South Korea.

          • newscomments70

            It sounds like Hollywood film; there always has to be a conflict.

          • journey

            I read, the part that was totally eliminated was the religion part, of course, Christianity. But somehow another version was made and only distributed to Christian book stores, etc. This country has truly gone over the cliff.

          • Blackfish

            Umm, I think you mean MacArthur

          • journey

            Yes, you are correct!

          • Blackfish

            The subject of Unbroken, Louis Zamperini, died last year in Los Angeles at the ripe old age of 97. He did not serve in Korea.

            Google – it’s your friend.

          • journey

            Sorry, can’t agree with you on this one. I was not referring to Mr. Louis Zamperini. At the end of the book, it goes into what happened to some of the men who were also imprisoned with Mr. Zamperini. Unfortunately, I do not have the book on hand to tell you his exact name.

          • Nonhumans

            There is a famous quote about petty wars that is something along the lines of:
            “Wars are waged by the old and bitter on the backs of the young and eager.”

          • Then why doesn’t Putin’s Russia take them? How about China? How about Japan? Think before you post!

          • journey

            What are you asking? We took them in because they supposedly helped us. Know your history!

          • I do know my history, sir, thank you. You stated, to the effect that we took in the Cambodians and Vietnamese because “We used their country as a battlefield.” This is first of all, a false reading of history; I won’t go into the entire history of the Vietnam War and Southeast Asia on an Internet post, but it wasn’t a “choice” that presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon wanted. There is a stronger argument for the Chinese, Russians, and even Japanese to take these people in. No, you are the one who needs to learn your history. Good day.

          • journey

            We as ordinary people will never know the true causes of
            wars and the decisions made. The referenced peoples were primarily brought into country after we used their countries as battlefields, not prior. Some who were brought here helped this country during the wars and others no. Even children were brought here.

            As for the arguments concerning those other countries, all hypotheticals.

      • MikeofAges

        I have studies multiple languages, never become fluent in one unfortunately, but I know enough about linguistics to know that English and Spanish are very compatible languages divided only by the issue of inflective grammar. That, for those who don’t know, means a change in the ending of words to indicate person, verb tense and number.

        I studied Spanish in California in the early 2000s and got it very quickly. I never went past a certain introductory level because beyond some banter in stores and restaurants there was no one to talk to, no one middle class. Only people of student age or people who were married to an Hispanic spouse would have had a real opportunity to learn Spanish. In a decade of more being here, a native Spanish speaker should have been able to learn English. Fortunately, Hispanic immigrants almost universally have wanted their children to learn English. Bilingual education was a cruel hoax. Lower strata Hispanic immigrant children were the primary victims. They wanted to learn English and their parents wanted them to learn English. English is not only the language of success in America, it is the language of participation whatsoever. Many of the victims of bilingual education have had continuing vocational problems because of it.

        Asians immigrants, and I was around plenty of them in Santa Clara County in California, learned advanced English because they studied English fanatically. Some native Spanish speakers have learned English thoroughly and quickly. One of my tutoras was an Hispanic community college student in her late teens. She said after coming to America that she learned English in six months. Some working class types do learn English. It takes them longer, but they do.

        Former Colorado governor Richard Lamm called it “a blessing for an individual to be bilingual.” Indeed it is. Any other language. If I was in another country, any country, for an extended period of time, I would try to learn the language, at least the lingua franca, the former colonial language, if that was not English. People who are going to live here for the rest of their live should try to learn English, the English of their social class and horizons anyway. Definitely, they should do whatever they can to make sure their progeny know English.

        Lamm said, also, that it was “a curse for a society to be bilingual.” Fine and good for a person to be blessed to know the language of his forbearers. Or the language of his neighbor’s forebearers. But it is absolutely a curse for people who are American not to know the language of America. It is curse on their lives and it makes them into a curse of upon the lives of others. Even the lives of people of their own descent who have achieved linguistic assimilation. Think of the troubles even of the whites who are afflicted by the accents and idioms of their non-English speaking forebearers. Think especially of how of the blacks who cannot or will not speak English properly curse not only their own lives but the even lives of those blacks who do, let alone us.

        In places where there is a community which speaks a language other than English, I can pretty much guarantee you that the professionals, owners of credible independent businesses, and most administrative employees do. I am sure that is the case in communities like Little Havana in Miami or El Paso, Texas. What might exist in the more distant future, I cannot speak for.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Mike, what did you find as your greatest challenge in learning Spanish? Mine was auditory comprehension more than anything. Did you get the subjunctive and the past subjunctive down okay? Spanish grammar is a pain, much more exact than English and with 11 different words for the word “you” it’s easy to make mistakes. I deal with clients from Latin America in my job, so Spanish is essential.

          • MikeofAges

            I’m aware of all of those concept, but from the study of French, not Spanish. For lack of people to speak with, middle class people, I got to the stage of some basic conversation but not beyond that. Still, I got a strong start in it Spanish and could have become fluent in a Spanish speaking country. Auditory comprehension is my biggest difficulty in any language. Maybe even my own. But I stand by my contention that Spanish should be easier for an English speaker to learn than any other major modern language. Always exceptions, though. Once worked with a black guy who was decidedly lower middle class and who had no education beyond high school. He grew up on the West Side of Chicago through the age of 12 and then attended a segregation high school in Texas. He said he disliked the Spanish language but enjoyed French. I imagine if he had the opportunity to live where French was prevalent, he would have become adequately fluent. He was the type of person who was very aware of events and issues, but not an intellectual in other ways. His ghetto background made him a little bit of schemer though.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The concept of university students remembering nothing of the language they studied four years was touched upon in a book titled, “The Conspiracy of Ignorance” where the author pointed out that there are too many language teachers who cannot carry on a basic conversation in the language they teach. This is what happened in my high school Spanish class, where the school hired a cute cheerleading-style debutant right out of Penn State Univ. who was 23 yrs. old when she started, who everyone thought was a senior.

            There’s an urban legend that Spanish is easier than French. IN the beginning Spanish is very seemingly easy but getting into more intermediate grammatical and advanced concepts makes it more difficullt. Your co-worker who disliked Spanish but liked French probably had alot of problems with Spanish grammar. But French is known to be quite clear and concise, which is probably why he had an easier time with French.

      • InAFreeCountry

        Companies have bent over backwards to kiss the Mexicans’ collective rears by having us Press “1” for English, having Spanish alongside English in every aisle in the store, and in bilingual hiring preferences.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Welcome to the club, listenupbub… the salvadoran cleaning lady in the building where i work has been in this country nearly 23 years and speaks only marginal English, practically using sign language when she doesn’t know how to grasp the right phrase.

  • JohnEngelman

    Once an African Negro taxi driver drove me from Baltimore to my mother’s home in a suburb of Washington, DC. With no prompting from me he told me which neighborhoods in the Washington area he liked working in, and in which neighborhoods he felt unsafe in. Without exception the neighborhoods he felt unsafe in were black neighborhoods.

    • newscomments70

      That reminds me of a cab rid I once had in LA. Some liberal friends brought me to a “blues festival”. It turned out to be a gangsta rap festival with no whites in sight (except for a handful of chunky white girlfriends). I got the hell out of there. A Middle Eastern taxi driver picked me up and brought me to my car, which was in another part of LA. We had the same conversation. He told me that he never accepts passengers in Watts or similar. My liberal side came out and a stated, “Well, there are some nice people in those areas.” He exclaimed, “No, there are NOT!”

    • MikeofAges

      True, but not exactly fresh new. If you want to know what people really think, look at their feet, not their face. A person might know me by my feet. But we know you by yours, too. I’m not pathologically hostile though. Just firm in my opinions. Sometime, when I am in California, I’ll give you a chance to meet and chat. I’m sure you’re easier to get along with in person than online. My brother works at a major high tech firm in Silicon Valley, as a senior programmer. I lived in Northern California for 30 years. One venue that came up once a few years ago was the McD on 4th St next to the SJSU campus. There are many places. I know how to find all of them, though I would never live in Santa Clara County again.

    • archer

      I don’t know about now, but back in the ’60’s Baltimore was the murder capitol of the U.S.

  • dave

    The name of the game is to water down the White population as much as they can. Most know which group of people are behind this, the same ones who want their lands pure.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “Black Immigration Is Remaking U.S. Black Ruining U.S. White Population, Report Says”

    How has African immigration “enriched” the U.S?


    *Across Minnesota, the state’s Somali-born population continues to battle higher than average unemployment.

    *The most recent figures, for 2011-2013, put Somalis’ unemployment at 21 percent, about three times the rate for the general population during the same period of time.

    Some of the violence is Somali vs. Somali- for example the triple murder at the Seward Market in 2010 and the daytime shooting on on Franklin Ave.

    But a lot of it is more akin to the piracy which takes place off the Somali coast: gangs of Somalis have been mugging area bicyclists for years and the trail that follows the light rail. Residents of Minneapolis will also likely remember the youtube video posted by young Somali gangsters a year or two back showing them assaulting random pedestrians and bicyclists with no apparent motive other than laughs.

    In addition to the violence, there seems to be other major “quality of life” issue with the Somali population. For example, rampant littering, uninsured driving, treatment of Somali women as chattel and sex slaves by the men, welfare fraud. Even little actions show great disrespect: II can say honestly that every person I have seen butt into a line in the last few years has been a young Somali.

    —comment from the NY Times


    “Crime rate up in Omaha Somali neighborhood”


    “Somali refugee youth charged with burning down four apartment buildings in Lewiston”

    “White cabbie files discrimination lawsuit against city of Portland, Maine, all airport licenses went to Somalis and Iranians”

    Yet 800 destitute, uneducated, extremely low IQ, high-fertility Somalis continue to pour into the U.S each and every month. By Sept. 30th, nearly 10,000 Somalis will be admitted to the US.

    • Alden

      Same thing with Minnesota airports The lawsuit filed by Whites states that no airport permits have gone to a White since 2007

  • phillyguy

    That’s all we need now, foreign immigrant Negros.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      They’re all coming to camp out on your front lawn, phillyguy……

  • John Ambrose

    We can all thank Edward M. Kennedy for the uptick in Africans coming over in recent years- his “Diversity Visa Lottery” which was launched in 1993 is the primary avenue sub-Saharan use for gaining a foothold in the US. Black MI congressman John Conyers is a fierce opponent of repealing this law noting it would essentially cut off immigration from Africa.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Many sub-Saharan immigrants–28 percent–were refugees or others seeking asylum.”

    I thought it would have been a higher percentage than this. Minneapolis has been flooded with these people (mostly Somalis, along with some Congolese and assorted others). They are even worse than our native-born American blacks at assimilating to white norms and will be a huge burden on the taxpayer for the entire foreseeable future.

  • MrEd

    If you want a nice introduction to Caribbean blacks living in the USA, start walking south from Palm Beach, FL towards Miami along the US-95 corridor. There are a couple of hundred thousand Haitians and Jamaicans chilling in southeast Florida now. I would like to know how the addition of these blacks to our shores improves the state of Florida or the USA in any way.

    • IstvanIN

      Isn’t that where the cannibal that attacked the homeless man was from?

    • Susan

      The corrupt government doesn’t care about improvement. They’re only interested in a dumb populace that’s easily brainwashed and led. The US government is bringing this pestilence to the US.

  • Alden

    Caribbean blacks are no better than American blacks

    • John Smith

      I think many try harder than our domestic negroes.

    • bv

      Ask any race realist on Toronto

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    US born Blacks are lazy, indolent, prone to crime, shiftless, ignorant and addicted to drugs, booze and loose women. Other than that, they are great Democrats.

  • Foreign born, American born. What’s the difference? They will all eventually act the same and have the same attitudes. You can’t make a silk purse….

  • Unperson

    More Africans.

    Because that original batch we brought in worked out so splendidly.

    • bv

      That’s a keeper.

  • newscomments70

    A large percentage of the South did not want to be communist. Many South Vietnamese patriots (and their families) were tortured and murdered after the war. You keep avoiding that issue. Vietnam has made some strides, but it is still a third world hell hole. You don’t know much about that area, you are preaching. You should have lived in Cambodia during the Pol Pot era, if you think communism is so harmless.

    Endless wars in the Middle East are something completely different.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I know that blacks are a bane to our existence, but I am sad to report that today’s generation of young white people especially white girls are just as bad and they act like they are entitled to everything.

    • “…today’s generation of young white people especially white girls are just as bad and they act like they are entitled to everything.”
      Look, old cogger, and the Baby Boomers and the Generation Xers didn’t act that way? Please! It was the Boomer generation that INVENTED the “Youth oriented society”. No, when it comes to being spoiled brats, the millenials have nothing on the boomers and the x’ers. The problem is, you are falling into the “The kids these days” trap. You are comparing young people today with yourself, AS AN OLDER ADULT. Of course we grow up. Of course we learn that it isn’t all about us. That is called maturity. I think the millenials are growing up a lot faster than the previous generations. I only regret that we didn’t leave a more prosperous country for them. Thanks to our generation, these kids won’t know the opportunities that we had.

      • I like to make fun of the millenials, but really, they’re too young to be able to make a real social impact. Meaning they’re that way because someone taught them or they were made that way. Likewise, the parents of the millenials, the baby boomers, who made them that way, were themselves too young when they supposedly started screwing things up. So who taught them?

        This train has been going for awhile.

        • The most liberal Baby Boomers are the older ones, born between 1945 and 1955 or so. They are the ones who started protesting, demanding civil rights (even AFTER the laws were passed, btw), and engaging in “free love, sex and rock and roll.” They were the generation that started the drug culture, and to disrespect the police and military. Their motto was “If it feels good, man, do it!” Some matured and put that aside; others became radicals and joined such groups as the Weather Underground. (Including our dear president’s mentor, Bill Ayers.) During the seventies and eighties, there was a brief conservative backlash against this radicalism. We thought we had seen the last of those hippies. But we didn’t. Quietly, they continued “working within the system.” Now, the oldest Baby Boomers, the radicals, are between 60 and 70 years of age. How old do you think most college presidents are? How about most news media executives? Who do you think is disseminating all the crap that we are being fed today? What generation? Yeah, you guessed it. So, that is why I hate to hear people trash the millenials. As you pointed out, the Millenials don’t have any power; they do not run our society or influence the culture. Blame “The Pepsi Generation.” Thank you for your reply.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        John, Number 1, I am NOT and old cogger. I am probably younger than you are.
        Number 2, these kids are NOT growing up faster than the previous generation. If they were, then we would not have the problems we have with them because they would be way more mature. So your comment is totally insane.
        Number 3, I am also lumping people in their early 20s and also mid 20s as kids because they act worse than anyone I know at that age. They all feel entitled. Even people older than me especially black women feel that way. Trust me because I teach at a college.
        I do agree that the boomers ruined most things, but we are allowing DIE-versity and other stuff also ruin this country even further. In fact in a few years if things do not change I will probably leave and move to an all white country, if that still exists.

        • “Trust me because I teach at a college.”
          Okay, I was following your argument until you said that. Now I KNOW you don’t know what you are talking about. People like you are the problem.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            And what problem??? You really do not know how to convey your thoughts. Even people that work in industry tell me how bad this generation is. Get a life John.

          • ” Even people that work in industry tell me how bad this generation is. ”
            Uhhh, would those be the same people who want more H-1B visas admitted to combat the “labor shortage”? Yeah, you are certainly doing an excellent job conveying your thoughts.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            John, I never said that. You are the one that is ASS-U-MING.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I meet many immigratnst from Africa and the carribbean, and they have a strong work ethic., however, their kids once they get involved with the American negroes they regress to their jungle level. One more thing, even though the foreign blacks look down on the american negroes, they will always support them when there is a white man involved. So the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  • Who Me?

    IQ and behavior is genetic. The most observable example of this among humans is the state of African-Americans as a whole.
    Hundreds of years ago, Africans who were lazy, or given to criminal behavior undesirable even to such rudimentary civilization as existed in their tribal villages were captured by their fellow blacks, chained up, marched to the seashore and sold to the Arab slavers docked there. The same with those unfortunate enough to belong to a village too small or weak to withstand raids from stronger tribes.
    Thus those exported to our shores as slaves were the least desirable of an already incompatible race of people. The lowest IQ, most crime-prone, etc. Slavery itself didn’t do them any favors.
    Sold to masters who forcibly kept them together, the survivors interbred among other low IQ, crime-prone individuals like themselves and they naturally devolved even further.
    Now what we have is an infestation of African-Americans who are, as a group, even lower on the scale of modern civilization than their recently imported relatives.

    • The Dude

      The substantial European ancestry many “first-wave” blacks have has remedied some of these dyfunctions or rather softened them.

      • corvinus

        Black Americans are 20% European, and they’re still more worthless and obnoxious than African immigrants.

    • corvinus

      Black Americans are the black versions of gypsies.

      Anybody who denies that the Africans wouldn’t have had the bright idea of selling their criminals to the slavers is deluding themselves.

  • The Dude

    “foreign-born blacks have a median age of 42 years”

    That’s the only silver lining in this mighty gloomy article.

    • James Smith

      Except they are adding to the retirement problem America will be facing over the next 10-20 years.

  • Lee_CPA

    Don’t forget, those black immigrants will be able to get welfare benefits, affirmative action benefits in college admissions and hiring, and if they are industrious enough, will get preferences in government contracting.
    All this in detriment to whites, who must pay for everything.

    • Moooochelle

      It’s fun watching the kids of Nigerian immigrants grab up all the black set-aside scholarships, though. Sucks to be you, Sharkeshia and De’Tarvonious!

  • Realist.44

    I have known many Liberians and they seemed to be super nice. On the other hand these crazed Somalis have got to go. Bottom line: We already have enough violent feral blacks roaming about assaulting and raping, do we really need to import more? Anyone whom condones this massive destruction of (mostly) peaceful and self-sustaining Euro culture should be exiled from the country as a domestic terrorist. You can start with commie Obama and his yes-man, Holder.

    • newscomments70

      I see leftist radicals as criminals that need to be brought to justice. We cannot coexist with them, pass them off, or avoid them. They are simply enemies that need to be dealt with. If someone is raping your children, you have to do something about it.

      • Realist.44

        I agree 100% but there are a ton of (false) guilt white lemmings whom have been brainwashed by schools, Mainstream Media, etc. Somebody needs to get through to them. Their votes are what got commie Bath house Barry elected, twice.

  • Chris Chringle

    I was just working at probably 5 or 6 group homes (construction work). and their entire employee staff was foreign born Africans. It seems, African Americans aren’t good enough. So, they’ve gotta import foreign ones. Just another excuse for massive immigration. More importantly: How come those jobs are already waiting for them? How do these jobs manage to get filled by foreigners. I won’t give the answer here….

  • mrfinoni

    The liberal left want to keep the percentage of Blacks status quo. They don’t believe in keeping the same representation for Whites.

  • hastings88

    We had to endure a weird sort of diversity presentation at my college a few years ago. One speaker was a student immigrant from Africa, who claimed that most young African immigrants are drifting into crime and the hip hop culture or African-Americans. He then asked for money to prevent this from happening. I was going to ask why we are importing future criminals, but never got the chance.

  • pcmustgo

    Being from NYC, living in Brooklyn, I have a lot of experience with Caribbean and African Blacks… over all way more successful and classy than American Blacks, and less racially hostile BUT… I have met some racist ones who racially harassed me too, so all depends. They younger ones who go to college quickly pick up the white-bashing “People of Color” stuff… They get affirmative action… The best you can say is “they’re better/harder-working/nicer/less racist (on average) than American Blacks”… which isn’t saying much.

    • corvinus

      The least objectionable Africans tend to be the staunch Christians. All the others (Muslims, seculars) are trouble.

  • Cliven Owens

    “What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.”

  • Most people don’t know their history. The Spaniards practically exterminated the Indian population of the West Indies in the decades after Columbus. Under pressure from the Catholic Church, The Laws of the Indies were enacted to protect Indian rights and avoid a repetition of this. That is why much of the Indian population was saved in the rest of the Spanish ruled Western Hemisphere. Yes, the Catholic Church helped save the American Indian, something that our Jewish and Protestant liberal controlled educational system doesn’t like to mention. They think only they were ever concerned for human rights.