Rand Paul Campaign: He Wasn’t Talking About Murder

Byron York, Washington Examiner, April 7, 2015

Sen. Rand Paul raised a lot of eyebrows Tuesday when, in his speech announcing his presidential candidacy, he declared: “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

Critics–and not just critics–immediately wondered: Don’t lots of laws result in the disproportionate incarceration of people of color? Should they all be repealed? {snip}

“Rand Paul accidentally proposed legalizing murder,” read the headline in the liberal website Vox. “Rand Paul remains an embarrassment,” read the headline in the conservative PowerLine.

The Paul campaign says the senator’s words were misunderstood. “Sen. Paul was referring to nonviolent crimes,” campaign spokeswoman Eleanor May told me via email, adding that the passage in question was “a reference to his criminal justice reforms.”

May sent along brief descriptions of five bills Paul is sponsoring that deal with the criminal justice system. These are the Paul camp’s descriptions of the measures:

The REDEEM Act: Creates a judicial process for adults to seal non-violent criminal records on the federal level. It also creates an automatic expungement of records for non-violent juveniles under the age of 15. It mandates the FBI to update their criminal background check system to ensure that employers receive accurate information. States are incentivized to have substantially similar legislation on the state level or risk losing appropriations for law enforcement agencies.

Justice Safety Valve Act: Judges can depart from mandatory minimum sentencing laws if they find that it is in the best interests of justice to do so. This would increase judicial discretion and allow judges to make individualized determinations about the proper punishment for defendants.

Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act: If passed, this would restore the voting rights of every non-violent felon in the country. Non-violent felons would be able to vote in federal elections only and states that do not change their laws to reflect this would not receive federal prison funds.

RESET Act: This bill re-classifies simple possession of controlled substances–very small amounts–as a misdemeanor rather than a low-level felony. It also eliminates the crack-cocaine disparity.

FAIR Act: This bill ensures that the federal government would have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that seized property was being used for illegal purposes before it’s forfeited. Forfeited assets would be placed in the Treasury’s General Fund instead of the DOJ’s Asset Forfeiture Fund. This shift would remove the profit incentive police officers currently have to seize and forfeit property. The bill would also protect the property rights of citizens by eliminating the ability of state law enforcement to circumvent state asset forfeiture laws and use more lenient federal standards instead.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, I guess I’ll be voting for Hillary then. The GOP still needs to be taught a lesson.
    Rand, you’re too soft and sissified for my tastes. You are obviously coldly terrified, frightened, and scared of offending minorities. Nope, you won’t do. You won’t do at all.

    • connorhus

      Great it’s going to be another one of those elections where the Republicans give us some Liberal-Lite and so the Monstrosity of the Democrats get’s in. I don’t blame any of you for the attitude but it still fills me with dread.

      • Realist

        Yeah, democracy is great….huh?

    • Mark Hillyard

      I was considering him, but now I have to go back to my reconsideration board and do some more research.

      Hillary is not on my list of consideration. I think Amos sets the tone down properly.

      Amos 4:1 “Hear this word, you cows of Bashan (an easy place to live) on Mount Samaria, (Capitol Hill of Northern Israel)
      you women who oppress the poor and crush the needy
      and say to your husbands, “Bring us some drinks!”
      2 The Sovereign Lord has sworn by his holiness:
      “The time will surely come
      when you will be taken away with hooks,
      the last of you with fishhooks.a
      3 You will each go straight out
      through breaches in the wall,
      and you will be cast out toward Harmon

    • Mike

      Just don’t vote. Excercize your right not to while we still have it.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Sen. Paul was referring to nonviolent crimes,”

    I guess we all better get used to robberies and burglaries if Rand has his way.

    • Veritas

      So if a black man steals my car from the driveway while I’m sleeping, Rand Paul will let him go because it was nonviolent? Wow, and this idiot wants to be president.

      • Luis

        Veritas, here’s something even more horrifying – a Bantu playing “Show Me Yours, and I’ll Show You Mine”, with a child – no matter the child’s race. That makes it OK in Paul’s eyes, even if no violence was involved?

        Where is this man coming from?

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Don’t worry, they’re doing their damndest to legalize pedophilia so that won’t be an issue. This country and it’s “elected officials” make me sick.

    • Realist

      “I guess we all better get used to robberies and burglaries if Rand has his way.”
      He won’t. Hillary would emasculate what is left.

  • Well, taken literally, then murder has to be included.

    But really, what Curly Rand alludes to here is this libertardian fantasy that all the black men in Federal prison are doing 20 year bits for just having a little bit of weed.

    • Charles Martel

      It would be every crime except DUI’s and licensing violations as the only crimes that blacks are not over represented in.

  • DaveMed

    What a piece of trash.

    I would never entrust the southern border to this guy.

    • Quido

      I was considering him, now I won’t, nor will I re new my Tea party membership

  • phorning

    What is the advantage to giving voting rights to non violent felons? Does Rand Paul think drug mules are going to filled with gratitude and vote for him?

  • Howard W. Campbell

    The Republicrats would be better off nominating the Tossed Salad Man, at least he tells it like it is.

    • bilderbuster


  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    In a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (March, 2013) Rand Paul demonstrates his deep understanding the immigration issue:

    “I think it’s absolutely vital that the Republican Party embrace more legal immigration . . . I think the conversation [about immigration reform] needs to start by acknowledging that we aren’t going to deport twelve million illegal immigrants. If you . . . wish to live and work in America then we will find a place for you . . .” (“Rand Paul: We aren’t going to deport’ 12 million illegal immigrants, addressing the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, VIDEO, 1m into clip, Aliya Frumin, 03/19/2013, MSNBC)

    • bilderbuster

      We can and should deport a heck of a lot more than twelve million illegals and revoke the citizenship of every anchor baby no matter their age now.

    • De Doc

      The sad fact is that all candidates are courting the pro-immigration vote and the ethnic groups that benefit from these policies. What to do?

  • superlloyd

    Hoist by his own petard. Liberal idiocy swallowed unthinkingly by an embarrassment and turncoat.

  • Fed Up

    I guess Rand Paul wants to scrap any law making assaults, armed robbery, anti-rape laws and the like illegal. Because Blacks commit the vast majority of those crimes!

    • Charles Martel

      They are disproportionate in all crimes except DUI and licensing violations. I was actually surprised to see them higher than their % of population in some of the higher IQ crimes.

      • Kenner

        In those ‘higher IQ crimes’, they would be the first to be caught. Because IQ.

      • Alden

        They do a lot of passing counterfeit money

        • John Smith

          Often times it’s cutting the ends off high denomination bills and pasting them onto singles. You’d think it’s ridiculous, but it works with too many of the dumbasses you find in retail.

  • ricpic

    I wonder how often, daily? weekly? monthly? Paul sticks his finger in the wind to determine what his next principled position will be. A pure opportunist.

  • “Rand Paul accidentally proposed legalizing murder,” read the headline in the liberal website Vox.

    Well, you libs are merely being hoisted on your own petard. If you think that dope laws should be severely restricted in their use because of disparate impact, then why not murder?

  • Rand disproves the old adages, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and “Like father, like son.” A video narrated by wife Kelley on his campaign site shows him in Central America, where he’s been voluteering for 15 years to fix the eyesight of blind people.

    He’s apparently some sort of humanitarian who thinks that sweetness and love will change blacks and browns for the better. You have to admit, though, that having a real first lady instead of first man, Michael, would be an improvement.

    • A. Windaus

      Kelley Ashby, a woman who refuses to take his surname. I’m sure others will notice this too and judge accordingly.

      • Alden

        Lots of Botox in her forehead

      • Spikeygrrl

        A woman who dares to retain her own name. Oh, the horror, the horror! Surely she must kick puppies and eat small children for breakfast.

    • dukem1

      She’s kinda hot!

    • Samuel Hathaway

      As Kentucky Senator, a good question to ask would be, “how many pairs of eyes have you helped around the coal mining areas of Kentucky as well in in other parts of Appalachia?

      • Alden

        Bingo !!!!!!

    • jaye ellis

      Thanks for the picture. I knew nothing about Rand Paul’s wife who refuses to take his name.

      She looks to be very similar to the filthy rich Lib wife of John McCain who just LOVED to hang out with the Lib Hollywood crowd.

      Rich, PC Lib wives of Republican candidates who hate poor and working class White voters, another huge problem.

      If Barbara Bush was forced to maybe do some of her own housework the Bush family maybe wouldn’t have made it their MISSION in life to import the entire populations of Mexico and Central America.

    • Mike

      Hate to say it but he just looks like a pussy

    • Spikeygrrl

      Was that an attempt to PhotoShop away a cigarette held between two fingers of the same hand in which she’s holding her drink? Clumsily done…and so utterly unnecessary.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Like all the rest of them, he wants to be President too much and would say or do what ever it took. Lab reports are not looking good for the experiment with democracy.

  • Johann Wald

    Rand is certainly not his father’s son ideologically speaking. I voted for Dr. Paul the last 2 “selections” but this guy is trash in every sense of the word. Looks like I’ll be writing in myself this time around, if not Ron Paul again. And, as I’ve pointed out previously, his loyalties are questionable.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      If the current crop of GOP “hopefuls” goes down the way of John McCain, we’re going to write your name in, too. For now, Scott Walker looks like a good pick. He’s toughened up on the border issue. He’s being accused of being a “flip-flopper” but at least he flopped in the right direction on that issue.

  • Jaggers

    The only solace is that Paul has been and remains extremely low in the polls. I chalk it up to the latent race realism of the Republican electorate.

    • He Cruz and Walker are more or less chasing after the same voters.

      • bilderbuster

        And chasing off even more in the process.

  • guest

    “Sen. Rand Paul raised a lot of eyebrows Tuesday when, in his speech announcing his presidential candidacy, he declared: “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

    What he really means: “I see an America where criminal justice is applied selectively and any law that incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

  • Jason Lewis

    I liked Rand at first but this pandering has got to go. Obama got around 97% of the black vote. What with some pandering he can hope that Hilary will only get 92% giving him a solid 8% of 13% of the population.

    • phorning

      Tim Scott, a black Republican incumbent, got 10% of the black vote while winning reelection easily in South Carolina last year. Smart Republicans would look at that as a ceiling for their candidates, Rand must not be smart.

    • Alden

      There are plenty of White people who would live to see criminal laws that impact blacks repealed
      Soros DeBlasio Rahm Emmanuel
      and most of the media

      • Sid Ishus

        Neither Soros nor Rahm are White, they belong to another tribe.

  • James

    Racial quotas on crimes now, great.
    Come on White people, you’re not pulling your weight.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Rand Paul has a perfect record on race:
    Pro-increased legal immigration
    Pro-bilingual US
    Pro-criminal (as long as they are black)
    And – of course – Pro affirmative action http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/384998/republicans-are-sponsoring-terrible-senate-resolution-roger-clegg-hans-von-spakovsky#comments

    • bilderbuster

      Perfect for every race but his own which he will need if he wants to be elected.

  • Evette Coutier

    Sorry, folks, but I have to say it. Rand, screw you.

  • jaye ellis

    I am very, very proud to be one of the leaders exposing the traitorous libertarian loon Rand Paul, Ron Paul cult. American Renaissance was 100% right in naming Rand Paul 2013 White traitor of the year and he’s been as bad or worse in 2014, 2015.

    Please understand Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have been running for President every year since 1988 when Ron Paul ran as the Libertarian Presidential nominee and won all of 0%. Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have never won a single state Presidential primary, the economic conservative, Libertarian program simply doesn’t sell to poor and working class voters.

    In order to just stay in the game and get MSM mainstream media coverage they have to pander and really, really pander to the worst anti White forces – yeah, Rand Paul embraced the George Soros, Al Sharpton narrative on Ferguson MO. Rand went so far as to endorse Black Civil rights leaders in Tennessee insisting that convicted Black felons must be allowed to vote without having to show state drivers licenses or other state photo IDs, somehow Rand Paul and his cult followers believe/insist these convicted Black felons will vote GOP, Libertarian.

    But, there is no using reason with Rand Paul/Ron Paul Libertarian loon cult followers – they are true believers, insisting that….

    THIS WILL BE THE YEAR and free markets will SAVE AMERICA, save the world.

    ISIS is looking for western human sacrifice victims – Rand Paul cult followers….. maybe they should try to do Libertarian missionary work in Iraq.

    • UncleSham

      You sound like you’re afraid the Libertarians will take away your EBT card. The White race does not benefit from the Welfare State. It lowers our birthrates and increases the birthrates of the darker races.

  • Charles Martel

    Even Eric Holder said that 1 out of 3 voting age black males are felons when he fought the Felon No Vote law.

  • Fr. John+

    Anyone who grovels at a wall in the Levant, clearly doesn’t speak for MY interests. And, after all of the BS during last two terms, including Ferguson, Travon Martin, Black on White crime times 10, why SHOULDN’T Blacks be held to be ‘more guilty’ than whites?
    Even the Biblical Prophets noted this propensity. [Jer. 13:23]

    I’m done with the heresy of ‘equality’. It’s utterly bogus. My race, my people, and none else. Deo Volente. If it can be allowed for Dzhoos and Blucks, then it can be allowed for us, whose ancestors FOUNDED the country. Let Eric Holder and the Obamanation go to… well, THAT place.

  • libertarian1234

    “He called for the repeal of “any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color.”

    Is he so badly educated on the subject of blacks and crime that he is unaware that blacks commit every type of crime at a greater rate per their portion of the population than any other race?

    To make the above statement tells us that the man is just too ignorant and unaware of what the real world is all about to be anything other than another apologists for blacks.

    I would never vote for this pampered idiot, and I hope he gets trounced in the primaries.

  • Not a one of them, the ones running for President as Republicans, have shown me that they have the ability to win crucial swing states like PA, OH, MI, WI, IA. That speaks to the fact that they are clueless about who actually swings Presidential elections. And the reason for that is that they live in such cloistered worlds and bubbles that they don’t have the ability to question bromides and memes that circulate inside those bubbles.

  • Lexonaut

    A Palin-Limbaugh third party ticket, or something very like it, is the only thing that stands a chance of saving the nation. If such a ticket can’t possibly be a) formed and b) win, then the nation is doomed.

    • IstvanIN

      Limbaugh? Yuk.

      • Lexonaut

        For VP — he can move crowds when he speaks. So, especially, can Palin.

        If you’re going to insist on perfection then nothing good will happen. It should be obvious by now to all who are willing to see is that the only difference between the D and R parties is what they say. In the end there is no difference in what they do, and it is all done cooperatively.

        You’re witnessing history in the making, folks — the American equivalent of the Fall of Rome. This next election, if there is one, will be for all the marbles if a strong third party ticket is put together. Otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit.

        • IstvanIN

          Limbaugh is for Limbaugh. Can’t keep a wife for more than a few months, and quite frankly I am leery of a man who can not keep a wife or who cheats on her. Old fashioned here I suppose. Besides Limbaugh is too busy making money hand over fist to run for office. And does he really care about us White folks? He has no children, which worries me, although most politicians do and are still selling the country down the tubes.

          Other than Pat Buchanan, who is too old at this point, are their really any so-called “elites” on our side.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Rush Limbaugh apparently has a type “A” personality. Very hard to live with, which may explain four divorces. Rush makes alot of sense on some things, but when you have been divorced four times, it’s time for a a reality check that you could be the problem. Then again, a type A personality doesn’t admit faults.

    • Alden

      Have either said a thing against affirmative action the number one weapon our government uses against Whites?

      • Lexonaut

        “Have either said a thing against affirmative action the number one weapon our government uses against Whites?”

        To my knowledge, no. However, both clearly believe in merit as a guiding social force. I will favor the hope that they would do the right thing over the certainty that traditional D/R candidates will not.

    • jaye ellis

      Don’t look for some “savior” on a 3rd party Presidential ticket to “save America”. Right Wing American conservatives always, ALWAYS fall for this trap.

      it’s all or nothing….

      So it ends of being….


      Instead get involved in state, county, local politics.

      That is where we can and will achieve power to do real victories.

      Who is your county sheriff? The next one could be another Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

      Who is your county board president – the man/woman who pays the bills.

      Chances are the non White mobs will not bother to vote in these elections.

      Forget about Presidential politics – the system is definitely fixed at the top, the Tribe’s Oligarch’s and the lying MSM have fixed the system against us.

      • george00

        You are right about everything you said except the part about forgetting about Presidential politics.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Palin-Giuliani is my dream ticket. In either order. But it’ll never happen, dagnabbit.

      • Lexonaut

        You’re right — Palin-Giuliani would have broader appeal and therefore a better chance of winning.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Rand Paul is one dangerous man we need to watch put.

    • Xerxes22

      Rand Paul is too stupid to be dangerous. Jeb Bush is the one to watch out for. He has the money and connections that Rand doesn’t have. All of the men running for the GOP nomination are snakes, not to be trusted.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Any man like Jeb Bush who lies about his race and marks “hispanic” on a voter registration form, then lies again that it was a “mistake” is not fit for the presidency. They were ha, ha, ha-ing it up over this alleged “mistake” in marking hispanic in the Bush family. It’s entirely believable that Jeb had every intention of choosing hispanic, and deliberately so.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        What about Ted Cruz?

        • Hank Richter

          Warhawk, married to Israel, maybe good on the Domestic Side, but he’d have less power on the Domestic side, Pres have huge power on FP.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            I agree. He is too much in love with those Money minded middle easterners.

        • Xerxes22

          We don’t know much about him. The only thing he seems to talk abut is Obama Care. I never hear him speaking about any thing else.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            He also has nothing to say about getting rid of legal and illegal immigration.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Cruz is not a Natural Born Citizen, and hence is not eligible for POTUS or VPOTUS.

          Such a shame. Eh, Schlitz happens.

  • IstvanIN

    Rand Paul has about as much business becoming president as RuPaul, and probably less.

    • Hank Richter

      Seriously dude? I have my issues with Rand, not sure what will happen between now and ’16, but that RuPal thing has been done to death, wasn’t even funny to begin with.

  • UncleSham

    As stupid as this statement was, Rand Paul only made it because he knows he needs some anti-racist credentials in order to have a chance of being elected. If the American population was pro-White, so would be our politicians.

    • jaye ellis

      Nah. Rand Paul has been shamelessly pandering to the worst Black, anti White groups, also pandering to the cursed lying Lib-Leftist media. Rand Paul’s handlers get all excited when Rand Paul is featured on the Cover of Time Magazine as “America’s most INTERESTING political leader”.

      Rand Paul also had to don a Yalmulkah, go to Israel, pose at the Wailing Wall, secretly agree to stop talking about ending US foreign aid to Israel and agree to the Jewish Neo Conservative program of:

      1) Invite the world to the United States – mass immigration to the US, including mass Islamic immigration.

      2) Invade the world for Israel – endless US wars against Iran, Iraq, Syria, everyone and everything thing around Israel.

      3) In hoc to the world to pay for 1 and 2.

      Somehow Rand Paul has some lame free market, Libertarian, hard money, Constitutionalist spin to make this program work, the reality is the folks printing fiat Fed Reserve Note money are the same ones backing 1, 2, 3 – all the time reserving Israel as a Jewish ethno state with effective border walls, all the things we real nationalists want for the USA, Europe, Australia – the West.

      Rand Paul is just a flat out traitor, richly deserving his 2013 Amren award for traitor of the year.

      Rand Paul took the 30 pieces of silver and he is getting some positive press in the anti White, Lib/Left/Neo Con press.

      • UncleSham

        No presidential candidate can be pro-White and remain electable. They have to sell their souls or the media will destroy them. Rand Paul is a traitor because he figures that is what gives him the best chance to win the election, and he’s probably right. A country that twice voted to elect Barack Hussein Obama is not going to turn around and elect someone that will satisfy racially aware Whites.

        • jaye ellis

          You’re clueless. Anti White politics works OK for Lib Dems, never for GOP. How did this identical Rand Paul Lib Libertarian pandering do for Jack Kemp?

          • UncleSham

            I could see a pro-White candidate doing well with the Republican base. I do not see them being able to pick up moderates, or anyone who gets all their information from television, or women outside of the South.

            Also, the electorate is already less White then was four years ago.

          • jaye ellis

            That’s ridiculous. Working class White voters in Massachusettes, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire went strongly for Nixon, Reagan, Buchanan. Same was true for White voters in New York City who went for Guiliani. It’s the economic Conservatism, Libertarian @*#$&*$# they don’t go for. Nobody likes Black criminals or Muslim terrorist immigration. Come on man, stop being a clueless idiot. Asian shop owners will vote Republican when the alternative is Black Ferguson MO looters.

          • UncleSham

            Working class Whites maybe. But all the corporations are for open borders. It would be a very hard uphill battle to run a campaign without any big money supporting it. I would support a candidate that tried, but I never hear of such people. Who was the last person to win an election without a strong corporate backing? Andrew Jackson?

          • Sid Ishus

            Each election will continue to be less White. Republicans will drift further left to stay in power throwing off any pretense of being interested in White issues.

    • Hank Richter

      I think their is a clear line between playing politics and just outright groveling, I’d say Rand has many times crossed that line, if he is on my ballot when I go vote I’ll likely take a sec and check his name, as I still say he’s far better than most, but I can’t see myself donating, campaigning or getting all that energetic for him.

      • UncleSham

        There was a time when Rand Paul was in favor of repealing the Civil Rights Act. As soon as he decided he was serious about his presidential ambitions he started to go down hill. Most of his groveling to Blacks and other minorities is an attempt to broaden his appeal. It looks pathetic, but I still don’t think its necessarily a bad strategy from a purely political stand point. Any former supporters that he alienates are still not very likely to go off and vote for Hillary.

        • Hank Richter

          Yeah I know he wanted to repeal the CRA and even though he’s right he’ll get bashed for it, I’m really not seeing any evidence that blacks are warming up to him, if you have proof to the contrary I’ll be happy to check it out.

          I’m certainly not voting for Hillary, likely 3rd party or maybe just focus on my local elections where maybe I can have some impact.

          I hate to say it but if it’s Rand v Hillary I can already see the commercials about “Rand wants to go back to Jim Crow” complete with pictures of blacks only signs, blacks getting dogs turned on them, then they’ll cut to Hillary in bright color pictures with blacks and something corny about how she believes in equal rights, heck, forget Hillary, those snakes in the GOP aren’t above doing the race baiting, they’ll use it on him..

          • UncleSham

            If they start showing “Rand wants to go back to Jim Crow” commercials I will probably start to subconsciously like him more. I don’t expect Rand to make much progress with Blacks, but his pandering may help with bleeding-heart moderates.

          • Hank Richter

            Possibly, as I say, when it’s primary time I’ll lazily fill in his name at the ballot, but I’m not going to go out of my way to support him.

            Again, I completely understand the notion of playing the game, I just think there’s a line, and he steps over it too often.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    He’s not, and never has been, funny. “Black people do THIS, white people do THAT” is about all he’s got.

    • asdf

      I don’t find black comedians funny. They use ‘comedy’ to guise their hatred of white people. If I’m flipping channels and see a black person on stage, especially on the ‘comedy central’ channel, I flip it immediately. We are already supporting them against our will, they are in our faces all the time now, so I will avoid them as much as I can. Thank you very much.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Are you me? I went one better and just ditched the TV. But yeah I totally agree with you, I’m to the point where if I go in a restaurant and they have black employees, I leave. If I go to the playground and blacks are there, we leave. I refuse to be around them when possible and my life is immeasurably better for it, I bet yours is too!

      • ElComadreja

        Have you noticed that virtually every daytime white game show host has been replaced with a black? Drew Carey is the last man standing.

  • LeonNJ

    I’m still waiting for a reactionary-paleocon nativist nationalist to come onto the scene.

  • John Smith

    I think restoration of 2nd amendment rights for non-violent felons should be a bill as well – it’s too easy for Big Brother to convict you for a regulatory violation.

  • Light from the East

    “Critics–and not just critics–immediately wondered: Don’t lots of laws result in the disproportionate incarceration of people of color? Should they all be repealed?”

    Genetics, psychology, social behavior, and group culture lead to the incarceration rate of certain group of people, not laws.

  • slobotnavich

    Well, that just crosses Rand Paul off my list of potential candidates. Everybody knows, knows, that blacks commit crimes, particularly violent crimes, at many times the rate of whites and Asians. Backing black crime out our overall crime stats would make the USA one of the most crime-free nations in the world. They comprise the great majority of the criminal class of this nation. While Paul might not choose to make this dismal fact the centerpiece of his campaign, trying to deny the true and obvious is hardly an indication of strength and integrity.

  • WR_the_realist

    We’ll have to repeal every criminal law if we want to repeal any law that disproportionally effects blacks.

  • Hank Richter

    I oppose restoring voting rights to violent felons, other than that I agree the drug war is nonsense, HOWEVER, I am tired of Rand doing this boot-licking and trying to reenforce this absurdity about how the justice system unfairly targets blacks.

    Even if I were to go along with this notion that he has to appeal outside the GOP base, does he honestly think any significant amount of blacks will ever vote for him? He’ll piss off 25% of the white vote to shave off .025% of the black vote, great strategy.

  • Realist

    Ahhhh, democracy.

  • Kiss my vote goodbye, nitwit!

  • He looks like an “emo”, homosexual Starbucks barista.

  • USN Veteran

    Great idea. Pander for black votes instead of saying the truth, which everyone knows, that
    blacks commit crimes at incredibly disproportionate rates. There wouldn’t be so many blacks
    in jail if they’d stop breaking the law! 4-5% of the population committing 48% of the murders? That’s not a few guys getting railroaded, or having bad lawyers, bad judges, juries, etc… That’s, as I learned in Smokey & the Bandit, is: What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law

  • asdf

    The GOP still does NOT get it. I’m tired of their pandering and alienating their white conservative base. They can lose for all I care and I won’t shed a tear.

  • ElComadreja

    Rand Paul is a bigger kook than his father and that’s really saying something.

  • Mark Hillyard

    I’d like to propose a better way for the Feds to receive money from any state. Change the law to where people only pay taxes up to the state level and then the states take their share and send the Feds a portion.
    The Feds should not have a coercion device wherein they withhold funds because they don’t like a certain law within a state. In my understanding the Feds were very limited in there conduct of State affairs. The IRS should be declared illegal as I think it really is. Gives them far to much Dick Tator control over the States.

  • Keebler

    The more I read about this man, the more I respect him.

  • Thor’s Hammer

    He wants to let negroes busted for marijuana out of prison, regardless of amount or prior arrests. I’m not voting for this idiot in the primary. I’m for freedom and the constitution and the federal government keeping it’s nose of of state’s rights, but not at the expense of hundreds of thousands of drug addicted negroes being let out of prison. Paul becomes president, he has federal bodyguards for life and $450 grand a year to live in a neighborhood negroes can’t afford. A negro breaks into my house and I put twenty rounds of .223 into it’s forehead to protect my family, and I’ll be living among more negroes than I can count for the rest of my natural life.

  • Jacobite2

    God, I’m sick of these people. Paul is an idiot. Just for one, I’d hope (in vain) that before shooting off his flap, he might have talked to some prosecutors about the number of violent crimes that are plea-bargained down to lower-level non-violent beefs to get a confession. The number is substantial. What about burglary? Is it violent or not? Well, if somebody happens to jump out of bed and brace the burglar, it will be — the outcome has no relation to what the criminal does. On drug cases, possession with intent pled down to simple possession — happens every day. Just as straight Leftists, Libertarians react to real life the way Dracula does to a crucifix. The only good I can see from drug legalization is that the Libertarian Party would disappear the next day.

  • mikefromwichita

    Rand Paul has now lost my Vote. The man is a PC whipped Fool.

  • E. Newton

    Rand Paul panders to negroes at every opportunity. I respect his libertarian views, the Republican party certainly needs that. But Ran Paul would be a disaster were he to hold power. You would see slavery reparations within a month of his taking office.

  • jayvbellis

    The Rand Paul/Ron Paul Libertarian cult is a religious cult. That’s the only way to explain why it goes on year after year after year without ever winning anything. Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have been running for President for 26 consecutive years, never won a single primary.

    This cult only appeals to high IQWhites, college students and the extremely rich. For poor and working class voters, even Whites it’s a deal killer.

    Don’t ever let any of these Libertarian loon R&R Paul cult followers in to your home or….


    Send them to Somalia – should be Libertarian heaven – no government, everybody has guns, rampant drug use… Anarchy.

    I would love to see both Rand and Ron Paul’smutilated White bodies dragged through the streets of Mogadeeshu like those Army Rangers we sent to help feed the starving Somalians. These same nasty Somalian savages are now flooding in to Minnesota and Rand Paul, Ron Paul will not do or even say anything to stop it.

  • Guest

    “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

    So basically Rand is calling for the repeal of all laws