Poet’s Statue Covered in Paint

Charmel Payet, IOL News, April 12, 2015

Another statue in Durban has been defaced as the colonial statue debate in South Africa rages on.

The bust of famed Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa who lived in South Africa from 1895 to 1905, situated on an island between Dr AB Xuma (Commercial) Road and Monty Naicker (Pine) Street was covered in red paint this week.

Written in red alongside the bust were the words “EFF response”.

This is the second statue in Durban to be defaced. The statue of King George V at the University of KwaZulu-Natal was covered in white paint with the words “End white privilege” scrawled across it.

The EFF’s Vusi Khoza denied that their party was responsible for the damage but saluted the “courageous person who had taken a stand against a symbol and reminder of apartheid oppression.”

“We support the destruction, defacing and dismantling of apartheid symbols. But this was not done by the EFF. Why would we put our name on it? It could have been anyone. But we agree with what has been done,” Khoza said.

Manuel Sousa from the Associacao Portuguesa Do Natal in Durban was disgusted by the act.

“You can’t erase history like that. And this man was not a politician, he was an artist, a poet. I am very sorry about what has happened because they are eradicating South Africa’s history, not Portugal’s.

The debate around the apartheid era and colonial symbols started as a result of the “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign at Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town.

Students and activists called for the removal of the 81-year-old statue of Cecil John Rhodes at UCT. He was a colonial mining magnate and politician after whom Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was named.

The statue was moved from the university to an undisclosed location on Thursday.

The 110-year-old Horse Memorial in Port Elizabeth was also damaged this week. The bronze statue was erected in memory of horses that served and died in the Second Anglo Boer War and showed a kneeling soldier holding a bucket of water for his horse. The soldier was ripped off the statue.


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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    It will never be called “racism.” But should a white person fail to show anything but the utmost respect for Saint MLK, Oh, Lordy!

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Who is Saint MLK?

      Most of my friends celebrate “James Earl Ray Day”…

  • Chip Carver

    Once Europe cleans itself up, and the US collapses, it will be amusing to see the black and brown populations drop in rapid fashion. No more welfare. No more charity in the form of “foreign aid”, meaning money confiscated from Whites and turned over to the savages to give them breathing room to breed like vermin. Disease, murder, gang warfare, tribal warfare, starvation will rule their days. They can call Whitey all kinds of names then too. We can call them “stupid”. Because they are.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Indeed. We need to cut off all funding to their hellholes. Have fun with that dookie, China…

    • Jason Lewis

      Can’t happen soon enough.

  • Dave West

    In 1970 SA was an “evil” apartheid country run by whites, that had an unemployment rate of less than 10%. Today SA is a beautiful rainbow nation run by peaceful and forgiving blacks. SA now has an unemployment rate of more than 25%.

    • Jason Lewis

      Why, at the end of apartheid , didnt South Africa get split into separate nations for whites and blacks?

      • LHathaway

        ‘declerk’ claimed that the Whites wanted too much for themselves. Any thought that his comment was aimed at the White television audience in the USA was purely intentional.

        • Guest


      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Why? Because then white unemployment would by 0.5% and black unemployment would be 98%. It would also be able to see that whites don’t need blacks, but blacks need white.


      • AnalogMan

        That’s what Apartheid was about. Separate (“apart”) homelands for all South Africa’s nations. That was the one solution that was not allowed.

    • dd47

      I thought unemployment has been consistently at 49-52% for the past few years.

      • Dave West

        That’s the rate I found when I googled south africa unemployment. maybe its that high accruing to some other measures of unemployment.

    • groidle

      And is the rape capital of the world.

  • TruthBeTold

    There’s probably something in the UN Charter about destroying a countrys’ heritage. I don’t want to validate the UN. I only want to point out that there will be no international outrage.

    • IstvanIN

      They also have a paragraph defining genocide.

      • George Moriarty

        I would suggest that this paragraph would be very selectively interpreted and white victims would be right at the bottom of the list and receiving little or no attention or support.

  • Truthseeker

    This is coming to our countries next.

    • TruthBeTold

      The Political Cesspool reports on Southern Civil War statues being removed and parks renamed.

      It’s all part of the Great Purge that most people are unaware of.

  • HJ11

    I hope millions of Whites are starting to connect up the dots to the White genocide that is happening to us. Direct killings of Whites; laws favoring non-Whites; destruction of White art; renaming streets and schools from White names to non-White names and on and on and on.

    Wake up Whitey–you’re being attacked and destroyed. You’re being wiped out. If you want to survive and if you want your family to survive, you’d better start paying attention.

    • George Moriarty

      Unfortunately at present there is little white solidarity either locally or internationally. But I do believe that concerned and thinking whites will eventually start connecting the dots, hopefully before it is too late. Despite rapidly changing demographics all white countries subscribe to the “one person, one vote” rule, I would assume that this also is part of the UN charter. This rule seems to be “set in concrete” and could very well be our downfall.

      Now just a thought for others to comment on: I feel that too many white people still live in the shadow of Adolf Hitler. I feel that Hitler did more to discredit the white cause than any man in history. For instance, if any of us express any concern about race issues we will often get a retort suggesting that we are just a “Little Hitler”. Such comments do not concern me but they still upset most people.

      • HJ11

        Well, I’mnot that concerned about Whites who won’t wake up. Perhaps they have something wrong with their genes and their survival instinct. I intend to survive and have my family survive. The weak seeds who don’t understand can go extinct for all I care. They may be White on the outside but they are not White on the inside and thus they are not my kind. And, Hitler will one day be considered a hero of Whites who do survive in the future. I don’t care what non-Whites think about him or what they think about anything a all.

      • bv

        Individualism is a sort of curse.

    • TruthBeTold

      Unfortunately, as Mr. Taylor has pointed out, our problem is that whites are ‘too nice’.

      The demands will increase but whites will keep conceding to maintain peace.

      • Rossbach

        Of course, the concessions will not produce peace; they will produce more demands. That is how blackmail has always worked.

  • BloodofAlbion75

    Mandela’s savage and ignorant people.

  • how about this

    Does this qualify as statutory rape?

  • Hilis Hatki

    Coming soon to a theater near you… America.

    • Jason Lewis

      Already here.

  • Michael Whalen

    Did they run out of feces?

    • InAFreeCountry

      That is the one thing that they will never be short of.

    • how about this

      If I understand African culture correctly, in order to have a bucket full of feces you have to collect them in multiple defecation sessions over a period of time. These people probably don’t have that kind of long-term planning ability.

    • George Moriarty

      While paint is less offensive it is much more difficult to remove.

  • Jason Lewis

    Coming to America. Well technically it’s already here. Many schools named Washington or Jeffferson have been renamed due to them owning slaves. Iconoclasm at it’s finest.

  • dd121

    Destroying our cultural icons is the first step the left employs before destroying our people. I hope white South Africans have somewhere to go before it’s too late.

    • Lygeia

      Apparently, because no country will take in white South Africans and they can’t leave and they also can no longer tolerate their situation, white South Africans are learning how to stand and fight back.

      • carriewhite64

        I have heard this stated as fact here many times. I wonder, is it really true? Are there really NO countries that would offer refuge to white South Africans, considering they are in constant danger of being murdered and are discriminated against in their country?

        • AnalogMan

          It’s really true. There are ways to get visas, principally by getting scarce qualifications, but they are not available to most South Africans. My daughters were able to leave South Africa because I sent them to study in America, where they subsequently married. Had they been older, with families, when civilization fell, that would not have been possible.

          Refugee status is not a possibility in any country.

          • carriewhite64

            That is really unbelievable. Good on you for getting the kids out. How can the world turn its back on white South Africans? Disgusting.

      • johningermany

        Somewhere I read that the country of Georgia will take SA refugees.

    • George Moriarty

      I feel the paint vandalism is just the beginning. I am a retiree and my pension was paid into my bank today, it is as safe as these things are ever likely to be in our well run society. But I really do feel for my South African counterparts, they may be living in retirement in a nice white area, often on the coast, there will be two letters in the mail they will dread to receive;
      1, From their bank saying that due to a directive from the Ministry of Finance in Pretoria (or it’s new African name) that they are no longer permitted to pay their pension…
      2, From their City Government with the latest property tax notice, so high that will probably bankrupt them.
      All done in the with the aim of extracting what money whites still have and putting it into black pockets.

      • dd121

        I hope it doesn’t happen but from what I’ve seen of African negroes, they’re capable of almost unimaginable savagery.

      • John Smith

        Natives will break in and machete them to death in the night before that, probably.

    • Glad you’re back!

      • dd121

        Thanks Michael, we were in Germany and Tuscany for nearly a month. Nice trip.

  • ViktorNN

    Ramping up the hate. This won’t end well.

  • Light from the East

    You see, blacks are good at destructing a civilization. Anti-civility is part of their nature. If all white people leave SA, it’s impossible for this country to sustain development. It will take less than 30 years to become dilapidated, much faster than the process of Detroit.

  • Poupon Marx

    Offering rewards, aka the carrot, accommodation, understanding, reciprocity, has not worked with the Negro. Nor charity, assistance, and empathy. The only thing the Negro understands and is moved by is power, force, and coercion. He is incapable of self, inner control to form the fiber of a successful society. Social Contract means nothing to him.

    Therefore, the only option for Whites is to segregate on the basis of race and unconditional selection-the choice to chose with whom to live and share power, without condition or explanation. I see no other way except to form White Protection Militias-just to be able to be left alone to pursue our Constitutional God Given rights.

    This article, among so many other public documents and declarations, makes clear that Negroes want to live only among themselves (with Whites provided gratis Free Cheese and Gravy, of course).


    Beat up da white man, beat up da white man, beat up da white man.

    It’s obvious that SA blacks haven’t evolved enough socially to be trusted with any power.

    • AnalogMan

      SA blacks are not a special breed. That applies to all blacks, everywhere. And it’s not just “socially”, it’s intellectually.