MI5 and Police Partly to Blame for Radicalisation–Say Four in 10 British Muslims

John Bingham, Telegraph, April 10, 2015

Four in 10 British Muslims believe that police and MI5 are partly responsible for the radicalisation of young people who support extremists, new polling has found.

A survey commissioned by Sky News, also found that more than a quarter of British Muslims have some sympathy with those who have left to join fighters in Syria.

Among Muslim women and those under the age of 35, the figure rises to a third.

While almost three quarters of Muslims polled said they believe the “values of British society” are compatible with those of their religion, one in seven said they were not.

But the polling of 1,000 Muslims and 1,000 non-Muslims by Survation, also pointed to a growing sense of alienation between members of Britain’s fastest growing faith group and wider society.

A third of Muslims said they experience more suspicion from others than a few years ago.

The perception is backed up by polling of non-Muslims, of whom 44 per cent–and 49 per cent of men–admitted they were more suspicious of Muslims than they were.

Strikingly, only one in five (22 per cent) of non-Muslims saw Islam as compatible with British values, with just over half saying it is not.

It also exposes a major mismatch in views over integration, with two thirds of Muslims believing that they are doing enough to integrate into British society but only 18 per cent of non-Muslims agreeing.

While six out of 10 Muslims polled strongly condemned those who left the UK to join fighters in Syria, 28 per cent expressed sympathy with those who did so.

That includes eight per cent said who they had “a lot” of sympathy with those who did so and a further fifth who said they had “some sympathy”.

Notably, one in seven non-Muslims also expressed sympathy with those who travelled to fight.

But the research also suggests widespread support in some areas for the idea that the actions of the police or security services were partly to blame for the actions of those who travelled to Syria to join terror groups.

Earlier this year, the pressure group Cage claimed that harassment by the security services had contributed to the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi, the London student identified as “Jihadi John”, the killer from the so-called Islamic State.

Downing Street, condemned the claims as “completely reprehensible”.

But the polling found that 39 per cent of British Muslims agreed with the idea that the actions of police and MI5 are contributing to radicalisation and only 28 per cent disagreed.

The finding was similar when the results were broken down by age and gender.

Meanwhile 16 per cent of non-Muslims polled also agreed with the idea and only half disagreed.

A spokeswoman for the Muslim Council of Britain said: “This poll once again confirms that Muslims feel British and have a strong affinity with our shared universal values.

“We are sad, however, that the survey also shows that non-Muslims are more suspicious of Muslims, reflecting a growth in Islamophobia in the country to the extent that it is now socially acceptable.

“We need collective action to heal the rifts amongst our communities: we must continue to build bridges between communities and explain the true meaning of our faith; but we must also ask whether the discourse amongst the media and politicians has played a role in dividing the community.”

She continued: “The poll also highlights the missed opportunity our law enforcement authorities have in working more closely with British Muslim communities, especially in relation to counter-terrorism.

“For many, current counter-terrorism measures, particularly related to the Prevent strategy, actually lead to greater alienation as Muslims are seen through the lens of security, rather than tackling the scourge of terrorism itself.”

And, she added: “We do not know the motivations of people who wish to go out to Syria or those who sympathise with those who do travel to Syria to fight.

“What is certain is that leaders across British Muslim communities and scholars have all warned against going to the region.

“The Syrian people are best served by lobbying and raising money here in the UK.”

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  • Susannah

    So a third of Muslim women and those under 35 sympathize with the radicals fighting in Syria? It does not bode well at all for Britain that those who are breeding the next generation of British Muslims hold such views. It would have been nice if the traitorous elite had evaluated the advisability of admitting such a notoriously problematic group, who will increasingly comprise such a hefty chunk of British society. But then the elite do not see this as a problem at all, only those pesky Whites who complain about their dispossession.

    • propagandaoftruth

      How do Marxist “feminists” think this is a good thing for women?

      Universities in the West apparently long ago became the refuges of Marxists who still want to live well. Their internally enforced pogrom against non-Marxist ideology has been most successful. This is where the future globalist-Marxist elite are filtered, and these little intellectually closed, ideologically monolithic propaganda factories really hate White people.

      Death to intelligence, long live Death! Jose Millan Astray, Spanish Phalangist railing against anarcho-communist infestation of universities. Man had a really pointed point.

  • Chip Carver

    OK. Muslims are incompatible with traditional British civilization just like most non-whites. Time for the Muslims and the Barbara Lerner Spectre types who enable them to be kicked out the door.

    • Guest


  • JohnEngelman

    If they do not like the way they are treated they should be asked to leave.

    When I am a guest at someone’s house I do not complain about the hospitality of my host.

    • propagandaoftruth

      When in another’s lair, show them respect or else do not go there.

      If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.


      Thanks Mr. LaVey. It’s all about respect. Furthermore, a guest in your lair annoys you and you do not treat them cruelly and without mercy, eventually…

      1. they will so treat you and

      2. you will no longer have a lair…

    • bv

      The problem with that client is that they were tolerated then granted permission to move into someone else’s house. Now WE (Western White Countries) have taught them that they’re equal and can claim their place in our societies.

      We should’ve had racial bans from the begining with religious requirements. Only R1B1 required to apply as far as I’m concerned.

    • Alden

      You’re not a Muslim living off the child benefit of your 20 grandchildren in an 8 bedroom council mansion at the White Brits expense

  • james AZ

    UNITED KINGDOM for white britishs, MUSLIMS go back to ISLAMICLAND

  • Light from the East

    Muslims are not compatible to Western civilization just as blacks are not compatible to the USA. They all blame the police, the laws, and the political system.

  • John Smith

    Muslims will always find something to be disaffected by in Western Civilization.