Migrants Killed in ‘Religious Clash’ on Mediterranean Boat

BBC News, April 16, 2015

Italian police say they have arrested 15 Muslim migrants after they allegedly threw 12 Christians overboard following a row on a boat heading to Italy.

The Christian migrants, said to be from Ghana and Nigeria, are all feared dead.

In a separate incident, more than 40 people drowned after another migrant boat sank between Libya and Italy.

Almost 10,000 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean have been rescued in recent days. Italy has called for more help from the EU to handle the crisis.

More than 500 people from Africa and the Middle East have died making the perilous crossing since the start of the year. Earlier this week, 400 people were believed to have drowned when their boat capsized.

‘In tears’

The 15 Muslim migrants involved in the row with Christians were arrested in the Sicilian city of Palermo and charged with “multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate”.

The suspects, who are from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea, were among 105 migrants travelling in an inflatable boat that left Libya on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses told police how the altercation resulted in Christians being thrown overboard, and that some of the survivors had formed human chains to avoid a similar fate.

Also on Thursday, the Italian navy plucked four survivors – a Ghanaian, two Nigerians, and a man from Niger – from the sea. They said their inflatable boat had sunk after leaving Libya with 45 people on board.

The International Organization for Migrants (IOM) says the missing 41 people have drowned.

The four survivors were taken to Sicily along with 600 other migrants trying to make the crossing in various vessels.

‘No silver bullet’

Earlier on Thursday Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Italy had “not had an adequate response from the EU” about the migrant crisis.

But European Commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said the organisation had no “silver bullet” for the problem.

Last year a record 170,000 people fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East made the perilous crossing to Italy.

With improving weather conditions, the number of people making the crossing of at least 500km (300 miles) has surged. But vessels provided by people smugglers are often underpowered and overcrowded.

€2.8m (£2m) a month goes on Operation Triton, the border control policy that operates off the Italian coast. Monitoring the Mediterranean may not be enough, says commission spokesperson Natasha Bertaud. “We have neither the money nor the political support to launch a European border guard system,” she told reporters.

Triton has proved an inadequate replacement for the Italian military search-and-rescue operation Mare Nostrum, which cost three times as much. That 2013 mission was activated after a similar tragedy, when 300 migrants drowned.

The Italian government has requested more financial help from the EU, but the question is: how much money are the 28 member states willing to invest?

Only 22 of the members are supporting the current system. Others, including the UK, opted out, describing the policy as unintentionally encouraging more migrant attempts to make the crossing.

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  • TruthBeTold

    Someone posted this to consider:

    Muslims are migrating to Christian Europe and on their way they’re killing Christians.

    Think about it.

    • Red

      It’s truly The Camp of the Saints. Captain Luke Notaras was my favorite hero in that book.

      • jaye ellis

        Camp of the Saints is my favorite novel ever.

        And Captain Luke Notaras one of the best characters. In the end, only about 10 White Westerners including Luke resisted the all out invasion of the 3rd world asylum seeking boat people. Jean Respails inclusion of a PC, Liberation Theology Catholic Pope who flies around the globe in a multi $ million Pope Lear Jet, that fictional figure might as well be the current Lib Pope featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine.

    • Susannah

      Yes, and the dangerous and traitorous EU and elite couldn’t care less. They’re much more concerned about “nativist” reactions to these wide-eyed innocents who are merely “seeking a better life”.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Hey Susannah, I gotta confess. I haven’t read the article yet. I read the title and couldn’t help but think to myself that if they’re already murdering each other on the boats about something crazy…

        Sounds like good breeding stock for a bright European future to me! They’ll be “producing” in no time and keeping the social welfare system healthy cradle to grave!!

        • Fr. John+

          ‘Something crazy’? What a Christophobic and Caucaphobic statement. Europe gave the world Christianity. What has the rest of the world done to Europe? Yup, forced Moslem slavery for hundreds of years, and a Levantine hatefest, that started on a Friday on a hill far away, 2000 years ago.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I have no idea how a 70 IQ Negro interprets Christianity, much less Islam, bub.; Nor do I particularly care how 70 average IQ’s + crowded hell + whatever = negroes slaughtering each other.

            I’m a Christian, actually, though I have problems with forms that emphasize the compassion of Hippy Dude from Galilee and ignore the wisdom of the Buttkicker of Yore.

            Marxist dupes.

            But in my experience Negroes will find a way to kill each other over a bucket of fried chicken, much less God.

          • Fr. John+

            Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord, etc.” So, don’t blaspheme by saying you are a Christian, if you countenance White Genocide, abortion, sodomy, or any of the other ‘trendy’ things… like multiculturalism, which are just as heretical as all the others.

    • Charles Martel

      Moslems may very well have attacked while their enemies slept like when moo ham mad won his greatest victory breaking a peace treaty in the middle of the night.

    • OH GOD

      Lothrop Stoddard wrote that it was very early discovered that blacks would gravitate towards Islam more than Christianity, due to the violent nature of Islam combined with the equally violent nature of the African himself.

      It was observed that it was basically miraculous that the loving, non-violent message of Christianity was even accepted by blacks at all, given their aggressive and bloodthirsty ways.

      • InAFreeCountry

        The Christian missionaries had all the free gibs.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        They also migrate toward Islam because it is easier to understand for creatures with sub-human IQ levels.

      • LostHearts

        Islam provides them with a “religious” reason to kill and otherwise create havoc.

    • JohnEngelman

      They are just warming up.

    • KyraNelson

      And welcomed there. White Europeans=Lemmings.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Christian or Muslim, they are Africans. No thanks.

  • TomIron361

    While I’m a Christian, I’d like to give these bums my local bishop and a whole sh*tload of priests they could throw overboard on their next trip.

    • Rob

      Same here. I would love to give them my Bishop and priests and the nuns and also the pope. I guess I am gonna burn in hell.

      • Irish

        Yep Rob, wishing priest, nuns, & The Vicar of Christ would be drowned by Moslems would definitely be sacrilege.

        • Rob

          True, but they should not encourage the genocide of western civilization.

  • IstvanIN

    The muzzies, for once in their useless lives, did the Italians a favor.

  • This is what one of the boats looks like. The question I’ve never seen anyone ask is where the boats come from. They must be built in the West. Destroy the boats and sell them no new ones. Let them swim to Italy.

    • George Moriarty

      If it is anything like the situation in Australia these boat people were being brought in by organised people smugglers. In our situation the smugglers just purchased derelict unseaworthy vessels, often old fishing boats, from the Indonesians. I am certain the illegal migrants in the Mediterranean are also victims of people smugglers who also get these unseaworthy vessels from anyone who wants to unload them. It is all some sort of criminal activity, why can’t the EU authorities see this and act.


        Seeing it is not the problem, acting is. Because as long as the faces on those boats are anything other White. Taking any form of action other than both rescuing and granting them asylum, would be seen as a racist act.

      • jaye ellis

        Am I correct in thinking Australia has effectively stopped all of the illegal alien smuggling by boat at least?

        Smugglers have to get this refuge in to Australia using commercial airplanes.

        • George Moriarty

          Yes, the boats have stopped.
          BUT, There are student visa rorts, tourist visa over stayers, the UNHCR and lots of very clever immigration lawyers and immigration agents who will sell their country’s soul just to get their fee or their face on the TV news. There is also our very generous refugee intake and our non-racial immigration program.
          Yesterday we had very big pro-immigration rallies here in Australia, all the usual suspects, the Greens, Communists, Muslims and other ethnic minorities as well as a few Christian groups who think we need to show more compassion.
          There were also anti-migration demonstrations which the media portrayed in as bad as light as possible. (e.g. unfeeling Ignorant red necked Nazi bigots type of thing.)
          It is early morning here in Oz and I have just heard on the news of another boat sinking in the Mediterranean. For this reason alone the EU has to STOP the boats NOW.

          • jaye ellis

            Stay strong brother. Please use the propaganda of ending reversing the worst 3rd world immigration using women hating, gay killing 8th century Islamic extremists – it is very hard for PC Leftists to make these folks in to oppressed victims.

    • Rob

      I bet the boat must be smelling good with all that negro breath and odor.

      • George Moriarty

        There are some things that you just don’t talk about in polite company!

        • Rob

          And which polite company are you talking about Moriarty???

          • George Moriarty

            Hopefully the decent upright civilised people who read this website. The sort of people that wash there hands after visiting a proper toilet, have a bath or shower daily, wear clean clothes, keep their houses and garden clean and tidy and live in a nice white neighbourhood.
            And the sort of people that want to keep it that way.

          • Rob

            O OK. I doubt there are many in the world that do everything you have enumerated. LOL!!!

    • dd47

      It’s interesting how virtually all the faces in these pictures or news reports are black. Yet they claim that the “Arab Spring” is something to do with it….

      Truth is, Gaddafi had a deal with Europe to stop asylum seekers coming through his country. Now that Gaddafi is gone and Libya is borderline stateless, Africans view it as a massive opportunity to get to the Mediterranean.

  • John Smith

    Maybe they just didn’t like blacks, as I believe many of the muslims are Arabs from Syria and Libya looking to leave.

    • Rob

      I would’nt take any of them, arab or black christian.

  • curri

    This was under a lot more control when Gaddafi was still in charge in Libya. Makes you wonder if the US/EU overthrew him to facilitate the invasion.

    • Rob

      You are correct, but they have another ally that is pushing this cause for its own purpose.

    • dd47

      I’ve also thought about what you suggested there. Gaddafi had an agreement with Europe to stop asylum seekers from going through Libya. Now they have a clear shot at the Mediterranean and beyond with the collapse of the Jamahiriya.

      Back in 2011 the rebels were detaining all blacks because blacks were so uncommon in the country that their presence suggested they were “mercenaries” (mostly unemployed youths who were misled into believing they would receive money and a free car in return for conventional work rather than being hired guns) brought in (from Chad) by Gaddafi’s regime. If these boats come from Libya, and yet they are full of blacks, and yet blacks were so uncommon in Gaddafi’s Libya, it only suggests that blacks must be streaming through in huge numbers.

    • jaye ellis

      No, it’s just something idiot Liberal Americans have always done:

      Fighting wars to make the WORLD safe for American style democracy.

      See the Free Cuba, end the injustice of Spanish colonialism in Cuba , free the Cubans to become a Democratic Republic like the United States, once we win the war, We, the United States inherit the whole *#&$*@# Philippines as a US colony.

      • jaye ellis

        I was doing a one man Pat Buchanan style opposition to the first Great American war for Democracy in Iraq in 1991. The Great fighter for DEMOCRACY George Herbert Walker Bush was then our leader.

        I was on Tennessee talk radio explaining what would happen if We the USA went in for an all out war against SADDAM Hussein, that the result would be anarchy, then Islamic extremism, noting even remotely like stable, pro American democracy.

        Some callers got my point, the rest simply repeated official propaganda that:

        “Those people in Iraq don’t have any freedom”.

        Americans are mostly idiots. sometimes I wonder why we at Amren try so hard to “save them”.

  • libertarian1234

    “Migrants Killed in ‘Religious Clash’ on Mediterranean Boat”

    Any of them is capable of the same think whether it’s on a boat, in a refugee camp or a city collecting welfare.

    Western leaders are fools of the highest order.

  • Cato

    To the Italian Coast Guard, here’s what the people you protect REALLY want: DON’T save these guys. They are all sub-Saharan Africans, who chose to come across the sea from Libya, and who fully intend to become a taxpayer-burden once they arrive. I know it sounds bad, but here it is: let these intruders die, and after a while, no others will attempt the voyage.

  • KenelmDigby

    If anything at all illustrates the grotesque absurdity of the present situation afflicting Italy, it is this.
    Here we have the absurdity of a group of blatant invaders of Italian soil – pretending to be ‘refugees’, but who are just so plain obviously invaders simply seeking a better life by taking over someone else’s nation, squabbling amongst themselves, and performing the not very merciful act of murder on those whom they seek to persecute.
    As I wrote earlier, it’s simply grotesque and sick, and serves as a metaphor for the whole disgusting sordid racket.

  • InAFreeCountry

    Adherents of the Religion of Peace killing fellow refugees because they are Christians? I don’t believe it.

  • Weisheit77

    I got into a heated discussion in Germany in German with a German. I kept saying you don’t want your cities to look like ours and Europe can’t absorb Africa.

    • Africans have equal capacity, intelligence, ambition as Germans. They will become productive Germans and will work to pay the taxes to pay the old age pensions of aging Germans /sarcasm end.

      It is racist to think otherwise.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      The problem is, they don’t know the orcs like we do. Interestingly enough, they often DO know the Turks and less savory Russians here, and they DO complain about them. But blacks? All they usually know is about the musicians, athletes, and what they see in Hollywood films, and can’t know the danger they are in in letting in thousands of african “Asylbewerber.”

    • johningermany

      I have lived near Rosenheim in Bavaria since 1990 and I was in the army near here from 1966-70. It used to be you could go weeks without seeing an African. Now they are everywhere. Almost all male and of the very black sub-saharan variety. It makes me sick. I counted 30 in 20 minutes the other day.

      • Susannah

        30 in 20 minutes in Bavaria?! That is very concerning. I see them at about that rate sometimes, but I live in the Deep South. It sounds like they are fanning out over Europe the way Mexican and Central American illegals are doing the same in America. Do you see a lot of White women with these stellar examples of humanity?

        • johningermany

          I see white women with them only occasionly.

        • Korean guy

          I live in Quebec City in Canada (where French is the official language and the most commonly spoken language) and I do see quite a few blacks everywhere but black male – white female couples or white male – black male couples can be seen roughly once a month. Most blacks and whites in Quebec City simply date and marry someone of his or her own race. Do I see it? Yes, but black – white interracial unions hardly is a factor for the “survival” or “preservation” of French Canadians. I see homosexual people a lot more often than I see interracial couples here. And I also realized that there are some black women who date black men but she happens to be light-skinned and at a brief glance she looks like a white woman.

          Quebec City is incredibly beautiful. It is just that there are large piles of snow everywhere in public, 365 days a year.

          A photo I took recently in Quebec City.

          Le Ville de Quebec est tres tres belle~~

      • Korean guy

        I would love to visit Schloss Neuschwanstein in the near future. Possibly the most beautiful architectural work on the planet.

        ( I did not take this photo, obviously )

      • Weisheit77

        Damn, I was a little bit north of you. But for an American who lives on the east coast it is still very little for me.

  • People have the right to apply for Asylum once they set foot on a European country. Or, I guess, on a boat that brings them there. Some people try to reign in the abuse of Asylum application. But no one dares to question if the entire fundamental right of Asylum is feasible. Of course, everyone in Syria qualifies for Asylum. We might as well invite them all to europe, and have them fight out their wars on European soil (street fights of 50 and more ISIS with Yesidis (sp?) already happen in German towns).

    Asylum is supposed to be temporary, until the war is over. But no one ever goes back. 2000 Euro government support in Germany for a family beats 100 Euro salary for hard work at the home country.

    The foundation is, of course, the dogma that all people are equal. Somalis, with some education, will become productive German engineers. At least their kids will become engineers, physicists, and physicians, because they will enjoy the German schooling and thus have equal outcome. If this does not happen, it is the fault of Europeans who do not integrate them.

    I am waiting for Europe to start Muslim and racial quotas in Universities and work places. So far Europeans only have women quotas.
    Asylum is granted to people fleeing persecution or serious harm in their own country and therefore in need of international protection. Asylum is a fundamental right; granting it is an international obligation, first recognised in the 1951 Geneva Convention on the protection of refugees . In the EU, an area of open borders and freedom of movement, countries share the same fundamental values and States need to have a joint approach to guarantee high standards of protection for refugees. Procedures must at the same time be fair and effective throughout the EU and impervious to abuse. With this in mind, the EU States have committed to establishing a Common European Asylum System.

  • “Italian police say they have arrested 15 Muslim migrants after they
    allegedly threw 12 Christians overboard following a row on a boat
    heading to Italy.”

    It is disgusting how the BBC dares to mention the religion of these people. Normally the press are in agreement to hide race and religion of criminals who are member of a protected group. What does religion have to do with the murder? /sarcasm end.

    It actually is surprising. In France, I believe it is a crime to publish or even to do crime statistics by race. Anyone can read the french press how they report on this?

  • archer

    We took out Libya’s Gadhafi and now are paying the price.

  • mobilebay

    Great example from the “Religion of Peace.”

  • jaye ellis

    We have to find a way to get Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson and the 1% Libertarian loons in our country on these boats.

    Maybe give them some books by Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand and present the idea that they would have an excellent opportunity to spread the gospel of “free markets” to enterprising young people eager to maximize their personal utility and increase our GNP – remember everything is about free market economics, the…

    Freedom to Choose.

    Our side needs to focus completely on individual freedom and not fall down in to ANY thoughts or actions of “collectivism”….

    We need to embrace a slightly altered Libertarian version of John and Yoko Lenon’s “Imagine” where there are no nations, no religions, no races, just everyone living for the day in peace and prosperity, with free markets….

    (The Black Muslims are starting to form some mobs to throw the White Libertarians off the boats, doing the dirty work that immigrants always end up having to do)

  • Sapere Aude

    In every photo I’ve seen of these European invaders, the vast majority are young men, and if there are any women in the picture, they are invariably Muslim (wearing hijab). Are all these young men going to be willing to live the rest of their lives without sex? The very idea is ludicrous, yet there are almost no suitable “partners” making the trip. The Left claims there is already a War on Women — well, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. White women in Sweden are already going out only in groups and dying their hair brown to avoid rape. This Rape War on White Women will inevitably spread across Europe. European White women are in serious trouble.

    • Susannah

      Correct. If these were legitimate refugees, wouldn’t their groups comprise a number of women and children? The fact that these invaders are nearly all male indicates they are solely economic “refugees”, most of whom will be leeching off the European people and committing various criminal acts.

      • George Moriarty

        How it was done here;
        The family of the illegal migrant, either here in Australia or back in the hell-hole they came from would scape together about $40k and pay it to a people smuggler that would promise to get you to Australia. The illegal was usually flown to Malaysia or Indonesia and then the moment of truth arrives, they are put on an overcrowded leaky old boat heading in the general direction of Australia. The Indonesians who basically hate us would turn a blind eye to these boats leaving Indonesia. If the boat started to sink the Indonesians would call on the Australian navy to rescue it.
        Later on the people smugglers simply tipped off the Australian Navy to come and rescue them as soon as they were out of Indonesian territorial waters. In one case an illegal simply used his cell phone to call his brother in Melbourne and said “Tell the navy to come and rescue us” (And quick)
        As to all the single males; As soon as they would get residency the families would come here under our generous family reunion migration provisions. many would come on a tourist visa and overstay.(And/or have a baby born here)
        And still the bleeding hearts here tell us to show compassion for them.
        The boats have stoped but we still have too much Muslim migration both legal and illegal.

        • Sapere Aude

          I see what you mean about chain migration, although I still think European White women “be screwed” – literally. Not to mention — how is it possible to verify relationship without a blood test? Massive fraud is inevitable.

    • falskog

      Feminists are part of Liberaldom promoting unlimited immigration to the West. What are their motives then? Women’s right? not really, they are driven by the will of destruction, they hate the West more than they want to help women

  • henry ong

    Europe do not need this type of people in their midst.
    These immigrants bring ZERO to their host nation.
    European leaders owed it to their future citizens & their civilization
    to give their right decisions ie. to keep these type of people out,
    and there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.

  • Irish

    “Not a Gentleman”..The Brits were using Hessian soldiers of fortune to do their dirty work..Washington caught the Germans hungover & sleeping it off from the night before..Brilliant.

  • Blackfish

    Washington wanted to achieve victory. Can the same be said of our current Commander in Chief??

  • jaye ellis

    Yes, this is true.

    But, it’s sort of like the descriptions on dating sites:


    “Single White Christian Male”

    this denotes that the guy isn’t Jewish.

    When dealing with Middle Eastern type people from Lebanese to Armenians the Whiter, more Western you are, the more you tend to want to put out the word that you aren’t “Muslim” and aren’t “Jewish”.

    It’s a very weird sets of historical incidents that make most of Europe and the British Isles and British colonies “Christian”. We racially aware White Western people simply haven’t come up with anything practical to replace the universalist Judeo Christian churches. And we are about to run out of time.

  • Magician

    I am just curious, once they arrive in Italy, do they stay in Italy or move to other parts of Europe?

    • falskog

      move everywhere in Europe

  • Speedy Steve

    Stop rescuing them. Let them wash up on shore, or become fish bait.

  • technodan

    I love how these invaders are called “migrants”, like they’re birds flying north for the summer.