French PM Launches Action Plan Against ‘Unbearable’ Racism

France 24, April 17, 2015

France’s prime minister announced Friday the government would pour 100 million euros into a major anti-racism and anti-Semitism action plan devised in the aftermath of the deadly Paris jihadist attacks.

The programme, which among other measures increases penalties for crimes deemed to have been fuelled by racism and anti-Semitism, comes at a time when acts against Muslims and Jews have shot up in France.

“Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners, homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner,” Manuel Valls said in the Paris suburb city of Creteil, the scene of a brutal attack on a Jewish man and his girlfriend in December.

On Thursday, the country’s Islamophobia watchdog said anti-Muslim acts had leapt six-fold in the first three months of the year compared with the same period in 2014, fuelled by the January 7-9 attacks when Islamic extremists went on a killing spree that left 17 people dead.

The Jewish community is also increasingly worried, with anti-Semitic acts doubling last year compared with 2013, prompting a rising number of Jews to leave for Israel.

“French Jews must no longer be scared to be Jewish” and “French Muslims must no longer be scared to be Muslim,” Valls said.

And it is not just these two communities–the largest in Europe with an estimated four to five million Muslims and around 600,000 Jews–that are targets.

The Roma, a minority group that comes mainly from Romania and Bulgaria, also face considerable discrimination, according to activists.

Apart from the harsher penalties, the action plan also calls for the implementation of a national unit to fight against hatred online, as the Internet increasingly becomes a zone of impunity for racist comments.

In schools, teacher training will be reinforced, head masters will be encouraged to report incidents, and students will visit various relevant memorial sites during their school years.

The 100 million euros ($108 million), will be used over three years to finance a large-scale communications campaign and various local-level initiatives.

Valls and Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visited a high school in Creteil on Friday where they emphasised they were both born abroad–in Spain and Morocco respectively.

“You’re all from different origins, and that’s a strength,” Valls said.

“It’s through education and the understanding of others that you can counter cliches and negative images.”

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  • Oil Can Harry

    The French gov’t should put Jean Raspail in charge of immigration.

    • John Smith

      Marcel Bigeard should be put in charge of internal security, even if they have to dig him up.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    The French government will waste French tax-payers’ money to demonize the French. How pitiful and corrupt!

    • Susannah

      Disgusting. And Prime Minister Valls even trotted out a version of “diversity is our strength”. No, diversity is demonstrably NOT a strength, in France or anywhere else in the world.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        What’s next, are they going to poop on my plate and tell me it’s a steak?? Somehow I bet the anti-white whites would eat that poop and claim it’s the finest steak they’ve ever eaten.

        • Guest


        • Guest


    • IstvanIN

      Just like our government.

    • Charles Martel

      It has been wasting frech taxpayers money jailing people that question certain WWII hoaxes.

      • a1781054

        Bruno Gollnisch didn’t even question it and was still charged. Check out his blurb on Wiki.

        • Charles Martel

          Oh I know its so fragile it cant even stand the reflected light of day

  • If I didn’t know any better, if this article was all I had to go on, and I didn’t know what “jihadist” meant, I would come away thinking that native born white people committed these “jihadist” attacks against Jews, Muslims, Gypsies and gays, and that native born white people did the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    • propagandaoftruth

      “France’s prime minister announced Friday the government would pour 100 million euros into a major anti-racism and anti-Semitism action plan devised in the aftermath of the deadly Paris jihadist attacks.”

      So they’re against racism and the Jews? That’s just confusing, man. Must be Friday.

  • John Smith

    If France’s muslims were scared, things would fix themselves.

  • HJ11

    Bigots never change, they just change their targets. That French PM would have been attacking Gays a few years ago, but now they’re off limits since they’ve come out of the closet, so now the bigot thinks he can attack White racists and that we’ll run and hide. Frankly, I was born as a White racist and I love who and what I am. I have a heightened sense of who is me and who is not me and what I need to not only survive as a White but how to expand and move forward as a White. Hey, Frenchy you’re a BIGOT. I, for one, am out of the closet and I affirm: I AM A WHITE RACIST. I WAS BORN THAT WAY, SO BUG OFF YOU BIGOT CREEP!

    • George Moriarty

      You like being white? Good. You are very concerned about the results of black and Muslim immigrants taking over your once prosperous well ordered white society? Good. You never feel at ease with blacks or Muslims and you certainly can not get into an intelligent conversation with them? I understand. You are concerned about crime, vandalism and terror attacks? Yes, so am I. You were born in your country, they came uninvited, does that worry you? Of course.
      If all that is what makes you a racist, that seems quite normal to me, perhaps you should be called a patriot instead. Patriot, something that the whole white world needs more of and urgently.
      It is the French PM who has the problem.

      • HJ11

        Yes, White Racism is normal. It is a survival mechanism. I like the term White Racist and I own up to it. However, as you have correctly pointed out, the defintion I use for the term is not the same one used by the haters of Whites. My attitude toward non-Whites is one of indifference and I try not to interfere in the destinies of those unlike me. They must develop along their own trajectories and fulfill their own destinies without my help.

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        That is true.
        Except that the Administration has labeled patriots as “potential terrorists”.

        I am a patriot.

  • Albert

    Why not aim that program at the most hateful and bigoted group- the muslim immigrants

  • Albert

    “You’re all from different origins, and that’s a strength,” Valls said.
    It would be a strength if all cultures were equal.

    • David Ashton

      A simple question: “In what way is it a strength?”

      • propagandaoftruth

        The question never answered, ever asked, David.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Simply asking it makes you an evil racist! That is all the answer any sensible person needs.

          • David Ashton

            I am reading your comment just after finishing Professor Roger Scruton’s book “The Uses of Pessimism” (Atlantic Books, 2012). I recommend his chapter on deconstruction, Powell and the “racist” label to all our readers.

          • silviosilver

            If I may, what response does he suggest?

          • David Ashton

            Intellectual ammunition rather than campaign advice.

      • Charles Martel

        Why music and ethnic food of course.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Haha I’m a pretty crappy cook but I can make a lot of “ethnic” food and I don’t have to worry about getting Hep A or any of the other disgusting diseases the foreigners have by patronizing their filthy restaurants. Maybe the dysentery is part of the experience?

          • Charles Martel

            The feces vector diseases like e-coli and EV-69 are part of the flavor.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Don’t forget mulattoes on welfare.

      • Albert

        Sigh. I think cultures are just like people. Some are very respectable while others can be deplorable. Each (respectable) culture has something to offer. From North East Asians- for example- we could stand to benefit from their larger sense of community (beyond the immediate family) and work ethic. It also wouldn’t hurt for us to learn the value of simple courtesy and respect. (Consider this last one the next time your on the freeway).

        • David Ashton

          We can always learn what we want from others, but must draw the line when “the others” become “we”, if you see my point.

        • JohnEngelman

          Minority races in the United States are not created equal. That is the central truth of race realism.

        • WhiteVeinKratom

          Our culture had courtesy and respect long before the Christians came and conquered us.

          They were called the “Nine Noble Virtues”.

      • JohnEngelman

        “Diversity is our strength.’

        “Race is only a social construct.”

        “Rapists are not motivated by lust.”

        Those are not testable assertions. They are not topics for debate. They are theological dogmas. Those who question them are not persuaded. They are punished for heresy.

        • David Ashton

          We agree, for once (or twice). Well put.

      • Rossbach

        We are told that all cultures are equal and that we are all the same. If that is the case, then “diversity” is meaningless. Are some people more “the same” than others? What is the value of diversity programs? Is there any evidence that non-diverse societies are worse off? So many questions. So many unwarranted assumptions.

        • David Ashton

          The purpose of the diversity programs is to deconstruct the cohesion of western white nations in line with the post-war New Left aims of Marcuse & Co(mrades).

  • LHathaway

    Even the French president is telling you you should have voted FN! God.

    • a1781054

      They think more bashing of ethnic French will bring more people to their party? So odd. You would think that at this point they would know this type of thing no longer works.

  • libertarian1234

    “French Jews must no longer be scared to be Jewish” and “French Muslims must no longer be scared to be Muslim,” Valls said.

    LOL! Not one word about the fact that 99% of anti-Jewish hatred and violence is perpetrated by Muslims.

    And not one word that it is Muslim on white attacks that are out of control. Absolutely amazing at the outrageous lies this pig tells.

    This dork surely must live in a basement and never comes up out of the mildew.

    And France wants to spend 100 million?

    I’m all for that. Because they’re on the verge of going broke and this will hurry things along.

    • George Moriarty

      A classic example of purposely confusing and almost avoiding the real issue.
      I note the schools minister is Morocan. It appears that there will be an (in)appropriate re-education campaign within the schools system. In a further attack on free speech in France racist incidents and possible talk are to be reported.
      Why can’t the French PM open his eyes, listen to real French people and realize that the country has a Muslim problem. (Which obviously affects French Jews as well)

  • Johann Wald

    Typical hypocritical politician, regardless of nationality. If the “brutal attack on a Jewish man and his girlfriend” referenced in the article has been an attack on a regular, Christian Frenchman, not a thought would have been given to it. Now that’s hypocrisy.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Some animals are more equal than others, comrade.

  • Jason Lewis

    Enjoy France. Your own tax dollars used to tell you to shut up about your own demise.

    • Charles Martel

      The Boston marathon brothers family flew to the US on our taxes and went on welfare.

  • James Hamilton

    How can this be? I thought diversity was strength?

  • WR_the_realist

    So to cure antisemitism Manuel Valls is going to teach Frenchmen to love Muslims who hate Jews. And often Christians as well.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    I have a solution…SEND THE FOREIGNERS HOME! If it’s so unbearable for them, then they need to go back to their homeland paradise, where they never have to deal with evil, racist whitey.

    • David Ashton

      “O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends!”

      • JohnEngelman

        Surah 5:51 O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is [one] of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.

        “The Meaning of the Glorious Koran,” by Marmaduke Pickthall

        • David Ashton

          And that is one translation they consider “acceptable”.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have studied each of the world’s great religions. I have read the Bible including the Apocrypha from cover to cover in seven English translations (twice with the King James Version). I have read the Koran in three English translations.

            I practice Christianity. I respect Buddhism. I see problems with Islam.

          • David Ashton

            You have told us at least twice before that you have read the entire Bible in various English translations eight times “from cover to cover”. This still strikes me as a somewhat bizarre chore. The “Bible” is not a self-contained single book, but a selection of documents made by the Catholic Church long after the apostles. Many of these require scholarly commentary for full appreciation.

            Traditional Muslims regard the Koran as valid only in the Arabic and dislike infidels touching it, let alone criticizing it. It also needs a critical analysis. A fair start would be Robert Spencer’s “Did Muhammad Exist?” Of course, the New Testament has had its critics for over two centuries.

          • Well actually the Protestant and Catholic bibles are esstentially the same but there are a few extra “books”, or chapters if you will, that are in the Catholic one that didn’t make it into the Protestant one.

            The protestant bibles also may have a more up-to-date translation from the original Greek & Hebrew, although they did replace the word “denarius” with “coin” in the New International Version (a Protestant version). This is what I use even tho I’m Catholic.

            There are also the “Apocrypha” which are books that were excluded from being in the Bible by various councils, called by Roman Emperors such as Theodosius I in the 4th century AD. The books were excluded because they’d cause internal inconsistencies and the authorship of some was suspect. Something the Muslims should have done with the Koran 400 years after it was 1st written too.

          • David Ashton

            The RC Jerusalem Bible avoids the banal and occasionally amusing tone of some modern CofE favored translations.

  • Light from the East

    It looks like France enjoyed the fruit of multiculturalism like that in the middle east, an epitome of endless conflicts and wars. Now the French PM chose to solve the less important non-physical issues than the more important immediate physical threat. So far we saw all the killings are due to Muslims. What did this PM really think?

  • a1781054

    “You’re all from different origins, and that’s a strength,” Valls said.

  • Eagle1212

    As long as the Joker in Chief here in America is in charge, America will continue to suffer from the same effects of unbearable racism from lowllfe scums like the people in Ferguson or other cities like it.

  • KenelmDigby

    It must not be forgotten that Francois Hollande was elected purely on the basis of the Muslim vote which decided the election.

  • Diversity Heretic

    My guess is that this is de facto “protection money.” It will probably be spent in the Arab-African immigrant community to buy off the leadership with government or contractor “outreach” jobs, in return for toning down, at least temporarily, the level of anti-Jewish and anti-French rhetoric. But, as Rudyard Kipling observed, “Once you have paid him the Danegeld, you will never be rid of the Dane;”

  • “It’s through education and the understanding of others that you can counter cliches and negative images.”
    These people can not be educated to Europan levels. ** it is the greatest taboo of the holy religion of political correctness to say this. This is why James Watson was crucified, and Rushton and Jensen are pariahs, opposed by legions of junk scientists at all major Universities.

    It is also interested how Muslim killings of Jews are considered the same as Islamophobia, thoughts or words doubting Muslim religion and character of their people.

  • JohnEngelman

    The article implies that Jews and Muslims are equally at risk from native born Gentile French. I suspect that the vast majority of anti Jewish actions are committed by Muslim immigrants.

    • IstvanIN

      Please, we don’t want to let the facts get in the way of a political decision and confuse our great leaders.

    • libertarian1234

      “The article implies that Jews and Muslims are equally at risk from native born Gentile French.”

      That’s EXACTLY what it amounts to, and, as I read it, it goes far beyond implication.

      How anybody could allow such an absurd claim to be published as fact is absolutely amazing.

      These distortions only make the situation worse, just as the press does here by ignoring the immense numbers of black crime, while alleging that blacks are incarcerated and disciplined due to racism.

      The entire West is rapidly deteriorating.

  • Isn’t multiculturalism and multiracialism great? Such a good idea. So productive and healthy for a nation. Disturbances, unrest, deaths, breakdown of institutions and trust, inability to have any kind of true democracy that does not hinge around interest-groups and identity politics, religious extremism, resentment and fear. With nationalism, much of all this would be swept away.

    So the Jews have helped create hell in France to protect their own interests from being exposed, the said new arrivals are then behind the attacks on the Jews, the true French loathe what the Muslims are doing to France (and what they are doing to the Jews, one suspects), but no doubt they will ultimately be the target of blame for this experiment not working out right.

  • Miles Smith

    But the French?

    They have no right to be French, and their government doesn’t give a rats a** about them.

  • Sick of it

    “French Jews must no longer be scared to be Jewish”

    If they were French, why the solid focus on being Jews? Also, Valls is not French. He’s a foreigner from two foreign parents. But that’s how politics works today.

  • Hilis Hatki

    100 million euros…. some peoples are going to benefit from “unbearable racism”.

  • jaye ellis

    These #*$&#^&@ Elitists never miss a beat to spread their lies. The Muslim slaughter of the cartoon magazine staff and assassination at a Jewish Kosher store are spun to be acts of RACISM against Jews, Muslims, Gypsies – the evil bad guys are presented as racist Whites, or else racist White Conservatives created a “climate of RACISM” against Jews, Muslims, Blacks, the disabled, maybe the Left will throw in THE IRISH, or Polish EU workers.

    The Lying Left doesn’t miss a beat.

  • David Ashton

    I regret that the British press refer to Rroma thieves and beggars as Romanians.

  • silviosilver

    Another is anti-whitism. The left is nothing if not anti-white but they can’t even bring themselves to acknowledge it, as seen in the remarks of the French PM here:

    “Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners, homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner,” Manuel Valls said

    Anti-whitism is also increasing in an unbearable manner, but I guess it’s hard to see when it’s at the centre of your worldview.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This has to do with a minority community attacking another minority community. The hate whitey diversity plan seems to be backfiring on its agents. Two ideologies clashing here: their hatred of whites clashing with their desire to open the flood gates of cultures around the world. When these immigrants begin attacking the chosen, there is a sort of cognitive dissonance.

  • Visceral

    So Muslims attack France and France responds by making Muslims a protected class, then they make the native French tax payers foot the bill.


    The French government is anti-French!

    Sounds like France needs another revolution, Marie Le Pen style!

  • Cid Campeador

    Peuple de France,
    Divest yourselves of Musims and Africans and the Racism will end.

  • falskog

    It is exactly what they want, civil war, violence, Lebanon, they means hostile elites

  • Rob

    You mean DIE-versity.

  • American_cavalier

    The incongruity of this laws targeted groups might leave some confused. Anti Semitism including directed at Muslims is forboten. But so is anti racism and anti homosexuality. All of this comes after terror attacks by Muslims against French both native and Jewish. Once one checks off the various groups protected by this law and those targeted by the law then one comes to a realization, native Christian French men are totally outside the protection of this law. Finally once one considers which ideological group being run by which upper class which wrote this law it’s pretty clear who is behind the law. This law should be called the “Law for the further protection of leftwing Jews who have a lot of money.” Moslems who attack Jewish rich people will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Anti Semitism. But Muslims are free to attack French Christians. And if said French Christians defend themselves or say anything they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for xenophobia and Anti Semitism.