In Defense of an Openly Racist Magazine

Jeremy Egerer, American Thinker, April 29, 2015

One nearly universal fact of human nature is that if you tell people not to read something, they’ll begin to want to read it. Another fact of human nature is that if a man begins to feel like something’s been hidden from him by the “good guys,” he’ll begin to want to listen to what the bad guys have to say. The unfortunate but expectable result of these is that if you have a kid spend his childhood watching movies with anti-racist themes (the ones where whites are racists, naturally) and send him to a leftist college, and he hears little to nothing in the media about any atrocities committed by anyone but white people, and then suddenly encounters a horrible website like American Renaissance, he might find it extremely interesting.

That an openly white nationalist magazine like American Renaissance could have only a limited impact upon a mixed-breed half-Hispanic like me (although I identify as white) is understandable. Dozens of horror stories throughout the year about Hispanics can go only so far when a man already has a large and industrious and charitable Hispanic family. But the fact that American Renaissance has so many horror stories about them at all is what matters. A nearly total silence from the mainstream media for years involving any atrocities committed by blacks or Arabs or Hispanics, and you suddenly begin to realize you’ve been duped–that everything you’ve ever known about whites being the aggressors against purely unfortunate minorities has been a superseded by something much uglier: a war by everyone, for everyone.

Suddenly, you begin to encounter horror stories in local news pages about white women being tortured and murdered by black men, illegal aliens raping innocent girls, and Muslim fanatics beheading their own children for just desiring to be human. And after a few of these stories, you begin to develop something aside from a general sensation of shock and disgust. You almost immediately begin to carry a burden of anger. Not at the white nationalists who talk about these things, or even simply at the people who did them, but overwhelmingly at the people who purposely hide them. You begin to wonder why any useful racial crime statistics aren’t readily available at the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Victimization Report since Obama took office, or why nobody really knows which races and religions are responsible for the majority of discrimination lawsuits in the nation. You begin to wonder why lynch mobs are being organized on a yearly basis in honor of the few black people (and mostly criminals) shot by cops in bad neighborhoods, and nobody is protesting too openly about the diabolical black crime rates.

The answer is clear. A man who overwhelmingly showcases the atrocities of one race is running a propaganda war against it. And the people in charge of our government and mainstream media believe we’re stupid enough to believe them. On the whole, they are right. Except the problem with Westerners isn’t even so much that we’re stupid; it is that we lack the balls to read papers by the unpopular but intelligent people we disagree with.

The irony of the situation should be plain to everyone. A disgusting (but unfortunately necessary) magazine like American Renaissance is doing what the champions of diversity are supposed to be doing–which is giving us a complete picture of the differences among men, so that we can know what to do with them. If nearly everyone is interested in proclaiming the vices of a single race, American Renaissance is the magazine interested in proclaiming the general vices of the majority of races; for there is no such thing as fairness in an imaginary world where everything evil is committed by white people.

The unfortunate truth about interracial relations in a multiracial society is that there will be more interracial murders and rapes and robberies, not fewer–because murder is what people do. And there certainly won’t be murder in the same proportions–because difference is what happens when races are diverse. Asians for the next hundred years will never have neighborhoods as universally abominable as Ferguson or Compton, which is why Asians have deservedly received favorable mentions by openly racist men such as American Renaissance‘s Jared Taylor (although the last time I checked, he preferred to be called a race realist). Diversity, it turns out, will absolutely mean more black and white and brown men holding hands in prayer. It will also mean more black and white and brown men hacking one another to death with machetes. It is impossible that it could be otherwise, and the more accurate knowledge we have about these things, the better. For we can act wisely only when we know what we are dealing with. We can progress only when we know where we stand.

If there is any lesson to be learned from this, it is that we can no longer trust any side of the matter entirely. If we’re going to follow Matt Walsh on Facebook, we must also follow Rachel Maddow. If we’re going to watch Glenn Beck or (I ask my editor’s forgiveness) even read The American Thinker, we have to read The Daily Kos and Salon–not because our ideologies are equally valuable, but because everyone has an agenda. They will report what they feel most interested in reporting, and nothing beyond. Not because we’re necessarily evil, although this could in some degree be admitted, but because our limited hours and finite attention spans and particular interests require it.

We have already entered a new and multiracial world, something not altogether unlike the Tower of Babel. But it is possible for men to part ways for reasons other than a difference in language. They can also fail as a community by having completely opposite perceptions of the world around them, perceptions fueled by a lack of intellectual liberality, which is fueled by nothing other than an unholy brand of self-esteem. It is our job to be the complete men–the well-rounded men–the enlightened men. But to be complete men, we have to first be humble men. And if being enlightened means watching out for uncomfortable truths (which it always does), then let us thank even the openly racist men like Jared Taylor for making us uncomfortable.

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  • David Ashton

    Righteous anger of this kind is more than welcome. Long may it spread and bear constructive fruit (mixed metaphor).

  • Fair Dinkum

    That byline should read, Jeremy Egerer, American <B Thinker, April 29, 2015.

    • Red

      You are correct. It should read American Thinker

    • TruthBeTold

      I thought it was odd. AmRen reporting on Amren.

      • a1781054

        I also thought it was odd that it said that.

  • Mack0

    Half Hispanic doesn’t matter to me. You’re still part of my tribe. Great article, Mr. Egerer.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Agreed. Hispanics do have something to teach us. How to have some cojones and how to deal with existential enemies.

      Welcome to the team, halfbreed. Your thoughts and words betray your whiteness. Great article.

    • DonReynolds

      Hispanic is not a race, nor is Mexican or Puerto Rican.
      The Leftist Liberals would love to make everyone think hispanic is a race because it would fit their false narrative so well.

      • Mack0

        Well said. Some so-called Hispanics are essentially Europeans. Then again, I’m probably not the most stringent racial purist.

      • Light from the East

        Hispanic is a term used to describe a group of people coming from Central or South America with several ethnic background. For example, some Hispanic are white Europeans with Spanish, Italian, or German descent, of course they are minority. The majority of Hispanic people is Mestizos, who are biracial people with Native Amerindian and European descent.

        • DonReynolds

          Hispanic is a language grouping that includes Spanish and Portuguese. (What we used to call “Ibero-American”.) Like any other language grouping, it includes several races…..white, brown, black, red, and yellow…..yes, yellow. Asians are a minority in Central and South America. One of them was president of Peru……Alberto Fujimori. By no means would hispanic be considered a race.

          • Light from the East

            Of course, Asians are the minority of the minority in Hispanic world.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Hispanic includes everyone from the whitest Spaniard to the darkest Venezuelan. It is a mistake include someone in your “tribe” on something so frivolous.

      • Mack0

        If they have a brain size closer to European I’m open to inclusion.

        • propagandaoftruth

          If they are White they do.

          Most Whites in Latin America are Whites who rule the places. When they come here they fly in and buy their citizenship. Then pay taxes like other White people.

          I assume the author can pass for White and he thinks like a White, and were he to stroll through some blackhole, he’d probably be an equal opportunity knockout game target same as any other…

          White person in Amerika.

      • Irish

        “Hispanic” does not meen anything at all, other than that your people hail from a Spanish Language speaking country. Which of course includes those “Hispanics” from New Mexico & Arizona who lived there long before they were U.S. States, before there was a United State at all, or a independent Mexico..Any ethnic group that includes full Negroes, Undiluted Amer-Indians, and ethnic-Germans, Spanish, Welsh, Italians etc is not a ethnic group at all of course…It’s a rights group hustle against Native White Americans plain & simple..

        • FinnShane

          Exactly. It’s as artificial as a group called “Anglos” would be, consisting of people of every race and ethnicity that happen to speak English as their primary language.

          • Irish

            As a Irish-Catholic of primarily Celtic blood I’ve always found it particularly grating..

  • MekongDelta69

    “We have already entered a new and multiracial world, something not altogether unlike the Tower of Babel.”

    You mean, “Tower of Babble.”

    “And if being enlightened means watching out for uncomfortable truths (which it always does), then let us thank even the openly racist men like Jared Taylor for making us uncomfortable.”

    Something’s wrong here. This guy writes for AmRen and he’s calling Jared “openly racist”?

    What gives?

    • TruthBeTold

      The article is from American Thinker not American Renaissance. AR made a posting error.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’m waiting for the day when I read an article trashing AMREN, and it mentions:
    One truly disgusting regular, who has the audacity to go by the moniker “D.B. Cooper”, has been making rude, crude, and offensive comments ever since the website has been around.

    • Fair Dinkum

      You’re just gonna hafta work harder at being a public menace, D.B.

      • D.B. Cooper

        The list of web sites I’m banned from gets longer each week.

        • TruthBeTold

          My most recent ban was Hollywood Reported on an article about the movie Selma when I simply reported the official low box office numbers.

          • InAFreeCountry

            I guess they just can’t handle the truth, Truth!

          • Michele Groves

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          • Joy Feathers

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          • Tim

            I went to her funeral on a lark. I was working at Applebee`s when the local San Antonio stations broke in on her murder like she was JFK. I remember telling a lesbian waitress to hush and turn the TV up. When she asked “WHY?” I said, “I wanna find out who Selena is!!” We both laughed wondering who the heck she was. So me and my sidekick gassed up and headed to Corpus Christi. I quit snickering when we pulled over at a store about halfway down. A rusted out van with fifteen members of an extended family piled out. I`m talking 18 month old to 85 year old. The back window was soaped “Topeka Kansas loves Selena”. Our jaws dropped to think of the miles they had covered overnight to get down here. I began to wonder if she was the new Eva Peron. When we got off IH-37 at Shoreline Drive the crowd was four deep for about two miles long. I`m guessing 25 to 40 thousand people.. I was impressed. So I watched the movie. The scene that resonated with my own experience (contrived as it was) showed the Anglo dress store clerk refusing her service then having her store swamped by 1000 other mall employees who walk away from their registers to see and meet her. It was symbolic of the moment when we realized there were now more of them than us in Texas…

          • Deja Douglass

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        • John Smith

          I’m banned at SPLC, CNN, CBS, Breitbart and Gateway Pundit, among others.

          • Tim

            Reminds me of the old Woody Allen line, “I`m wanted by the FBI, the CIA and MGM…”

        • listenupbub

          I guess we can’t complain about banning, because this site deletes quite a bit of comments. I’ve been censored more than once for mentioning a certain race, and for pointing out the objective truth that certain black behaviors resemble the behaviors of certain not-quite-human animals.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Don’t monkey around with anthropology…

    • DonReynolds

      A hundred UP VOTES. Atta boy.

  • For what I’m thinking, after having read this, the quasi-pornographication of white racialism and ethnonationalism could wind up benefiting us in the long run.

    Forbidden fruit is tempting, and not just to the young.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Why don’t “they” want me to see this?

      Don’t press that button, Stimpy…

    • TruthBeTold

      When there’s a receptive audience on a comment section, I often include www amren com in my comments.

      • Northern American-Nationalist

        God bless you.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Yes, it also made me think of a stack of AmRen magazines under a boy’s bed.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        *locks door*

        Black IQ, white achievement, crime rates, Sam Francis… “Oooh, yeaah! You’re so naughty, aren’t you?!”

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    It will also mean more black and white and brown men hacking one another to death with machetes.
    When Whites commit inter-racial crime, they choose blacks as victims 2.4% of the time. Try again Jeremy.

    • DonReynolds

      Think positive. There is always room for improvement. Ha Ha.
      ….and it could happen overnight, without anyone planning it.

    • listenupbub

      Hey, he is writing for a site that does not accept too much truth. He has to be equitable to not look too racist.

    • John Smith

      Maybe he’s including when whites kill negroes in self-defense as well? All I know is I plan on using a firearm, not a machete, when push comes to shove.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      And I’m sure many of these “whites” are actually Hispanic mestizos.

  • Jaggers

    I found this article to be nonsensical. Amren is maligned as “horrible” and “disgusting”, but then in the same sentence “completely necessary.” Clearly the writer, as a half-Hispanic or whatever he is, has his vanity bruised by race realism, and therefore must denounce it. Yet he fails to think of any logical reason to do so, beyond his own base racial self-interest. Oh well, American Thinker is hit and miss.

    • Zimriel

      I caught irony in those statements in context.

      • Jaggers

        No, there’s no irony. Just take the phrase “unfortunately necessary” in reference to Amren. He’s trying to triangulate. Egerer shows readers that he shares their premise that Amren is horrible, but in a nuanced way he understands why it exists.

    • listenupbub

      They are rhetorical additions meant to get the American Thinker to be willing to publish his story. It is not acceptable to totally defend a site like Amren.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Or how about just not mentioning the rhetorical additions in the first place, like some sort of ritualistic requirement.

        • listenupbub

          The editors need the rhetorical additions to relieve their anxiety as they read an article that might challenge their beliefs and incite the scary blacks.

      • Nonhumans


    • carriewhite64

      That is how I read it too. And a few of the comments on American Thinker were highly critical and condescending of AmRen.

  • Deacon Blue

    “A man who overwhelmingly showcases the atrocities of one race is running a propaganda war against it.”

    Best sentence in the whole article.

    • JohnnySmoggins

      I understood “a man” to be code for Eskimo.

  • DonReynolds

    He is much more optimistic than I can manage, but I do not consider AmRen to be openly racist, but I would agree with what the article implies……i.e. every publication is openly racist, but the label is affixed only to those who are more interested in the truth. (No, the truth is not an opinion.)

    I used to be like him, in fact. I used to believe in the power of reason to compel even diverse people to cooperate in a diverse society. I used to believe that orange juice tasted the same to everyone and that the color red was the same color to everyone. Experience has taught me otherwise.

    We are not similar…..we are dissimilar. We are different in very basic ways. We have entirely different purposes and values. We form very different societies….which could actually be tolerated and still have the diversity that some people think is important. But that is not true, because we are actually incompatible peoples, and in the extreme that incompatibility is spelled out in blood and horror in every community of this country. Some… Ferguson, and now Baltimore, have led to prolonged civil unrest (if that is a nice way to put it). No one is actually interested in resolving the problem and everything seems to point in the direction of the “troubles” becoming more widespread and more frequent.

    History teaches that these deep divides do have an “end game”, even if they are too painful or difficult to discuss.

  • JohnEngelman

    Bad ink is better than no ink. Any mention of American Renaissance brings people to this website. I was brought here by reading Tim Wise’s “The Color of Deception.”

    • listenupbub

      Tim Wise…gosh, that guy is irritating.

    • Holden

      Another thing we can detest Tim Wise for! 😉

  • Zimriel

    I’ll say this again : What brought me to these parts of the ‘web, in the end, was the Zimmerman coverage. At the time even Lowry at the worthless National Review was saying “thank you Al Sharpton”. It was the Council of Conservative Citizens that broke most of the stories at the start, including that Zimmerman was a (South) Amerind.

    Race realists are not always going to be pro-white. They are, however, to be counted on to be pro-reality.

  • Caucasoid88

    Oh, Jeremy. You mentioned this magazine is “disgusting” and you called Jared “racist.”

    If the pursuit of truth and intellect isn’t your thing, might you watch Politics Nation or All In (My Ass) with Chris Hayes.

  • LexiconD1

    Apparently this author has never read sites like SBPDL or any site where blacks are the primary posters.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      For now, if Jeremy just keeps visiting the AR site, that is okay. If he’s still throwing around terms like “racist” and disgusting in 30 years, well, there’s a problem.

  • dd121

    Jared Taylor is one of the few people who makes me feel completely comfortable.

    • TomIron361

      Yes, Mr. Taylor is a good man and makes a lot of sense, but events have made him pretty much a conservative. Events have moved beyond his mild rhetoric. The time for action is very close at hand.

  • Evette Coutier

    Objective facts are not racist. This site is not racist. It deals with documented, objective facts about race.

    • TCA

      In other words, its racist.

      • Speedy Steve


    • John Smith

      Facts are very racist, which why the progressives seldom use any and react violently toward any presented them.

      • Nonhumans

        Sunlight to Vampires. Silver to Lychens. Job Applications to a WereApe.

        • John Smith

          Housing projects are the natural dwelling of the dreaded WereApe.

    • george00

      If you think the races aren’t exactly equal you are racist. Anyone who could look at the different races and say they’re equal is either too stupid or dishonest to be trusted with anything.

    • gooberboy9999

      Technically racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics
      or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it
      as inferior or superior to another race or races.

      Since science has already proven we’re different, reality is racist.

      • Evette Coutier

        I don’t accept any definition that states a lie is true by definition.

  • a1781054

    Great article about Jared Taylor, a great man.

  • At least this man is an honest liberal who is willing to listen to multiple points of view. But, I would still like to ask him one thing: Name one thing that Jared Taylor ever said that was not true?

    • Truth doesn’t matter in the leftist mindset. In fact, the truthfulness of something may decide how damning it is to say out loud.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Note that the author calls AR “a disgusting magazine” a seemingly required ritualistic phrase just in case (gasp!) someone Jeremy knows just might read his article and think maybe Jeremy too, has gone “racist.”

    Hey, Jeremy, since you boast of being “half-Hispanic” and if you are literate in Spanish, why don’t you camp out on Spanish newspapers and read all the hate, bilge, anti-American sentiment and yes, the anti-white tone so often repeated in their weekly trash.
    One of the most horrendous, libelous and defamatory pieces ever published were in our local Spanish trash-rags, in the Atlanta area, one of which referred to our Governor in Georgia, Nathan Deal, as a Nazi, picturing him in full Nazi dress, with a Hitler haircut and square mustache, merely for proposing curbs on illegal immigration in Georgia.

    Another article, written by Univision anchor, Jorge Ramos, was titled, “Latino Power.”
    Other articles celebrate emerging Hispanic majorities in areas which had no Hispanics as recently as 20 years ago. Other articles promote Hispanic-only scholarships, essay contests, job fairs and other ethnically racially targeted events that would be intolerable if whites organized them for whites.

    So, while coming into contact with AR is a good first step for you, it’s clear you have a long, long way to go to really “get it.” But at least you’re making an effort to become better informed about why the goals of the multi-culti society are hypocritical, two-faced, racist, anti-white and utterly incompatible with the rules of fair play and republican government.

    • listenupbub

      I’d encourage you to click the links and send him this information in a personal email – if you would like.


    I AM the “Creme of the Crop”. As a 100% White European of Germanic descent, I KNOW who I am. The “greatness of my people” is a pride that I feel like no other. I do not expect the other “races” of people to understand how I feel. I make NO apologies. “My People, My Family, First”.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Lagertha was HOT. Great show.

      I’m a White American mutt and proud of that too. Mostly English/French/Scottish/Swedish.

      • listenupbub

        Being a mutt is okay. I am a mutt, too, and I like to think that the specific characteristics of each ethnicity have mixed to create a more balanced white identity in me.

        • Northern American-Nationalist

          Indeed. All ethnic groups are mixtures (mutts made up) of other ethnic groups. Some ethnicities just developed/mixed much earlier, and some did so much sooner. Some ethnicities are made of ethnic groups that originally existed a great distance from each other, and others not so much. The historic record has a way of distorting that truth.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Mutt, but the key is that you’re still 100% white, the main thing that is important.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        I’m still watching season 2 via Netflix. Can’t wait to finish it.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Not a black Heimdall to be seen!

          • Exuberant Auditor

            One of the things I love about the series. No black, no Arab, no Asian; just pure Europeans. And guess what: it’s still very diverse.

      • Northern American-Nationalist

        The American ethnicity is a hybrid breed of primarily Northwestern Europeans, so good for you.

        (All ethnic groups are hybrids at some point in the archeological record you know.)

    • 李冠毅

      I find these regular claims of Germanic (or Northern European) superiority ironic considering the early great European civilizations were of the Mediterranean (Southern European) race. These claims reminds me of the Nazis, who tried to explain away why Southern Europeans had built a great civilization while Northern Europeans were still living in villages by saying the ancient Greeks and Romans were Nordics who migrated south.

      • LAGERTHA

        “Creme of the Crop” includes ALL European Caucasians.

        I’m well aware of the way my ancestors lived in the regions of Old Saxony. There was NO CLAIM of superiority in reference to Germanic descent. Though I do have a special fondness for my immediate family, whom I’m proud to say is VERY German.

        “The Greatness of My People” and the pride I feel for them, includes ALL European Whites.

        We are one BIG extended-family, and just like any family we have our strengths and weaknesses, but that is not to say that we do not belong together! We are far more similar than we are different!

        The “European Brain” IS the “Creme of the Crop”.

        And, that is why ALL European Whites are brothers and sisters.

        • 李冠毅

          I see. But with all due respect to European civilization, I have studied the history of inventions and discoveries, and often compare the achievements of different civilizations. Honestly, I could find no superior civilization. Many civilizations have been number one at some point in the past, the West is just currently the bearer of that honor. For example, the ancient Chinese and Hindus had very extensive knowledge (for their time) of immunity. Smallpox inoculation was being practiced in ancient China and India as early as the 10th century BCE, while Europeans literally regarded inoculation as “superstitious nonsense” up until the 18th century CE. However, the ancient Greeks had calculated the circumference of the Earth with remarkable accuracy during the 2nd century BCE, while the Chinese literally believed in the flat Earth theory up until the 17th century CE. As you can see, every civilization had its great achievements, and there is no master race.

          • LAGERTHA

            The “Age of Enlightenment” that took place in Western Europe would be a good place for you to start an extensive research study about the contributions of the “master race” (your words, not mine).

            With all due respect, your analysis is nonsense to me. “Every civilization had its great achievements”—>if this is your premise–>then, let’s just agree to disagree.

            Please, don’t waste my time insulting the generosity that European Whites have shown to ALL of Humanity. There is no comparison.

          • 李冠毅

            From your comment, you appear have only read one side of the story. You appear to know about the good things done by Europeans, and the bad things done by non-Europeans, but apparently you haven’t heard the other side of the story. I understand that all accounts are biased to some extent, so I try to be fair, and read up both sides of a story before making a decision. So here’s my take on this topic.

            “Please, don’t waste my time insulting the generosity that European Whites have shown to ALL of Humanity.”

            Excuse me, when did I threw an insult at Europeans? I do not deny that Whites have shown great generosity to others since the past century. But this wasn’t always the case. During their invasion of Asia, Europeans were absolutely ruthless in their attempts to stamp out Asian heritage. Asians were encouraged to discard their way of life and adopt the Western lifestyle. In fact, some Europeans even attempted to erase evidence of non-Western contributions to civilization. Try reading up what European colonizers of India did in their attempts to discredit the Sushruta Samhita (an ancient Hindu medical text), as that text proves the ancient Hindus had very advanced medicine as early as the 6th century BCE (and possibly even earlier than that), so advanced for its time that Hippocrates traveled to Indus Valley to learn from Hindu physicians. In fact, European medicine did not even came close to some aspects of Hindu medicine until the 18th century CE. This did not sit well with the colonials, who had wanted to believe in the superiority of European people and European culture.

            “With all due respect, your analysis is nonsense to me.”

            I admit that I’m just a school student, so I’m no expert, but I have read many books on the history of inventions and discoveries. My analysis is nonsense? May you be kind enough to put forth facts to debunk me? Have you read any books on non-European inventions? Or have you only read about European achievements and then assume others have done little?

            “The “Age of Enlightenment” that took place in Western Europe would be a good place for you to start an extensive research study about the contributions of the “master race” (your words, not mine).”

            Master race? I was just using a term I thought appropriate to describe what many here believe their own race is: unmatched in character and achievement, without which the modern world would not exist. My use of said term was an attempt to debunk the concept of “master race”, not encourage it. I myself have never believed in the superiority of my own race, as there simply is no evidence a superior culture exists. You may disagree with me and instead continue believing in the superiority of Whites, but as I like to say: “if something is real, then it wouldn’t be a belief, it would be a fact”. I don’t believe in looking down on any race, even if they historically have achieved much less than my own. You never know, they may one day surpass your race.

            “There is no comparison.”

            I’ll happily admit that the West has ruled for the past 500 years or so, but you’re forgetting the Age Of Enlightenment isn’t everything. I suppose you won’t listen to me, so why not listen to your fellow White nationalists? Unless they are the type who are ignorant or in denial of non-European achievements, even the most dedicated White nationalists (e.g. Jared Taylor) will be reluctant to claim Whites have no comparison, as that is simply not true. As one White nationalist once said, he believes Whites should be proud of the accomplishments of their race, but they should also “give credit where credit is due”, or they become no better than the Blacks who attempt to claim ancient Egypt, or the Arabs who attempt to claim Byzantium. Fact is, throughout most of history, a few other civilizations (most notably China and the Indus Valley Civilization) have been so close to the West in terms of sophistication that it’s simply difficult to prove any civilization is superior to all others. Also, you’re forgetting the world has changed since the Age Of Enlightenment. Now, several other civilizations have catch up with the West; Whites are no longer the sole innovators.

      • antiquesunlight

        I think it’s easy for race realists to assume that races are static within recorded history.

        Of course, there are lots of factors. People groups migrate over time. So the ethnically German people might well not have been geographically German 2 or 3 thousand years ago. Also, people in the North had to contend with very harsh weather without, obviously, any modern accommodations. That is certainly significant.

        But I think eugenics and dysgenics play an enormous role throughout history. I’d bet that the Black Plague, terrible as it was, boosted the average IQ of Europe substantially.

        So the Germans of 300 BC are not necessarily the Germans of 1800 AD who are not necessarily the Germans of right now.

        All that being said, Germans from ~1500 till WW2 were astonishingly accomplished. Bach, Leibniz, Gauss, Goethe, Euler, Beethoven, Kant, Schrodinger, Wagner, Godel, Mozart, Heisenberg, Durer, Kepler…. The list is very long.

    • I am not the creme of that particular crop: Celtic and northeast-coast American Indian here. I have ordered a test kit from “23 And Me” to find out my genetic makeup exactly. In particular, I would like to discover what percentage of Neanderthal DNA I possess. My hands, which even my mother says look like they belong on a serial-killer, have me somewhat suspicious about that.

      Obvious Injun traits in my respect include rather short legs for my height, the need to shave only every other day at the age of 49, and tanning easily in the summer (yes, with a reddish color). I am not lactose-intolerant, though that is common among Asian and Amerind adults.

      I will post the results of my DNA test here.

      The truth remains however that I am a “racist”, though that term is so overused that it has become quite meaningless. I believe that some races of humans: European whites and northeast Asians are superior in brainpower and disease-resistance to all others. IMHO, Ashkenazi Jews are not really a separate race at this point, having been heavily interbred with central and eastern Europeans over time.

      • antiquesunlight

        Yeah let us know. I am interested. For what it’s worth, I cannot grow facial hair hardly at all and my DNA test confirmed that I am 0% Indian. So you never know. I’m thinking about having another test done to find out how much of a Neanderthal I am. My results were 45% Irish, 17% Western European, 17% Scandinavian, 13% British, 7% Southern European, and a trace (<1%) of North African.

  • antiquesunlight

    I love this paragraph. Except Jared doesn’t make me uncomfortable, he makes me proud. But this guy has the right idea: it’s very important that we maintain objectivity and self-honesty. It’s no good to protect something if you lose the value of what you’re protecting. Preserving our integrity and virtue is imperative.

    “They can also fail as a community by having completely opposite perceptions of the world around them, perceptions fueled by a lack of intellectual liberality, which is fueled by nothing other than an unholy brand of self-esteem. It is our job to be the complete men–the well-rounded men–the enlightened men. But to be complete men, we have to first be humble men. And if being enlightened means watching out for uncomfortable truths (which it always does), then let us thank even the openly racist men like Jared Taylor for making us uncomfortable.”

    • listenupbub

      It is important. Sometimes liberals obsess over “being critical thinkers,” but what they really mean is that they do not want to believe the obvious truths their opponents present them with; they want to pretend to “critically think” about it until they psyche themselves into denying the obvious truth.

      This stuff is common in Undergrad classes. You make a darned good argument on a paper or in recitation, and the TA just tells you “you need to think more seriously and completely about the issue.” What they really mean is that you should not come to a conclusion that is different than theirs.

      I prefer the swashbuckling, unapologetic brand of thinking and arguing you see in writers like Jared Taylor and Greg Cochran.

      • antiquesunlight

        I love watching liberal professors squirm under the pressure of my pristine logic. It really tickles me.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Sometimes liberals obsess over “being critical thinkers,” but what they really mean is that they do not want to believe the obvious truths their opponents present them with; they want to pretend to “critically think” about it until they psyche themselves into denying the obvious truth.

        This is an excellent, penetrating observation. It’s true, there’s a kind of intellectual elitism at work there where it is not acceptable to think the same things the “common man” would – you have to find a convoluted theory for why something else is really the case.

        • listenupbub

          Wow! You were right inside my mind, there! I was going to mention the class issue, but didn’t feel like it.

          Being liberal is VERY class-linked. This is why liberals like to try to belittle conservatives all the time-they are reinforcing their identity of superior status. It is also why they are so touchy, to the point where they must shut down discussion – destroying their argument and making them believe the same things as the plebeians makes them realize that they are not much better than the plebeians after all.

          A perfect example of belittling is the homosexual issue. Liberals immediately will claim that you are suppressing your homosexuality, and that you are a closeted homosexual yourself. Hey, geniuses, why don’t you prove that? They will then call you a backwards puritan who fears everything, especially freedom and “progress.” What they will not do is look up the research that shows that the heritability of homosexuality is extremely low as far as human traits go, and the heritability of homophobia is like twice that of homosexuality. So being against homosexuality is obviously a trait that has been useful for humanity- much more useful than homosexuality.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            The class issue is a very salient one. (Although I have an odd relationship to it, having never been higher-class. It’s very weird to me to hear people talk about the liberals they know all sending their children to private school, for instance. Not in my world!)

            I’d say it’s often less important to liberals to be simply rich and lord over the poor so much as to specifically belong to a kind of academic class. Liberals, in my experience, like to think that if they DO occupy a higher position in society, they have partially earned it by being so damn smart. It’s a way of half-sidestepping the issue of privilege vs. merit. I mean, they’ll still cop to the idea that they had the “privilege” to be so academically blessed, but SOMEONE has to have the brains and education to tell everyone else what to do, after all… Sometimes people will chide each other for some sort of “education privilege”; but they otherwise have no issue with, say, using academic lingo that makes their writing as pointlessly inaccessible to non-academics as possible.

            At one point, I had a friend who started a forum called “AP Racism.” AP as in “advanced placement.” It was intellectual elitism dialed up to 11. The entire idea was to have discussions about critical race theory in an environment where you didn’t have to dumb it down for the proletariat.

            Still, I spent all my time in the liberal camp being told that liberalism is a grassroots ideology, a movement for the people. I believed it then, to be honest.

            A perfect example of belittling is the homosexual issue. Liberals immediately will claim that you are suppressing your homosexuality, and that you are a closeted homosexual yourself.

            This one drives ME crazy, and I would consider myself relatively pro-gay. (Although I might not be considered particularly “pro-gay” by liberals at this point. I don’t think my current positions on that issue are all that palatable to EITHER cons or libs.)

            The reason it drives me crazy is that it is a tiny kernel of truth being wildly exaggerated and used as an ideological bludgeon. As a matter of fact, studies HAVE found that people who are virulently homophobic are much more likely to have latent homosexual attractions than other people. We’re not talking full-blown closet cases here. We’re talking people who are predominantly heterosexual with a smidge of homosexual attraction, and who probably experience their flashes of same-sex lust as terrifying, intrusive and alien. Hence the wild over-reaction. It’s actually quite interesting from the perspective of understanding how people feel about their sexuality.

            But this research is exaggerated to be used as a weapon. It’s intellectually dishonest, and fails to engage anti-gay arguments fairly.

            I was telling someone the other day that I feel like the “white nationalists are all losers who haven’t accomplished anything in their lives” idea is similar, because there probably ARE people like that. That doesn’t actually discredit the entire WN movement. Using that argument is just a way to avoid a good-faith debate at all.

            Incidentally, I would like to say that I’m not convinced homosexuality is primarily caused by genetics. It seems like it would have been bred from the population almost immediately.

            Then again, essentially all other theories I’ve seen for causation also either have huge holes, or have been TOTALLY discredited.

            Some studies suggest that female relatives of male homosexuals (mother, sisters, even aunts I believe) tend to be more fertile and are rated as more attractive by heterosexual men. Possibly that offsets the fitness cost; but I’d say it looks like prenatal hormones also play some sort of role. Maybe very fertile women also have a higher risk with increasing number of pregnancies of encountering stressors that cause a developing fetus to become homosexual.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    “You almost immediately begin to carry a burden of anger . . . overwhelmingly at the people who purposely hide them.”

    That’s the money shot for me.

  • carriewhite64

    “…openly racist men such as American Renaissance‘s Jared Taylor (although the last time I checked, he preferred to be called a race realist).” I found this a tad disrespectful in tone, considering the point of the piece. After all, calling someone a racist in America today is as serious as accusing someone of committing a murder.

  • propagandaoftruth

    I love you too, Valkyrie, lol…

  • InitialSegment

    What brought me to American Renaissance wasn’t the behavior of blacks so much as of that of largely white social-justice paladins towards persons who are a bit too free-thinking on racial topics or who violate the taboo on mentioning things like higher black crime rates. It took my becoming their target on a few occasions, both online and in real life, to wake me up to how narcissistic, cultish, and intolerant these people are and how dirty they fight. They’re the Bolsheviks of our time, and they are just as much a threat to liberty as the original ones — and far more so, IMO, than the blacks they pretend to care about.

    I don’t agree with everything I read here, but AmRen and its growing following are a huge thumb in the eye to these assholes, and that alone is enough reason for me to support it.

  • Ultimate187

    People who claim that they don’t see race might have good intentions, but they are in fact part of the problem. Ignoring race and racial differences is a big reason why many problems persist and never get fully addressed.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Blacks know that Whites who say, “I don’t see race” are lying, and they see it as condescending. Not that I give a damn about what they think, but these liberals don’t help their case when doing it. Hell, they’re pissed off when we DO see race, also. Just like they’re simultaneously pissed off about gentrification and White flight.

  • WR_the_realist

    Anybody who is a race realist will be called a racist. So a racist is simply a white person who acknowledges the truth.

  • Tim

    Funny about the both sides of the story bit. It is what brought me here. And here I am to stay….

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Are you saying African women can’t be strong?


      I’m not interested in Africans.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        See attached picture. The comment was sarcastic.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The obligatory pot shots at Jared and this wonderful website tend to militate against this guy being the paragon of courage that he probably thinks he is…

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    As a half White, half Hispanic myself, I still find my self agreeing with you (especially about Jeb Bush and those abominable, treasonous, lost Mestizos he’s familiar with), and I don’t blame you for taking this very sensible position either, but I have one qualification to it…

    Some, albeit few, persons who are half Hispanic are only so in a cultural sense as the races of their parents match-up; for example, I have two former friends from a family where the mother is American of Norwegian descent and the father is Cuban (immigrant) of Spanish descent. Those “mixed household” parents had three children together and they are the glory of Northern Europe if I ever did see it in every phenotypical stereotype of Nordics imaginable on their offsprings’ faces. They were also raised as Americans through and through. No divided loyalties (anymore than typical [White] American youth have) either; (in fact, the Cuban father actually downplayed “his heritage;”) not to mention, the female friend of mine (their daughter) is fairly race-conscious and favors White men (to put it mildly) after a “vibrant” experience growing up in Miami-Dade and going to public schools there too. Immigration and assimilation the way it was imagined; the way it was supposed to be…

    Anyway, it’s true a lot of half-and-halfs choose to stand with their foreign or more un-mainstream half, but not all of us is all I’m saying.

  • gooberboy9999

    Of course, he still believes in diversity and all that tripe, no doubt.

    I wonder if he’s read Roger Putnam’s study? Or any of the others that point out how diversity has ZERO proven benefits, and countless society crushing negatives. Given how he makes bland brainwashed sounding statements about blacks and whites holding hands and praying together, I doubt it.

    The author of this biased piece is merely taking his first steps on the path of truth, and like most of us I doubt he’ll like what he finds on his journey, if he bothers to continue it.

  • Light from the East

    Most people in the USA feel uncomfortable when they are being called “racist”.
    But the word does not have negative meaning itself, the direct emotion of the one being called is the key. When everybody feels normal when being called that way, it is the time the left propaganda does not work. The feeling to feel sorry or guilty is in the inside, not on the outside.
    So next time when someone calls us “racist”, we simply answer “thank you”.