Frat Suspends Clemson Students over Racially Charged Party

Jeffrey Collins, AP, April 6, 2015

Clemson University put the school’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity on probation for two years after the group held a “Cripmas” party last December that had students dressed like gang members, according to a statement released Monday.

The fraternity’s national organization was outraged by the Christmas-themed party that had members wearing blue and red bandanas, colors of the street gangs the Crips and Bloods, throwing up gang hand symbols and wearing T-shirts with images of the late rapper Tupac Shakur.


About two dozen students were suspended and the leaders of the local chapter, whose operations are controlled by alumni advisers, were removed.

“The decision of a few brothers to hold the type of social event they organized is inexcusable and completely inappropriate, and the entire group was sanctioned. Furthermore, their behavior in no way reflects the values and creed of the fraternity, and we apologize to campus and local community for their actions because we teach our brothers to be leaders, scholars and, most importantly, gentlemen,” the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon Organization said in its statement.

Pictures of the party were posted on social media, causing backlash as black students said Clemson didn’t do enough to promote racial tolerance. About 6 percent of Clemson’s students are black.


The fraternity also must complete an education program about alcohol, social justice and gangs.


The Clemson chapter of the fraternity was suspended almost immediately after the party photos reached the Internet. The gathering came shortly after protests at the university over a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in the shooting of a black teen caused a number of anonymous racist postings on the social media app Yik Yak.

“Clemson is better than this,” university president Jim Clements wrote in an email shortly after the party, adding that free expression of opinion cannot cross the line to harassment and intimidation just like protest marches can’t turn into lawless riots.


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  • Promoting gangsters is as tolerant as it gets.

    • TruthBeTold

      If they dressed like gangsters there would have been no problem.

      The problem is that they dressed like ganstas.

      You can stereotype Italian-Americans but not African-Americans.

      • bilderbuster

        Or Africans period.

      • Speedy Steve

        I doesn’t appear that they smeared boot polish on their faces. Things could’ve been worse.

        • Realist

          Burnt cork also works well.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I used Boot Polish one Halloween: It made my skin bad for a week, afterwards…

          • Shank Henry

            For god’s sake, use makeup for black skin! They sell it in the grocery store! And yes, I used it when my cousins and I dressed up like old-timey uh, plantation hands …. got a lot of laughs.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            We refer to the phenomenon of “old-timey plantation hands” as “obsolete farm equipment”…

      • Speedy Steve

        When I read the headline I pictured pinstripe suits, hats, and white ties. Only the blacks could make gangs slob-like. They ruin everything they touch.

      • newscomments70

        The fact that they find this racist is hysterically paranoid. There are white members of bloods, crips and others. They work as drug mules and dealers. They are also used to lure enemy whites into comprimising situations (such as rape, murder and mutilation…often retaliation for ratting them out). I’ve seen them in LA. They are white trash scum; they often emulate their “bros” with gang colors and gold teeth.

        • belajadevotchka2

          It’s “teef” 😉

  • The fraternity’s national organization was outraged by the Christmas-themed party that had members wearing blue and red bandanas, colors of the street gangs the Crips and Bloods, throwing up gang hand symbols and wearing T-shirts with images of the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

    Of course this suspension shouldn’t happen. But they should also realize that the ’90s are over. These frat guys were either really little kids or not even born yet when Tupac Shakur was murdered.

    The fraternity also must complete an education program about alcohol, social justice and gangs.

    They already know about gangs, so it seems.

    • phorning

      Exactly, this is an example of why it is difficult to defend Greek groups on college campuses. Of course the students shouldn’t be suspended, but find a better way to spend your time than doing this stupid stuff.

      • Gunter Mabuse

        SAE was made up of nothing but idiot jocks and idiot rich kids when I was in college.

        • But…(cough)…”They’ll never be a n***er SAE, they’ll never be a n***er SAE, you can hang one from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me, they’ll never be a n***er SAE!” There, I had to sing it, somewhere.

        • newscomments70

          Every chapter of every fraternity is very different. The only fraternities that have similar chapters are black fraternities. Even Jewish fraternities are very mixed now. And to respond ot JohnR, there are black SAE’s as well.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Respectfully, I disagree. Here I am to praise folly.

        Your life is for learning. College is for getting stupid out of your system.

        • phorning

          Go be irresponsible for four years at a total cost of $150-$300k so you can get out and hopefully make $45k? The system needs to change.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            The system does need to change. I said as much in another post on this story. Whites are K-selected. These college kids are not fully formed. We need to let the grow. Growing involves jackassery. Always has, always will. <- That's probably the most conservative thing I will ever post here.

          • listenupbub

            I respectfully disagree.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            As you may. Thank you for engaging.

          • Speedy Steve

            What I’ve noticed among my 20something son’s friends is that they were never allowed to be boys. They were never allowed to take a tent out for an overnight in a vacant piece of woods. Mummy and daddy drove them to soccer, ballet, softball, swim meet, brownies, scouts, etc. as part of a militaristic, regimented childhood. It’s only when they get to college that they do the silly stuff that was deferred.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I note the same change and respond with the same unease, Steve.

            I am not a parent, I should preface with that. But I think we are making a whole bunch of bad errors in pedagogy right now and since we have national standards in education and are moving toward a monoculture, all of these mistakes will be obscured by the absence of any salient alternative. So we won’t learn, and we will resort to thinking bad things just happen. Many factors beyond the egalitarian mistake are at play in this decline.

            It is not just boys. Kids are not allowed to do anything for the process, it must always be for the end. They are not allowed to follow fancy or make mistakes or get hurt- the kinds of things that parents used to (perhaps out of necessity) say ‘built character’. So they grow up being myopic, afraid of risk, and avoidant of growth. Many households are in essence making the same mistakes as corporations in raising their children for the world- focusing only on what is measurable, and focusing on short term measurements at that.

            Something else struck me after reading this piece. College kids are ‘bearing the brunt of our mania’ as I said in another post, because they are weak, they are not in a position to fight back. With that comes the realization that their parents are not defending them at all. That to me is almost horrifying. All a few parents have to do is say, “This issue is just not that important. It is a trivial thing to suspend my child over. To compare this to a riot is absurd and no one was intimidated.” But they don’t. They watch as the zeitgeist ties their children to the whipping post. I find that disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

          • newscomments70

            I’ve seen that as well. We had a 29 year old Mormon from Utah move in upstairs in my building. He was a womanizer, chain smoker and a heavy drinker. He was often hanging out with teenagers and early 20-somethings. I had to tell him to stop throwing lit cigarettes into my balcony. He did stop and apologized…but it seemed like he was living an earlier period of his life that he had missed. He eventually had to go home to Mom and Dad. He broke his own jaw and needed his parents to pay for the medical care. He was very drunk one night, and jumped into bed, hitting his jaw on the bedpost.

          • belajadevotchka2

            Exactly! Every time I hear the phrase “play date” I get the heeby-jeebies. I’m in my early 40s- I grew up in a working class neighbourhood in Pittsburgh and was a total tomboy. Some kids came from more money, some were poor. Organized sports were just fun and we actually were permitted to be LOSERS. And we actually said the word “losers” and nobody cried! Can you believe it? We rode bikes and skateboards with no helmets. We fell on our heads. We got stitches. Nobody was on ritalin or any other of those mind control drugs. We climbed trees and fell out. Nobody died. Nobody is in therapy.
            I hear “play date” and I just picture little boys in dresses with the daddies in the kitchen drinking wine and gossiping while mommy phones from work shouting at daddie about how she expects the floor to be vaccuumed and dishes to be done.
            I’ve asked once and I will asked again- (mostly directed at the under 30 crowd) what happened to you, white man???

          • Speedy Steve

            Welcome to the Gelded Age. Sadly, we let animals run wild in the streets, and women went to their cubicles to pay the exorbitant taxes necessary to support a vast ocean of low IQ retards and queers.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Well, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day…

  • TCA

    Trying to think up a gag where the punchline is “kappa, kappa, kappa.”
    I’m not going to get too enthused about this, since the kids will probably cave under the pressure and issue a revolting, craven apology, instead of telling Clemson and SAE to shove it and going out into the world to seek their fortunes by their wits alone.

  • anony

    Kind of reminds me of the “Free Speech Movement” of the ’60s…NOT! But I date myself…no one else will.

    • Simonetta

      In the late 1960s, students worshiped black thugs, thieves, and rapists like Huey P. Newton and Eldridge Cleaver. The fact that modern students make fun of these people means that they are far more aware of racial reality than students of 40 years ago.
      It’s the college administrators who are still worshiping black clowns and idiots, not the students.

      • Exactly. Don’t hate on the Millennial Generation. They are rebelling against all the crap that the Boomers created. Good for them.

      • Excellent point!

    • Yeah, the New left started the Free Speech Movement. The irony. Good is bad, freedom is slavery….

    • Dale McNamee

      I remember the “Free Speech Movement”, so you’re not the only one who’s “dated”…

  • anony

    Reminds me of the “free speech movement” of the ’60s… /sarc off/ , but I date myself.

  • guest

    “Frat Suspends Clemson Students over Racially Charged Party”
    “Students who dressed like gangsters must now take a course on social justice.”

    Correction: Students who dressed like gangsters must now be indoctrinated with extreme political correctness in order to be brainwashed…er, we mean more tolerant in today’s diverse society.

    We can’t have people acknowledging the dangerous threats these gangs pose on our society. That would be…*drumroll*…RACIST!

    • Reynardine

      Anti-gang programs have a disparate impact on black populations and therfo beez rayciss.

  • kikz2

    Clemson’s alumni donors are not gonna like that.

    • bilderbuster

      All te alumni donors care about is if their Black afleets can whup the Black afleets from other colleges.

  • Truthseeker

    The fraternity also must complete an education program about alcohol, social justice and gangs.

    “Social justice”? So Clemson is Communist too.

    • Alcochol, like Hennessey in plastic cups (mentioned by a Salon writer last week)?

      • Olorin

        Hennessey. Because nothing rhymes with “Courvoisier.”

        • Tim

          I am a Hennessey drinkier. I find it more vanilla like and less smokey than Courvoisier…

          • Usually Much Calmer

            In Tennessee, all the men I see
            Prefer to drink Courviosier.
            Now you, Tim, say that smoke is gay
            And that you still prefer vaníl
            So when I see you drink Hennessey,
            I’ll add that to your dossier.

          • Tim

            I think there`s an insult in there some where, but since I`m laughing so hard, I`m gonna let it slide…

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Well, when you stop laughing, you may rest assured that there is not.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          “Attempts to remove her lingerie ,
          were expedited by Courvoisier…”

          (Nothing, you say…?)

    • Earl P. Holt III

      I’ll bet they already know about alcohol…

  • Luca

    Surely nothing is worse than Whites joking about negroes and their violent, ignorant, childlike subculture. I assume it will very shortly become a hate crime and a capital offense.

    • bilderbuster

      It sure is funny though.

    • Rurik

      They’ve never really met one. A couple of experiences will cure that.

  • I would have just said “no”. I was once threatened with “unofficial” punishment at UC Santa Cruz, so I followed the official who said it home, waved and said “hi”. Unofficial punishments go both ways, quite unofficially.

    I put her on a sort of probation: if nothing happened to me, I wasn’t going to kark her, and we both understood exactly that.

    God, do I ever (still) hate California!

    • Take the fight to them! Good. You removed her anonymity, the same way they like to do to us.

      • I’d had one of them fired the previous semester, and the poor doof checked himself into an insane asylum. He was the bursar – whatever that is – for Crown College. He acted like he was some sort of cop, until he was in tears, crying “my career is in ruins”.

        They all thought they could bully undergrads.

        • how about this

          Please tell us more about the insane bursar.

    • Tim

      What is “Kark”?!?! The first thing that jumped into my mind was a word combination

      car and Key, but I know you are more resolved and ingenious that that…

  • TomIron361

    Interesting – Seems like after all the money spent on brainwashing these young guys, somehow it didn’t take.

    • TruthBeTold

      No, they don’t seem to be getting the message:

      www pbs org/newshour/updates/americas-racism-problem-far-complicated-think/

      www pbs org/newshour/updates/treat-racism-like-going-extinct/

  • TruthBeTold

    I’ve brought this up before.

    This age group has been inundated by political correctness from birth. Either they aren’t getting the ‘sensitivity’ message or they’re outright rebelling.

    PBS News Hour did a series on Millennial and Race who just don’t seem to be getting the message.

    You can find the articles here:

    www pbs org/newshour/tag/race-today/

    www pbs org/newshour/updates/americas-racism-problem-far-complicated-think/

    www pbs org/newshour/updates/treat-racism-like-going-extinct/

  • We used to talk about white student unions on this site, but that movement was quashed like a bug by the PC crowd. Frats and sororities are the only remaining expressions of white values and culture left on campus. Thus, the hidden agenda is to utterly and totally destroy them.

    Taco parties, gangster parties, etc. are expressions of white creativity. I don’t consider them stupid. They are also expressions of white resistance, however mild, to the submersion of white culture into a vast jambalaya of cultures that do not mesh together in any meaningful way.

    Frats are nowhere near as important on campus as they were in past decades. Their dwindling power and influence will ultimately lead to their extinction, to the great joy of cultural Marxists and libtards.

    • Thank you. Frats are an example of the bonding that used to exist between White males.

    • Lexonaut

      “Taco parties, gangster parties, etc. are expressions of white creativity. I don’t consider them stupid.”


      Of course they’re stupid, but so what? They’re not destructive like affirmative action.

  • Alexandra1973

    I fail to see what the students did wrong.

  • A Freespeechzone

    As if there are NO black gangsters…..

    WHAT happened to the First Amendment?

    If this party was a group of negroes dressed up as White ‘crackers’, it would be celebrated by the college as an example of “White Privilege” and nothing would happen.

    Sounds like there should be a lawsuit against the school…a WIN is the ONLY thing they would understand.

    • bilderbuster

      Blacks should be suspended if they wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or if they have a Toga Party.

  • What would happen if a group of black college students had a party and acted “white”? Oh, no! That would be a “cultural misappropriation”. Dey cant’s be haben dat, gnome sayin’?

    • Alexandra1973

      I bet the party wouldn’t involve flying furniture if they actually did act white.

  • Who Me?

    “The decision of a few brothers to hold the type of social event they organized is inexcusable and completely inappropriate, and the entire group was sanctioned.”
    For God’s sake, WHY? Did they “offend” some poor little disadvantaged gang-banger? To think this is the level to which American colleges have sunk….

  • Luke Samuelson

    If this is how these college students act after a lifetime of increasingly intensive Marxist indoctrination, why would these administrators believe that further “education” of this sort would result in their desired reform?

    My guess is that these classes will be nothing more than a source for further mockery. At least one can hope.

    • how about this

      The classes will probably teach them that the people teaching them believe totally outrageous things about Whites and Blacks. This might not increase their respect for diversity.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I actually went to one of these parties when I was in college. The friend who dragged me to it is now a US attorney in an important district and I’ll leave it at that.

    I feel bad for kids nowadays, they seem to be bearing the brunt of our mania. Or maybe for some reason campus stories just get selected for catalog on AR. I guess everyone who is in the workforce and a little but more circumspect than a college student who changes their life and mental space to conform to the egalitarian lie is a tragedy too. That Bastiat essay on what is seen and not seen comes to mind.

    Anyway, this is insane and we can’t keep doing it.

    • Spikeygrrl

      You’d be appalled at how next-to-impossible it has become to explain Bastiat’s “unseen [unanticipated] consequences” to today’s typical college student. When I first read an excerpt of Bastiat — yes, in college 😉 — he resonated so strongly with my own observations of campus and business life that I zipped through everything else of his I could get my hands on!

      But that was 30+ years ago…sigh….

  • IstvanIN

    Rutgers University banned all Fraternity and Sorority parties.

  • bilderbuster

    “Just like protest marches can’t be turned into lawless riots.”
    Who does he think he’s fooling?

  • JGTThrasher

    Some of those hand signs are Folks, not Crips. However, those two gangs do associate. This story is sickening for many reasons. One, there are white Crips and folks, so calling this a racial issue is SJWs gone amuck. Two, if we can’t make fun of something that is stupid and destructive, then we can’t begin to dismantle it as something unworthy to be emulated. Three, why in the hell would someone find this offensive? This just proves how much blacks identify themselves with a destructive “culture,” and how it is now illegal for white people to notice it, comment on it, and satirize it.

    • JGTThrasher

      Hah, I just enlarged the picture. Not Folks, but spelling out “Blood.” In the smaller picture it looked like the “forks up.”

  • how about this

    This reminds me of examples in computer games from the ’90s of alien characters which were apparently intended as parodies of black thugs. Would those games even be able to be released any more? Would the publisher have had to go through sensitivity training? I know I am not supposed to post links, but look up the Thraddash in Star Control 2. I was reminded of them when looking at one of the perpetrators in the Steve Utash case, Wonzey Saffold. There were also the monochrome boys in Space Quest 4 or 5 (they called each other monochrome but got offended if anyone else called them that).

    • OS-Q

      I felt more of a “bike gang” vibe from the Thraddash, but yeah, games back then weren’t controlled by the likes of today’s sobsisters.

      • how about this

        Well I am glad to see someone else knows what I am talking about. Did you play StarCon 3 at all?

        • OS-Q

          Unfortunately I never got a copy of it, but as I understand it didn’t have the same quality as Star Control 2, which was probably the pinnacle of the old DOS games, along with X-COM UFO Defense and Wolfenstein 3D.

          I got hooked on the first Mass Effect simply because of the nostalgia for Star Control 2.

          • how about this

            Thanks; maybe I will check these out. I had not heard of X-Com UFO Defense. I think StarCon 3 was not as well-received as StarCon 2 but it was still entertaining. At least it involved races which were portrayed as fundamentally different and incompatible, sort of like certain races in real life. I wonder if that is part of the appeal of a lot of games, particularly RPGs.

            I don’t really understand the attraction of the alien females. I guess I am racist, but all the “babes” I am ever interested in have a skin color other than blue (maybe you can guess which one).

          • OS-Q

            I too have always preferred aliens to be alien, unless there is some kind of justification. The Star Control Aliens were nice and bizarre, including their language and culture. The friendly Orz were probably the creepiest of all the races, just because it took so long to understand what they were saying.

            The dialog even notes how strange it is that two species, the Syreen and Humans, could be closely related enough to be attractive to each other let alone compatible. I think the games hinted that the Syreen in Star Control were a subspecies of humans separated by Arilou (the Grays) in the distant past while they were also messing with our genetics. The children you have with Talana at the end of Star Control 2 take after your character, who looks like Charlton Heston in a Star Trek uniform.

            I think much of attraction to “exotic” women in fantasy and sci-fi is that these woman are just (structurally) attractive Caucasian women with pointy ears or blue skin, since this is who they are almost always modeled after.

          • how about this

            I loved the Orz too, what with their bizarre speech, and they had good ships too. By the way, do you have an email address I can contact you at?

          • OS-Q

            Sure, and anyone else is welcome contact me if they want to correspond on games, history, politics, or movies.

            [email protected][dot]com

            The [dot] is there because amren automatically blocks posts with links and then the mods have to look them over before letting them in the comments. So just replace it with a . )

  • rentslave

    I guess that the Crips are to be admired?

  • Evette Coutier

    We need a well funded legal fund to aggressively go after schools that do this.

  • how about this

    “”Clemson is better than this,” university president Jim Clements wrote in an email shortly after the party, adding that free expression of opinion cannot cross the line to harassment and intimidation….”

    How is this harassment or intimidation?

    • Lexonaut

      Satire is a dangerous weapon. For that reason its use is restricted to the left — to people whose motives are always pure and good, thereby excusing whatever they do regardless of the consequences.

  • how about this

    Wait a minute, the administrators don’t understand; this was a socially conscious message. Notice how in the picture, there are women in the front row. They were creating a safe space to deconstruct the oppressive patriarchal nature of traditional Crip/Blood culture. It’s intersectional!

    • Spikeygrrl

      LOL! Perfect.

    • Tim

      I don`t know what you just said, but I like the way you said it…

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I have no pity on these people. These people want to act like wiggers and show that they are cool by acting black and now it has come to bite them in the butt.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, but these young people weren’t trying to glorify it or admire it in any way. They were, instead, ridiculing it, mocking it, and laughing at how stupid the entire notion was. I think this is entirely different than what you think. I like it when white whites mock black ‘culture’ (if that’s what one chooses to call it?).

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        I hope so. Well black culture is culture to the white libs.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I think you may have missed the point here. Dressing like gangs — in a safe place, of course — is not admiration, it’s PARODY. The students are contemptuously jeering at the inherent ridiculousness of gang activity. I’d join in except for the sad fact that the persons, homes, and businesses of innocent Whites and Asians too often get caught in gang-related crossfire. And THAT is no joke.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        ok, I hope you are right. Then why do I see young people on the road and college campuses that dress like wiggers and act black and also listen to negroid music and even worse bedding down with negroes.. I do not think they are parodying.

        • Spikeygrrl

          YOU are absolutely right: colleges (and high schools, and even grades schools) are infested with “wiggers.”

          But they are not the ones attending these parties. They’re the witch-hunters PROTESTING these parties.

  • I could get myself thrown out of anything except my own home, but this is absurd. I’m currently dressed like a redneck who’s been working in a machine shop since Sunday afternoon. Is that somehow a cultural slander?

  • InAFreeCountry

    This is ridiculous. They were mocking a subculture, not the race. So what, even if they were, the rap culture begs for being parodied, as it is already a parody of itself.

  • Light from the East

    Decide which one produces more harms to a society:

    (A) White college students pretend to be black gang members at the party.
    (B) Black teenagers around the downtown involve in real gang activities.

    P.S. If you don’t know the answer you may ask the police department.

  • Speedy Steve

    The fraternity also must complete an education program about alcohol, social justice and gangs.

    In the navy way back in the 70s, the race relations class was run by some useless boatswain’s mate lifer (lazy inefficient F___-up expecting retirement). Will this class be taught by a knee grow drunk who was in a gang?

    • Probably so. There is a cottage industry of “former” gang bangers who run around trying to teach bell curve kids how not to run with gangs. I’m sure these are the same people who do gang education.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    They don’t even have blackface. Now just dressing like thugs is “racist”. So liberals concede that being a thug is exclusive to blacks? Maybe they really are learning something!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    What?: No Show Trials or Re-Education Camps…?

  • crockadoodle6

    Why are they being punished for celebrating Black History Month?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      That would be a clever affirmative-defense at their show trial…!

  • newscomments70

    FYI, if you care, the word “frat” is often considered a crude word that outsiders use. Serious fratenerity men will not say that word.

  • newscomments70

    I remember one of our pledge classes held a “Mexican party” in the basement. It was basically a crude reproduction of an “El Torito” restaurant. People wore sombreros or something and they served Magaritas. It was quite innocuous and it wasn’t meant to be racist. It looked touristy, if anything. I’m sure the anti-white feminazis would have a fraternity closed down for that now.

  • Reynardine

    From the “egalitarian” perspective, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. They’re deriding what is a horrible culture of drug abuse, degradation, fatherless children, senseless violence, bad taste, and depravity. After all, is a culture separate from a race and the two only make acquaintances rarely?

    The true conservative, however, knows that culture is an expression of a people’s soul: people produce culture, cultures do not produce people. Blacks sense this too: the thug culture is the deepest expression of negro genetics and the negro gods shall not be mocked (Tupac is regarded with a strange mysticism in the black community, befitting a saint). The fact that blacks agglomerate to and produce this trash is proof of the darkness of their souls and genes.


    “free expression of opinion cannot cross the line to harassment and
    intimidation just like protest marches can’t turn into lawless riots.” Tell that to the Ferguson protestors, lol.

  • NoMosqueHere

    “Clemson is better than this,” university president Jim Clements wrote in an email shortly after the party, adding that free expression of opinion cannot cross the line to harassment and intimidation just like protest marches can’t turn into lawless riots.

    What intimidation? This so call university president should be sued. Where are the right wing public interest lawyers?

  • slobotnavich

    It’s now been fifty years since most forms of discrimination (except that against white Christian American citizens) were outlawed in this country, and yet blacks still find themselves at the bottom of economic ladder, which incidentally, is the case everywhere else in the world, from Europe to Latin America, throughout North America, everywhere they’re found in statistically meaningful numbers. Surely, there must be a “root cause” for this unvarying pattern. Hmm, just what could it be? Surely someone out there could offer some postulations on this utterly inexplicable phenomenon. Certainly, “they got rhythm” as indicated by their domination of the fine art of rap music. And without them most cops would find themselves unemployed, so they undeniably contribute to our national economy, both through rebuilding derelict neighborhoods and replacing stolen goods, plus restoring destroyed infrastructure. Surely some of AmRen’s more erudite readers could offer cogent and meaningful commentary on these puzzling and troubling issues.

    • I can explain: “It be de turrble, turrble legacy ob de slabery.” Or maybe it’s simply sub-human stupidity.

    • how about this

      I’m going to go with “not poverty” and “not the supposedly inherently oppressed nature of any non-Whites living in White societies.”

      I was reading a book of essays by Theodore Dalrymple and he mentioned something interesting about crime in the UK. He pointed out that UK Muslims have higher crime rates than Sikhs, and Sikhs have higher crime than Hindus. Muslims apparently have about six times the crime rate of Hindus. Yet these people are all non-White, non-Christian, and most of them originate from the same backward area of the world (South Asia). Many of the Hindus start out very poor. Maybe we are prejudiced against them for their facial features or skin color, but these things are not that different between the groups. Given these things, I don’t see how society overall could be oppressing one group six times more than another.

      My expert analysis (I have a PhD in stating the obvious) is that as for socioeconomic status, having at least minimal ability to act like a civilized adult matters. Muslims are more criminal than Sikhs, who are more criminal than Hindus, and Blacks are more criminal than all of them (including in the UK). I believe Whites are somewhere between Hindus and Sikhs. So how could they possibly end up in equal positions in society?

      No, wait, it is internalized racism. Blacks just need to listen to more positive hip-hop. I am going to go through gangsta rap and replace every occurrence of “bitch” with “lady” and “nigga” with “gentleman.” That will do it.

      • slobotnavich

        If we continue to pretend that the only reason for black failure, violence, and relatively lower representation in those occupations requiring high levels of intellect is virulent racism and willful discrimination, the problem of black disfunction cannot be solved. If we allow them to naturally seek their individual rightful levels we could all have a situation we perhaps could live with. All honest work is rewarding and brings satisfaction; of course not all occupations feature the same levels of remuneration – nor should they, the mad ravings of Marxists notwithstanding. We would do well to keep in mind that Marxists and their perverse ideas killed more people in the 20th Century alone than were killed in all the wars in recorded history combined. The body count reflects the madness of their “ideals.” Persistent denial of reality, including harsh reality, never ends well. The sooner we face reality in terms of racial and ethnic differences the better off we’ll all be.

        • how about this

          “All honest work is rewarding and brings satisfaction”

          This is a good attitude but one which I have hardly ever heard expressed; it seems to me that many people would laugh at it. Charles Murray expressed that attitude in an interview and said something similar in a book of his, Real Education. I always thought work was a great privilege, given the alternative, and am amazed at what a negative attitude my peers often seem to have towards it. There is this attitude that if you are not the boss of something, someone else is taking advantage of you. Many also have the attitude that a lot of work is inherently “degrading,” no matter who is doing it or how little opportunity they would otherwise have to earn anything at all. I think this explains horrible policies like the minimum wage.

          I agree about the nature of inequality and Marxism of course. Without accepting harsh realities people are not really adults. I know this is not a White religion, but I think people would generally be better off if they would accept the First Noble Truth of Buddhism, i.e. that life is suffering, and the corollary that the way out of suffering is to give up selfish desires. I don’t mean that in an anti-capitalist sense, and obviously it is basically impossible to accomplish 100%, but it is at least an ideal of self-improvement. Marxists on the other hand seem to start with “I want this” and proceed to “therefore I should make you suffer.”

  • richard garyson

    When one considers the decadent, debauched, lewd, and non-intellectual activities and behavior that college students engage in and that fraternities and sororities openly encourage and endorse, it is especially upsetting to see students so severely reprimanded and disciplined for non-harmful and innocuous behavior.

    It reinforces the notion that to liberals the only immorality is racism (and white males having consentual and noncommittal coitus with promiscuous feminists).

  • Dale McNamee

    Maybe they should hold a “Mad Men” themed party… Liquor & cigarettes, perhaps a few cigars…

    Let’s see who complains then !

  • Guest

    The Irish should riot over St Patrick’s day and the caricature of drunkeness and debauchery.
    … Or better yet, how bout an African American holiday of the same spirit where everyone claims to be “100% black on St Leroy’s day” and gets drunk too, except the decorations will be litter and dirty diapers everywhere

  • newscomments70

    In high school, my Mexican classmates (from Mexico) told me that their people believed we all had blond hair, were rich, wore cowboy hats and drove Cadilacs. They thought we were all JR Ewing.

  • belajadevotchka2

    Will they discipline black students that wear izod sweaters and Burberry peacoats to parties?

  • js27195

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with what they did.

  • newscomments70

    ” don’t watch the Latin-language soap operas, but I’m always bemused by the fact that the characters all live in clean , immaculate housing; with no litter or graffiti seen anywhere.” ….and most of the actors could pass as white.