Asylum Rules Hit Danish Pre-Election Talks

The Local, April 7, 2015

Two of Denmark’s major political parties, the Social Democrats and the Danish People’s Party, have started a pre-election race, competing to be the party with the toughest stance on immigration and asylum issues.

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrats) is bound by law to call for an election to be held by September 15th at the latest, but speculation is widespread that she might call an early election.

After years of political wrestling over unemployment and the economy, the re-emergence of value-politics such as immigration may be a sign that the Danish electorate have finally left the financial crisis behind and shifted their attention to softer issues.

Everyone should contribute

At the end of March, the incumbent Social Democrats launched a campaign in which it called for stricter regulations for immigrants and asylum seekers. The campaign was launched just after a larger integration package.

Large posters of a smiling Thorning-Schmidt addressing all newcomers with the words: “If you come to Denmark, you should work” have been pasted along bike lanes and on buses all over the Copenhagen-area. Analysts say this message is in line with the party’s traditional ethos of everyone contributing to the society to the best of his or her abilities before claiming any entitlements.

Unhappy about copies

But the Danish People’s Party is not happy about the campaign, claiming that the Social Democrats have stolen its core political message in order to attract votes. Member of Parliament for The Danish People’s Party, Søren Espersen, said on the Danmarks Radio (DR) programme “Deadline” that he hoped the Danish voters would recognize it was a copy and differentiate it from the original.

A hard-line party on immigration and asylum rules since its inception, the Danish People’s Party has now hit back with a proposal that asylum seekers in Denmark should only be granted family reunion once they have been granted permanent residency in Denmark. This typically takes around five years, according to DR.

But human rights experts have warned that this would violate international human rights.

“I have problems seeing how that [proposal] would survive a human rights evaluation,” head of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Jonas Christoffersen, told DR.

Fewer asylum seekers in 2015

In 2014 Denmark received some 14,800 asylum seekers, according to DR. This is far fewer than Sweden, however, which in 2014 received more than 80,000 asylum seekers, the second-highest number since the Second World War.

The tightening of the Danish asylum regulations seems to have had an effect already, however. In February, Denmark received some 440 asylum seekers, down from 637 in January, DR said. This is the lowest number for a single month since May 2012.

Part II: The economy

Separately, the Social Democrats just before Easter launched the second part of its election campaign, focusing on the economy. The key message is: “Things are getting better in Denmark,” referring to more jobs, shorter waiting lists in hospitals and an improved economy.

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  • james AZ

    Denmark must not welcome any muslims , Africans, and Asians…….. Just white nordic people and some white who will to be real Danish …….not serve two masters like dual citizenships….

  • LHathaway

    “If you come to Denmark, you should work”

    This is short sighted or short term phase. How about, “If you come to Denmark, you should be White (or married to a White – leaving upon divorce)”.

    • nordicman

      It should be each immigrant to said European country needs to personal verify EACH of their parents can trace their roots back to a European country to AT LEAST, say, the year 1500? That way it will weed out nonwhites (since they didn’t start immigrating to Europe until after WWII).

      • LHathaway

        WWII? Not to be offensive, but all the troops that landed at Normandy, their ancestors appear to have lost. Difficult to say if the men of the greatest generation, from the nations that stormed Normandy were the first one’s who lost. Maybe not. I know my father, Korean war generation, his generation was the first to lose. By now, our generation, we may have lost everything.

  • Awakened Saxon

    If you come to Denmark, you should work” . . ..

    Why does Denmark any immigrants?

    • Luca

      The proper slogan should be: “If you come to Denmark, you should be a tourist” . . ..

      • guest

        That’s a catchy phrase, but even that is not correct. Third world tourists simply should not come to Denmark. They will commit crimes, they will overstay visas, they will come for medical tourism. You remember Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan , the Liberian with Ebola who came to the US and infected a nurse and blew through X million dollars of our medical care, all for free, and now his family is suing the hospital for being racist? He came here from Liberia on a tourist visa. There is simply no benefit to Denmark for any third world arrivals, under any status, and therefore there should be no such arrivals. I would say they should even shut down whatever African embassies they have, as the embassy staff are engaged in fraud, impregnating Danish women, and overall contribute nothing to Denmark.

        • guest

          I wish I could edit my post.

          Even sports visas should not be issued. Every year, for the Olympics, significant numbers of members of the African teams never return home. Some guy from Kenya who is a world-class runner doesn’t necessarily have any economic prospects back home in Kenya, so they stay. You can find articles easily after the London Olympics about all the Africans who used it as a one-way trip.

          And student visas also should not issue. Look at the disastrous long-term consequences of one student visa that was issued to a certain Kenyan communist in 1959. He raped and impregnated a young American woman and now look at what happened from that.

          There should be no visas issued to anyone from the third world, in particular from Africa. Anyone from Africa who shows up in Europe should be removed, I don’t care how.

          • IstvanIN

            Let’s be honest, that young American woman was not raped, she was a willing race-traitor and a whore.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            And crazy as a loon. Those porn pics that came out were disturbing. No wonder the grandparents had to take over the parenting job.

          • Luca

            They were just as crazy as she was. But without the porn.

          • John Smith

            I know the old man was a communist and it’s likely he pimped both her and Barry to black Marxist pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, who was one of his best buds.

          • Alden

            You are right that the Dunhams were communist
            Commie girls having babies by black men was a major plan by the CPUSA to produce a generation if Obamas
            It worked very well

            Davis was most probably Obama’s Father. He looks more like Davis as he gets older.

          • Lexonaut

            A communist, a black Muslim and an illegal alien walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “What’ll you have, Mister President?”

          • John Smith

            Oldie but a goodie.

          • Alden

            Some say Anne was not Obama’s Mother but Grandma Dunham
            There are as many theories about Obama’s birth as Kennedy’s death.

          • Luca

            The mother was a 17-yr old promiscuous, pornographic, liberal who was impregnated by a married African, alcoholic, communist.

            A really good story-book start for the making of a President wouldn’t you say?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Exactly. Same is true in the U.S. They aren’t needed. Nor are the H-1B people needed. It’s all part of an anti-American cultural Marxist attack strategy.

  • IstvanIN

    There is no hope until there is an absolute moratorium on immigration.

    • Jason Lewis

      Followed by deportation of non Europeans.

  • JohnEngelman

    Two of Denmark’s major political parties, the Social Democrats and the Danish People’s Party, have started a pre-election race, competing to be the party with the toughest stance on immigration and asylum issues.

    – The Local, April 7, 2015

    Finally some Social Democrats are coming to realize that Social Democracy only works with homogeneous white populations.

  • superlloyd

    Let’s hope the Swedes follow their example and indeed all white countries.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The Swedes have the worst cases of white guilt out of all of them. It doesn’t seem likely they will pull out of their genocide dive in time. Terminal velocity suicide.

      • Alden

        The whole country is run by Babara Spector

      • nordicman

        I think possibly a small determined group of nationalist Swedes could positively change the course of history for Sweden. Only 3% of the American population took up arms against the British Empire during the revolutionary war, and we have countless examples of European history were a small group of white men defeated a much larger army of muslims, asiatics, Africans, Amerindians, etc.

  • guest

    the Danish People’s Party has now hit back with a proposal that asylum seekers in Denmark should only be granted family reunion once they have been granted permanent residency in Denmark

    The Danish People’s Party is insane in that case. Family reunification is just about the worst possible reason for anyone to be allowed in to the country. It means that immigrant families will establish and never integrate. It means welfare payments. It means massive chain migration due to the large size of 3rd world families. It means massive immigration fraud with fraudulent marriages, fraudulent claims of being related, etc.

    I know everyone here knows this, but there’s only one correct policy on third world immigration, and that policy can be written, in its entirety, in one two-letter word: no.

    • Awakened Saxon

      guest: It means that immigrant families will establish and never integrate.

      Integration = death of the Danes.

  • John Smith

    Another poster should say “If you come to Denmark, you shouldn’t rape and murder the natives.”

  • KenelmDigby

    You see, anti-immigration political parties DO have an effect.
    As I’ve always maintained, immigration is purely a symptom of a sick political class – nothing more, nothing less.
    UKIP are causing a similar effect in the UK.
    It seems that only the USA is the outlier, with no effective anti-immigration party.

  • dd47

    Never trust “Social Democrats” with closing borders or rejecting globalization. They are quite simply the type of party who has embraced those things the most and not the least.

  • gooberboy9999

    440 is still 440 too many.

  • listenupbub

    Denmark really is one of the nicest countries in the world. Probably the nicest. Even their accent sounds nice.

    I hope they realize that they need their their country to be full of people with their particular set of genes to keep their country nice.

    Heck, they should be careful about certain kinds of white people. They should exclude the Mediterraneans, too.