Asians And The Bell Curve in Fairfax, VA-–Diversity or Meritocracy?

Patrick J. Buchanan, VDARE, April 2, 2015

A voracious and eclectic reader, President Nixon instructed me to send him every few weeks 10 articles he would not normally see that were on interesting or important issues.

In 1971, I sent him an essay from The Atlantic, with reviews by Time and Newsweek, by Dr. Richard Herrnstein. My summary read:

“Basically, (Herrnstein) demonstrates that heredity, rather than environment, determines intelligence–and that the more we proceed to provide everyone with a ‘good environment’ the more heredity will become the dominant factor . . . in their success and social standing.”

In a 1994 obituary, The New York Times wrote that Herrnstein, though he “was often harassed . . . and his classes at Harvard weredisrupted,” never recanted his heresy. He wrote “I.Q. and Meritocracy” in 1973, and in 1994 co-authored with Charles Murraythe hugely controversial “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.“

What brought this back was a piece buried in the “B” section of The Washington Post about the incoming class at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County.[Asian students dominate admissions to elite Thomas Jefferson High School, By T. Rees Shapiro, March 31, 2015]

TJ High is an elite magnet school that admits students based on their academic aptitude and achievement and offers “courses in differential equations, artificial intelligence and neuroscience.”

According to the Post, 70 percent of the incoming freshmen are Asians, the highest percentage ever for a school already 60 percent Asian. Ten years ago, the student body was 32 percent Asian.

White students make up 29 percent of the school today, but are only 22 percent of the entering class. The class of 2019 will have 346 Asians and 102 whites, but only 12 Hispanics and 8 blacks.

Of the 2,841 applicants for 2015, one in four Asians was admitted and one in eight whites, but only one in 16 Hispanics and one in 25 black students. Of low-income students, only one in 33 applicants got in.

What do these numbers tell us?

Thomas Jefferson High is a meritocracy where the ideological dictates of “diversity” do not apply. Second, Asian students, based either on nature or nurture, heredity or environment, or both, are, as of today, superior in the hard sciences to other ethnic groups.


Two years ago, an activist group filed a complaint against Fairfax County with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights alleging that the admissions process at TJ High discriminates against blacks, Hispanics and the poor.

But as the white share of the student body at TJ High is falling fastest, if there is discrimination, the admissions process must be giving an unfair break to Asians. For it is Asians who are the biggest beneficiaries of what is going on at the school.

Why are Asian kids succeeding spectacularly?

Is it because they are naturally talented at STEM studies? Is it because they have a better work ethic? Is it because their parents demand they get their homework done and monitor their grades? Is it because far fewer Asians come from broken homes?

It cannot be that Asians have been more privileged.


So how is TJ High responding to its Asian problem?

Jeremy Shughart,[Email him] admissions director at TJ, has a committee “reviewing the application process to improve diversity at the school.”


That is bureaucratic gobbledygook for saying they are going to start looking closer at the race and ethnicity of student applicants and begin using this criteria to bring in some–and to reject others.

Race discrimination, against Asians, is coming to Fairfax County.

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  • Be careful, you wrote “gobbledygook” in an article about Asians.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      Mega super LOLZ

      (sorry Mods for the not very bright comment)

    • Michael Ryan

      ha good one

    • LS Wight

      Lol. The idiocy must end!

      • Albert

        Agreed. We must replace idiocracy with meritocracy.

  • Chip Carver

    The folks in charge have been trying to figure out ways to get Asians en masse to dislike Whites, to go after Whites, with the same zeal as hispanics and blacks do. The problem is that the usual suspects have been the ones tripping up Asians in college admissions, not Whites. But these people have their kids called “White” when the raw numbers for admission to certain schools are released. Even more interesting is the fact that the ethnic nepotism that favors these astounding hypocrites affects Whites in even worse fashion. Look up the work done by Ron Unz and Dr. Kevin MacDonald. It will make your blood boil and then some.

    • 李冠毅

      Ron Unz’s work has been criticized for overestimating the percentage of “usual suspects” at elite universities while underestimating their percentage among high academic achievers (read the article below).


  • I find it odd that so few Whites are among the student body of TJ high. I am not inclined at all to find a genetic explanation satisfying for this phenomenon. The White population has sufficient genius to be well-represented, but oddly enough this is not the case. I do not believe we can jump to a conclusion that Asians are ‘superior’ in the hard sciences. There can be no doubt that there are many intelligent people among the Asian population in America, but the difference between Asians and Whites definitely isn’t that pronounced.

    • how about this

      A difference of only a few points in average IQ means quite a large difference in the number of people in each population who are in the gifted range (130+).

      • Irish

        Not buying that..While it’s true that East Asians score on average 4-7 points higher on standard IQ test, whites have more variation from the mean.. A book of the 500 most influential people in history would be almost entirely filled with people of European ancestry.

        • how about this

          I really don’t see how it matters here that the most influential people in history have been White; you may need a relatively high IQ to be a major historical figure but that is by no means sufficient. IQ is just a measure of intelligence. If it was a measure of what you seem to be implying, we might as well just hand out Nobel prizes to kids as soon as they get their first test results, when they are in elementary school.

          Do you have evidence that Whites have a higher standard deviation?

          Here is what Murray and Herrnstein wrote in The Bell Curve about a difference of 3 IQ points:

          “…assuming a normal distribution, a three-point drop at the average would reduce the proportion of the population with IQs above 120 (currently the top decile) by 31 percent and the proportion with IQs above 135 (currently the top 1 percent) by 42 percent. The proportion of the population with IQs below 80 (currently the bottom decile) would rise by 41 percent and the proportion with IQs below 65 (currently the bottom 1 percent) would rise by 68 percent.” (p. 364)

          Then there is the effect of a three-point drop on various social indicators:
          “Suppose we select a subsample of the NLSY, different in only one respect from the complete sample: We randomly delete persons who have a mean IQ of more than 97, until we reach a sample that has a mean IQ of 97…
          “Marriage rates do not change. With a three-point decline at the average, divorce, unemployment, and dropout from the labor force rise only marginally. But the overall poverty rate rises by 1 percent and the proportion of children living in poverty throughout the first three years of their lives rises by 13 percent. The proportion of children born to single mothers rises 8 percent. The proportion of men interviewed in jail rises by 13 percent. The proportion of children living with nonparental custodians, of women ever on welfare, and of people dropping out of high school all rise by 14 percent. The proportion of young men prevented from working by health problems increases by 18 percent.” (365)

          • Irish

            Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough..While it is true that N.E. Asians have average I.Q.s between 1/3 to 1/2 a standard deviation from the European/White mean. Whites have considerably more deviation from that standard…The reasons for this can only be guessed at, but probably have much to do with the fact that the populations in N.E. Asia have been far less migratory (stable) as compared to Europe.

        • archer

          I think if you give Asians a task that is defined they will do well, but the dreamers who think of these tasks, as in pushing known boundaries of science, are more often white, after all they come here to learn when possible.

          • Elvis

            That is the case but only in the last few hundred years during a period when China was for lack of a better term “stagnate” compared to Europe. When it came to astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, engineering, and technology the Chinese were often the leaders from the Warring States Period (5th-3rd centuries BC) to the era of the Mongols (13-14th centuries).

            I would recommend the following:


            Amazing is it not how long is the list of what the Chinese invented or discovered during their glory days?

            To get an idea of how China’s inventions and methods influenced the West, I would recommend:


        • Realist

          “A book of the 500 most influential people in history would be almost entirely filled with people of European ancestry.”

          And disproportionately Ashkenazi Jew.

          • antiquesunlight

            Not really. It would be at least as English and German as Jewish, and probably much more so.

          • Realist

            Do you know what disproportionately means?

          • antiquesunlight

            Yeah, do you? The list of 500 people would not be disproportionately Ashkenazi Jewish. It would be disproportionately English and German with Americans, Italians, Greeks, Jews, Chinese, and some others behind them. It would be even more disproportionately English-German if Americans were counted according to ancestry.

          • Realist

            ” There would probably be more Englishmen on the list than Ashkenazi Jews. ”
            Gee do you think that’s because there are more Englishmen than Jews

          • Vanitas

            Jews contributed very little until about 100 years ago.

          • antiquesunlight

            The population sizes aren’t/weren’t very different. Not so different that the number of people on the list could be called disproportionate. What’s really disproportionate is the number of Englishmen versus, say, Chinese.

        • David Ashton

          Yes, indeed, See “Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 BC to 1950″ (NY: Harper/Collins, 2003”) 667pp.

          And guess who wrote it, Volksgenossen? Charles Murray.

          • Irish

            If Murray wrote it, it’s undoubtedly a compelling read..He’s the definition of courageous.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I have the book Human Accomplishment. A good book, but rather a disappointment. It could have been a lot better. Murray seemed afraid of becoming too controversial in the book and becomes really vague at points. As well it is built on some odd assumptions about what is important (i.e. why art is more important than practical survival skills).

        • 李冠毅

          This is a VERY common misconception here, that Asians have a narrower standard deviation than Whites. Some Asian populations have a rather narrow bell curve, but not all. Try looking up at SAT scores of Northeast Asian countries — if anything, Northeast Asians have a WIDER standard deviation than Whites.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            As a percentage of the population whites have far more 130+ I.Q.s. It almost never happens with non-whites but with whites you may have 4% or so scoring in that range with around 1% or less in other races. Among those who score above 150 on an I.Q. test the majority are ashkenazi and almost non-existant (almost) in other races. So while the average Asian I.Q. might be a couple points higher, at the “elite” end whites still dominate, especially Jews.

            The issue at hand here though is that Asians score higher in math and whites score higher in verbal reasoning/creativity. There are certain specific skills that whites are better at, Asians better at, Jews better at etc. If you have a school that focuses on a specific skill that Asians are good at then it will have a large Asian student body. But also there are far more Asians in the world than white people and when they send their smartest to the U.S. to go to school it also skews things.

            Asians might show a wider range in test scores due to a larger population being tested in regards to SAT or more people taking the test.

          • I color case-hardened the tip to a fishing spear at home today. Probably nobody else in the world spent the day doing that.

          • 李冠毅

            What “Asians” are we talking about? Is it Northeast Asians? If so, then these Asians do have a wider bell curve than Whites. Japan and South Korea shows this pattern — despite having a fraction of the population compared to Whites. Also, you may want to read up on studies of Chinese IQ. Even though Chinese IQ is often stereotyped to be 105-108, this isn’t necessarily true. China is actually a multiracial society; what is commonly known as “Han Chinese” is actually a term used to describe a genetically diverse group (similar to the term “Jews”). Different subsets of Chinese tend to perform differently. There are some provinces in China with average scores of 110, and there are also some provinces with scores closer to that of Southeast Asian countries, around 90.

          • ElComadreja

            We also have to consider that for our British readers “Asian” and “Oriental” mean two entirely separate groups.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Maybe better studies can be done. Typically refers to Asians who live in the West who come from various East Asian countries. While there are many Asians with I.Q.s of 108 or 115 there aren’t many Asian geniuses world wide (above 130 or above 140).

            By contrast, the average white person is relatively stupid but a lot of them are geniuses. Consider Sheldon Cooper from the TV show Big Bang theory. His parents are idiot rednecks but he is a genius. Even though this is fiction, this is a basic stereotype where relatively dumb whites produce a certain number of geniuses. It also happens with Jews. Average Jew may be slightly smarter than the average non-Jew but not really brilliant but there are a number of Jews born to normal parents who have extremely high I.Q.s.

            In other races you don’t get many of these anomalies. Most people are pretty similar to their parents or neighbors. This characterizes most East Asians- relatively high average I.Q.s but relatively small pool of geniuses. There is less variation within a population, within a family etc. Not talking about between different sub-groups.

          • 李冠毅

            There aren’t many Asian geniuses worldwide? Maybe you haven’t read about Asian inventors, and I think you have relatively little Asian friends compared to White and Jewish friends, which is why there appear to be more of those geniuses to you. I live in Asia and trust me, I’ve met MANY outliners. I myself have a tested IQ of 118, which while not genius level, is not exactly average.

            I think the “Northeast Asians have narrow standard deviation” stereotype is due to the stereotype that Asians are highly conformist (e.g. we tend to be similar to each other and lack variance). One AmRenner claims that this was because Chinese emperors killed those who question the narrative. But trust me, those stereotypes are so not true. Here, teenage rebellion against parents, rebellion against authority figures, and questioning the mainstream ideology, are far from rare. Why do you think the Chinese government needs to practice censorship so much if we are truly conformist sheep.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I was reading in a business magazine an article about doing business in China. They said there is a lack of good management. There are only a small number of people who seem to have the intelligence to manage a business and they all have jobs. When they put a Chinese person in charge he doesn’t solve problems well. So they have to either bring in white people from the west or else give very specific directions on how to do everything and then have multiple managers for different specific tasks, because they don’t “think on their feet”. Yes there are Chinese who can think on their feet and manage, but just a small percentage. This was not a racist magazine but just a mainstream business article.

            There are also some areas like architecture where Asia almost always brings in a white guy from Europe to design unique buildings and such. I’m pretty good at figuring things out but not good at memorizing. I would rather have Asian intelligence so I would do well in school, not be bored so easily and make more money.

            I would say there are more normal Asians than whites that I deal with. Most whites (as well as blacks and others) I meet seem on the stupid side. Most Asians seem more normal in their behavior. But they seem to have different skills academically. Most Asians do well in math but poorly in language. Jews and whites tend to do well in language but poorly in math and so on. The two complement each other really well. Where whites do bad, asians do well and vice versa. I think this kind of diversity is good when working together in a society.

            For now it means Asians do well in the West because they are small in number. So jobs where whites do poorly have high value (such as math related or related to strong memory). If there were more Asians then the competition for these fields would increase and the value of them go down. Probably there would need to be some affirmitive action to keep certain fields from becoming entirely asian. But other fields have few Asians (like law, which requires a lot of verbal logic).

          • 李冠毅

            You’re right, many Asians seem to demonstrate lack of intellectual curiosity and creativity. Being an Asian, I’ve seen many such cases myself. But the real reason for that is that most of them don’t really care for knowledge; they view education merely as a gateway to wealth and fame, and study only as much as required to pass tests. For example, I have several schoolmates who aren’t interested in expanding their knowledge at all. They cram for the tests, and after the tests, if I ask them a question, I often get replies like: “That test has passed, not need to remember those stuff anymore.” I’ve also met quite a few adults, who, thanks to this mentality, are more ignorant than me, a teenage schoolboy. Can you imagine walking up to an adult with college education, asking them a few science questions, then getting a reply “forgotten about that, don’t need to know that anymore”. Yes, one of those said adults is one my teachers (who doesn’t teach science).

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Most white Americans don’t value knowledge either. School doesn’t seem to be about learning and teachers seldom care about whether their students learn. By contrast I like to read and learn for the enjoyment of it, but also ti apply it to real life.

            But racially what I’m talking about is- well I’m an extreme example. I don’t remember names or dates very well. I remember concepts. And I can figure things out where most people don’t figure them out. I’m not taught the procedure, I just see what is hidden, deduce, induce etc. and figure things out. I invent, create, ponder about things. My kind of intelligence leads to a high I.Q. score because, though it varies with the type of I.Q. test, many of the questions are about deductive reasoning or solving some other puzzle. But in school I’m not a great student at all because I don’t memorize useless facts very well. By contrast, in running a business I would do quite well solving new problems as they arise.

            By contrast, Asians have historically been the best at learning a skill. Asians are better at remembering things (on average) and learning skills. They aren’t better at inventing new skills or solving some new problem they have never seen before. It is a racial difference rather than one of attitude. Of course individuals within a race will vary. There may be some white people who are more asian-like and very good at memorizing. There may be some Asians that are bad at memorizing but better at problem solving. Ideally a person would both memorize well and also problem solve well. Also hormones play a role. Women are naturally better at memorizing, men are better at math or problem solving. Asians tend to be better at math. There are many different influence, race, environment, motivation, culture, sex, etc. But I just speak only about the differences in race.

            So a person like me is the kind that will drop out of school, start his own business and be successful despite not being a great student (not really a bad student, but nothing amazing). Albert Einstein was considered stupid by his teachers. He failed math class, yet he made the biggest discoveries in physics which is based on math. By contrast Asians usually aren’t that type. They tend to be good students, to learn well, but not really great at figuring out new things. Also culture plays a role in this as well, compounding it.

            If you give Asians a technology or civilization they actually hold onto it longer than whites. They will pass the knowledge on through generations. But they create new technologies or discoveries at a very slow pace. Whites, by contrast, are more uncivilized than Asians in some ways. They will probably lose technology quicker, or civilization collapse earlier. But they are much faster at inventing new things, or solving new problems as they come. Whites create, Asians build and maintain even better than whites themselves. It’s the irony. Whites invent modern math (via the Greeks). Asians will tend to perform better in it on average. Whites may invent many skills and probably Asians will do them better. Asians are usually better at passing the test, but whites are better at making the test in the first place, or writing the book in the first place.

            But of course I think between the average white and average Asian you don’t see a big difference. Most normal people just go to work and come home and live their lives. It’s mainly on the large scale you see a difference, when comparing large groups of people or looking only at certain geniuses in history. Or maybe look at “elite” universities.

            And then there are certain people that neither maintain nor invent.

          • 李冠毅

            “Asians have historically been the best at learning a skill. Asians are better at remembering things (on average) and learning skills. They aren’t better at inventing new skills or solving some new problem they have never seen before.”

            “Albert Einstein was considered stupid by his teachers. He failed math class, yet he made the biggest discoveries in physics which is based on math.”

            “Whites invent modern math (via the Greeks).”

            Excuse me, have you read ANY books about non-European inventions? Or have you only read about ancient Greece and Rome, and then simply assume other cultures have invented relatively little? Here, I have listed three of the biggest misconceptions in your comment. For starters, Albert Einstein did not fail maths at school, as commonly believed. He did exceptionally well at mathematics and science. Also, Einstein was not the great scientist many books today paint him as.

            I had a debate with several AmRenners over this topic a while back. Please refer to my comments on the “What Explains The Black-White Divide?” article. My knowledge has been updated since, and some of my comments there are not entirely accurate, but they should give you a starting point.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I understand Einstein is made more famous than people who are actually smarter than him and this was part of Jew propaganda. Stephen Hawking has attempted to become the next Einstein by seeking fame. I also understand a lot of his work was copied from other scientists, but he still contributed a lot on his own and he was not considered a genius at all by his teachers.

            Next, I understand Asians have a lot of invention, but it is not in proportion to white Westerners. There are more Asians in this world than whites. Yet most advances in politics, science etc. are from the West.

            As well, Asia had an advance math system on their own, but advanced math that is used in society from building houses to constructing computers is based on pythagorean theorum, calculus etc. invented in the West. True some of this may have come to Greece via Egypt, but that was lost to history. Egypt’s rulers were primarily caucasion anyway.

            It would be difficult for me to find your comments there without some kind of link.

      • Realist

        Excellent point.

      • listenupbub

        The Asians in VA are probably among the smarter of all Asians.

        Besides that, remember that VA is a traditional southern state. It is not particularly intellectual. There is a lot of military. The white people there are not trying super hard to push their academic limits. They are trying to soup up their trucks and catch big fish.

        source: half of my family is from VA.

        • anony

          States are neither “intellectual” nor otherwise.

          Northern Virginia, which is a suburb of the DC metro area, has attracted a large population of world renowned “experts” in just about any field you want to name. Fairfax County, and thus TJ High School, is part of “northern Virginia”.

          Source: I’m a Virginian, and my extended family lives in northern Virginia.

          • listenupbub

            There are obviously levels of intellectualism in different states, you are crazy. NYC will have much better schools than Virginia. Arizona and Utah do not care one bit about anything intellectual.

            I understand northern Virginia, I promise. But hundreds of years of traditional culture in this region – God first, family next, community third – is going to be hard to undo in a few decades. For one thing, the school system has to catch up to new cultural developments.

            What do they have to catch up to in a few decades? Why, the influx of hard-driving Asians, putting their kids in school + tutoring for 80 hours a week, forcing them to always stay 2 or 3 grades ahead of the whites so that they can outcompete them. Their culture puts status first, achievement second, money third.

            It does not matter that there are brilliant whites in Northern Virginia. If they raise their 140 IQ kids like whites typically do in the traditional south, a 120 or 130 IQ Asian-American who grows up like an Asian will leave the white kids in the dust. It is damn hard to compete with 200 hours of SAT tutoring, even if you are very smart.

          • God first, family next, community third – is going to be hard to undo in a few decades

            Yes, how horrible. They better undo that sort of silliness with break neck speed. Because, global economy.

          • listenupbub

            I did not imply that traditional southern culture is bad. I grew up in NC, at an uncompetitive, religious, mostly white school, and it was like heaven. We celebrated holidays and religious heritage shamelessly. It was euphoric; it was like heaven.

            But this culture does make it hard to compete with Asians who spend 80 hours a week on school and SAT tutoring. The whites in NYC, the west, etc. will compete better.

            I’m not saying that I like NYC better, I am just being realistic, unlike many commenters who are claiming that it is totally IQ that is making Asians outcompete whites so much in VA.

            The reason Asians outcompete whites so much in VA is a combination of genes and hard work. In this case, hard work is a bigger effect, because the whites in VA are not super intellectual. They probably carry the same genes for IQ as the whites in NYC or the midwest.

            Trust me, I am all about traditional European culture. One of the consequences of bringing in status-obsessed Asians into a traditional southern state is that the whites will get destroyed in high school (this is probably less true in college). They are literally spending 1/2 the time on homework, and 1/50 the time on SAT’s, 0% of the time on accelerated Chinese school classes.

            This is why I always argue with the dumba—- who say that we should bring in more Asians, but less Mexicans and Africans. Asians are usually good people, and I like them, but NO. Our culture will die either way, and so will the happy, traditional southern states. My children will never have the happy childhood that I did.

          • After a bit of research, I figured out that one has to live in Fairfax County in order to attend TJ High. Therefore, the whites that Asians are beating going away in this context are the whites in Fairfax County, blue team voters. Those are the whites that are the sons and daughters of Federal bureaucrats or someone similar. They’re not the knuckledragging troglodytes of rural non-blackbelt Virginia who believe in God-family-community.

          • listenupbub

            Okay, fair enough.

            So my first theory is probably correct. This is good old-fashioned self-segregation within a town. It is not like college admissions. I’m sure Fairfax offers other satisfactory liberal-artsy type high schools for the children of the bureaucrats.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      It wasn’t but whites have been suffering a few generation of dysgenic practices, a threat imho even bigger than immigration, race-mixing etc.

      What we whites need is not more kids, our birthrates are not that disastrous after all and there have never been at any point in history so many whites as today, what we need is more bright white kids from high achieving families

      • archer

        It is the bright successful people that have the fewest children.

      • Alden

        What is the use of having bright and gifted children when they are banned from the best rated universities ?
        And Whites as a group are also banned from STEM jobs especially White men.

        • Sick of it

          If the present system lasts forever, we have no future. Consider alternatives.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          This is a very real problem but, call me an unabashed optimist, i believe that our intelligence is STILL our biggest asset.

          WE never have too many bright white kids, because i believe smart kids are more likely to smell the lies the system fed them and take back their ethnic rights

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      You are probably right and on a second thought my explanation is a bit simplistic at least on such a short timeframe. I’m just guessing here but maybe some cultural phenomena are at work, due to the fact even the most prosperous Asian countries have been wealthy since only very recently. Specifically for many Asians hard sciences have been the safest, shortest way to prosperity while whites don’t see a particularly high return in those fields.

      When your father is a factory worker, being an engineer is a huge leap. When your father is an insurance middle manager and your mom a corporate communication exec, maybe you aspire to a fancy consulting job rather than working in a lab.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      The Asian population is a “skewed” distribution: Many of its members were smart, ambitious and resourceful enough to come here against very great odds. This was true of the parents of a kid who WON the St. Louis Science Fair, whom we honored one night when I was on the St. Louis School Board. The parents had been “Boat People,” who fled South Viet Nam with nothing, as it was falling to the communists.

      Asians also have a much stronger work ethic (or work “ethnic”): His parents had to accept the award for him, because the kid was already taking summer school courses at Stanford, where he was awarded a FULL RIDE…!

      • Jeff

        I think one of their biggest advantages is cultural. They still have a sense of honor where it’s possible to shame your family and your family name. For them, academic failure, or indeed any failure extracts a far heavier price. We as whites used to share this value, but not so much anymore.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I think you are “spot-on”…

    • antiquesunlight

      You are right. I can’t prove it, but I believe there is a good bit of anti-white discrimination in favor of asians.Whites only average a few points below asians on IQ tests and radically outnumber asians in American population, so it makes no sense for asians to be a majority, much less a large majority.

      • Traditional whites focus on God, family, and community. Traditional Asians focus on status, money, and community. It’s not hard to figure out. Give them a few generations and they will be more like us.

        • antiquesunlight

          Asians are about 5% of the US population. Non-Hispanic Whites are 60-something %. Cultural differences are definitely a part of the equation, but I don’t think that is a complete explanation for the large differences you sometimes see.

    • Bill Moore


      More and more Caucasians are putting “African” or “Hispanic” or “Asian” on their application in order to get “a leg up”. They know that if they put “white” or “Caucasian” on their application that they increase their chances of rejection.

      It’s part of the craziness of the new system.

      Bill Moore

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Judging from certain high-profile communists, I would say that many are conjuring-up “American Indian” roots, such as that crazy Bolshevik in the U.S. Senate from MA…

        • ElComadreja

          You must mean “Fauxcahontas”.

          • The Dime Store Indian.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Fauxcahontas speakum with forked tongue of snake. She likem wampum, but she no likem spend HER wampum on poor Injun or black man. Her heap big hypocrite. Her Bolshevik and dizzy broad. Her make Hillary look good, in contrast…

    • Lion’s Mane

      “There can be no doubt that there are many intelligent people among the Asian population in America, but the difference between Asians and Whites definitely isn’t that pronounced.”

      I agree. Whites and Asians are more or less equal in mental abilities; the differences are indeed negligible.

      What then accounts for the school situation described here?

      I think that it’s lifestyle and self-discipline . . . and the psychological problems Whites face in a culture dominated by anti-White liberalism. I suspect that Asians feel that they have a challenge — almost a new world to conquer — which they can live up to, whereas young Whites feel the poisonous sting of anti-White discrimination and are afraid for their future. You see, it’s not enough to have mental abilities. One must have FAITH and believe in oneself and one’s future, if one is to realize one’s potential.

      Many Whites do not support their own children emotionally. Children need enormous amounts of love and encouragement and kind words, along with requiring them to do their studies, to succeed. Doubts and fears can keep even the brightest from achieving.

      The American education system is in shambles, including the ‘education’ — in the shape of upbringing — many children receive at home. And incompetent teachers in the schools severely exacerbate the problem.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Consider this: The Asian population is skewed in terms of I.Q. and some less easily quantifiable characteristics such as ambition and work ethic.

        In the Graduate Economics Program at Washington University, foreign students from China took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Macro, Micro, and Mathematical Economics in 1977 or 1978. China — a nation of almost 2 billion people — send their 40,000 brightest students to matriculate in the West, who probably average 170 in I.Q.

        I recognize that they are far above the intellect of the average Chinese national, but that’s my point: The Asian population in the U.S. is skewed, for reasons such as this…

        • 李冠毅

          Sigh, every time Asian success is brought up, this “cream of the crop” myth invariably pops up. But take a look at the number of university graduates and patents granted to Northeast Asian countries (especially Japan and South Korea), and the “cream of the crop” explanation becomes less excusable. Besides, the Asians who emigrate to the West nowadays tend to be the ones who failed to obtain a spot at a top Asian university.

          As I have said before, and I will say again, it’s a matter of attitude and upbringing, not genes. If you don’t study, you will never gain any knowledge and as a result, you will not pass the tests necessary to gain a spot at a good school. Those who try to wriggle out of responsibility for their own failure by saying “it’s due to my genes” will never get anywhere in life.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Note that Earl was trying to give Asians some credit for genuinely deserving what they get in America.

            If it’s not genetics, then it IS an undeserved, institutionalized hand up.

            “Attitude” shouldn’t skew admissions to a magnet gifted school this much. Virtually all gifted education programs have a minimum IQ cutoff, and I took a look at the admissions info online for TJ High – yes, there is an entrance test which is clearly an IQ test from the look of the questions.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I do not disagree with any comment you made regarding “attitude and upbringing,” but I do NOT accept the notion that students sent to matriculate in the West — particularly in Economics — are not the CREAM of the crop.

            Economics is the study of the distribution of a resource through a market system, while Marxism is the substitution of a command “economy” for markets, backed-up by force. Except on a micro level, there were no markets in communist China.

            Because of this, China lacked the caliber of Economics Departments that many good schools in the West have, because there were no markets, there was no “economics,” nor were there any economists in communist China for 25 years or more after the Revolution.

            China’s transition to a more market-oriented economy is a fairly recent phenomenon: At least initially, China was dependent upon the West to educate its Economists, and it sent a lot of very bright and studious ones to do so…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            They don’t need to be the cream of the crop. They simply need to be above average for their population to skew results. How many uneducated peasants exist in China? Just because you couldn’t get into a top level college and therefore went to the U.S. doesn’t make you average.

            Asians are smarter at taking tests and memorizing. Whites are better at problem solving, though both groups have a little of both. In terms of any education system that is based on memorization or simply learning a skill and doing it, Asians will dominate (and to a lesser degree women). Anywhere in which constant problem solving, “thinking on your feet”, creativity tests etc. white males will dominate.

            One thing I have noticed in regards to our newly dumbed down schools is they have transitioned to a point where they are all about memorization now instead of problem solving. Asians would still do well in problem solving, and whites will still do well memorizing skills, but there would be a difference in who is “best” at the top level.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            That remark about the “cream of the crop” was a reference to an earlier exercise: If you take the 40,000 brightest students from a sample population of 2 billion people — and send them to the west to matriculate — you are looking at an average I.Q. in the 180s or 190s. It is a fairly straightforward exercise.

            I wasn’t suggesting that geniuses are necessary to “skew” a sample. (Or am I misunderstanding your comment….?)

            I agree about the dumbing-down of high school curricula, by the way. I have seen it in St. Louis, and there is no question that the average Chinese student is better trained than the average American student, simply because a great deal more is DEMANDED of him.

            Meanwhile, we water-down our curricula so that blacks can successfully graduate, but this has turned a college degree into the equivalent of a Grade School education of 100 years ago…

    • how about this

      Here is another quote from The Bell Curve about what a three-point drop in mean IQ would mean, which seems relevant to how many Asians would qualify for gifted programs in comparison to Whites:

      “…assuming a normal distribution, a three-point drop at the average [to 97] would reduce the proportion of the population with IQs above 120 (currently the top decile) by 31 percent and the proportion with IQs above 135 (currently the top 1 percent) by 42 percent.” (p. 364)

      Here they are talking about what happens in terms of socioeconomic indicators when you look at the NLSY (National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, which is not limited to youths) and randomly take out people below a 103 IQ until your average becomes 103 (so this is relevant to the difference in socioeconomic status between Whites and Asians):

      “For starters, the poverty rate falls by 25 percent. So does the proportion of males ever interviewed in jail. High school dropouts fall by 28 percent. Children living without their parents fall by 20 percent. Welfare recipiency, both temporary and chronic, falls by 18 percent. Children born out of wedlock drop by 15 percent. The incidence of low-weight births drops by 12 percent. Children in the bottom decile of home environments drop by 13 percent. Children who live in poverty for the first three years of their lives drop by 20 percent.” (367)

    • Michael Ryan

      whites are inclined to sacrifice themselves to saving the world rather than wasting their lives on stem careers, besides its hard work and theyre spoiled rotten

      • pcmustgo

        Or just “not know what they want to do” with their lives…at that age

        • listenupbub

          Gosh, that is the worst. And it comes from the baby boomer advice of “doing what you love” with your life. It is amazing how foolish people have become. And it tracks perfectly with the acceptance of liberalism.

    • Sick of it

      #1 They go by grades, not IQ tests (we have a school locally which forces students to “pass a test” in order to gain entry to the school, but it’s an IQ test).

      #2 We need to practice positive eugenics at this point due to the degradation of white intelligence since (at least) the hippie generation. If high IQ white people marry just anyone, they are more likely to marry a low IQ person, as they far outnumber the highly intelligent people.

      • pcmustgo

        I’m 137 IQ and looking for a husband… or someone to have a kid with.

        • LHathaway

          Pick someone younger than you.

    • listenupbub

      Asians like these kinds of schools more than whites. As whites realize
      that the school is becoming more and more Asian, they will stop wanting
      to go.

      And, yes, the Asians are much more hard-driving with
      academics than whites could ever imagine. Besides the northern part near
      DC, Virginia is still a traditional southern state. The citizens are
      not super keen on academics. The Asians, on the other hand, will send their kids to Chinese school to get 2-3 grades ahead of whites in math.

      Why bust your butt to go to TJ High, when you can just go to a regular high school, take some AP classes, get into UVA, Washington and Lee, VT, or William and Mary and still enjoy a high quality of life in your community? This is how whites see it.

      It is mostly Asians who will move mountains to get into Harvard and MIT, just to get into Harvard or MIT. Whites end up their because they just happen to be smart and get perfect scores on the SAT.

      There is a blog called educationrealist that you might like. He is a teacher who also tutors for the SAT.

      • listenupbub

        For some stupid reason I can’t edit, but yes, I do know the difference in there, their, they’re. I just type really fast and somehow I mess it up.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I’ll tell you what I saw at Washington University (St. Louis) in the 1970s: Many of the White kids in Arts & Sciences got involved in almost every Marxist-inspired political cause or movement that came along, while Asian students kept their noses to the grindstone, and looked askance at most most extra-curricular activities, while considering them to be DISTRACTIONS.

        Alternatively, the black students were primarily interested in political causes — so long as they benefited, personally — to the extent that many gave short shrift to their studies. The nigros were keen on demonstrating and seizing control of things, immediately after which, all the monies associated with those endeavors disappeared…

    • BrianDamage1

      But you are talking to people here from the left side of the bell curve. White supremacy and IQ is like oil and water.

    • barelyintrepid

      I’m quite familiar with the area and there are region specific socio-economic factors of northern Virginia that explain the racial underrepresentation of whites at TJ. It has nothing to do with lack of intelligent whites.

      Northern Virginia is very diverse and the public school system is reflective of this diversity and has all the associated pathologies of diverse student bodies…. the school system is dangerous for whites. Whites involved with their kids education (those predisposed to seek schools like TJ) are moving father outside of the area for “good schools” and geographically disqualify. Meanwhile, the Asian enclave is growing.

      This area also is very very wealthy. The white areas are among the most affluent in the country, these people send their kids to private school.

      It’s that simple. Academically gifted and wealthy whites are taught the value of contacts that go well beyond social academic credentials. Middle class whites are fleeing as the Hispanics colonize the area.

      No dysgenics or cheating, just an evolving ecosystem.

  • how about this

    “Of the 2,841 applicants for 2015, one in four Asians was admitted and one in eight whites, but only one in 16 Hispanics and one in 25 black students.”

    So what is the latest conspiracy theory we are supposed to believe about why Hispanics outdo Blacks in almost every socioeconomic measure? Hispanic privilege, perhaps carried in an invisible mochila? The scholarly nature of Mexican culture?

    • LHathaway

      The article answers this itself, “Of low-income students, only one in 33 applicants got in”.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Hispanic average I.Q. falls roughly half-way between those of Whites and blacks…

  • connorhus

    It’s simple really. Asians can mimic and memorize with the best of them. Whites can to but culturally we don’t push it like the Asians do today. In trying to make these entrance tests more culturally open in the hopes of showing improvement in the Black bell curve (keep wishing BTW) the Multi-Cult education system has created an environment where Asians excel, at least in tests. IN turn we will waste even more money training them and educating them over White students and still get little return on the investment because they lack the creativity.

    Everything the Multi-Cult touches falls to ruins.

    • SentryattheGate

      I agree, and add that Asians are like worker ants; nose to the grindstone at all times. Surveys have shown that Asian parents are “tiger moms”, ferocious about their kids being straight A students, to the extent that they have no other life (no sports, no dating, no job after school, no parties, etc). I.e. Japan, last I heard, has 10-hour schooldays, 6 days a week! Then Sunday is computer classes! What a life!

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        Honestly that’s a bit exaggerated or maybe it’s an Asian American thing. In fact what i observed about Asians in their natural environment is a frightening lack of a healthy amount of sleep.

        Indeed they work a lot (well in many cases more correctly they spend many hours at the office) but they also party very hard. In fact even in North East Asia there’s a brutal, intense, hard-drinking, hard-eating, club hopping night life.

        What this people don’t do is actually sleeping more than 4-5 hours per night: very often they leap directly from office/school to the local karaoke bar/dance club etc and come back home very late at night.

        I’m bugged by insomnia myself, i deem it a great stroke of luck: that’s the only way a white person can live here among them

        • Just wait until you get older. I have hideous nightmares, and the last few years of my late 40’s have made good sleep even rarer.

          In most of my more recent nightmares, I am no longer pinned down under constant fire, but instead I am back in prison and nobody will tell me why. It is a great relief to wake up in my own bed, though this sometimes results in me skipping the rest of the night’s sleep.

          • TheHBD

            Look into Trazodone brother…it is a wonder drug for insomnia. As far as the Asians that I know and work with…they seem to have a single-minded devotion to technical work that is somewhat lacking in myself and my white colleagues…this is why employers are favoring Asian and Indian workers over Americans. The normal ‘compartmentalization’ that we exhibit in our everyday lives is not present in Asian workers. Of course this is a generalization, and I do have White colleagues who are borderline Aspergers who work every bit as hard as them, but I have interests outside of work and I think that the majority of Asians that grew up under tiger-moms never developed these.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Nothing lives forever, not even our demons. Eventually we will find peace.

            Happy Easter to you, your wife and your beautiful child.

            Be strong, you guys are winning

          • Bossman

            You must learn to take control of your own dreams. It is possible with some practice and once you succeed you will be able to tell yourself that it is only a dream and then wake up from it. There are lots of books that will teach you how to learn to do that.

          • Guest

            I recommend that you do not take drugs for insomnia. It is likely that dreams are the mind’s way of releasing powerful emotions safely and are therefore therapeutic. Accept them. If you can’t sleep for the rest of the night, a good solution is to relax and listen to audio books — especially great literature read by professional actors.

        • Alden

          Japan is famous for that

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Funny, I read this comment earlier and mentioned the “no sleep” thing to my Asian coworkers yesterday.

          They all IMMEDIATELY said, “That’s true! Oh, yes.” It’s true for them here in Canada too, apparently – after work, they tell me, they party all night.

          I had no idea.

      • Bossman

        All East Asians may have a secret agenda. They don’t like the fact that Europeans were able to extend themselves into the Americas and they couldn’t. In the future it may all be about people, land and resources.

        • 李冠毅

          I know that you know not “all East Asians” (to quote you) have a secret agenda; I obviously don’t. No offense, but can we stop hitting out at others? I’ve noticed that almost every comment here has to say bad things about someone. Why can’t we start saying good things about each other instead?

          I’ve been paying attention to your comments, and you know what? I’ve noticed that you just LOVE to bash other non-Whites, particularly Blacks and East Asians, while being defensive about your own race, the Hispanics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to badly want to be accepted into the White Nationalist community, but you know that is unlikely because you’re Hispanic, which isn’t exactly a popular race within the community. So you keep bashing other non-Whites in the hope that the Whites here will do the same and go after other non-Whites while leaving your race alone. In short, you are probably one of those people who are fine with joining up with bullies and bullying others as long as you yourself is not being bullied. I’m far from being a saint, but the cowardly bully behavior being demonstrated here is a type of person I do not wish to become. Hence, I try to avoid (or at least minimize) saying bad things about anyone, while saying good things about others whenever possible.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Oh my god. This is the funniest comment anyone’s left Bossman since I started reading AmRen.

            Some other people have gotten in some good snarky zingers on him; but what makes your comment so hilarious is your earnestness in that, “you’re not going to be accepted, you know,” observation.

            Don’t ever leave.

          • Bossman

            There are a few thing that are very obvious: Many black males are stupid and violent and I usually make comments about that. East Asians are not stupid or violent but there are just too many of them and they are working to displace the Western world.

          • 李冠毅

            Err, speaking of displacing the Western world… I think we all know which race is currently doing that the most, and its not East Asians.

          • listenupbub

            I can’t stop laughing!

            The Asians do not have a political group called La Raza.

            He is right that there is a nearly limitless supply of Asians waiting to go to America… but the same is true of hispanics.

          • It is too far for them to swim here, however.

          • listenupbub

            Bossman is just plain weird.

            There are going to be some weirdo’s on this site.

          • Very well said! I don’t hate Mexicans. I didn’t during three years in prison, but I just don’t want them here.The United States is not some northern province of Mexico. (Neither is it any part of Africa.)

          • Earl P. Holt III


            Sign carried by 80 year-old member of the CofCC, when we picketed Dick Gephardt’s (D-MO) Congressional Office back in the mid-1990s…

      • Japanese love their hobbies. Maybe these are an escape for them. When I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company, “What are your hobbies?” was one of the first things I was asked by my co-workers.

      • Spaniard in LA

        That’s probably the reason they cannot talk to girls, which usually ends with a leap from the tallest building.

      • Blackfish

        True, but in 20 years the white kids who spend all day playing video games will be cleaning their houses.

        • SentryattheGate

          Yes, I’ve warned my kids about that!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          TOUCHE` !

          (And, they won’t even know what hit them…)

      • BrianDamage1

        You have no clue but rather grasping at stereotypes.

    • Ed

      I don’t know about that the old British schooling system was pretty rigorous and highly competitive & test based. Think some remnants still exist. Napolean’s Ecoles only take the best of the best. No diversity gimmicks. Frankly it’s really only America in the developed world that has soft standards even among Whites.

      • Alden

        Only the private British schools still have admission tests
        England used to have government supported what were called grammar schools Admission was by the 11 plus test which was rigorous Grammar schools went up to 16

        At some point liberals eliminated the state supported grammar schools on the grounds that they were elitist and discriminated against brown and black immigrants

        Now England has state comprehensive schools like the American high schools which admit everybody

        No matter how well Whites do in school or how qualified between affirmative action laws and employers policy of hiring only immigrants I don’t see what good brains, hard work and creativity do for Whites

  • Hilis Hatki

    People of today stand on the shoulders of giants, if born 500 years how “smart” would they be.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      You are right, when there was a whole world to discover and describe whites were unmatched.

      In a world of incremental improvements nobody can compete with the Asians.

      Are we in the quantum leap or the incremental paradigm today ? The answer to this question will determine the winner of the next round in the eternal competition between the 2 intelligent races on the planet

      • Whites are good at creating new systems, and Asians are good at improving existing systems. I do not see how this is ‘competition’. I am more inclined to think of it as ‘complementary’.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          That would be an ideal outcome, but we both have a strong, competitive conquering and warring spirit. That doesn’t mean that we cannot coexist in peace and mutual respect but imho it will always be a relatively fragile equilibrium

          • I think that energetic spirit would best be put to use in space exploration. The US missed a great chance with the moon. I’d have ordered a B41 bomb (the clean version) exploded about ten miles under the lunar regolith to create an enormous cave. The radioactivity would have died down enough in the intervening 45 years that it would be habitable today. Filled with air, people could fly around with wings on their arms, as lunar gravity is only a fraction of our own. Another one, half-filled with water would make a good fish farm.

            Instead, the United States has wasted money promoting self-indulgent negro squalor and propped up corrupt despots the whole world over.

            There’s no need for Asians and whites to fight each other over resources here. It’s raining soup out there. Asteroid 16 Psyche is almost pure nickel-iron and has a mass of some 2 X 10 to the 16 tons. Total stocks of iron and steel in current worldwide use amount to about 1.3 X 10 to the tenth tons, so one can see how valuable strip-mining that asteroid would be.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Michael, a couple of questions here: from what i gather the big problem of setting a permanent colony on the Moon is the lack of oxygen, which would make accessing a stable supply of water very difficult, if my understanding is correct.

            How we would solve that issue ? IIRC scientists think there’s a decent supply of ice on the Moon poles but i’m not sure.

            Second: could humans survive for a long time in such a low gravity environment ?

          • The lunar regolith is all metal oxides. Eletrolytic reduction of these would produce plenty of oxygen once we got started there, and give us lots of useful auliminum and titanium for construction there. They’re aren’t any cloudy days on the moon, so nuclear would work at first, and then solar power.

            There’s plenty of water ices in comets: all the raw light chemicals a factory could want.

            Could people live there in the light gravity? I would like to do it.

        • Spaniard in LA

          Asian countries are not civilized.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            HK, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, despite all their shortcomings, are civilized places (and Urban China will be there in 10-15 years), sorry man i mean no disrespect but they are way more civilized than Spain, which is for the most part a semi-third world nation. I am Italian so feel free to bash but Southern Europe is EONS behind North East Asia in terms of standard of living.

            How they are civilized ? There is plenty of modern infrastructure, a high level of education, reliable healthcare, a low crime rate and people have access to jobs and all the trinkets of a 21st century industrial and post-industrial society.


            That DOES NOT mean i advocate an open borders policy with Asian nations, heck i don’t even advocate an open borders policy between white nations. I don’t even think Spaniards and Italians (and Poles too) belong in UK, Germany or Sweden. North-Western Europe should remain mostly mostly, Southern Europe should remain mostly Mediterranean etc etc

          • HE2

            HK, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, despite all their shortcomings, are civilized places..

            If you consider paying 3K plus a month for 380 square feet of living space in a rabbit warren noisy high rise civilized. I do not.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Well North America has a much higher standard of living, no doubt about that. If you compare North East Asia and Europe though, and not necessarily only the Southern rim, the picture is radically different.

            Houses/apartments are pretty much the same size in Europe as they are in Asia, only with much less amenities from lack of air conditioning to a decent security system. If we take a look at the consumer sector of several European economies the picture is even more dire. Sure the pervasive welfare does help in extreme situations, the price Europeans pay for it though is extremely high and depress severely the quality of life for most of the middle class.

            In all fairness i’m a little bit baffled when WN’s talk about the possibility of going back to their ancestral lands in Europe.

            I don’t see many white Americans so easily putting up with a standard of living comparable to the US in the 1950’s

          • Spaniard in LA

            So does that mean that the rich Gulf States are also civilized? They have low crime, reliable healthcare, modern infrastructure, free college education, and so many jobs that they have to import foreigners.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            You have a point and i apologize for the unnecessarily harsh tone.

            Honestly i believe NOrth East Asian societies are vastly more civilized places than the mega-rich Gulf countries as Orientals are devoid of religious fanaticism and the level of education is much higher in the Far East.

            What irks me (hence the angry tone) is the apparently unstoppable decline of our nations. Why we Southern Europeans are currently failing so spectacularly ? Are we racially inferior to the Nords ? I am open to the possibility, IQ data though doesn’t show any significant difference between NOrthern and Southern Europe. Italy is actually part of the top 10 in the IQ world ranking. I don’t have the exact figures for Spain, but i assume they’re similar.

            Corruption is our scourge ? Maybe but North East Asia is rife with corruption as well and after the financial meltdown of 08-09 i wouldn’t call America or NOrthern Europe squeaky clean either.

            Was catholicism our problem ? Catholic NOrthern European nations are as developed as Protestant societies.

            Lack of of interest in the hard sciences ? There are plenty of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian STEM professionals who find success abroad.

            Plus we have shown in the 60-80 era we are capable of industrial development.

            So what went wrong with us ? I truly don’t know

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          I completely agree: at some point a coalition of the civilized will be necessary to save the planet from the hordes of cretins

        • Each nationality hates each other over there, in a way that Poles and Germans normally do not. Were I a German, I would not hate Poles for living in eastern Germany, but I would very seriously dislike Russia for having moved Poland farther west. I want both Poland and Germany returned to their pre-1939 borders,

  • superlloyd

    This undermines the whole false’White Privilege’ meme in one fell swoop.

  • Korean guy

    This is one of the busiest time of the year and you are welcome to say negative things about Koreans or Asians in general. I do not care. You can’t change how I feel.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      Well since you brought it up: i love Korea, i love my Korean wife to death (sorry white nationalists) but you guys have disgusting drinking habits and don’t act very mature when you’re wasted. Oh also give some money to the elders so they can feed themselves, it’s not really a presentable thing for an hyper ambitious newly developed high income country having a rate of seniors poverty worse than the Philippines.

      Also making an effort to curb the highest level of school bullyism in the OECD area would help

    • JohnEngelman

      Welcome to American Renaissance, Korean guy. Please post more often.

      My two best friends in high school were Chinese Americans. I learned Korean Karate from Ki Whang Kim. I have been in love with several Oriental women. No one can change how I feel either.

      • Korean guy

        There is no such thing as a “Korean Karate”. It is called “Tae-Kwon-Do”. There is no such thing as “Chinese Karate”. It is called Kung-Fu.

        The differences between Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do are

        – Karate uses punches more often than Tae Kwon Do
        – Tae Kwon Do uses more kicks than Karate
        – Karate has low kick. Tae Kwon Do does not kick below the thighs.
        – Tae Kwon Do has axe kick where you raise your feet first, and then bring it down.

        “I have been in love with several Oriental women.” Well-known on AmRen. You also love Jewish girls. Your favourite type of Asian women is Chinese women.

        I have been posting on AmRen for a while by now. Sure I will try to post more often. But I do know I am not 100% welcome on AmRen and it is best for me to make posts if I do truly have something to say, instead of numerous meaningless posts.

        • JohnEngelman

          What I studied was Tang Soo Do. It is similar to Japanese karate, but it stresses leg techniques, rather than hand techniques. I wish I had been able to study Japanese Karate instead, because in the high school I attended there was a fairly effective taboo against kicking in fighting.

          I called Tang Soo Do Korean Karate, because I assumed that more American Renaissance posters were familiar with Karate than Tang Soo Do.

          • Korean guy

            Keep learning Tae Kwon Do!! You will have a blast!!

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            It is fun yes

          • panasian

            I remember Tang Soo- Do preceded Tae Kwon do in Korea. When I was a little boy in the 50’s in Korea, there was no such thing as Tae Kwon Do ( although there was something called Tae Kyen). But there was Tang Soo Do in the 50’s and early 60″s. They are very similar. As the name, Tang Soo Do, denotes the Chinese origin ( Tang dynasty). When the nationalistic Korean military regime came in power in the early 60’s, it got rid of Tang Soo- Do but installed Tae Kwon Do. But there is still lingering doubt whether Tae Kwon Do is strictly Korean not influenced by Tang Soo Do.

          • Guest

            I have a great interest in Eastern Philosophy and martial arts. If I were still a child or youth, I would certainly try to find a Kung Fu master and learn to defend myself.

          • panasian

            I want to be honest with you. If you want to defend yourself against street punks, I recommend you to learn Thai Boxing which uses a lot of boxing techniques along with kicks.

          • Wing Chun is also an option. Boxers pose a real challenge to people who know Wing Chun like myself, but we can beat them.

            I am not so very strong myself, but Wing Chun is more based on techniques than brute force. I like Wing Chun for this reason.

          • panasian

            Thanks for enlightening me on Wing Chun.

          • panasian

            Be careful though, nobody can stop a bullet. I assume the picture you are using is yours. You are one good looking Asian lady !!!!! I’m just complimenting your looks, nothing more.

          • 李冠毅

            I don’t think ChineseNationalistMaiden’s picture is actually is picture of her. I’ve seen that kind of picture many times before; it is commonly placed on the cover of Chinese novels. Just visit a Chinese bookstore and you’ll see what I mean.

          • panasian

            Thank you for telling me that. I happen to be a Korean Sinophile. As a Korean, I think we owe China so much for our own culture.

          • My own close-in martial arts practices were mainly confined to hand grenades and a tomahawk. I once slipped in a big mess of entrails and dropped the latter, so I pulled out my entrenching tool, sharpened along the edges, and used that.

            When they push or pull, turn. If they rush you, grab their right arm, drop and roll, with your knife already inside them (you’re supposed to have a knife).

            The idea is to kill them as quickly as possible. Anything else is nonsense. “I can kick you in the head”. “I can cut the femoral artery out of that leg with my sharpened entrenching tool and produce a fatality.”

            Unarmed fighting is just silly. .

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            So TKD is a product of the Park Chung Hee era ? I thought actually it was codified in the 50s…interesting

          • panasian

            Yes, it was basically a product of General Park Chung Hee whom I admire very much.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Me too, an amazing man indeed: i read once a book about General Park, which among several things included a large section about the establishment and rise of Posco.

            That generation of Koreans possessed a truly unbelievable dedication to the cause of national advancement

          • panasian

            In my opinion, you need somebody like General Park to clean up the mess in America. But I don’t think that will ever happen in America.

        • panasian

          I’m Korean like you. After all this site is geared toward the white people who want to communicate with the fellow whites with the same views on race, politics,etc. Even though I don’t agree with some things they post, I strongly believe in that I should give these white people enough space to themselves thus not to interfere too much with their frank and not-so-much-politically- correct conversations among themselves. So when it comes to AmRen, I read a lot of their comments but I seldom post my own comments. Having read many of the AmRem posts, I can understand the reason why a lot of whites feel the way they do.

          • Lion’s Mane

            Thank you for your patient understanding. 🙂

          • SentryattheGate

            Thank you, for your consideration and respect!

          • Korean guy

            I mostly visit AmRen because it does not hide or filter anything. The mainstream media relentlessly and endlessly filter, hide or exaggerate the news it brings to the public. The mainstream media is not interested in benefiting the public. It just wants to make another dollar.

            I currently am studying at Laval University in Quebec, Toronto, Canada. Quebec City is incredibly beautiful. Visit Quebec City! you will never regret your decision. As for me, it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made to come to Quebec City to study here for a while.

            Things I often read on AmRen –

            “All white women have abandoned white men and they are running into the arms of black men!”

            There are many blacks in Quebec City but black male – white female couples can be seen maybe once a month. I see gay couples five times more often than black male – white female couples.

            When I see couples in public, the girl is often olive-skinned. Olive-skinned girls appear to be on a higher demand than pale-skinned girls.

            “Hey Korean guy, all your Asian women dig white men!”

            Well I do see more Asian female – white male couples than white female – Asian male couples but most Asian women in the arms of white men do not look.. quite… ugh. I might sound impolite if I do say it.

            Just search for photos of Mark Zuckerberg’s wife. Most Asian women who date interracially look like her.

            The last several days was quite a war because of the final project and preparing for the exam. It will be, for a few more days.

            There was someone who was worried about me helping the destruction of the province of Quebec and its traditions and cultural values. That was quite hilarious. How is it even possible for me to change the traditions or cultural values of Quebec? And while I am here I will always respect the traditions and culture of the French Canada.

            Happy Easter, AmRen!! Christ is Risen!!

          • panasian

            Wow!!! I’m very glad I have met another Korean here,. Yes, you are very right about white male-Asian female coupling. About 90% of the Asian girls who partner with white guys are pretty damn ugly. Also most of the white men who go out with Asian girls look very unattractive themselves. I bet most of these homely white guys can not go out with decent looking white girls so that they end up with pretty damn unattractive Asian girls. Oh, yes there are some exceptions but they are very rare. I would like to visit Quebec one day because I think they are very ethno-centric and do their best to keep the French culture. I saw a few pictures of Zuckerberg’s Chinese wife. She is not ugly, but about average-looking. In my opinion, Zuckerberg is below average-looking . Anyway, that is my observation.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Well I do see more Asian female – white male couples than white female – Asian male couples but most Asian women in the arms of white men do not look.. quite… ugh. I might sound impolite if I do say it.

            Agreed. Where I work, I see a high volume of people in a day, and generally one white male/Asian female couple a day or every two days.

            It’s impossible to miss that she’s virtually never pretty. I am assuming the truly pretty Asian women are typically snapped up by their own.

            People who date interracially are often dregs among their own (unless they are SERIOUSLY trading up…I was involved in a conversation on YouTube where a black man complained that the black women he sees dating white men are often way hotter than their men), so I’m sure that rule also applies to Asians.

          • 李冠毅

            Only ugly Asian females go for White males? I don’t think so. I’ve seen many decent-looking (and sometimes pretty) Asian females with White husbands towing along White-looking children. I think the belief that only ugly Asian females date White males is propagated by jealous Asian males who are bitter at seeing “their” women getting snapped up by White males. I’ve seen many similar comments here by White males who claim only ugly White women go for Black men, only to come across other commentators who claim they feel sick every time they see a good-looking White female with a Black male.

          • panasian

            I have been living in the U.S. for many years. I have seen many white man-Asian female couples. About 9 out of 10 times, Both white man and Asian female are very unattractive. It has nothing to do with jealousy. Of course, there are exceptions but they are rare. In my opinion, most of the half-breed kids are also unattractive thanks to their parents. Again there are exceptions. These are my observations over many years.

          • Magician

            ” I’ve seen many similar comments here by White males who claim only ugly White women go for Black men, only to come across other commentators who claim they feel sick every time they see a good-looking White female with a Black male.”

            Black men rarely go for white women, to begin with.

            Many people think a lot of wealthy black athletes date and marry blond white women, but in reality, most black athletes date and marry black women. 90% of NBA athletes are dating or married to black women, and among the remaining 10%, half the remaining 10% are with Asian or Hispanic women.

            LeBron James is married to his highschool sweetheart named Savannah and she is black
            Steve Curry (MVP candidate this year) is married to a black woman
            Kevin Garnett, who has earned $315M over his NBA career, is married to a black woman
            Rudy Gay ( 10th highest paid player in all of NBA ) is married to a black woman
            Amar’e Stoudemire ( highest paid New York Knicks player ) is married to a black woman
            Dwyane Wade is married to a black woman
            Kobe Bryant is married to a woman of Mexican ancestry

            Yes, you can find white wives married to black athletes if you are truly determined to find such a kind, just like you can find white athletes with non-white wives if you are resolved to find one.

            By the way, NBA athletes make more money than NHL athletes or MLB athletes, ( likely because there are fewer players on each team )

          • Magician


          • 李冠毅

            Wow, there are a lot more regular Asian readers on AmRen than I thought. Hello, panasian and Korean guy. I’m from China.

          • panasian

            Hi, Mr. LI, I’m glad I have met you here. Li is also a very common name in Korea. But Koreans spell it as Lee.

          • I think that there are even more Asians who read AmRen but never comment. A friend of mine also reads AmRen, but never comments here. I used to be liked that as well.

      • Alden

        Korean guy has been posting for years. I think he lives in Canada

        • Korean guy

          I have spent quite a few years in Ontario, Canada (English-speaking region) and at the moment I am attending Laval University in Quebec City. In Montreal, Quebec, both English and French are spoken, but in Quebec City, mostly French is spoken

          There are many students who were born in France and studying at Laval University. Residents who were born in France can study at Laval University for domestic prices.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Your skin is way too thick. You need to be sent back for proper indoctrination so you can feel sorry for everyone but yourself. When I became an American I was immediately informed that because I’m “white” I must be a racist and that black people have a right to hate me.

      From what I have seen of Korean grocers around the US is that message doesn’t seem to work on Koreans. So could you please donate blood regularly when you’re in the US. Clearly the country needs your fortitude.

  • LHathaway

    “It cannot be that Asians have been more privileged”.

    I don’t know, if they can say White male orphans, whose parent were murdered by those of color, and who live and go to school where they are a small minority in the city, a city where for over 50 years White girls have been eagerly sleeping with and birthing babies to black men and where every institution within car ride uses affirmative action with accompanying social education requirements, if they can saying without blinking or equivocation that each and everyone of these students is privileged, then they can say Asians are privileged.

  • The danger presented by Asians to Euro man is seemingly benign compared to the danger presented by Mexicans and blacks. But let us remember all the cheating and other dishonesty that characterizes Asians. There’s also a genetically inbred cruel streak among them. Witness the Japanese cannibals who ate American POWs in WWII. And the killing fields of Cambodia more recently.

    But most of all there’s yellow fever, that sexual desire for the pan faced gook, no a** Asian female who brings out the pedophile in white men. The Asian female seeks to mate with the white man and too many race traitor men want some of that.

    We have to stick with our good white women, lest our gene pool be forever polluted.

    • phillyguy

      you are exactly right.

    • Cheating and other dishonesty and cruelty like that shown by white Duke University administrators when they jumped on the bandwagon to make themselves look good while railroading some lacrosse players, or more recently when they withheld the name and race of a noose-hoaxer, thereby deliberately smearing all whites?

    • Lexonaut

      ” Witness the Japanese cannibals who ate American POWs in WWII.”


      I consider myself to be a lay expert on WW2, especially the war in the Pacific. I’ve never heard of this. However, the following is literally true, an activity of the little-known Japanese medical experiments camp that was hushed up …

      A couple of dozen captured Allied airmen were tied to stakes arranged in an outwardly radiating spiral, the closest about five feet from the center, the furthest about 150 feet, with each stake having a clear view of the center of the spiral.

      A 500 pound bomb was set up in the center and then detonated, the results carefully documented. Obviously the ones close in were simply obliterated to varying degrees. The ones furthest out were largely uninjured, their minor wounds documented, after which they were executed. The interesting cases — the ones tied to the middleish stakes — were allowed to die without any medical treatment. Their precise wounds, and the course and duration of their demise, were thoroughly documented.

      No, I don’t hate Japanese, but I don’t trust them. They are terrific engineers, especially electrical engineers, but they don’t think the way we do.

      • They actually did it at Chichi Jima. The Japanese Imperial Army officers thought it a “macho” thing to eat downed US airmen. Those responsible were taken back to the island and hanged postwar. George Bush (the elder) ditched his Grumman TBF torpedo bomber well offshore after being hit by flak and was fortunate to have done so. I am no fan of the Bush family or their revolting Presidencies, but I certainly wouldn’t want them killed and eaten.

        Japanese were very kind to the Russian prisoners they took during the 1904-1905 war, and even better to the Germans they captured in 1914 (Japan entered World War One on the side of Britain). The German prisoners were put up in a hotel and allowed outside to find work, so long as it was nowhere near the port. They were allowed girlfriends. Quite a lot of them stayed after 1919.

        Treating POWs decently is the best way to prevent future wars. A German university professor I once knew had been captured by the US army in Tunisia in 1943, and spent the rest of the war in Texas as a POW. He said it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He got a job as a ranch hand. He wasn’t going to escape; where the hell would he go? The family fed him dinner with them during the evenings after work.

        • Lexonaut

          I looked up “Chichi Jima”, thank you. I’m horrified and revolted but somehow not surprised. I thought I had read everything over the course of these past 60 years. Evidently not.

          The Japanese were brave, tenacious fighters who for the most part refused to surrender, preferring to take as many of the enemy with them as possible. This is why we used the A-bomb on them — to finally force their unconditional surrender, which is all we ever demanded of them and the Germans alike after Pearl Harbor. The Germans escaped the A-bomb fate by eventually surrendering unconditionally, just as we demanded. Had they not quit they and not Japan would have been the first targets.

          We were projecting 500,000 1946 Allied killed/wounded in Operation Coronet alone just to get a firm foothold on the southernmost mainland Japanese island (forgive the geographic terminology) with more to come in conquering the rest of the country. The A-bomb saved hundreds of thousands of American (and Australian) lives, and millions of Japanese civilian lives.

          I don’t have any great love for the Germans, either. Respect, yes. Love, no. When I worked for DEC in the 70s, for a two-year period I used to travel to Europe on business every 6-12 weeks. IGermany was always on my itiinerary, usually including Berlin. I spoke decent German and was always made to feel welcome in spite of their understandable hatred of the “Amis”. I did not (and do not) understand how otherwise nice people who lived in such a beautiful country could decide it was so important that they be in charge that they started three major wars in just seventy years. (I don’t trust them any more than I trust the Japanese.)

          • The whole thing was a tragic mistake, and none of it should have been done. Unfortunately, civilized people are very good at war. What would we have now if it had not been for the world wars?

            I like most Germans and most Japanese.

          • Lexonaut

            Let me rephrase something I said above …

            I too like most Japanese and most Germans but as individuals rather than collectively. Both groups are smart and hard working, but they have not been raised to think as individuals the way most of us older Americans were. (Which is part of why they lost the war.) As a result, collectively they are like ant colonies in that under stress the normal role of the individual is swamped by groupthink. Regrettably that’s happening in the USA now too — the collective mindset substitutes for rational thought and even morality.

            It’s a national culture thing, not genetic. After all, if you take Germans (or at least Bavarians) and use them to settle Texas, you get today’s Texans, yes? American all the way. No wonder that German POW was happy there. Ditto for the Japanese. If you transplant their genes to Silicon Valley, as was done a century ago, you get today’s computer and internet businesses, also uniquely American.

            They’re fundamentally good people but the cultures of the countries from which their genes came are not compatible with the nation I grew up in. I will leave it to the younger generations to forgive and forget — I know too much history to be able to do this.

          • HE2

            “Chichi Jima” was not the only incident of cannibalism.
            I have a special place reserved in my heart for the Japanese. They tortured, then beheaded my great uncle, a pilot shot down flying the Burma Hump. I do not know if they ate him or not.
            His surviving prison mates told my grandmother that the J. soldiers hated his whitish-blond hair and iridescent blue eyes. Apparently they were so obsessed they would wake him at night to shine their flashlights in his eyes.
            Ultimately, they marched him into the compound and in the presence of the others murdered him in an unimaginable way.

          • Lexonaut

            We’re all capable of murder, or at least of killing in the right circumstances, but we’re not all capable of torture much less cannibalism.

          • HE2

            I consider their behavior in this case, inhuman.
            According to my mum, this was a sweet spirited, intelligent, tall, physically beautiful man.
            He and the other prisoners who met a similar fate deserved better than torture and beheading.

          • They forgot that wars are ultimately started for political reasons, and that in the end, there must be some sort of political solution. Beheading and eating prisoners makes that impossible. As a recent case, nobody is going to make peace with ISIS.

          • HE2

            MCS, I do not understand your digressive response.
            It reads as a nonsequituir, at least to me.
            What has ISIS to do with Japanese treatment of Allies in POW camps?
            That both are prone to the inhumane practice of beheading the enemy?

        • HE2

          I don’t understand why the Japanese attitude changed so abruptly between the world wars.

          My Colorado Korean professor friend who spent part of his childhood in Japan told me during WW2 the Japanese military lowered the qualification bar, recruiting men from lower, uncultured classes.
          He said as if not bad enough recruiting “trash,” they promoted some of these recruits to officer status, hence the cruel treatment of POWS.
          BTW, in response to your oft told story of no decent White women in the selection possibilities as reason for your mixed marriage.
          Last time in Colorado for a conference, I met many very pretty, intelligent, non-tatted, non-multi-ringed, modestly attired young single White women. Curiously, they said there was a shortage of marriageable intelligent males wishing to marry and have children.

          • Being a convicted felon significantly reduced the pool in my case.

          • HE2

            But you have so many other redeeming qualities, MCS. You are the man.

          • They probably expanded their army too fast, never a very good idea. Mussolini did the same thing when he wanted to increase the size of the Italian army by 50%. His method was to change Italian divisional makeup from three regiments of Bersagliari (regular infantry) two two regiments of those plus a regiment of Blackshirts. While politically reliable, these were really just a militia. The problem compounded itself with an instant resulting shortage of good NCO’s and junior officers. Matters were made worse by the need to keep obsolete equipment in production due to the need to make up numbers.

  • ricpic

    The United States desperately needs an immigration timeout similar to the Immigration Act of 1924. All academic of course unless a genuine conservative party emerges if the GOP goes the way of the Whigs. Since that is not likely to happen the only hope for a future white country lies in the crackup of the United States under the extreme pressures generated by economic implosion, one of the emerging successor nations being white.

    • Jason Lewis

      It’s gonna take a highly dominant party that is not afraid of being called racist. Any talk of a slowdown of third world immigration is met with the “racist” mantra that sends so many white politicians running.

    • Alden

      From what I have gathered from reading conservative websites all they are interested in is abortion gays endless wars lowering wages for everyone and Israel

      Stormfront isn’t conservative it is radical revolutionary
      So is anyone who wants to restore 14th amendment rights to Whites

  • Ellis Kurtz


    It cannot be that Asians have been more privileged. Chinese laborers in the Old West were terribly treated. Japanese were excluded and put into camps during World War II. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos and Vietnamese here are largely from families that endured the hell of the Asian wars of the 20th century.

    The question is – do the Asians in this school descend from these earlier immigrants, or are their parents recent arrivals that came here to study and stayed after graduation? If the latter, then it is likely that they inherited higher than Asian average IQ, which explains their disproportionate STEM success.
    I did a simple calculation of the Asian average IQ that would explain the disproportion between whites and Asians: if the threshold for admission into Thomas Jefferson is an IQ score of at least 140, then if IQ is the only factor, Asian average IQ in Fairfax VA must be around 115, much greater than the usually given figure of 105. Having the right parents would account for this difference.

    • Spaniard in LA

      I can bet my left eye that most of those Asian kids come from privilege. The descendents of early Asian are only a small fraction of their population. Most who come over arrive with money and education.

  • JohnEngelman

    In 1971, I sent him an essay from The Atlantic, with reviews by Time and Newsweek, by Dr. Richard Herrnstein.

    – Patrick J. Buchanan, VDARE, April 2, 2015

    I read that article too. I found it disturbing, but not as disturbing as efforts by new left radicals to suppress what Professor Herrnstein was saying.

    In the spring semester of 1972 the Students for a Democratic Society held a convention at Harvard with the expressed purpose of getting Professor Herrnstein, Professor Arthur Jensen and other “racist” professors fired.

    Until then I thought it was the right that tried to suppress intellectual freedom with black lists, loyalty oaths, and witch hunts. Since then it has clearly been the left with efforts to suppress assertions of the importance of genetics in influencing behavior and intelligence.

  • TheCogitator

    I grew up in Fairfax County (mostly in the ’50s), and there were practically no Orientals (more specific than Asian which could include Iranians) there then. When I was there a few years back, the place was overrun with them. How times change.

    • Michael Whalen

      I attended Edison High School on Franconia Road. Graduated in 1974. Was still pretty Caucasian back then, although I understand it has gone downhill since then.

    • I live in Fairfax County now, have since 2001. Whites are a rapidly dwindling minority.

      • Speedy Steve

        Things aren’t much better in Prince William. Traffic court in Manassas is on par with El Salvador.

    • groidle

      Well, it could be much worse. I grew up across the river.

  • Jason Lewis

    Asians have a bunch of white privilege.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Asians don’t get called out on a non-existent Asian Privilege, and therefore, aren’t discriminated against as Whites are with our equally non-existent White Privilege.

    • GAWZ

      I love going to Spike Lee for quotes and here is another from ‘Do The Right Thing’.
      (When discussing how the Asian market in “their” neighborhood is successful): “Either these people (Asians) are the most intelligent humans on the face of the earth or the government is (supporting, propping up) their asses.”
      This is not an exact quote but pretty close.

      • Alden

        Propping up is right Any non White who wants to open a business in a black neighborhood gets SBA and CRA loans that never have to be paid back along with no taxes and other benefits

      • Jason Lewis

        Yep they can’t imagine hard work, sacrifice and withholding gratification to be possible causes to people’s situation in life.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Has anyone informed him they ARE among the most intelligent humans on the face of the earth?

  • Irish

    Once again Patrick Buchanan brings the goods in a concise, unbelievably illuminating way..He’s a national treasure.

  • GAWZ

    “Race discrimination, against Asians, is coming to Fairfax County.”
    Before that happens, they will have sacrificed the rest of the white student population in order to at least buy a little more time. The time needed to come up with a plan on how best to create a daycare center for the NAPAs. That in turn (classes for the retards), will only buy them some more time. Blacks are very resentful of anyone who shows any kind superiority to them and will make life a torment for non-blacks at TJ.

    • Germanicus

      Blacks and feminist women immediaty detect the presence of an intelligent, White male. They then attempt to enlist, and if unsuccessful–dominate, and if unsuccessful–reduce, and if unsuccessful–calumniate, and if unsuccessful–ostracize, and if unsuccessful–expel, and if unsuccessful–destroy such a White male.

      One very destructive agency in White society must be recognized to be its own women. Not all to be sure, but plenty. Lenin recognized the potential of women for their subversively destructive power. The insecurity, female chauvinism, and easily manipulated hysterical behavior of women, makes women pawns in the hands of those bent on destroying Whites–including the foolishly suicidal, White women. Some propaganda is designed for women in general, while other propaganda targets White women in particular.

      Fix this problem with White women and you have fixed the problem of the decline of White peoples.

  • BeckyThib

    The character and health of a country are determined not just by IQ. They are also determined by the inherent, overall characteristics of a group – e.g., their creativity, willingness to think independently and follow through on what might be a bold idea, altruism, aversion to corruption, balance of assertiveness and civility, aesthetics, behavioral/emotional characteristics, etc.
    One (rhetorical) question: Who is clamoring to get into whose countries? (and schools for that matter)

    • The Confucian culture of conformity evolved in China due to the need to manage the Yellow River, which rapidly silts up. The silt makes for amazingly good farmland, but the river has many times overflowed its banks. Historically it has alternately reached the sea either to the north or the south of the Shandong peninsula (currently to the north). The land there is completely flat (I’ve been through there by train), so a major river shifting its banks so drastically would cause devastating floods.

      In the West, this conformism among them is on the wane. Japanese-American Larry Shinoda got his start in the Los Angeles hot rod culture and went on to develop the beautiful body styling of the 1963 Corvette Stingray.

  • Alexandra1973

    So if we were to colonize China like we did Africa, and left, they’d be able to maintain the infrastructure, which is not the case with Africa.

    • ElComadreja

      I believe that to be the case.

  • InitialSegment

    I went to TJ. When I was there, two decades ago, the Asian fraction wasn’t quite as pronounced as today, but it was still huge. Jews were highly overrepresented as well. But I truly can’t recall any racial, ethnic, or religious tensions among students. It just didn’t register, perhaps because we were too young to be aware of such things, or because basically everyone was (a) a geek and (b) from the upper middle class with dads who were engineers or doctors, etc., and so had similar backgrounds and values in that sense. What determined the respect you got from your peers was how STEM-smart you were (or seemed to be, not always the same thing). There were some jock and cheerleader types, but if anything they were mostly ignored or even looked down on. People tended to form cliques based on shared interests in things like math or computer programming, with the “smartest” kids as the alpha males in each group.

    My feelings about my time at TJ aren’t uniformly positive. The workload could be brutal — I was lucky to have less than four hours of homework per night, after getting home around 5:30 pm — and the teachers (at the time) actively encouraged cutthroat academic competition among the students, to a degree beyond what might have been psychologically healthy for kids in their mid-teens. The message drilled into us was that either you were the best, or you were worthless. And even if you were the best, it was only until someone knocked you off your perch at the next science fair or math contest. I can still remember how insecure and neurotic one of my friends, who thought he was tops because he’d taken calculus in ninth grade, became when a new kid came in who’d had calculus in *eighth* grade.

    But even with the negatives, TJ was definitely a unique environment that helped me tremendously later on. I didn’t really appreciate how unique TJ was until I got to college and met people who had gone to high schools where the “popular” kids were the jocks and the stoners, not the Westinghouse finalists and math Olympians. I was able to do college in two and a half years because of all the AP and advanced math classes I’d had at TJ, and I was hardly unusual in that respect.

    So while TJ (based on my experience) isn’t perfect and perhaps pushes its students a little too hard, it would really be a shame to see its values, culture, and overall excellence destroyed by an injection of affirmative action and political correctness, which is almost certainly what would happen.

    • They’d have to dumb-down the curriculum in order to accommodate increased numbers of blacks and browns, which rather defeats the purpose of having a high-end school like T.J. in the first place.

    • What percentage of the Whites are Jews? And what percentage Gentiles (non Jews)? Considering that 0.2% of the World’s population got over 30% of this century’s Nobel Prices (non-peace), I would expect an equally large number in that school.

      Is this question racist? Even more racist than the fact that there are 12 Hispanics and 8 Blacks. Even white and Jewish Hispanics don’t qualify in larger numbers? Or they don’t out themselves as Hispanics, as they gain no benefits from that?

  • Related:

    I predict that in the case of TJ High, the powers that be will engage in a lot of lip service and do a lot of bafflegabbing and hem hawing, but nothing will really change. If worse comes to worst, they can always do what Wal-Mart and Apple are doing right now because they’re facing too much pressure from other parts of the left: Open up a front in World War G.

  • corvinus

    I don’t buy that Asians have higher IQs than Europeans. The main reason: Europeans actually deliver on their IQs. Asians have cheating down to an art form, whereas Europeans consider it disgraceful.

    • Alden

      If posters would just look at the charts they would see China 100
      Mongolia 101 Japan S Korea and Japan 105 and all the rest in the

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        South East Asians, except the ethnic Viets, are dumb as a brick

    • Ultimate187

      Asian achievement at all levels is too high and too consistent than can be accounted for by mere cheating. They have to actually know stuff.

  • Michael Ryan

    heres the thing on this topic we are within a few years of genetic manipulation

  • LackawannaErie

    Thomas Jefferson would have wanted this school to be 100% white. Whites have no obligation to allow Asians to replace us.

    • Alden

      Finally one poster who agrees with me

    • Ultimate187

      Jefferson wouldn’t necessarily have wanted this school to be all white. What he wanted was full meritocracy (i.e., students advance by achievement through hard work). He wouldn’t approve of the mass lowering of standards we’re seeing today.

      • LackawannaErie

        Nonsense. He wanted an all white America, he was a member of a white establishment that consciously excluded Asians from citizenship. Asians were not allowed to be American citizens or come to America when TJ was around and that’s how almost everyone wanted it.

    • Speedy Steve

      Imagine going back in time to tell Thos Jefferson that one day in the future a colony of Koreans would be established in Fairfax County.

  • listenupbub

    There are certainly Asians in the South. Not like, Cali, though.

  • LHathaway

    “Race discrimination, against Asians, is coming to Fairfax County”.

    Some schools are discriminating against Asians and have for years. If the Asians can get into other (3rd and 4th choice) schools (and no Asian’s are kept from higher learning of some kind because of this), is up to debate.

    What is not conjecture is that every Asian in the USA, even those just off the boat, are eligible for affirmative action throughout the employment process at most large employers and in every government office in the country. They have been for years and it seems as though they (even these students discriminated against by colleges) will be considered ‘diversity’ at the job place forever. They are still a ‘diversity’ hire. Even if they just got off the boat, and even if it means discriminating against people of color born in this nation in order to hire them. It must be a matter of ethics. As long as a certain number of White men are replaced, or X amount of color is added to the mix, it’s A-OK to discriminate against people or color born in this nation in order to meet diversity requirements.

  • Albert

    Don’t try to rationalize differences in performance the way the idiot left does. Asians (North East Asians) outperform us simply because they are more intelligent. A higher IQ does tend to make a difference.

  • how about this

    Do you have any evidence for your “fact?” How could there possibly be just as much discrimination in favor of Asians as Blacks when Asians by your own admission have IQ scores 20 points higher than Blacks? Blacks get into college with SAT scores about 230 points lower than Whites at the same school. Asians actually have higher SAT scores than Whites overall.

    The Chinese in the US are not average Chinese so I don’t see how the average IQ in China is relevant. The average IQ in India is estimated at 81 but in the US Hindus are quite wealthy compared to other religious denominations, because they don’t have an average IQ of 81 here; they aren’t just the average population of their native country.

    “20 points higher on the IQ scale than blacks” would be about 105, in other words higher than the white average of about 100 (or 102 according to some).

  • ViktorNN

    The main difference between white and Asian students is that Asian kids are driven from a young age to succeed in school, their families will go to great lengths to prepare them for all important tests, and when it comes to test taking there is a widespread culture of cheating and gaming tests.

    In comparison white kids are taught to “follow their hearts” when it comes to planning for the future, there is nowhere near the level of prepping for test taking involving cram schools etc., and perhaps most of all, there isn’t anywhere near the same kind of culture of test gaming and test cheating.

    As far as innate genetic capabilities, there is probably some truth to the idea that Asian kids may be more intellectually capable than white kids, but you also have to take into account that Asian immigrants tend to be from the cream of the Asian crop (unlike Mexican immigrants who tend to be from the bottom of the barrel). So it’s a population of self-selected high-achieving Asians against a white population which is more intellectually diverse.

    Why we white folks have put ourselves in this position in relation to this particular group of foreigners living amongst us and taking advantage of our education systems which we built is a complete mystery. Maybe we really are stupid!

    • HE2

      Why we white folks have put ourselves in this position in relation to this particular group of foreigners living amongst us and taking advantage of our education system which we built for us – not them – is a complete mystery.
      A thousand upvotes if possible.
      Berkeley UC campus is a perfect example of Asian overrun. Why? I guess we ARE stupid. Actually, the answer is more sinister. Affluent Asian families pay top dollar to gain entry for their children. The system needs their money to subsidize unqualified blacks and browns’ unpaid tuition[s].
      For every Asian kid admitted, how many U.S. Whites were denied?
      Asians go home. Please.

  • Speedy Steve

    Another factor is that Koreans have taken over nearby neighborhoods in Annandale, while Whites find driving their kids in from Centreville to be a hassle. Maybe they need to build a school for Whites only out in the sticks on the grounds that Africans and Mexicans are every bit as dangerous as pro-abortion mothers.

  • Speedy Steve

    I discriminate between quality and trash. Product A made out of Chinese steel will be trash. Product B, made in the USA, costs twice as much and lasts 10 times longer.

    • ekwaykway

      Our country will gladly trade carbon producing, polluting, production overseas. Why make steel? Liberals hate it and let the other countries pollute their environment.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Let me explain how the gifted program works. A kid with rich parents and an I.Q. of 125 is gifted, one with low income parents and an I.Q. of 132 is not gifted, both of them being white.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    They actually have creativity tests. This will measure your ability to come up with novel solutions to problems without being given instructions on how to do it. It’s similar to an I.Q. test but compares creativity.

    • listenupbub

      These tests are still in the making. They are not as reliable as IQ tests.

      But they are still cool.

  • slobotnavich

    I have no trouble whatever accepting the reality that East Asians are, on average, smarter than whites. One, IQ scores substantiate this. Two, I’ve observed it myself, having worked considerably with Asians, primarily Vietnamese, but also with Montagnard tribesmen. Both groups were able to grasp and clearly understand mechanical principles and workings better and more quickly than your average Caucasian. And of those whites with super-high IQs, most are (Gasp!) Ashkenazi Jews. Euro-whites certainly aren’t going away any time soon; we’ve been responsible for most of the progress of the human race to date, in medicine, the arts, philosophy, republican government, technology, and the overall rise in the human standard of living throughout the world. It’s just not that we’re the only ones in the world of today making material, scientific, and philosophical contributions any longer. Others are now in the game.

    • how about this

      “…material, scientific, and philosophical contributions…”

      I never really understood why philosophy is touted as an area of achievement for anyone to be proud of. What is the practical value of it?

      • slobotnavich

        Well, the study of philosophy is a pure mental exercise which has, I suppose, no measurable direct benefit. But any intellectual exercise, from algebra to doing crossword puzzles, is beneficial in terms of providing intellectual stimulus, just as weight-lifting or running is good for one’s physical well-being. Of course, I couldn’t vouch for the benefits of either, being committed to a life of sloth, indolence, and dissolution.

  • dfitzp1011

    I think when comparing Asians to white kids is Asians may have slightly higher IQ on average, but the effort they put into their studies is unparallelled. Most Asians take school work very seriously at a young age. If the average white kid spends an hour or two on homework per night, Asians are probably putting in 4-5 hrs per night. And I would bet many more hours on weekends and summer. Many Asian kids don’t have much of a life. They aren’t running around chasing girls, or playing sports, or drinking and doing drugs. If they have extra curricular activities it is usually something like playing a musical instrument. I guarantee if white kids put the same effort into studying that Asians do, the results would be close to equal.

    • GAWZ

      One of my son’s teachers mentioned that they (Asian students) have a high suicide rate. I’ve never looked at the numbers but I can see where doing nothing but studying would drive a child insane.

  • Reasonable Guy

    The low white enrollment actually shows the whites are street-smarter and more privileged. They found a better, easier, and greener pasture in areas other than science and engineering. Jobs in science and engineering are not really well paid relative to the difficulties in learning the necessary skills. Why do you spend so much time learning hard mathematics and physics when you know you can make a lot more money in law, finance, or even sales. The number of Asian students in science and engineering will go down as well soon in next generations. In countries like Japan or Korea, science or engineering is known as a hard job many bright students avoid. If you are smart and are from rich family, they usually go to medicine or law. It is human nature. Easy jobs with more money are preferred.

  • C. Magnus

    There is also the matter of who teaches. I am in final year civil engineering, and all but one or two lecturers are non-white, mostly south Asian, with many Sri Lankans. Also very high numbers among tutors. I notice that the proportion of white educators increases in the school of urban development and construction management, it seems civil engineering particularly is markedly skewed toward non-white educators.

    I am currently dreading applying for graduate jobs with big, diversity loving companies, and the interviews I’ll have to sit through. Here is an excerpt from the online application process for one of them:

    “At X we believe a diverse workplace leads to greater creativity and improved leadership
    effectiveness. We want X to be a company where the best people want to work.

    Completion of the diversity related questions is not compulsory. The
    information will be used to report on the demographics of our candidates and
    current employees, and is not considered in your application for employment.
    Your response to these questions is valuable, however, if you do not wish to
    provide this information, please select “Prefer Not to Respond”.”