Southern Baptists Grapple with Racist History

Ruth Graham, Al Jazeera, April 1, 2015

The Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, was established in 1845 because of a disagreement about slavery. Its founders, who wanted to allow slaveholders as missionaries, could not have imagined what transpired In Nashville last week.

“We are not the state church of the Confederate States of America,” the president of the denomination’s influential Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, proclaimed to an audience of about 500 people, most of them Baptist leaders. “The cross and the Confederate battle flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire.”

Moore’s speech was the rousing opening salvo at a conference on “the gospel and racial reconciliation” hosted by the ERLC, which is devoted to public policy and culture. Initially, the event’s organizers planned a conference to discuss bioethics. But after protests erupted after a grand jury’s decision in December not to indict a police officer in the choking death of Eric Garner in New York, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) decided to shift course.

By many measures, it was a remarkable event for an organization better known for its interest in culture-war topics like sexuality and religious freedom. Talks and panels tackled white privilege, persistent poverty, immigration reform, the perils of gentrification and racial disparities in the criminal-justice system. (One African-American panelist said police officers had pulled guns on him, another said he was handcuffed while police searched for a suspect who looked nothing like him.) Several speakers respectfully mentioned the Department of Justice’s scathing report on law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed last summer by a white police officer. Eighty percent of the denomination’s congregations are majority white, but 45 percent of the speakers at the conference were nonwhite. They included young men and older black preachers, as well as an Iranian-American convert from Islam who chastised those who celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden.

But many still question whether social conservatives–with a long history of strong support for law enforcement and resistance to systemic critiques of racism–are in a position to lead on racial issues. Southern Baptists have a particularly rocky road, with their pro-slavery roots and, more than a century later, their leadership’s widespread failure to support the civil rights movement.


The SBC has been wrestling with its ugly racial past for at least 20 years. In 1995 it passed a resolution on racial reconciliation that set out to “lament and repudiate” its roles in slavery and the civil rights movement. (The longtime ERLC president behind that document, Richard Land, was nudged into announcing his retirement in 2012 after making intemperate public remarks about the Trayvon Martin case. Land was in the audience at the conference last week, but he did not speak publicly.) Also in 2012 the SBC elected its first black president, a Louisiana pastor, Fred Luter, whose speech at last week’s conference compared racism to more traditional scourges of adultery, pornography and abortion.

Moore, a white native of Mississippi, has become an outspoken advocate on racial issues since he took over from Land two years ago. He has spoken often about his goal to integrate his denomination’s 50,000 congregations. And after the grand jury decision in the Garner case, he quickly responded online, writing that “a government that can choke a man to death on video for selling cigarettes is not a government living up to a biblical definition of justice or any recognizable definition of justice.” Moore told reporters on Friday, “One of the good things in a very bad year when it comes to racial tensions in America is there have been more conversations among Christians thinking these things through.”


The final session of the ERLC conference belonged to Thabiti Anyabwile, a black pastor from Washington, D.C., who called for confession and accountability regarding racism. “When we come to racial reconciliation and the image of God, we not only have to take seriously what it means to be made in the image of God–we also have to take seriously the seriousness of sin,” he said. After the crowd sang a full-throated version of “Amazing Grace,” Moore took the stage for one final prayer. He ended with the words “Give us the power to fight.”

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  • Samuel Hathaway

    I’m done with the Baptist denomination and its circus sideshows. They are a distraction from Easter.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      Happy Easter to you,too,Mr.Hathaway,and to all of our fellow readers and commenters here at Amren.

    • TheAntidote

      A Joyous Easter to all.

      • Alexandra1973

        Happy Resurrection. Easter=Ishtar, a fertility goddess. Hence the rabbits and eggs.

        He is risen, though! 🙂

    • Sick of it

      “500 people”

      You do realize we have nearly 16 million Southern Baptists. Would you like me to say the same about Presbyterians because of the fruit loops in the PCUSA?

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I have been in the Presbyterian Church my whole life, and I want you to feel free to bash the communists, h*m*s, idiots, loons and Blasphemers in the PCUSA any time you feel the urge…

    • blanjm5

      I’m done with religion and it feels glorious.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      There is a way the Confederate flag and the Cross are related. Christ rose from the grave in 33 A.D. or so, and the spirit of the Confederacy, the pure spirit of General Lee and Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest, can also come back from the dead. Drugs, disillusion and the disqualification of manners, implanted by public schooling and media, can be erased as fast as they arrived. We only need a triumph of the will.

    • Speedy Steve

      Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yeah, I think his name is Simon Slamo and he works for Goldmansachs in the bilking old white ladies dept.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Yes, the Cross and Confederate Battle Flag can co-exist, my dear Baptists. You all forget that the Confederate Battle Flag is the cross of St. Andrew, who was a disciple of Christ and who was crucified on an “X” shaped cross. Hence the cross of St. Andrew. And while we’re at it, Andrew was also a disciple of Christ, who brought the young boy who had the loaves and fishes so Christ could feed the 5,000.

    Preach on that, Baptists.

    • Awakened Saxon

      I don’t believe the flag was originally designed with St. Andrew in mind. St. Andrew did not have any particular importance in the 19th century South.

      • Xerxes22

        St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and a lot of people in the South were of Scottish descent. The national flag of Scotland has the St. Andrews cross in it. That must have been a major factor in designing the Confederate battle flag.

        • Awakened Saxon

          Far more Southerners are of English descent than Scottish. The Scottish focus did not become the norm in the South until the 1970s. Before then, nearly everyone thought of the South as an extension of Anglo-Saxon civilisation, both in blood and culture.

          I believe the resemblance is a coincidence. I have never heard of any particular affection towards Saint Andrew in the South before modern times.

          Flags with Saltires are commonplace in European heraldry but do not necessarily stand for St. Andrew. Even one of the Mediaeval Anglo-Saxon kingdoms (Mercia) had a Saltire flag.

          • Ghost

            My ancestors are Scottish. We populated what is now South Carolina in the late 1680s. Scotts have a bigger influence in the South than most people know.

          • Alden

            Historians know.

          • Awakened Saxon

            If your ancestors have lived in the South since the 1680s, then it is incredibly unlikely that you don’t have significant English ancestry mixed in.

            Regardless of your personal ancestry, the fact remains that when the flag was designed, the South identified as Anglo-Saxon, not as Scottish (although many Scottish are Anglo-Saxon, but that is beside the point).

          • Ghost

            Who the phuck are you to tell me my bloodlines? It’s more likely YOU have Scottish blood if your family is truly southern as mine is. Besides that the conversation is about the origins of the Confederate flag and the influence of Scottish people regarding its design.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Ghost: Who the phuck are you to tell me my bloodlines?

            I didn’t know that applying common sense to the situation would offend you so deeply.

            Ghost: It’s more likely YOU have Scottish blood if your family is truly southern as mine is.

            I have one line that goes to the Highlands and more that go to the Anglo-Saxon areas in the Lowlands. However, the majority of my ancestors came from England itself, including those who stayed a few generations in Ulster.

            Ghost: Besides that the conversation is about the origins of the Confederate flag and the influence of Scottish people regarding its design.

            Yes, that’s why I made that the subject of my second paragraph.

          • Ghost

            You should change your avatar. To even suggest southerners of any creed are playing victim to northerners is hypocrisy at it’s finest. I have never felt I’m the victim of anything in my entire life. I can also trace my Sir Name to the very spot and date it originated from in Scotland. As can hundreds of thousands of other Scots that undoubtedly surround you.

            Why don’t you provide some reference links to back up your big mouth?

            Now, go ahead and quote selected parts of this comment and apply your twisted logic to my words without showing proof.

            Again, you should drop the avatar and find something that suits your views a bit better. Like a union jack. Perhaps a union jack being carried by a niqqer riding on a mule.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Your reaction is bizarre. First, it ignores the main point which is the way that Southerners ethnically identified in the Victorian era. Your denial of the Anglo-Saxon South is revisionist history. Second, the anger is over the top for this situation. Why are you so bothered by an English majority in the South or by the high likelihood that you have significant English ancestry? Third, since the British are the only ones who gave the South any meaningful material support during the war, mocking them only shows your poor character.

            You want references that the South identified as Anglo-Saxon and English until being Celtic became politically correct? Here is one reference from the Richmond Daily Dispatch dated 1862:

            As a description of race, the term is vastly more approvable to the people of the Southern than the Northern States. The former are, with little exception, of pure English descent, a homogeneous people, identified in interests, institutions, and descent, and never having reserved more than a local visitation from the clouds of immigration, except the hostile elements which have visited us in the lightnings and thunders of war.

            Dozens more can be found at this site:


          • Alden

            Wow!! If southern British Protestants can’t even get along no wonder Whites are on our way to destruction

          • rightrightright

            Are you always this cross?

          • Alexandra1973

            I have New England roots and a lot of Scottish ancestry.

          • Alden

            The Engkish government sent hundreds of thousands of Scots and Scots Irish to the frontier foothills starting about 1680
            They were working class people. The object was to provide a frontier guard of fighter/settlers to control the Indians so the merchants and plantation owners of the coast could make money safe from the Indians. A lot if the frontiersmen were indentured servants who had served their term and set out for the frontier
            The Scots settlers weren’t just in the south their forward bases against the Indians stretched from Maine to Georgia.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Alden: The Engkish government sent hundreds of thousands of Scots and Scots Irish to the frontier foothills starting about 1680

            Not nearly enough to change the Southern identity towards a Scottish orientation. It was not until the collapse of Southern civilisation and self-rule in the post-integration era that the Southern focus shifted away from England and Anglo-Saxonism and towards Scotland (and strangely even towards Ireland). Thus, in the mid-19th century, it is very unlikely that a people who overwhelmingly identified as Anglo-Saxons would choose the Scottish flag as the inspiration for their battle flag. (Granted, there were individual units within the Confederate Army that looked towards Scotland for their heraldic inspiration, but we are talking about the symbol in the national flag itself, not just that of individual units.)

            Even the first US census in 1790 shows that the English were the majority among whites in the USA. Unfortunately I can’t find a breakdown by state, but if you look up ‘English-American’ on Wikipedia, it reports that English are a plurality in every Southern state except Louisiana.

            Also, it should not be assumed that ‘Scots-Irish’ is either Scottish or Irish. Many Englanders settled Ulster before sailing to the colonies.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Awakened Saxon: Even the first US census in 1790 shows that the English were the majority among whites in the USA.

            Here are some numbers according to the 1790 census:

            English: 1,900,000 (60% of whites)
            Scots-Irish:* 320,000 (10% of whites)
            Scottish: 160,000 (5% of whites)

            *Again, ‘Scots-Irish’ is misleading. Many English families settled in Ulster.

          • Alden

            The X stars and bars was the battle flag. Wasn’t the Bonnie Blue the national Confederate States of America flag?

          • Bunky

            Most of the “learned” don’t even know that.
            But they’re experts on which immigrants populated what states.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            This was the Confederate National Flag, Mr. Alden.

          • Awakened Saxon

            That was the first of three. The second two contained the Saltire in the canton.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            You seem very educated about Confederate History. Are you a member of the Sons of the Confederacy?

          • Awakened Saxon

            No. I have never joined because it is apolitical.

          • LackawannaErie

            Correct. The fake Scottish/Celtic identity of modern Southerns is an attempt to claim minority/victim status and disassociate themselves from the deposed Anglo elite. Modern Southerners are overwhelmingly English and most of the “Scots Irish” were ethnic Saxons from the lowlands bordering England, not Celtic people from the highlands, let alone ethnic Irish. Even the “Scots Irish” people were concentrated in the border states and mountains and largely supported the Union.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Fully agreed. The ‘Celtic Thesis’ illustrates the identity crisis and lack of confidence of the Southern people since the catastrophe of integration. We are a people so thoroughly conquered and demoralised that no longer even know who we are and we seek the status of victimization that comes with being Celtic. It’s really quite pitiful to hear Southerners talk of the Anglo-Saxon North waging war against the Celtic South, yet completely ignoring that the South at the time identified as Anglo-Saxon and the North was full of Irish immigrants!

          • Alden

            Those Irish immigrants were the only northerners who resisted the draft. Many northerners were against the war but the New York Irish were the only ones who put words into action
            The entire abolition movement and the war itself was solely done by English descended Americans Most if the Irish were new comers but there was a huge population of Germans some of whom arrived in the 1600’s

            But all the abolitionists and war mongers were British descendants

          • Xerxes22

            Also, many of the abolitionists were anti-Irish and anti-Catholic which is why the Irish hated them.

          • Alden

            Scots Irish does not mean ethnic Catholic Irish. It means Scots sent by James first to Ireland to
            destroy the natives

            Many came to America over the next 2 centuries

          • Sick of it

            Umm I come from English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh. Also Germans, Dutch, and Swedish. All old immigrants. All concentrated in the South for centuries.

          • Alden

            Awakened Saxon
            I am very familiar with European heraldry

        • Hilis Hatki

          The reason behind the design of the Confederate battle flag is “distiction”, more than anything else, due to “friend or foe” fog of war during the Battle of Manassas, 21July 1861.

          “While on this field and suffering this terrible anxiety,General Beauregard determined that the Confederate soldier must have a flag so distinct from that of the enemy that no doubt should ever again endanger his cause on the field of battle.
          Soon after the battle he entered into correspondence with Colonel William Porcher Miles, who had served on his staff during the day, with a view to securing his aid in the matter, and proposing a blue field, red bars crossed, and gold stars.
          They discussed the matter at length. Colonel Miles thought it was contrary to the law of heraldry that the ground should be blue, the bars red and the stars gold. He proposed that the ground should be red, the bars blue and the stars white.”

          “Confederate Scrap-Book” , Published for the benefit of the Memorial Bazaar, held in Richmond, April 11, 1893. By Lizzie Cary Daniel

          • Alden

            Louisiana French Red is good as it is visible

          • Awakened Saxon

            Hilis Hatki: The original designer was Beauregard. A Frenchman?

            Beauregard based his idea on the earlier South Carolina Sovereignty Flag, which can be seen here: upload[DOT]Wikimedia[DOT]org/wikipedia/commons/a/a0/South_Carolina_Sovereignty-Secession_Flag.svg

        • Petronius

          Awakened Saxon is absolutely right about the Confederate flag and the overwhelming English heritage of the Southern people. The next largest colonial groups would have been French Huguenots, Germans, Scot-Irish and Scots, but the English settlers were the vast majority.

          The First National Flag (a/k/a the Stars and Bars) consisted of three horizontal stripes, red, white, red, with a circle of white stars inside a blue quadrilateral in upper left corner.

          This flag generated some confusion at the Battle of First Manassas because at a distance it could not easily be distinguished from the flag of the US Army.

          William P. Miles designed the familiar battle flag with the blue diagonal on red square, which was incorporated into the quadrilaterals of the Second (1863) and Third (1865) National Flags. Miles’ original version had the upright cross from the flag of St George, but this version encountered some criticism due to its religious connotations. Miles therefore recommended the diagonal cross (saltire) as “more Heraldric [sic] than Ecclesiastical.”

          The final choice between the upright cross and the diagonal cross was made by Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard at his headquarters in the Ratcliffe house near Fairfax Court House following First Manassas. Beauregard chose the diagonal cross design, and it became the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (1861, a/k/a Beauregard’s Flag or the Virginia Battle Flag).

          On a suggestion by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, the flag was modified from rectangle to square to save material. Pres. Jefferson Davis arrived at Fairfax CH a few days later and approved the design. The event has been memorialized by the SCV Frank Stringfellow Camp #822 and the city of Fairfax by a historical marker near the former location of Ratcliffe house.

          According to Wikipedia, the “St. Andrews cross had no special place in Southern iconography at the time.”

      • Alden

        It was the X Scottish saltire White on a royal blue background
        Given the southerners were more Scots and Scots Irish than Anglo Saxon it was appropriate

        • Awakened Saxon

          Alden: It was the X Scottish saltire White on a royal blue background

          That is one Saltire of many. Saltires are common in European heraldry and exist in flags in places such as Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, and Russia. I am not aware of any sources that claim that William Miles (the designer) had Scotland in mind when he designed the flag. In fact, there are unconfirmed reports that he intentionally avoided religious implications by changing the flag was its previous Latin Cross style (see the South Carolina Sovereignty Flag) to the X style. Why would Miles, who had no significant Scottish ancestry, design a flag based on Scottish symbolism for a country that had far closer ties to England than to Scotland?

          • Hilis Hatki

            The original designer was Beauregard. A Frenchman? See my post above.

        • LackawannaErie

          That is not true, stop saying it. Simply looking at Southern surnames for a few minutes is all it takes to debunk that one. As has already been explained, the “Scots Irish” who came to America were predominantly ethnic Saxons from the region that now falls in both Scotland and England. They were not highlanders which is what most people in America think of when they think of Scotland. A few of them spoke Gaelic, but not many. Many Ulster immigrants to the US were just plain English and not even from near Scotland.

          Furthermore, the “Scots-Irish” settled the mountainous frontier up to the Canadian border, with many going to Pennsylvania and New York. Lowland Southerners, the vast majority of the population, are mostly just English. There were some pockets of highland Scots settlement in the lowland South, but they were not part of the “Scots Irish” culture or very numerous.

    • phillyguy


    • Katherine McChesney

      I know from a local Nashville liquor store owner that liquor sales skyrocket when Baptists are in town. Furthermore, hookers haunt their motels and hotels. Baptists are NOT the Christians they try to pass themselves off as.

      • LackawannaErie

        Fundagelical religion is like a kind of paganism with the emotional voodoo like ceremonies, cult like charismatic leaders and belief in magic. That’s why blacks and illiterate third world people like it better than other kinds of Christianity.

        It’s not native to the South, but was spread to the region by New England Yankee missionaries during the 19th Century.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          As a former member of a large Baptist Church near Atlanta, I can tell you that the pastor who left our church about 2 years after I left, stirred up controversy over bringing charismatic elements into the church. That was one of the main reasons he left, as I had received a letter requesting my input about how I felt about that issue. I offered my two cents worth more on the humiliating comments he made prior, about accusing the congregation of being “prejudiced” if they disapproved of our daughters bring home a “young man of color.:”

        • Alden

          I thought it was the 18th century great awakening that spread fundamentalism and witnessing and all that carrying on.
          But I don’t know much about it
          Leafy of the South has a big section in the Southern Scots Irish

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Reminds me of an old joke, “What’s the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist”? Ans. The Methodist will speak to you in the liquor store. Great joke isn’t, it?

        Actually, there are many great Baptist Christians and I have no problem with them. It’s the leadership in the denomination today that is another piece of the anti-white crusade masquerading as righteousness.

        As I have come to know, a Christian is one who believes on Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and that is why we have Easter. My father is from Nashville, TN, btw, and attended Inglewood Baptist Church up that way when he was a child.

        May you have a blessed, Easter, Katherine…

    • USofAntiWhite

      I’ll take The Confederate flag over the cross any day of the week.

  • Every Christian denomination that I am aware of has been infiltrated by social justice warriors. Except for Christian Identity, that is.

    This quest for social justice is nothing more than an emotional jambalaya of white guilt and trendy egalitarianism. The Bible itself warns against race mixing and homosexuality, but the churches, with few exceptions, have embraced both.

    I’m done with Christianity. Whites need to go back in time and discover our pagan roots. Just as “the Church” was complicit in enslaving the white man in peonage during the Middle Ages, Christianity today is complicit in enslaving us into cultural Marxism and other looney leftist schemes. The irony is that leftists hate Christians and Christianity and no amount of “integration” of congregations will stop that hate.

    • Awakened Saxon

      bigone4u: Every Christian denomination that I am aware of has been infiltrated by social justice warriors.

      The Baptists began as social justice warriors. They came to the South in the late 1600s preaching against slavery, trying to established integrated churches, and so on.

      bigone4u: I’m done with Christianity.

      A wise choice. Christianity has no use for whites. It has made it quite clear that it is against white survival.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Baptists as social justice warriors? Not true. A neighbor Baptist preacher of ours was a KKK.

        • Awakened Saxon

          Did he live in the late 1600s?

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I used to attend a large Baptist church, but left way ahead of the game back in 2002. The then pastor humiliated the congregation publicly for no reason, asking us, “how many of you out there are prejudiced.”? “How many of you would object to your daughter bringing home a young man of color.”? Not only was the question sexist, assuming our daughters are up to be given over to males of color, but racist for assuming everyone of us whites were “prejudiced.”

        The pastor was then apparently removed over other issues by 2005, so I’ve been told. It was a shame the church was reduced to this level of gutter talk from the pulpit

        • Lexonaut

          “”How many of you out there are prejudiced?”


          As a long-ago socialist, the son of card-carrying communists who sent me to a mixed race boarding school before even the Brown vs Board of Education decision, and who bought all the multiculturalist claptrap at first, I will now admit to being [i]post[/i]judiced but not prejudiced.

          The two times in my life that I was beaten up, both times as a kid, it was by blacks at this boarding school. I believed back then it was the legacy of slavery, blah blah blah. I realize now that it’s genetic, they can’t help themselves, and that the only solution is separation of the races.


          “How many of you would object to your daughter bringing home a young man of color.?”


          My daughter was not a problem but my granddaughter might do this. If she does and I am around I will make it clear to her hypothetical suitor of color that he is to leave and never come back because he will never be welcome. (That’s the polite version.)

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Black males probably have other motives for nabbing up a white spouse. Financially speaking, the white fathers of white daughters more likely than not, are much better off than the black fathers whose sons marry whites. Therefore, when the white father dies and the $$$ passes to the siblings, a black is likely to come into instant $$$ unless the father cuts his daughter (and her black spouse) out of the will.

            I’m learning every year blacks have many, many motives for imposing themselves on whites, and $$$ is a great motivator to get whatever they want, however they want it. Whether it is government programs, private and church charties, intermarriage into a fairly well-off white family, blacks will do just about anything to get something out of the white man.

          • listenupbub

            I do not know about the inheritance part, but I think that it is definitely true that some blacks want the more comfortable, sane, and safe life of whites. They know that a white woman can “provide” that for them.

            The more important issue is just plain looks. White women are soooo much better-looking. If a black dude feels respectable enough to get a white woman, he will never give a black woman the light of day again.

            I also think that intelligence is generally attractive. No matter what the TV tells us, when you are around blacks, it becomes obvious that they are dumb as homo erectus. But they are massively jealous of the creativity, civility, and poise of whites. As jealous people, they want white genes for their bloodline.

          • Alden

            I too am proudly post juduced

          • Lexonaut

            It has taken most of my life for the blinders to fall away — for me to be willing to see the obvious. This site — the AmRen site — is largely responsible for my awakening, mainly through the repeated publication of crime-by-race statistics.

        • That pastor was a self-deluded liberal masquerading as a Christian pastor. He was trying to guilt everyone to prove how ‘non-racist’ he was. These guys are phonies to the core and I’ve seen plenty of them over the years.

          • Alexandra1973

            I believe that there are people at my church who are more “aware” than they let on. I’ve overheard people discussing the race card being played, and the fact that a black is more likely to be murdered by another black than shot by a white cop.

      • Alden

        If you don’t like Baptists read about what they did in Munster Germany in the 1530’s and 40’s

    • Katherine McChesney

      The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) isn;t politically correct.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Katherine: The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) isn;t politically correct.

        Then why does their website encourage us to send money to non-whites and to ‘sponsor a child’?

        • Alexandra1973

          I would argue myself that it’s better to send money there–voluntarily, instead of in the form of taxes and foreign aid–than to bring those people here.

          Though I oftentimes wonder where the money really goes.

        • Katherine McChesney

          It doesn’t. But we give our money to the church to support Christian ministry in many nations. We NEVER ask for money to be sent to non-whites or to sponsor a child.

          • listenupbub

            A large number of PCA people I have known have spent tons of money on missions trips, sponsoring exchange students, and adopting non-white children.

          • HE2

            Agree, bub. Our local PCA parish sends both workers and money to Latin American and African nations.
            I do not approve of any religion sending out so-called missionaries to proseletyze and convert others.
            Not only is it disrespectful of other paths, it is just one more way to bring the needy, uneducated, and dependent over here.

          • listenupbub

            Well, I don’t believe missions is a personal issue of respecting other people or paths. It is just that Hell is a big part of the Christian belief system, and people who are [raised] Christian have to believe it.

            Missionaries definitely encourage Africans and Latin Americans to come to America. The southern baptist church in my parent’s city has tons of new African immigrants going to it. The idiots in the crowd are just as dumb as the ones in our government, thinking that we will take an arbitrary number of foreigners in our country and it will do no harm.

            As far as missions go, as people have said, helping Africans is hopeless.

            The whole point of reaching out to other people groups is to “prove” how “loving” one is. As people say: “even Hitler loved his mother/country.”
            It is just stupid. Serious fundamentalist Christians who believe that God might send them to Hell for not being truly faithful disciples are more likely to make themselves miserable to prove how “loving” they are, by wasting all their hard-earned money on missions and by adopting foreign babies.

          • HE2

            Missionaries definitely encourage Africans and Latin Americans to come to America.

            According to Fr. Harries, the Africans shine the missionaries on, playing them for all they can get, obsequiously feigning “conversion to Christ,” all the while angling for that plane ticket to White lands and free MONEY.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Speaking of getting Africans and Latin Americans in the southern Baptist church when I left the Baptist church 12 years ago, a drive by there a few years ago confirmed that I made the right decision to leave. There were signs about different service times for Africans, and a service in Spanish. The large gymnasium now has a “rock concert” service for the teens and young adults. It is now absolutely nothing like it was when I was there from 1997 to 2002.

          • listenupbub

            This is basically the reason I believe that the religion itself is poorly designed. It is too prone to multiculturalism.

            No disrespect to you for trying to keep the culture of our European ancestors.

          • Alden

            Religion is a very small part of missionary activity. It is basically welfare work, hospitals, schools feeding programs and all the rest of it

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The government and economic structure where missionaries go is such that the basic needs of the people are lacking. When you lack adequate food, water or shelter, you don’t really care about listening to the message of Christianity.

          • HE2

            Religion is a very small part of missionary activity.

            Will due respect, that is not what the mission recruiters say from the pulpit and in the literature. The food and services are bargaining chip attractants.
            At bottom, it is about “winning souls for Christ.” Proselytizing.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            I belong to an Associate Reformed Presbyterian church, a bit more orthodox than the PCA you mentioned.

            The Easter issue of our church bulletin this morning announced a family of missionaries is coming to speak at our church on April 19 about going to Poland, and other parts of Eastern Europe. Another missionary family is in Wales.

            The missionaries will probably have an easier time dealing with fellow Caucasians in their endeavors to make their mission a success. Poland and Wales surely aren’t Africa, and it’s probably a safe bet that the Poles and the Welsh will learn the ropes well enough to maintain what the missionaries are establishing over there. A good test of whether or not missionaries are being successful is not “giving a man a fish” but rather “teaching him how to fish.” A bit cliche, but given the fact that the Welsh and Poles have the advantages of being European and rooted in the western traditions, there’s not reason missionaries there shouldn’t see positive results in short order.

          • HE2

            What would constitute a “positive result” for American missionaries’ work in Poland or Wales?

          • Awakened Saxon

            Katherine: We NEVER ask for money to be sent to non-whites or to sponsor a child.

            The Presbyterian Church in America, right? The PCA’s site links to something called Mission to the World, which is apparently the PCA’s mission organisation (“Mission to the World (MTW) is the mission-sending agency for the Presbyterian Church in America.”) At that site I see this:

            Sponsoring a child changes a life. It allows us to minister to the whole child with clothing, food, education, and most importantly, the love of Christ.

            (The picture is of a child who appears to be southeastern Asian.)

            Also this:

            We are responding and we need your help. MTW works closely with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, helping to train and equip leaders of the rapidly growing church. In recent years MTW and the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu have deployed more than 20 pastor-evangelists to different villages on the island, and scores people are coming to Christ, many out of the “John Frum Cargo cult.”

            Please pray for our friends in Vanuatu and donate now to help meet critical needs in the wake of this disaster.

            (There is a “donate now” link right below this text.)


            Just another run-of-the-mill anti-white church, as far as I am concerned.

          • Katherine McChesney

            That site does NOT ask anyone to give money to non-whites.

            You are argumentative and a bully. You’re reading into it what is NOT there.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Katherine: That site does NOT ask anyone to give money to non-whites.

            I give you points for boldness. I have quoted them asking people to send money to non-whites and I have provided a link.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Sponsoring a child costs $35 a month. There are currently 8 non-white children (0 white children) available for sponsorship at this site:


      • Samuel Hathaway

        Neither is the Associate Reformed Presbyterian politically correct. In fact, it is even less politically correct than the PCA.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is more conservative, but the PCA is a significant improvement over the loons at the PCUSA…

    • [Guest]

      I agree concerning “Christianity today.” But the real problem, as I see it, isn’t Christianity itself but the corruption of mainstream denominations by Marxists, warriors for social justice, and looney leftists in general.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Christianity is whatever its followers make it to be. The religion has changed numerous times since its arrival in Europe.

        • [Guest]

          >>>Christianity is whatever its followers make it to be.

          I suspect that Thabiti Anyabwile would agree.

        • To some extent this is true. The good news (pun intended) is that we have the New Testament and apostolic teaching to compare any and all doctrines to determine whether they comport with what Jesus and His apostles taught (see 1 Thessalonians 5:21).

          • Awakened Saxon

            When has that ever worked? Christians have been killing other Christians for centuries.

          • Yes, many Christians have. But so have those Heathens that you seem to prefer. Whites, whether they have been pagans or Christians, have always found ways to kill each other (unfortunately).

            By the way, in case you haven’t heard, Christians on their own stopped killing each other centuries ago.

            Also, Christians killing other people in the name of Christ, whether they are Christian or not, would find no support whatsoever from the pages of the New Testament, Jesus, not His apostles. This is what evil and misguided professing Christians have done, but this is NOT the teaching of the New Testament.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: Yes, many Christians have. But so have those Heathens that you seem to prefer.

            I haven’t ever heard of Heathens killing other Heathens over doctrinal differences. Can you name some examples?

          • You seriously think heathens haven’t killed other heathens? Okay, let’s make this real simple: EVERY racial group, EVERY religious group, and EVERY type of person in between has, at one time or another, killed, maimed, went to war against, insulted, raped, and robbed someone of their own group or belief system. This is human nature. This is what people do to each other, some more than others.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: You seriously think heathens haven’t killed other heathens?

            Perhaps you should finish reading the sentence before replying so sarcastically. The sentence ends with “over doctrinal differences.” The Abrahamic religions are nearly unique in slaughtering people even in their own religion over doctrinal differences.

          • I did! See under my phrase “belief system” which incorporated that concept. I think you, dear sir, need to adhere to your own advice. Whether doctrinal differences or not, people of the same religious groups have indeed murdered each other – and that was point.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Going to war with someone of the same belief system is not the same as going to war with someone over the belief system.

          • Good grief! Me thinks you are a little too clever for your own good. Again, I shall make it real simple for you: Every human group, regardless of belief system (which everyone has, even among those who say they have no belief system or worldview), has at one time or another fought with those of the same belief system, and yes, even over the prevailing belief system of the group.

            All sorts of groups, including your beloved heathens, at one time or another have warred with each other. Humans fight, bicker and debate over everything (kinda like us!). Sadly, this is the way we are and it often results in great civil wars, division, bloodshed, and even genocide.

            You want to impose on those blessed heathens of yours a saintly aura as if they were beyond the pettiness of natural humans, but what you need to do is see them as they really were with all their human frailties, weaknesses, sins, and depravity.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: Every human group, regardless of belief system (which everyone has, even among those who say they have no belief system or worldview), has at one time or another fought with those of the same belief system, and yes, even over the prevailing belief system of the group.

            Then I refer you back to my earlier post: I haven’t ever heard of Heathens killing other Heathens over doctrinal differences. Can you name some examples?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Awakened Saxon. You come across as a bully.

          • Alden

            There are no records written by the ancient European heathens about their religion
            All we have is what the Romans and the early Catholic missionaries wrote about them

            Then there is a long void until the 19th romantic historians started writing about the old pagan religions
            Ever read Fraser’s The Golden Bough? He writes about pagan practices but never about pagan doctrine

          • Alden

            Well, if you want to call Muslims heathens look at what is going on in the Middle East right now
            It is not the old Shii vs Sunni conflict but ISIS Sunnis killing other Sunnis

            Afghani Sunnis are always killing each other over minute differences in doctrine and practice

          • Awakened Saxon

            Alden: Well, if you want to call Muslims heathens look at what is going on in the Middle East right now

            Muslims are not Heathens. Islam is an Abrahamic religion. ‘Heathens’ refers to the native religions of Europe, especially the native religion of the Germanics.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Heathens offered their children to their fire gods. They burned them alive on their altars.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Katherine McChesney: Heathens offered their children to their fire gods. They burned them alive on their altars.

            It seems there is much confusion around here about what “doctrinal differences” means. If Anglo-Saxon Heathens had waged war against Norse Heathens over some detail in their belief systems, then that would be an example of waging war over a “doctrinal difference”. Another example would be if Germanic Heathens had waged war with Baltic Heathens in an attempt to convert Baltic Heathens to German Heathenry.

            Thus, the issue of human sacrifice is irrelevant to the topic at hand. Having said that, can you cite a source that Europe’s Heathens burned their children alive? You appear to be referring to Phoenician practices.

          • Alden

            October 31, December 21, March 21, and June 21 were days if mass human sacrifices by the heathens I’ll over N Europe

          • Samuel Hathaway

            In the Old Testament, it was the Baal cult, and I think another one was Molech, to whom infants were offered in the fire as sacrifices.

          • Alden

            Jesus also preached charity charity charity and the early Church way before legalization used charity to lure converts

        • Robert Smith

          If paganism is our savior then why didn’t it save us before? Why did it succumb to Christianity? Our enemies promote various forms of paganism in popular culture. They never miss an opportunity to attack Christianity. It should be very clear which one they fear and which one advances their cause.

          • Who Me?

            Not all Pagans are anti-White and/or anti-Christian. Many proud Pagans are solid White racial realists. The term “Pagan” is slightly misunderstood by many. It simply means a person whose faith is not Abrahamic–that is, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. Any other religion, belief system or lack thereof is Pagan.

          • Robert Smith

            No one called out the enemy more clearly than did Jesus. No one has given a way to fight them like he did. The problem is not Jesus, but people who practice socialism in his name.

          • Excellent and very true!

          • Mike

            “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

            Sounds pretty socialist to me

          • Alden

            Jesus sure didn’t like the
            Followers of the founding Abrahamic faith
            He never said anything about the pagan Roman faith did he?

          • Awakened Saxon

            Robert Smith: If paganism is our savior then why didn’t it save us before?

            I never said that Heathenry was our saviour. What I am saying is that it is a healthier spiritual match for Europeans because it is a European religion. It comes from the blood of our people, not from outsiders who forced an Asian religion on us.

            Robert Smith: Why did it succumb to Christianity?

            A variety of reasons, one of which is that it was Germanicised in order to gain acceptance. Another reason is that the Franks had managed to build a stronger army than the Saxons and were more ruthless in their tactics.

            Robert Smith: Our enemies promote various forms of paganism in popular culture.

            What various forms?

            Robert Smith: They never miss an opportunity to attack Christianity.

            Attacks on Christianity are greatly exaggerated. However, when they do attack it, they are wasting their time. Christianity is one of their biggest assets. Every mainstream church is opposed to white survival.

            Robert Smith: It should be very clear which one they fear and which one advances their cause.

            I agree. Have you ever heard of Germanic Heathens raising funds to adopt African children? To bring Somali refugees to the West? To hold ‘inter-faith’ conferences with Islamists? Neither have I.

          • Robert Smith

            I have never heard of Germanic Heathens period. The three things you cite are not causes of our decline, but symptoms. The causes are moral and spiritual decay.

          • Mike

            But spiritual *universalism* is just as much if not more so a cause of the white race’s current condition than decay. Liberals are often very moralistic, they have a morality based upon egalitarianism and altruism.

          • Alden

            The heathens were all converted or killed by
            About 900 AD

          • Alden

            FYI The Franks were as German as the Saxons and Bavarians

          • Mike

            It seems to me like Christianity attacks us (whites) more than the establishment attacks it.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        The World Council of Churches is a horrendously left-wing outfit that plays footsies with Marxism. Read the epistle of Jude just before Revelation in the New Testament. It has alot of things to say about false teachings and the fate of those who promote them.

        • Alden

          The world council of churches was set up by the Russians as a communist front
          It was absolutely not a do gooder group taken over by the communists as so many were It was Soviet created and directed from the beginning
          The Catholic Church refused to join in the grounds it was a communist front.

          • Katherine McChesney

            The Catholic Church was responsible for setting up the World Council of Churches in order to bring all other religions under it’s control. It was an idea born of the Jesuits. Churches who are members are in apostasy.

        • [Guest]

          Thank you. I’ve read that book, but it’s well worth rereading.

      • You’ve hit the nail on the head. Authentic New Testament Christianity will NOT contextually support modern notions of multiculturalism. There is not one place in the New Testament which implies or directly teaches the need for Christians to abandon their racial identity or culture on behalf of other racial groups or cultures.

        Even Jews who became Christians were still allowed to retain their ethnic traditions, customs and culture so long as any religious practices did not contradict apostolic doctrine. The apostles wanted people to rightly retain that which was distinctive of them as a people, yet separate themselves from religious idols and doctrines of demons.

        • [Guest]

          Good points. Thank you.

          Yesterday, in a masterpiece of a post, I mentioned that multiculturalism, radical egalitarianism, and racial equality are not tenets of Christianity, even if those doctrines are preached and taught from the pulpits of modern-day American churches.

    • model1911

      “I’m done with Christianity.” Just don’t be done with Christ.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        A lady in my Sunday School class once quipped, “Christianity is a wonderful idea until… you add people.”

        • True, but these are the very people Christ came to redeem. He didn’t come to save the righteous, but sinners unto repentance.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            When Christ says He came not for the righteous, I took it to mean that there are none righteous. No one comes for something that doesn’t exist anyway. Yes, sin is a reality. Death is the result. That is more than plainly obvious, it cannot be missed. Redemption comes with life, and life in Jesus… Happy Easter!

          • [Guest]

            I believe that in those passages “righteous” is used ironically in reference to self-righteous people such as the antichrist Pharisees.

          • Yes, that was my point.

          • Alden

            Some think it means that the righteous refers to good and moral people.
            The people who needed Jesus were the sinners

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The people who needed Jesus were the sinners — and that makes the need for salvation universal, since death is universal. And that includes you and me, too.

        • InAFreeCountry

          I’ve heard it said, “I like Jesus just fine. It’s his followers that worry me.”

          • Unfortunately, that’s very true.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Attributed to Gandhi.

    • I hear you, but I gotta say that the egalitarianism and multiculturalism that almost all Christian denominations have bought into is NOT authentic New Testament Christianity. This is a case of modern Christians falling prey to Leftism, a form of the modern ‘social gospel’ which runs counter to apostolic theology.

      There’s no place in the New Testament which suggests, implies or directly teaches the need for any nation to give up its racial or cultural identity on behalf of other nations of people.

      Even Jews who became Christians were not required to abandon their Jewish heritage or their distinctive culture except in those areas where it contradicted the express spiritual or theological doctrines of the Gospel.

      Authentic Christianity does NOT require Christians to give up their white identity or their white countries on behalf of foreigners or third-world people – and I defy anyone to prove it!

      • Alexandra1973

        I just have to shake my head at groups that says blacks can’t be saved. They can and I personally know of a few examples. But that doesn’t mean that we should all mix. We were separated by race, language, etc., for a reason.

        • Good point! I believe that we will see blacks in heaven and, in the age to come, we will be united as one under Christ regardless of racial differences. But now, while on earth, racial separation is best for general societal peace and harmony.

          The New Testament has an ‘already-not yet’ aspect to its theology that many Christians miss. Thus, by uniting the races prematurely through forced integration, we are trying to accomplish NOW something that Christ will do LATER in the eternal state.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: I believe that we will see blacks in heaven . . ..

            This is the most compelling argument against Christianity that I have ever heard.

          • Not in the least! I even consider blacks who are genuine Christians my brothers in Christ. This doesn’t mean I support or promote multiculturalism, but I recognize that Christianity ultimately transcends race and culture – even though in the NOW, it has not been fully realized or reached its consummation.

            By the way, almost all Christian Southerners believed the same thing as I do, even though they rightly adhered to a segregationist viewpoint.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: I recognize that Christianity ultimately transcends race and culture . . ..

            That is a fundamental difference between Heathenry and Christianity. Heathenry is completely intertwined with race. It is impossible to separate it from the folk. Christianity, on the other hand, is a universalist religion. It could (and will) exist even after white genocide is accomplished.

            bluffcreek: By the way, almost all Christian Southerners believed the same thing as I do, even though they rightly adhered to a segregationist viewpoint.

            Correct. It was Christianity that weakened the South’s resolve to deal with the blacks. “They are our brothers in Christ”, “They are washed in the blood”, “It would be un-Christian to throw them out of the country”, and so on.

          • “Christianity, on the other hand, is a universalist religion. It could (and will) exist even after white genocide is accomplished” – True, but Christianity at its core does not eradicate culture or race for its own sake. In other words, Christianity does NOT inevitably lead to white genocide. As I have labored to point out, authentic New Testament Christianity does not demand the removal of one’s culture or racial identity. Even Jews who became believers in Jesus during the times of the apostles continued to maintain their distinctive customs, culture, and ethnic heritage.

            What you are attacking is a false Christianity and not the real one. Because you don’t understand genuine Christianity, you keep making the same mistake over and over again.

            “Correct. It was Christianity that weakened the South’s resolve to deal with the blacks. “They are our brothers in Christ”, “They are washed in the blood”, “It would be un-Christian to throw them out of the country”, and so on” – It wasn’t Christianity that weakened the South’s resolve, it was the sublet encroachment of liberalism and multiculturalism. Had it not infected the South, along with the social pressures to conform, Southern Christians would have continued to embrace segregation with no inconsistency from its Christian core. And this is because segregation and Christianity are not at odds with each other as you assume.

            It was NOT the belief among Southerners that black Christians were their bothers that destroyed much of the South, but the eroding effects of liberalism.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: True, but Christianity at its core does not eradicate culture or race for its own sake. In other words, Christianity does NOT inevitably lead to white genocide.

            Christianity conquered Germania by doing exactly that – eradicating the native culture of the people. Whether that is ‘authentic’ Christianity or not is largely irrelevant to me. What matters is how Christianity manifests itself. If some insignificantly tiny group follow the ‘authentic’ variety of Christianity but the overwhelming majority do not, then what difference does it make?

            bluffcreek: What you are attacking is a false Christianity and not the real one.

            Then we’re back to there being 10,000 interpretations of Christianity, with yours being no more compelling in its truth than any of the others.

            bluffcreek: It wasn’t Christianity that weakened the South’s resolve, it was the subtle encroachment of liberalism and multiculturalism.

            You’re dreaming. The Christian churches encouraged racial togetherness and lack of radical resistance. The Catholics were especially bad. A Christian people were not up to the task of forcibly removing the blacks from our living space. The same holds true of the weakness of the Afrikaners when radical measures were needed in their situation.

            bluffcreek: It was NOT the belief among Southerners that black Christians were their bothers that destroyed much of the South, but the eroding effects of liberalism.

            Liberalism and Christianity are one and the same. A religion that preaches inter-racial brotherhood (which you yourself have promoted) is a religion of liberalism.

          • Alden

            It wasn’t Christianity that weakened the south’s ability to deal with the blacks

            It was the federal government especially the courts, Eisenhower sending the army to Little Rock, the 64 and 65 civil rights acts, the EEOC and especially federal funding for Sharpton and every other race hustler

            Christianity had nothing to do with it White America is as much under a hostile occupation as Poland and the rest of E. Europe was with the Russian occupation.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Go back and reread my post. I referenced the moral paralysis of the Southern masses that Christianity caused. The religion compelled Southerners to not radically resist their dispossession. It filled their heads with mush about multi-racial brotherhood. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that external factors (such as those you cited) were not also at play.

            Have you heard of this Sunday school tune?

            Jesus loves the little children,
            All the children of the world.
            Red and yellow, black and white,
            All are precious in his sight,
            Jesus loves the little children of the world.

          • The crank hobby horse obsession with some in this thread is that Christianity is ruining tribal consciousness, esp. that of whites.

            My crank hobby horse obsession is that rights-obsessed proposition nation democratic republicanism is ruining both whites’ tribal resolve and whites’ religious practices.

            I keep hearing people go on and on about Asatru and Odin. Well, if white people adopted Germanic Neopaganism en masse all of a sudden, all that would happen is that Germanic Neopaganism would become more egalitarian and race denialist and diversity-hungry.

            Question: Why do not black American Christians have a universalist anti-tribalist race mentality?

          • JGTThrasher

            Those are all valid points, and I am an Odinist, but not a hardcore polytheist. There are strains of Christianity that hold folkish elements, like many orthodox (whom I respect), And you are right, there are universalist heathens. I think your critics are considering popular Christianity, which has been ultimately feminized, and so grace focused that they have become good antinomian universalists. I think that the strength of well researched heathenism is that it has all of the elements of Christianity, from death and resurrection, confronting vices and experiencing spiritual reality, etc. It also acknowledges the ancestral ties. If we believe that our people have something above and beyond others genetically then we have to acknowledge that their own spirituality, born of their environment, has something to tell us. Our ancestors are our ancestors, and their lives and struggles gave birth to us. On the field of belief in time Christianity is relatively new. I do not say this to denigrate what is there, as I was once a minister and learned a lot from it. I am however, critical of the methods used to proselytize, which were aimed at destroying the clan structure and historical ties to family. That being said, I know matters of faith are very personal and above simple comments on articles. When a person experiences truth that moves them they tend toward loyalty to the expression. I do not think trying trying to change opinions without hours and hours of face time is foolish, and leads to easy dismissals of the “other.”.

          • I really don’t do much forward talk about these matters either, because my powers of persuasion aren’t that good.

            I do think that religion is 10% spirituality and 90% politics, just as economics is 10% math and 90% politics. All that matters is that the particular religion of faith system is either overtly identitarian or doesn’t interfere with identitarianism.

          • Sid Ishus

            Blacks will be well represented in Hell as well. The ones in heaven may prove more tolerable.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Why would a racialist want to follow a religion that leads to a promise of an integrated afterlife?

    • Alden

      It is more like grant hustling for government and foundation funds.
      Why do we need a religion anyway? I am a White nationalist and I sure don’t need any religion. Most neo pagans are liberals. The majority are feminazis and environmentalists who would close down every gas station in the country if they could.

      • Awakened Saxon

        It is important to distinguish pagans from Heathens. Pagans tend to be new-age weirdos (e.g., Wicca). Heathens are followers of the old ways (e.g., Asatru).

        • You may be right about this, but it seems to me this is a distinction without a difference. Both of them are worshipping something that isn’t true and grounded in mythology.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: Both of them are worshipping something that isn’t true and grounded in mythology.

            I suspect they would say the same about you. There certainly is a difference between a new-age weirdo and a follower of an ancient European religion. The latter is rooted in the blood and soil of his folk. The former is just a trendy airhead.

          • Perhaps they would, but that by itself would be no refutation. While I agree that the modern new-age weirdo is different in some respects from the ancient European heathen, it would matter little in the end because both belief systems are grounded on lies. Yes, one may be rooted in “blood and soil,” but this doesn’t make it any less false.

            It’s like trying to defend Shintoism over Islam. One may have more things that are better about it than the other, but they’re both grounded on lies, on myths and false perspectives of the world.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: Yes, one may be rooted in “blood and soil,” but this doesn’t make it any less false.

            Your argument is circular. Your only basis for believing Heathenry to be false is that your religion tells you it is false. Actually, many Heathens view the gods and goddesses as manifestations of the Germanic race-soul rather than as literal being with physical existence. How can a religion that is not native to Europe possibly be better than one that is deeply rooted in Europe?

            bluffcreek: It’s like trying to defend Shintoism over Islam.

            I agree. Shintoism is vastly superior to Islam. It is a native, organic religion that respects the land and the ancestors of the people who follow it. In that respect, it is comparable to Asatru.

          • It’s not circular at all. I have indeed made a statement, but my intent was not to present all the arguments I can muster in support of its truth because these were only general comments in the course of our discussion and not a detailed polemic. Do I really need to explain such obvious points?

            Heathenism isn’t false because my religion tells me so. I would have thought it was false many years before I even became a Christian. These heathen gods and demi-gods of yours are mythical fairy tales. They are something you are emotionally driven to because you have abandoned the True and Living God. You have accepted lies and went overboard on this “blood and soil” stuff that many racially-awakened whites have fallen for.

            “How can a religion that is not native to Europe possibly be better than one that is deeply rooted in Europe?” – Truth is not dependent upon originating from either Europe or Asia or even the Middle East. The good news is that truth is bound by national borders nor is it only discovered on certain continents.

            “I agree. Shintoism is vastly superior to Islam. It is a native, organic religion that respects the land and the ancestors of the people who follow it” – Again, you’ve missed an important point: Shintoism is superior to Islam NOT because of the land and its ancestors (“blood and soil”), but because its precepts don’t teach its followers to kill others in the name of its pagan god. Shintoism is STILL a false worldview, but thankfully it doesn’t urge its adherents to go around bombing other nations in the name of its religious principles.

          • Irish

            Here! Here!

          • Irish

            Well since I shan’t be taking a trip over to worship at Stonehenge any time soon, I guess I’m stuck with Mother Church..Just because the The Major denominations are pushing much of the same Social Justice nonsense that the Government is, won’t make me detour from the core Christian theology..Happy Easter all…Even the Heathens.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Irish: Just because the The Major denominations are pushing much of the same Social Justice nonsense that the Government is, won’t make me detour from the core Christian theology..

            I am not trying to convert you or anyone to Heathenry.

            Irish: Happy Easter all…Even the Heathens.

            Especially the Heathens. Easter is a celebration based on the Germanic goddess of the same name. The holiday represents the return of Spring to the land.

          • Alden

            The old European heathens celebrated October 31, December 21, March 21, and June 21 with mass human sacrifice. They saved up prisoners of war
            Convicted criminals and others for the sacrifices
            June 21 involved everybody staying out all night for sex with whoever

            The Viking warlords were buried with lots of grave goods including their harams who were killed as part of the funeral ceremonies

            The substitution of All Hallows’ Eve, Christmas, Easter and St John’s day for bloodbaths was progress towards civilization

          • Awakened Saxon

            Alden: The substitution of All Hallows’ Eve, Christmas, Easter and St John’s day for bloodbaths was progress towards civilization

            The Christians killed far more in their campaign against Europe followed by all the religious wars than the Heathens ever sacrificed.

          • Alden

            You must be referring to Charlegmane’s slaughter of 5,000 Saxon prisoners of war That’s the one and only verified incidence of Christians mass slaughtering heathens and it had nothing to do with religion it was Charlegman’s way of ensuring his conquest of saxony, no survivors
            The Greek, Roman and middle eastern pagans had written languages and kept records
            But the heathens had no written languages and thus there are no records if tte change to Christianity other than the Christian records
            Your theories come from the early 19th century British romantic movement it’s all just conjecture and has no basis in fact because the heathens
            kept no written records of either their religion or the conflict with Christianity

      • “Why do we need a religion anyway? I am a White nationalist and I sure don’t need any religion” – Well, maybe you don’t. However, I do know that humans are incurably religious. It’s how we’ve been designed. The problem is that we would prefer a false god fashioned after our own perverted interests than the One who created us. In the vast majority of cases, people prefer darkness rather than light; lies over truth.

        Man, in fact, is so religious by nature that most liberals and atheists who despise Christianity will often become religiously fanatical for their pet causes (e.g., environmentalism, poverty, combatting ‘racism,’ animal rights, organic food, and the like). In many cases, they will become just as devoted as the Christian fundamentalist whom they look down upon.

        Man is innately a religious creature because that is how we’ve been designed, created or programmed (however one wishes to phrase it).

        • Alden

          You are absolutely right about atheists . It is actually an anti Christian religion. They are even starting to have “fellowship” gatherings.
          They also have celebrants who preside over “naming ceremonies” and other events
          I never talk about my non belief in a God as I don’t want anyone to think I am an atheist I simple don’t care.

    • “Whites need to go back in time and discover our pagan roots” – With all due respect, returning to paganism or pagan mythology will NOT be the religious antidote to Christianity or even religion in general. If one thinks Christianity is false or even mythical and destructive, the answer doesn’t lie in embracing even more false and mythical doctrines in the form of ancient paganism.

      Moreover, most of what people are witnessing in contemporary evangelicalism, including the older denominations, is NOT authentic New Testament Christianity; that is, the kind that’s found in the pages of the New Testament. Most professing Christians have no clue about the true nature of the Gospel and its implication, nor do they know anything about New Testament ecclesiology (doctrine and practice of the church).

      Much of the formalism, honorific titles, and general ‘churchianity’ has no biblical basis in the New Testament. But that’s for another discussion I suppose.

      • Awakened Saxon

        The value in Heathenry is that it is a religion of the folk. It is not something that came to us from Asia and was forced on our ancestors by fanatics who strove to erase all aspects of native Germanic culture. It comes from our own people.

        The fact that 2,000 years later, no one can agree on what ‘authentic’ Christianity is tells us a lot about Christianity. It is a religion of dogmas, not a religion that connects with the blood and soil of the people of Europe.

        • “The fact that 2,000 years later, no one can agree on what ‘authentic’ Christianity is tells us a lot about Christianity. It is a religion of dogmas, not a religion that connects with the blood and soil of the people of Europe” – Not true. We CAN know and understand authentic Christianity. The problem is that most people don’t seriously study the matter. They’re content to let others do their thinking for them. They are often lazy, and know nothing about how to interpret the Bible according to sound hermeneutical principles.

          Moreover, the same line of reasoning can be applied to almost every other subject. For example, since very few people seem to agree on the subject of race, therefore, no one can know the truth about race and how we are to view in terms of real life. This would be a poor argument to make because, in fact, we CAN know the truth about race and its societal implications.

          This is what I’ve over the past 40 years of being a Christian: Most people who make the claim that you make are either horrifically ignorant of historic Christianity, know little to nothing about the Bible, have been told certain things about the Bible and Christianity that they’ve repeated but never bothered to personally investigate, or they’ve read arguments from liberal higher critics which they never bothered to read the rebuttals to such arguments, or they know nothing about how to interpret the Bible properly.

          • Awakened Saxon

            bluffcreek: We CAN know and understand authentic Christianity. The problem is that most people don’t seriously study the matter.

            There are far too many denominations within Christianity for this to be true. Are you saying that the clergy of Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Catholicism, Presbyterianism, etc., have never seriously studied the matter? What is they are doing in seminary schools?

            bluffcreek: For example, since very few people seem to agree on the subject of race, therefore, no one can know the truth about race and how we are to view in terms of real life.

            There are not 10,000 different interpretations on the subject of race, as there are within Christianity. There also is not a single book about race, written many centuries ago in vague language, that must be interpreted to determine the truth about race. Knowledge of race comes from simple observation of the world, which is in stark contrast to knowledge of Chrsitianity which ultimately comes from a single source.

          • “There are far too many denominations within Christianity for this to be true. Are you saying that the clergy of Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Catholicism, Presbyterianism, etc., have never seriously studied the matter? What is they are doing in seminary schools?” – Nonsense! Each denomination has elements of authentic New Testament Christianity, but there has been no denomination that has constantly followed and adhered to ALL of the truth as revealed in the New Testament.

            Even the Protestant Reformers which helped restore the Gospel of Justification by faith alone (not a faith that is alone!), had grossly misunderstood the nature of New Testament ecclesiology and, thus, perpetuated many false traditions. Sadly, many of them even persecuted the humble Anabaptists which, in many respects, were faithful followers of Christ.

            This is because the best of men are men at best. In other words, personal prejudices, false traditions, and ignorance prevent people from seeing the simplicity and clear teaching of Jesus and His apostles.

            “There are not 10,000 different interpretations on the subject of race, as there are within Christianity. There also is not a single book about race, written many centuries ago in vague language, that must be interpreted to determine the truth about race. Knowledge of race comes from simple observation of the world, which is in stark contrast to knowledge of Chrsitianity which ultimately comes from a single source” – It doesn’t matter in the least that there are not as many interpretations of race as there are of the Bible. The point is that a great many people here in the West and abroad have widely divergent views of the subject of race. It’s a subject that has caused great debate and dissension for many years. Many books have been written on the subject too, and many of the ‘experts’ don’t agree among themselves either.

            However, the fact that there are many different opinions does not, by itself, prove that we can’t know the truth about race. Again, you’ve failed to see the obvious and your original argument doesn’t logically follow.

          • Awakened Saxon

            I am not saying that a truth can’t be known about Christianity. What I am saying is that there never has been agreement as to what ‘authentic Christianity’ is, so why should I take your interpretation over anyone else’s? What makes yours right and everyone else’s wrong? I can tell you what makes my interpretation of race right simply by pointing to things that you can also observe. To prove to me that your interpretation of Christianity is correct, you must point to a book that is vaguely written and that contains numerous contradictions, thus leaving it wide open to numerous interpretations.

          • “What I am saying is that there never has been agreement as to what ‘authentic Christianity’ is, so why should I take your interpretation over anyone else’s? What makes yours right and everyone else’s wrong?” – Again, the presence of disagreements on any subject matter – religious or not – is not a sound argument for maintaining that something is not true or can’t be fully known.

            Why should you believe me? You shouldn’t! You should read and study for yourself; that is, reading what both liberals and conservative Christians have written on the truth of Christianity. Also, reading the Bible seriously on your own is a good start. Don’t believe what me or anyone else says – just check it out for yourself. This means you’ve got to be the kind of student who rightly divides the Word of God, studies to show himself approved, and ferrets out an issue until you’ve reached the truth (whether it’s personally pleasant or not).

            When other people say I’m scripturally wrong, I ask them to show me and I then closely examine the text, its historical context, cultural setting, the original languages, and follow carefully the wording so that I’m careful to know what the original author actually said. These are basic and proven rules of biblical interpretation (hermeneutics).

            As far as contradictions in the Bible, it comes down to showing me. What I’ve found in most cases is that people can’t define what they mean by a ‘contradiction,’ they usually don’t understand the context of the so-called ‘contradiction,’ they’re ignorant of what biblical scholars have written to explain those alleged ‘discrepancies,’ and on it goes.

            The fact that you spoke of the Bible as “vaguely written” and that it “contains numerous contradictions” tells me immediately that you are merely repeating what others have told you and not what you have personally discovered or researched.

            I won’t tell you how or even why I know so much about such alleged ‘contradictions’ and ‘discrepancies’ of the Bible, but this is a subject I’ve been intensely interested in since the early 80s. This is a matter I had to personally resolve, and I have.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          The Reformation began in Germany, did it not? The grandeur and the splendor of the music and the art that the Christian Reformation inspired is unparalleled. The Renaissance is an overlapping era also dating to the 1400-1500s, with many Christian-themed painters and sculptors who were inspired by Christianity. Yes, the pagans of ancient Greece and Rome created awe-inspiring art, and to the extent that it should be noticed and appreciated for the artistic merit it demonstrates in no way detracts from the validity of Christianity.

          • Alden

            The reformation destroyed Christian art and many of the sects banned music
            The German Lutherans preserved the Catholic music in the areas they took over but didn’t create it

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The Catholic cathedrals are another architectural and artistic genius of Western Civilization. The Spaniards took that architecture to the Western Hemisphere and we see it today all over Latin America.

            Speaking of Germans and music, a lot of the grand old hymns in the hymnal originally were old bar tunes. I’m not kidding.


            The Greeks and Romans were of the same stock as the German tribes. The Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian, Celtic and Germanic peoples are the true Israel of Scripture. Why don’t people see this. They don’t see it because they don’t see the racial nature of the bible. We have been in a western migration throughout the course of history. We have colonized the four corners of the earth. Hebrew means colonizer. We can go no further west. Now comes the time of Jacobs Trouble, the matter is settled here. The King is coming!

          • Awakened Saxon

            WARRIORPRIEST: The Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian, Celtic and Germanic peoples are the true Israel of Scripture. Why don’t people see this.

            1) Because the Bible says nothing even close to that.

            2) Because there is no anthropological evidence that Jews migrated to Europe and founded the Germanic and Celtic tribes.

            3) Because the Germanic and Celtic tribes were already well established in Europe at the time when the Bible took place.

            4) Because the Germanics and Celts had an entirely different religion from the Hebrews.

            5) Because the Germanics and Celts behave nothing at all like the Jews of the Bible.


            The word jew has nothing to do with it. And with that statement as well as the rest of your examples 1,2,3,4 is a demonstration of your lake of biblical knowledge and that of western history. You want want to start with Genesis 1:1 and maybe read Sharon Turners ” History of the Anglo Saxons”.

          • Awakened Saxon

            Can you quote the relevant section in Turner’s book?


            The people you call jews today are not the people of scripture. Revelation 2:9,3:9, John 8:44, 1 Thes 2:15.


            On youtube Bertrand L .Comparet will discuss “Israel’s fingerprints”, “Adam was not the first man”,” Noahs foold was not worldwide”. There is also”Roots from Abraham to America” with the biblical archeologist E. Raymond Cap. Bertand Comparet was a Supreme Court Justice for the State of California. He argued before the Supreme Court, but hearing him speak is like having your grandfather tell you bible stories.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        A great profesor of Calvinist theology that you may know is R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries. I’ve listened to him for years, and he is what I would call the “Sam Francis” of Christian theology. One of the things he’s talked about that I never forgot was that on the day of Judgement, everyone receives either mercy or justice. God does not give injustice to anyone.

        • Amen to that! And I like R.C. Sproul a lot. His mentor, John Gerstner, was also quite a great thinker. I am Reformed in my soteriology (since the early 80s), though not in my ecclesiology. It’s a long story.

    • Mike

      There’s just no reconciling the Christian message of universalism with racial separatism.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Sure there is. I go to a Russian Orthodox church. The Ethiopians have their own, as do the Serbs, Ukrainians, etc. The only group I see trying to integrate is the Americans of the OCA. Is there ANYTHING the US doesn’t try to screw up?

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I largely agree with you, except to point out the hilarious irony in your comment – condemnation of homosexuality (edit: in the West, I should add) is largely a Christianization in the first place.

      Homosexuality wasn’t universally accepted, but it was certainly more accepted by our pagan ancestors before Christians invaded from the Middle East, redefined marriage (hah!), and declared that unions should only have a procreative purpose.

      But yes, whites should absolutely abandon Christianity – for that reason, and many other (more salient) ones. It’s not ours, and cannot be natural to us.

  • Eric Garner died of a heart attack in the ambulance on his way to the ER. He was not “choked to death.” Quit bearing false witness.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      “Quit bearing false witness.”

      I think Moore and company glossed over that part of the Ten Commandments during their Bible studies.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Notice how there was no mention of Easter in the article, or any emphasis on Christ or salvation. Nothing but a big Guilt-trip over the past with blacks being given a superior position to lecture and keep white Baptists feeling fearful and guilty. i’m glad I got out of this denomination over 12 years ago. When Christian virtue is defined by what you do, not by what Christ did for you, it’s time to get out of that denomination. This kind of anti-white racist talk has no place in the pulpit.

        • “When Christian virtue is defined by what you do, not by what Christ did for you, it’s time to get out of that denomination” – Excellent!

  • baldowl

    Modern Christianity is heavily contributing to the death of Western Civilization.

    • John Smith

      Ásatrú is looking pretty good. Woden and Thor aren’t into diversity.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Neither is statistics, our new god.

        • John Smith

          Stats are easy to quote or ignore as you choose, so it’s like every other religion.

      • Sid Ishus

        You obviously missed Heimdall.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Hopping on the diversity bandwagon is hastening its demise.

      • Chasmania

        There is no ‘hopping’. It is being infiltrated at so called leadership levels and then drug onboard with a gun to its head.

    • Right you are, but the operative word is “Modern.’ In other words, it is modern egalitarianism and multiculturalism masquerading itself as authentic Christianity that is contributing to the death of Western Civilization.

      • baldowl

        So…modern Christianity, like I said originally?

  • superlloyd

    The Baptists have been taken over by the weenies and the black whiners and liars. Both professional destroyers of White Christian institutions in once White Christian America.

    • Chasmania

      Progressives will not allow one facet of life to remain untouched by their agenda, thus they must destroy everything, else their lie is always threatened.


      Most so called christians fail to see the racial nature of the bible. It
      was never given to all races. It is exclusive and not inclusive book.
      Genesis 5:1 (This book is the story of the generations of the sons of
      Adam). It is the story of a covenant or contract from party A to party
      B. It makes no difference that party C found the letter or Testament.
      Adam holds a specific meaning applying to only one people. (Strongs
      #119, ruddy, fair, rosey in complexion, to blush or in times of fear to
      wax pale). It refers to today’s White western man and their western
      migration through history. We have taken that which is holy and given
      it to the dogs. We have cast pearls before the swine, and now they turn
      and rend us. As it was in the days of Noah, we are doing the same things
      our forefather did. We want to sit around a tower (Babylon) and sing
      kumbaya (fatherhood of god, brotherhood of man nonesense). Duet 7:6
      says that you are a Holy people unto your God above ALL the peoples upon
      the face of the earth. No one wants the truth. The God of the bible
      demands segregation and not integration. Read it for yourselves. He
      established the nations and the borders. All else is vanity and truth
      has fallen in the streets. Let His Words be true and ALL men found
      liars. “Thy kingdom come,Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

      • Awakened Saxon

        WARRIORPRIEST: It was never given to all races.

        You sure about that?

        19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

        20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

        Mathew 28:19-20


          Read the book in its context to whom it was given, Math 1, Luke 1, john 1, Mark1.

          • Awakened Saxon

            WARRIORPRIEST: Read the book in its context to whom it was given, Math 1, Luke 1, john 1, Mark1.

            All right, checking Mathew 1, I see a list of Jesus’s ancestors. So what? That chapters say nothing of whom the book is given to. It speaks of whom the story is about. Clearly, the story is about those people, yet it is for all people as quoted above.

          • Stephen Dalton

            AS, congrats for trying to set WP straight. Sadly, he won’t listen to you. Most people who buy into British Israel/Christian identity never read anything beside their own literature. They never read any actual history, nor do they read anything about genetics. If they did read this information with an open mind, they would soon realize the Northern European people have no ancient cultural connections or shared DNA with the ancient Israelites.


          Yes sir. He changes not. Would you share your wife? How about would a wife share her husband? Why do we wish then to turn our God into an adulterer? It is exclusive to whom it was written. 😉

          • Awakened Saxon

            WARRIORPRIEST: It is exclusive to whom it was written.

            If your untraditional and unsupported interpretation is correct, then it still means nothing to me since I am Germanic, not Jewish. However, it’s essentially undisputed by Christians that the new covenant is with believers, i.e., that the religion is for all who accept it, not just for the Jews (in contrast to the Old Testament being a tribal religion). Can you cite a single line in the New Testament that the religion is exclusive?

          • Awakened Saxon

            For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

            John 3:16


            Where do you think the name Saxon comes from, (Isaac’s sons?) How about the German “Jutes”, sound familiar? Our people migrated west.

          • Awakened Saxon

            I can’t help but notice that you have no answer to the subject of the Bible describing a non-tribal religion that is for all believers. Now, you prefer to embarrass yourself by showing your ignorance about etymology.

            WARRIORIEST: Where do you think the name Saxon comes from, (Isaac’s sons?)

            Here is the etymology of Saxon:

            From Middle English *Saxon, Saxoun, from Old French *Saxoun, Saxon (“Saxon”), from Late Latin Saxonem, accusative of Saxo (“a Saxon”), from Proto-Germanic *Sahsô, probably originally a derivative of Proto-Germanic *sahsą (“rock, knife”), from Proto-Indo-European *sÁk-, *sek- (“to cut”). Cognate with Middle Low German Sasse (“someone speaking Saxon, i.e. (Middle) Low German”), Old English Seaxa (“a Saxon”), Old High German Sahso (“a Saxon”), Icelandic Saxi (“a Saxon”), Old English seax (“a knife, hip-knife, an instrument for cutting, a short sword, dirk, dagger”). More at sax.


            Here is the etymology of Isaac:

            From Hebrew יִצְחָק (Yitzchak or Yitzhak), meaning “[he] will laugh” (since his mother Sarah laughed when told she was pregnant at her old age).


            The Hebrew word for ‘son’ is ‘ben’. How does ‘ben’ incorporate itself into ‘Saxon’?

            WARRIORPRIEST: Our people migrated west.

            There is zero anthropological evidence that Jews migrated into Germania and founded the various Germanic tribes.

            You have failed to explain:

            – Why the ancient Germanics have no cultural or religious similarity to the ancient Jews

            – How it is that Germania was already populated and Germanic customs already established at the time of the Bible’s stories.

            – How the ancient Jews fathered both the Germanics and the Celts, who are two genetically distinct people.

            – Why it is that the Bible makes no mention of Germanics, Germania, or a vast Jewish migration into Europe.

            – Why all the ancient historians are completely silent on this issue.


            Go look at “Roots from Abraham to America” with biblical archeologist E.Raymond Cap and Bertand L . Comparet ” Israels Fingerprints”. Both are on youtube.

  • how about this

    Why are words like “ugly” and “vile” in the MSM reserved only for “racist” views? In politics, there are always people advocating for plenty of appalling things which cause horrible suffering, like torture, wars of aggression, or Marxism, but we never see these adjectives applied there. I think it is a sign of desperation.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I think it’s because they are desperate to “atone” for their past “discretions” in the hope they garner world favor. It will never happen. Baptists miss the whole point. The point of Christianity is not “integration”, and endless guilt-trips. Iit is to deliver hope to a dying world. Death is just…there. But the solution is life… Jesus is Life. Organized religion and the Baptists are not the answer. What a waste of an opportunity for the Baptists to get something right on Easter weekend.

      • Alden

        The Baptists need poor blacks to keep the govt grants coming in

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Maybe, but since I’m not a Baptist or black, I wouldn’t know. I guess it’s kind of like Catholic Charities and the open borders agenda. But then again, I’m not Catholic. Denominationalism is interesting and educational, but not biblical as far as I can tell.

          Happy Easter to you!

      • Weisheit77

        “The point of Christianity is not “integration”, and endless guilt-trips. ”

        It is if you believe in the heresy known as liberation theology.

  • Awakened Saxon

    The SBC has been wrestling with its ugly racial past for at least 20 years.

    It is strangely ironic that the Baptists are singled out for this. They were a minor denomination in the South before 1865 and they were latecomers in accepting racialism and other Southern ways. Anglicanism was far more influential to the Southern leadership class and the Confederacy.

    • kikz2

      it’s one of the last bastions of the White South…

    • Alden

      Most northerners and westerners think of the Baptists as a black religion like the AME churches
      Sorry if I offend anyone

      • Samuel Hathaway

        If i’m not mistaken the Baptist denomination was started by Roger Williams in Rhode Island in the early 1600s. He was the original thinker about the “separation of church and state.” Definintely not black or like the AME, as you seem to suppose that most northerners and westerners believe. A good history lesson in the elementary schools could easily cure these assumptions.

  • IstvanIN

    The Southern Baptists self-flagellation is very disturbing.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      That is painfully obvious.They seem especially committed to engaging in ethnomasochism.

  • John Smith

    Baptist theology never appealed to me much, but one of their best points was just how unreconstructed they were about race in the past.

  • Tarczan

    Al Jazeera ia a very slick, well funded news outlet. They never fail to sandwich a well done news story about some event with a story that spouts the party line. Global warming is big along with antifracking,opposition to the Keystone pipeline, and anything that depicts the US as a bigoted, racist country. They are on our local cable system and I watch a little to see what they are up to. They hired a bunch of experienced, high profile news people that never fail to advance their cause (Muslim oil state).

    It is all very professionally done, as one would expect from the amount of money they obviously put into it.

    • Weisheit77

      Well the idea of an unbiased news source is laughable. At least in the old days papers openly followed party lines. But, at least, you understand from where they come.

    • Hilis Hatki

      They took over Al Gore’s “Current TV” for their Al Jazeera America.

  • Petronius

    This Al Jazeera article is a bit misleading in that the Southern Baptist Convention was not established “because of a disagreement about slavery,” but rather because of the rising tide of sectionalism, in particular the abolition movement and anti-Southern rhetoric in the North, and especially as part of an antagonistic Northern religious movement.

    Thus the Southerners were forced to leave when the American Baptists were taken over by abolitionists. The Southern Baptists withdrew from the general Mission Board when it refused any longer to accept slave owners as missionaries.

    The Methodists split a year earlier (1844) when the Methodist General Conference expelled Bishop James O. Andrew of Georgia, who had been elected twelve years before, when he married a woman who was a slave owner. The Presbyterians split a few years earlier for similar reasons.

    • Alden

      Thanks for the information

    • Weisheit77

      Yes, thank you for that.

  • 4321realist

    I have no information in support, but I’d almost bet there are several anti-Christian agents who have weaseled their way into key positions.

    Why? Because I find it hard to believe that these Baptists are so dim-witted as to highlight what amounts to anti-white hatred and blatant lies on their own.

    And to sit there and listen to non-white fools who are so silly they don’t understand that it isn’t white privilege that is their problem, but black lack of abilities, and, by their silence, give the charge credibility, is just short of amazing.

    And anybody who would entertain an idea like that is just as dumb as they are.There’s something very wrong here.

    It’s also amazing to observe such spinelessness .

    • “I have no information in support, but I’d almost bet there are several anti-Christian agents who have weaseled their way into key positions” – You have hit the nail on the head. The SBC has been deeply infected by liberals, and it began to take shape over 40 years ago when Harold Lindsell wrote his book, ‘The Battle for the Bible’ warning Christians of this very thing. This has been going on for quite some time.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        What is your opinion of the NIV version? Personally, I don’t care for it. I’ve decided to stick with the KJV. Look up I John 5:7 in the KJV and then look it up in the NIV. It seems to me the NIV deleted that verse.

        • I settled that issue for myself in the early 1980s. Rather than get myself embroiled in more controversy, I will recommend two books that represent my position: D.A. Carson, ‘The King James Debate: A Plea for Realism,” and James R. White, ‘The King James Only Controversy.’

          Personally, I like the NIV, but it does have some problems. I prefer the NASB and the ESV because they more faithfully represent the originals. The KJV is good in its majestic wording and beauty, but I don’t think it’s the most accurate and faithful translation.

          Those two books I referenced above will answer any and all questions on the subject, and they engage the specific arguments of ‘KJV Only’ and the ‘Textus-Receptus is the best’ crowd.

        • HE2

          I thought I would never live to see the day Southern Baptists jumped the shark, but alas, they have.
          IME, too many Christian conservative fringe groups, struggling to maintain the mission, are unacceptably cult like and rigid, adopting a “my way or the highway” dogma.
          Speaking of Bibles, mine is an ancient KJV handed down from generation to generation.
          As its owner, I am tasked with recording family deaths, births, marriages, christenings, baptisms in the space old Bibles provided for such events.
          I still read the scriptures, especially Psalms.

        • Chasmania

          Trying to remember the name of the book I read several years ago, but it won’t come to mind. Basically the premise – with supporting evidence – was that these non KJV translations were done by Communists and Atheists who had an agenda to infiltrate the Christian faith.
          1 Cor 1:18

          • Alden

            Read up about the Schofield bible and the work of late 19th and early 20th century mainly German “scholars” who set out to prove Jesus didn’t exist and that Christianity is a falsehood created by the Romans around 400AD

        • Augustus3709

          You intrigued me with that example and I looked into it.

          If you look up the interlinear in Greek, it reflects the KJV in that case. There is no good reason why that verse should be cut short. My only thought is it says “Word” (logos) instead of “Son” as part of the Trinity, and that might be a point of contention.

      • Robert Smith

        There is no doubt.

  • MekongDelta69

    Later for the outside world this weekend…

    Happy Easter to all AmRen posters and readers.

  • Brady

    I’m sure that sensible minds in the SBC can speak up against this nonsense. The congregational polity should make it fairly easy. Looking at the mainline denominations should make clear what happens when it goes unchallenged.

    If heard about anything like this happening in the PCA, you can bet I would make my thoughts known about it.

  • LackawannaErie

    Why doesn’t someone start an openly pro-white protestant church? Many fundamentalist churches were openly pro-white into the 1970’s. It was during the Reagan era that they sold out. It’s no coincidence that the rise of Christian Zionism has come at the same time as the decline in racial loyalty among fundamentalists and evangelicals. Christian Zionism is a form of vicarious ethnocentrism for culturally conservative white Americans.

    • Alden

      The Christian Zionist preachers are paid well and get free vacations and non stop flattery

      You take the King’s shilling you do the King’s bidding

    • Alexandra1973

      There’s more than one kind of Zionism for the record.

    • Robert Smith

      We see what happens when AmRen tries to hold a conference in a public venue. Also, when a pizza parlor says it won’t cater a gay wedding. Can you imagine the wrath that would be brought down on an openly white church?

      • Alden

        Who has pizza at a wedding?
        Tacky tacky tacky I can see it now, kegs of the cheapest beer, paper napkins those plastic cups, and guests in T shirts, shirts and flip flops

        • It’s a millennial trend.

          • John Smith

            Bride and groom wear matching bowling shirts?

        • Samuel Hathaway

          This kind of wedding sounds quite normal if you are talking about a wedding for Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley. You should listen to the lyrics of their songs.

      • LackawannaErie

        The fact that for several years, Amren could not find a single capitalist business in America that would host them and then had to retreat to government owned property is a supreme irony.

    • meanqueen

      If you don’t like Jews, shouldn’t you be an ardent Zionist? Support Israel and repatriation of all Jews to Israel? Then they will be out of your realm. The anti-semites just don’ make no sense at all!

      • John Smith

        There, they still cause trouble with their neighbors, which gets back to us here. We ought to just give them whatever part of Manhattan they don’t already own and turn it into Western Israel officially.

        • meanqueen

          Their neighbors are not nice people, or have you not been paying attention to world events for the past . . . oh, 1400 years?

          • John Smith

            Don’t move into a bad neighborhood and complain about it.

      • Awakened Saxon

        Since when is Zionism about repatriating all Jews to Israel? Fewer than half of Jews live in Israel even 67 years after the establishment of Israel. Zionism gives the Jews a racial state of their own while the majority of their population remains a minority among other people.

        Then there is the issue of European and American support for Israel, which is a central part of Zionism: the Jewish state is propped up by the wealth of others.

      • LackawannaErie

        The problem is that Christian Zionists psychologically identify with Jews instead of their own tribe. A man cannot serve two masters.

  • Who Me?

    A very happy Easter to those of you here who are followers of Jesus Christ. A very joyous Ostara to those of you who follow an older path. And a very lovely early spring day to those of you who follow no particular path! In other words, I wish everyone here at AmRen a lovely day, with joy and peace.

  • E. Newton

    I haven’t paid much attention to Christian churches since my childhood. I understand they are now essentially devoted to the worship of Che Guevara and negroes (an odd mixture if you’ve done the reading). That’s fine, but I’m not interested. And it sure is pathetic. Happy Easter though.

    • Alden

      The liberal Protestants have moved on to worship of gays
      Who knows what their next false God will be, probably Mother Gaia earth worship

      • Who Me?

        Beats the worship of live Africans and kissing their black behinds every day, giving them everything they whine for and letting them kill us off one by one…

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Yes, the gays have become another fashionable cause. Perhaps it will fade away as all trendy causes do. But those liberal Protestants who promote radical cultural agendas are dying off. A church full of gays who don’t reproduce cannot pass on its traditions to the future.

      • John Smith

        Worshiping the planet would at least pay dividends in improved care for our environment. Not so queers and minorities.

        • Alden

          Liberal worship of the so called delta smelt has locked up hundreds of billions of gallons of water in the reservoirs of California
          Those reservoirs were built
          to provide water to farms and ranchers in times of drought
          But it can’t be used to keep the farms from dying
          But must be saved for some trash fish that is no different from any other smelt
          I do agree that anything is better than worship of blacks

  • De Doc

    Sackcloth & ashes. Self flagellation. Confessing to the Heavens of their guilt for the past sins of their fathers in abject abasement. And will it earn any meaningful dialogue or progress from Black America?

    • Alden

      Individual Catholics make a private confession about the actual sins they committed

      SBs make mass public confessions blaming themselves for what other people’s ancestors did 175 years ago.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Promise Keepers, the same self-loathing, anti-white crusaders, who it seems, aren’t heard from hardly anymore. The “foot washing” ceremony where white men washed the black mens feet was beyond revoltingly humiliating.

      • Augustus3709

        I’ve never seen that myself, but the feet-washing ceremony could be construed as “racist” since you are supposed to humble yourself before your inferiors.

  • ekwaykway

    I have supported apartheid. De Klerk was a coward. I refuse to rewrite history to create Mandela a hero. Apartheid is the only answer. Stop using letters to refute the truth. One Country, One Leader, One people. I’m tired of the acronyms.

    • Roninf9

      Apartheid is the only answer.

      Apartheid will always fail in the long run. Separation is the only answer.

  • Mahtoofislooth

    Is there any Protestant denomination that hasn’t completely turned against Christ left? Protestantism is quickly turning into Reform Judaism, or in other words, simply liberalism with the religious veil.

    • Augustus3709

      Yes, but the problem is they are losing attendance. Congregations look like retirement homes.

      Low IQ brown people is where the money is, so why not stage another mission to Brazil or Ethiopia? Attendance is booming!

      There needs to be a change, and soon.

  • Spikeygrrl

    AmRen now shilling for AL Jazeera? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    • LackawannaErie

      Neocons now trolling Amren.

  • Lexonaut

    I wish everyone who cares about Easter a happy Easter. That said, I came to believe as a little kid that, with so many competing religions, a) they can’t all be right, and b) chances are that none of them is right. (I’ve seen nothing in the 65 years since then to change my position.)

    Accordingly I invented my own private religion which is, fundamentally, the Laws of Physics. My wife, raised a Quaker, has her own religion, too, which she will not discuss with me. My reaction to the Baptist nonsense is, If you don’t like that religion, shop around. The lesson of Quaker philosophy is that you don’t need an organized religion to get right with The Maker, if there is one.

    • John Smith

      Organized religion is a big hoax IMO. I can’t tell you if there’s a God or if he’s the Abrahamic God of Christians and Jews, but I can tell you far too many profit from interceding between him and the believer.

  • Chasmania

    These SBC ‘leaders’ can say all they want, but I know that when you walk into the SB Church in my town, you will see a congregation so white you would think there WERE no non-whites living near by. There are, of course, but they don’t congregate with this congregation.

  • yarpos .

    “a government that can choke a man to death on video for selling cigarettes is not a government living up to a biblical definition of justice or any recognizable definition of justice.” jeez they make up twisted views of the world dont they?

    • John Smith

      Actually, they’re right, but for all the wrong reasons.

      • Pa Guy in NJ

        I have to agree with you. Many times they are right but for the wrong reasons.

  • Earl P. Holt III


    Everyone who feels any guilt stemming from their “White Privilege” is hereby authorized to accept into their homes, as many nigros as they can muster.

    Whites already feed, clothe, educate and incarcerate them: Now you may personally house them as well, and not merely rely on the Yankee Government to do so…

    • John Smith

      I remember some liberal church did just this, letting a minority family live in a church-owned house that they proceeded to destroy and racked up thousands of dollars worth of 900 number calls to porn and psychic hotlines. Preacher probably should’ve given them his daughter too, just to turn the other cheek.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        If you ever find that anecdote, please let me know: I file stuff like that…

        • John Smith

          It’s been at least fifteen years back.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Start another collection of these kind of incidents. They are rather eye-opening about the refusal to count the costs and risks of taking in those totally unprepared to live in civilized society.

          • Alden

            There was a lot if that after Katrina. Protestant churches all over the country were importing blacks to every state

  • TCA

    God bless them, they mean well, trying to do the right thing as they (incorrectly) understand it, and at great sacrifice to themselves and to the White race. Christians who cannot reconcile the truths of the Faith with the truths of empirical life experience are building houses not on the Rock of Jesus Christ, but on the shifting sands of make-believe. Everyone suffers for it, since in the end, reality always wins.

    • Pa Guy in NJ

      You are right everyone does suffer. If they kill us off, as they want to, they will quickly slip back into squalor.

  • Alden

    That last paragraph talking about confession, reconciliation and serious sin sounds like the blacks are taking over and want to have Maoist style self criticism sessions where blacks browbeat Whites
    There are plenty of Protestant churches find another one and let this denomination sunk into the standard black church of never ending sexual and financial scandals

  • groidle


  • Poupon Marx

    The Left-Gramscian Marxists-have infiltrated another religion and are in the process of dismantling it, dissolving it, draining its blood. The stupidity of the speakers is wind breaking. Slavery? So what? Slavery was universal only a couple of centuries ago, and is overtly accepted and practiced in the Islamic World. Who HAS NOT BEEN enslaved? Slavs, Greeks, Poles, Irish, American endured servants, South American Indians, conquered people the world over. Chinese were prolific enslavers and slavees.

    So, kiss my heiney. Blacks are being manipulated to conquer and subject US Whites into slavery and subservience. As is this Feral Gummint.

    There is nothing wrong, evil, bigoted about wanting to live and worship in segregated communities. Blacks want it and say so many times.

    • Alden

      Now I know why the southern Baptists are so black orientated . They want to absorb the black baptists and get even more federal grants for taking care of blacks who can’t take care of themselves

      • Samuel Hathaway

        It would a worthwhile research project to correlate how much federal $$$ is granted to Baptists who provide for the blacks they take in. I always thought it was private charties that did this, not denominations who rivaled each other for federal funding grants, which would see to me, illegal and a violation of the first amendment.

  • The Southern Baptist Church has no right using the term Southern. It’s more like the Liberal Baptist Church. Don’t waste your life in a Southern Baptist Church. God and his Son Jesus Christ are all you need. You don’t need these clowns. I’ve been a Christian Southern Nationalist for 15 years and I don’t apologize. The South Was Right! Deo Vindice !

  • meanqueen

    There were only 500 people in attendance at this conference? Do you know how numerous the Southern Baptists are? That seems like poor attendance to me. Could be that the new leader’s outlook is not shared by the majority of the congregants.

  • Magician

    Happy Easter to every AmRen member in this world! from MA

  • Lord Sandwich

    Nobody criticizes black churches for being black churches. Only white churches are expected to insist on forced diversity. Black churches are more about blackness than white churches are about being white. Maybe I’ll start my own white liberation theology church.

    • Pa Guy in NJ

      We are too busy building the world to worry about being victims-even though we are the true victims. All they have is “blackness” an endless whining.

  • LackawannaErie

    American Southern culture is related to Southwestern English culture. The early settlers to the South were largely Saxons from places like Somerset and Devonshire. Supposedly, the original accent from that region died out in England but stayed alive in the South.

  • Susannah

    I don’t know why any American would bother in this day and age to distinguish so vigorously between the different British groups. Most White Americans are not even of predominantly British ancestry, and for those who are (such as myself), they are generally a mix of British groups. For someone who is American and whose family has been present in America for any length of time, it is extremely unlikely that they are fully English, Scottish, etc. People often become emotionally attached to a certain facet of their ancestry, and dwell on it to the exclusion of others that may be equally or more important to their heritage.

    • Alden

      I agree. Maybe it is because there is not much if an American identity
      It’s reasonable if your grand parents came from Italy after WW2 and kept contact with relatives
      But for us old British Americans it is ridiculous

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    White Privlege – achieved through hard work, commitment, sobriety, chastity, education, and sweat. Laziness – achieved through government handouts, Obama-phones, food stamps, etc.

    • 4321realist

      Blacks don’t understand (But what DO they understand?) that the “white privilege” they wail about is an admission by them that whites achieve for no reason other than having a higher intelligence than blacks.

      Making the charge, also, is just more excuse-making by blacks to try to cover up the fact that they can’t compete with whites intellectually.

      And what they ALSO can’t understand is that if they believe white people are privileged, because they out-perform blacks, then they’ve got to say the same thing about Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners and Indians, because they ALL out-perform blacks.

      • superlloyd

        In fact, every race or ethnic group in the world minus the even dumber Aborigines has a privilege of not being black.

      • MBlanc46

        Higher intelligence and, very likely, considerably more diligent.

  • Evette Coutier

    I make no apology for being white, for the history of racism, or the current state of Blacks failing at living in civil society. White guilt is for losers.

    • 4321realist

      “White guilt is for losers.”

      I agree.

      People who buy into the slavery/racism issues, along with poverty, as being responsible for black inability to achieve are responding EXACTLY the way the radical left and blacks want them to. They assume a defensive position, instead of dismissing the charges as rubbish and excuse-making to save face.

      What they should be doing is responding to black/white weenie accusations with those of their own. For example, IMHO it should be pointed out that blacks are the most violence-prone, unintelligent, incompetent people on the planet. And they fail because of who they are and for no other reason. Their incompetence is due to nobody but themselves.

      And proof of that is the fact that black incompetence and crime and violence exist everywhere in the world where there’s a black population, including Africa, not just this country. And in Africa they never got beyond a hunter/gatherer stage of existence for thousands of years, and to expect them to become magically smart, innovative, competent and capable by just changing locations and wearing clothes instead of loin cloths, is a concept that only a mentally disturbed, radical leftist could believe.


  • Samuel Hathaway

    What is Pascha? Spanish for Easter is “Pascua” so I thought it might be French or Italian or maybe Portuguese? Happy Easter to you, Mr. McCoy.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Sam, it’s an attempt to spell Паска with an “sch” not exactly right.

    • Quido

      In Italian it is Pasqua

  • Weisheit77

    It’s Easter… I’m a registered Baptist from the church in Richmond. They used to send me brochures or whatever you call those pamphlets. I was brought up in the church.
    My parents switched to reformed Presbyterianism, they, at least, have some logic to back them up. I have to say it’s a leg up from Southern Baptist (it’s how I’m a member of the Southern Baptist Church).
    All I can say is that I participate in another belief system. Last year I was in Wagner’s opera house and this Friday I’ll be listening to the soundtrack of “The Vikings” in the Netherlands.
    I don’t need Christ.

    • Augustus3709

      In Bayreuth?

  • John Smith

    Gentrification is often suicidal for whites. A local P&G exec was beaten to death around ten years back by a local in an area she moved to because of the “diversity.” I don’t believe she was raped however. Apparently she helped the guy out and he repaid her by robbing and killing her.

  • HE2

    I am not Pagan, but do believe that Christian holidays are a synthesis of traditional Judaism, various ancient mystery Greco-Roman “religions,” and sacred rituals, observances, celebrations that antedate Christianity by several centuries.
    So what? Religions are structurally the same, belief in the “substance of things hoped for, but not seen.” If it makes one feel better, go for it.

  • paul marchand

    Three separate studies on interracial rape show that B>W annual rapes reported average about 20,000 per year.
    Whereas W>B rapes average “between zero and 10”, because none of the studies can find any.
    Conclusion A: whites and blacks are different.
    Conclusion B: the Southern Baptists of OLD were right. And have nothing to be ashamed of in this particular instance. THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE (whomever that is) knows that whites and blacks are different, IMO.

  • Alden

    Russell Moore has been on Fox all weekend That shows where Fox stands
    on the subject of integrated churches
    I could probably put up with the adults but what about our children?
    Churches have so many activities for children and teens Our children are already exposed to black bullying, noise
    Disgusting sexuality starting as toddlers filthy language and the rest of black behavior in school. Who wants it at church activities?

  • WR_the_realist

    Slavery was wrong. I hope everyone here can agree with that. But, jeesh, it was ended 150 years ago. Enough with the self flagellation. And there is no reason that southern pride, represented by the Confederate flag (based upon St. Andrew’s cross), can’t be compatible with Christianity. Certainly Robert E. Lee, a deeply Christian man who freed his slaves well before the Civil War began, saw no incompatibility.

    • MBlanc46

      I think that you’re wrong about freeing the slaves. Lee owned few slaves himself. When his father-in-law, George Washington Parke Custis, died in the late 1850s, Lee was the executor of his estate. The will stipulated that the slaves be freed within five years. Lee took the entire five years before freeing them.

  • Alden

    Like a lot if So called Christians you are unfamiliar with the New Testament the CHRISTIAN part of the bible
    The Old Testament is an ethnic book for Jews only
    The New Testament covers the life if Jesus and what his followers did after Pentecost “go forth and preach to all nations”
    Black African Ethiopia. was one of the first Christian nations St Thomas one of the apostles went all the the way to India and the Catholic community he founded is still going strong
    Find the chapter wher Jesus went up to heaven and keep going. It’s just spreading the word “to all nations”

  • Pa Guy in NJ

    That’s one of the “funny” aspects of this non-sense, most of us have no desire to kill them-at least without justification. They and TPTB are pushing hard for us to start defending ourselves, so they can show the world how we are murderous devils and we need to be put down (by the UN or whoever) but yet they kill and harm us daily all around the world and somehow we are always the bad guys. The only cure is separation and then stopping all of the freebies we give the “developing” world; we will still be the bad guys but at least their will stop outbreeding us at our expense.

  • listenupbub

    Al jizzinmypants writes another retarded article. Who even cares?

  • MBlanc46

    Nothing at all wrong with gentrification.

  • Poupon Marx

    I’m Greek Orthodox and none of this Cultural Marxism ever comes up at all. It’s the original Christian Church. It never changes or bends to contemporary fads and secular bromides.

  • it is terrible how people have to apologize for saying the truth.


    Richard Land’s recent comments regarding the killing of
    Trayvon Martin have given the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) a PR
    headache months before likely electing its first African American
    president. Now the denomination’s Ethics and Religious Liberty
    Commission (ERLC) has formed an ad hoc committee to investigate
    accusations that Land plagiarized his controversial comments.

    Land, the president of the ERLC, accused black political leaders, including President Obama, of trying to “gin up the black vote” on his radio show on March 31.

    “Instead of letting the legal process take its
    independent course, race mongers are anointing themselves judge, jury,
    and executioners,” Land said. “The rule of law is being assaulted by racial demagogues, and it’s disgusting, and it should stop.”

    Land also stated a black man is “statistically more likely to do you harm than a white man.”

    The comments raised concerns that the SBC’s efforts to improve its diversity would suffer setbacks. Maxie Miller, a church-planting expert in the Florida Baptist Convention, told The Tennessean he was “incredulous” after hearing about the comments.

    “I think the [SBC] is doing a great job with diversity …
    but Land’s comments definitely will make my work harder—encouraging
    African Americans to be a part of Southern Baptist Convention life,” he
    told The Tennessean.

    Land stood by his comments for more than two weeks before issuing an open letter to SBC president Bryant Wright apologizing for his comments on April 16.

    “I am writing to express my deep regret for any hurt or
    misunderstanding my comments about the Trayvon Martin case have
    generated,” Land wrote. “It grieves me to hear that any comments of mine
    have to any degree set back the cause of racial reconciliation in
    Southern Baptist or American life. I have been committed to the cause of
    racial reconciliation my entire ministry.”

    christianitytoday com/gleanings/2012/april/richard-lands-comments-on-trayvon-martin-investigated-by.html?paging=off

  • Clyde Weathers

    Ruh Roh. The ‘amish’ are now running the SBC. Just go ahead and take down the crosses off of the roofs and replace with the star of david. Thinking synagogues require their participants to ‘buy’ their seats…..

  • LiberalismFailed

    In my experience when some blacks come to white churches it’s to sniff around to see what free gibmedats are available to supplement their public assistance.

  • jaye ellis

    The term for this anti White, America/the West is GUILTY of passed/present sins of RACISM with MLK Jr. , Nelson Mandela as Gods/Saints and dressed up in a “Christian” package:

    The term for this anti White, cultural marxism dressed up under Christianity is:

    “Liberation theology” with the associated Black African American hate Whitey related cult of:

    “Black Liberation Theology”.

    This nasty cult started in Central America where the Communist revolutionaries/terrorists (The Sandinistas) realized that many/most poor peasants were nominally Christian and didn’t go for the Marxist, Communist anti Christian, atheist program (same thing happened with peasants in Russia and Ukraine). So the Marxist/Communist leaders decided that they needed some “Christian” cover for their program:

    The gospel of Christ with the social revolutionary programs of Marx/Lenin.

    The same thing happened with Obama, Jeremiah Wright. Most regular Blacks in the USA don’t go for open atheism, or even hate Whitey versions of Islam – so Blacks like Jeremiah Wright just made a nominally “Christian” version of their hate White People, radical, terrorist marxist program.

    It’s just advertising/packaging as if Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are really Christian “Reverends”.

    Sadly, it works – the anti White MSM media presents these types as the only types of “Christians” that deserve to be on TV.

  • LackawannaErie

    The Old Testament is about race, period. It’s all about one tribe fighting with the surrounding tribes and trying to keep their blood pure and their culture free of foreign ideas. There is really nothing else to it than that.

  • David Ashton

    I am English, British, European and White. Could we all have a little less squabbling over our past, and a lot more co-operation towards our future?