All Diversity, All the Time, Everybody, Right Now

Harry Painter, Pope Center, April 27, 2015

It often seems as though the central mission of higher education today is promoting diversity. Diversity–which usually means racial, religious, and sexual diversity–is commonly accepted by most administrators as crucial to the success of the 21st-century university. More and more universities are adopting diversity requirements and training, and creating entire departments to achieve diversity and inclusivity on campus.


That agenda already permeates much of what the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill does and says. And a recent UNC-Chapel Hill event illustrates the extreme ends that diversity advocates are aiming for.


As much as it is already doing, UNC is aggressively pursuing still more diversity initiatives. On April 14, the 50-member Provost Committee on Inclusive Excellence and Diversity (PCIED), made up of staff members, faculty, and students, hosted a presentation titled “Exploring the Institutional Diversity Framework at Carolina.”

In her keynote address, higher education diversity expert Daryl G. Smith recommended a path forward for UNC, drawing from her 2009 book Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education: Making it Work. It was an enlightening–and disturbing–look at what diversity proponents have planned.

Smith opened her speech by imploring the audience to continue conversations stemming from recent national and local events–implying controversies such as the Ferguson shooting and the University of Virginia student beating.

“The more inequities you have, the less stable your society,” she said, emphasizing why she considers diversity to be foundational in politics, the arts, leadership, and “virtually all issues.”

Centering on higher education, Smith called on universities to erase disparities in graduation rates among different genders, races, and classes. She said that diversity must be “part of the core indicators of success” of a university, as opposed to a parallel effort. “We don’t have time for parallel,” she said.


The most radical idea Smith espoused in her address was that faculty and staff members should be hired and fired on the basis of their understanding of diversity.

Smith first proposed the idea in the preface to her book, where she compared improvements in technology to the quest for diversity. “Several decades ago, as technological shifts began, campuses all across the country understood that their viability as institutions would rest on building capacity for technology,” she wrote. “Technology was understood to be central, not marginal, to teaching and research.”

She continued, “We are now at a time when we must understand that diversity, like technology, is central to higher education. Will institutions be credible or viable if diversity is not fundamental? I believe not.”

Along those lines, Smith told her Chapel Hill audience that technology and pluralism are the “two things fundamentally changing the way we live,” and that both must be “embedded in what we do.”

She told the audience that, like technological proficiency, competence in issues of diversity “has to be a condition of employment.” She did not explain what she meant, but considering her expertise and her Ph.D. in “social psychology and higher education,” her ideal threshold might require professors to have some minimal training in her field.


In order to bolster her point about competence in diversity, she repeated the age-old, very false urban legend that the Chevy Nova sold poorly in Spanish-speaking countries because Chevrolet’s marketing team didn’t realize “no va” means “doesn’t go” in Spanish. To the contrary, the Nova sold well in Mexico and Venezuela, Chevrolet’s primary Spanish-speaking markets.

Despite such inaccuracies and the radical tone of her talk, Smith appeared to be preaching to the choir. This included UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor Carol L. Folt; in her closing speech, she insisted that the case for focusing on diversity has been proven repeatedly. The veracity of that claim is certainly still open for discussion; see, for example, the recent debunking of University of Michigan professor Scott Page’s study aiming to prove the benefits of diversity.

UNC’s Provost Committee on Inclusive Excellence and Diversity demonstrated that it is already implementing Smith’s goals of institutionalizing diversity throughout the campus community. After Smith’s keynote, PCIED speakers touted their plan to achieve inclusive excellence (the plan was heavily influenced by Smith’s book). Some choice suggestions from the plan:

  • Ensure every department or “unit” has a diversity page on its website
  • Ensure each unit has a “diversity liaison”
  • Spread the message of inclusive excellence to the community through email and social media
  • Encourage Chancellor Folt to regularly discuss diversity with her cabinet and the board of trustees
  • Additional personnel to collect data on and assess diversity
  • “Require enhanced diversity learning experiences and requirements” through course work, experiential learning, and reflection, and expand requirements to graduate and professional schools
  • Train faculty and graduate teaching assistants to discuss diversity in class


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  • Ronald

    “The most radical idea Smith espoused in her address was that faculty and
    staff members should be hired and fired on the basis of their
    understanding of diversity.”

    Does Smith mean that positions should be staffed with American Renaissance readers?

    • listenupbub

      Something tells me “no.” But we do understand diversity much better than many of the liberal 1%-ers at the universities, who have been shielded from blacks all their lives.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        You mean Toni Morrison doesn’t count?! 😉

        • Rob

          Toni Morrison, the 84 year old negress with grey haired dreadlocks. YUUUCCCKKKKK!!!

    • Jason Lewis

      AR readers to understand diversity and it’s results very well.

    • how about this

      I am imagining “are you now, or have you ever been, a supporter of American Renaissance or a fan of RamZPaul?”

    • ebonystone

      Somehow, I thin she means that faculty and staff should be hired and fired on the basis of their [fashionably correct] understanding of diversity. I.e. on how well they accept the party line on diversity.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    How curious I feel to be the Satan in someone else’s religion.

    One day, many years from now, my grandchild will read the following out loud to me:

    “We are now at a time when we must understand that diversity, like technology, is central to higher education. Will institutions be credible or viable if diversity is not fundamental? I believe not.”

    …and then he will say, “April 2015. Grandpa, why was everybody so unbelievably stupid back in your day?”

    Then I’ll hit the vape and mutter, “I can’t remember…”

    • listenupbub

      Gosh, that was such a dumb quote. I started laughing when I read that. Then I got terrified about the implications of this stuff.

  • listenupbub

    Ensure each unit has a “diversity liaison”…Additional personnel to collect data on and assess diversity

    Great. More fake jobs for black people. They will sit on their butts all day, every day, in the beautiful university, pretending to be great, and demanding that the university (a.k.a. students’ tuition) pays them 100+ thousand dollars a year.

    “Require enhanced diversity learning experiences and requirements”
    through course work, experiential learning, and reflection, and expand
    requirements to graduate and professional schools

    Great! MORE fake gen-ed classes! I spent two years on fake classes. TWO YEARS! I did learn stuff in many of my geneds, but I could have gotten another STEM major.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      My uni actually has a [pro-] “Globalization” course which is a universal first-year requirement.

  • We’re really not a more secular society than we used to be.

    We just have a new religion. Diversity has merely replaced Christ.

    In some instances, e.g. the United Church of Christ, they’re combined.

    • listenupbub

      Yes, this is their new solution to the problems of humanity. A couple hundred years ago, it was thought that puritanism could vanquish sin and bring joy. Now they think that “equality,” open borders, and the destruction of everything that makes a human people group unique will lead to peace and happiness.

      • how about this

        At least Puritanism (and religion in general) gave people structure, in-group trust and a long-term sense of belonging. The only benefit of diversity I can see is giving the perpetrators a sense of superiority. They’re not even really a cohesive group; if they change the rules next week for what you’re supposed to believe about diversity and you break them, even accidentally, you’re out.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Where Christ came to save the fallen man…we now worship the most fallen of men.

  • JackKrak

    Once again, as in so many other things, the animating principle is “Yes, but do we have enough black people???”

    • journey

      “do we have enough black people” to dumb down the system so as to collapse it.

      • John Smith

        Cloward-Piven for higher ed.

  • FloridaGal2005

    Any white parent who allows their child/children to go to these indoctrination centers is totally responsible for the end of their child being normal and a free thinker. Marxism lives and breathes through our educational system, albeit that it is just one path used, to control our society and its citizens. Give them your child and they’ll give you the adult… all screwed up! If you don’t realize it’s war, then you’re not paying attention. If you want to win, don’t underestimate your opposition. They go after the women and children first.

  • anony

    Reading this brings home the firm conviction that our future, if we do nothing, is very, very dark.

    • John Smith

      Very dark in a literal sense.

  • David Ashton

    Can we see Oswald Spengler’s time-charts coming true?
    (1) A “new religiousness” focused on Jerusalem, i.e. Christian & Neo-Con Zionism
    (2) A western/global ideology known as “equality & diversity”.

    • CM732

      This site often name drops interesting people I have never heard of like Oswald Spengler. Thanks, lots of interesting thoughts online.

      I will return the favour and mention Joost Meerloo.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you. I shall get a copy of “Rape of the Mind”.

        With Spengler, get his “Hour of Decision” and remember that it was written well BEFORE WW2, black immigration, the New Left, and outsourcing. What we take as today’s events, he prophesied and warned against with greater precision than any other contemporary of previous “decline” theorists.

        • CM732

          Thanks I will give it a look. It sounds like he had some pretty interesting thoughts.

  • CM732

    It is rather scary how the purpose of schools has transformed from a learning of the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic to the indoctrination of modern philosophy.

    It is interesting how many modern issues are now dealt with in terms of philosophy instead of workable solutions; immigration, welfare (which I think needs to be supplied in basic forms, criminal punishment etc.

    I remember a conversation I had with a co-worker regarding immigration with relation to race and he said defiantly “If you are talking about race you are ignorant”.

    I said “Ignorant of what?”. The look of confusion on his face and a sudden realization that his ideas where not built on something that he had even thought about was very satisfying.

  • journey

    Someone should tell the “diversity” crowd in no uncertain terms, all Western civilizations were primarily built/created by white male brain power. This is not due to oppression/suppression of peoples of color or women. Peoples of color are free to create/build in their own countries of origins advanced civilizations, but of course the evidence, is not there. As for the women, if they are smarter than men technologically/mathematically, their expertise would be used.

    So the false premise of peoples like “diversity expert Daryl G. Smith” are just plain hot air nonsense and a complete waste of tax dollars in supporting that nonsense.

    • CM732

      Women have been held back in the past by chauvinism, just as other races were held back in the past by racism. It is overplayed to some degree as there have been great women throughout history (do we forget that Queen Elizabeth was one of Englands greatest rulers?). All this is consigned to the past and if it were not us using our power for our gain it would have been others.

      It is true however that White men have contributed much in the past and there is no reason why we should not be able to continue to do this in the future.

      P.S. I don’t think it is wise to talk in terms of White Man/White Women it has been used as a tool to divide us.

      We are all made up of half of each and they are a massive part in why we have done so well in the past.

      • journey

        My main posting was in response to the article. The diversity cult is pushing the false premise that genders/races are all the same in abilities. And they are held back due to racism, oppression, etc. This is far from the truth. The diversity cult believes that there are hardly any blacks in STEM/technology jobs due to racism/oppression. Of course, this is false as shown by the abundant Asians and Jews in those programs. If you have something to offer that is meaningful and of use, it will be used. Matter of fact, it will be more than welcome.

        Generally, women and men are wired differently. Men can conceptualize better abstractly which they then gravitate toward science and math.
        Women in general are the home keepers (someone has to).

        Elizabeth I’s advisors were mainly men. She ended on the throne due to inheritance but still replied on men to create an empire.

        • CM732

          I can’t disagree with that.

        • David Ashton

          I think this different wiring is correct, because of the different reproductive characters (hormones, verbal facility, &c). My wife and eldest daughter score higher on IQ tests than I do, but they are very evidently more “feminine”/maternal/person-oriented than I am with a spatial/ideological/object-oriented brain. I think the shades of difference are also highlighted by the cultural performances of lesbians and “gays”. See Anne Moir’s “Brain Sex” (1991) for an introduction to the evidence, supported rather than undermined by
          subsequent research. Jonathan Goldberg’s “Inevitability of Patriarchy” has been thrown down the Memory Hole. Lots of the academic publishers have radical “feminist” readers.

    • Jane Charlton

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      ➨➨➨➨➨➨➨ http://WWW.WorkReport90.COM



  • Frank_DeScushin

    “The more inequities you have, the less stable your society,” she said.

    The more black people you have, the less stable your society.

    I also find it ironic that the woman who believes inequities destabilize a society is calling for inequitable college acceptance and hiring practices that will discriminate against whites and Asians to promote blacks and Hispanic. Either she wants to destabilize society or she doesn’t view discriminating against whites and Asians as inequitable.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      100% right on…bravo.

  • MekongDelta69

    What it says:
    “More and more universities are adopting diversity requirements and training, and creating entire departments to achieve diversity and inclusivity on campus.”

    What it should have said:
    “More and more universities are adopting diversity indoctrination and brainwashing, and creating entire departments to achieve diversity and inclusivity on campus.”

    • George Moriarty

      I am sure these diversity indoctrination departments cost a lot of money to run. Who pays for it? Increased fees or is it at the expense of real learning?

      • John Smith

        Both, but it’s no surprise they raise tuition every single year by usually greater than the rate of inflation because they have so much useless bloat not related to the core mission of an educational institution.

  • how about this

    “Smith called on universities to erase disparities in graduation rates among different genders, races, and classes.”

    They might as well try to erase the equality between E and mc squared. I bet they wonder why their enrollment numbers are not so great lately.

  • RaySist27

    They don’t want equality or diversity, they want Whites dead, period.

  • After 30 years in higher ed, nothing surprises me. Administrators chase after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow constantly. They can put little bird droppings on their resumes by creating one “strategic initiative” after another.

    Most of the faculty just want to be left alone, but to build administrator resumes they hound the faculty to do this and that. Everyone is forced to pay lip service to the nonsense, while the few true believers go on wasting money and other resources. No matter how poor the “initiative” it is ALWAYS deemed a great success in some report.

    Welcome to the Potemkin Village of the 21st century.

  • dd121

    Almost everybody who works for the government or a large corporation is already judged by how they support the goals of EEOC. Your career depends on the answer each year. This is the real face of “diversity”.

    • Deacon Blue

      Worse, even if you own a small business the EEOC’ers will monitor you for compliance to the narrative.

      • dd121

        I’ve hear of small businesses being sued out of existence.

  • Godsofthecopybookheadings

    “The more diversity you have, the less stable your society.”


  • TheCogitator

    What are the diversity requirement for historically black colleges and universities?

    • how about this

      I have them on a list here somewhere, right next to the black scientific accomplishments and the health benefits of prostitution.

    • USofAntiWhite

      They already are 100% diverse.

  • John Smith

    The more DIVERSITY you have, the more unstable your society. The false assumption made by most progs is that inequality can be rectified or that certain groups don’t have different or greater shortcomings than others as based on genetic inheritance of common traits. I’ll give these SJWs one thing, diversity is easier to find than competence.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      “diversity is easier to find than competence.”

      Excellent sentiment, Mr. John… The Miami-Dade county Florida police department scrapped the swimming test because too few blacks and Hatians were passing the swimming portion of the recruiting requirements. Too many competent white swimmers meant too many white policemen, and hence no diversity. Considering all the water around Miami, FL it only makes sense that a swimming requirement was required to be a policeman in Miami.

      • John Smith

        I remember reading that.

  • Diversity = less white people.
    If you are white and believe in capital d Diversity, literally kill yourself.

  • I think that’s a great idea, provided that UNC wants its degrees to be about as valuable as used toilet paper.

    • phillyguy

      They don’t care , universities are making millions , taking money and giving worthless propaganda and worthless graduates.

      • The reality check will occur when prospective employers regard degrees from the more egregiously silly schools as trash, and won’t hire the recent graduates. At that point, the universities involved in this race to the bottom will have to take notice.

  • superlloyd

    Another cultural marxist idiot with a sociology PhD. ‘Smith called on universities to erase disparities in graduation rates among different genders, races, and classes.’

    As if incompetent and underrepresented negroes were intentionally failed by the universities. Give me a break. Get out of your ivory tower and study history, psychology and Amren. Then, maybe you’ll understand. The only possible way to achieve this goal is to dumb higher education to third grade level. Even the, however, the negroes would still lag behind everyone else.

  • “The most radical idea Smith espoused in her address was that faculty and staff members should be hired and fired on the basis of their understanding of diversity.”

    Oh, I think we all fully understand the meaning of “diversity”.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Race-Hustlers are just career criminals who were clever enough to adapt their skills to a less risky industry…

  • LHathaway

    “Diversity–which usually means racial, religious, and sexual diversity”

    Sexual diversity should be greatly respected, just no guys asking girls on dates. There are laws against that, and there are new ones made up every week.

    • carriewhite64

      I never thought of it like this, but you are absolutely right. Apparently the behavior between males and females which has been standard throughout history is now the ONLY sexual conduct that is prohibited.

      • LHathaway

        Certainly in the workplace. Or at school. Women just shouldn’t be spoken to. By straight men, anyway.

  • Lexonaut

    “The most radical idea Smith espoused in her address was that faculty and
    staff members should be hired and fired on the basis of their
    understanding of diversity.”

    It makes sense to me. Changing the subject of a degree program worked well for the Germans, who eliminated Jewish science from physics and went on to win WW2 … … Oh wait.

    • Nimadan

      If the morons in Washington succeed in blundering into a war with Russia, are
      you going to root for Fedgov or it’s freakazoid empire, post-american america?

      • Lexonaut

        It’s a tough call, Nimadan. I studied Russian during the late 50s and early 60s and knew the language well enough to be able to tell my wife what Khrushchev was really saying when he came to the USA, as opposed to what his translator Troyanovsky said he was saying.

        I hate to see us waging war on Russia, which is what we have in fact been doing. Direct economic war, and an indirect proxy war in eastern Ukraine, whose Moscow-leaning freely elected government we overthrew with the help of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

        Russia is our natural ally on any number of issues, but we’re driving her into the arms of the Chinese and, as you point out, the clowns in DC may end up blundering into a war with her.

        Those things said, I’m a loyal American. If I had wanted to live in Russia I would already be there. I understand a lot of the culture for an American, and I would get by there easily, but I don’t want to live there. If war with Russia comes, I have no comfortable choice but to stand with the USA right or wrong.

        • Nimadan

          I hear what you’re saying on every point but the last. I resent Fedgov so intensely that, in my heart, I would be rooting for almost anyone else on the planet to kick their corrupt, arrogant asses.

          I was a patriotic little American too once upon a time. What destroyed my loyalty was years of watching Fedgov foster and protect black savages. As I woke up I learned other things that
          were equally appalling but my dissent started with Washington’s support for anti-White racism.

          • Lexonaut

            I’m awake too now, thanks mainly to AmRen’s exposing me three years ago to the truth of real world crime-by-race statistics. And yes, DC is anti-white. So are the news media, the schools and the universities, which are teaching even whites to be anti-white.

            But I don’t want to be taken over by the Russians. Yes, they would purge the government et al of the anti-whites and the anti-Christians, and of black folks (whom they detest), but as a people they still have police state leanings, and they wouldn’t hesitate to impose a police state on us.

            What they might also do, however, is set up a black autonomous region and forcibly relocate all black people to it.

          • Nimadan

            It would be a very ambitious Russian (or Chinese) general who actually planned occupy North America. But it is possible we could stumble into a grinding proxy war in Eastern Europe and if that happens the odds that Russian and US forces may engage in direct confrontation go up dramatically. Such a scenario might end very badly for all concerned….

  • Light from the East

    “The more inequities you have, the less stable your society,” she said.

    Yes, the more intrinsic inequities of each race in a place, the less stable your society.

    Contradiction found!

  • WR_the_realist

    Many of our private colleges were started out as Christian institutions. But even at the start they were never as ardent in their Christianity as they are now in their new religion of Diversity.

  • MrBiIIGoode .


  • John Geyer

    Why is “diversity” presented as something new in universities? I retired from a state university in 1993 and it was old hat then. I remember it starting in the early 70s. The enemy was/is assimilation which threatens those who have their power base in some sub-category of race, gender, etc.