The lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits of illegal immigrant beneficiaries of President Obama’s executive amnesty would be well over a trillion dollars, according to Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector’s prepared testimony for a House panel obtained in advance by Breitbart News.

Rector, a senior research fellow at Heritage, is slated to speak on the costs of Obama’s executive amnesty Tuesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He will testify to the high entitlement costs of granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

Based on Rector’s calculations, which assume that at least 3.97 illegal immigrants would apply for and receive legal status under Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (DAPA), and that the average DAPA beneficiary would have a 10th grade education, the costs would be immense.

Specifically, in 2010 dollars, the lifetime costs of Social Security benefits to DAPA beneficiaries would be about $1.3 trillion.

He further estimates that DAPA recipients would $7.8 billion each year once they have access to the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the refundable Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Further, the retroactive costs of the EITC and ACTC–current IRS policy will allow amnesty recipients to claim up to three years of tax benefits for illegal work–Rector expects to be as high as $23.5 billion.

The Heritage expert notes that DAPA eligible families are already able to claim certain welfare benefits–such as food stamps, Medicaid, and Women, Infants and Children program (WIC)–on behalf of their U.S.-born children.

“The average DAPA eligible family already receives around $6,600 per year in means-tested welfare benefits, prior to Obama’s executive action. (The aggregate cost is around $13.4 billion per year.)” his testimony reads.


In terms of what DAPA eligible individuals would contribute in tax payments once they are “on the books,” Rector estimates that “Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) and federal income tax revenues would increase by about $7.2 billion per year.”

“Nonetheless, the increase in tax revenue would be equaled or outweighed by the increase in EITC and ACTC cash payments,” the testimony concludes. {snip}


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  • A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon it starts adding up to real money.

    Let the whole world pour in, they said. It’ll save SS and Medicare, they said.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Gotta git the gittens as fast as you can. America, land of gitten stuff for breaking the law. Gitten as bad as the UK if you’re brown or darker.

    • Xerxes22

      The Republicans now have an another excuse to try and slash SS and Medicare. It’s all the fault of those greedy Baby Boomers who are bankrupting it. We Republicans just want to reform it. They won’t dare say one word about the real problem.

      • I think the notion that anyone wants to “slash” or even cut by one dime SS and Medicare is far more political paranoia than reality.

        • Xerxes22

          Unfortunately, there are some dumb Republicans who talk about fixing, reforming or privatizing SS and Medicare and everyone knows what that means. They are just playing to that small element in the GOP that hates these programs because they are socialist. All that does is give ammo to the Dems. Yet these same politicians won’t say a single word about the IRS giveaways to illegals. Someone might call them racist and that would be terrible.

          • You’re overthinking it. Those that talk about “fixing” SS and M have more practical motivations in mind, and they have nothing to do with consternation that SS and M exist, and have nothing to do with libertarian economic ideology.

            As it stands in the most recent completed fiscal year, SS and Medicare (not counting Part D, which I’ll get to in a moment) represent $1.3 trillion in Federal spending which does not go through the hands of either Wall Street or an insurance company. WS’s political contributions are generally split between the two parties, but the insurance industry money slants heavily Republican.

            Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit enacted in 2003, is run through insurance companies. It’s one of the few Federal entitlement programs whose annual spending is meeting and in fact a bit under future budget projections made when it was enacted. However, I’m not yet ready to conclude that we should so “reform” SS and Med A-C.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    Legal immigrants also cost the tax-payers a great deal.

    • Jason Lewis

      Our current legal citizens could do the work illegals do. Why do it if you’re gonna get a paycheck from the govenment for doing nothing? Before the “Great Society” people had to work. Crappy jobs were reserved for idiots, uneducated and criminals. It was insentive to stay in school and not break the law.

      • newscomments70

        “Bad jobs were reserved for idiots, uneducated and criminals.” and teenagers. I actually enjoyed cutting lawns and unloading trucks. They are building blocks to create work ethic and understand commerce. Such jobs should mostly be a temporary stepping stone….they shouldn’t be careers.

  • TruthBeTold

    Do the basic math.

    You have poor, poorly uneducated, low-skill people moving into an expensive first world country.

    Most will be working service jobs at low wages. Since they have large families the government is going to have to make up the differences in wages by subsidizing their health care, housing, childcare, education, etc.

    Where is the economic benefit?

    • connorhus

      The government has put themselves into that situation before though and they solved it by changing the rules for the “special” ones. Actually they didn’t solve it, they simply covered it up with more false numbers which is more than likely what they plan on doing this time.

      More made up positions, less qualifications, bogus made up impact on the GDP. Affirmative Action and Community Reinvestment all over again.

      • TruthBeTold

        Their solution is the problem.

        Their solution will only make things worse.

        • connorhus

          Yes it will only make it worse but they are arrogant enough to think they can hide it again and then use the numbers to cover up their other mistakes.

      • LexiconD1

        Where there are Hispanics, there is failure.

        Ahem, look at California…

        • connorhus

          Agreed. But unfortunately we are not the ones putting the spin on it or making the decisions. It’s their hail mary play and they think they can pull it off like they did before.

        • Bossman

          If California is a failure, why is it that the whole world wants to move there and why is the average price of a house a million Dollars?

          • The answer is yes.

            Just don’t be a young white person and think you can start a family there and expect to have anything close to a quality lifestyle.

          • Bossman

            No! California has become too attractive for foreigners; that is why young white Americans can’t compete with all manner of Iranians, Koreans, Chinese, East Indians, Arabs, Russians and all manner of shady characters from around the world.

          • LexiconD1

            I live here, you’re delusional.

            There are more people in this state who take a check from the government (either in welfare or over-bloated retirements) than people who pay taxes here. This state has LOST more of its population, than it’s gained in the past decade, and that includes illegals.

          • John Smith

            A lot of third-worlders do want to move there, as well as domestic “progressives,” and foreign socialists. The taxes and regulations the state imposes on everything drive up labor costs and the cost of doing business, which drives property prices up accordingly. Normal white middle-class Americans are fleeing the tyranny and high taxes.

          • Jason Lewis

            I see the uber rich celebrity types and the uber poor wanting to live in California. At least that’s what it appears like in L.A., Oakland and San Francisco.

          • Bossman

            It looks like that for me too. The super rich can have many house maids and gardeners in a place like that.

          • Hammerheart

            Because the media does an excellent job of selling a fantasy. California IS a failed state. Take it from a long time resident. The rest of the world thinks California is some magical place where you mingle with movie stars and drink mimosas on the beach. In reality, CA is a horrid third world hole that prioritizes the welfare of illegal invaders over their own citizens.

            -Prop 47
            -latin gangs
            -drug cartels
            -high cost of living
            -massive poverty
            -massive taxation
            -massive real estate prices forcing you to become a debt serf
            -severe, ongoing drought
            -strict gun laws
            -heinous liberal indoctrination centers (colleges)

            Does this sound like some place you want to raise a family?

          • Hammerheart

            Oh and I forgot:

            The beaches are filled with trash, used condoms, the water is filthy with slime, and there’s syringes hidden beneath the sands.

            Hollywood is the modern day equivalent to a Roman bath house orgy. Pedophilia, Homosexuality, Drug Abuse, and other twisted vices reign supreme.

            I’m getting my family out of CA just in time to see it fail.

            Of course, the Northern portion of the state is beautiful and quite different from the rest, but it still carries the cursed state name.

          • John Smith

            Still ruled by Sacramento.

          • phillyguy

            don’t confuse Hollywood with Rome, maybe a Tijuana taco shack.

          • Some of the businesses I knew pulled up stakes in Florida & moved out to LA, California. That’s where all the big money people are.

        • Hammerheart

          And Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia…

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “Where is the economic benefit?”

      The economic benefit will go to employers who hire large numbers of illegal aliens. The increase in the size of the labor pool drives down wages and thus increases profits for those employers.

      Meanwhile, the taxpayer will once again have to pick up the tab for all the costs the illegals can’t cover with their meager wages. Privatizing the profits and socializing the costs is how things are done in America now.

      • Alden

        Another benefit is that the EBT cards and the rest of the welfare supports Walmart, Costco etcetera. Developers and contractors are making a fortune building housing, schools,welfare offices,prisons etc for them.

        • Yancy Derringer

          We’re being billed $307 per day by private contractors we’ve hired to care for the illegal kids who swarmed over the border without Mom or Dad. The pace really accelerated when the White House literally advertised that if they reached the border they’d be taken in and cared for.

          $307 per kid daily. ($75/day for food; yeah, really.) $307 x 365 = $112,055 per child annually. Medical is extra.

          • InAFreeCountry

            I WISH I made $112,000 a year. $75/day for food? Are they having champagne and caviar with their surf and turf?

        • TruthBeTold

          That’s exactly how they’re looking at it.

      • All technology jobs like engineering, accounting, finance, most commercial law & etc. will be offshored to India & China.

  • Chip Carver

    The illegals are allowed to flood in for two main reasons, one is that the folks running the show would like them to be the replacement population (replacing Whites). The other is that they are being used to purposely take down the economy / middle class – to create a situation that the powers that be feel will allow them to step in and ‘fix’ by force. Meaning that when the gimmedats run out, and they will, the latinos will ‘revolt’ against Whites, because of course it will be the fault of Whites that there is no more money for welfare, Section 8, vouchers, EBT, WIC. This will allow the govt. to send in the troops and go after…Whites.

    Things aren’t likely to go that far, but they are going to get much, much worse because so many Whites live in denial, and so many Whites are incapable of imagining the incredible hatred that lives in the people who created this situation. Think of the hate and evil that would have to be in these people’s minds to come up with the Immigration Act of 1965 (it wasn’t Teddy Kennedy). And these same genocidal, hypocritical racists are the main engine behind illegal immigration. Whites are always called haters and intolerant. That’s because the folks saying that are projecting. They always project.

    • Jason Lewis

      LBJs administration sure did set America up for failure. It makes you wonder if JFK wasnt gonna go along with it all.

  • Jason Lewis

    We’ll be broke but at least they’ll vote Democrat. (sarc)

  • Whitetrashgang

    Parasites always follow around the host,WT needs a new planet with no known parasites.

  • I no longer read these kinds of articles because they assume that there is a rational democratic process at work in the USA. That’s FALSE.

    The power elites control the legislative process and they don’t give a rat’s rear end about numbers. They assume they can raise taxes or just print the money to pay the cost.

    The push to redistribution wealth to the power elites motivates EVERYTHING in politics today. Cheap labor is the goal of the elites, while also creating a class of redistributionist voters, the Mexicans, etc. who vote for more government because it means in their pea brains more of the pie for them.

    Yes, the Mexicans will get crumbs but as the US moves toward a totalitarian tyranny, the power elites will be the big winners. White working and middle class will be the big losers. That’s the plan. Now, to figure out how to derail it without having to fight Civil War Two.

    • Hammerheart

      I’m afraid war is inevitable. I think that’s why the government spends obscene amounts of time and money developing drones, suervrillance system, spying on your cellphone etc…

      There’s nothing creepier to the federal agencies than white guys hiding in the woods with deer rifles. That’s why they’re trying so hard to drive the narrative that the real terrorists are white guys with pick up trucks that can drop a deer at 300 meters, and not packs of feral nogs screaming about waaaaycism, illegal Latin invaders, and muslims.

      • I agree. I expect the Feds to begin using drones and battlefield weapons against all white guys who holed up in a cabin somewhere.

        • Hammerheart

          That’s why they feel so threatened by white guys who are comfortable in the woods. The vast amounts of cover and concealment render things like drone and air recon largely ineffective. Remember that one guy a little while back that killed a police office then hid in the woods for weeks while something like ridiculous 2,000 federal agents attempted in vain to find him? They only found him because he turned on his cellphone to make a phone call weeks later.

          Also, remember the federal overreaction to Ruby Ridge? They called in the ATF, US Marshals, and even a FBI HRT team just because there was a family and a friend in a cabin in the woods.

          I think there’s some people who really, really don’t like white people at the top of some of the fed agencies, like the ones that actively want to use government forces to oppress and exterminate white people, and they know if they ever get their wish they will have to use forces comprised primarily of negroids and latins, both of which probably won’t have the discipline required to tactically operate in a woodland environment against even country boys who know how to shoot, hide, and track, nevermind a professionally trained and organized force.

  • SolStans

    Next month I take the actuarial exam that tests this. When finding the present value (PV) of an annuity (retirement benefit), the following apply:

    -Higher interest rates mean a lower PV of these benefits. Rock-bottom interest rates maximize the PV.

    -Cost of living adjustments raise the PV, too.

    -When people are expected to live longer, (and human longevity has been trending upward for a while) the PV rises. (Conversely, if more people were smokers, it’d go down.)

    Now, multiply that by 40 million (on the present path we’re on, they’ll all get amnesty with benefits). Next, consider how fertile they are, and how heritable IQ is.

    I’m almost 30. That means, on average, I can expect 47.68 more years of this decline.

    • Not smoking, living in a healthy area away from high traffic streets & pollution, low cholesterol & serious exercise like weight lifting can increase longevity. Plus the few remaining white females not going for blacks are more attracted to guys who work out.

      • SolStans

        Sorry about the unclear antecedent: “If more people were smokers, the present value of these retirement benefits would go down.”

  • listenupbub

    It’s okay guys, we can just print all the money we want.

    The only reason everyone isn’t a billionaire is because of white privilege and racists.

  • Hammerheart

    I smell another tax hike?

    • but hey it’s for a good cause. Be relieved that only the filthy rich (i.e. all working whites) will have to pay.

  • superlloyd

    That communist, islamic sleeper must be laughing at how easy it has been to set the US on the path of no return. He was clearly created along time ago by interests that are diametrically opposed to the former success and greatness of America.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Well then, we need more immigrants to help pay for these…. mmm… I carry the 1 then divide the square root by the ….

  • Capn Dad

    The country won’t last long enough for them to collect it.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    A million isn’t a billion and a billion isn’t a trillion and a trillion just ain’t what it used to be.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Finally, they’re talking costs. I’m sure that Obama, La Raza, et al aren’t at all concerned about how much these executive orders will cost the U.S.; rather, they’re fixated on how much each immigrant can get, and how to get them ever more.

    But there it is in hard numbers. No surprise — this is going to cost us big.

  • dd121

    That’s pretty much the wooden stake through our American hearts.

  • KenelmDigby

    1.3 trillion dollars. The USA could colonize Mars with that money.

    • John Smith

      Send as many blacks as possible.

      • They’d just die out as the environment is very hostile to any mistakes.

    • I’m all for colonizing Mars but with a Caucasian population. The technical challenges are big but solvable. Whites may have to go there anyway if all countries on Earth become very hostile to whites.

  • Light from the East

    That’s enough to pay off the debt the US owe to China. Both country will benefit if the US decide to use that money this way, not encouraging illegal aliens.

  • What was the tax rate under George III anyway? Bet it was lower than it’s now. At least they were using the money for something useful (defeat the French in the French & Indian Wars ca. 1754) rather than just using it for white extermination.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    None of this would be happening if Boehner and McConnell hadn’t announced that Impeachment was “off the table.” These two cowards and idiots have been more beneficial to the communist party (some prefer “Democrats”) than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Both pairs of traitors make me sick.

  • WR_the_realist

    Thank you Obama, for punching a hole in the budget as big as the entire Afghanistan war.

    And thank you, worthless senate Republicans, for caving so quickly on defunding Obama’s amnesty.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      The GOP of today are worthless scum who want to get quick money and votes and sell the country.

  • HE2

    Unless I missed it, this article does not touch upon the millions who will be eligible, by hook or crook and scumbag immigration welfare attorneys, for disability for their invalid elders, retarded kids and “bad backs.”