Former OU Frat Member Apologizes for Racist Chant

Sean Murphy, NBC DFW, March 25, 2015

A former University of Oklahoma fraternity member caught on video leading a racist chant said Wednesday he’s deeply sorry for his role in the incident and upset and embarrassed that he failed to stop it.

Flanked by several black Oklahoma City community leaders, including pastors and civil rights activists, Levi Pettit publicly apologized following a meeting he had with civic leaders at a Baptist Church on the city’s predominantly black northeast side.

“Some have wondered why I hadn’t spoken out publicly. The truth is I have had a mix of pain, shame, sorrow and fear over the consequences of my actions,” said Pettit, whose voice quivered slightly as he spoke. “I did not want to apologize to the press or to the whole country until I first came to apologize to those most directly impacted.”

Pettit and several other members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the university were caught on video engaging in the chant that referenced lynching and used a racial slur to describe how African-Americans would never become members.


“The truth is what was said in that chant is disgusting . . . and after meeting with these people I’ve learned these words should never be repeated,” Pettit said.


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  • Robert Smith

    With role models like Trent Lott what do you expect?

    • TruthBeTold

      And look what his apology got him.

      And I should add a pox on all his Republicans who used that incident as an excuse to drive him out.

      • Robert Smith

        I guess the lesson here is that white people aren’t allowed to have birthday parties.

      • He should have thrown a girl down the stairs, breaking 4 bones. Like the Black football player who now was totally forgiven his indiscretion. That would not have been as hurtful as words uttered in private.

        Racist speech in private is now extremely serious business. The KGB Gestapo is watching your private thoughts and words and will punish you. Donald Sterlin can tell a story.

        He could, of course, complain about the violation of his civil rights and tenant rights. How can one be evicted without even a days’ notice? Even his pals who were not present when the heinous offensive words were uttered.

        Now I wait for Barrack Hussein Obama to apologize to Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman, the Ferguson community for his PUBLIC words that caused looting, arson, killing, and destruction of lives.

  • Easyrhino

    Now that he’s done with his obligatory public groveling, I hope the racism that he’s sworn to fight against is racism against Whites.

  • TruthBeTold

    Grovel, baby, grovel.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If you think this kid groveled consider the actor Will Ferrell who told the New York Slimes yesterday that because of this incident all fraternities should be banned.

      • But at least that actor was well paid.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The entire spectacle is so disgusting, I won’t even listen to the interview above. Been there, done that,

  • Truthseeker

    Just once I wish someone would have the courage to say “It’s just a word, deal with it.” This insane world we live in where there’s a huge uproar whenever someone is the slightest bit offended…ugh.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      But, it only works one way. Blacks – and other non-Whites – can openly insult Whites at will and publicly call for killing White babies and White police, sing about raping and destroying Whites – and receive accolades, money and acclaim.

      It’s only Whites that are held to “offensive” words, no matter how petty, silly or banal. If it insults blacks or other non-Whites, a White can expect to have his life and career destroyed.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Another case study in the public emasculation of the white male. This kid should announce he’s gay and complete the circle. At least then the Libs wouldn’t bother him.

    • Gay might not be good enough. Better to go all the way to tranny status like the libtard’s new hero, Bruce Jenner.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      You have a point but i suspect lese majeste against the Sacred Negro trumps even the gay card

      • ElComadreja

        That’s a tough one. The only time I’ve ever seen blacks charged with “hate crimes” is when they’ve attacked homosexuals.

      • John Smith

        What about the gay fashion designer who hates Jews – he’s still in the doghouse for his temerity.

        • SlizzardAjeosshi

          I think you are referring to the John Galliano case…well i have no problem admitting that lots of Jews are downright paranoid and see the boogeyman of anti-jewish persecution where there is none.

          Unfortunately, like any other group, there’s a significant amount of Jewish cretins. Lots of them, with their multi-culti insanity, are jumping into a nest of venomous snakes in order to run away from immaterial ghosts

    • He basically, in a figurative sense, took it up the butt on live TV. He would look more dignified being a male prostitute!

  • Tarczan

    The public apology for being a racist is the 21st century version of the stockade.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    He should’ve set them up. Groveled up until the press conference and then once on the air, pulled off his coat, tie and dress shirt to reveal a t-shirt with pictures of Christopher Newsome & Channon Christian while repeating–“White Lives Matter.”

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yeah, I like your idea better, and with the victims of the Whichita Massacre on the other side of the shirt.

      • bilderbuster

        He could wear a “I am Darren Wilson” wristband too.

        • Nonhumans

          Post of the Day!!

    • bilderbuster

      And then announce that he’s suing the University and suing SJW president of UO Boren personally for violating his first amendment rights.

    • ElComadreja

      He would have had nothing to lose.

  • Red

    Pathetic. Why apologize? You’re already damaged goods in the realm of PC and no amount of begging will change their opinion of you.

    Why alienate those who are sympathetic to your plight? Now, no one knows where you stand other than you’re weak.

    • TruthBeTold

      Why apologize?

      The Age of Facebook.

      In the past a kid like this could just disappear. Now a search of his name by a potential employer could me a life of under-employment. Because of social media, he’s now ‘the frat boy who led the racist chant’.

      I agree he shouldn’t have apologized. How much this will do to save any career he might have is questionable. But now if someone finds out who he is and what he did he can say, ‘yes, that’s me but I apologized’.

      • Good point. More wonders from the many blessings which Facebook brings.

      • Red

        I thoroughly agree but at this point he’s toast. No PC organization is going to hire him regardless of how many times he apologizes.

        I’m not on Facebook and never plan to be, but if I were in his situation I would not have apologized and try to carve my own way through life, possibly by starting my own business. Many people like us couldn’t care less about what he said and I’d be happy to pay him if he offered a good and reliable service.

        I have lost any ounce of respect for him now that he has apologized.

        • TruthBeTold

          It’s not just Facebook. It’s twitter, google, youtube, pintrest, kik, etc.; the whole social network movement. We’re all locked into it. Google your real name or your email address and see what comes up.

          None of us is anonymous anymore.

          • ElComadreja

            There’s precious little about me out there.

          • John Smith

            Likewise and being “John Smith” online helps.

    • carriewhite64

      You know how all other races seem to have a “script” when they do something embarrassing or illegal that gets them negative attention? White people really need a script for these kinds of occasions to replace this shameful craven behavior they all seem to display.

  • MekongDelta69

    Never-ending groveling

    • ElComadreja

      He joins Michael Richards, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Paula Deen and all the rest that have groveled to the negro and been destroyed anyway.

  • MadmanMarz

    Another sacrifice at the alter of all powerful multiculturalism, it’s our greatest strength remember? That kid is stranger and enemy of the state in his own country. Groveling to muds will get him nowhere, at least have some self respect and hold what little ground you have left.

  • JohnEngelman

    The main problem with what Levi Pettit and his fellow frat members did is that the enforcers of political correctness will use it to discredit the scientific findings of race realism.

  • David Ashton

    Apologize? Is that enough? Should not a Mark of Cain be tattooed on his brow? His tormentors could think of one slogan, and I am sure posters here could think of an opposite one!

  • Apologizing was a big mistake.

    He’s already made a lot of people mad just by singing the chant on the bus.

    Now he’s made everyone who supported him mad by apologizing. All the while, virtually nobody who was mad at him for having done it will quit being mad at him.

  • TruthBeTold

    Something I keep pointing out is that this generation has been inundated since birth by PC ideology; they should know better or at least know not to get caught.

    But these events keep happening.

    I suspect it’s a combination of rebellion against the ideology of their teachers and society and a healthy natural sense of racial awareness which can’t be driven out of them.

    • LHathaway

      When these university types do this, I always assume they are really working for team-diversity.

      • bilderbuster

        Especially if they’re named Levi and are able to snap their fingers, and like magic, have a whole room full of “Black leaders” show up for your official apology at a press conference.

        • John Smith

          That’s a first, not a last name. It’s common around here among Amish and Mennonites.

    • The Dude

      No, it’s just a combination of “being a douchebag”, which is what most 17-to-30 dudes are when they meet in an all-male group of +4 people.

      When I used to meet with the d***heads I call my pals, we would utter the most racist (Jews and Italians included), sexist, and homophobic speech you could ever hear. We would call each other “fag**t” for… pretty much anything, and everything was gay. Our videos could’ve served for tortures sessions for SJWs. We would also punch ourselves at the same spot of the left shoulder whenever the five of us met all at once, and it really hurt.

      In short, we were douchebags. And so are these frat boys.

      The thing is that, now in an age where everything is filmed and where everyone is a SJW, douchebaggery becomes more risky. The boys should’ve simply paid attention to the one filming and made sure he erased everything.

      • TruthBeTold

        I don’t disagree; in private we all let our hair down.

        But these kids have been taught since birth that these ideas aren’t acceptable to be spoken aloud so it’s a bit different. Yes, this was a private function so they thought they could be d*cks in private but these events keep happening; frats having ghetto and Mexican parties.

        I have to believe that the brainwashing conformity isn’t as working as good as people believe it should be.

        • The Dude

          It’s not. And in a weird sense, what these young boys did is kind of reassuring. It was obvious they were just joking.

          And even if they weren’t, people should only be expected to act decently in public, not in private. These last series of invasion of privacies are very alarming. Where are the Individual Liberties and other Libertarian groups and associations on this one?

          • TruthBeTold

            Yes, that’s what I mean. It’s kind of reassuring that with all the pressure to conform young kids can still see things for themselves.

          • bilderbuster

            If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “We’ve come a long way in race relations be we still have a lot more work to do”…

      • Cindy

        I never realized how mean men were to each other (I don’t have brothers) until I watched Bill Burr do comedy about it.
        I asked my husband, “Is that true, is it really like that?”
        He gave an emphatic YES. He described it the same way you do with the name calling and the punching. “Fag” was used for something as simple as dressing properly for winter.
        It wasn’t like that with my girlfriends when I was a teenager, not at all.
        In fact, we complimented each other all the time.
        If we were mean, we always did it behind the other person’s back.
        ‘Cause we were “nice” girls 😉

        • The Dude

          Absolutely. However, there’s an important distinction to be made there: it’s mean, but not mean-spirited. Meaning it’s done only humoristically in the spirit of having fun (at the expense of someone, of course) and letting out one’s inner boyness rather than out of hate or ill will, even the most extreme pranks and traditions have been gradually weeded out as we grew older. Education also tends to tone it down a bit. But beyond the pokes and the insults, and although I can’t get inside people’s heads, I don’t think anyone ever wished anyone else harm, failure, or plotted behind their backs. So I liked that innocent trait to it.

          Furthermore, jokes aside, we’re not that sexist or traditionally homophobic ideologically. We obviously have our serious moments when we talk about politics and social issues, which are basically most of the moments. But of course, this doesn’t prevent me from saying “Hold on a second!” and pulling this in the middle of a serious conversation…

          “That’s saying something, by the way!”

          • Cindy

            It all sounds like healthy fun to me 🙂

  • LHathaway

    “Thank you sir. May I have another?”

  • Hilis Hatki

    “The truth is what was said in that chant is disgusting…” Disgusting? He must not get out much.

  • Hinant Webb

    For the past two weeks, The Dallas Morning News has been waging a witch-hunt over this, essentially demanding the fraternity boys be burned at the stake, their ashes shot into outer space, the fraternity house destroyed and the lot plowed under with salt.

    But a battle developed in the comments sections of the online DMN below the 20+ articles/editorials/blogs the paper ran, as more and more readers realized the boys were being destroyed for private speech in a private setting. So many race-realist posts were made (by me among others), pointing out the double-standard in the lenient treatment given violent criminal black OU football players, and condemning the insanely disproportionate punishment meted out to the boys by OU president David Boren (summary expulsion, their fraternity evicted and banned from campus), that one of the editors, Susan Grigsby, had a bit of a melt-down. In an emotional blog post, she said comments like mine made her want to vomit, and that the DMN comments policy was being re-evaluated, and that if she had her way “heavy filtration” would be applied to comments, or they would have to be emailed in for screening, after which a “representative sample” would be appear. This, she said, was b/c the comments “do not represent the people who read The Dallas Morning News.”

    The Dallas Morning News, tribune of the people in the Age of Anti-racism.

    • JackKrak

      Ha! I love it – the unintentional hilarity of suggesting that the comments on a story don’t represent the people who read it? Wait, what????

      • Hinant Webb

        Yep, and for the record I’m a Dallas resident and subscriber to DMN.

        But maybe not for much longer.

    • Cindy

      “In an emotional blog post, she said comments like mine made her want to vomit, and that the DMN comments policy was being re-evaluated, and that if she had her way “heavy filtration” would be applied to comments, or they would have to be emailed in for screening, after which a “representative sample” would be appear.”
      Liberals would like to do this nationwide. They want speech censored, filtered and then re-written before it’s ready for general consumption.

      • Hinant Webb

        True. I replied to her blog by pointing that DMN has dwindling readership, and if they want to reduce their readership even more, to go ahead and ban or restrict comments. They haven’t yet restricted comments. We’ll see.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Grow a pair kiddo, trust me you already got nothing to loose

  • His family came out against him IMMEDIATELY after the video surfaced. Their livelihood may depend on diversity. I don’t know. But something is up with his family. They were DISGUSTED by him and the frats. WTF???

    Stephen Jones, the frat’s attorney, was on the other hand disgusted by David Boren, the university president who crucified the boys. I got an email the other night from Stephen Jones (celebrity attorney for Tim McVeigh). I had contacted him regarding me putting up my $10,000 reward for the felony indictment, arrest, and conviction of Boren, who is a closeted gay and most likely a pedo.

    There’s speculation that Boren hates frat boys because they won’t do the dirty deed with him. One thing frat boys won’t accept is fags in their midst and Boren hates them for it.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “I had contacted him regarding me putting up my $10,000 reward for the felony indictment, arrest, and conviction of Boren, who is a closeted gay and most likely a pedo.”

      Do you have any more information on this or a link?

      I believe what you say, I just need more proof if I’m going to add it to my arsenal.

      • I used wikipedia as my first source for concluding that Boren is homo. He resigned from the Senate in 93 due to a breaking sex scandal. I speculate it involved pay for play toyboys. There are a couple of youtube vids on this subject. At OU, he has surrounded himself with fags and apparently been accused of sexually harassing them..I can’t remember but I think I posted those videos in my piece on Boren on my site.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          It’s a shame that a state with a “clean” image like Oklahoma hired a creep to lead the state’s flagship university. this is what I would expect out of New York, Massachusetts, Washington state or California.

    • SolStans

      Don’t haze me, bro. I was out when I rushed, out when I pledged, and out when I was a brother. No big deal on either end. You may be right about the root of Boren’s hate, but not about fraternity guys not letting homos in.

  • JackKrak

    Never, ever apologize. Better to double down and say “Yeah, so?”

    • Jason Lewis

      Better to be respected than liked.

      • John Smith

        Fear earns respect, so whites better remember that soon.

        • Jason Lewis

          They should learn it now. I just saw today the man on the train in St Louis sit in his seat covering his head while he was getting beat on. The “youth” asked for his phone, he said no, then the youth asked about the gentle giant before he started beating the man. It’s freaking embarrasing when they sit and let youths beat them up.

          • John Smith

            Yes, but fighting back might’ve gotten all the negroes jumping on him. He should’ve heeded Derbyshire and gotten off and waited for a train with more whites.

          • Jason Lewis

            Yes he did make a stupid choice getting on that train but it’s amazing if you look like you’ll fight hard they’ll usually stay at a distance and talk crap.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I was so hoping Pettit and Rice wouldn’t scrape and grovel before blacks but instead vigorously sue OU and Boren personally for violating their right to due process, instead I read this:

    “apologized personally to the leader of Oklahoma’s Legislative Black Caucus and plans to meet with more civic leaders”

    “Sen. Anastasia Pittman, an Oklahoma City BLACK Democrat, said the student, Levi Pettit, called her personally to apologize”

    “Pittman said she has arranged for Pettit to meet with black students, elected officials, local pastors and civil rights leaders in Oklahoma.”

    “Pettit also will speak at an afternoon press conference at a Baptist church on the city’s predominantly black northeast side”

    All that over a stupid song?

    There is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma, Boren said.

    But there IS “tolerance” for this type of behavior, right Boren?:

    Last July, Joe Mixon, a freshman and one of the top football prospects for the Sooners. was caught on video in an altercation with another OU student, 20-year-old junior . During the altercation, Mixon punched Molitor so hard he broke four bones in her face and knocked her unconscious.

    Despite his conviction, Mixon faced a comparatively light punishment compared to the massive crackdown on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon students. He was suspended from the team for the season, but faced no other repercussions, remaining on campus and continuing to attend classes like any other student.

    In February, Mixon was allowed to rejoin the football team.

    Boren had this to say about Mixon: We believe in second chances so that our students can learn and grow from life’s experiences.

    But no second chances for those repeating a stupid song, right Boren?

    I don’t know which pisses me off more: the two foolish, weak grovelers or the foolish, weak Boren.

    Let me know when the government, DOJ, Holder and Obama apologize to Office Wilson for destroying his life and career.

    • Robert Smith

      How much worse will it have to get for whites to get really angry and make a phone call or something revolutionary like that?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        For some indoctrinated, brainwashed Whites it will take being lined up facing machine guns in front of open pits, and even then, they’ll say they deserve it for “past bad acts.”

        These are the Whites that will be left behind when the rest of us Whites separate ourselves from non-Whites and enforce that separation with military ordnance – which will be the only way if we are to survive.

        In Zim, Whites are being ordered off the land by the murderous mugabe regime. This will be our fate as well, along with extermination, when we’re outnumbered by non-Whites who have been taught to blame Whites for all of their failures, past, present and future.

        Here’s a message from mugabe, and he’s dead serious. If we continue along the same anti-White, 3rd world flooding of our homelands, this is exactly what we will be facing.

        • phillyguy

          are you sure that’s not a picture of a chimpanzee or maybe the missing link?

        • carriewhite64

          I wonder how much aid his country gets from live white men.

  • Sam Brown


    • Sam Brown

      He should do well for himself in fundamentally changed America, where the sell out, the weak, passive, and racially treasonous white male are preferred in upper management and government.

      • John Smith

        He could get a job as a “diversity” trainer as the Left loves to see turncoats/reformed “racists” grovel and make fools of themselves.

  • je suis paganisme

    Typical frat brat. No depth or real conviction. Getting his way paid for him (by his daddy).

    He will probably become born-again, also.

    • One thing about this whole story that jumps out at me but everyone else misses:

      Parker Rice’s (the other one of the two singers) parents live in Preston Hollow, Dallas. Think: Ross Perot, George W. Bush, Mark Cuban, T. Boone Pickens.

      So why did they send their son to a public school out of state that isn’t a really top flight one like Berkeley, Michigan, Virginia?

      Well, as a St. Louisan, I can attest that there’s a certain extended family here that was once in the brewing business. They often made big donations to lower tier public schools out of state and far away, so that those schools will accept that family’s problem kids as students, and their hijinks and antics at the far away campus hopefully wouldn’t go beyond the college paper and wouldn’t make to the media back in St. Louis and be an embarrassment to the family.

      I surmise that Parker Rice was something of a low IQ or underachieving problem child.

      • je suis paganisme


      • nicholasstix

        They got out of the brewing biz?!

        • InBev.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          They’re drunk on diversity now…. not beer.

        • John Smith

          The Brazilians bought them out, though they might like their feijoada without pork products.

      • John Smith

        UT-Austin is a better school and he good have gotten in-state tuition to boot. Texas A&M as well.

      • Maybe he intitled his race as Black and thus was admitted with a Black passing SAT of 830

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Hi there… is your name “I am a pagan” in French? In any case, this nice white boy was whipped into line and will be led around by the nose the rest of his life, monitored for every word. The predators have captured their prey. the pattern is all to familiar.. make “racist” comments that harm no one, break no laws… apology, repentance and restitution. Comical, really. but really, sad, this now defenseless white lad.

      • Right. Racist words uttered in private and betrayed by some unauthorized recording are much worse than violence that breaks bones (if perpetrated by a historically underprivileged person).

    • newscomments70

      …or a pro-amnesty governor of Texas.

  • I saw this on the news. It was so embarrassing to watch. I don’t know what I feel about this kid. I can only think that maybe big daddy said, “Look son, I have paid big money for your education and you let yourself get caught saying this? What were you thinking? You know those (N-Words) are going to make a big thing about this! Okay, boy, this is what you do, no argument. You are going to apologize, you hear me? APOLOGIZE! And hope that (gosh darn) college president lets you back in and we can sweep this under the rug…”

    That would be at least a sensible reason for the apology. Of course, as we know from this site, that it still won’t work. Once a White person is caught being true to their beliefs, it is unforgiven. The apogee ritual will only be used to humiliate that person further, before they are dispatched. And, in the end the incident will be used as another excuse to bash all of us Whites. When will some people learn that you cannot appease people who hate you. No amount of apologizing will change anything. All it shows is our weakness.
    Yes, the young man has a lot to learn. Unfortunately, he is going to learn that the most painful lessons are in the future…..

    “So you see, Scarlet, you have abased yourself for no reason….”
    Clark Gable, as Rhett Butler, in Gone With The Wind

  • Douglas Quaid

    The kid had a chance to be heroic, instead he caved like a coward.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      this kid doesn’t understand how to ignore everyone who brings it up or make demands. hang up the phone, throw away their mail, delete their e-mails, rip up their faxes. I find that putting up an impenetrable mental wall works wonders.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    Reminiscent of U.S. pilots who were shot down over North Vietnam and had to admit to being war criminals, sign confessions, etc. One of those pilots was able to blink out the word “Torture” right in front of his captors on camera; this kid should’ve blinked out the word “N*gg*rs.”

    • je suis paganisme

      He could have scratched his cheek with his middle finger like Obama did several times. But even that takes a certain amount of spine. This kid is jello.

    • phillyguy

      it’s hard to say, the whole country was on a witch hunt for him, he has his whole life ahead of him where he won’t have an opportunity for a good job and future, as for me I don’t give a damn, I’m 54 and retired and I don’t have to answer to no one, that’s why I speak out against the negro and the white liberal puppet masters.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        54 and retired… already? You must have made some really good financial decisions to be able to retire so young. Congrats… white folks really know how to manage finances in preparation for the future.

      • Spikeygrrl

        “Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose.'” — Janis Joplin

        I am your age +/- I year and I too have nothing to fear. I’m SERIOUSLY disabled — this dang thing I’ve got will probably take my life within 5 years unless they find a cure — so the Leftist Mafia can’t take either my job (I don’t have one) or my disability check (I don’t have one, never applied for one, and would not accept one even if offered), or my reputation/standing in my community (my community is the military families community, which does not take lightly such flagrant abuses).

        The only thing the Leftist Mafia can take away from me is my freedom, by putting me in prison. 20 years ago I did four months of a six month sentence JUST FINE, so that particular penalty wouldn’t bother me all that much…and in the meantime my beloved husband, a career USN NCO in this military-saturated city, would be raising h€ll with both JAG and the local/national media.

        So I can and DO speak my mind, both here and elsewhere, without fear of reprisal. C’mon, Leftists, BRING IT ON.

        • phillyguy

          I hope you are doing fine, I’m also fighting a incurable illness, but I paid taxes for over 30+ yrs. And I got what was coming to me..better me than some Immigrant , illegal or not who never paid into the system getting everything they want for nothing, I hope you live a long and happy life and maybe one day we will see our prayers answered.

          • Spikeygrrl

            That “no cure yet” part just sucks, doesn’t it?

            I am not a religionist so I will not “pray” for you, but please know that my thoughts and well wishes are with you and your family.

    • That would be funny.

    • Spikeygrrl

      If he had done that, given Murphy’s Law, the only person in the room who knew Morse
      would have been a Negro who learned it at one of those condescending summer camps for “disadvantaged” “urban” “yoofs” organized and funded by holier-than-thou White Leftists.

      I wonder, what’s the Morse for those asterisks in “knee eye double-guh er”?

  • nicholasstix


  • listenupbub

    He should just expatriate before his emotional pain from shame accumulates and causes massive psychological problems.

  • The Bogeyman


  • Yes, the public show trials. The public denunciations. So Stalinist.

  • My advice kid: Go to a technical school and learn to become an automobile technician. Notice how many White males are auto mechanics? Now, at the risk of offending some people here, I will say something a little out of school for this site: We have to think like the Jews do. The Jews are accustomed to living in a society that hates them. What do they do? Move into professions where they are needed. “You may hate me personally, but you will need a doctor. You will need a lawyer.” That is why I suggest technical education for this kid. Forget college. The White Collar World will not accept you now. You must learn a trade where you will be needed.

    • “The Jews are accustomed to living in a society that hates them. What do they do? Move into professions where they are needed.”


      That’s part of the truth. The rest of the truth is that the traditional Jewish professions — law, medicine, finance, accounting — are portable skills that can be used to make a high-paying fresh start in a new country. The flashy jewelry on the women is for bribing border guards, customs and immigration officials so you can get out of the old country and into the new.

      • In any event it amounts to the same: Survival skills in a society that they know they are despised.

        • You’re right but my point is a larger one — the survival skills include being mentally, educationally and financially prepared to flee the home nation at a moment’s notice. Not all Jews are wise in this way. Over time, the genes of the unwise ones die out — or rather, are killed off. Over time the wise genes have produced a population of astonishingly high IQ.

          • Gosh. So many good points going back and forth here! (This site is a heck of a lot smarter than YouTube!) Following up on what you said, it should be noted that it was primarily the poorer Jews, the tailors and other small shop keepers that the Nazis killed. Most of the wealthier and smarter Jews fled before hand. I have read in a book somewhere, that Stalin probably killed more wealthy and influential Jews than Hitler did. Yes, good points you brought up.

          • Yes, this is a good site for people who can frame positions calmly and factually and then hold rational discussions. Some here are white supremacists but most are simply white race realists. There is some antisemitism but it’s not extreme. The site owner himself, Jared Taylor, points out that the very criteria that make whites superior to blacks and Hispanics also make East Asians superior to whites, and Jews superior to everyone else.


            A lot of wealthy/smart middle and upper class Jews indeed fled Nazi Germany. But a lot didn’t, their attitude being that they were good Germans so nothing bad would happen to them. Well, they were wrong. The Nazis turned on them too, just as the Democrat party and black America are turning on Jews in the USA today.

            This is nothing new — it’s been like this for centuries. It’s always true that eventually the pogroms come, the only questions for wise Jews being a) precisely when to get out and b) where to go next.

      • STEM is much more portable. Law is not portable at all, and medicine needs a license.

        • Law is very portable. You start in the new country as a highly paid legal assistant till you get your own license, if ever. If you never get it then you still earn well. What you learn in law school in two years can be learned in six months in a different country by an experienced attorney once he learns to get by in the local language, which doesn’t take long if you give a damn..

          It’s similar with medicine. My uncle George, a highly paid Austria-trained ENT doctor, fled Hungary during WW2, came to the USA penniless and not speaking a word of English. Fifteen years later he was licensed and Chief of Medicine at a major NYC suburban hospital, and he spoke perfect colloquial English though with an extremely heavy accent..

  • Jason Lewis

    He lost all respect apologizing like that. He had a pulpit that he could have used to make a nice speech on the subject.

    • Quido

      John Wayne in the movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

      “Never apologize mister it makes you look week”

  • guest

    I believe you need to focus more like here and now? I believe it is clearly “racist” not to have had Paula Dean among those “helping” this lad to clean up his mouth!! There was no need for the whole speech control group surrounding this bad mouth kid to be ENTIRELY BLACK—just wait until Eric Holder (or Morris Dees ) faces them off about this lack of color diversity among the tongue guidance posse here….
    and wait…and wait…and wait.

  • ABC

    How embarrassing.

  • Evette Coutier

    That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m going to Starbucks tomorrow and have a public conversation on white privilege and race. I may need one of y’all to bail me out of the pokie.

    • carriewhite64

      Gotcha bail money right here.

  • Zimriel

    My immediate instinct was China under Mao. pīpàn dòuzhēng

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Correction: This frat brat will not commit to fight “racism” the rest of his life. Rather, he is committed to fighting against other white people.

  • InAFreeCountry

    The Apology.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      That’s a bit tacky, but hey, it gets the point across. This photo should be put on the editorial pages of the major newspapers…. and then break out the coke, popcorn and watch CNN commentators have wall to wall coverage about blacks “hurt” feelings.

    • Cindy

      Too bad this kid didn’t learn the lesson that Trey Parker and Matt Stone teach by example all the time: NEVER BACK DOWN.

      • InAFreeCountry

        Even when it came to portraying Mohommad, it was the network that censored it. They are in the unique position of having no fear of a damn thing because they already have theirs and don’t much give a bloody toss. They run the most un-PC show on television.

  • IstvanIN

    He said a silly chant in private and his life has been turned upside down. Unlike most people here I feel sorry for him. He, or his parents, are trying to salvage something of his life. We need our own civil rights organization to protect our right to free speech and sue organizations like the university and the president (Boren).

    • Samuel Hathaway

      the white do-gooder who filmed the chant, knowing the national scandal that would ensue after it was posted on the public internet, ought to be horse-whipped.
      I’ve heard white co-workers use the word NI**G*R and let me tell you, I keep tight lipped about it. One thing I will not do is turn in other white people for anything said offensive about blacks.

      • John Smith

        It helps if you’re all “guilty” of the same thing to help keep everyone silent.

    • brior

      Nutless generation, no sympathy here.

    • John Smith

      The problem is it will not work, so why grovel or dig your own grave before your firing squad?

  • bilderbuster

    Is Levi speaking on behalf of his people or our people?

    • John Smith

      Pettit isn’t a surname I associate with Tribal members.

      • bilderbuster

        Maybe not. But if it quacks like a duck…

  • kikz2


  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    With al those negroes surrounding him, no wonder he was compelled to apologize and fight agaisnt racism.

  • ShermanTMcCoy


  • Stevee

    Sickening, pathetic..

  • carriewhite64

    This craven apology is a disgusting display. Groveling, chastened white boy surrounded by smug/angry black faces. When will people learn that apologies don’t work for anyone’s benefit? I’d like to call him a little sissy, but I’ve seen this same routine play out so many times in America that I’m afraid it’s the go-to stance for frightened white people who accept being publicly berated and humiliated.

    • Epiminondas

      He’s typical of what now ends up in a frat.

      • carriewhite64

        I’m afraid you’re right.

  • Snazzy Snook

    The libtards must’ve gotten to him.. What wuss .. Stand up and have some balls you wuss ..

    • Robert Smith

      You mean his parents?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I wish someone with experience had gotten to this young man before he did this, and told him that this is what the Corrupt Leftist Media and other cultural Marxists do: They pile on “heretics” with massive and negative publicity and attempt to make you “walk it back” or submit to the equivalent of a Moscow “Show-Trial,” eventually generating a heavily-publicized public apology.

    He was overwhelmed by the negative publicity — for the first time in his life — and so he grabbed his ankles and bent over for them. However, if he thinks this will end the assault he is badly mistaken.

    Trent Lott experienced much the same thing, before the gutless Republicans removed him from the Senate Majority Leader position. After that, it’s been a free-fall for him, losing both a promised lucrative job as a lobbyist for agriculture, and then having his application rejected for President of Ole Miss.

    This technique of the Corrupt Leftist Media only works if you let them intimidate you. If you tell them that you “…don’t care what the n*gs, J**s, communists, q**ers, feminists or other traitors” think, they will leave you alone. They do NOT want other, like-minded individuals to see courageous individuals stand up to them and show them nothing but contempt. However, if they smell blood, you are in trouble.

    Been there, done that…

  • brior

    Notice how the blacks lead him in holding both arms like they own him, then positioning themselves around him with their smug victim-hood faces …. BARF.

  • ElComadreja

    “I’ll be a good little n***er lover from now on”. What a punk. He’d probably let them sodomize him.

  • Nonhumans

    When it comes down to it, who really gives two chips about their forgiveness? Sometimes you have to take the horns by the bull.
    He could have went with the flow up until the public apology, then said what everyone knows but that needs to be said about the blacks very publicly.
    I generally speak pretty openly about the realities of race. When the discussions become elevated, its pretty easy to resolve that the blacks wouldn’t become so offended about their stereotypes and labels if they were not genuinely guilty of so many of the behaviors and crimes that they are known for.

  • John Smith

    At least own it you wuss. You’re blacklisted (is that ray-ciss?) anyway.

  • zamzow

    This is straight out of Marxism 101…arrest……confession……re education. He was ARRESTED by the MSM and the head of OU….He is CONFESSING publicly on the MSM in front of his nation….and of course right on time he is devoting his new life to his RE EDUCATION. A simple formula really…….. Marxism 101 works every time !!!

  • AFlaVet

    Cowardly little mommies punk. Just one more embarrassing white boy to crucify.

  • groidle