A ‘Black Tax’ at Charlotte’s Ritz-Carlton?

Karen Grigsby Bates, NPR, March 5, 2015

A Charlotte news station reported on Monday that the Ritz-Carlton, one of prosperous uptown Charlotte’s swankiest hotels, added what looks suspiciously like a black tax to the lobby bar tabs of patrons in town last week for the CIAA, the popular mega-tournament for basketball teams at historically black colleges and universities from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

Charlotte resident Patrice Wright and her husband Tony stopped into the Ritz’s Lobby Bar as they often do on Friday nights, to unwind and recap the week over drinks before going home. When the bill came for two mixed drinks, two bourbon Manhattans, and a basket of sweet potato fries, Wright noticed an extra $10.20 fee in addition to the regular tax, something called CIAA SVC CHRG.


Wright says she goes to social events around town several times a month, many of them in the city’s hotels, and she’d never seen an additional tariff like this. She pointed it out to Tony, but he was ready to leave and didn’t want a big scene. They paid up and walked out, but it bugged Patrice all the way home. She’d never seen anything like that during past CIAA weeks. “Do they not want us here?” she wondered.

She posted the receipt on Facebook to see if anyone else had the same suspicions, and it quickly went viral. A Ritz representative left her number on Wright’s page and asked her to call to discuss the matter. Wright did, several times, “but I only got voicemails. She never called back.”

A lot of ticked-off black Charlotteans think the tax was added because CIAA is largely a black event, and there is, in some quarters, a belief that black folk do not tip as well as they should. Or at all.

Wright says she knows about the perception that blacks don’t tip, and she and her friends don’t want to be put in that bucket, so when they go out–which is often–they tip liberally.

Now, studies like this one from Cornell University’s “hotel school” say it’s true that in general, middle-income and lower-income black folk don’t tip as much as white patrons, but it doesn’t say anything about high-income black folk. While the CIAA crowd is multi-generational–young alumni of the historically black colleges show up–the largest and most coveted segment is older alum and basketball fans who come from near and far for annual mini-reunions, prepared to spend serious money to enjoy themselves. Over the five-day event, it’s very common to spot the kinds of expensive accessories (watches, shoes, handbags) and luxe autos you’d find in glossy luxury magazines.

In other words, this is not an unsophisticated crowd, and given the negative perceptions about blacks and tipping, it’s easier to imagine them over-tipping than leaving pennies on the table.


The Charlotte Ritz refused to answer whether this was standard practice, according to local station WBTV. {snip}

It did, however, release a statement to WBVT and its sister media outlet, the Charlotte Observer. “Due to the size of the CIAA event, we instituted a modest 15% service charge for our lobby beverage servers, on whom the event places significant demands throughout the weekend,” the statement explained. It did not address whether a similar tariff was applied to other huge gatherings, such as Speed Street, an annual, NASCAR-related downtown festival whose patrons tend to be overwhelmingly white.

The CIAA is no small potatoes. According to the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, the event pulls in tens of thousands of people annually. Many stay in the city’s hotels and spend big on dining, drinking, entertainment and shopping. The CRVA says as many as 100,000 people enjoy the games, the parties, and other events built around the tournament. {snip}


As for the Wrights, they say they tipped on top of the CIAA tariff “because we always tip,” says Patrice, and because they didn’t want the server to get stiffed in case the CIAA SVC CHRG didn’t end up going to them. As of this writing, the Ritz still has not returned Patrice Wright’s call, or apologized for her experience. For now, she and her husband are enjoying their Friday night drinks at home. But she wants the Ritz to consider this:

“Money is green, regardless of the hand that’s transferring it. Sometimes you don’t know how your actions are going to impact your organization.”

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  • Murphcon

    It’s not a black tax. It’s the only way to get them to tip.

    • SentryattheGate

      Ever see the movie CRASH? Starts out with 2 black guys, leaving w/o tipping the (black) waitress, cuz of racism!

      • Nancy

        Excellent movie. My favorite line was between the black guy and his “Hispanic” girlfriend were arguing. She was angry because people assume she’s Mexican when she’s really part Puerto Rican/ part Salvadoran. So he replies:

        “Ah. Well then I guess the big mystery is, who gathered all those remarkably different cultures together and taught them all how to park their cars on their lawns?”


        • My favorite line was when the dingbat negress shrank from the white cop was: “That’s gasoline ma’am, and we’ve got to get you out of here.”

    • johningermany

      When I was in the taxi business business in the 80s and early 90s we called the extra 1$ we charged negroes the MAAGS program. It stood for: “Mandatory african american gratuity surcharge.” We didn’t have meters and no one ever found out.Trust me . Blacks don’t tip.

      • SentryattheGate

        Some blacks will even admit that; like the one that worked with my daughter at a restaurant.

        • newscomments70

          There was a youtube rant starring a black waitress. She said the same thing, in many colorful terms.

      • Murphcon

        I drove a cab in the late 80’s too in Las Vegas. We were lucky there because you had at least a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of a tip with a black passenger.

        You could never pre judge them individually because you couldn’t tell who the tippers were going to be. I remember one week when the only game in town was a convention of 10,000 black Elks. All of the drivers including the black guys were complaining. They stayed through the busy weekend and when they tried to leave on Sunday morning, there were hundreds of them waiting for a cab to the airport. The cabs were driving past their hotel to get a ride from one of the other hotels. The few guys who were trying to help them gave up because the Elks were getting pissed off. A lot of Elks missed their planes that day.

        • sonofseawolf

          hi murphcon,
          there was a “negro” event the other month here in lv at the hoarleans. the line waiting for transport to the lvcc was long… as it should be. anyway one of my unfortunate cab buddies dropped there and was loaded. they began to immedatly cry to him. he told me he said i have nothing against blacks but you dont tip. that at least shut them up and still no tip. this person is the one that started me on hating. before that i wasnt like this. that and having to drivecab in lv as part of my genitrifacation.

          protect yourself at all times 14 5

    • Speedy Steve

      Karen Grigsby Bates works for NPR. She’s their token quatroon:

      • TheAntidote


        • AmandaTrebiano

          She’s not a Quadroon. She’s half and half.

  • Alden

    They don’t tip and harass, bully and drive the servers crazy as everyone knows. The noise drives away other customers.

    • je suis paganisme

      Not only do they not tip, as a rule, when they are patrons, but I have seen the credit-card tip that I had left to one black waitress CHANGED on my credit card report.

      In other words, a tip of $3.50 magically became $8.50, by the waitress’s act of making two small semi-circular marks.

      My credit card company was promptly send copies of my receipts, which I keep when a feel within my soul that something is not, or is not going to be, quite right.

  • Russell Watson

    It’s to help defray the cost of repairs and clean-up after they leave.

    • APaige

      “Do they not want us here?” If you have to ask…

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    Someone should come up with an insurance protection coverage plan for black violence.

    • John Smith

      Think any company would be stupid enough to underwrite such a policy unless forced to or subsidized by fedgod?

    • USofAntiWhite

      They did. It’s called Smith & Wesson.

    • Harry

      It would have to be worded in such a manner that “it not be raycis” but the customer still understands what it is for. ‘Civil Disobedience Coverage’ or something like that. I would imagine that coverage of that type can be purchased; you would just have to let the insurance company know your concerns.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I could’ve sworn the white people already gave you people a perfectly great hotel. What did you do to it?

  • jwilders50

    Lol blacks don’t tip.

    Everyone knows this. That is what the charge is for. I say good for them.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go to the bar.

    • TruthBeTold

      Blacks are always looking for any reason not to tip:

      • Hahaha

        “please do not assume that because we are young and black, a tip will not be received.”

        And then they proceed not to tip…

        Gotta love black logic!

        • TruthBeTold

          I say it all the time. Stereotypes persist because they’re true.

          I love how the writing tries to be objectively formal but comes off as being stereotypical ‘black-speak’.

          And the justification. ‘The service was great but I think you’re a racist’ is just an excuse to not tip.

          And as for getting the check after another couple. I go to a Chinese buffet once in a while. I’m always seeing the waiters putting checks on tables out of order. I get my check before someone who was there before me. I never thought to make it an issue.

          • Michael Robert Ryan

            “I say it all the time. Stereotypes persist because they’re true.”

            Indeed. As an old Russian proverb states, “When three people tell you you’re drunk, it’s time to go home and go to bed.”

        • Michael Robert Ryan

          Indeed. That note would have hit much closer to home if it had been accompanied by an unusually generous tip. Heaping coals of fire upon heads and all that. But, that average black is simply not sophisticated enough to understand this.

      • Harry

        “The Caucasian couple in front of us came in behind us. However, they received their check first and their table cleaned off??”
        What would that have to do with discrimination? Maybe the “Caucasian” couple’s order was quicker and easier put out. That the sow took the time to write a nasty note to justify her niggardly manner is a trip.

      • HE2

        Great scam, and that is what this is.
        Must remember to give it a go if I ever dine out again.

      • Tim

        Reminds me of the old bartenders joke… Tip-An extortion note veiled as a Thank-you.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        No tip on a $160 bill! God, I’d cry. Just nasty.

        And there’s plenty of reasons why they didn’t get their check first, including the simple reason that the white couple knew they were winding down and THOUGHT TO ASK FOR IT first. Cleaning the table first could be a simple matter of needing to clear the table immediately for the next on the waitlist.

        All this tells you is these blacks have never waited tables, and have no appreciation at all for that waiter’s work.

    • Speedy Steve

      Go to QT and buy a 40 oz Malt Liquor.

  • MekongDelta69

    Blacks are the worst tippers on the planet. Ask any waiter or waitress.

    Therefore, I don’t see a problem here.

    Do you?!

    • Race Heretic

      I hear Indians are worse.

      • John Smith

        They sure try to haggle for every last thing. Check out Pacino’s “Patel” rant from “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

        • Race Heretic

          Haha I hear they (Desi/India Indians) are awful to do business with (intransigent and unwilling to compromise), but I meant feathers and not dots.

        • Harry

          A Great movie. I think that Pacino should have written into to the scene when Alec Baldwin was giving the other salesmen a “pep talk” but still, an excellent film.

          • DiversityIsDeath

            Yes, great movie, and no negroes!

      • InAFreeCountry

        Indians are likely to tip, but not well. Blacks are not likely to tip at all.
        Edit: This is for dots; I don’t have experience with feathers so much.

      • Nancy

        Back in the Stone Age when I was waiting tables, it was Blacks, hands-down. I remember serving Mestizos, Indians, and Asians, but NOBODY wanted Blacks at their station, so the hostesses knew (out of fairness) to rotate the Black seating: If I got a 4-top of Blacks, the next group of blacks would go to another section, even if I had a table available.

        Otherwise, the hostess would hear my big mouth (and the other waiters). The gay waiters in particular hated to serve the Blacks. Of course, this was around 1988, when it was easier to complain about things like that.

    • Speedy Steve

      stainedapron dot com

  • WR_the_realist

    Obviously the hotel knew that black people don’t tip, so added in the service charge so their waiters and bus boys could get paid.

  • Larry Klein

    Wasn’t there a story about Lesean McCoy or some such millionaire football player who tipped zero dollars on a huge bill him and his entourage incurred at a restaurant?

    • David Jones

      I think it was Floyd Mayweather after one of his fights.

      • I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if there were countless examples of millionaire sports star/rapper, and … well, that about covers the “careers” in which you can find millionaire blacks, not tipping a cent on a huge bill.

        • probably detected a microagression in the service somewhere.

          • AmandaTrebiano

            Naw–everyone knows white waitresses be raciss

    • RaySist27

      Yes it was McCoy. He tipped 20 cents on a bill I believe was over $400. What a piece of crap.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        The dopey SOB probably didn’t know the difference between 20 cents and 20 percent.

      • I always dump the change out of my pocket when I tip, but I also always leave 15 to 20 percent. The change will wind up in the restaurant’s cash register at the end of the evening, where it does them more good than in my pocket the next day.

    • john boggs

      It was LeSean McCoy. The owner of the restaurant actually wrote an editorial in the Philly Daily News getting his server’s back. McCoy had some lame-assed excuse about bad service, highly doubtful considering how Americans fawn over their sports “heroes”. I may not be telling the story correctly as I do not give a rat’s ass about pro sports so therefore did not pay much attention when the incident occurred. However, I do remember people talking about it around town.

  • Larry Klein

    Go on backpage and count the number of escorts with the phrase “sorry no black men” in their ad. They aren’t racist per se, it’s just that black men are a major in pain in the @ss. Haggling, wanting services for free, and predictably playing the race card when the lady doesn’t comply. Of course this is probably what Holder, Arne Duncan and the rest of the administration’s fanatics would call “disparate impact.” The heck with the facts, as long as the outcomes are not equal we will continue to cite racism as the cause.

    • TheCogitator

      There will always be disparate impacts because they are not our equals and therefore the outcomes will not be equal. It can’t be any different.

      • bv

        Well said.

    • Jaggers

      I wouldn’t put it past Holder to go after discriminatory prostitutes as his next big case.

    • John Smith

      Of course, there will be the smacking them around and stiffing them on the trick to worry about as well.

    • There’s also the fact that a black john is probably a bit more likely to beat the hell out of you after the “escourting” and steal whatever money the girl was foolish enough to bring with her.

      And the increased rates of STD’s among blacks, combined with the chance that they may decide just to rape you without protection.

      Also, you know, the increased likelyhood that you may end up dead. The escorts can’t afford to be politically correct, when their life and livelihood is on the line.

      • AmandaTrebiano

        40% of the black community is HIV positive or has AIDS. Medical fact and I know because I’m a retired medical professional. A combative bleeding black in my emergency room is going to bleed out before ANY of us get near enough to get splashed. If you fight me when I’m trying to help you, I’m going on to the next patient and you will lay there WITH NO PAIN MEDS until I deign to come back or until you bleed enough to pass out no matter what color you are.

    • Harry

      Your post sparked me to look at Backpage escort ads in San Diego. The second one that I read had:

      • meanqueen

        How is it that these businesses aren’t getting sued for “discrimination”?

        • AmandaTrebiano

          It’s an illegal business. I’m guessing that discrimination suits have no chance of being collected upon.

    • Rurik

      Increased STD risk?

  • Ethan Allen

    $18 for a mixed drink with the ‘house’ bourbon? I couldn’t afford to drink there.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      When I bartended, I used to tell one of the black regulars–“I’ll even charge you the White price.”

      • dd121

        Sure that was a goof. haha

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          “Hide the Hennessey and crank up the Metallica” was my motto. It kept most of them away.

          • Weisheit77

            During college I worked at a conference center on campus helping do setups. The black groups routinely overstayed their paid for time. After about 45 minutes of that behavior we’d start cleaning to death and black metal. You would have thought someone set lions loose in the building they got out of their so quickly.

          • Speedy Steve

            And turn off all the sports TV.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Nope. NHL and NASCAR as much as possible.

          • AmandaTrebiano

            Metallica is good but George Jones and Hank Williams are a better repellent.

    • notaliberal

      You could if you had an EBT card.

    • Speedy Steve

      For $25 I can go to the ABC Store and get 1.75 liters of Raynal, which is way better than Hennessy.

      • I can get bottom shelf vodka for about $11 for 1.75L. We mostly drink homebrewed cider, which comes out at about 10% and costs approximately $3 a gallon to make.

        • Speedy Steve

          Be careful with cider, though. I continues to ferment in the barrel and the alcohol content gets higher, but the downside is that it methylates and over-consumption can lead to blindness.

  • SentryattheGate

    Ever see the movie Crash? Starts off with a scene with 2 blacks walking off w/o tipping the waitress, and justifying it cuz of racism. The movie is about the breakdown of society (LA) due to all the distrust engendered by diversity.

  • RacialRay

    White micro-reparations, yo.

  • Vito Powers

    Seems like a win-win for the Ritz. The surcharge keeps the Negroes out and makes the dining facilities much more attractive for whites. It’s worth the extra money to dine out in a Negro-free environment. Maybe it will make people think about the good old days when “separate but equal” was the law of the land.

    • John Smith

      Yeah, I know that when I see a large crowd of negroes anywhere, I’m bailing out, not going in. You can bet that the white patrons are nowhere to be found and that’s a hell of a lot more business they’re losing than gaining with cheap, entitled blacks, no matter how much they earn.

  • Susannah

    I worked in a restaurant while in college, and all the “stereotypes” about black patrons are absolutely true. On average, they are louder, ruder, and messier than anyone else. And the concept of tipping is anathema to them. Only once did I obtain a halfway-decent tip from a black customer, and he was also flirtatious and plastered.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Try working in a strip club with black customers. Ugh!

      • One Shot Beaudine

        You were working your way through law school, right?

      • Ethan Allen

        I would rather die.

      • AmandaTrebiano

        OMG. What a living hell that must be.

    • dd121

      In a free society you could refuse to wait on them. Sigh.

    • AmandaTrebiano

      Stereotypes BECOME Stereotypes because they are TRUE.

  • dd121

    Blacks are always looking for a new angle to claim victim-hood. Seriously?

  • Nancy

    It doesn’t matter HOW wealthy they are…blacks are terrible tippers.

    On a side note: When I was in high school, the swankiest restaurants would automatically add 15% to their checks, because they didn’t trust teenagers to tip properly. Also, when I waitressed in college at Bennigans one summer, it was standard to add a 15% gratuity for tables of 10 or more.

    They need to get over themselves.

    And to the question, “Do they not want us here?” The answer is NO.

    A local petting zoo allowed a black radio station to come there and broadcast one Saturday years ago. The manager of the zoo says she didn’t realize the station was an all-black R&B station (I believe it, as the manager told me this story personally, and she’s a good ol’ country gal). She said because the station offered some reduced-fee tickets as a promo, the blacks swarmed the place. It took them weeks to clean and repair the zoo, and months for the broken trees and branches to grow back, and days before any of the bunnies were brave enough to come out from their hiding holes. The manager swore “never again”, and will lie to urban schools who try to schedule field trips there. She says she won’t have more than two or three black class per week during the busy season, to give the animals a break.

    • John Smith

      They probably can’t do the math. I worked a second job selling auto parts at one time and one of the white HS kids doing oil changes couldn’t do percentages and he wasn’t exceptionally stupid, at least average by speaking with him. So I and a young mechanic tried to help him out by quizzing him and explaining the concepts to him, but his teachers failed him and he probably took votech courses because they dumped him there, rather than help him get the concepts he needed. Too bad he was already a Senior. Imagine the issues he’ll have with tipping, getting home and car loans, etc.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        It may not be an issue of teaching. Some of us just cannot do it, period. Math disability, maybe (which runs in my family); or just being bad at it, despite otherwise being bright.

        I was in remedial math help ALL through grammar school. Plus my parents did extra work with me in the summer. Never helped – I cannot do arithmetic very well. I still struggle even with subtraction. I can understand math CONCEPTS fine though, and got honors in math if they let me use a calculator for the “basic” stuff. I can manage some calculus with a basic calculator. Without that, I’d get bogged down fast.

        For tipping, I generally try to find out the price well in advance so I have LOTS of time to think about it. I usually carry a device with a calculator as well. If I’m really not sure, I default to 25% (since I can at least usually manage half and half again), as I would rather be more on the generous side than the cheap side accidentally.

        I’ve had (rather rude, frankly) older people say things to me before when they realize how terrible I am at the basics, like, “What would you have done if you had belonged to MY generation? We didn’t have calculators!”

        To which my response has generally been, “I would have been that village idiot who was notably bad at it.”

        • John Smith

          I don’t buy that something pretty basic like this can’t be taught to a person of average or above intelligence. They may never get beyond basic algebra, but they can make it that far at least, though they may never be quick about it either.

          Percentages CAN be taught, given extra effort on the part of teachers and students. This kid could do it, but he was confused by the terminology, apparently, not the basic idea of taking a hundredth part of a number or a multiple thereof. He was better when we phrased questions like take 5% of 600 as “what is 600/100? now multiply that by 5” and “what is 48/10” instead of “what’s 10% of 48.” I know my own math skills diminish greatly beyond differential calculus, so it isn’t like higher math is a natural for me, unlike basic math.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            O…kay. Sounds like the guy in question just wasn’t taught properly, yeah, but for some people it will not make a difference. What you just said was jibberish to me, for instance. You can choose to believe I’m stupid, I guess. You wouldn’t be the first.

          • John Smith

            I didn’t say it wouldn’t take time or be easy, but I think it’s doable. Getting math requires building on the last step and I feel that too many are pushed along before they’re ready, which compounds failure. You are probably one of those people who wasn’t allowed to “get it.”

          • BlueSonicStreak

            You have a very “can do” attitude, John. I appreciate your encouragement and positivity, even though I don’t think what you are proposing would help.

            While there are certainly places I may have slipped through the cracks in school (I remember time concepts being one of those), my parents were generally VERY involved, and caught the slips (I did clock worksheets they gave me at home). I was tutored every month of the year in math. At the risk of sounding like a braggart, my IQ has tested into the 98th percentile (99th on some tests) – yet I have enough trouble with subtraction to have major difficulty with change.

            Additionally, I said I can usually pick up concepts well; but I forget the concepts. You might be able to teach me some mathematical concept, and I would understand – for a few hours. But I forget math facts faster than anything else, and no amount of practice, repetition or drill has ever corrected that. (E.g. I still struggle with reading analog clock faces, and live by digital watches. Reading a clock face frequently involves pointing to each number while painstakingly counting by fives. I also mix up the hands. Conversely, my father taught me some calculus in fifth grade, and I had no trouble understanding it.)

            Maybe I’m hammering on this too much. People here sometimes mention criticisms of the current public school system and how the curriculum is taught; and I’m generally in strong agreement. I’ve hated the public school system for YEARS. I think much of Western schooling has suffered a terrible dumbing-down. (I’m not sure what “Common Core” is in America, but it sounds nightmarish from up north.) We no longer teach Latin and Greek, phonics, formal instruction of poetry, much in-depth study of Shakespeare…I think we are poorer for all of that. I think earlier generations than the past couple received a much more solid grounding.

            But earlier generations also knew much less about LDs, and that is my only point. As I said, it does sound like your young friend just didn’t get the instruction he needed. So this whole discussion doesn’t apply. But it MIGHT have been something deeper. I’d rather have both – better instruction based on a more classic curriculum, AND a more modern recognition of the nature of certain handicaps.

  • Luca

    Many, many restaurants state that they automatically add 15-18% for large parties or special events. This is common practice.

    Leave it up to a negro to turn that into a racial incident. Leave it up to liberals to write a sob story about it.

  • Cato

    ” Over the five-day event, it’s very common to spot the kinds of
    expensive accessories (watches, shoes, handbags) and luxe autos you’d
    find in glossy luxury magazines.”

    Well, yeah–blacks are always in major status-display mode. Take a look on the road: who’s driving that old-model BMW or Mercedes or Lexus? Almost always a black. They spend all of what they earn on display goods, saving nothing, and have a net worth of zero. But tipping is not a status-display good. And since blacks have low empathy they don’t feel any guilt about stiffing the server.

    • John Smith

      I had a friend who was a service writer and he said these kinds think that repairs on their 10 y/o luxury vehicle should be cheap for some reason and not understand that not only are they not cheap, but you’ll need more of them as the problems creep up, which they usually do in European vehicles. To be fair, there were also a number of stupid whites who drove these Eurojunkers as well.

      • I imagine a fair number of those stupid whites chose to drive “Eurojunkers” because they were amazing cars which could be bought at a good price, and quite often it was the labor, and not parts which were prohibitively expensive as far as maintenance and repairs. Labor costs which you don’t need to pay if you’re willing to get your hands dirty doing your own replacement work.

        I had an e36 m3 (1995 – 2000?) A few years ago which was easily one of the best cars I’ve ever owned (to include several late model and much more expensive vehicles) it was an absolute dream to drive, got fantastic mileage for the power under the hood, looked absolutely beautiful, and when I initially bought it, I spent $300 to do the $8000 worth of work the bmw dealership said it needed. (I also spent about 5 years looking before i found the car inwas looking for in suitable condition, and travelled cross country to purchase it, whereas a black will buy the first hooptie he sees with a mercedes, audi, or bmw emblem.)

        The difference with blacks is they’ll overpay on an older vehicle in absolutely horrendous condition, and then proceed to never perform any maintenance, to include simple oil changes, and then be confused when they blow a head gasket and they need to pay someone thousands to fix it.

        In my more naieve younger years I actually tried to help older blacks clustered around an obviously broken vehicle in a parking lot once or twice, only to see oil in the coolant reservoir, tattered and frayed belts hanging by a thread, batteries leaking acid, etc. At which point I had to simply walk away shaking my head. They are utterly and completely oblivious to the whole concept of preventative maintenance, as anyone who has soent some time in a garage can likely attest.

        Of course, there ARE stupid whites who drive “eurojunkers” as well, but from what I’ve personally seen, there are quite a few more individuals who are simply enthusiasts who care for their vehicle.

        • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

          The whites can figure out how to fix stuff themselves for cheap. The colored folks can’t do it or are too lazy to do it the right way.

        • John Smith

          VW/Audi/Porsche, BMWs, Mercs all require special tools as well to work on (triple square drivers, for instance). Older BMWs are supposedly easier than many to work on, at least e30s, but the newer ones require special tools to even replace a belt, IIRC, with precious little room to do it before you’re hitting the radiator. Older S-classes came with air suspension that even skilled master mechanics don’t want to touch if they haven’t been specifically trained on it.

          A few of these white owners are enthusiasts, but most are just people who can’t afford a new one and every bit as stupid as the majority of new model BMW owners surveyed by the company who think their cars are FWD; most new BMWs sold (actually, most are leased) are low content models with only leather seats and automatic transmissions that were purchased solely as status symbols. Enthusiasts are almost dead, as indicated by the low take rate of standard transmissions.

      • I bought a 1 yr old used SAAB many years ago. It was a very solid car and with good maintenance served me quite well for 14 years after purchase. Eventually it was totaled when some teenagers hit it (and me) in the side while they were driving at high speed. The investigating officer said I would have been killed had I been driving a Japanese car.

        • John Smith

          M-B, Range Rover and BMW have some of the worst depreciation rates in the business, over 30% in the first year. SAABs used to be better regarded, back before GM destroyed them, but I still think European vehicles are mostly a hoax regarding reliability.

          My mother bough a Volvo 244GL wagon back in the ’80s that she, fortunately, ended up rolling over on the drive home one night (the cops also saying she was lucky it was a Volvo) and got rid of it after fixing it. It was a POS to start with (other than the seats and Blaupunkt radio, which were both excellent), with things like the A/C, power windows and brakes having constant problems. State Farm recommended some negro-owned bodyshop to fix it and you can just tell how well that went – negroes are only good at taking apart cars, not putting them back together. In any case, Subarus are the spiritual successors to Volvo and SAAB, with a reputation for safety, reliability and quirkiness and appeal to the same suburban liberal demographic that puts world peace, Amnesty International and save the whales stickers everywhere. All never seemed to really deserve to be considered reliable, IMO, at least not like Honda or Toyota.

          • I am very, VERY fond of Saturn SL-2’s. Sure, they burn oil, but one simply changes it more often. My only gripe is the position of the oil filter, which means I have to take off the passenger’s side front wheel to swap it out. It should be noted that GM also ruined Saturn.

          • I always thought the reason the libs like Volvos was because they thought of them as some sort of totem. Since Volvos were a product of the world’s “shining” example of an anti-white white-run social democracy, they thought that if they drove one, that’s what we would become.

          • John Smith

            I’m sure that was part of it.

          • Neuday

            It worked!

    • Nancy

      When asked if he/she doesn’t feel badly about stiffing the waiter who worked so hard to serve them, the black responds:

      “SO? He ain’t ME!”

    • Spikeygrrl

      Q: What do you call a Negro driving a luxury car?
      A: A Grand Theft felony.

    • Christorchaos

      In their defense, they need these luxury items in order to distinguish themselves from the “street blacks”.

  • Over the five-day event, it’s very common to spot the kinds of expensive accessories (watches, shoes, handbags) and luxe autos you’d find in glossy luxury magazines.

    Duh, blacks love to bling out at the expense of necessities.

    • We are expected to pay for their necessities, because “dey be starbin”. I like fishing, and it is possible to spend almost nothing making one’s own tackle. I have been making modular fishing spear tips out of scrap steel. Each socket is composed of a three-inch section of 3/4-inch i.d. scrap conduit. A 3/16-inch nut is welded onto a washer, and the washer is welded onto the conduit after the galvanized finish is stripped off (I am not keen on breathing cadmium fumes). The shank for each tip is made from scrap steel rod stock, with one end I thread by hand using a threading die. I weld the tips (machined from more scrap steel) onto these shanks after cutting out a groove in the shank and the machined tip so they interlock before I start welding. I hot-blue the finished parts to prevent rusting. With a shorter, blunt end and a detachable tip, the same shaft functions as a harpoon; I would very much like to take a trip to Florida or Louisiana for alligator hunting, and a harpoon seems the best bet.

      We have now two rattan shafts for these, with four sockets, but I can turn out as many interchangeable tips as I like, until I run out of material, and I will probably find more.

      The joy of planning out a project and then building it is incomparably superior to just buying something. My wife likes sewing, and does completely amazing work. She’s small, and good office clothes in her size are expensive in the USA, so she makes them. There is a level of pride in a finely finished product one has made from scratch that nobody can purchase.

      Class is not what one has, but what one does. What these Afritards are doing is impersonation. They want to look like genuine people, but they aren’t, and never can be, so they buy flashy trinkets, and they will never have enough.

      President Oogabooga once read “You didn’t build that” off his teleprompter. My rebuttal is “Oh, yes we did.” I woke up before dawn and am waiting until 10:00 AM before starting up the machine tools, just so I don’t bother the neighbors. I look much younger than almost 49 because I completely understand that my work will never be done.

  • John Smith

    Even high income blacks don’t tip well. Didn’t Charlie Sheen send some waitress a big check after some negro sports star stiffed her a while back? I’m sure he had lotsa bling going on as well….

  • TruthBeTold

    “Do they not want us here?” she wondered.

    Can you handle an honest answer?

  • IstvanIN

    it’s very common to spot the kinds of expensive accessories (watches, shoes, handbags) and luxe autos you’d find in glossy luxury magazines.
    Gaudy cars and handbags make these people “sophisticated”??????

    • Kit Ingoldby

      As sophisticated as a magpie picking up tinsel and aluminium foil off the side of the street.

      • Absolutely brilliant comment.

      • IstvanIN

        Don’t insult magpies, thank you.

      • “We gots ta be haben dat shiny ting, gnome sane?”

        • kikz2

          here in Dallas, when Neon Deion Sanders was in his hey day w/the Cowboys, and long before he got into the black education scam.. he opened a chain of preowned dealerships geared specifically to blacks… expensive cars, i guess much of his inventory came from the NFL’ers who are notorious for goin’ through their millions like water….? driverselect….

          speakin’ of…. now they’re all into Mercedes…. can’t count the number of blacks in newer Mercedes i see round here….

    • Douglas Quaid

      Every time I see a large new model SUV with the windows tinted its almost always inhabited by a group of blacks, undoubtedly on a payment plan.

      • AmandaTrebiano

        There’s a reason GM doesn’t update the design of their Escalade–no one can tell the age of the vehicle–and NOTHING depreciates faster than an Escalade or a Chrysler 300.

  • IceQueen

    That blacks don’t tip is not a perception, it is a reality. I turned tables years ago, and blacks were the lowest tippers, if they tipped at all. And to make it worse, they ran you ragged. Get me this, get me that, one thing at a time. Rude, selfish, and childish. A popular game was to say the server made a mistake on the order, so they could get it free. One black guy plucked a hair off his arm and put it in his food after he’d eaten most of it, so he could have it free. All the “dine and dash” folk were black. I quit, giving up good benefits, because I couldn’t stand being treated like garbage anymore.

    • dd121

      I think that’s just an expression of feeling dissed for so now long. Now it’s a sense of entitlement. No matter how much money some of these negro entertainers have, they just can’t buy class.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      When it comes to bars & nightclubs, they also make a big stink about paying a cover charge and having to show ID. If a group of them come in after being “forced” to pay a cover charge, they may not even order anything; if they do order, it’s often two (or more) sharing the same bottle or drink.

    • We only eat out three times a year, on our birthdays and anniversary. It’s a sushi place in Longmont, CO. If we ever see a black waiter or diner there, we will never go back.

  • InAFreeCountry

    It’s odd that a swanky joint would do this, no matter the makeup of the clientele for the particular event. I have done Speed Street several times, but can’t afford the Ritz-Carlton, so I can’t confirm nor deny a NASCAR tax. I have only used their lobby phone to call a cab.

    • Not odd at all, especially for a “swanky joint” the management of upper class establishments will often do this in order to guarantee a decent tip for the waitstaff/servers, so that they dont become disgruntled after repeated no or low tipping customers and lower the quality of service.

      Also, the types who can afford places such as this on a regular basis typically dont pay a lot of attention to what is for them, a miniscule bill, they merely swipe a card and go, so again, the guaranteed minimum tip is an easy way for the establishment to pay the waitstaff a decent wage, without the actual pay coming from their own income.

  • Earl Turner

    As someone who delivered pizzas for years when I was younger, I can tell you it is the absolute truth. Blacks do not tip.

  • BillMiller66

    “There is, in some quarters, a belief that black folk do not tip as well as they should. Or at all.” “Some quarters” meaning those of us who have worked in the hospitality industry.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    “In other words, this is not an unsophisticated crowd, and given the
    negative perceptions about blacks and tipping, it’s easier to imagine
    them over-tipping than leaving pennies on the table.” [QUOTE]

    Attention: author of this article– This isn’t about what you conveniently “imagine”. This is about the reality that negroes do not tip, regardless of how “sophisticated” you think they are.

    • Douglas Quaid

      It’s always funny to read the lengths to which these guys will go to defend dysfunctional black behavior.

  • Speedy Steve

    Whites had to pay that tax, too. Suck it up you buppies.

  • Large groups are always given that 15% surcharge because nobody tips.

  • mikefromwichita

    Hmmmmm, the extra charges might be to cover the potential damages and required increased security from an influx of blacks.

  • pcmustgo

    I’ve done catering/bartending work before for private events… my middle/upper middle class Black customers/clients ALWAYS tipped, insisted on it…. over-compensating almost… They seemed to want to go out of their way to not be “stereotypical”… Like they were hyper-aware of black’s reputation as bad tippers… And no racial abuse from them either… my worst clients were East Indians (racial abuse).

    • meanqueen

      That’s good to know.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I would have wondered if that was the case. More intelligent people are frequently hyper-aware of the stereotypes of their group.

      I’ve spent years in the food/beverage industry and noticed that when free samples are available, fat people are generally VERY careful to take VERY modest samples, and make it a point to be polite about offering thanks for it. Same thing, I imagine.

  • Ella

    When you stay at 4-5 star resorts, they will nickel and dime you to death and even charge additionally for microwaves in the room. What do you expect when you want luxury, pampering and scenery at the bar or hotel room? This is the Ritz!

  • Raydonn

    First and foremost, they shouldn’t be in a Ritz Carlton, period.

  • crockadoodle6

    The ‘tip’ the blacks provided is that they left the bar.

  • I always tip in cash, simply because if the waiter or waitress doesn’t want to report it on their tax return, this makes it easy for them.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I worked my way through college waiting tables. NEVER got a tip from a black party no matter how hard I tried. That’s why the Denny’s servers that got slammed as a bunch of racists didn’t wait on black parties. White parties who don’t tip don’t get waited on either, it’s not about black, it’s about GREEN and the hotel employees probably refused to work without a 15% auto-grat, I know I wouldn’t have.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    Me too. You only have to be a victim of identity theft ONCE to never use plastic again.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I have a friend who told me about the City of Biloxi hosting “Black Spring Break” back in the 90s. She said it was unbelievable–they spent no money, brought their own beer, slept in their cars, had sex everywhere in public, treated the entire town as their own personal latrine, threw their garbage everywhere and got arrested at an alarming rate. The PD was overwhelmed and Biloxi would not let them come back the following year.

    • brior

      Same with black bike week at Myrtle beach, Except the city and NAACP threatened to prosecute any business owner who closed their doors.

      • Carney3

        Just makes my blood boil. You’re not allowed to escape.

    • kikz2

      it’s what they do.. as well as trash hotels, when they do stay.. that’s commonly known..

  • chuck_2012

    Nothing racist in levying a surcharge for large groups or specific people. the waiters and waitresses need tips to live and some patrons just do not get it.

  • brior

    “Sometimes you don’t know how your actions are going to impact your organization.” OR how you do know how you are treated when you don’t tip! Another problem Created by blacks that YT has to be crucified for,Cuz it aint muh cheap azz fault youz racisss.

  • 18 dollars for a drink? That’s crazy.

  • Carney3

    I get that it’s frustrating and humiliating to be falsely pre-judged. To be considered a poor tipper, or a shoplifter, or a mugger, etc. when you as an individual are not. But the anger should be directed at the hordes of bad actors within one’s own group that make you look bad, NOT at the larger community that reacts rationally to your group membership based on its own past experiences.

  • gah

    It probably doesn’t even cover the cost of the damage, and theft committed by blacks at the hotel. Blacks can’t live in a civilized society where there are laws and rules.


    Like most everyone, I’ve been to dinner with large groups, and have noticed that tipping left to the group will be almost non-existent. One group I remember in particular tipped so low, it was embarassing. I put in $X in the tip tray, and when it came around, I checked to make sure there was enough. There was a total of 1.5 $X, meaning the group minus me put in only half of what I did by myself.

    Actually 15% is not bad at all. Restaurants in my area add 18% to large groups [6 or more]. In this case, it doesn’t seem like they were singled out by race as they were by where they ate, since the bar is typically very busy for those types of events. Some people are hasty to jump to conclusions when they don’t have all the facts. That’s also known as prejudice.