Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough

Ann Coulter, VDARE, February 4, 2015


The only silver lining to Mitt Romney being pushed out of the presidential race–temporarily, I hope–is that the media’s preferred GOP candidate, Jeb Bush, is catnip to the stupidest influence-seekers, so Wall Street will be wasting all kinds of money over the next few months.

Then, Shemp Bush will declare and knock Jeb out of the running, only to be replaced by Zeppo Bush. I wouldn’t be putting a lot of money on another President Bush, unless we’re talking about the next president of Mexico.

Most candidates for office at least wait to get elected before betraying voters on immigration, because who doesn’t like surprises? Sen. Marco Rubio, for example, has spent his entire Washington career pushing amnesty, after saying repeatedly when he was running: “I will never support–never have and never will support–any effort to grant blanket legalization, amnesty, to folks who have entered this country illegally.”

It’s almost refreshing that Jeb doesn’t even bother to lie. To the contrary, he’s remarkably frank about his intention to pass amnesty, calling illegal immigration “an act of love.” Well, sure–in the sense that someone’s getting screwed.


Guess who was one of the first governors in the nation to propose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens? Jeb Bush. He talked of little else during his second term. Fortunately, the Florida legislature never agreed. Even then-Sen. Hillary Clinton came out against driver’s licenses for illegals in 2007–at least after polls showed that 70 percent of New Yorkers strongly opposed the idea. Public opposition forced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to drop his plan to grant illegals driver’s licenses, and he’s a man who doesn’t give up on bad ideas easily.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave illegals in-state tuition. He also directed his temporary Senate appointee to vote for the Schumer-Rubio amnesty. This totally impressed Wall Street, but cost him his erstwhile biggest supporter, moi.

Gov. Rick Perry pushed through in-state tuition for illegals in Texas, and then lectured Republicans, saying, “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.” (Romney’s response: “I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means that you have a heart and a brain.”)

Gov. Mike Huckabee promoted in-state tuition, voting rights and public services for illegals, on the grounds that companies like Toyota and Nestle wouldn’t invest in Arkansas “if we send the message that, essentially, ‘If you don’t look like us, talk like us and speak like us, we don’t want you.'”

Rick Santorum gets exercised about immigration only when he’s running for office, but while in the Senate and throughout the 2012 campaign, he opposed employer sanctions for hiring illegals. Newt Gingrich was for amnestying all illegal immigrants except felons, which he planned to accomplish with a review board to consider the individual case of every illegal immigrant in the country.

The only Republican who has ever opposed the media and big campaign donors on immigration was Mitt Romney. You know, the guy we just kicked to the curb. On immigration, the elites speak with one voice: The donors want cheap labor, and the media hate Republicans who push ideas that are wildly popular with voters.


{snip}But with the cheap-labor plutocrats up in arms during the 2012 presidential campaign over Romney’s suggestion that their serfs “self-deport,” all the Republican lickspittles rushed to denounce his untoward remark. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker — all of them lined up to take Sheldon Adelson’s loyalty oath, swearing that, as far as they were concerned, illegal aliens should be treated as honored guests.

You better pray for a “flip-flopper” on immigration, conservatives.

The usual setup is for big donors to trick conservatives into supporting some loser liberal as the GOP nominee. With Romney, it was conservatives who tricked the money people into supporting a conservative.

But instead of familiarizing themselves with the facts, most half-wits masquerading as conservative spokesmen on TV simply repeated whatever Sarah Palin said, and she believed whatever Sheldon Adelson said. Which was: Romney’s not a real conservative! The only real conservatives are the ones who don’t want to separate plutocrats from their servants! — oops, I mean, children from their grandmothers!


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  • D.B. Cooper

    So-called conservatives are not listening, Ann. Nearly all of them will vote for any GOP candidate simply because there is an “R” after their name. Half Mexican George Prescott Bush won big as Land Commissioner in Texas.

  • Sparky

    It’s almost refreshing that Jeb doesn’t even bother to lie. To the contrary, he’s remarkably frank about his intention to pass amnesty, calling illegal immigration “an act of love.” Well, sure–in the sense that someone’s getting screwed.

    Comedy gold!

    • Dwight

      Sad, but true. The concept of racial loyalty is as alien to these Republicans as Lady Gaga at a Southern Baptist convention.

      • LHathaway

        Would you be surprised if lady Gaga performed for them next year? No, they have less ‘racial loyalty’ than that.

      • milothefierce

        The only time I would pay to see Lady Gaga would be if she were performing at the Southern Baptist Convention. Thank you for that mental image!

        • Yancy Derringer

          She’s not pretty, so the outfits. But the girl can flat out rock.

    • DonReynolds

      Someone should tell Jeb Bush (and his wife) that “Love of Money” is not “an act of love”.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      This is my personal favorite snarky passage:

      “…Public opposition forced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to drop his plan to grant illegals driver’s licenses, and he’s a man who doesn’t give up on bad ideas easily…”

      Classic Coulter snark

      • WR_the_realist

        Ann Coulter spent far too much of the new millennium backing every neocon in Washington D.C. but on immigration she hits the target every time. Ann may be beginning to realize that the Republican party isn’t what she thought it is.

  • John Ambrose

    The line “three generations of imbeciles are enough” comes from the 1927 Supreme Court decision which upheld Virginia’s eugenics sterilization law by a margin of 8-1. It’s a decision that has technically never been overturned and most modern “progressives” like to pretend never existed. The only dissenting justice was Butler, a Roman Catholic while the court’s Jewish justice, Brandeis voted in the majority. But now Eugenics is a “discredited pseudoscience” that only fascist nutjobs support.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      “Three generations of imbeciles are enough”.

      Ann needs a good fact checker, the Republican Party has been around since before the 1860’s.

      It should have been neutered immediately after electing ‘Honest Abe’.

      • Reverend Bacon

        I caught the reference to the sterilization case, but I wasn’t sure about the “3 generations” other meaning. I think we’ve had about 3 generations since the Kennedy Immigration bill of 1965. Another possibility was that she meant a third Bush in the White House (albeit only the second generation) was a bad idea (it is).

        • Yancy Derringer

          She meant a third Bush in the White House.

        • Pelayo

          I understood it to mean a third Bush in the White House.

          • WR_the_realist

            It was a reference to both the 1927 Supreme Court decision and to a third Bush (or a Bush clone) in the White House.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      “California and not states like Alabama or Mississippi led the nation in these sterilizations (but it probably now leads the nation in dysgenics thanks to mass 3rd world immigration).”

      That is absolutely true.If you ever decide to take a bus ride in Los Angeles or Orange County,you would see MANY up close examples of just how bad the dysgenic effect of 3rd World immigration has been for our region.

      • Neuday

        I expect there are chickens on that bus.

    • LHathaway

      I recognized the phrase but wasn’t sure exactly from where. Must have appeared somewhere else in print, too.

  • Dave4088

    As with every other major issue of importance to the survival of white people, kosher conservatism and the GOP has sold out on the illegal alien invasion. Now one is a “fringe” figure and “divisive” if he/she wants to deport illegals and secure the border as any sane nation would do. Regardless, the GOP nominee will be a supporter of amnesty or partial amnesty and if they aren’t they will be by the time the media and Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson or Zuckerberg sink their claws into them.

    I’ll be staying home in 2016.

    • MBlanc46

      I’m not sure “capitulated” is the right word. It would mean that they opposed mass immigration but finally gave in and supported it. When, in the last three decades, have Repubs opposed mass immigration?

      • Sparky

        They haven’t. Too much cash involved. Billions are being saved and pocketed through savings in labor costs in all areas of the economy.

        • Cecil Broomsted

          There are winners and losers in this immigration struggle. Who will win? The winners are employers in industries that hire both illegal and legal immigrants extensively: agriculture, construction, hotel/hospitality, and tourism. Other avenues for low-cost immigrant labour have also opened up in the various high-tech industries. Another group of winners are consumers who buy products or services produced by immigrants at a lower cost.

          The losers are the tax payers who bear much of the costs for social services, education, and medical expences for unemployed and/or illegal immigrants being paid under the table. Citisens having to compete with immigrants for jobs are also losers and so too are we who wish to maintain the racial and cultural heritage of our nations.

          The employers and billionaires have the advantage and spare little on influencing the politicians we put in office. And so the Republicans are faced with a decision on who to listen to, their constituents or the fat-cats with the cash. Unfortunately, the latter is winning.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Yes, “low-cost” labor is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it. It’s like all that “free” labor we got centuries ago, the cost of which has run into the hundreds of trillions and shows no sign of abating.

          • DonReynolds

            You did not mention the 25 Americans every day who lose their lives to illegal aliens……half to drunk drivers and the rest the old fashioned way.
            The crimes, violent and otherwise, committed by illegal aliens in this country (separate and apart from violating immigration laws) has created millions of victims of American citizens.

        • bilderbuster

          There’s also those remittance payments and wire transfer fees no one talks about.

      • LHathaway

        They say they do and then they do nothing to stop it.

        • MBlanc46

          Some say they oppose it. Plenty of others are falling over themselves pushing “immigration reform”.

      • WR_the_realist

        Many Republicans oppose illegal immigration but all support mass legal immigration. Presumably they’d be happy if we just made all immigration into the country legal. Certainly every Democratic politician would.

        • MBlanc46

          I believe there’s something to that.

        • Robert Smith

          I would word it that many Republicans oppose illegal immigration and support legal immigration, not mass legal immigration. The reason is simple. The R word again. They remove the race issue and make it a matter of supporting law and order.

    • Sparky

      We believe it borders on insanity to train intelligent and motivated people in our universities — often subsidizing their education — and then to deport them when they graduate. Many of these people, of course, want to return to their home country — and that’s fine. But for those who wish to stay and work in computer science or technology, fields badly in need of their services, let’s roll out the welcome mat.

      Break the Immigration Impasse
      Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform


    • Sick of it

      It’s funny how one can be “fringe” or “divisive” by sharing the exact same thoughts on immigration as the vast majority of the party base…and even some liberals. In other words, a majority of the country. We used to call things like that mainstream.

    • NoMosqueHere

      So stay home and vent your spleen on Amren. If several million right wingers marched on Washington things would change. Politics is a contact sport; at minimum you need to get off your ass.

      • cyrusthevirus

        yes -good point no getting round it!!So many of our people are desperately hanging on to their diminishing wealth–the ONLY way to save white people is for a COMPLETE economic breakdown -with all the anarchy involved.Otherwise we die the death of a thousand cuts and will fade away into legend.

  • This has the makings of a pretty good column, but her insane blind spot towards Willard M. Romney ruins it.

    • DonReynolds

      It is very difficult to trust any Roman Catholic, especially a politician, on the subject of illegal aliens. The Catholic clergy has aggressively represented the interests of foreign citizens (who are also Roman Catholic) and who put money in their plate every weekend. I often wonder if the Roman Catholic church would be so supportive of the illegal aliens if they were Chinese or other non-Christians.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        Well, not all Catholics are for illegals. This Catholic is not anti America and is very pro white. So you can trust me and I am sure there are others, The same can be said for Protestants since Proetstants preacerhs try to poah them away for the Catholic church and make them protestants. So it goes both ways and your statement is idiotic.

        • Yancy Derringer

          The Catholic Church continues to clearly iterate its position on the issue. See its document “The Catholic Church’s Position on Immigration Reform.” They say: “The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent that they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin.”

          I guess that lets the U.S.A. off the hook, because we’re way past broke.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            You missed the point. I said I am not for amnesty and neither some good American Catholics I know. I know some of them signed the Tea party petition to stop congress from funding Obama’s amnesty. I am disappointed with the church and I am very sad about it.

        • DonReynolds

          Too bad they won’t make you part of the clergy of the Roman Catholic church, but they really do not pretend to be diverse.

          You are right about the Protestant churches being completely on board with the illegal aliens also. Yes, that includes Mike Huckabee. I do not trust them either. Only an idiot would trust Roman Catholic or Protestant clergy with the issue of immigration.

          Both hope to fill their pews (and their offering plates) with hispanics (and their coin).

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Thanks for the compliment. I am more inclined to working and getting married. It is sad that even priests that I know who used to be against immigration are now being forced to accommodate these illegal Catholics by their Bishops and then they too end up being sort of Luke warm towards amnesty.

          • kikz2

            Trey Gowdy seems to have a backbone..

          • DonReynolds

            I agree. He should have a long career in Congress. We should expect great things from him.

    • Tarczan

      I was big on Walker until I saw his immigration stance. I always liked Romney, I thought he is an extremely capable manager, very honest.
      and a true patriot to boot. He was rated the number one turn around artist on Wall St.

      • Yancy Derringer

        I concur. He’s neither a political animal nor a doctrinaire. I think he’d press for the most practical approaches to the nation’s problems.

      • Svettdemokraterna2018

        Turn around artist? He is using leverage to buy conservatively managed companies, loot them and sell the remains on the stock market. Hes a kind of parasite and not an industrialist. Only in America is he who best swindles his neighbor a hero.

  • Keep going, boys, because without any iron-hard end to illegal immigration and without massive deportations and property seizures from the businesses who hire illegals, I am voting for Shrillary. So what if she stacks the Supreme Court? That’s the GOP’s problem.

    • DonReynolds

      I understand, Mr. Scott. You and I probably agree.
      There is no political solution to the invasion of this country.
      We cannot talk our way out of this fight.
      We cannot vote for the problem to go away.
      There is no peaceful (political) solution.
      If we survive at all, it will be because we insist on doing so, over everyone else’s objections. We may have to wade in blood….and much of it our own, in order to survive.

      • Robert Smith

        How did we let it come to this? Unbelievable. We allowed ourselves to come to this because we wouldn’t stand up to one word – racist.

        • bilderbuster

          Speak for yourself. I’ve been called a racist and bigot since I was a teenager. Before she became my wife, even my girlfriend called me that until she came to her senses.

          • You are a very lucky man.

          • bilderbuster

            Quite by accident I came across a copy of The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson and read it when I was seventeen years old. Once your awake to the harsh reality of race then the threat of being called a racist by some insignificant moron is laughable.
            I don’t think I’m a racial supremacist and don’t refer to myself as a racist.
            The funny part is over the years I’ve noticed that several friends who used to jokingly call me a racist in the past have called me when they have racial questions and are looking for an answer.
            In a way, to them, I’ve become a Racial Consultant lol!

          • FinnShane

            I stumbled upon the book when I was a freshman in my college’s library. There it was, sitting right next to leftist revisionist garbage on the shelf. The library apparently had no idea of the dynamite it contained. I read it and all my sneaking fears and suspicions of what was going on around me were confirmed, and my eyes were opened.

          • bilderbuster

            That’s similar to my experience.
            I’ve clandestinely “donated” some of my books to college libraries myself but I can’t take credit for your lucky find as I still have my original copy.
            That book was a gold mine of information to me especially in the years before Al Gore invented the internet.
            In fact it was that book that introduced me to the Gore family benefactor Armand Hammer and his ilk.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            That, or marry a woman who is racially realistic by nature and upbringing. Most Slavs fall into that category.

            (In my best Robin William’s preacher voice)

            Thank Yew JEE-ZUS!!!!

          • dd121

            When I was in high school in the ’60 I gave my history class (we had one black) a lecture on the bell curve and why racial problems weren’t apt to go away. Got called a few names. I wonder what they’d do to a kid that said those things today?

      • Bill Moore

        Hello DonReynolds,

        Thank you for your sincere and intelligent comments.

        Now is the time to prepare for the coming chaos.

        If Caucasians lose the war, that will be the end of civilization.

        Centuries of tribal war and barbarism will ensue.

        Thank you,
        Bill Moore

  • Hy Alldredge

    ‘If you don’t look like us, talk like us and speak like us, we don’t want you.’

    Sounds like a rational immigration policy to me.

    • Sick of it

      It should also be noted that the Japanese don’t look like, and sure do not act like, Mexicans.

      • bilderbuster

        The Japanese must have been offended when they heard they were being compared to Mexicans.

        • FinnShane

          Hell, even Puerto Ricans are offended when compared to Mexicans.

  • MekongDelta69

    I referred someone (w/o editorial comment) on AmRen yesterday, to this article by A.C. and he responded:

    I think an amnesty program is what — which is all the illegal immigrants who are here are now citizens, and walk up and get your citizenship. What the president has proposed, and what Senator McCain and Cornyn have proposed, are quite different than that. They require people signing up for a, well, registering and receiving a registration number. Then working here for six years and paying taxes — not taking benefits. . . . And then at the end of that period, registering to become a citizen. . . . And I think that those are reasonable proposals.

    —Mitt Romney, 2005

    I don’t believe in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them at gunpoint from our country. With these 11 million people, let’s have them registered, know who they are. Those who’ve been arrested or convicted of crimes shouldn’t be here; those that are here paying taxes and not taking government benefits should begin a process towards application for citizenship, as they would from their home country.

    —Mitt Romney, 2006

    My own view is consistent with what you saw in the Lowell Sun, that those people who had come here illegally and are in this country–the 12 million or so that are here illegally—should be able to stay sign up for permanent residency or citizenship, but they should not be given a special pathway, a special guarantee that all of them get to say here for the rest of their lives merely by virtue of having come here illegally.

    —Mitt Romney, 2007

    • bilderbuster

      The fact that the politicians and media have been using the bogus figure of 11 million for over a decade should prove beyond any doubt that anyone using this figure is an idiot and a liar.

  • Luca

    I wish Ann Coulter would run for President.

    • John Ambrose

      Our own Marine Le Pen

      • AndrewInterrupted

        She would need very little start-up time. She could announce 6 months before the election if she wanted to. All the name recognition is there. And her political positions are clear.

        If there were a major border incursion by MS-13 and/or ISIS and a bunch of Americans got slaughtered, Coulter would not let that crisis go to waste–by launching an I-told-you-so campaign.

        Scott Brown was to the Right of Jeff Sessions on anti-amnesty during the midterms. He would make a good running mate.

    • Robert Smith

      I wish she wasn’t a moral leper. She is compromised. Someone like her would be nice. Instead we will get a Sarah Palin sideshow.

      • Spikeygrrl

        RUN, SARAH, RUN!!

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I would like to see the bullet points constituting the “moral leper” label? “Compromised” because she was labeled a “mudshark”?

    • bilderbuster

      A David Duke run would be interesting.

      • Spikeygrrl

        A David Duke run would set back racial realism by at least 50 years. Deserved or not, Duke’s reputation is radioactive.

        • bilderbuster

          I said it would be interesting.
          Mike Brown and Ferguson advanced race realism more than any politician of website ever could, even Obama, his own bad self and the media behind him, couldn’t stop it.

          • Spikeygrrl


            Soetoro, Holder, and their “never let a good crisis go to waste” goons latched onto the Trayvon Martin case in the mistaken belief that it would conclude like the OJ trial: Negroes dancing in the streets, Whites silent in stunned disbelief.
            When this outcome failed to materialize, they pretty much HAD TO latch onto another similar case. Enter Wilson/Brown in Ferguson, surely a slam dunk (except it wasn’t). Then it was the two NYPD officers, then “I can’t breathe” Garner. WHOOPS, yet another boomerang.

            I predict that we’ll be seeing a whole rash of these types of local cases artificially elevated to national news, one every couple of months until Soetoro gets the results he wants — pre-2016 elections, of course.

    • FinnShane

      I’d vote for her in a heartbeat.

  • Whitetrashgang

    To think the scum of the earth runs this country,and then there is the politicians.

  • the key to stopping or at least slowing down mass immigration (legal and illegal) is to take it to the streets–to the freeway overpasses. White americans are going to have to start hanging signs from freeway overpasses that say stuff like “Mexicans, Go Home” (in spanish). Once the word gets around that americans do not want them here, mexicans central americans, etc will stop coming here.

    We have very very little control over the GOP politicians in washington DC, especially over the senators and the president. We have a few House of Representatives GOP politicians who are true to their word.

    The state level is the only place where there is any semblance of democracy.

    But if you just starting communicating directly to the immigrants, making it clear that they are not welcome, the tide will stop flowing, eventually.

    • Anglokraut

      You want to talk to illegals, and reason with them? You do know that they are, as a group, as intelligent and thoughtful as a fourteen year old White, right? Talking it out with 85 IQ adults is about as good a use of your time as talking it out with one’s rapist, during the rape.

      • True, the brown peasant invaders will only see such rhetoric as “Mexicans, Go Home” as a reason to war with us. But guess what? I’m okay with that. It will bring many whites to their racial senses, and it will help unite us.

        • BloodofAlbion75

          ” ‘Mexicans,Go Home’ ”

          If I ever decide to run for political office,that will definitely be one of my campaign slogans!

          : )

      • did you read what I wrote? Did I say “talk”?

        • Sick of it

          The direct communication required is a lot more “hands on” than what you have suggested.

        • Anglokraut

          “…if you just starting communicating directly to the immigrants…”

          There. Right there. Unless your brand of communication includes brass knuckles and Molotov cocktails, of course. Non-Whites do understand THAT language, universally.

    • DonReynolds

      I can tell you have not had any dealings with the illegals in this country. The normal civility and polite talk are going to have no effect whatsoever.

      The second thing you will notice is…..they do not take you seriously and they have no reason to think they should.

      The third thing you will notice is…..they have no concept of compromise and no human history of shared power. In their culture, either you are in charge or they are….there is no give and take.

      • son, I am 57 years. I grew up in west texas. My family had a large sheep ranch back in the 60s, 70s. The ranch was located on the rio grande river on the mexican border. I went to second grade in langtry, in a 2 room school house located ON a cliff overlooking the rio grande river. My family ran sheep in mexico from time to time. I learned my first spanish at age 12. I grew up in del rio and san antonio. I have traveled deep into mexico. In fact, I have traveled over much of the world.
        I have taught school in south texas, in city of 90% hispanics. I have degrees in english, computer science and law. I qualify for Mensa.

        Don’t try and teach your grandpa to suck eggs.

        • DonReynolds

          How nice for you, sonny. I will be 62 in June.

          Now stop telling us the illegal aliens will simply stop coming here if you ask them nicely.

          You no longer have to travel deep into Mexico anymore. Dallas is 42% Mex. The figure is even higher for San Antonio. Del Rio is over 90%. It was not always that way, but it is now.

          • you wrteo:
            “You no longer have to travel deep into Mexico anymore. Dallas is 42%
            Mex. The figure is even higher for San Antonio. Del Rio is over 90%. It
            was not always that way, but it is now.”

            I had no idea!

          • LHathaway

            haha. there needs to be a sarcasm button . . .

          • kikz2

            geez.. i was bumbling thru antenna tv, here n. of Dallas the other day, just curious to see what wasn’t there…. most local channels are spanglish…2 channels are some Hispanic immigration lawyer on 24/7 telling the ‘no hablo’s’ how to deal w/DACA and DAPA paperwork.. w/backdrops of them graduating uni……. two Vietnamese channels, two weirdly different Spanish Jew channels.. one featuring a menora somewhere out of Garland, TX a nearby suburb…. the other some ebeneezer name w/a star of david in middle, in Dallas… a Punjab channel, a Hindu channel a Black channel……..and maybe 5 English speaking channels, most home shopping or other crap … it was somewhat stunning… i’d been dropped off in another country…..

        • Anglokraut

          One would think that a person with a degree in English would know to use “try to…” and not “try and…”.

          But what do I know? All I have is a mere A.A..

          • great substantive reply there, as always.

          • Anglokraut

            Look, I don’t know you, and I’ve never seen you post on this site before. So, I can’t really say I have a hard time telling you to pi$$ off, oh great and wise Mensa qualifier.

      • The Dude

        Well, he was suggesting more we tell them to get the hell out, that we be rude to them, make them feel unwelcome. In short, creating a hostile environment for them. That would be the exact opposite of civility and polite talk.

    • Tarczan

      Federalism, through the tenth Amendment is the real hope of turning things around.

      • I agree that bringing power back to the states is important. But is DC going to do that? Not a chance. Sarah Palin the only possible candidate for 2016 that has talked about this.

        • Spikeygrrl

          RUN, SARAH, RUN!

        • kikz2

          her last speech netted hildebeast 50k in donations…………… i read the transcript.. she was incoherent.

          • Yeah, I read that, too. But here is the thing–show me ONE OTHER high-level politician who has recently proposed sending power and money from the federal govt and back to the states.

            Palin is the only one.

            That concept (of decentralization of power) is extremely important. Ask me why.

            So I don’t care if Palin is incoherent or not; she is a high level politician who can get the idea of de-centralization out into the public debate.

            Yes, I am aware that the establishment, the political media, the corporate media, the high visibility bloggers, the pundits, etc are all focusing on certain memes regarding palin right now, specifically, that she is incoherent, that she is not a serious candidate, that she cannot make a decent speech without a teleprompter. The establishment is on her like white on rice.

            Google palin and “incoherent.” That is the propaganda meme being pushed by the elite right now. They are afraid of her spreading these ideas. And I like those dangerous ideas. Dangerous to the establishment, to the mega-corporations.

            Whoever they hate, I like.

            Whatever person and ideas they demonize, I support.

            They are demonizing palin. Why? She supports states rights. And she really hates DC. She aint just pretending to hate DC.

            And so she is being demonized. And I am with her.
            I am also with Warren. She really does seem to support the workers. That is a Good Thing.

            I like Jim Webb. He said liberals have made white males the “whipping post.” I want him to get the Dem nomination, him or Warren.

            And I want Palin on the GOP side.

            Ask me about my ideas.

          • Jim Webb is the only one expressing interest in running as a Democrat that has a lick of sense. Unfortunately, that’s precisely why he has no chance to win the nomination.

            Elizabeth Warren is open borders all the way.

            In the Republican side, (I don’t think Sarah Palin is running), I keep hearing the media conventional wisdom about how the Republican field is so strong and interesting and deep. Hypocritically, this same media are now on a full court psychological warfare press of “Jeb is inevitable.” But really, I don’t see where it’s so great as a whole. All I see is the usual assortment of establishment hacks, resume padders, carnival barkers, used car salesmen, ideological cultists, and people just plain living in the past. The only one there who acts like he has a lick of sense is Rick Santorum, but then again, his odds are very long, too.

            Then again, this is not something that I haven’t already realized, having crossed over the event horizon into the dark enlightenment last summer.

    • Robert Smith

      It really is the only way. To start making immigrants feel unwelcome. Go French on them. It is against our nature to be this way, but it is a question of survival. No smiles, no jobs, no friendliness of any kind.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    For whatever it’s worth, Scott Walker, the current governor of Wisconsin, looks like the best of the bunch. Not sure of his immigration stands, but he did go toe-to-toe with the big Unions and their thuggish, violent tactics — and won anyway. He might be the best candidate to show any kind of backbone.

    • Maybe so, but I tend to think little lasting good will be accomplished if Scott Walker does not become race-conscious. I don’t know if he is, but I highly doubt it. Now more than any other time in our history, we need strong whites who are racially conscious and who have no fear of the “R” word.

    • evilsandmich

      His immigrations stands aren’t all that great from what I’ve seen. Still, a squish may be better than the lawlessness that we’ve had for…a while.

  • kenfrombayside

    Re Immigration. If say or do nothing about this criminal third world invasion, you are part of the problem. Keep in contact with your elected reps; consistently go to the polls and vote against the true enemy of the white race: the Democratic Party; do yourgardening, don’t eat out and do your own laundry; go to numbersusa and join other organization that advocate a reduction in immigration. Make no mistake, this third world assault is a form of genocide against America’s white.

  • evilsandmich

    Romney’s big problem is that no one believed him. I saw him at a rally and I don’t think there was one thing on the laundry list that he read off that he had any heart in. He makes a great technocrat if that’s what you need, but if you need someone to stand up forcefully for an idea (any idea) he ain’t your dude.

  • Problem is there are very few true conservatives left in politics. Being a true conservative means a lot more than being pro-business.

    • LHathaway

      I didn’t realize there was anyone pro-big business. Certainly, out of a hundred comments on AmRen, there will only be one or two pro-big business? There will be even less on other websites. Everyone is a communist, these days, just in a different party. Lenin and Stalin could have only dreamed of this.

      ‘big-business’ better rethink how it spends it’s influence money. You all are too smart to be taken in, though. So, they should spend all that grease money elsewhere.

  • Who Me?

    “Guess who was one of the first governors in the nation to propose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens? Jeb Bush.”
    That may be true on the bald statement that he was the first Governor to speak out on this issue, but Washington State has been granting illegal aliens drivers’ licenses for YEARS. (Along with, I think, New Mexico. Only one other state, that I do know.) In addition, Washington also has “Motor Voter” so anyone with a drivers’ license is also qualified to vote, and all ballots in Washington State are by mail……. Can we spell V-O-T-E-R- F-R-A-U-D?

  • Sick of it

    I agree with her points on the other guys, but Romney campaigned on liberal ideas before he ran for President. Then he magically became a conservative.

  • Capn Dad

    In the last 27 years we have had a Bush for 12 years and a Clinton for 8 years for a total of 20 years. In between we had a negro for a disastrous break. Now we are faced with another Bush or Clinton. In the wings are a host of Bush’s and here comes Chelsea. Is it just me or does the term “Neo Aristocracy” come to mind? Come on people wake up.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I’d support Liz Cheney.

  • Ultimate187

    The people most qualified to be President are the ones we either never hear about, or barely hear about. Someone’s true suitability for the Presidency is almost directly proportional to how much the media hates them.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    There is not a conservative in the entire repuglicrat ruling class. Every stinking one of them is a repugliprog.

  • DonReynolds

    We need to be a bit more honest than this article suggests.
    Republicans have generally supported the cause of illegal aliens for decades!

    Mitt Romney at least suggested that self-deportation was another option and the Liberal press tried to nail him to the floorboards over it.

    Juan McCain lies during each campaign season about his determined support of illegal aliens and gags when he says he will “build the damn fence” if he gets elected. (The only nominee for president who spent the entire campaign spitting in the faces of his own party base.)

    George Bush was probably the biggest cheerleader for Amnesty during the 8 years he was in the White House, each attempt being beaten back ONLY by millions of Americans calling to demand it be stopped.

    Bush Sr. did not need to do anything about illegal aliens, since the first big Amnesty was passed just before he got elected.

    Ronald Reagan actually did the big deal Amnesty in 1986, thinking he had solved the problem with a COMPROMISE by giving Amnesty to 4 million and putting a long list of enforcement provisions in place……so we will Never, Never have to do another Amnesty. The illegal aliens got their Amnesty, but we have as yet to see the border (and interior) enforcement of immigration laws that were promised as part of the deal.

    The truth be known, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter did more to enforce immigration laws and secure the border than any of the Republicans in recent memory. Remember the snipers on the border? Remember the proposal to build a fence with razor-sharp holes that would cut off a toe if they tried to climb it? Remember when they used to do workplace raids? Heck, that was the Democrats.

  • Capn Dad

    I am just sick of the news people (FOX included) with their “name recognition” crap. The Marx Brothers have “name recognition” but I ain’t voting for them. I am sick of commentators (yeah you too O’Reilly) of giving all of these phonies a pass with “I don’t believe he intentionally screwed the American people over blah blah blah. When will we finally say enough is enough. “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take anymore!” – Howard Beale

  • milothefierce

    Regardless of who wins in 2016, we’re sunk. Neither party gives a $#!+ about the people that actually keep this country running. Each party’s candidate will pander to the groups that are easiest to win over. If they promise to give illegals amnesty/free healthcare/education/etc., do more to “rebuild the middle class” by signing more handouts instead of hand-ups, and they can GUARANTEE lower taxes (even though their plans will likely double the already overinflated budget), then they’ll get the votes they need. There really is no two party system anymore…. It’s every man for himself.

    • Evette Coutier

      Every man for himself is a losing strategy. You can’t fight this battle alone without getting crushed. Our only chance is to stick together and grow our numbers regardless of how whacked our country gets.

      • milothefierce

        I wholeheartedly agree…. Apologies, I meant that every politician running today has the “every man for himself” attitude. They will say and do anything, completely disregarding their party and (even worse) completely disregard the voices of their constituents just to gain the office, especially if it will make their pocket a little fatter.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        So true, Evette. The Left has created symbiotic relationships with the strangest of bedfellows. Blacks and Hispanics, for example despise gay people, yet the members of the African Nation and LGBT Nation vote “D” together. It’s a strategy of: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

        But, that ‘…deal with the devil…’ only works for so long. The enemy of your enemy is only your friend for as long as your enemy is strong. When your enemy is sufficiently weakened–the two wolves and the lamb vote on what’s for dinner. The two wolves being Black Nation and Latino Nation. The lamb being LGBT Nation or Feminist Nation; Vladimir Lenin’s ‘…useful idiots…’.

        • Hammerheart

          Islam will be the hammer that smashes it to dust. The left hates Christians yet loves Islam who is infinitely more violent and intolerant? Sounds logical. Islam doesn’t care about gay rights, thinks feminism is a joke, hates Judiasm with a passion, and if you’re an athiest then you’re an infidel.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Good point. They will have jumped into bed with one too many strange bedfellows.

  • RileyDeWiley

    We might even see a Bush running against a Clinton, if the Hildebeast gets the nomination.

    Enough already – someone flush the god-damn toilet.

  • WR_the_realist

    Romney will happily give amnesty to illegal immigrants once he is elected. The only thing you can be sure about Romney is that he will disagree with Romney.

  • Caucasoid88

    Ann Coulter is such a dime.

  • WR_the_realist

    The current field of Republican possible presidential candidates is beyond depressing. Too bad Jeff Sessions has no plans to run. As for the Democrats, their voting record shows that making sure immigration law is never enforced is their top issue, the one thing they will vote 100% as a bloc on.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    The Bush Family and McCain should be kicked out of this world.

  • Pelayo

    Someone on here once said he suspected Ann Coulter read VDARE. Guess he was right.. It’s kind of refreshing.

    • jayvbellis

      Ann went to the Vdare Christmas Party…

      She can be a bit mean in person.

    • She has pretty much admitted that she reads Steve Sailer. And it’s a very short hop from him to V-Dare, so I would not be surprised. And from there it’s not a short hop to AR, so don’t be surprised if she’s reading these very comments.

  • Jake Frizzell

    The neo communist slate. Ypu MUST vote for the ones we tell you to vote for.

  • BloodofAlbion75

    You must be Rick Perry’s campaign manager.

    And no,we most certainly CANNOT trust Perry on the issue of immigration.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, that close to the Mess-ican border? Who knows how many dirty, pandering back room deals he’s made with the greaserito hordes over the years.

      “Silver or Lead”.

  • John Jackson

    What a second, Ann is actually saying Romney would have been a good President? Uh, Romneycare anyone? How about all the new state “fees” (taxes) he imposed, how about his stance on gun control? Mitt Romney was the FIRST Gov in America to issue out gay marriage licenses, he supported abortion.

    Frankly, I find it funny that Ann talks about the double-speak yet she actually believes Romney was genuine about immigration, go look at Romney’s top donors for 2012 nitwit.

    • That and she could call or e-mail me (she sorta knows who I am, she has retweeted several of my better Twitter snarkisms), and I could tell her what Kris Kobach told me when I talked to him in October 2012.

    • jayvbellis

      We’re facing racial, cultural displacement, genocide and you are obsessed with too much government run medical programs.



      But, typical.

      And folks, family planning including abortion rights for the welfare non White underclass is the right thing to do .

      Lot’s of Right Wing , conservative ways of thinking work OK, well in all white, thirsting areas, but they don’t work at all or are counter productive in Non white, third world areas.

      • John Jackson

        Please see my response to your other lunkhead reply.

    • jayvbellis

      John ,

      American Renaissance is a pro White, race realist blog/website.

      Please try to make your comments address our perspective.

      Amren isn’t just another economic conservative, Libertarian web site where people go on and on about taxes, government spending etc.

      Whites in Haiti, Algeria, Rhodesia, Selma Al, Detroit were slaughtered, ethnically cleansed, subject to cultural and physical genocide – it wasn’t all about government spending, free markets etc.

      Please don’t hang out here and spout race denying , economic conservative, libertarian nonsense.

      • John Jackson

        Buddy, WTF are you talking about? How does any of that babble relate to anything I said?

        Oh, and BTW genius, if you’re so “aware” then you would know things like GM, abortion, taxes, socialized medicine, are all tools being used to bring down traditional white western Christian society. How clueless can you be?

        • jayvbellis


          Poor and Working class Whites want, need government services for things like education, health care.

          Economic Conservatism, libertarian, no government , let big business do whatever it wants, no minimum wage, no unions, this program simply does not sell to poor and working class Whites.

          Romney would/should have won the presidency if he had chosen a populist, pro White working class VP, instead he chose an obscure Libertarian, economic conservative VP running mate Rep. Paul Ryan who couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin.

          Just face reality – you and your kind suck at US politics. How about just dropping out of politics all together and instead become a Chicago Cubs fan – embrace losing, always, ALWAYS losing.

          We, on the other hand are working to win .

          • “Romney would have won the Presidency…”

            Romney was never going to win the Presidency, even if Jesus Christ was the running mate.

            It’s time for us to quit crying a river over Romney losing. The more I see out of him in the months and years since 2012, the more I’m glad he didn’t win.

          • John Jackson

            You should have left well enough alone.

            Whites need govt for education and healthcare? Is this a joke? Are you sure you’re not black or hispanic? You’re lecturing me yet you spout that Marxist BS?

            Let’s see, what’s the next on your idiotic list, oh, libertarian. Who is talking about libertarians? I am not a libertarian retard, and did you actually say Paul Ryan is a libertarian? Paul Ryan? the guy who voted for TAARP, both Stimulus packages, every debt ceiling hike since he’s been in office, that is libertarian to you? God what a moron.

            Tho I’m not a libertarian, unlike you I actually know what a libertarian is and they don’t believe in no govt, no unions, or letting business “do whatever they want”, the only thing you got right was the no minimum wage and if you were even remotely educated about economics you would oppose it too.

            Romney sucked dog balls and I’m glad he lost, and if Bush runs I hope he loses too. As for “my kind” just what is my kind exactly, and for that matter who is this “we” you are talking about what do you think a mental midget like you could ever win? You don’t even have clue what you’re talking about. Take your trailer trash ideals somewhere else.

          • jayvbellis

            John writes:

            “As for “my kind” just what is my kind exactly, and for that matter who is this “we” you are talking about”?

            I respond:

            This statement pretty much sums of the pathetic, race less, clueless mindset of your average American “Conservative (in name only) goy.

            He’s not part of any strong White community, not part of a insular White ethnic group that has pride and loyalty to his/our people. When Hollywood or assorted Black, Brown, Mudslime forces insult us, defame our history, treat our women as whores, he doesn’t fight back, he doesn’t really care. Everything is about $, economics. He is a man without honor, without a set of b$&@s, without a racial soul.

            Here’s hoping you and your kind get to meet a particularly nasty end at the hands of the Bloods, Black gangster Disciples, ISIS or Pakistani child rapists in Yorkshire England. The honest history books report that conquering Turk, Paki Muslims enjoyed raping White boys and men along with our girls. Maybe then and only then will you discover too late that yes, you really had your own White Indo European people, you had a good, great civilization, only THEY – very different than “WE” are killing “Us” when they kill you.

            Have a nice day.

          • John Jackson

            Uh, yeah, whatever that meant. You got issues man.

  • Coulter cannot possibly believe her own baloney, and if she does, then we all need to completely reexamine our opinion of this woman.

    I can honestly say that I don’t have to reexamine my opinion of her, because it wasn’t that high to begin with. There’s no possible way she doesn’t know how Romney will say one thing, then turn around and say something contradicting if he thinks it will improve his chance of getting elected. When the wind blows and Romney changes his tune on immigration to a point where it’s not to Ann’s liking, she will abandon ship and then pretend like this is all some kind of great calamity that just sprung up out of nowhere. She knows how the games in Washington work and how the power structure prohibits true independent thought and opposition, and she still plays along pretending to be one of the serfs who’s stabbed in the back and suffering from the policies forced on us by our “leaders.” That’s why I’ve often referred to her as Sleight-of-Hand Ann.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Ann’s philosophy has always been the practical one. She wants to play political poker with the hand she’s been dealt. The idealists and altruists like yourself want to play political Lotto.

    • I find nothing practical in playing poker with a stacked deck.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I would agree with “a house hand”.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Geez, this Adelson guy is worse than Mark Schmuckerburg.

    • WR_the_realist

      Adelson wants congress to make all internet gambling illegal. Not because he has any moral objections to gambling, but because he wants his casinos to keep their monopoly on the vice. He also wants the U.S. to preemptively nuke Iran. I’m no fan of the Iranian government, but starting a nuclear war doesn’t exactly put a country on the moral high ground.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Pat Buchanan estimated that Israel has between 100 to 300 operational nukes; presumably fitted to stealthy cruise missiles. They don’t need the U.S. to nuke Iran. They can do it themselves. A couple days later we’ll take a drop of potassium iodide to protect our thyroids from the fallout–and applaud all the extra parking in Iran. Israel could nuke half the middle east for all I care. They could lower the ISIS head count by 90% with one Hiroshima size nuke. Which is considered a hand grenade by today’s standards. Make Israel own it.

        • WR_the_realist

          Adelson knows that Israel can nuke Iran. But he’d rather see the United States take the heat for it.

  • I think she, like many women, (sorry, ladies), gets personally fixated on certain individuals, either positively or negatively. And when she either has you in her good graces or her crosshairs, she loses all sense of logic and reason when thinking and writing about you.

    I have indirect but personal experience about what it’s like when she has you in her crosshairs, how that makes her lose her mind.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Does that mean we can round up the ones in my area and dump them all in Detroit?

  • Raymond Kidwell

    So who do you want me to vote for?

    • Anglokraut

      Why not run, yourself, Raymond? Start small, with something that will be easy to win, like constable (my county still uses constables)?

      • Raymond Kidwell

        What do you know about running? When I voted there were a number of offices where nobody ran or one person ran and automatically won. I don’t know where I find more information about offices that are available, who ran for them last year, what they pay, what they do etc.

        • Anglokraut

          Well, I did win an election for band officer in high school–but that was because my band director didn’t campaign against me. When I ran for reelection, he and I were completely at odds with one another, and since he had final say on who won…let’s just say that I only stayed in band after that because I was also in an audition-only group that required the players to play in their high school music program.
          Public office is of course a different level, and yet the basic formula is the same: be qualified for the office, don’t have any major skeletons in your closet, and don’t alienate powerful special interests.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            that’s not what I asked. I had considered getting my name on the ballet for a position that nobody else felt it was worth running for. But I would need to know where to get info about the nature of the job etc. I wouldn’t even bother campaigning.

          • Anglokraut

            Can’t go wrong with looking through your state’s official website, or taking a trip to your city hall. Just say that you’re interested in giving back to your community, and try to look sincere when you say it.

  • MBlanc46

    I’ll believe it when I see it. What I’ve seen so far is Reagan, Bush the younger, and Rubio all pushing amnesty plans.

  • Robert Smith

    George, nobody has been stopping amnesty. How can you still ride that short yellow bus of Republicas?

  • Anan7

    and why isn’t Jared Taylor running? He’d get my vote.