Cats Smuggled from China Buried Alive in Vietnam

Guardian, February 4, 2015

Vietnamese authorities have buried thousands of seized cats–many believed to have been alive at the time–that were smuggled from China to feed the illegal cat meat trade.

A truck carrying three tons of live cats crammed into bamboo crates was impounded in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, on Tuesday. On Wednesday a police officer said they had been buried in accordance with Vietnamese law on smuggled goods.

“The cats were from China, with no official origin papers and no quarantine,” said the policeman from the Dong Da district environmental police. “Several of them had died, there was a terrible smell that could affect the environment and carried risks of future diseases. Therefore, we culled them by burying them.” He declined to say how many were alive at the time of burial.

Other smuggled animals, including chickens, are routinely disposed of in a similar way.

The Asian Canine Protection Alliance, a regional coalition of animal rights groups, said it had heard “inhumane stories as to how the [cats] may have been destroyed”, and called for the practice to be stopped.

Prof Dang Huy Huynh, chair of Vietnam’s Zoology Association, said the cull was necessary to prevent the spread of disease and deter future smuggling. “The best way to cull the illegally imported animals is burning them. But this might cost more, so authorities may choose to bury them alive, still complying with procedures in accordance with laws,” he said.

Vietnamese authorities could also have checked all the animals individually for disease before deciding whether to cull them, he said. Either way, “we do not want these animals to be on the dining table at restaurants”, he added.

Cat meat, known locally as “little tiger”, is a delicacy in Vietnam and, although officially banned, it is widely available in specialist restaurants. Vietnam has long banned its consumption in an effort to encourage cat ownership and to help keep the rat population under control.

It is rare to see cats roaming the streets as most owners keep them indoors or tied up, fearing they could be stolen. Such is the demand from restaurants that cats are sometimes smuggled across the border from China, Thailand and Laos.

Vietnamese customs officials routinely seize large volumes of dead animals, including tigers and pangolins, smuggled into the country for use in traditional medicine or speciality dishes.

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  • Lygeia

    Only in Vietnam. And China. And South Korea.

    • Magician

      I just did a quick research and I am surprised by the 9 countries (or areas?) listed as the countries that consume cats and dogs


      The United States
      The Arctic
      French Polynesia

      • SentryattheGate

        Switzerland? The immigrants there?

        • Magician

          well, another quick search and I found this.

          In his 1979 book Unmentionable Cuisine, Calvin Schwabe described a Swiss dog meat recipe gedörrtes Hundefleisch served as paper-thin slices, as well as smoked dog ham, Hundeschinken, which is prepared by salting and drying raw dog meat.

          The production of food from dog meat for commercial purposes such as selling, is illegal in Switzerland, however, farmers are allowed to slaughter dog and cats for personal consumption.


          • John Smith

            If you’re starving – okay.

          • LHathaway


          • Lygeia

            Wow. This makes me sad about Switzerland.

        • pcmustgo

          My Nigerian “friend” just told me they sacrifice dogs there to some spirit god. In Nigeria… the god is only satisfied by the blood that comes from the dog.

          • John Smith

            They also cut people up to eat and use the body parts for muti magic.

        • MrC

          Nope. Certain cantons of Switzerland have a long history of eating dog.

      • ebonystone

        Add Indonesia. Didn’t BHO enjoy puppy chowder when he attended a madrassa there?

    • Speedy Steve

      And Indonesia. And Mombasa Kenya.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, all cultures and traditions are equally excellent and civilized except for the scourge of the modern Liberals, White European Western Civilization.

    Sarcasm aside, it takes a special kind of non-regard for the life of a living creature to do this to a vertebrate animal.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Cat in the Kettle Sung to the tune of “Cat’s in the Cradle”

    Did you ever think when you eat Chinese,
    It aint pork or chicken but a fat siamese?
    Yet the food tastes great, so you dont complain.
    But thats not chicken in your chicken chow mein.

    Seems to me I ordered sweet-and-sour pork
    But Garfields on my fork.
    Hes purrin here on my fork.

    Theres a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon,
    The place that I eat every day at noon.
    They can feed you cat and youll never know,
    Once they wrap it up in dough, boy.
    They fry it real crisp in dough.

    Chou Lin asked if I wanted more
    As he was dialin up his buddy at the old pet store.
    I said “Not today. I lost my appetite.
    Theres two cats in my belly and they want to fight.”
    I was suckin on a Rolaid and a Tums or two,
    When I swear I heard it mew, boy.
    And that is when I knew,

    Theres a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon
    I think I gotta stop eatin there at noon.
    They say that its beef or fish or pork
    But its purrin there on my fork.
    Theres a hair-ball on my fork.

  • Chip Carver

    I guess we’ll see a lot of “Meow Mix” jokes.

    Wait. The bolsheviks are still in charge and PC is name of the game.

    Imagine if Whites did this. Brian Williams and the rest of the sock puppets would be blabbing about it nonstop instead of blabbing about Brian Williams.

  • MekongDelta69

    If you think that’s bad, don’t ever eat the nước mắm (fish paste)!
    The entire country literally stunk of that (along with all the other ‘wonderful’ smells) – cordite, maggot infested flesh, jungle rot, filthy Delta water, JP-4, rain-soaked jungle floor mud during the monsoon season, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    • Speedy Steve

      crispy critters and a $#!+ fire! Get some!

    • John Smith

      Uncle said the worst was human feces, which they did right into the rice paddies.

      • George Clark

        Wow. When I was a very small child, I remember my dad telling me that orientals fertilized their gardens with human waste instead of animal waste. I wonder if this is what he was referring to.

    • David Jones

      Frankly, I’ll settle for the large prawns in the My Canh restaurant moored in the Saigon River. Good restaurant as long as you aren’t dining when the VC blows it up.

    • MrC

      Nuoc mam is fish sauce, not fish paste. It’s a liquid extracted after fermenting fish with sea salt. The ancient Greeks and Romans also cooked with a version of the stuff. It is unpleasant on its own, but it can really kick up a meal if used sparingly. I can’t recall offhand what the Vietnamese name for fish paste is, but I know of that which you speak, and it is truly dreadful. Unholy, even.

  • Hmm, so that explains why I always heard cat screams and a brief struggle right before my meal was served at the local Vietnamese restaurant?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Your thinking of Britney Spears house, easy to mix up.

    • Irishgirl

      There is a Vietnamese restaurant near my home. I’m keeping my cat inside for good!

      • John Smith

        That ain’t beef in your Pho….

  • SentryattheGate

    My husband had served in Korea (during the ‘Nam war). Not only did the Koreans eat dog meat, but they cruelly hung the dog in a burlap sack from a tree branch and beat it to death with a bat—claiming it made the meat more tender! Man, Asians can be so cruel—look at the Bataan death march and excessive cruelty to POWs! Germans paid reparations and apologized, but Japan never did, right?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Sick f*cks.

    • LHathaway

      “but Japan never did, right”?

      ‘ppreciate your warm vernacular. (not really)

    • Spaniard in LA

      They never apologized. Japan, unlike Germany, actually pays homage to those who committed brutal acts. Then again Japan never killed members of a certain tribe. So I guess it makes it ok.

  • D.B. Cooper

    It works both ways, you know.

    • Magician

      haha take that, Koreans!

  • Rhialto

    Factoid: Only Western societies have any concern for the suffering of non-Humans. In non-Western societies, such feelings are classified as abnormal or idiosyncratic

    • connorhus

      It also depends on the animal too. For instance leftist Multi-Culters have no problem with BLM agents poisoning or making sure cattle have no access to water so they can die slow painful deaths but let someone suggest a wild horse should be slaughtered somewhere and it’s a horror show.

    • John Smith

      Another superiority of Western Civilization over others.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yes, standard 3rd World barbarism.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Switzerland, my dear Switzerland… you are ready to fall, and fall hard, importing immigrants who consume our pet cats. Shame, Shame, Shame on you Switzerland for being so foolish to cave the EU taunts that you are “xenophobic.”

  • Kenner

    I hoped one of the ‘side effects’ of Viagra would be the end of the rhino slaughter, since unlike powdered rhino horn, Viagra actually works. Instead, the killing has escalated. The magical symbolism of rhino horns and tiger penises matters more to Asians than results.
    When it comes to superstition, they’re no more advanced than Papuan blacks.

    • Viagra is bad for you. Many different cultures around the world have many different treatments for that. Tell anyone you know who takes that sort of poison for that problem to take about some shilajit along with some he shou wu. Shilajit’s Indian/Russian/Chinese. He Shou Wu is falsely known as fo-ti usually, Chinese. Those two are considered liver tonics but will have that side effect as well and are benign, even good to take daily. In TCM the problem is possibly considered related to liver dysfunction or liver’s inability to keep up with toxins but I any herb that increases circulation to the skin would increase it to other extremities too, like ginseng or gotu kola, other good ones. Others to take for increased benefit would be licorice, cayenne, and – in smaller amounts – aveena sativa, bilberry and ginkgo. Increasing circulation has multiple positive effects on everything.

      • connorhus

        Personally I still remember the day my testosterone finally dropped enough that my brain actually managed to get control for a change. It was like a mist suddenly lifted from the world and I could make real judgement calls about the worthiness of individual Women and weigh them on a level scale. No more fights, no more jealous husbands calling my phone, I had money for a change and I could see how I had been manipulated all those years.

        I would never take a pill to go back to that way of thinking and handicap myself once again.

        • Testosterone increases focus and concentration, not the other way around. Inapposite anyway, while he shou wu would be part of a hormonal replacement sort of herbal therapy it does not work by jacking up hormones like you’re assuming. For that you’d be thinking fenugreek which is used to both boost milk production in mothers by as much as 400% but also as an aphrodesiac and purported bodybuilding aid for men. What I mentioned is gentle, doesn’t crank around hormone levels like you suggest and both are safe to good to take daily even if there’s nothing wrong with you.

          Google up polygonum multiflorum, or he shou wu. Now look at those pictures of that root that comes out of the ground looking exactly as you see it, realize among its benefits is fixing male erectile dysfunction and tell me there is no God.

          • connorhus

            I will take your word for it. All I know is whatever it was that finally dropped far enough that I couldn’t be lead around by my ahhh sex drive is quite fine where it is now. Where I have control over it…. I am much happier that way 🙂

      • Lygeia

        Love your avatar. I’m a big “Prisoner” fan.

  • Cats are little predators. If they could they would mess around with us for a bit and then eat us, or not, depending on whether they were hungry or not, because hunger is not a requirement for cats to hunt, to play with prey, or to kill.

    A dog serves a useful function as a service animal. It can physically protect you and yours in some instances. Some breeds can track humans. Others can be trained to stalk and flush prey. Any dog will always alert you to danger or visitors before you are aware of either.

    Cats meow and brush up against your leg and go fetal when you rub them behind the ears. Useless.

    Plus Moslems dislike dogs.

    Therefore, Dogs > Cats

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I’m not a cat person myself, but they do serve a purpose in keeping down the mice and rat population. Also, the fact that an animal is a predator is no excuse for cruelty, at least for civilized people.

      • Rat poison and mouse traps serve excellent functions and do not make the home smell like cat pi$$.

        • Who Me?

          A house that is kept properly clean doesn’t smell. Cats are easy to housetrain, put them outside to do their thing like dogs, with the additional benefit, cats will bury it. I consider myself an equally dog or cat person, but I notice I have 2 dogs and no cats……

          • Everyone has ridden in a car that had a cat take a leak in it and years later it never smelled right. Their urine is more offensive than dog urine. Dogs are just friendlier than (most) cats. Now a bunch of cat people are going to come on here and say that’s proof cats are smarter than dogs.

          • pcmustgo

            Easy to get special “nature’s miracle” products to deal with that… or just use gallon jugs of cheap vinegar.

          • IstvanIN

            Don’t even need to do that. My parents and grandparents all had cats and the house never stunk. Keep the litter and house clean, never let the cats run, and you will be fine.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            A clean house, that is the key… We had three cats growing up and never any cat-pee smells. A litter box was kept in back part of the basement and the cats stayed outside quite a bit, anyway.

        • pcmustgo

          As someone who knows many people with mice and rat problems in NYC, mouse traps are mostly useless… a good mouser cat does the trick. The mice also smell the cat, so they are prevention as well.

          • You can keep your typically ill-tempered odiferous allergy-evoking pint-sized killers for yourself, sir or ma’am.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          A real estate agent once told me he’d tried to sell a home whose previous owner had had several cats – the stench was so bad and so permeated the home that eventually the concrete foundation had to be taken up otherwise the home was completely unsalable.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Of course, that’s the owners fault. No reason to hate cats because they have irresponsible, dirty owners.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            A house on the block above mine had so many cats the hideous, nauseating odor permeated all the way down the block to the corner. I refused to walk my dogs on that block and don’t know how the neighbors stood it, it was that bad.

            When the cat lady finally moved out, the front yard was dug out to a depth of about four feet and the dirt hauled away and then replaced. On hot days, – and this is about 4 years later – when I’ve walked past that house, I can still smell a foul odor reeking from that malodorous property from those cats.

            And no, it’s not the cats’ fault.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Animal hoarding seemingly is a mental issue… Middle aged, single white women who never married or who married badly multiple times, seem to fit the profile of animal hoarders, in this case, a cat hoarder.
            The best thing to do to stop the cycle of animal cruelty is to get your cat spayed or neutered. I won’t have a cat that is not spayed or neutered.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Your dislike of cats is apparently shared by “Chinese Nationalist Maiden”, evidenced by her up-vote for your anti-cat message. Hence, we believe this to be so because she dislikes cat too, unless served with “egg-foo-yong” and a side of rice.

    • Rustler

      There is a reason why house cats are so small compared to pet dogs. A cat the size of typical dog would be too dangerous to live with.

      • pcmustgo

        And that’s why women like cats- they are cuddly and the size of a baby.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Bobcats come to mind… you are correct… a 50-pound cat might be a bit dangerous.

    • pcmustgo

      Nope, cats serve a very important function in society which is to kill mice— mice problems are huge in NYC and other cities, and “working cats”/mousers patrol stores and farmland. That’s why the ancient Egyptians loved them. Cats are from Africa though… perhaps more exotic and non-european than the dog for you?

    • Magician

      Saying dogs > cats is like saying apples > oranges or purple > grey

      Dogs and cats are beautiful in their own ways. Neither of them is more beautiful or less beautiful than another.

    • willbest

      Cats are pretty useful on a farm for killing rodents.

    • Copyright101

      Ive noticed when walking our dog that Asians/Muslims often veer away or cringe in proximity to her. In fact she is a sweetie and would never attack a person (but hates other dogs!)

      Still, they don’t know that. Good doggie!

      • Samuel Hathaway

        This is precisely whites must begin, en masse, moving into Muslim neighborhoods. Bring the dogs. Bring the cats…walk up and down the streets daily. Let’s bring some cultural diversity to these Muslim neighborhoods and run them all out.

        • Kenner

          Pot-bellied pigs would be a great pet choice for an infidel in a muslim neighborhood.

      • Korean guy

        Sorry to disappoint you, but overwhelming majority of Koreans *love* cats and dogs as pets.

        • Copyright101

          OK, I stand corrected.

    • espeeelseetroll

      I had a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle dog that, if she were human, she would be a leader of a WN group.

      Vets have explained to me that dogs are color blind. Well if that is the case, how was it then that my dog became vigilant, and at times vicious, when Blacks come to my house to work on my backyard? Maybe she’s been around me too much, but it was amazing how she was calm and collective when a White friend of mine came to visit me.

      She was a great dog

    • NoMosqueHere

      Cats are beautiful animals. Dogs are useful and lovable, but cats are the only animal species whose success is based on the power to charm humans.

      • You’re not describing a service animal nor a house pet. You’re describing a parasite. Interesting that you cannot see that and that you view the feline parasite favorably.

    • FinnShane

      I love both cats and dogs, and have come to love the idiosyncrasies and quirks in their behavior. You can’t value a pet based just upon its perceived “usefulness”. It’s a pet, not a farm tool. Besides, plantation owners used to view blacks as being “useful”.

      As for the likes or dislikes of Muslims, why should any advanced White person give a crap what those barbaric idiots like or dislike?

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    And these dumb liberals tell us how nice these asian cultures are to the animal world and also to the environment. They are a million times more cruel to animals than white nations and they also trash the environment without any care.

  • Jo

    I’m not a cat person, but some comments are cruel. Cats are companion animals and some people who can’t take care of dogs, like the elderly, can manage cats since they are more self-sufficient.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I’m with you, Jo. Cats are great companions for elderly shut-ins. I can take or leave cats, but one that jumps up and lays down in your lap and purrs is a cat nice to be around.

  • pcmustgo

    My opinion as someone who does animal rescue is that at least they eat their “leftover” cats… we kill 4 million cats/dogs per year here in America due to pet over-population in our shelter system and they are mostly just tossed in the garbage. They are poor, third world people who are starving. So I guess it’s understandable.

    • connorhus

      Living as I do in a rural area I have a particular dislike for the local animal rights activists, especially when they manage to turn a nearby city’s animal control department into a no-kill shelter. When that happens the number of strays, especially cats, who turn up starving in my barn explodes. The no kill shelters fill up and start turning drop offs away so these people come out here and throw em out. I had one cat on the place in 2007 I now have seven cats and average finding homes for about five or six every year always a new stray that showed up pregnant. Cities should learn to take care of their own unwanted life forms…cats, dogs, minorities all of em.

      • rentslave

        We should teach cats and dogs how to use EBT as we did for the minorities.

        • connorhus

          It might starve the government beast out quicker anyway 🙂

        • John Smith

          I wouldn’t mind much if every stray animal got an EBT card if we turned our local primate sanctuaries from “no-kill” to “kill on admission.”

      • willbest

        Kind of surprised you don’t just shoot them.

        • connorhus

          It hasn’t come to that yet. Natural attrition will keep them down as long as I make sure they get fixed. Luckily the animal rights people are good for one thing and that’s handing out $25.00 spay and neuter coupons by the 1000’s for local veterinarians. To be honest with a stock operation the size of mine I can handle the barn cats and they do keep the rats and mice down I would just prefer to be the one making the choice of when I add a barn cat to the mix and not spending time dealing with someone else’s problem or lack of responsibility.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Anyone who does this to innocent animals would do this -or worse – to humans.

    Cats started disappearing around Golden Gate park in the late 70s when the Vietnamese moved in.

    Authorities said this was merely a coincidence.

    In 1980, in California, refugees from Indochina were trapping and eating animals, including stray dogs and cats in Golden Gate Park, SF. Califorians were outraged and a state senator presented a bill to the Senate Judiciary committee that would have made it a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to five hundred dollars and a jail term of six months for killing a dog or cat for eating purposes or permitting it to be eaten.

    Eat Not This Flesh, Frederick J. Simoons, p. 202

    May Bastet, the Goddess of cats, protection, joy dance, music and love seek revenge on the sick bastards that did this.

  • SeaMonkey Browser

    Well in muslim countries, women are stoned to death, or beheaded if they ever do anything that radical ( I prefer the word “insane” to “radical” ) muslims do not like.

    And just a few weeks ago some insane muslims opened fire and murdered 12 people (
    I am 100% sure that roughly 10 of them had nothing to do with the drawings )

    Probably, the ones in muslim countries are saying very similar things about us when we eat beef which is considered a god-like animal in those countries.

  • Caucasoid88

    Asian torture of animals, like dolphins and cats and dogs and whales, is an awful thing. I don’t know how so many people can approve it. There’s something hardwired into the DNA here.

    • John Smith

      Agree – Asian savagery toward animals is pretty extreme. I believe that they even prefer animals killed cruelly as tasting better when consumed.

      • willbest

        I don’t know what asians do to their animals, but considering how we process chickens, I find it improbable that I will be able to say “man, thats f’d up”

        • John Smith

          They’re at least dead or knocked out before we process them and we don’t treat them with cruelty before they are slaughtered to make the meat taste better. The conditions our factory farms raise the animals in do leave much to be desired, however.

  • John Barleycorn

    The Asians can adapt their diets in so many ways . .cat,meat, bear bile cookies . .even fincher muscles are not out of reach for the asian multitudes

  • dd121

    Do they go well with sweet and sour sauce?

    • Yes. I had cat in China. As apex-predators, we humans are supposed to eat critters, though not puffer-fish, large reef fish, and as west Africans discovered last year, not bats.

  • John Smith

    The juice of large waterbugs is also considered a delicacy there – I have a feeling what the Vietnamese consider delicacies and what I do differ quite markedly. Pho and spring rolls are about the only overlap.

  • willbest

    Point of order. Indonesia is full of Muslims and Islam has its own special perversion with regards to blessing its meat.

  • WoodyBBad

    General Tso’s Kitten.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite


  • Viking Funeral

    As someone who is bi-racial (65% human, 35% feline), I find the cannibalistic practice of consuming Cat flesh sickening and appalling. No wonder Cats struggle so to tolerate us.

  • Who Me?

    My grandpa claimed he ate dinner with some old trapper once, then the old guy told him he’d just eaten some puma (mountain lion). Gramps said the meat was tough and stringy, not really fit to eat. (Maybe the old guy was just a bad cook?)

  • People who like dogs and hate cats tend to be strict disciplinarians who like Weberian order and structure.

    People who like cats and hate dogs tend to be dysfunctional flakes.

    The happy median is liking both but having a preference of one over the other, or liking both about the same.

  • Korean guy

    In Korea, we cook and eat the cow intestines. It commonly looks like this when it is ready to be served.

    We pride ourselves in being able to turn the intestine into something edible, instead of simply throwing it out.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      You Koreans even kill dogs and eat them. I guess everyone eats the intestines, but the animals are treated very badly in asia when compared to the western world.

      • Korean guy

        First, give me an explanation about Switzerland and France consuming dogs

        And second, give me an explanation about this photo enclused in this post

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          If you read my other comment, I did say that whites are cruel as well. Not as bad as you Asians are and in the conditions you keep these animals.

        • Korean guy

          “Not as bad as you Asians”

          Oh there is an Asian country that is more cruel than a certain country which takes “stabbing a live bull repeatedly, mocking it in the process and gradually killing it” as a form of an entertainment? I did not know. Which Asian country is it?

          If whites are also cruel as you had stated, then you do not have any right to claim that Asians are cruel either. I will not deny that what some Asian countries do to animals can be questionable, but you are not in a position to tell Asian countries that they are cruel.

          And I would rather be a citizen of a country that can sometimes be cruel to animals, than a citizen of a country which stone women to death, or force women to wear garbage bags everyday of their lives, or force children to learn to operate and fire with shotguns, or murder 12 people simply because you did not like a couple of drawings done by a publisher. I am sure at least 10 of them had nothing to do with the drawings among the 12 people who were murdered in Paris.

          And majority of people in South Korea love cats and dogs as pets.

          My cousin in South Korea, who is a year older than me, recently became a licensed veterinarian. His dad is also a veterinarian.

          I have encloused a couple of photos of his brother with their pets. He is about four years older than I am.

          If South Korea truly was a cruel country that did not have any respect for animals there would not be any veterinarians in South Korea.

    • Spaniard in LA

      Mexicans also eat cow intestines, they eat them in tacos. I’ve actually eaten them and to be honest it taste better than carne asada tacos.

    • Paul Lycurgues

      looks delicious.

      East Asian cuisine, i.e north/south Chinese/ Japanese / Korean, is probably the only culinary tradition on par with French / Italian (European) cuisine. Every part of every animal conceivable has several, often millenia-old ways to be prepared, seasoned and eaten.

      As a cook I have tremendous respect for east-Asian cultures. Only the French do better, to be honest.

    • Sloppo

      That actually does look good. Do you know if there are certain animal parts which most asians won’t eat for safety reasons?

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I have heard that in China they skin the animals alive for their fur because it shins better when they are skinned alive. The Koreans eat dogs and the Chinese want tigers for the tiger penis soup. So you can see how not very animal friendly these Asians are. The Hindus act lie the worship the cow, but in a big festival they slaughter more than 200,000 buffaloes in honor of their Gods. They also sacrifice other animals. The Muslims as well kill their animals in a very gruesome manner and the Semites are just as bad.
    I am not saying that whites are nicer, but it is whites that form environmental groups and also have organizations to take care of wild life and pets. No other race does that. Blacks are very cruel to animals and then they whine about how people are racist towards them.

  • KyraNelson

    Cats & dogs. The new Surf-n-Turf. Early bird special at your neighborhood Diversity Cafe.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I agree. That is why I rarely eat any meat. I do sometimes, but mostly it is fowls. The slaughter industry is run by the kosher crowd here in the US and the slaughterers are Mexican illegals and they are very cruel to animals.

  • Alexandra1973

    Unavailable for comment:

  • Sloppo

    If we’re going to point our finger at this or that nation for their animal cruelty issues, I believe we should also consider the conditions normally experienced by the animals which become the food in our own grocery stores. I think we should concern ourselves with those issues primarily because I believe healthy animals which are raised in good and clean conditions become better/safer/more nutritious food when they are harvested. Nevertheless, the Asian animal-cruelty issues which actually bother me are the whale and dolphin killings. Why do they have to do that?

    • Magician

      I am not aware of the reasons why dolphins are killed (or if they are actually intentionally killed by Asian countries) but I have seen YouTube video clips where some Asian fishermen hunt whales to sell in the market to eventually eat.


      I am not quite sure what to say in this situation. Of course cruelty against animals is clearly wrong but do all of us have to live the rest of our lives as vegetarians or vegans? Should we stop eating bacons? ( Of course some of you might argue, “pigs are different from whales” how are they different? They both are live animals who have not done anything to us humans )

      • Sloppo

        I’m not as sentimental about pigs because they are much easier to replace than dolphins and especially whales. One sow can produce 60 or 70 piglets in a normal lifetime and a sow reaches sexual maturity at 5 or 6 months of age. Most of the larger whales reach sexual maturity at around 10 years of age and they may produce a calf every 2 to 4 years.

        Pigs reproduce efficiently enough to be a major pest in 39 states and counting. If you really believe they’re harmless, I hope do a little more research before you ever encounter any feral hogs. They are intelligent, tend to weigh between 200 and 800 pounds, extremely strong, armed with sharp tusks up to 6″ long, and they can be very aggressive in certain situations. They can destroy your yard in a very short amount of time, and they can easily destroy most fences. They carry serious diseases which can afflict you, your dogs, your goats, and your cattle.

  • Magician

    I always crack up whenever the media mentions or shows Michael Vick.

    He made $100M over his NFL career, and then he became the comissioner of the DFL ( Dog Fighting League ) and he went bankrupt while watching dogs fighting & placing miserably expensive bets on the winning dog, which must have rarely gone right, considering it cost him all his career earnings.

    I find it hilarious that the only hobby one could come up with, after earning $100M, was watching dogs fighting


    By the way, I just looked it up and Spain is a first world country. I have seen a boy who was born and raised in Spain once and he was lighter than most white Americans. But then again there are some blacks and North Africans who are as light as whites.