RamZPaul to Speak at AR Conference

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 27, 2015

Dissident video humorist RamZPaul has agreed to a return engagement at this year’s American Renaissance conference. The title of his talk, “The Red Pill,” is taken from The Matrix, and means the choice of hard truth over pleasant fantasy–which is exactly what an AmRen conference is all about.

RamZPaul is sure to be a hit, just as he was last year; his talk “The Dark Enlightenment,” has recorded more than 30,000 views–more than any other speech at the 2014 conference. And he will be one of 10 great speakers, all of whom have taken the red pill and lived.

If you haven’t registered, now’s a good time, while the early-bird discount is still in effect. We look forward to seeing you in Tennessee, the third weekend in April.

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  • WR_the_realist

    Good news. Ramzpaul is one of the most entertaining people on the web. We can’t have every talk at Amren be grim and doom laden.

    • Jason Lewis

      Absolutely he is excellent. I wish he would get bigger. He only has 20,000 subs. His average video only gets around 15,000 hits. I watch some Youtube people like Nutnfancy that has single videos with over a million views. Don’t know how to get the word out on Ramzpaul. He is a excellent voice.

      • dukem1

        I’d think he’d be a good fit on “Red Eye”.

        • Jason Lewis

          He would be perfect for that. I’d like to see him go on The View lol. Whoopie and Rosies heads would explode.

    • LaszV

      Paul Ramsey belongs! His unique, brilliant style/delivery, heavy on sarcasm & humor, is extremely effective with a broad range of “average” Americans. I look forward to the video of his presentation, and of course all the other speakers as well.

  • Truthseeker

    Man, I wish I could be there this year.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A rare talent: funny AND substantive. I was fortunate to hear (and relisten via DVD) to both prior RAMZPAUL AmRen presentations. Huge plus for the event.

  • JGTThrasher

    Definitely going to try to make this one. Last year was a blast.

  • badbox27

    I’ve seen a lot of his videos on YouTube. My favorite one was where he played the parent of student at a school with low diversity. The parent sees that as a problem and works hard to ‘fix’ it. The school declines as diversity increases and then the parent sends the kid to another school. The video really illustrates how foolish and hypocritical the left really is.

    • Jason Lewis

      His Mel Gibson apology was brilliant.

    • Julius Caesar

      That is definitely my favorite video that he has done, but for some reason I can not find it on his channel (I must not be looking hard enough). Could you possibly tell me the title of the video?

  • newscomments70

    I wonder if Ann Coulter would ever speak at Amren. She is outspoken and courageous, but is she that courageous?

    • listenupbub

      no, she most definitely is not.

      • Kudzu_Bob

        You’re right that she would never attend an AmRen conference, but Ann Coulter is braver than most conservatives. She dared to speak well of Joe Sobran, for instance, even though he had become a non-person to the mainstream right, and she has been consistently good on immigration. Give her some credit.

        • Irish

          She deserves it..

        • listenupbub

          I can give Ann Coulter some credit. She is a special kind of crazy – my kind of crazy.

          But she would only speak at an Amren conference after she has decided to quit her career, because that is what will happen if she did it.

          She would probably demand more money than Amren will pay, too.

      • Zimriel

        If Coulter comes to AmRen, it won’t be courage that brought her there. It will be her desire for attention.

        Coulter’s like Palin these days. She wants to be a Jehanne d’Arc waving a banner at the front of the charge; she wants to be Kate Upton in that Superbowl commercial. But we need an Isabella of Castille. If we’re going to have women lead us (and I’m not ruling it out), those women need to know strategy and tactics. Not seeing it from Coulter over these years.

    • Jason Lewis

      It would kill her career. Maybe in 20 years when things get really lousy in this country.

      • newscomments70

        That ship has sailed.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      I heard through the grapevine that Coulter attended the first AR conference. Would like some confirmation.

      • newscomments70

        One would have to search through old photographs, etc. She may have been just observing. All mainstream politicians and pundits distance themselves from AMREN. Like someone else said, it would end their careers.

    • rebelcelt

      Her career would evaporate. It is best that she does what she does.

      • newscomments70

        I’m not sure, you could be right. But it seems like she will talk anywhere, if you pay her.

  • Sid Ishus

    Can’t wait!

  • Occidental Bookworm

    His video of the white privilege conference (using actual quotes) made me cry with laughter. He has become one of my personal heros. The nationalist movement needs more intelligent, articulate and humorous people like him.

  • The Dude

    Don’t agree with all of his stances, but he sure is a fun guy to watch and listen to.

  • Jessica Lee


  • Itooktheredpill

    All credit should go to me for clearly inspiring the title. You welcome.

    Just kidding. Looking forward to watching it.

  • Uncooperative

    Never cared for this guy, actually. He maligned the highly respectable Dr. David Duke, which was completely unwarranted.

    • DaveMed

      “Highly respectable” is a matter of opinion.

      • Jim Davis

        I’ve heard him on Rense and couldn’t believe how erudite he sounded.

  • Race Heretic

    I love RamZPaul. The guy is hilarious. I am excited to see the video of his talk.

  • Jason Lewis

    While I’m a RamZPaul regular viewer, 30,000 views really isnt that many.

    • Garrett Brown

      He will continue to grow, Amren not so much.

      • Jason Lewis

        I hope you’re wrong on the second part.

        • Garrett Brown

          Paul openly and clearly states the truth while Amren is either afraid to or not capable because of pure ignorance. When that truth becomes wider known it will be up to them to stop being afraid.

  • Enoch_Power

    The brilliant RAMZPAUL! I loved the parody he did about the Lefty who was appointed as Cultural Diversity Officer at a successful school – only to watch it decend into chaos as a result of the Diversity agenda – but never really accepting this and so blamed too many white teachers and the racism of the School Adminstrators. Brilliant…but sadly an all too familiar reality here in the UK.

    Keep ’em coming Ramz!!!

  • Alexandra1973

    It’d be nice if there was a conference in Cleveland. I couldn’t make the drive to Nashville, not in my old clunker. 🙂

  • Joe Taylor

    Huh. The “red pill” is commonly used by men’s rights activists, especially avfm. Now it’s used by white nationalists. Interesting.

  • He is one of the rare guys that see all facets of Political Correctness. In Europe, they have quotas for women everywhere. So far no quotas for Blacks and Muslims, yet (to my knowledge).

    In the US there are clear racial quotas.

    The PC Idea that Blacks have EXACTLY the same IQ and intelligence as Whites, Jews, or Koreans is similar to the idea that men and women are equal. Were it not for Whites repressing Blacks, for men repressing women.

    Being a misogynist is about as bad as being a racist. Women have “battered women syndrome” to excuse even murder, because it is the fault of her man who made her kill him (or cut off John Wayne Bobbitt’s dick). And when Blacks riot and murder it is the justified rage about racist injustice.

    Research about race and IQ, race and crime, is repressed. So is research about female domestic violence, about sex, ahem, gender differences.

    Fire and police departments get a double whammy: they have to hire incompetent Blacks, and too weak women. By dumbing down both the written aptitude test and the physical requirements.

    human-stupidity DOT com /stupid-dogma/racial-differences-intelligence/dangerously-incompetent-fire-fighters-weakened-by-gender-quotas-dumbed-by-racial-quota-nonsense

    It is all the same, but the movements don’t talk to each other, can not even stand each other.
    Race realists and anti-feminists go separate, politically incorrect, ways.