Posted on March 2, 2015

Glasgow Uni Building Diversity with New Names

Marc Horne, The Scotsman, March 2, 2015

Glasgow University is to rename buildings on its campus after women and people from ethnic minorities after campaigners complained they only honoured “dead white men”.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given her support to the controversial move and could even find herself celebrated at her alma mater.

The move means buildings that are dedicated to legendary innovators such as James Watt and Adam Smith could be renamed in favour of women’s rights activists and black ­academics.

The changes have been championed by the University’s Student Representative Council (SRC), which claims the existing building names reinforce sexism and inequality.

However, the switch has sparked a campus backlash, with other undergraduates branding it offensive, patronising and unnecessarily politically correct.

The SNP leader has called on other seats of learning to follow Glasgow’s lead.

Ms Sturgeon, who graduated from the university with a law degree in 1993, described the initiative as “hugely important”, adding: “Women have done great things and fantastic things, but you struggle to find the evidence of that. If the university’s looking to do that, that’s fantastic and I hope others would follow her example.”