George Zimmerman Finally Off the Hook

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 24, 2015

Two-year investigation finds no evidence of “hate.”

We have known for some time that the Justice Department was unlikely to file federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. Today, it is finally official: Nearly three years to the day after shooting Trayvon Martin, and nearly a year and a half after he was acquitted of state criminal charges, Mr. Zimmerman can finally sleep easy. The federal investigation of Darren Wilson, the unlucky policeman who killed Michael Brown, is still going on.

The Justice Department clearly did its damndest to get the goods on Mr. Zimmerman. It spent more than two years preparing a case for a federal grand jury. It interviewed no fewer than 75 witnesses. It spent millions of tax dollars trying to get the scalp of someone it was dying to prove was a racist.

Vanita Gupta, who is Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights was clearly disappointed that the search for racism came up dry: “Our decision not to pursue federal charges does not condone the shooting that resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin and is based solely on the high legal standard applicable to these cases,” she says.

In order to have a case, DOJ would have had to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Mr. Zimmerman killed Martin because of his race–that he had committed a hate crime. But since his acquittal in July 2013, we know exactly what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman stopped Martin because he thought he looked suspicious. Martin attacked him, knocked him down, and was pounding him when Mr. Zimmerman fired one shot.

It’s entirely possible that Mr. Zimmerman stopped Martin in part because he was black. But he convinced a jury that he shot Martin because he feared for his life.

Where is the evidence that this was a hate crime? Simply the fact that the shooter was a “white” Hispanic and the dead man was black.

That is why the DOJ interviewed all those witnesses. Probably, not a single one was at the scene of the shooting. All that evidence-gathering was not going to chance one shred of factual evidence about what happened that night. There can have been only one reason for it: To sniff out whether Mr. Zimmerman had ever used a forbidden word or had an impure thought. No doubt to their dismay, the federal gumshoes found nothing.

But imagine this: What if the facts in the case had been identical but Mr. Zimmerman had been a reader of What if he had a copy of a book by Arthur Jensen or Philippe Rushton on his bookshelf. What if he had once called a black a naughty name? We can be certain that if the Department of Justice had found even a shred of evidence it would have ginned up a “civil rights” case. In order to placate the mobs howling for Mr. Zimmerman’s head, even if it could not win, it would have crowed and bellowed and trotted out that shred of evidence as if it were the crown jewels.

This investigation was not about what Mr. Zimmerman did. It was about what he thought, or what he might have thought had he ever done or said certain things.

This is a chilling message for all of us. We are not judged by our acts but by our opinions and convictions. If makes no difference how carefully considered, how thoughtfully arrived at those convictions may be. In a pinch, they could put you in the cross hairs.

How long will he be under the threat of indictment before the feds give up in baffled fury?


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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • TruthBeTold

    Tear open a bag of Skittles and pop open a can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. It’s time to celebrate.

    • Weisheit77

      Yeah, they stirred up the hate that they wanted. I almost feel like that after Ferguson they wanted to dial it back down a notch or two before Obama had all the major cities in riots on his hands.

      • spahnranch69 .

        I almost feel like that after Ferguson they wanted to dial it back down a
        notch or two before Obama had all the major cities in riots on his

        No chance of that happening in the middle of winter. Chimp-outs are a phenomenon that occur only during hot weather.

        • Weisheit77

          good point. duly noted. I’m been freezing my rear end off so much up here recently I had forgotten it gets warm again. I wonder what this summer holds for us all. How long until the next trayvon, gentle giant, the 6 in Texas, Duke Lacrosse, ad infinitum ad nauseam?

          • Nancy

            The governor called a State of Emergency here in Georgia, the schools were all closed today…and so far (about 12:30pm), not a single snowflake has fallen. Not wanting to look like an idiot (too late), the ATL black Mayor has been holding press conferences, urging people to be off the roads by 2pm, for employers to allow their workers with children to leave early to get their kids, etc.

            This state looks more and more like Oz.

        • TruthBeTold

          During the recent northern cold snap, NYC went a couple days without a single murder.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    As Anne Murray sang 32 years ago, “We Need A Little Good New Today”.
    The exoneration of George Zimmerman fits the bill nicely. A little good news, indeed.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’ll say it again – and forever…

    Hate‘ thought; ‘Hate‘ speech; ‘Hate‘ actions – are the most Orwellian leftist concepts there are.

    • Jason Lewis

      The Soviets called you “anti-revolutionary” to shut you up. Today it’s “hater” or “racist”. It’s the same procedure.

      • Sick of it

        That would be nice. They often shot people like that without hesitation or remorse.

      • spahnranch69 .

        Or “Holocaust Denier” and “anti Semite”.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        …and the same people are doing all the labeling…

      • Black Swan

        The Catholics called you “heretic” to shut you up centuries ago.

        “Racist” is merely the latest weapon used by those whom you cannot question to keep those in line who ask inconvenient questions.

        • TCA

          The vast majority of people who appeared before the various Inquisitions were acquitted.
          Galileo would have been allowed to publish his unproven astronomical theories if only he had been willing to concede that they were, indeed, merely theories.
          He didn’t help his cause when he publicly humiliated the pope, either.
          Positing a false moral equivalency between the Inquisitions and the Bolshevik show-trials is merely the latest weapon used by those whom we cannot question to keep the rest of us in line.

          • Nancy

            And of course Obama Hussein had to draw such a false moral equivalency between the Crusades and Islam when he attempted to assert that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our society”. What a crock.

        • Reverend Bacon

          That’s my favorite analogy. Copernicus was branded a heretic, as was Galileo. Their crimes: they believed that the science blessed by the church of liberalism, uh, I mean Catholicism, was at odds with actual science. In their case it was heliocentrism; with liberalism, it’s essentially evolution and genetics. Nicholas Wade and Charles Murray are classic heretics who have been excommunicated from the “church.”

      • TCA

        Soviets with names like Bronstein.

        • Pat Kittle

          Uh-oh, you just committed a hate crime.

      • Reverend Bacon

        In fact, it’s essentially the same concept. We “haters” are anti-progressive revolutionary.

    • Maurice Miner

      You want to look at Orwellian concepts?

      THIS is the CURRENT Federal Law in Australia, courtesy of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

      Carefully note the use of the words “offend, insult … OR….” in sub (1) (a):


      Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin

      (1) It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:
      (a) the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and
      (b) the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.

      (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), an act is taken not to be done in private if it:
      (a) causes words, sounds, images or writing to be communicated to the public; or
      (b) is done in a public place; or
      (c) is done in the sight or hearing of people who are in a public place.

      (3) In this section: “public place” includes any place to which the public have access as of right or by invitation, whether express or implied and whether or not a charge is made for admission to the place.

      Australia has a “conservative” Government, which is so afraid of any backlash, it refuses to amend or delete 18C, despite that being a specific election promise.

      • Black Swan

        Does this law apply to non-Whites who “insult, humiliate or intimidate” Whites?

        I suspect not.

        It is those who willfully misinterpret and skew law that must be destroyed.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The cultural Marxists have their phony narrative and image for this non-event.
    That’s all that matters.

    • Jason Lewis

      It’s funny how Zimmerman not only turned white but he turned into a police officer as well. Trayvon went from a 6′ 1″ 180 pound 17 year old young man to a 8 year old kid. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good narative I guess.

    • I can assure you there is gun inside that sweeties wrapper

      • Whitetrashgang

        I would go with knife.

        • Black Swan

          Mexicans use knives, Central Americans, machetes. Blacks guns.

          Whites rifles.

          • TruthBeTold

            ‘Assault’ rifles which is why we have to ban ‘assault’ rifles.

          • Wing-nut.

            Assault rifles are racist?

    • spahnranch69 .

      Where did you get this, from the cover of a recent TIME magazine?

      • BloodofAlbion75

        The cover of an SPLC newsletter is more likely.

        • Nancy

          Looks like the cover of my kid’s social studies textbook.

    • Brady

      I remember seeing that before. It looks like a parody of the leftist narrative. I was rather amazed to see that it was made completely in earnest.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        The artist, Michael D’Antuono, is actually a card carrying Leftist, but he got so carried away with the standard leftist narrative, with his: ‘A Tale of Two Hoodies’, that it actually backfired.

  • De Doc

    Does everyone still remember how Geogie boy got inducted to the White People Hall of Fame?

    • TruthBeTold

      Serious question?

      The DoJ classifies Hispanics as white. Zimmerman was identified on the original police report as white.

      That’s what got the case started. The black community read the report and saw ‘WHITE’ and so did the media.

      It was only after it became obvious to everyone that Zimmerman was hispanic that the became white-hispanic.

      Here’s lineup of White criminals:

      www txdps state tx us/Texas10MostWanted/fugitives.aspx

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Unbelievable! Thanks for posting that. Kind of puts a whole new wrinkle on the way they report things.

        • LexiconD1

          Residents in border states all know it. It’s mostly the reason why we don’t understand it when people fall all over themselves for the hispanic parasites, in lieu of blacks. Not realizing they are one in the same.

      • De Doc

        Even with his African descended grandmother, he still made it onto the White team.

        • Bossman

          Those Hispanics sure have power, don’t they? Just a little bit of white blood is enough to have them classified as white. That doesn’t happen with other races.

          • Reynardine

            Those blacks sure have power, don’t they? Just a little bit of black blood is enough to have them classified as black. That doesn’t happen with other races.

          • spahnranch69 .

            It’s true, mulattoes are always thought of as Blacks, never as Whites. But that’s just as well, because to be White means to be racially unpolluted.

          • Hush, troll.
            Why is this clown even here? Can we get a clean-up on isle Amren?

          • Ahh, we can only dream of such a day.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Hispanics have more cultural and political power than you imagine… La Raza, for example, which gets federal funding for its racial agenda. No white organizations get such funding.

          • Black Swan

            Power that is given to them by our overlords.

            Power and millions that are granted as long as it is used against White America.

          • Funeral guy

            We’re allowed to have white organizations? Since when?

          • spahnranch69 .

            So-called Hispanics are classified as White if they are convicted of committing violent crimes. However, they magically revert to “Hispanic” status if they are the victims of a violent crime. More proof that “law enforcement’ is no friend of Whitey.

        • He made it into our team by having some White blood, defending himself against a feral black, and being persecuted by our enemies. I say, welcome George!

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Blacks know a good thing when they see it. That thing is always a white thing, made by and for whites in the beginning. Then blacks show up knowing that historical grievances is the ticket to becoming part of the benefit and social status they get in a white context. Blacks need not do a thing to create and maintain the desirability of what the white man created. Only to sit and confer upon themselves the blessings creating by whites.

          • Black Swan

            Blacks are purposefully agitated by outside forces to stir up historical grievances against White American.

            One look at the lawyers who wrote and agrued in front of the courts for civil rights laws, busing laws and anti-segregation laws is all one needs as to WHO is behind them.

            Blacks have average IQs of 75. All they know is immediacy, violence and gibsmedat.

          • spahnranch69 .

            Would you let a half-caste Jew / Aztec like Zimmerman breed with YOUR daughter?

          • Guest

            I do too!

      • InAFreeCountry

        Good grief. They sure have a very loose interpretation of white in Texas.

        • Blame the Feds.
          Most Texas law enforcement agencies have a separate classification for Hispanics and internal documents reflect that. But the top ten list is maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety which uses the federal conventions for racial/ethnic classification. Likewise criminal history and warrant notices that are broadcast over the NCIC system likewise have to utilize them. That’s why all those mestizos are listed as White on the top ten site.

      • Ringo Lennon


      • That and they saw the Germanic name and that helped them jump to the conclusion that he was White. Had his name been Jorge Zamora, most people would never have heard about this case.

      • Strider73

        Slight correction — the DOJ classifies Hispanics as “white” when they commit interracial crimes. When they are the victims of such crimes, they magically transform back into Hispanics.

        This has the intended effect of exaggerating white criminality. If the Sharks of West Side Story fame got into a rumble with the Bloods or Crips, the feds would count the black casualties as victims of whites, even though there wasn’t a white person within a mile of the rumble.

        • TruthBeTold

          Yes, thanks to Taylors’ Color of Crime the secret of their double dealing reporting was exposed.

          Perpetrator = White. Victim = Hispanic.

      • Black Swan

        Hispanics are added to White numbers to inflate White crime stats and deflate “hispanic” numbers.

        • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

          I used to categorize race as “MEX” when I locked up a Mexican or other similar breed. The records folks never liked it…

      • TCA

        I don’t think the Black community reads police reports.

        They are read only by “journalists,” who are employed by the group which controls the media, and which is powerful enough to make sure Brown people are described as White under certain circumstances.

        • TruthBeTold

          It could have been the press scanning police reports or it stood out to the family. I”m not sure who first read ‘WHITE’ on the police report but it was the first thing reported before the public saw an Hispanic and not a White man and he became a White Hispanics.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Zimmerman is no more white than Lou Diamond Phillips, but it fits their narrative.

      • Bossman

        His brother looks very much like a white man. With Hispanics it is just a matter of shades and degrees of whiteness.

        • InAFreeCountry

          As long as he acts white.

        • LexiconD1

          Didn’t help Michael Jackson, did it. No matter how much he bleached his skin, no one forgot he was black. Even adopting white kids, and claiming they are biologically his, he failed.

      • Black Swan

        Zimmerman is no more White than Lou Diamond Phillips, but it fits their anti-White narrative.

        Because anti-White is what this is all about. It’s important to keep one’s eye on the real agenda behind this.

  • Alex Dihes

    brags, “Huge and strong thoughts follow me in droves everywhere and
    constantly. But I’m much faster!”

  • AmericanCitizen

    Don’t forget how vindictive the Left is on these types of incidents. They couldn’t railroad Zimmerman and they’re not going to get Officer Wilson either. Leftists will be out for blood the next time the media creates a civil rights hero out of a dead thug.

    I pity the next white policeman/civilian who ends up in this situation. If they find out he gave a black kid the finger in second grade he’ll be charged with a history of civil rights violations.

    • TruthBeTold

      Yes, the DoJ and the black community are in a frenzy to find a ‘white racist’ to make an example of.

      • Rurik

        Tom Wolfe, “Bonfire of the Vanities”.

        • Black Swan

          I believe Mr. Wolf called it looking for “The Great White Defendant.”

    • There is no one more vindictive than a leftist who honestly thinks he is just fighting for justice. Remember: “By any means necessary.”

      • Tooth Barkington

        Degenerate whites disguise their general hatred for humanity by engaging in indignant, lachrymose and counter-intuitive outpourings of sympathy for feral blacks.

        • spahnranch69 .

          If only the clueless Blacks realized how much they are being exploited by the liberals and the Jews.

          • Nonhumans

            They lack the foresight for that. They can’t think more than a couple of hours ahead at any given time.

  • Luca

    George Zimmerman “hated” to see Trayvon take his life. That’s about the only hate on his part.

    • John Smith

      Or jack his and his neighbor’s things.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Now maybe George Zimmerman and Officer Wilson will be available to run for President and Vice-President.

    Zimmerman/Wilson for a Safe America!

    • They would get my vote! But only if Jared Taylor could be the new Attorney General!

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Mr. Taylor brings up an excellent point. We can now be convicted or at least hounded unmercifully for Thought Crimes. While we ponder what that means to those of us posting on this and other sites, when will the media stop showing the picture of St. Trayvon at age 10 when he was 18 at the time of the incident?

    • Exactly. They just did that story on the news tonight with those SAME old pictures! The media don’t even try and FAKE being unbiased anymore. The pandering they feel the need to toward blacks has reached new lows. Even libs can’t be THAT stupid? Can they?

      • Nonhumans

        ….Libtards are pretty Stoopid…..I’ve got several friends who are terminally libtarded, but I think their views towards nonhumans are better described as deluded and ignorant.
        I had one of them try to call me ignorant when we were having a discussion on race. I told her that my perspective on nonhumans has been bourne from experience, as my views used to be fairly liberal. I then pointed out that her perspectives of the nonhumans was that of ignorance, given that her Real exposure to them has been very limited in her life.
        She couldn’t refute the point. Seed of doubt planted.

    • Tarczan

      This is why I maintain that not only have I never uttered the word which must not be allowed, I have never even thought it.

  • Blacks that commit atrocities are NEVER charged with civil rights violations.
    The game is rigged 100%.

    • One thousand percent!

      • AndrewInterrupted

        That’s because government is wildly overrepresented with grievance industry people. There aren’t any Americans left in most agencies. That includes the many over-performing minorities like LGBT Nation, etc. Peter Brimelow calls it: ‘….the minority occupation government’. I modified it a bit, to call them MUGgers: Minority Underlying Government.

  • JohnEngelman

    I was watching the six o’clock news on television the night this story first became national news. The news station showed a menacing mug shot of George Zimmerman (taken after a trivial offense) and an angelic photo of Trayvon Martin taken about eight years ago.

    The implication was that a brutal racist shot a sweet colored boy just to watch him die. That first impression stayed with most Americans. If riots followed the acquittal of George Zimmerman, those harmed in the riots should have been able to sue organs of the main stream media.

    • Bossman

      That is very true. By the time Trayvon got shot, he was a big menacing brute.

      • JohnEngelman

        He was headed for a life of crime. When George Zimmerman saw him he looked like he was looking for a condominium to burglarize.

        • Weisheit77

          At the very least rape and manslaughter… if not full on murder or even murder of an innocent bystander in a drug shooting gone wrong.

        • TheCogitator

          Martin’s parents got lucky. Had Zimmerman not shot him the odds are another young black male would have. He was a thug headed to the end well deserved by most young black criminals. One way Martin’s parents would have had a dead n****r on their hands to dispose of, as it is they got a big payoff, and are treated like royalty. Either way Trayvon was going to be dead. In Trayvon’s own words, he was, a “no limit nigga.” It is hard to see how the world would miss him, whether he would have looked like Obama’s son or not.

        • LHathaway

          Yeah, he was just there to ‘burglarize a condominium’ . . .

    • FozzieT

      I remember seeing photos of the young Trayvon, but not of George Zimmerman.

      The picture the news media painted was of an older white guy (seriously – who would expect a person named George Zimmerman to be anything but an older white guy?) in a very high-end, gated community gunning down a black kid who was visiting members of his Cosby-like family.

      • LexiconD1

        Hate to say it, but this was not one of those ‘nice’ gated communities whites live in.

      • spahnranch69 .

        Zimmerman? He doesn’t look Jewish.

    • Weisheit77

      That’s precisely how they operate. They know the first impression is the most important for, amongst other reasons, most people are too lazy to delve into a story and go outside of their favorite echo chamber, as you have pointed out in many a post.

    • Who Me?

      “The implication was that a brutal racist shot a sweet colored boy just to watch him die. That first impression stayed with most Americans.”
      Unfortunately you are correct. One of my elderly (age 74) aunts was shocked, (“just SHOCKED, I tell you!” was how she put it) when he was acquitted. I sat her down and explained that he wasn’t just a little boy walking home from the candy store, as the MSM narrative phrased it, over and over. She’d seen the TV news and she comes from a time when you could believe the TV news, or at least thought you could. After showing her countless true reports on the internet, she was baffled as to “how the MSM could make such a mistake”.
      I was too tired to explain that it wasn’t a mistake. One of these days, I’ll discuss that with her.
      I’m sure there are millions of viewers just like her, that believe what they saw first, and a lot of them don’t have the excuse of being elderly, just naïve and trusting.

      • Alexandra1973

        At age 74, you’d think she would remember what it was like before the civil rights nonsense.

        • Who Me?

          Age 74 = born in 1940-almost a baby boomer.

  • The Feds even took out a warrant to seize GZ’s computers.

    • RedOnTheHead

      Does he finally get his Kel-Tec back now?

  • Whitetrashgang

    Mystery meat vs blacks,part 2, coming soon to a city near you.Dont forget to park your white privilege in the assigned parking spot.

  • superlloyd

    The DOJ under Holder is completely corrupt, wasteful and incompetent. Holder should be arraigned before a court for malfeasance at the very least.

    • spahnranch69 .

      But it won’t happen, since he’s got that little something we call Black Privilege.

  • shatwood

    How innocent of racism do you have to be NOT to have civil rights charges made against you by the Holder administration?

    • Every night I jerk off to a picture of Martin Luther King! (Okay, sorry moderator; I know that was crude, but I had to add some comic relief.)

  • John Smith

    This has been something I’ve worried about for a long time – how a diversity and multi-culturally focused injustice system would do when you doubletapped a “usual suspect” committing a violent crime against you?

    • You are not the only one here who has that worry, my friend.

    • Weisheit77

      Racists have rights, too!

    • Epiminondas

      Sam Francis saw this coming a long time ago. Before he died, he even gave the impending political situation a name: anarchotyranny. A combination never seen before…anarchy AND tyranny at the same time. Government will keep a tight rein over the whites but unleash a wave of minority crime directed at whites to keep them terrorized. This is our future if we don’t stop liberals now.

  • David Ashton

    This point about Thought Crime is most important. There have been several scandalous cases in Britain. O’Brien in “1984”, Obama in 2015.

  • They sure tried their best to nail this guy. Personally, I don’t think George Zimmermann is too smart. If I were him, I would defect to Russia, like Snowden did, largely for the same reason. It would also be one more way to stick it to Obama!

    • Weisheit77

      But he has nothing to offer Russia. Snowden did and Snowden could probably find a computer job over there, especially after learning the language.
      I’m not crazy about sending this “white Hispanic” to Russia, but I’m all for sticking it to Obama.

      • Who Me?

        Russia is a sovereign nation with (enforced) laws concerning who comes into their country–unlike certain other “nations” I could mention, but don’t need to.

    • If I were G.Z., I’d run off to Costa Rica. He already speaks Spanish, and Costa Rica doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

      • Spaniard in LA

        Costa Rica, the pearl of Central America.

  • FozzieT

    Better get ready for Net Neutrality – government regulation of the internet. What could go wrong? Certainly all of our real identities will be safe. And AmRen won’t be a target.

  • Marilyn Rosen

    That is great news! I watched that trial from beginning to end and I couldn’t believe how that judge pushed to find him guilty. The evidence was clear as a bell. Yet I went on Facebook and one of my African American friends who I don’t see much posted a picture of herself with a hoodie on. That whole trial was a circus and ruined a man’s life. Shame on them..

    • Weisheit77

      on my facebook I still post pictures of every criminal in a hoodie I can find to keep pouring salt into the hoodie wound.

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      I was an attorney working in Orlando at the time. All of us whites were under an unofficial gag order at the time . We couldn’t talk about facts of case without fear of being called racist. I got verbally attacked by another atty with a half black child when I criticized her participation in a rally for Trayvon in Sanford. She said she felt like she was part of history. She later called me a racist and bigot for defending Zimmerman. I now have moved to a 99% white area. Just cannot take it anymore.

      • Marilyn Rosen

        Wow..ya things are so tense. My husband and I moved to a less populated area in Mich. He couldn’t stand to see the city he grew up in go down the way it has. Shortly before we moved there was a break in in one of the homes a block away from us. An elderly woman was tied up by 2 African American men and they stole jewelry and her car. She was very lucky they didn’t do worse. My husband said there has never been a crime like that til more of them moved to the area. They put I’m section 8 housing.

  • tickyul

    They ruined that guy’s life.

  • I could care less about Zimmerman on a personal level. He means nothing to me and is just another out of place third worlder in my book. But this case has been used by the media, the left, and the malcontent minority crowd to whip up anti-White racism and to attack victim-friendly self-defense laws.
    That’s why I supported him back during the trial and I am glad to see he’s finally out of the woods.

    • Weisheit77

      The fact that the whole charade went on as long as it did doesn’t bode well for the current state of our glorious union.

    • meanqueen

      He means a lot to me because regardless of his ethnicity, what happened to him could have happened to me. He means a lot to me because he was a victim of dangerous liberal ideologies. And anyway, don’t you know that he’s really white after all? 🙂

    • Zimmerman isn’t completely home free. Since most felonies carry a seven-year statute of limitations before an indictment can no longer be issued, he’s got another four years to worry.

  • LHathaway

    My, my, my, this matches up very well with the desire of many black not to hear whites every speak at all

  • Weisheit77

    Or in other words, how they use “Civil Rights” to deprive you of your civil rights.

    What he is saying is true. Look how they tried to roast the leftist idiot who shot up those Muslims in NC. We all knew about the danger of slurs against protected groups while defending one’s self from their violence. Now, we must fear that certain posts, websites, books, text messages, etc. could get us all indicted as hate criminals.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I notice how the MSM is quick to report on every run-in with the law, such as a domestic disturbance dispute, Zimmerman has, but I’ll bet they will try to ignore this latest development.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yes, the media was a bit mum today on this latest development on the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. I heard only two short news reports on the radio today about it.

  • Pat Kittle

    The tribe who owns the “mainstream” media knows exactly what it’s doing.

    Its anti-white agenda (both obvious & subtle) is no “accident.”

    • Alexandra1973

      They wear their collars backwards too. 😉

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    The world will be a much better place when Eric Holder is no longer practicing law in any form whatsoever.

  • spahnranch69 .

    The hate campaign against Zimmerman never had a Chinamen’s chance of succeeding, because Zimmerman ain’t White.

    • Harry

      Almost immediately the black propaganda machine (ABC News) blew it by calling GZ white. If that guy is white then I’m Edgar Winter.

      • Who Me?

        Errr… Edgar Winter has white skin. Whether he’s White (non-tribe) or not, I don’t know, but his skin is white–a lot whiter than GZ.

        • Chasmania

          Rarely have I seen the point so soundly missed.

          • Who Me?

            Yah, I know, but I was posting at 3:15 am….

  • H. Leonskoi

    Oh good! Zimmerman had the right thoughts! He was not guilty of
    thought-crimes. Even the communists let him off the thought-crime

    He was either in the right and defending himself or he wasn’t. It was justified self defense when his life was in grave danger.

    The demorats were complaining about a special prosecutor
    investigating a person rather than a specific crime when the special
    prosecutor was going after Clinton. They were right. Now these
    communists did the same thing. What a bunch of scumbags.

  • meanqueen

    In these scary times, I consider this outcome a not-so-small miracle.

  • Harry

    The Rachel Jeantels of this world: A legal defense team’s best friend. That and the rigid charge (Murder 2) filed against GZ. They probably could have convicted Zimmerman on the lesser charge of Manslaughter.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    We’re gonna have to expand the capacity of the Federal Prison System to accommodate Holder and many other Obama appointees…

    • TCA

      I have a relatively inexpensive alternative to incarceration, if that day ever comes.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Yes, but there would be a shortage or rope…

  • Who Me?

    Yah, he’s finally off the hook, after 3 years of having to hide out because of a price on his head, his career, reputation and marriage destroyed, and all his future dealings will be forever followed by, “George Zimmerman? Aren’t you that guy…?” He’s been acquitted and he’s off the hook for a hate crime (for now), but his life as he knew it before is ruined forever.
    I wonder if during the middle of the circus, he ever stopped to think he might have been better off to just let St. Skittles bash his head in and die. Of course it wouldn’t really be better, but he must have thought so at some of the low moments.

    • Tim

      “George Zimmerman? Aren`t you that guy…?” You forgot the second half- “Bartender, Put his on my tab…”

    • meanqueen

      He will never feel safe and will never have a moment’s peace.

  • Alfonso Bergamo

    The only hate crime I see is from The Obama administration

  • Cid Campeador

    George was a “hotdog”. He had no business playing cop and should have waited for the police. All he did was give the Mau Mau another excuse to riot and attack White people with the tacit approval of the POTUS and AGOTUS and the verbal approval of AS and JJ.. If he had gone back to his car and simply observed as he was directed to do by the 911 Call Taker, things would be just a bit different in the US today or at least until the Gentle Giant situation.

    • Alexandra1973

      My understanding is he didn’t follow St. Skittles; while he was going back to his vehicle he was jumped by him.

      • Epiminondas

        That’s right. Mr. Z got out of his car to read a street sign in order to tell the police where he had last seen Martin. Martin jumped Mr. Z from a concealed location before Mr. Z could get back to his vehicle. Had Mr. Z not been carrying a gun, he likely would have become yet another murder statistic.

    • meanqueen

      Cid, I can’t believe you don’t know this already. Zimmerman did exactly as he was told by the 911 operator. You are making the same false assumptions based on the false version of the story that libtards and blacks started. The only reason Zimmerman initially got out of his truck is because the thug ran between two houses. Many black thugs had robbed homes in this community and always got away. Zimmerman didn’t want the thug to get away like all the others had. But as soon as the operator told him to stop following, he did, and as he returned to his truck, the thug jumped out from between the houses where he was hiding and attacked him.

    • TCA

      Nothing stirs the blood of men like being told to “shelter in place.”

      • Funeral guy

        You really pushed my button with that one, TCA. The first time I heard that rallying cry of the cowardly sheep was during the Boston Marathon bomber search. That it was used in the state where American Revolution played a big part just turned my stomach. Cowardly citizens hiding in their homes while the jack-booted agents of the government marched through their streets, was a sight I hoped I’d never see. In a saner country, the armed citizens would have turned those two Muslim dirtbags into bullet ridden corpses in short order. Of course the citizens of Massachusetts, through their elected legislature, have voted for their own disarmament so my scenario would have been impossible. So we now just “shelter in place”. Disgraceful.

    • 1G25

      GREAT 20/20 hindsight.

  • Lord Sandwich

    We can exercise our first amendment or second amendment rights, but not both. Both is a problem.

  • Nancy

    This reminds me of a Negro who called in to Herman Cain’s talk show yesterday. He was furious about Giuliani’s comment that Obongo was “unpatriotic” and tried to get Cain to agree that nobody ever accused Bush of not loving his country, and that Rudy was racist for saying so.

    Cain played the man a recording where Obongo himself called Bush “unpatriotic”. Then he said, “Here’s evidence that directly contradicts your assertion, spoken by Obama himself.”

    Did the black caller back down? Not a chance. He sputtered and stammered, “Yeah, but… but… you KNOW, deep down in yo’ heart, that Giuliani is racisss!”

    Facts mean nothing, evidence means nothing. Jesus Himself could’ve come down from Heaven, tapped this fool on the shoulder, and said, “Hey there. I know Rudy’s heart, and he’s not a racist”, and that idiot would STILL disagree.

    They share very similar symptoms to people with Cluster B personality disorders. My BPD mother would reinvent history and accuse people of evil motives all the time, so my husband (bless his heart) thought it would be helpful to secretly tape our phone conversations. I could’ve told him it wouldn’t make a difference, and I was right. Even when faced with HER OWN WORDS, she still denied she said what she did.

    • Marilyn Rosen

      That has to be difficult. My husband is a psychologist who works at a prison and he deals with that daily. He gets called honkey, cracker..etc.

      • Nancy

        A couple of my friends are psychologists, one in the criminal justice system. Both say that any time there’s “drama” or turmoil on a psych ward, you can bet there’s a Borderline in the middle of it.

        Likewise, watching reality shows with a large female cast, you can guarantee there will be drama and turmoil surrounding the black girls. The very few times a white woman was causing issues, she seemed to exhibit Borderline characteristics. I believe black women share so many traits with Borderlines, they simply don’t get diagnosed as often, as people assume those behaviors are normal for black females.

        • Marilyn Rosen

          That makes since. When my husband worked in the women’s prison, he dreaded working with the AA females cause they were demanding and obnoxious.

    • Ellis Kurtz

      “My BPD mother would reinvent history and accuse people of evil motives all the time…”
      This phenomenon has a name, and, of course, a wiki entry:

      Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim. The term owes its origin to the play Gas Light and its film adaptations, after which it was coined popularly. The term has been used in clinical and research literature.

  • Realist.44

    The liberal-lemming Mainstream Media was WAY too quick to jump all over this as their star “poster child” case of “evil whites” profiling against blacks. It blew up right in their faces. A real treat to watch. Too bad Zimmerman had to go through that just because he was defending himself from a rabid beast attack. They tried to make an example of him just like Wilson but those damned facts just kept getting in the way, ha freakin’ ha!

  • tetrapod

    My dad was in Australia during WW II. He loved the friendliness and generosity of the people. Sadly, it looks looks like the Aussies have also been neutered by multiculti tyrants.

  • Marilyn Rosen

    Right…we aren’t close, mostly Facebook which doesn’t get too personal.

  • meanqueen

    So, if one of us were in a similar situation to Zimmerman and we were on trial, can investigators get our computers and see the websites we visited and the comments we made? Could our participation on AmRen be used against us?

    • Nancy

      I’d be willing to bet the answer is “yes”. Although Mr. Taylor wouldn’t give any of us up, Disquis is a separate entity. I’m assuming they could easily be subpoena’d. Maybe it wouldn’t even take that much.

    • 1G25

      In large block letters, displayed on CNN every evening.

  • TCA

    They let him off because he looks Mexican.

    • Robert Smith

      In the diversity hierarchy Mexicans are at best 3rd or 4th. With blacks and gays being 2-3.

  • Nancy

    Wow. So many of my bumper stickers are illegal in Australia. Good to know.

  • Light from the East

    I came up with a joke:
    When do a Hispanic man becomes White?

    Ans: When he kills a Black man or commits a hate crime.

  • Who Me?

    Don’t tell her it makes her butt look fat–they LIKE that. Tell her it makes her butt look FLAT. 10-1 she’ll never wear a hoodie again!

  • 1G25

    I’m not liking this country very much anymore. And neither do the good people around me.

    In 45 years it was “fundamentally transformed” into junk like this “case.”

  • Michael Dean Miller


    Auctioning off his pistol on E-Bay should set George up for the rest of his life.


  • I think the only real defense is to refuse to apologize for your views. Never grovel, never lie, never retreat, never back down. If enough of us did that, the country wouldn’t be in the state it’s in today.