Grand Jury Meeting in Civil-Rights Case Involving George Zimmerman

Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel, October 30, 2014

A federal grand jury will meet in downtown Orlando Wednesday to hear testimony about whether Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated when Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot him in the chest, according to court paperwork.

A U.S. Department of Justice attorney from Washington, D.C., Mark Blumberg, has issued at least one subpoena for Wednesday in the case.


It’s not clear how many witnesses have been ordered to appear, but at least one, Frank Taaffe, Zimmerman’s former neighbor and longtime defender, has been.

Following Zimmerman’s acquittal on a murder charge, Taaffe has reversed his position and now says that he believes Zimmerman was motivated by race the night he followed then shot Trayvon in 2012.

Taaffe cites a phone conversation he had with Zimmerman in the days following the shooting but before Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.


Last month, the Washington Post cited three unnamed law enforcement officials as saying there would likely be no federal charges brought against Zimmerman because of insufficient evidence.


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  • Frank_DeScushin

    What a monumental waste of time and money. The federal government knows full well that there is no civil rights case against George Zimmerman, but they have to go through the motions to appease black agitators. Yet another example to support Fred Reed’s point that all facets of American life, particularly the federal government, must cater to black wishes regardless of how absurd those wishes may be. We can’t risk them throwing a tantrum, after all.

    • Luca

      Blacks wouldn’t know how to fill out the paperwork to file a Civil Rights case.

      However: “A U.S. Department of Justice attorney from Washington, D.C., Mark
      Blumberg, has issued at least one subpoena for Wednesday in the case.”

      Seems there is always a “Blumberg” lurking in the shadows willing to help them out, agitate them, prod them and push them along. I am sure there is a buck to be made in all this by the Blumbergs of the world.

      • dewdly

        The payoff isn’t counted in “bucks”, but in all the advantages of tribal loyalty.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        “The Tribe” and the nigros appear to have the same “ethnical” standards…

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Is it any irony that every Negro homicidal maniac is suddenly being pandered to and painted as innocent ever since we have had a Negro in the White house?

      • none of your business

        It has been going on for decades. Remember hurricane carter, mumia al jabal and endless others since 1960?

      • none of your business

        OJ Simpson comes to mind 20 years ago.

  • dd121

    If they get a black jury in a big city they’ll vote to convict Zimmerman. These “civil rights” laws allow the Federal government to wield a big stick in state cases where they don’t get a politically acceptable jury outcome.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      My verdict is that Black juries belong in Africa.

    • M&S

      It certainly allows them an LCD populist decision when it is instigated by a jury whose racial mix allows for prejudice. Get a black on a jury who has been carefully coached and he will seem to be perfectly okay with ‘wherever the evidence leads us’ but will advocate vociferously for the non-white agenda once s/he’s onboard.

      The real issue here is whether civil suits and civil rights cases have any place in a situation where -criminal- culpability has already been decided. It’s not as if they are trying this man for lesser related crimes, they are essentially saying that the act which he undertook to defend his life was still somehow ‘wrong’ by a Judge Judy level of black popular opinion when THE LAW has said otherwise.

      This crosses the line into double jeopardy second bites at the same apple IMO and is particularly egregious because it treats the criminal case as a combined research project and strategizing scrimmage effort to show where not to take the followon civil litigation.

      There must be one standard of law. And there must be one attempt at prosecution under it. That prosecution should be able to come at any time within the statute of limitations and evidentiary rules but cannot seek to ruin a man by civil means when criminal punishment has been ruled out.

      Such is the difference between vindication and persecution.

      That said, though I believe, based on the evidence, that he had a perfect right to shoot Mr. Martin off his chest, I am not a Zimmerman fanboy.

      I do not care what blacks and Hispanics do to each other.

      I do not like defending Jews from any perspective.

      I do not believe whites should associate their honor with that of other racial groups, let alone debase ourselves by cheering one over the other because X is lighter skinned than Y as somehow being ‘more like us’.

      But if only for the day when whites are a minority constantly pressured by bully ethnic ‘social justice’ prosecutions as for Mr. Zimmerman’s personal benefit, I do not see how this kind of vindictive followon prosecution can be allowed to stand.

      One option would be for Florida to object to any such trial happening within her territorial authority as being a violation of her State’s Right ability to meet out her own justice. If all such prosecutions have to happen at Federal District courthouses in specific Circuit states, there would rapidly be built a sense of exactly how unacceptably intrusive _Federal_ judicial oversight has become in pursuit of notional (victim entitlement group) as opposed to national (common good) agendas.

      This is as much about counter attacking the liberal racial doctrines as anything. We must cut their extreme beliefs from our commonality and make them suffer the moral indignation of failure in their pathological altruistic idealism.


      • Malgus

        I’m wondering why whites don’t sue the families of black thugs.

        They – the family – are just as culpable. They know what their family members are up to, the life of crime they lead, yet they do nothing. In some cases, they actively encourage their thug/criminal lifestyle.

        Seems to me that if you know criminal activity is taking place by a member of your own household, a pretty good case could be made for at least conspiracy to violate the civil rights of others, if not outright benefiting from the criminal activity, receiving stolen goods, etc..

        • M&S


          The idealist reason is of course: “We are better than that. We don’t seek to punish the group for the vile acts of the individual.”

          Pragmatically… Three thoughts come to mind:

          1. Blood From Turnip.
          Civil litigation depends on a profit motive and anyone on welfare is likely legally Judgment Proof. Criminal prosecution, while ultimately just as ‘big business’ oriented towards maximum prosecutorial pursuit of winnable big cases is ultimately about statistics federal and state level budgetary processes allocating funds each year. i.e. it is self limiting in the degree to which it will tilt at windmills of good after bad prosecution. Best case: you win and the government (other white people’s tax money) ends up paying the blood price for your suffering.

          2. Good For The Goose, Racial Vendetta.
          Blacks can’t stand to be put in their place as losers, at anything. They do not think in terms of moral right or wrong, only about status and position relative in their rankings to the other races. As such, you would see massive numbers of civil litigations all backed by SPLC or similar ‘diversity/social justice’ groups who -do- have a profit motive in that any racially based conviction in civil courts can be made to pay the legal fees and an award to these groups.

          As no white will ever be charity defended from unwarranted black attack by a mobbed up civil litigation process. We would be collectively taken to the cleaners.

          3. Unwise Precedent.
          We don’t want to be around them. Period. We should not have to justify every instance of proof as to /why/ we don’t want to be around them with a criminal then civil prosecution process which turns simple statistics into a he said/she said continuum of muddled indicators. The law is the law.

          Ignore the race angle for a moment.

          If you kill -anyone- for jumping you out of nowhere and pounding your skull into the pavement while you scream for help that never comes from any of the watching witnesses, the dead aggressor’s relatives and dependents don’t deserve wergild as payoff for you ending a legitimate threat to your life.

          At the same time however; if a white decides to settle out of court with a black family for something in which the case is not so clear cut, they not have their own statistic about ‘white on black violence’ which is validated _by their own violent criminal tendencies_.

          Gee, uh, no thanks.

          We want an arbitrated, binding, separation. One where the reward clause is ‘no fault’ guaranteed at a minimum fair price to successfully convince the majority of blacks to just _leave_.
          This means a black man must gather up four ‘relatives’ and declare them his family in order to get a 250,000 or 500,000 dollar payout for taking them all to an exclusive black occupational economic zone within the United States.

          It also means that any black who remains and -ever- wants to be on welfare gets no support check until they show up with a certified vasectomy or tubal ligation certificate from white doctor.

          Finally, it means that, once they have their declared territorial boundary as Black Run America, they are no longer able to return to the U.S..


          Most blacks would take us up on this offer for the simple reason that, even if they know the societal value of their fellow blacks, they would see it as an opportunity to clear out for Europe or South America or even perhaps Africa with that good-anywhere cash to begin parasiting those lands.

          Some might even treat it as a real opportunity to author their own nation and achieve success. I would not hold that success against them if they achieved it under Black Rule.
          I would make sure that no outside force could intervene to create a lodgment on the North American continent for foreign powers.

          It’s statistically arguable as being better to pay the price of Slave Reparation ONCE (500,000 dollars X 10 million + 13% contiguous landmass losses) than to do so, continuously, forever, with our children, elderly and women at constant risk to brutal attack and our own hands tied in defending ourselves.
          We have our standing in the world to think of. We have hordes of illegal Mexican and Central Americans to deal with more…decisively. But to get blacks out of our society and off our books would be worth it.
          And that cannot happen if we create in their minds a tit for tat psychological impetus to run a dominance game through civil litigations.

          • Malgus

            Heh.. yeah, I suppose you’re right re: points 1, 2 and 3. Just figured that it was worth a shot…

            Over 10 years ago, I figured paying them off once, with the caveats that they:

            – Surrender their US Citizenship forever.
            – Go somewhere else permanently. Within 30 days of payment. Preferably Liberia.
            – Not come back. Ever.
            – Relinquish any and all claims against the US and
            – Absolve the US from any liability concerning anything from the beginning of the world, to date.

            That one time payoff would actually be cheaper in the long run for us, when you figure property damage, depressed property values, loss of life and limb, incarceration costs, payoffs to the sniveling wretches for alleged “Civil Rights” complaints, etc, etc, ad nauseum… besides, it’s just fiat currency. Have Red Shield Old Yellen tap on her computer and POOF, there’s your payout. Since all the currency is leaving CONUS, it won’t have an immediate, direct effect on potentially devaluing the dollar…

            As far as the Mestizos and Central Americans… I’m thinking there is gonna come a reckoning sooner or later… hell, if the blacks don’t leave or start behaving themselves, there’s gonna be one there, too.

            Of course, all this is moot in the face of our coming economic implosion… once the dollar craters – and it could be something as puny as a bond sale gone wrong or China dumping 10% of our toxic debt they hold that sets it off – things will get downright interesting… Every economic indicator is pointing towards the Mother of all Crashes and just recently, the Japanese lost their minds.

            Our debt to GDP ratio is 100% and we’re staring down the bullet of the Mother of all Crashes…

            Theirs is 230%.. and their big solution to fix that is… wait for it… print more currency and buy even more of their own toxic debt

            When it hits, it’s gonna be biblical…

          • M&S

            Money is what class level it’s purchasing power buys you as retained social value. It’s an indexer of social leverage by associations as much as fiscal power.
            Locarno resulted in a new currency for Germany and within a decade (of recession no less) a strong Germany which would only be ruined by Jewish interests destroying the rise of a socialist barter economy to the extent that WWII became a prolonged conflict specifically to recapitalize debt rather than because it had to be.
            Assume a modernday Locarno with a new-dollar currency.
            What do you NOT want to happen in the wake of that move?
            Well, avoiding six years of Jewish currency influence that saw the German labor pool first unable to buy bread due to hyperinflation and then utterly disenfranchised because of currency speculation, foreign loans and market redistribution (buy ups of defaulted German businesses) would be good, especially since America has no industry with which to pay off such a bailout with slave labor of our own, as Germany did.
            This means that we will have to remove 90% of the debt load along with the currency valuation that people have accumulated in terms of house mortgages, insurance, utilities and bilevel taxation.
            BAM your house is yours. Furthermore, We The People guarantee you a working lightbulb and clean water within it. And the only taxes to be paid are corporate and sales.
            Now, suddenly, ‘making 10-20 grande a year’ doesn’t mean quite the loss it once did because you are down to just consumeables and discretionary income.
            Surprisingly whites and Japanese are both ideally positioned to do this, simply by gutting non-essential infrastructure, _because_ we are an aging society, about to undertake a 50% population hit.
            And the way it will happen is through massive automan and robotics to remove the majority of the resource/delivery and labor/opportunity costs.
            But unlike the Japanese who wisely conserve their territorial dominance ‘just because’ (our people, our land, our resources for their exclusive benefit), U.S. whites have added a social welfare burden which nobody wants to be a party to but no one is willing to admit the racist label-game consequences of in attempting to deny resources to as exo-groups in our societal system.
            Put another way… If you’re not a farmer, doctor or major utility worker, _your job_ is not essential. But if your IQ is below 90, you may not be profitable as a menial wage earner.
            Hence, if we dump every retail sales outlet. Every restaurant. And most retail food purchase points. Put a moratorium on new construction and reprioritize (fly, the Moller 400 gets 25mpg and does 200mph, = NO ROADWAY MAINTENANCE) transportation networks, replacing them with automan and robotic distribution systems means having to support the low IQ populations which would have been employed at those jobs.
            For free.
            Throw in the monumental 3.2-4.4 Hispanic and 2.3-2.6 black TFRs and you have a major problem with making the transition to a smaller societal system overall.
            What is more, if we want to take the ‘new currency = new chances’ money that is saved by non-continuance of those vestigial areas of our economy, we need to have a population that is willing to dedicate resources as opportunity costs to things like a space program, revitalized education systems, genetics research and totally updated (regional, privatized, automated, renewed distribution system) agro.
            Which means someone has to go. A lot of someones.
            We literally will be too few to support an 80 billion dollar a year (24,000 per year for 1.15 million + 40,000 a year for 1.15 million = 73.6 billion dollars) criminal housing program as our prison system now represents.
            Closing our borders, evicting our squatter, closing down our welfare, accepting the hit the remonetization implies and dealing with the civil war consequences that result all have to happen _before_ we begin welcoming working whites to a “You have survived, now get ready to arrive!” nature of a reimagined society which is ours to do with what we need to, to take the next step.
            Up and Out. Beyond our world. Beyond our genetic limits on IQ as developmental potential. Towards a brighter future.

        • none of your business

          Impossible to find an attorney who will take on that kind of a case unless he or she can make money from it. On the other hand, if a black thug kills a White person in a business that has insurance then it is possible to find an attorney who will do it on contingency.
          Attorneys cost money for their own salaries and to support their offices and employees. Few victims of crime have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a lawsuit that may or may not be won and would probably not even yield attorney fees if won.
          The only way would be a premises liability suit if the black thug brought a White victim back to his home.

    • Any decent defense lawyer would just get a change of venue for the trial, stating inability to obtain a fair trial.

      • dd121

        These are federal cases in federal district courts. They’re in big cities with black juries. No change of venue is going to help. The reason these laws were passed is to punish people for federal crimes where the liberals didn’t get the state verdict they wanted. The courts have declared this is not double jeopardy.

        • It’s just the opposite.

          Federal court houses and trial level divisions are based in big cities. However, they can draw jury pools from wide areas, not just the black heavy county in which they’re based. Therefore, I think an attempt to Federalize under whatever pretext something that would ordinarily be a state jurisdiction street crime is on the sly an attempt to avoid heavily black juries, and also as a Federal gift to states to send what would ordinarily be state prison inmates to the Federal prison system.

          The Federal eastern Missouri district is in St. Louis, but jury pools for Federal trials based in St. Louis can come from many eastern Missouri counties, not just the city of St. Louis. A state trial held in the city of St. Louis (which is both a city and a county) can only have its jury pool come from the city of St. Louis, which means a heavily black jury.

          • none of your business

            Of course the jury can always be cherry picked. For instance in OJ’s trial the prosecutor’s, office, not defense attorney’s decided to put the trial in the blackest part of a 10 percent black county.

          • A huge mistake on Marcia Clark’s part, to assume that black women were women before black. However, if there is a trial of Darren Wilson, because he would be the defendant, his lawyers can do preemptory challenges of black jurors. The Federal civil rights provisions that disallow race based preemptory challenges apply to the prosecution and to jurors that are of the same race as the defendant.

    • Clytemnestra

      Zimmerman should be convicted on sheer stupidity, alone.
      From the moment the authorities found out that George Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic,” not a blond, blue-eyed Germanic, they have given him countless opportunities to “get lost” until the furor died down.
      He had months to take a long vacation in Peru before charges were brought against him. He has had months since being acquitted to do the same. His looks are not that remarkable in a country that is inundated with undocumented Mestizos. He could have at least assumed another identity, move to a huge Mestizo population and laid low for a number of years, but he stayed out there, drawing all kinds of attention to him.
      I think it is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that everyone wants him to just “go away” and “disappear” for several years until the Hispanics achieve such numbers that no one could touch him even if they wanted to.
      Is there any doubt in anyone else’s mind that if Zimmerman was White he would have been locked up at Jump Street and never left prison even if a jury had acquitted him? He’d already be serving federal “hate crimes” for shooting poor little Skittles.
      The whole Zimmerman-Martin Flap was some zealous reporter not checking the facts on his hunt for The Great White Defendant. Had the media thoroughly investigated the matter, it would have been written off as more Brown-Black conflict. They don’t care if Mestizos, Blacks, or even Asians, for that matter kill, even each other, as long as Whites don’t.

  • MekongDelta69

    A federal grand jury will meet in downtown Orlando Wednesday to hear testimony about whether Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated when Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot him in the chest

    NO – His living rights were terminated when he attacked G.Z.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. Had he succeeded in killing Zimmerman, being shot by the police would have an appropriate fate for Trayvon Martin.

  • Whitetrashgang

    See Taaffe turn on Zimmerman, I wonder whats behind that?

    • Rick O’Shea

      Taaffe is unhinged (he’s lost multiple children and is a drunk, so perhaps he has some excuse) and got hooked on media attention. Zimmerman was not good about expressing gratitude to those who’d gone to bat for him after the trial (Zimmerman also has a pretty good excuse for not behaving perfectly, given what he’d gone through and the fact that he’s quite frankly just a dumb man with plenty of his own issues.)

      Zimmerman even annoyed a very nice old couple (Vietnam medic veteran and wife Zimmerman had worked on a political campaign with, nice white couple) by not thanking them for their testimony, etc. after the fact. I was surprised and disappointed that they expressed their dissatisfaction with that in a public way, though it was briefly, and never got much attention.

      Taaffe was not going to go nearly so quietly. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in addition to “neglect”, Zimmerman went so far as to tell Taaffe off a bit. Taaffe had been behaving like a complete buffoon on television and not doing GZ any favors in the process. He’d acted as Nancy Grace’s willing stand in for GZ, and played into exactly what she and her viewers wanted to believe about GZ.

      GZ had no reason to appreciate what Taaffe had done, which included dramatically exaggerating how close they’d been, exaggerating what he knew or was in a position to comment on, etc.

      So Taaffe is bitter and attention-starved, and because hes’ an unstable, dim-bulb drunk weirdo loudmouth, he hasn’t the sense to appreciate the fact that going to a grand jury with this spat is inappropriate and dangerous. All he’s thinking is that it’s a way for him to get back at Zimmerman, and get back in the spotlight.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Zimmerman may lack manners or a sense of subtlety, but that doesn’t make him a homicidal maniac. Ted Bundy was quite suave, but was a complete homicidal maniac.

        • Rick O’Shea

          I agree. Zimmerman never should’ve been charged with anything, and did nothing wrong that night according to the evidence and any rational view of how society should work.

          The worst any normal person could say about his actions was that he was a bit incautious but even that is debatable, because he was fully convinced Trayvon was making a run for it and they’d never come into contact.

        • John R

          OJ Simpson was very good at dealing with the media; Zimmerman is not.

          • none of your business

            The media at least in Los Angeles was totally on his side and did everything to smear the detectives.

      • Robbie Cheney

        When Florida began filling up with the negative stereotypes you’ve described my family packed up and left. Nearly every high school reunion (four decades forth) have been attended exclusively by the ‘northeastern horde’ who invaded the state beginning in the late 60s. Plenty of northeasterners in the state up to that time but mostly people you enjoyed being neighbors with – that changed abruptly.

        The rest of us who have stayed away (the majority) have now been locked out from viewing the various class related websites that have recently been switched over to facebook.

        Florida was literally an idyllic place to grow up in and or raise a family in up to that point.

      • sddasasd

        Taaffe did bail Zimmerman out of jail a year ago though, but beyond that, the guy has long been a complete and utter embarrassment, one of the worst public defenders Zimmerman could have asked for.

  • Ed

    I hate turncoats.

    • IstvanIN

      Thought the same thing. Why can’t people just stay quiet?

      • Luca

        Follow the money.

  • “What if?”

    Let’s change one little circumstance in the story.

    Let’s say that in the time period that Trayvon Martin was banging George Zimmerman’s head and skull on the sidewalk, that GZ is unsuccessful in his attempt to reach for his gun.

    That would have meant that GZ would have eventually died for the repeated blows to the head. Then TM would have gone on trial for second degree murder. However, the jury would have found him not guilty because his defense would have credibly presented the case that TM feared that GZ was chasing after him in order to capture him and rape him.


    Remember in the trial that happened, Rachel Jeantel said that during that conversation on the phone between her and TM, TM said that he was being pursued by this “creepy ass cracker.” Most people presume that that meant (creepy ass)(cracker), i.e. a racial slur. However, GZ isn’t white, and probably didn’t appear white to TM. So it very well could mean that the proper distribution of the parentheses is: (creepy)(ass cracker), i.e. an anti-homosexual slur.

    TM fears that GZ is about to rape him, so TM does the only thing he can do to stop it, bang his head against the sidewalk. GZ, pursuing TM as part of his community watch duties, thinking that TM just pulled a burglary,winds up on the ground with TM pounding his head against the sidewalk, so he does the only thing he could do.

    And in the real world trial after that, GZ was found not guilty.

    Big. Greek. Tragedy.

    And the kind of thing that is bound to happen from time to time in a country of 300 million people with so many interpersonal interactions.

    • IstvanIN

      St. Trayvon no doubt assumed GZ was White. He was White enough for most blacks.

      • guest

        And for the crooked MSM who painted the false picture of Trayvon being an innocent victim of racism.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Of course he did. St. Skittles thought it would be fun to beat up a White guy. Trayvon Martin was also a coward. When I was a kid, I always understood that a real man picks on someone his own size. Beating someone up that we are towering over is pure and total bullying. Had Trayvon Martin been a true tough guy, he would have found a 6′ 3″, 250 pound White guy to fight, not a guy a foot shorter than himself.

      • Especially after dark. In poor visibility, a light-skinned Oriental, Arab or Subcontinental would look relatively white.

    • Rick O’Shea

      I realize you may be having a laugh to some degree, but I’ve seen the (creepy)(ass cracker) idea put forth by many people and I can tell you, as someone who knows this case ridiculously well, there is absolutely no merit to that idea whatsoever.

      He was definitely calling him a (creepy ass)(cracker), without any doubt whatsoever.

      The “mighta been a rapist” thing is something Jeantel suggested to Trayvon, if she’s to be believed, and I firmly believe that neither one of them, least of all Trayvon, ever took that notion seriously. She was saying it to mess with him, he knew that she was saying it for that reason, and he didn’t seriously entertain it at all.

      I believe Trayvon always knew roughly who GZ was and what his interest in him was. He knew GZ was some sort of nosy neighborhood guy who had pegged Trayvon as the suspicious criminal he was, and was attempting to impede his criminality. Trayvon was tired of getting busted at school, by cops, by his parents, etc. GZ was the last straw. TM took out all his frustrations on GZ and couldn’t resist the temptation when he saw that GZ had left the safety of the lit street and his large truck.

      • You may well be right.

        That the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding is the least charitable explanation in our eyes. I don’t see how there was ever a legitimate path to a version wherein GZ is in any way culpable.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        He also saw a White guy that he towered over, and figured he could bully this guy. He got what he deserved. A real man would have looked for a bigger guy to take on. Most bigger White guys would have throttled Martin with their bare hands, and taught the punk a darn good lesson. Blacks may be better at basketball than us, and they are far meaner, but they are not stronger. I went to school with Blacks myself as a teen. One on one, they always backed down from fighting a White guy their own size.

        • Jack Whistler

          Not only will they back down against someone their own size, they are comically frightened of a white man who is larger than they are.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Trayvon Martin didn’t spend as much as a second in fear of Zimm raping him. Trayvon Martin was a sociopath. His friend Jeantel is just a typical lying Negress. She probably thought it was funny that her buddy was going to beat up a short Hispanic man that he towered over. Trayvon Martin=homicidal maniac. Zimm shot him in self defense. Self defense is always right. Trayvon Martin deserved his fate.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    I don’t care if Zimmerman was wearing a “kill all the blacks” t shirt that day. If someone comes up to you and attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself.

  • Eric Shun

    I dropped out of law school after one year, so I’m no legal expert, but as a private citizen what “civil rights” does Zimmerman owe martin? As I understand the law, one’s “civil rights” are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights. And that document only prohibits the Federal Government (not individuals) from doing certain things to US citizens.

    • Scott

      Well, as a lawyer I can tell you the follwing.

      First, almost all of the provisions of the Bill of Rights have been extended by various Supreme Court cases to apply to the states as well as Uncle Sam. The only exceptions I can think of from the top of my head are the right to indictment in capital or “infamous” crimes, and the right to trial by jury in civil cases where the sum in controversy exceeds 20 dollars.

      Second, I agree with you that the actions of private individuals should not be criminally prosecutable under civil rights laws, but the courts disagree. For example, see United States v. Guest, 383 U.S. 745 (1966).

      • Duncan Duhnut

        Originally the civil rights “violations” were used to prosecute people in the South who killed blacks to keep them from organizing/protesting/signing up voters, etc. Thus they were being denied their “civil rights” by being killed.

        How that applies to someone defending himself against attack, or someone maintaining a watch on someone (at the presumed instruction of the 911 operator), I have no clue.

        • My take on Zimmerman watching Martin is that Zim was instantly off the hook when he called police and told them what he thought was going on. That’s what one is supposed to do, and it isn’t any “civil rights” violation.

        • none of your business

          The civil rights violations were not for killing blacks but for preventing them from voting by any means including literacy tests when they registered to vote, requiring proof of residence etc.

      • Isn’t a civil right any constitutionally-protected activity, such as voting or going to school? Beating the snot out of someone is not constitutionally protected.

    • none of your business

      “civil rights” Are exactly what the Vicars of Satan on Earth, the federal judges say what they are.
      Best example is school integration and bussing. 1956 It is a violation of civil rights t expect a black girl named Brown to walk 8 blocks to a black only school when there is a White only school only 4 blocks away.
      A few years later; to achieve civil rights for blacks it is necessary for school districts to spend billions of dollars per year to load school children on buses and transport them as much as 140 miles round trip per day to schools far from their homes.
      Constitutionalists need to really, really understand that in America the law and constitution is whatever a judge says it is. Goes back to Montesquie French judge who thought judges were above laws passed by Kings, Mayors and even city councils and the old common law of medieval England where the local landowner was judge over his tenants and could make up any law or issue any decision he wished.

  • guest

    These “civil rights” nutcases just can’t accept the fact that their beloved martyr Trayvon was a thug who attacked George Zimmerman and George Zimmerman exercised his right to defend himself.

    We all know what would happen had Trayvon been White. They would tell everyone to just get over it and forget about it.

    • Martin also had a known record of violent behavior, and past behavior, is as they say, the best indicator of future performance.

  • journey

    Is this country sinking into a Communist state where charges can be fabricated and one can be harassed for life? Darren Wilson is their next victim.

    • Yes, yes it is.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Holder will shop around the case until he finds a kangaroo court that will hang Zim.

      I wonder if Channon Christian and Chris Newsom’s civil rights were violated? Or the civil rights of Hannah Graham, Jonathan Foster or the elderly Straits in Tulsa? Or the Black Panther intimidation case?

      Holder’s DOJ sees no civil rights violations there.

      Officer Wilson certainly is next.

      • journey

        “They” are using blacks and open borders to turn this country upside down. If the majority of whites do not wake up soon and put a stop to this madness, either they will end up like in South Africa/Rhodesia or the crisis will reach such a level that an eruption will occur. The effort to correct the madness will become more challenging as the whites increasingly
        become the minority (loss of political power). The slippery slope is insidious and has continued unabated. I fear for the future of this country.

        What you have posted shows the decaying of this country – when black tendencies are not afraid to act out against innocent victims because they have been taught and encouraged to do so.

        • none of your business

          Even Fox has forgotten about Heather Graham while they? it? bloviate about the Republican party ,minimum wage abortion and Israel.

    • none of your business

      Bernie Goetz? This country sank into an anti White dictatorship long ago, right around the time my middle aged children were born.

  • superlloyd

    The DOJ must be the most inaptly named government arm in the US. Racially biased, obsessive, unbalanced and desperate to get convictions despite incontrovertible evidence and a transparent judicial process all being against it. Witness this and Ferguson. These hucksters are solely motivated by malice and get YT at all costs. Let injustice be done though the country falls.

  • Rick O’Shea

    Frank Taaffe was always a loon. He had consistently overstated his connection to Zimmerman, when he was just a neighbor in a large complex, and an acquaintance really.

    I think Zimmerman has plenty of his own issues, but there is no debate about “civil rights” violations. Even if he had some racial aspect to his suspicion of Trayvon, and his decision to keep an eye on him (and there’s no evidence of this, but given crime stats including in that neighborhood itself, it would’ve been completely justified to do so) the moment of the actual gunshot is what counts, and all other considerations become irrelevant when someone’s beating your head into the pavement and ignoring your screams for mercy.

    Taaffe is addicted to his 15 minutes and looking for an extension. Even under his new “version” there’s nothing substantive which would establish any civil rights violation. He seems to have been miffed that Zimmerman didn’t fawn over him sufficiently after the trial, and he’s bitter.

    I don’t blame Zimmerman for not being particularly fond of Taffe after all was said and done. Taaffe was on Nancy Grace constantly acting like a foolish loon (though he did have some good lines) and fueling the fires of hatred against Zimmerman (which is precisely why Nancy Grace wanted him on.)

    • sddasasd

      I wouldn’t say just an acquaintance, they did appear to be friends- Zimmerman after all did call Taaffe up to offer his condolences for the death of his son. But they hadn’t known eachother for more than a few years at most, since Zimmerman moved into that complex in 2009.

  • So when is the rights of Zimmerman will be defended, between the media slamming him and the Attorney general of the U.S getting involved it seems more like a witch hunt. I would say his rights have been stomped on.
    im no lawyer but it seems rather shady from day one.

  • Who Me?

    It’s time to leave George Zimmerman alone. He was acquitted by six brave White women who used their common sense and judged him NOT GUILTY. That should be the end of it. This “civil rights” case is just a means of doing an end run around the laws against double jeopardy. Zimmerman has done some silly and even stupid things since the was freed, but he is a very young man who was under an incredible amount of stress for nearly two years.

    • TXCriollo

      They wont its gonna keep going and going, they need this to show black victimhood exist

  • Prediction: Zimm will be hounded and in the news until he breaks and ends up in prison for little or nothing. Once the System targets you they have the resources to nail you to a cross just like they did a certain Galilean.

  • Ronald

    This outrage seems typical of Governmental efforts to keep at it until they get the predetermined politically correct outcome. It makes no difference whether the targeted victim is a White man or a White “Hispanic”.

    • Epiminondas

      They’re floating this just prior to the election to get blacks out to vote. Race baiting is the only thing Democrats (and Republicans in some measure) have to get blacks motivated.

    • bilderbuster

      He was labeled a White Man and he will be treated as if he were. Truth be damned!
      Welcome to the world of “White Privilege” Mr.Zimmerman.

  • JohnEngelman

    George Zimmerman’s civil rights were violated when he was attacked from behind, thrown to the ground, and beaten up by Trayvon Martin.

    • none of your business

      No they were not. Trayvon’s attack was a violation of state criminal laws re assault, battery, bodily harm and attempted murder, not civil rights violations. What are you trying to do by this ignorant statement? Make us believe you are not as anti White as Sharpton and Holder?
      Go away.

  • A Freespeechzone

    WHAT about Zimmerman’s civil rights to NOT be attacked by a thug negro?

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Why do we care about the Civil Rights of a homicidal maniac?? This kind of irrationality is why we have so many problems with Negro on non-Negro violence these days in America. Trayvon Martin was a homicidal maniac thug. Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self defense in the heat of the moment. Zimm is a decent guy who was trying to do something positive by being part of a block watch. Logical, responsible people with any reverence for right and wrong care about Zimm’s Civil Rights only, not those of a homicidal maniac thug shot in self defense by his victim.

  • IstvanIN

    The whole civil rights violation thing is just a way around the double jeopardy clause. Just another way to spit on the constitution.

    • MannyR

      You are absolutely correct. This his how the federal government operates. From the same people that talk about how this is the freest country in the world.

  • MBlanc46

    Even if Zimmerman is not charged, as I hope he won’t be, we’ll have spent millions persecuting him.

    • IstvanIN

      Persecution is absolutely correct. No wonder the poor guy went daft.

    • Luca

      Because he defended his life, his life is now ruined. Real nice country we’ve become.

      • MBlanc46

        Unfortunately for Zimmerman, his assailant belonged to a protected class.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Is this the October surprise Bob Beckel warned us about?

    I agree that George Zimmerman’s Civil Rights have been violated.

    Zim’s lawyers should file Civil Rights charges against Holder and the DOJ – and while they’re at it, a Grand Jury should look into Holder’s role in the Waco Massacre.

    “Taaffe has reversed his position and now says that he believes Zimmerman was motivated by race the night he followed then shot Trayvon in 2012.”

    Taaffee was either threatened, blackmailed or paid off.

  • MannyR

    This may seem extreme but I’d like every poster here on Amren to consider and keep in mind the above article next time the Oklahoma Federal Buliding anniversary comes up. This is why Timothy McVeigh did what he did. I’m not condoning it and I’m not excusing it but at a certain point we have to realize we have a Federal Government that’s out of control and in this certain case is attempting to place innocent man who has already been found not guilty of a crime by our justice system in prison in order to appease a voting block. This is no different than a soft dictatorship.

    • journey

      Our federal government has lost its way long ago.

    • At least officially, Timothy McVeigh didn’t do what he did to take revenge on the Federal government for its anti-white racial policies, he did to to avenge their abuse of power at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Though there are rumors out there that TMcV was a victim of affirmative action.

      As an aside, after having looked at OKC inside and out backward and forward, I think the only probable real difference from the official story is that Ramzi Yousef taught TMcV and Terry Nichols how to bump up the junk in the drunk to do way more damage than just an ordinary fertilizer-based concoction would have. Yousef was an explosives expert, eyewitnesses have TMcV in the Philippines at the same time Yousef was hiding out there after Yousef did the WTC bombing in 1993, and Nichols had a Filipino wife.

      • none of your business

        All Whites, both men, women and children are victims of affirmative action. Even most White men are too brainwashed to admit it.

    • ghettovalley

      The government has lied to us so much that I have a hard time believing any official story about anything. The way these people handled things such as Newtown or the Colorado theatre situation have caused me to question history as I know it. They didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start manipulating the public this has been going on a long time. I don’t believe a word they say about Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, or anything else.

  • Bill

    What, somebody got to Taaffe? Is that why he’s allegedly changing his tune?

  • Bill Moore


    How about an investigation into how George Zimmerman’s civil rights were violated?

    Bill Moore

  • mac Grath

    Basically the hostile elites who oversee the direction of the post America, we are forced to endure, figure it’s cheaper to bankrupt George Zimmerman than to have the blacks riot and burn down billions of dollars of US inner city property. Just a cost benefit equation to these self appointed masters of the universe.

  • Who Me?

    So this is what it’s come to? Now anytime a black criminal gets killed by a White (or semi-White) person defending him or herself from robbery, rape, assault or murder, that White person will be dragged through the mud for months on end, threatened with death, have their lives totally disrupted, eventually judged “not guilty” and then slammed with a civil rights case, just in case there’s anything left. Civil rights cases were not originally meant to monetarily reward the family of every worthless black thug that happens to get what he deserves. This needs to be stopped before it sets a precedent and becomes business as usual.

    • bilderbuster

      This has been used as a warning to Whites just as “The Subway Shooter” Goetz case was. It has intimidated many Whites from arming themselves but it hasn’t changed the belief of others in the old saying “It’s better to stand before 12 men than to be carried by 6”.
      In the Goetz case Bernie Goetz foolishly turned himself in and subjected himself to the abuse.

    • none of your business

      You should have been around before the feminazis jumped on rape as their cause. Some county prosecutors declined to prosecute ANY black on White rape for fear of riots and of course acquittal and the victims life being ruined by further persecution for years.

  • WR_the_realist

    Good grief. George Zimmerman was on his back having his skull pounded into the pavement by Saint Trayvon Martin and we’re supposed to be worried that Trayvon Martin’s civil rights were violated?

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    When things like this occur some people still wonder why this administration is so unpopular. People understand the role of government in their lives; however, when it comes to “social engineering” they know it when they see it. The Republicans are set to become a majority in both houses of congress. Surprise. The next surprise will be in 2016, assuming the Republicans field a viable candidate.

    • TXCriollo

      Ya that is the big factor now, the black victim hood that the obama administration is trying to keep going is making people mad. It was like when gay marriage was forced on states, people seemed to drop support for it. Obama and his crew dont seem to get the point were sick of it

    • none of your business

      I may be paranoid and insane but from what I see on Fox news the Republicans love the blacks as much as the Democrats.

  • A Freespeechzone

    The negroes in power and the self-loathing Whites want to embolden unprovoked attacks against Whites by violent blacks and prosecute any White who defends him or herself as a definition of ‘civil rights’.

    They want to either make Whites submissive or start the violent Race War.

    Most Whites will NOT be submissive.

  • dewdly

    The reason blacks were not repatriated to Africa after emancipation was the fact that they could be used against whites under the cover of a fight for civil rights.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly correct. This was also not Jewish led. It was Yankee Abolitionist led. The New England based Northern elites wanted to continue punishing the South after their War of Northern Aggression ended. These abolitionists were the ultimate hypocrites. Few had ever even met a Negro, yet they castigated Southerners for not pretending Negroes are our equals. Meanwhile, the New England factory owners were treating European Immigrants far worse than Southerners had treated their Negro slaves.

      • none of your business

        My take is that the northern industrialists fomented the war because they wanted control of the south’s iron ore, coal, cotton, rice, tobacco and other crops and the Mississippi Missouri river transportation system.
        They got it as well as a massive supply of cheap black labor paid less in wages than they had in food, shelter clothes etc.

        • The northern industrialist robber barons wanted to be the ones who profited over the opening up of the West. So did the southern planter robber-barons. The natural flash point was the Kansas/Missouri area.

  • IstvanIN
  • David

    Of course, only Martin’s civil rights could’ve been violated. We all know the violation of Zimmerman’s civil rights was just an example of street reparations.

  • Fed Up

    Ah yes. The mentally challenged Blacks and their liberal sycophants just can’t give up. Can’t bring themselves to face reality — that Zimmerman was in fear of his life when he shot his assailant.

    Just like they can’t can’t accept that Brown attacked a police officer doing his duty in Ferguson and was killed in the struggle for the officer’s weapon.

    Just like they also can’t accept that the other Black punk actually SHOT at a police officer and was killed by return fire.

  • “He didn’t do nuffing!”
    I wonder if they got the memo that they aren’t in the jungle anymore.

    White people need a country of their own.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Speaking of ‘civil rights’, what about the fact that absolutely nothing has been done at the Federal, State or Local level to prosecute those who put a bounty on George Zimmerman for his murder?

    It’s obvious that this behavior is condoned and supported from the highest levels of authority.

    They had better be careful, it may backfire in them.

  • rentslave

    This is why I keep my Democratic voting registration,as I don’t want No Limit Holder charging me with a hate crime.

  • fgbrunner3

    Obama is a professional racist. End the culture of corruption. Impeach Obama now.

  • none of your business

    I believe that federal civil rights charges were used against the police officers in the Rodney King case and that it was those charges that sent them to prison after acquittal in the first trial.