Recent College Graduates Are Pushing Lower-Income African Americans Out of Cities

Eric Tang, Washington Post, October 29, 2014

How do we make sense of the fact that America’s most progressive cities, the ones that cherish diversity, are losing African Americans? And that the most conservative places are doing the opposite?

Between 2000 and 2010, cities like Austin, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco–places that vote majority Democrat, consider themselves socially and culturally progressive, and boast racial diversity–all lost unprecedented numbers of African Americans. San Francisco, for instance, saw a staggering 20.4 percent loss in its African American population between 2000 and 2010. Chicago and Washington D.C. also experienced double-digit losses.

During that same decade, the only three major cities (populations over 500,000) that voted Republican in the 2012 presidential election–Phoenix, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City–all saw significant increases in African American numbers; their African-American populations grew by 36.1 percent, 28 percent and 11.4 percent respectively.

Rebecca Diamond, an economist at Stanford University, offers one salient explanation.

Her research points to how cities such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. have over the past three decades attracted ever-larger numbers of college graduates. Using Census data, Diamond shows that as college graduates occupied larger shares of these cities’ work forces (while avoiding other cities they deem less attractive) income inequality in these cities grew.

Urban industries and amenities catered to the higher-waged worker, making these cities more expensive to live in. Lower-wage workers (those with only a high school diploma) also desired the enhanced quality of life offered by these cities–better food and air quality, lower crime rates–but they couldn’t afford to live in them. Simply put, as college grads arrived, lower-waged workers were driven out.

Although Diamond’s study does not analyze how specific racial groups are impacted by what she terms a “national gentrification effect,” it appears that African Americans have bore the disproportionate brunt of it.


It’s not that these cities are no longer liberal, per se, but that the brand of (neo)liberalism they now celebrate is unaccountable to the concerns championed by lower-waged workers: universal prekindergarten, affordable housing, and the de-privatization of public space (crystallized by last month’s San Francisco’s playground fiasco that garnered national headlines). It’s a liberalism that has, quite literally, left not room for the low-waged worker, particularly African Americans.


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  • blanjm5

    In other words, no place is safe now.

    • shmo123

      Not necessarily. I lived in San Francisco for many years, and never had a problem. There were only two black neighborhoods in that city–the Western Addition and Hunters Point. The Western Addition was historically black, but by the 80’s and 90’s most blacks had long since decamped for cheaper rents across the bay in Oakland, and only a handful remained. Hunters Point is tucked away into the southeastern corner of the city and most of its denizens and problems stayed there. Whites and Asians made up almost the entire demographic of the city, with a pocket of Mexicans in the mission, and they weren’t much of a problem outside of their own neighborhood either. Nob Hill, Russian Hill, the Marina, North Beach and others were ( and still are I assume) virtually all white and generally safe. The outrageous rents will probably keep them that way.

      If you can put up with delusional white liberals, the stupid clowns who run city hall, and over the top gay men, it’s ok and the food is great. But there are no ghettos that come close to what you’ll find in Chicago or New York.

  • Mary

    And African-Americans pushed White Americans out of cities, beginning several decades ago. Now we can hopefully reclaim some of what we’ve lost. Unfortunately, however, this means those of us who live in suburbs have to suffer loss of quality of life (at best) due to this new “enrichment.”

    • JohnEngelman

      No neighborhood, no city, and no country benefits from a large black population.

      • Luca

        The only ones who benefit are Democratic politicians and race hustlers.

        • UncleSham

          And the owners of Popeye’s.

          • WR_the_realist

            And Kentucky Fried Chicken.

      • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

        No continent, solar system, galaxy, etc, etc.

    • benvad

      It’ll be like France, humans in the city, jungle creatures on the perimeter.

  • White liberals don’t want to live with the diversity they want to inflict on the rest of us.

    On the sly they shuffle blacks out of cities and into older suburbs and other areas. And if you happen to be white and you live in one of those older suburbs or other areas and you don’t want the deluge of the black undertow, well then racism. Just don’t notice the white liberals trying to rid their gentrified cities of blacks. White liberals can’t be racist.

    The reason Phoenix is growing in blacks, when time was not so long ago they hardly had any, is that Phoenix is the new dumping grounds for south central Los Angeles blacks. Now Phoenix has enough blacks such that they ran mahogany mob wild at the Arizona State Fair, also in Phoenix, a few weeks ago, a story I’m surprised AR didn’t run.

    • AmericanCitizen

      This is a well planned assault on America by the Lib/Progs. Enough hispanics and blacks in AZ (in your example) to tip the scales and turn a state solid (D), or at least 51% (D). If you argue with the plan, well then you’re a racist bigot against diversity and of course anything you say, think, feel or express is instantly invalidated and discredited.

    • JustMe

      Arizona overbuilt. So did Las Vegas, NV. Now, all of those empty, foreign-owned investment homes in Phoenix and Vegas are being filled with Section 8 voucher holders from Los Angeles.

      • obot

        Should have torched them instead

        • Not necessary. The Section-8ers will destroy these units, if the human slugs in the townhouse across the lawn from me were any indication in 2008-2009.

    • JohnEngelman

      I unfortunately do not have the essay in front of me. During the late 1960’s Eric Hoffer wrote of affluent white liberals in so many words, “They are terribly ashamed that we do not tax ourselves more heavily to help the same blacks who threaten us. It is our breasts they are beating to a pulp.”

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Remember that opening scene in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, PSYCHO? the opening scene is Phoenix, Arizona, at 2:43 p.m. on December 11, 1960. That brief scene of the Phoenix skyline showed Phoenix as a more or less small town, no blacks and no hispanics. Phoenix in the 1960s was probably not a place to party, but so what? It seems to have been a great place to raise a family without all the social and cultural distractions that destroy enduring community bonds.

      • At that time, Phoenix was just a medium sized city.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          What a tragedy that Phoenix is still not just “a medium sized city.”

      • WR_the_realist

        Where I live right now is not a place to party. You’d have to drive a long way to find a bar, a nightclub, a rave, or a rock concert venue. It’s perfect for an asocial curmudgeon like me who’d rather listen to Bach anyway.

        I’m someone who doesn’t even understand why “partying” as it is typically carried out is even considered to be fun.

    • Alexandra1973

      I have to wonder if there were any that were shipped in after Katrina and if they’re still there. Even though it’s been nearly a decade.

    • meanqueen

      I attended the historic Kenilworth elementary school for a couple of years in the 1960’s. There were no blacks in my classes, and only one Mexican child. I returned for a nostalgia visit in the 1990’s and the entire student population was black and Mexican. My ancestral home town in Texas was mostly white with some Mexicans and a very few blacks. I went back also in the 1990’s to visit, and the once friendly, open, working class white neighborhood I lived in was entirely Mexican and they weren’t friendly. Very quickly I felt frightened and foolish for getting out of my car. It breaks my heart. There are white nationalist groups advocating for settling in the PNW, but I have also lived there, and I can tell you point blank that there are Mexicans and Muslims in large numbers all around the I-5 corridor. So I ask you, where, really, is the safe zone? And if blacks are only 13% of the population, why does it seem that they are EVERYWHERE at once?

      • That’s the point. I think they’re higher than 13%, because they hardly turn in their census forms and the census takers when they go into the wild to count people, find blacks are hard to count. How can they only be 13% when they predominate many major cities?

  • MekongDelta69

    Freedom for me, but NOT for thee.
    DIE-versity for thee, but NOT for me.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Well, I do have to give the white libtards credit for something that we white racialists seem unable to do… they sure know how to get rid of diversity and confer upon themselves a version of a society they want.

      • Easy to do when people of your mentality have control of the media, and you can therefore get away with hypocritical jiujitsu politics without ever being called on it, because of the media.

      • Hy Alldredge

        They just have more of a stomach for TNB. It allows the initial white pioneers to gain a foothold, whereas you or I could probably not tolerate living in a 70% black neighborhood. “Driving out” blacks just means doing what white people do by nature, which is create economically viable, civilized communities and increase property values. It would be interesting if race realists were to recolonize a black neighborhood in significant numbers. Wonder if that could be organized.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          The closest thing I’ve seen to white conservatives “turning the tables” on diversity is incorporation. These movements have exclusively white spokesmen who are occasionally interviewed in the news and their stories run in the newspapers. the next big fight over incorporation in the Atlanta area is taking a large swath of eastern and North DeKalb County Georgia that is largely white in a 54% black county. The name of the new city is to be Lakeside. The average home value is around $275,000. It is fairly close to the Emory area, but also close to a very sizable Hispanic/Asian area on the other side of Interstate 285

  • Troglodyte Tim

    White liberals and hipsters, a growing Asian immigrant population and high Hispanic birth rates are driving prices up in and around L.A. and pushing Southern California’s black population to Phoenix and Las Vegas, NV.

    • LexiconD1

      That, and since there is no one to rob, kill, steal from, or thieve, other than themselves in the Inland Empire, and desert communities of CA…

  • guest

    “Progressive whites are pricing out the diversity they claim to value.”

    More proof that White liberals who say they love diversity are absolute liars. They just want all other Whites to endure diversity so they won’t have to.

    • Guest

      This is so absolutely correct I can only stand on my chair and clap.

      This is what I saw in Madison, Ithaca, Berkeley, San Francisco, Austin, the Research Triangle area, the Twin Cities, Portland, and Seattle.

      “Diversity” means “I send the undertow your way, and I move the minute any of it comes to me.”

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Maybe we should all pack up and move in and live with the white libtards. I could handle a dread-locked nappy headed, white, hip, book store clerk a lot better than a colony of blacks loitering around watching your every move.

    • Anonymous

      Ethnic diversity, gender diversity, sexual orientation diversity, age diversity are all fine by me. I don’t want social class diversity, income diversity, educational attainment diversity, IQ diversity, or values/lifestyle diversity. In practice, most Blacks, Hispanics, and lower class Whites are not going to want to live near me, even if they could afford it.

    • newscomments70

      Most often, but some liberals are gentrifing Harlem and the South Bronx. I have to admire their endurance to that environment.

    • WR_the_realist

      There are lots of places in New York state where the Clintons could have moved and enjoyed the full benefits of diversity. Instead they moved into lily white Chautauqua. Like all such wealthy white hypocrites in the Democratic Party they get a pass.

  • dd121

    Today’s articles are just full of irony.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Remember the Lib/Progs know they have a voter base in blacks that will stick by them. Since they don’t need more (D) votes in the cities, the next step is to move herds of these low-information minorities into counties and towns that are usually GOP. Changing America’s demographics, not by choice, but by calculated political choices.

  • LHathaway

    “the only three major cities (populations over 500,000) that voted Republican in the 2012 presidential election”

    I didn’t think there was a city over 200,000 population that has a republican mayor. I don’t think there is one that has a conservative newspaper. The first victim of multiculturalism is the truth. People of color must be pandered to to the point of ignoring whites completely, outside assigning them the role of racists, the cause of everyone else’s oppression, at least, in this era where people Want to be labeled victims of oppression. At least for now, there is power and nobility in being a victim. For whites, more and more diversity, by every possible accounting, simply means more and more accusations that whites are racist.

    • Groovy

      San Diego

    • pcmustgo

      Pretty amazing stat….

  • Tarczan

    Until something is done with the public education system, this movement will be very limited. In Ohio property taxes are annually about 2% of the property value. About 50-60% of this go to schools. The average guy just isn’t going to fork over additional money for private tuition to keep his kids safe.

    • LexiconD1

      Move, or do what my school district does. Have ‘small communities’ within the schools. All that really boils down to is the ‘smart kids’ take classes with only the ‘smart kids’, the ‘stupid kids’ only take classes with the ‘stupid kids.’ Guess who is what…Or school of choice (and no busing), we do that to at the elementary/middle school levels. Object failures to the ‘diversity’ crowd. The schools ended up self segregating by race.

      There are things you can do, you just have to get away from the computer, and do them.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Section 8 housing has been an incredibly powerful tool in the hands of neoliberals. Gentrify neighborhoods in the downtown areas, rents rise to unaffordable levels for the undertow, and they move out to the inner suburbs. The deluge wrecks those towns, and the new residents find that there is no public transportation to take them to work in the unlikely event they want to. Hell of a deal for real estate developers and yuppies.

    I lived in Austin until recently, and it was hilarious to watch the city fathers wringing their hands about the loss of “diversity.” It was particularly funny to watch tech industry execs warning that loss of black diversity would mean problems for tech firms in maintaining a vibrant work force. The only blacks to enter most of those office buildings were the guys who refilled the vending machines.

    • LHathaway

      The city I lived in, 200,000 to 300,000 population, it seems the whole city is one giant housing project. I bet well-over half the population lives in subsidized housing of some sort. I moved out to a very nice nearby suburb, and while talking to the lady who volunteers to do the landscaping on the street, she mentions that even in this suburb, subsidized housing (mostly from the nearby city) is taking over this suburb too.

    • Olorin

      The liberals I have known call it “creative destruction.” What it amounts to is destroying the bonds between people and their communities, meaning each other. Constantly keeping them on the move. Of course the global corporations pioneered this as a way of setting whites at each others’ throats for well paying jobs.

  • Periapsis

    Turnabout is fair play I daresay. Now that blacks are being pushed out of cities, it means two things. One is they are getting paid back for driving us out of city after city during the past sixty years. The other is the ruling elite will soon have these cretins appearing on their doorsteps, and they will get to drink from the same bitter cup they handed to us. Poetic justice and vengeance in one is what I call this, karma never forgets or forgives.

  • JackKrak

    Here we go again.

    Blacks moving into a formerly white neighborhood – Stuffy, boring neighborhood finally gets some swing in its hips! Yay black people! Time to celebrate!

    Whites moving into a formerly black neighborhood – Oh my god gentrification is pushing out the original authentic residents of this vibrant neighborhood and this is a ‘chocolate city’ and it’s so not fair!!!

  • superlloyd

    This would be ironic but for the fact that lip service libtards are the biggest hypocrites alive. Diversity, yes, but not in my back yard.

    I read somewhere that TPTB came out in such force for GENTILIUS GIGANTICUS because they want blacks out of their big city power bases and moved to the suburbs. The rule of law justly applied must not be allowed to deter these demographic changes that will raise their cities’ profiles, marketability and the quality of living for the metropolitan elite.

    • I think that is totally correct.

      North St. Louis County, which includes Ferguson, does for St. Louis what Prince Georges County, Maryland does for Washington, D.C. and Westchester County, N.Y. does for New York City. It’s where problematic welfare ghetto blacks are dumped to truck them out of the cities. So the last thing the left wants is for the remaining white people in these “dumping ground” places to start thinking that importing blacks is a bad idea. This is how what should have been only local news in St. Louis on an August Saturday becomes the biggest story in the country for a month, thereby dominating the composition of AR threads for a long time, converting “American Renaissance” into “St. Louis Renaissance.” Meanwhile, the national media barely mention Eric Garner, a very very similar case, a case where there might actually be some law enforcement culpability, precisely because it took place in New York City, where the white libs want to gentrify and the national media live. Even locally, St. Sandwich of Ham has fallen through the cracks. Why? Because the libs are still dreaming of gentrifying the Shaw neighborhood. It won’t be much longer that all the blacks in Shaw will be in Ferguson.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Blacks cannot compete in a complex, competitive urban environment. Black areas of NYC, for example, are (and have been for many years) dangerous, hideous places where no one wants to reside or visit. If they disappear, then good riddance.

    Blacks would be much happier and probably less self destructive living in rural areas, where intellectual ability is less important and social and financial stress levels are less pronounced.

    • mikekingjr

      Fewer Whites to terrorize, though. Whites in the country are probably also better armed than city folks.

    • Olorin

      With all due respect, the rural area I live in requires an enormous level of intellect just to keep ahead of the state capitol’s liberals and their batguano economic, social, and environmental policies.

      For miles around here the vast majority of landowners are people with college degrees, many of them graduate degree holders, in complex infrastructure professions. Even the non-degreed people are amazingly sharp tradesmen, farmers, and retirees. We pay for everything ourselves, have to organize everything ourselves, and you don’t do that if you are a piece of leftover farming equipment from 1840 Mississippi.

      The less smart whites generally let the smarter whites make the big and complicated decisions, and the smarter whites stay on good terms with their neighbors by staying in close touch, trying to really hear their perspectives, and trying to champion those in the urban corridors of power. It’s a tough balance made possible by the sharing of white culture and values. If there were blacks in the middle of all this, with their incredible stupidity and inborn inabilities (lack of future time orientation, hair-trigger violence, low IQ, etc.), it wouldn’t work. So please don’t send them here. It’s hard enough to maintain a productive land base, and the rural culture that grounds this republic, as it is.

    • convairXF92

      I emphasize that no one reading this should conflate traditional farm-rural with small-town rural.

      About 10 years ago an Asian finance exec in Manhattan printed a flyer which was to be passed around to NYC’s blacks and derelicts. The flyer told the incompetents that they did not have the chops to survive in NYC’s complex environment and needed to pack up and move to somewhere simpler, specifically the NE PA coal region. He even gave the phone numbers of social services and private “helpers” in NE PA so that the bums could get an easy start.

      Today, there are various neighborhoods in NE PA towns where one can’t drive down the street when school gets out without a pack of blacks or other lowlifes refusing to move from the street to let your car pass through. The old-time locals hide in their homes and are afraid to even go grocery shopping; a crime 10 blocks away (any type) terrifies them that their next-door neighbors–or themselves–will be next.

      It is very true that this area is “simpler” and easier for low-IQ people to do well in a job and make a living than Manhattan is. Largely due to many generations of religious conservatism, the locals do not think for themselves very well. There is no pressure to be intellectual or creative or entrepreneurial. Jobs tend to be the type where one repeats the same action over and over again, day after day. The population was aging and declining, and a superficial solution might be to invite other “non-rational” (e.g. superstitious and weakly educated) peoples to re-populate the area.

      It’s well known how this turned out. Yes, blacks should be pressured to leave environments too advanced for them, but the “less advanced” older white populations shouldn’t have to bear the burden of learning to handle them. The former malaria-ridden areas of the Deep South, which already have sizable black populations, may be more appropriate.

      Hey, maybe they can do some heavy lifting and “recovery work” in Haiti.

  • White flight out of the city is racist. White migration to the city is racist. No matter what rational steps that a free man might take to better himself, he’s racist.

    Somebody know a liberal or a traitor politician who doesn’t smear whites as racists no matter what whites do?

    • meanqueen

      It actually makes sense if you just realize that whites are racist, period. (sarc)

  • cool heads and intellect will always prevail in the long run. Time is on the side of civilized people.

    • UncleSham

      I hope you’re right, but all demographic projections suggest otherwise.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Expect the unexpected.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Recent college graduates Illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America are pushing lower-income African Americans out of cities.

    Fixed and far more accurate.

    “San Francisco, for instance, saw a staggering 20.4 percent loss in its African American population between 2000 and 2010.”


    San Francisco has pushed out its blacks into Oakland; Hispanics into San Jose and Richmond. The homeless have been evicted from the Financial district and moved into the Haight.

    Areas like the Tenderloin and Mission District are being gentrified and are going upscale with Google Guys making six figure salaries and rich Asians moving in. It’s happening block by block in SF from what I can see. The changes are refreshing, AFAIC.

    Fewer blacks means the area is safer.

    SF is as as lefty as it wants to be. When it comes to economics like business, tourists, safety issues, living around blacks and the bottom line: $$. Those lefties are hard-core conservatives and racists.

    San Francisco has become a haven for the über-wealthy.

    • LHathaway

      Oakland has always been considered a black town?

      • LexiconD1

        Yes. O.J. Simpson came from this area, if that tells you anything.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        No. Blacks were pushed out of San Francisco when it became rich and exclusive and a center of international finance and business – and tourism.

        There are some “supposedly” nice parts of Oakland but I refuse to go there, any “nice” parts are too close to a raging black ghetto for comfort.

    • Olorin

      “Those lefties are hard-core conservatives and racists.”

      I used to say that when I lived there. I say it still. I agree with you.

  • JohnEngelman

    An additional factor that causes cities with large black populations to vote Republican is that proximity to Negroes frequently engenders hostile attitudes toward them. White who feel threatened by black crime usually feel that the Democratic Party lacks their concern.

    It is easier to feel sympathetic to Negroes when the few one sees are well educated and atypically civilized, or characters on television programs and Hollywood movies.

    • MBlanc46

      That sure doesn’t happen in Chicago. Of course, we are a bit of an exception.

      • MikeofAges

        Politics is political. People forget that sometimes.

  • roadgeek

    And Austin is the safer for it, as crime rates have begun to drop. My wife and I drove through east Austin yesterday, long a black stronghold, and she commented on the gentrification taking place. I asked what made her say that, and she pointed out the neatly trimmed yards, freshly painted houses and litter-free streets; clear evidence of white encroachment. Of course, collar communities like Pflugerville, Buda, Kyle and Round Rock have seen increasing crime and poverty as the black exodus from Austin continues.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s not all gentrification, although that is a factor. In some areas of the South and West sides of Chicago, there’s so little housing left that the Negroes have had to leave. There’s also the demolition of high-rise public housing. Many of the former denizens have decamped to the suburbs with their Section 8 vouchers.

    • LHathaway

      I think even Springfield, Illinois, land of Lincoln, gets ‘immigrants’ from Chicago who hear that it’s easier to qualify for government benefits in Springfield.

  • RacialRay

    Blacks move in and we all lament, “There goes the neighborhood!”. White hipsters move in, coffee shops follow, and we all rejoice, “Here comes the neighborhood!”.

    So it goes.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    African Americans being pushed out by the white libtards — the poor dears. If the white libtards had any virtue, it’s revitalizing what blacks destroyed 40 years ago. Only this time, the white libtards are pushing blacks into the suburban areas where whites have lived peacefully without worrying too much about the riff-raff… until now.

    • Anonymous

      The suburbs the Black people are moving to weren’t worth staying at in the first place. The fact that large numbers of African Americans can even afford to move to those places tells me that those are the worse suburbs. They cannot afford to move to the Super ZIPs en masse.

  • Olorin

    So why don’t blacks become college graduates and join in some of that gentrification bling? They surely have plenty of pathways to affirmative action admissions, scholarships, degrees/programs, internships, etc.

    Then after graduation they could surely get all sorts of special program money and help and contracts and stuff under the panoply of federal programs designed to advance them.

    Could it be that they are ill-adapted for modern life in a prosperous First World city?

    Nah. Must be white racism, right?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I suspect this “gentrification” trend won’t last very long: These newcomers will be a target for every criminal denizen of their new “hood” — violent or otherwise — and they’ll soon be longing for the suburbs, because nothing cures an enthusiasm for integration like a good dose of nigros…

    • roadgeek

      Not in Austin. One thing I admire about the hipsters is their uncanny ability to organize to achieve an end. They tend to form very active neighborhood groups, and they get their calls returned when they call a city councilman. Law enforcement tends to improve in these neighborhoods. Streetlights get repaired within 48 hours. Litter gets collected. Things work. They drive the thugs out. The Austin PD ignores the hipsters at their peril, because the hipsters hold enormous power over the Austin City Council. Austin just shifted to single-member council districts, so this tendency will become even more acute.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        What about auto thefts and burglaries in the middle of the night? What about stray bullets and the “Knock-out Game?” The first time a white woman is raped — or someone is murdered by” Africanus Criminalis” — their House of Cards will collapse.

        If they have any sense at all, it will be a life lesson for them, and they will get out of Dodge in a hurry…

        • Lord Sandwich

          As a former resident of Austin myself, I have taken note of some serious black violence in Austin in the last year. Not the least of which was the auto-rampage at SXSW by an aspiring rapper, who killed among others, a record exec. Darn the luck.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I am originally from St. Louis: Nigro violent crime is merely a “dog bites man” kind of story to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other members-in-good-standing of the Corrupt Leftist Media…

      • Anonymous

        Hipsters tend to come from the White upper middle class, and as we all know, there is some level of assortative mating in the United States, even if it doesn’t happen 100% of the time. That is, high IQ, well behaved, educated, affluent Whites will tend to marry people who are just like them. Over time, it means that upper middle class Whites will have an average IQ well into the three digits. You should expect good behaviour from UMC White people and the exact opposite from Blacks, Hispanics, and underclass Whites.

  • guest me

    its not just college students – this is engineered by the liberal elite – getting rid of troublesome blacks and using section 8 vouchers to put them in small towns and conservative white areas – they kill two birds with one stone -they get rid of blacks, get votes in conservative districts and get valuable urban real estate – you can see this pattern in NY San Fran and Chicago- Rahm Emmanuel had the nerve to call suburbs ‘racist’ for not accepting section 8 housing.

  • Realist

    Recent college graduates are buying the new iphone and living in their parents basement.

  • MikeofAges

    Here is the issue. Decades ago, huge numbers of black moved from the South to the North. Some families now have been in the North for decades and they never have made it even into the stable element of the lower middle class. My favored case is Milwaukee. Greater Brewtown is home to a population of Germanic-, Slavic-, and Scandanavian- descended skilled workers and middle managers, along with a presumed mix of other people.

    Over generations, the blacks there largely have failed to adjust to the surrounding middle American culture. I don’t know if the reason why is cultural or genetic, but whatever the reason is, they haven’t and probably can’t. Over the decades since the end of World War II, the white European population there presumably has become more willing to reach out. I assume those blacks who work with whites are treated as just one of the crowd. But so many blacks just haven’t adapted.

    Does the white population there have to bend itself into contortions to adapt to blacks? To a reasonable degree, to the extent of being accepting of those who likewise adapt, whites should make some efforts. It’s the American way. But the great mass of blacks who have not adapted represents an intractable problem and one whitey cannot solve for them.

    Economic forces now are sending them home. And good. Home to place where they cannot hope to control the political system, but must negotiate and reach consensus to gain their fair share. The society of the South is a place where consensus counts for more and where educational levels still count for less. For them, on all accounts, it is a better home. Those who cannot make it in the North do not belong in the cold North.

    Slowly, in their languid way, they are voting with their feet. And good. The South is their North American homeland and where they belong, absent a clear reason to be somewhere else.

  • M&S

    It’s not what it seems and is only of transient benefit, at best, even to the liberal yuppies of Gen-M who want to live amongst the diversity while they gentrify it out of their lives.
    Indeed, these kids aren’t looking for a wife and a life and thus they are going for ‘accomodation’ as opposed to /home/ ownership so as to maintain a maximum quantity of discretionary income in a social environment of downtown urban living.
    Ignoring the reality of large minority violent crime upon these young immortals happy metrosexual lives, the truth is that the environments they support (lofts, 1 bedroom apartments and townhomes) are not conducive to long term white stabilization of white interests and so, sooner rather than later, the continued hemorrhaging of white industry and office jobs (nothing built = no need for paper pushers with bachelors to manage it) offshore, to cheaper salaried labor domains, is going to result in massive unemployment _of whites_ and thus the tidal refurn of the undertow.
    I know this because I have a step brother who works as a supervisor for several construction companies around town (can no longer find enough work to support the hassle of his own company) and wherever he does renovations of flipped properties, he sees less and less real improvement and a tighter line between sugarcoat and mortgage loan fraud in justifying the absolute minimum level of repairs and rehab on the buildings he works on in East Aurora. He has walked off of two sites, refusing to sign off on what is being done because it’s _illegal_.
    People who lure whites in with new build or renovated properties in urban areas using building codes that result in junk properties are minimizing their upfront investment as the acknowledgment of the obvious: the zero intended reproductive facility of Gen-M yuppies means no bedroom communities to act as white bastions of home value isolation from ‘diversity’.
    These (aging without replacement) contribute, catastrophically, to white ‘demographies in transition’ accelerated minority status as traditionalist conservatives with family values cannot find enough like minded folk to bear the burden of high real estate value housing areas. While the Gen-M social life thrill seekers will find themselves in a ‘Renew!’ situation at 30 when companies no longer want to pay them salary equivalents to their experience or medical for their increasing health issues.
    Thus you have a white America whose collapse is assured as our economy will continue it’s accelerative decline to a brown-out failed state level where there literally -are no- jobs that are capable of supporting white lifestyles and we are all flung together with the Hispanic and Black R-Breeding genetic algorithms.
    A competition which we will lose.
    Right now, we in what I call the ‘pinball effect’ whereby social engineering of popular vs. survivable lifestyles is accompanied by urban-flush infiltration of ethnic populations into existing white communities which is leading to their fragmentation as the beginning of true, final, stages of White Flight: bouncing between distant exurb safe zones only habitable by the wealthy and metropolitan regions overrun by returning ethnic populations, always in pursuit of white economic wealth building.
    It is a deliberate pursuit of white extinction and the debtor collapse of America by globalist agencies. When it gets bad enough, the pre-boil ethnic civil war in this country will be allowed to happen in which white unity is broken on the back of our own military and then NWO as foreign held real estate (the only true value left to our nation) ownership will step in as the excess populations of East and South Asia see America become a dumping ground/safety valve for the R-Breeders of the world.
    Short of preemptive segregation and secession, forever isolating the best chunks of our nation behind permanent white national ownership, it is all but inevitable that we will lose this country as our homeland now.
    Population franchising of land is the only thing that maintains sovereignty in a world where our leaders are as brown as our enemies.

  • Canadian Friend

    White liberals “talk the talk but don’t walk the walk”, is what this means.

  • JR Kipling

    Dont worry there are miles and miles and miles of bombed out buildings, empty store fronts,
    broken sewer lines, graffiti, abandoned stripped down cars, welfare mommas, hordes of fatherless children, black mayors with diamond rings, gold teeth and cocaine in their desk drawers, illiterate educrats, piled up stuffed toys at murder locations…still left. WAPO neednt worry too much about preserving the legacy of liberalism.

  • Fed Up

    Pushing Blacks out of the cities? Call it what it is: Giving the suburbs an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of urban (Black-perpetrated) crime!

    White people who can afford it — move OUT of the cities due to local crime — 99.99% of which is perpetrated by Blacks. Of course if you admit WHY you want to move out — or admit that that urban crime is almost entirely the work of Blacks — you’re called a RACIST!

    OK, so call me a racist if it makes you liberals reading this feel better. “Racist” is a meaningless term which bothers me not at all.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Neo-liberal means anti-socialist? Honey, I’m neither stupid not ignorant; try again.

  • WR_the_realist

    San Francisco, for instance, saw a staggering 20.4 percent loss in its African American population between 2000 and 2010.

    How is that staggering? Blacks moving into neighborhoods and screwing them up with noise, litter, crime, and ineducable students have caused a 95% loss of the white population of Detroit and a 90% loss of the white population of Newark, NJ. And the small number of unfortunate whites who remain are often just too old and poor to move out.

    The mass media shows tender concern for blacks pushed out by high real estate prices, it doesn’t give a damn about whites pushed out by much more sinister forces.

    • meanqueen

      Well said.