Why We Need a North American Passport

Andrés Martinez and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan, CNN, January 26, 2015

The future of the United States lies in North America. This is not a geographic truism, but a strategic imperative. Generations of Americans, distracted by far-flung crises, have long taken our own region for granted. This must change if the 21st century is to be an American century. The United States, Canada and Mexico are bound by a shared economic, environmental, demographic and cultural destiny. How we move forward together is key to our success.

In recognition of our shared destiny, the three countries should create a North American passport that would, over time, allow their citizens to travel, work, invest, learn and innovate anywhere in North America. Work, tourist and student visas are necessities in the modern world to regulate the flow of people between sovereign states.

In the North American context, much like within the European Union, our economies and societies are far more integrated than our immigration system recognizes–and a North American passport, much like the EU passport, would align our laws with reality.


Mexico, an emerging powerhouse with more than 100 million people, is striving to consolidate its democratic gains and become a predominantly middle-class society. The United States has a strong stake in this effort. Mexico is the linchpin to our relations with the countries of Central and South America. The economic prosperity, education and security of Mexico’s people will help determine the overall competitiveness of North America on the global stage. Moreover, Americans on this side of the Rio Grande must acknowledge the “Mexicanness” in the United States and treat Mexicans living here with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The inception of NAFTA marked an important step toward leveraging these geographic realities for a shared North American success. NAFTA has been a boon to our growth and competitiveness. Integrated production platforms, sometimes spanning all three countries, have helped draw manufacturing back from competitors across the Pacific.

But the promise of NAFTA has fallen short in a critical respect; while trade and investment have grown, the barriers to movement have remained too high for the people who help drive and stand to benefit from that growth.

As evidenced by the recent political firestorm over President Obama’s executive move to allow more undocumented workers to avoid deportation, it would take farsighted and courageous political leadership in all three countries to press for a North American passport.

But the fact is that allowing North Americans to move more effortlessly across the borders would help alleviate our contentious domestic immigration battles.

We have more than 10 million undocumented immigrants in this country because we didn’t create a realistic, legal avenue for the number of Mexicans who would–and should, given our level of integration–come to the United States over time. Moreover, by erecting a wall along the border and making crossings so difficult, costly and dangerous, we have interrupted the old “circularity” of migratory flows, trapping millions of workers on this side of the border.


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  • North American Union….just a conspiracy theory….tinfoil hat, black helicopter.

    Nothing to see here, move along, watch your football games.

    After all, they’re only coming to do the jobs Americans won’t do, even though:


    • TruthBeTold

      The Bush administration was caught holding secret meetings.

      They held meetings in Banff, Alberta too.

      Is it a conspiracy if it’s real?

      • RebelliousTreecko

        It goes from being a conspiracy theory to a conspiracy fact.

      • Sue

        There was a commercial right after 9/11. The tv screen was split into (I think) 9 boxes with every liberal celebrity you could think of repeating the phrase “There ARE no conspiracies!”

      • Alexandra1973

        I’ve known about that since, oh, 2005. A good ten years.

        • Katherine McChesney

          So have I.

      • WR_the_realist

        Never believe in anything until it’s been officially denied.

        The North American Union has been officially denied.

      • Sick of it

        CNN talked about a North American Union and the need for a shared currency. They literally mentioned the Amero…and then never spoke of any of it again. Creepy stuff.

    • propagandaoftruth

      But QD, we’ll be able to go to Mexico all we want!

      Let’s go take in a couple of donkey shows and hang with the cartel boys. I hear they got great drugs.

      • Why would we have to “go” to Mexico all we want when Mexico will be here?

        • propagandaoftruth

          Ooooh…donkey shows and cockfights right down the road? And tacos?

          What are we so upset about?

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Don’t forget the bull fights. Mexicans seemingly have a blood-lust for hideously violent blood sports. We don’t need their kind of cultural “enrichment”.

    • newscomments70

      It’s difficult to know the exact details, but an agenda is being shoved down our throats. The majority of Americans (even some minorities) don’t want these agendas. The elites know this and could care less. The continue pushing. They don’t tell us exactly what is going on and they try to make it slow transformation. ie. What happened to the Republican promises to fight amnesty? It seems to have completely disappeared.

  • Mexicans have already proven what they bring to America – namely, skyrocketing crime levels, a savage gang culture, squalor, competition for jobs, high levels of alcoholism, and over-burdening our medical system and our welfare system.

    Want proof? Just look at what they’ve managed to do to Los Angeles County and most other counties in CA. Look at what they’ve done to our border towns and cities in the Southwest. This is what Mexicans bring, and it does us no good to deny it.

    Not to worry though. Once amnesty is fully implemented by both Democrats and Republicans, every state in the Union is going to look like California.

    Before long, whites will be aliens in their own land.

    You better start brushing up on your Spanish!

    • WR_the_realist

      In much of our country, whites are already aliens in their own land.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      The real reason Mexico promotes easy access through this passport proposal is because Mexico is a crummy country with no intellectual fortitude to do anything about it. that’s what’s driving Mexicans north and out of the national cesspool they’ve created. It’s so much easier to just help yourself to someone else’s country and all the benefits it affords, after being tended and guarded through an American Revolution, a Civil War, two world wars. Mexico coudn’t have survived what America did.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    “In the North American context, much like within the European Union, our economies and societies are far more integrated than our immigration system recognizes–and a North American passport, much like the EU passport, would align our laws with reality.”
    The common EU passport has meant the richer states in Europe have been flooded with immigrants from poorer states in Europe. These immigrants replace the native-born workers there, driving down their wages and crowding their cities. A common North American passport would have a similar effect, but more so, considering the racial difference.

    • TruthBeTold

      That’s the point. Free flow of labor. Eat, drink, and rack in the profits today. The future is for other people. They’re going to take all they can and they don’t care what they do to any country. They’ll die rich.

  • RacialRay

    “invest, learn and innovate”

    Is that what they’re doing on the streetcorner in front of the bodega from dawn til dusk? They’re innovating? And to think that all this time in my racist, narrow mind I thought they were getting drunk while staring at white women passing by in cars.

    Silly me.

  • Luca

    The US and Canada have much in common. Mexico, on the other hand, is a cesspool. If it fell into the ocean we would all be better off.

  • Bossman

    The writers of this article are making lots of sense. The Founding Fathers of the USA also had this dream. North American integration is something that is moving forward daily and will continue into the future.

    • Nonsense! The last thing America’s Founding Fathers ‘dreamed’ of was an invasion of low-IQ, Amerindian peasants who would over-burden the nation’s resources on the false belief that ‘diversity’ is a good thing.

      • Bossman

        No! they had the dream in reverse, that Americans of the newly formed republic would go on to conquer all of North America including Cuba and Mexico.

        • “North American integration is something that is moving forward daily and will continue into the future” – Yeah, it’s ‘moving us forward’ alright – to the edge of the cliff and to the point of no return!

          • Bossman

            People much smarter than you don’t believe that at all.

          • Perhaps so. On the other hand, there’s a lot of people who are much smarter than me who’d say I was right on target!

            The elite and the so-called educated ‘smart’ people have told us a lot of things that have proven to be outright lies – such as that mass illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America will ‘enrich’ culturally-impoverished Americans, and that increasing the national debt will prove to be a great success for the U.S. in the long run.

            It’s all rubbish.

          • Bossman

            Increasing the national debt does not appear to be hurting the Dollar because right now it is soaring to new heights. A North American Union would be so big and powerful that the rest of the world would suddenly become irrelevant. The European Union was an attempt to counteract the power of the USA but they can’t compete with the USA. Just imagine what a North American Union would be like.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Just imagine what a North American Union would be like.


            Mexico is a much bigger version of Greece. I’m imagining it…

          • Such “Unions” have not worked well wherever they have been tried throughout the planet, at least not for the long run.

            Our economy and nation is being held together by strings, and even these are beginning to break. Most economists that I have read are not persuaded that this is a good thing, and most are predicting a major financial collapse that will bring much ruin and misery.

          • Alexandra1973

            We are imagining it. That’s why we don’t want it.

          • IstvanIN

            A gigantic Mexico. Ah, the pleasure of see decapitated bodies hanging from highway signs!

          • Spikeygrrl

            I’m imagining, I’m imagining… {shudder}

            Eh, there goes any hope of a decent night’s sleep.

          • lily-white

            “because right now it (the dollar) is soaring to new heights.” I am not even going to touch on that one…

          • IstvanIN

            Smarter, perhaps, but they certainly have no common sense.

          • Spikeygrrl

            “Consensus = Truth.”
            How “Progressive” of you.

        • Yes, they had that dream, but part of this dream was squeezing out the Indio natives and shoving them onto reservations.

          In one way, this is one dream I’m glad that remained only a dream.

        • stedman holder

          Go enrich mexico.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        With White History Month in February just around the corner, it’s time to dust off my Thomas Jefferson documentary. What Bossman fails to understand is that Thomas Jefferson wished that the whole of the North American and South American continents would be populated and settled by people speaking the same language, being governed in similar manners, and with a common culture. It is easy to see that Jefferson meant that Euro-Caucasians and Americans were the have the upper hand everywhere on both continents.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Every month is, de facto, White History Month. Because, with the exception of East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews, Whites are the only demographic which keeps accomplishing things which deserve to “go down in history.”

          • Spaniard in LA

            According to the T multiculturalism is good. The exception being that small piece of land about the size of New Jersey.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Please forgive my ignorance: “According to the T”?

            I don’t know what you mean. There are SO many individuals and groups which favor the MultiCult I could probably spend a whole day simply LISTING the ones which start with T.

          • JohnnySmoggins

            Among other accomplishments of you Jews are feminism, multiculturalism, Marxism and heaps of bad art.

      • John Smith

        There’s a reason we didn’t keep Mexico after we invaded and defeated it. The FFs only wanted Canada.

        • The only good things in Mexico are the beaches, beer, hookers and housekeepers. We don’t want to make that mistake again importing domestics though, you’ll see how that has worked out during the month of February.

    • stedman holder

      You are an idiot, go back to mexico you parasite.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    According to the 2013 CIA World Factbook, the GDP per capita is $52,800 for the U. S., $15,800 for Mexico and roughly $7000 on average for the countries of Central America, which is part of North America (ranging from $4,800 for Nicaragua to $12,500 for Costa Rica).

    Do these enormous differences win wealth suggest a problem with a North American passport?

    • John Smith

      Not the wealthy ones who want to drive down lower skilled and unskilled wages from it (and increase legal H1Bs to decrease skilled wages).

  • Hy Alldredge

    Anybody ever read Infinite Jest? The North American Union is called O.N.A.N and the calendar years are named by corporate sponsors. VT/NH and part of southern Quebec are turned into a giant toxic waste dump and given to Canada. There is a Québécois terrorist group called the Wheelchair Assassins. Oddly Mexico doesn’t play much of a role at all.

    This idea is insane. It’s things like this that make me glad I don’t have any children.

  • John Smith

    This is an effort to lay the groundwork for a North American union, IMO. It might work with Canada, but not Mexico. This will only benefit the monied interests and their stooges on the left (and a few on the right).

    • Too many yellow hoards in Canada. As if there aren’t already enough here.

      • Ultimate187

        Canada has no diversity compared to the US.

      • Spikeygrrl

        “Too many yellow HORDES…”

      • The Dude

        Better yellow than black or red.

  • MBlanc46

    Oh boy! We can become just like the EU: coming apart at the seams.

  • PeterTx52

    who wants to work in Mexico? apparently not their citizenry considering how many cross the border to find employment in the US

  • PeterTx52

    Lets just annex Mexico and stop the whole charade

    • The Dude

      If they had a population of 30 million or so, I may consider supporting that. But certainly not with a population of 124 million.

  • Sha of Communism

    I’m all for this proposal by Martinez and Kurtz-Phelan.

    In the former Soviet Union, they had one passport but it notes your residence, so you need to apply for a visa-like thingy and get approved if you want to travel across different administrative divisions (union republics and the districts within Russian SFSR).

    We can lobby for a similar system, and therefore contaminate the problems within the fallen states and regions. It’s like apartheid, but politically correct.

  • Spikeygrrl

    No, no, NO!!!! The LAST thing we need is more regulation!

    Welcome to the Ratchet Effect:
    “A term coined by economist Robert Higgs that describes the problem in governance that arises when government intervention increases during crises such as wars, natural disasters, or economic depressions. After the crisis, government meets resistance in reversing the intervention, creating a situation where government intervention rarely returns to pre-crisis levels, which lead to a constant ratcheting up effect in growth of government intervention over time.”


    We need LESS regulation, not more!

  • The Dude

    “Moreover, by erecting a wall, (…) we have interrupted the old “circularity” of migratory flows, trapping millions of workers on this side of the border.”

    There’s no “circularity”. Most of them come here to stay.

  • awb

    Making crossing’s difficult? When & where?

  • Ringo Lennon

    I don’t see old time posters here anymore.

    • Nancy

      True, but I find it really encouraging to see all these new posters on the board.

  • Nancy

    So we’ve made crossings so “difficult, costly and dangerous”? They should be! It’s ILLEGAL to cross!

    That’s like saying, “Local banks, with their locked doors, armed security patrols, closed-circuit cameras, and store alarms, are making robberies more difficult, costly, and dangerous for the average criminal to go about his business”.

  • crockadoodle6

    Why not make it official and annex them along with Liberia as new states?

  • Spikeygrrl

    Ummm… Do we need one now? And if so, when the heck did that happen? The last time DH & I crossed from Detroit to Windsor (admittedly a few years back) there was no such requirement.