Greek Elections: Jail Fails to Deter Far-Right Golden Dawn

Laurence Peter, BBC News, January 26, 2015

Greece’s far-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party came third in the election with 6.3%–even though its leaders are in pre-trial detention.

Their result translates into 17 parliamentary seats, out of 300. But it is not clear if any of the party’s MPs will be allowed into the chamber.

In 2012 they got 18 seats, but the leaders were later accused of criminality and they remain in custody.

Golden Dawn uses Nazi-style symbols and has been linked to street violence.

Last October party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and his fellow MPs were accused of running a criminal organisation. Dozens of other party activists were also accused by state prosecutor Isidoros Doyiakos, who said they should stand trial.

The investigation was launched after the 2013 murder of a left-wing, anti-racist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas. A man held for the stabbing claimed to be a Golden Dawn supporter, though the party denied any link to him.

Golden Dawn won three seats in the European Parliament elections last May, with nearly 10% of the vote.

Anti-establishment message

The party was founded in 1985 but its popularity soared when the financial crisis rocked Greece in 2009-2010 and hardship spread under the tough austerity demanded by the EU.

Nationalists have gained ground in elections across Europe, including France’s Front National, Hungary’s Jobbik and the Sweden Democrats. But Golden Dawn is seen as the extreme end of the spectrum.

It was widely believed that the prosecution of Golden Dawn would put many voters off the party, but Sunday’s vote suggests that “a section of Greek society subscribes to this kind of hardline nationalist rhetoric”, Vassilis Monastiriotis at the London School of Economics told the BBC.

Mr Monastiriotis, a Greek political economist, said Golden Dawn had managed to run for election because constitutional experts had drawn a distinction between the party and the underlying – allegedly criminal – organisation.

In the campaign, Golden Dawn’s anti-austerity rhetoric subsided, he said, “so what remained was anti-establishment rhetoric, while the anti-austerity platform was better represented by [left-wing] Syriza and the [centre-right] Independent Greeks”.

Support among elderly

Golden Dawn is perceived to have support in the armed forces and police, but it has “appealed to a wide spectrum of society”, Mr Monastiriotis said. They are especially strong in Athens and the southern Peloponnese, but weak in northern Greece.

Despite its nationalist ideology, in 2012 it attracted many votes from elderly people who had lived through the Nazi German occupation and the 1960s-70s Greek military junta.

Mr Monastiriotis said the ideology fitted the description “neo-Nazi”, including the idea of Greeks being a “superior race”, aggression towards immigrants, and hostility towards the EU and Nato.

He said that in Sunday’s vote the party benefited from the fragmentation of the centre-left, which split into The River (To Potami), socialist Pasok and George Papandreou’s Movement of Democratic Socialists (Kinima).

Petros Fassoulas, a Greek political analyst at the pro-EU European Movement, says Golden Dawn has “a very strong activist network on the ground, capable of producing leaders quite quickly”.

He told the BBC that activists were good at “buying” votes by distributing free food and clothes to poor people, but also relied on “intimidation”.

“Some areas are so impoverished that their xenophobic message goes down well. There is a significant proportion of the Greek population that buys that kind of rhetoric.”

Their manifesto is “similar to those of other neo-Nazi movements in Europe,” he said.

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  • I wanted Golden Dawn to win. I knew that wouldn’t be possible. I’m glad that all that happened here was that GD held serve and that the two parties above their heads switched places. That said, I think for our cause, the far left party winning was the next best thing. Because they’re going to start a chain reaction which wrecks and ends the European Union, and the EU ending is going to help nationalist movements and causes all over Europe.

    • Reynardine

      On Syriza: So how can somebody claim they’re going to decrease the national debt, while at the same time reducing austerity measures?

      Leftist Magic™?

    • Sha of Communism

      Personally I always believe it’s the best the separate a country when there is such a radical disagreement on how to run the country.

      Within every White country, the honest and hardworking Whites build, the multiculturalist basement-dwelling type Whites take, and the “minorities” steal. No matter how much you make a contribution to the prosperity, the multiculturalist basement-dwelling type always claims the prosperity to be the result of multiculturalism and open-mindness (instead of entrepreneurship and capitalism), and blame you for every problem there is like Black crimes (“because you made them feel bad!).

      If we separate into a racial realist, White-guilt-free White ethnostate and a colour-blind, open-border multiculturalist state, you won’t be forced to have a part of your contribution taken away to aid the basement-dwelling type and the “minorities,” and their multiculturalist state can stay where they are.

      Within a few decades, the undisputable facts from the economic gap will tell the world who is good and who is evil. After all, it wasn’t the academic discussions that ended the faith in Marxism-Leninism, it was the economic gap between the two sides of the Iron Curtain.

  • dd121

    If the Greeks abandon the discipline of the EU they will live in poverty for at least the next three generations.

    • LexiconD1

      Deservedly so.

    • George

      Athenians are suffering but not rural Greeks. There is plenty of beef, eggs and vegetables to eat.

      • dd121

        Like the USA, they’re trying to spend beyond their means. The US has the reserve currency and can get away with it longer. Greece and the other Mediterranean countries in trouble don’t have that flexibility.

  • Chip Carver

    It does seem as if we’re going to eventually see the last hurrah of the left, the usual suspects, and it isn’t going to be quiet either. Jailing the leaders of Golden Dawn is likely peanuts compared to how far they are going to go before they are knocked out of the driver’s seat in Greece, never mind the rest of Europe. The US is so far gone in terms of the amount of non-white tools the planet’s biggest racists have dumped here that it’s likely a full collapse is coming. Then it will be up to whites to take a stand. I think there will be enough whites to do that, then a good number of the rest will follow. As for the those who don’t, we don’t need them. We won’t need them.

    • And we won’t feed them. Let them flourish in a rainbow utopia with their pets.

    • Sick of it

      “Then it will be up to whites to take a stand. I think there will be
      enough whites to do that, then a good number of the rest will follow. As
      for the those who don’t, we don’t need them. We won’t need them.”

      We will have to fight against many of them and put them in their place.

  • IstvanIN

    Some areas are so impoverished that their xenophobic message goes down well.
    If Greece has so many poor people perhaps it doesn’t need to import Somalis and Pakistanis.

    • LexiconD1

      I have relatives over there (my Mom immigrated, legally and became a citizen, in the 40’s.) They want them as much as we do, which is to say NOT AT ALL. The government doesn’t care, they import them in anyway. Just like the good old U.S.A. …

      • jonmayon

        “government doesn’t care, they import them in anyway”

        It’s the same all over Western Europe. Sweden, Germany, UK, France.

  • The presstitutes are getting desperate. They know they have to report on Golden Dawn’s increasing popularity, but accuse them of being Nazis and other such nonsense in hopes of sullying their name. Never mind what the Greek people want. The establishment globalist elite are frightened of nationalism (as they should be, because it will be nationalists who stretch their necks in the end), and so this article must be presented in the least objective tone possible. Golden Dawn are villains, Golden Dawn eat babies, Golden Dawn are building ovens, etc.

    It amazes me that anyone still reads our corporate press with the intention of learning what’s actually going on in the world. It’s pure propaganda and has been for decades.

    • Reynardine

      Strange things:

      Communists killed millions, and we defeated them just as we Nazis, right?

      Well why are there still thousands of Communist parties and Communism isn’t a bad word, but Nazism is?

      • Hammerheart

        I believe it was Voltaire that said ‘If you want to find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize’

      • Just as criticizing the actual orchestrators of Bolshevik madness was a capital offense in the bad old days of the USSR, pointing out the enormity of Bolshevik crimes against humanity is verboten in our controlled media. The perpetrators are the same people; they simply jumped continents.

      • LHathaway

        It’s been suggested here, because after the war the Nazi’s were put on trial and punished, as was ‘nazism’ itself. After the fall of communism no one was every publicly punished or held accountable. Even the Kmehr (spelling) Rouge weren’t held accountable.

        • BulgAryan

          What’s more, the western elites are collaborating with the children of the communist apparatchiks of the Cold War era. European Socialist Party chairman and former Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev’s father was a Politburo member, so was Attorney General Boris Velchev’s grandfather. UNESCO chairwoman Irina Bokova’s father was editor-in-chief of the Communist Party’s mouthpiece “Rabotnichesko Delo” (Workers’ Deed), who reportedly killed singlehandedly opposition journalist and cartoonist Raiko Alexiev, and took over his apartment, car and camelwool overcoat. Now Mrs Bokova is frontrunner for Secretary General of the UN.

      • Weisheit77

        I told you not to take the red pill!!!

        You just started down a very long path that will change the way you view everything for this is the great historical paradox of our time. This will take you to the unpublished side of history, my friend.

        Why are the communists, who clearly murdered many times more than the Nazis, covered for or celebrated while the National Socialists have been made out to be the greatest evil that has ever existed or will ever exist?

        I don’t want to start a massive discussion here but you are going where angels fear to tread, historically speaking. I’ve been pondering it for close to two decades now.

      • IBWHITE

        Those darn Eskimos that own the media have decided we shouldn’t know these things.

    • LHathaway

      ‘Presstitutes’, lol. Good one. I may borrow it one day.

      • Weisheit77

        I first saw it used by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts years ago.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    I can’t believe Golden Dawn got such a low percentage! I don’t usually think elections get rigged (at least entirely), but in this case, it was too important an election to our global elites for the Greeks to be allowed to chose the fate of their own nation…

    If SYRIZA actually challenges the memorandum in a meaningful way, then I imagine the election was honest; otherwise, I doubt it. One or two seat(s) short of a working majority too for them? Very curious… Maybe “THEY” have to generally have elections reflect the public opinion (for the credibility of their power sources’ sake of course), but some of the details can be fudged in favor of those who do or wish to rule us all.

    • Paleoconn

      It’s possible some supporters of theirs rallied behind ND to keep Syriza out. After Syriza’s imminent calamity at the helm, GD might reach Le Pen levels of support in the coming years. Even Greeks will learn that the solutions to problems wreaked by socialist multicultists isn’t a more extreme version of same.

      • Rustler

        Exactly, this election is a major victory. GD is there and not going anywhere. Support for the new gov. will collapse if they push an open borders agenda, that’s not why they were elected and everyone knows it. The focus will be on the economy and things could get volatile. GD will be best poised to exploit any kind of immigration crisis, so don’t expect much more than rhetoric from Syriza on those kinds of issues. They have a conservative coalition partner too that is strongly anti-immigration. If they walk out, the Syriza gov. falls.

    • corvinus

      Syriza was much louder with its anti-EU rhetoric this time around; the XA leadership being in jail didn’t help them organize a good campaign, to say the least. But this was a blip. XA will be back.

  • Rustler

    Golden Dawn came in third, beating the formerly ruling Socialists. If you look at the data carefully, GD finished third in close to half of the districts.

    This is a seismic shift that is obscured by the small total vote. The important thing is that GD now has a solid electoral base, well developed cadres and outsized support in the security services. Harsh, undemocratic repression from the state has not not significantly eroded their strength.

    The big story is that anti-austerity parties dominated. The future on both the left and right is anti-NWO. That provides space for nationalists to work.

    The first goal is to dismantle the NWO.

    • BulgAryan

      This is wishful thinking. SYRIZA will now pursue schemes like the disarmament of police units, extending voting and citizenship rights to immigrants, the building of mosques in Athens and of course harsher laws against “xenophobia” and “racism” (which includes thought crimes). But this agenda has not been widely discussed in Greece, since all debate in the election was focused on the economy.

      • Rustler

        Who do you think is going to do a better job of cracking down on GD — the NWO or Syriza?

        The NWO is the scary enemy. If it comes to a real military fight, GD can take the domestic left easily. The NWO can provide a Yugoslavia or Iraq type scenario for those who try to fight it.

        Anything that weakens the NWO is a victory.

      • corvinus

        When Syriza goes through with its leftoid policies and folds to the EU, look for Golden Dawn to make it big.

  • ViktorNN

    The lesson Golden Dawn teaches us is that the center, the left, and the multinational elite will use state power to suppress the third-way, pro-identitarian “right.” We see this in Greece. We see it in Sweden. We see it in Germany. The comparatively more mild Wilders has been suppressed. The knives are out for the much more moderate Farage. I predict that there will be violence before Marine and her party are permitted real power. And of course, here in the U.S., our people barely even know what being pro-white is, much less have a pro-white political party to vote for.

    We aren’t going to be permitted electorally-derived power. It’s been placed off limits to us. But we will continue to exist. Our struggle has a longer timeline. Our only choice is to grow deep roots and build our own parallel society, underground if need be.

    • Zimriel

      The use of State power to suppress the people will only make the reaction more vicious when it rises up.

      I neither condone nor condemn. I merely observe and extrapolate.

  • Viking_61

    If only Golden Dawn could have spawned into a Pan-European movement instead of just a Greek protest movement. All of their literature was in Greek.

  • wildfirexx

    “There is a significant portion of the greek population that buys that kind of rhetoric” so says the BBC ! Coming from them we know it’s bias, liberal rhetoric.
    The Golden Dawn is an ultra-right wing fringe party who’s time will come.
    Unfortunately, they are going to have to tone down a bit, like Le Pen did in France, (who has a good chance of leading the next govt.) if they want to encourage mainstream voters.

  • Paleoconn

    Nick Stix on vdare wrote a good column about GD’s ostracization when one of their supporters (not members) killed a rapper whose lyrics often advocated for violence against so-called fascists. The fact that a ‘revenge’ double murder of two GD members that a Communist outfit claimed credit for was brushed away, names of victims not even mentioned, shows in what dire straits Greece must be. The so-called cradle of democracy jailing innocent members of the opposition while real anarchist and commie criminals run rampant.

  • Sha of Communism

    What type of morons would honestly think they can eliminate the entire White race by jailing them?

  • George

    Liberals have destroyed each western state including America. They need a fresh supply of voters and that is why the lefties in Greece let them in and why the Democrats allow Muslims into the U.S.
    I have no problem with a country trying to protect its identity and culture like Greece and its “so called ” Right wing parties. I wonder how we would be treated if we went into Saudi Arabia and opened up Christian churches???? yeah exactly.