France Admits Soldiers Have Deserted to ISIS

Henry Samuel, National Post, January 22, 2015

Several French former soldiers have joined the ranks of jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, the country’s government confirmed on Wednesday, as it outlined a series of new anti-terrorism measures following the Islamist attacks in Paris.

Most of the ex-soldiers, reportedly numbering around 10 and including former paratroopers and French foreign legionnaires, are said to be fighting on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Most worrying is the reported presence of an ex-member of France’s elite First Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, considered one of Europe’s most experienced special forces units and which shares the “Who Dares Wins” motto of the SAS.

The unnamed individual, of North African origin, had received commando training in combat, shooting and survival techniques. He served for five years before joining a private security company for which he worked in the Arabian peninsula, where he was radicalised before heading for Syria, according to L’Opinion, a news website.

One of the defectors had become the leader of a group of a dozen or so French-born Islamists operating in the Syrian region of Deir Ezzor who had all received combat training, reported Radio France International, or RFI.

Others, apparently in their twenties, were explosive experts. Some were Muslim converts while others were radicalised French from an “Arab-Muslim” background, said RFI.

Jean-Yves Drian, the French defence minister, confirmed the existence of a handful of ex-French military personnel among jihadist fighters in the Middle East, but tried to play down their presence, saying the phenomenon was “extremely rare”.

However, they will raise fears over the risk of a French version of the 2009 gun rampage at Fort Hood, the U.S. military base in Texas, where Nadal Hasan, a U.S. army major who turned to radical Islam, killed 13 servicemen scheduled to leave for Afghanistan.

Drian said that the French armed forces’ internal security and protection unit, DPSD, would “reinforce its vigilance and see its means increased.”

News of the defections came as Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, unveiled anti-terrorism measures worth over $600 million after France’s worst Islamist attack in which 17 people were killed earlier this month.

It coincided with a government pledge to cut 7,500 fewer defence jobs in the next five years than previously planned.

Valls said 2,680 new jobs would be created to fight terrorism by 2018 – around half in intelligence.

France now has to monitor almost 3,000 people involved in “terrorist networks” following a 130 per cent jump in those linked to jihadists in Iraq and Syria in the past year, he said.

An extra 60 Muslim clerics would be recruited to work with potential militants in France’s overcrowded prisons, while five units would be created to isolate radicalized inmates.

Valls said the idea of stripping offenders of certain civic rights – a measure mirroring a post-war law barring Nazi collaborators from voting, holding office or working for the state – would be debated.

Other moves included the creation of “cyberpatrols” to track jihadists and recruitment online and the launch of a website dedicated to countering Islamist indoctrination.

The decision to boost web surveillance came after a group of hackers loyal to Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, broke into the Twitter account of Le Monde.

The attack by the Syrian Electronic Army forced Le Monde to suspend temporarily its Twitter account, which has 3.3 million followers, but the paper later said it had regained control of its computers, adding: “We apologize for any fraudulent posts on our behalf.”

Before that, the hackers managed to post messages including: “Je ne suis pas Charlie” (I am not Charlie). This was reference to the now famous “Je suis Charlie” message brandished by millions in tribute to the 12 people killed at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical weekly, earlier this month.

They were shot dead by Cherif and Said Koachi, two French brothers of Algerian origin with links to al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. The same week, Amedy Coulibaly, a home-grown Islamist, killed a police officer and four hostages at a Jewish supermarket east of Paris. Four men aged 22 to 28 were placed under formal investigation yesterday over the Coulibaly killings.

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  • IstvanIN

    Training the enemy in modern warfare and letting them your own military, what could go wrong?

    • Reynardine

      I’m getting this strange sense of historical deja-vu in which some sort of Roman country paid German and Hunnish mercenaries to do the fighting for them. I don’t think it turned out too good for the Romans, whose borders and cultures collapsed in a frenzy of debauchery and lack of care.

      But oh hey look, Modern Family is on. That gay couple is so adorable.

      • Speedy Steve

        Meanwhile these radicalized revolutionaries are enjoying surfing the nest for “sexy children.” According to Wiki Islam Syria comes in #2 — after PockeyStan, and ahead of Saudi Arabia.


        • Reynardine

          Wow that website is absolutely gold.

          I remember Pornhub had a “world’s most searched pornographic terms” map and the Middle Easterners were just absolutely the dirtiest old men in the world, beside Iceland.

          I think Icelanders need to get out more.

          • Lygeia

            Icelanders may just be curious as to what is out there, kind of like of this couldn’t possibly be a thing, lets Google it.

            Middle Easterns are actual serious about it.

          • Sick of it

            Sometimes you hear a person mention something, look it up, and then wish you hadn’t. An unfortunate fact of modern life.

      • Lygeia

        We are ancient Rome 2.0.

        • TheMaskedUnit

          or Rome 0.5 maybe?

  • phorning

    Letting a Muslim of North-African origin join the French military is asking for trouble. They are fortunate he just deserted to fight for ISIS in Syria and didn’t carry out an attack in France.

  • “Defected?” More like “went home.”

    However, they will raise fears over the risk of a French version of the 2009 gun rampage at Fort Hood, the U.S. military base in Texas, where Nadal Hasan, a U.S. army major who turned to radical Islam, killed 13 servicemen scheduled to leave for Afghanistan.

    An event to this very day one that the low information-in-chief still can’t bring himself to call Islamic terrorism.

  • Well, what else should you expect when you allow non-white muslims to join the ranks of the French military?

    Once again, whites liberals are there own worst enemy.

    • Cid Campeador

      I don’t think that they should let White Muslims enter the military!

  • Uprising

    ISIS is not real. It a creation of the CIA/MOSSAD as a form of war-mongering propaganda against certain Middle Eastern countries, giving a convenient excuse to invade those countries. It’s just like Al-Qaeda – another imaginary organization led by a US paid actor who used to go by the name of “Osama bin Laden” and who was claimed to have been killed by US millary, although there was never any pictures to prove such a claim.

    • Luca

      Right, and all those heads being lopped off are Hollywood props and special effects. Got it.

      • Uprising

        Actually yes. If you analyze those videos carefully you will find unnatural artifacts and inconsistencies indicating digital manipulation.

  • Luca

    And here in the USA we allow middle-east tourists to deliver a baby courtesy of the taxpayers. They take the baby back home, raise him in the ways of the jihad and he’s allowed back here under a US passport since he is a citizen. Who knows, maybe he can attend school, join the military and fly planes or command subs. And it’s all perfectly legal.

    • LexiconD1

      Biological Bombs.

    • Weisheit77

      From a personal acquittance I know it has already happened. Air Force pilot even… Yes, it’s been that long since Iraq I. Enough time for a Saudi who was born in America to come here and fly F-15s. SA were our allies. The father was a Saudi pilot who was trained here. He brought a pregnant wife with him. I had the misfortune of helping his non-American born brother improve his English. Kind of makes you wanna do a USA chant, doesn’t it?

      All these English as Foreign Language schools are really birthing and citzenship centers for Saudis and Kuwaitis. I know I used to work at one of the most prestigious ones at a major university and we pulled some shenanigans. I can only imagine what some of the less reputable, spring up by day and fly by night operations are doing.

      Hell, suffering under the theory that worse would be better (and wealthy is better) I’ve even thought about opening a English Language School.

    • Rurik

      Or even run for president, after all he will have a genuine birth certificate.

      • Luca

        An electronic Hawaiian birth certificate.

        • Ace

          A photoshopped electronic Hawaiian birth certificate.

    • jayvbellis

      Agreed. Another reason I feel the need to expose the insane treasons of “patriots” Ron Paul and Rand Paul who both championed the cause of opposing US military drone attacks on US Citizens. The paranoid White patriot types thought they were protecting them from government harassment then assassination by drone attacks, instead the R and R Paul loons were referring to the Al Qaeda terrorist leader in Yemen (made Osama Bin Ladin look like a handsome White guy) who was supposedly a full US Citizen like us based on the technicality of “birth right citizenship ” – yeah his ugly, hateful Muslim parents pooped out their monster baby in New Mexico when they were here on some student visa.

  • Samuel_Morton

    All Western nations should have a threshold law which states that any non-westerners of a particular religious or ethnic group must not rape, kill, or maim any more than X number of citizens, or the whole lot will be gathered up and deported.

    And the politicians who opened the borders would be sent with them to bask in glorious diversity.

    • Lygeia

      Rather than having “zero tolerance” for a high school freshman who brings a butter knife to school so they can peel their apple, the X number of citizens should be zero.

    • As I have said a thousand times before here, the one real problem is the liberal doctrine that states all races are equal and that no non-white people should ever be collectively discriminated against regardless of statistical evidence. The doctrine of race equality is the death knell of Western Civilization.

      • Ace

        That’s the essence of the attack on us. Good job.

    • Ace

      We need to look hard at that concept of group punishment. It was used effectively in China. It was harsh but just doing nothing but treat hostile foreigners as wannabe Americans leads to harsh results as well. Our society works for Europeans and those who buy into European culture. Individual responsibility is the right way to go as the success of our culture has proven a zillion times over. We can treat foreigners differently if we had the courage to do so. Why should the burden be on us to penetrate each mosque and monitor what’s being said.

      Anyway, the jury is no longer out on the question of Muslim incompatibility with Western civilization.

      • Yes, thank you. As it stands, only Whites are subjected to group punishment. Think about it: College preferences for minorities amount to group punishment, because, as the theory goes, because SOME Whites in the past discriminated against some blacks, therefore ALL Whites who apply to that college will be discriminated against in favor of all blacks. Ditto for school busing, affirmative action, revenue sharing between school districts and countless other ways. All Whites pay in the name of “fairness” and we are all asked to pay for some “crime” against blacks that 99% of us had not a thing to do with.

        As to the misnamed “War on Terror”, let’s look at a few facts. During the Second World War, we had nothing against fire bombing German cities and slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in the name of winning that war. This despite the fact that the vast majority of Germans were not Nazis and most were kept entirely ignorant of the crimes committed by Hitler and his henchmen. In no election did Hitler ever win more than 39% of the vote. After the war, most Germans were sickened when they realized what the Nazis had done in the death camps.

        By contrast, a great majority of Muslims, even if not terrorists, actually support terrorism against the West. They celebrated on the West Bank at 9/11. I say, if we go to war against ISIS, tear up the damned Geneva Convention, and bomb Syria and any city held by ISIS and kill the Arabs by the millions! Use anthrax, and even smallpox on the Arab population. Rule them as slaves and abolish Islam in areas we control; it worked for the Spaniards when they conquered the Aztecs. THAT will be the only way to defeat “terrorism” and end this threat. ‘nuf said.

  • Sick of it

    “An extra 60 Muslim clerics would be recruited to work with potential militants in France’s overcrowded prisons”

    This will only boost recruitment for jihadist organizations.

  • Preparation HBomb

    Well, this is a definite impetus for excluding all Muslims from ALL the US armed forces! I know that young American malcontents are also being recruited by the Islamic terrorists, and certainly this is extremely worrisome since there’s currently no way to keep tabs on it. For this reason I believe all mosques in this country should be infiltrated and kept under surveillance so that home-grown terrorists can be rooted out and followed closely. As soon as they put one toe out of line, such as going to an Islamic country for terrorist training, their passports get yanked, their citizenship gets cancelled, and they cannot return to the USA. We ARE at war with Islam, people. There can be no doubt of this any longer. So I say, arm yourselves, stock up, and get ready for the inevitable fight.

  • Weisheit77

    Not to break the Nazi rule in the discussion but that would be like Britain and France after the rise of Hitler allowing unreformed, democracy hating SS men train in their special forces. It would be that ludicrous. Full diversity ahead, damn the torpedoes… I guess.

    We saw what a pair of boobs could do with minimal training and AKs. Imagine what havoc a couple of professionals could ravage.

    It’s almost like the school system. It’s so messed up you almost have to wonder if it’s intentional. What do I mean? The common tendency of elites (and it seems to flow in families) to use whichever lunacy the common man is suffering from (diversity and multiculturalism) to further entrench their power while appearing benevolent to a majority of society.

    • Rurik

      Almost have to wonder? Discrete way of saying it, but I ceased wondering years ago. If all the mistakes and misjudgments are in the same direction, they were not by mistake.

      • Ace

        It’s impossible that what’s been done to Western countries could have been done with honest, patriotic motives. Once you eliminate the impossible, what you have left is the truth, no matter how improbable. H/t: S. Holmes.

    • Fredrik_H

      I do believe the french foreign legion had a slew of former SS men in its ranks. How many that served though, is debated.

      • Lygeia

        The French Foreign Legion takes anyone, you may wash out, but they are notorious for being the place of second changes for hardened criminals and men with a past they want to leave behind (or use in the service of the French Foreign Legion).

  • Ed

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the French Army is full of Nidal Hassans.

    • bilderbuster

      The US Army is full of mini-Pancho Villas and Treyvons in uniforms.

      • libertarian1234

        “The US Army is full of mini-Pancho Villas and Treyvons in uniforms.”

        Leftist are so naïve they believe a person switches loyalties the minute he crosses over an invisible line into this country by way of a port of entry or the Rio Grande.

        I wonder how they explain away the fact that most of them have the flags of their old failed countries they fled from hanging on the walls of their dilapidated shacks or on makeshift flag poles in their yards

        And I’m guessing that if all of them were to go to a soccer match between Mexico and the US they would do as they ALL did in San Diego a few years back and root for Mexico and boo the US team.

  • bilderbuster

    That’s why the US would never dare go to war against Mexico no matter what their crooked anti-American government does. They have armed gang bangers and millions of “boots on the ground” here already and the US military has been recruiting Mexicans even from Mexico itself.
    Just having Mexican people present here has already destroyed many cities as bad as any bombing raid ever could.

    • Samuel_Morton

      That’s a good thought experiment: if the USA were to ever go to war with Mexico, how many American Latinos would fight for country, or for La Raza? I don’t know the answer, but it’s worth thinking about.

      • Spaniard in LA

        It depends on the generation. I know several 3-7th generation Mexican Americans who speak no spanish and who do not identify with Mexico. Another thing a lot of people do not know is that Mexican Americans are despised in Mexico regardless of generation. Tension between Mexican nationals and Mexican American can be seen in the prison system. The groups hardly intermingle due to cultural differences and at times have attacked each other.

        • jayvbellis

          Do you have any suggestions on how race realists can work with your demographic group?

          I see a lot of very good marriages between older White guy Anglos and slightly younger Mexican, Mexican American women – the children are usually bright, fair, with brown eyes instead of blue, but very White. The Mexican women seem to be marrying up, marrying Whiter and these women and their children seem to have no chip on their shoulder anti White American animus. Also, no, zero sympathy for the worst Black criminals.

          We need to start making great use of White Hispanics who’ve had a solid history over the centuries. El Cid, Cortez, Gen. Pinochet

          • Spaniard in LA

            “Do you have any suggestions on how race realists can work with your demographic group”?

            I believe race realist should promote and encourage more White Latino immigration. Even if it means crossing the border illegally. I know several White Latinos who believe race realist dislike them. I think it is important to get the message across that they are just as important as White Americans. That would be a great start.

            I also know several intelligent Mexican American women that have married White men. Most intelligent women prefer to marry White men, who are likely also to be encouraged by their parents who prefer to “mejorar su raza” which translates to “better the race”.

    • awb

      Had a Mexican National in USMC basic platoon in 1976. He did not make it. They were taking them 40 yrs. ago!

  • We get to call them “Daesh” now.

  • I would give you more thumbs-up than just one, if I could. I like hunting and fishing, but I make most things for these pursuits myself. I write pretty well, but I can also tell a woman’s tracks from those of a man, when they were moving. For instance, a woman will have her toes pointed inward on the track, while a man’s outward. A broken spiderweb can tell many things. How has the spider attempted to repair the damaged web? How much dew is on it? Old insect husks in the web mean nobody passed in a big hurry. A stick can be used to measure the tracks. Even if they try walking backwards, this is easy to tell; which way is the grass bent down, and the scuff marks are a tell-tale even on a dry road.

    After fresh-fallen snow, sniff with your mouth open. If you do not smoke, you will know where they were by the smell of urine, if you are downwind.

    Nobody taught me, but as you say, blood always tells.

  • Lygeia

    As cynical as I am, I can’t help thinking, if we know how they are trained, we can take them down.

    That being said, I still agree with IstvanIN: “Training the enemy in modern warfare and letting them into your own military, what could go wrong?”

  • So, some “French” soldiers have deserted?

  • Cid Campeador

    First of all. The Western countries including the US, should neither draft nor accept enlistees into the military. They’re joining either to get the training to use against us after their service is completed or to sabotage other military personnel a la Major Hassan.
    The next step is to revoke citizenship and deport ALL Muslims to the country of their origin.

    • Ace

      Anything less is suicide. Islam has been around for 1,400 years. Where is there evidence of their being able or willing to live cooperatively with the kuffar? Zero evidence of that? Well then, we should act accordingly not based on some airy fairy notions of we are all brothers.

  • Ace

    Good point. Intel services in the West weren’t born yesterday.

  • Ella

    Since when the modern elites and multicult-enthusiasts ever promoted allegiance and a sense of nationalism toward their own country France? Yes, your new trusted foreign friends will bite the hand that feeds them and play by their won rules!

  • I wonder how much they like airstrikes by navy and marine F/A-18s.

  • capt_quelch

    “French” soldiers? Hardly…