Posted on January 7, 2015

Baltimore Police: Armed BGF Gunman Sent into Police Station

Jayne Miller, WBAL (Baltimore), January 6, 2015

The Black Guerrilla Family gang sent an armed gunman into a Baltimore police station Tuesday to test security, police said.

Jason Armstrong, 29, was arrested after he entered the Northeastern District station with a loaded .22-caliber pistol, police said.

Police said Armstrong was sent to the Northeastern District station. Officers smelled marijuana on Armstrong, searched him and found a loaded gun, police said. Armstrong told them he had been sent in by the BGF gang to test security, police said.


Police said Armstrong is credible and they suggested he had been put up to the task because of running afoul of the gang previously.

“He did not go in there on his free will. This person had very little option, according to his statement, which lends credibility to what a dire situation this was,” Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said.


Last month, the FBI warned police departments nationwide that the BGF was targeting police officers.


The BGF gang has plenty of notoriety, including the huge role the gang plays in the federal city jail corruption case.