Students Agree to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Immigrants

Maggie Lit, Campus Reform, December 17, 2014

Students at George Washington University (GWU) willingly signed a petition supporting the deportation of one American citizen in exchange for one illegal immigrant.

“Please sign our petition for President Obama to deport one American citizen, in exchange for one undocumented immigrant,” read the petition. “Everyone must be allowed a shot at the ‘American Dream.’ Americans should not be greedy. Let us right the wrongs of our past and make another’s dreams come true.”

“It makes sense,” one student told Campus Reform. “Like, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of like hatred against undocumented immigrants and it’s not necessarily their fault.”

“Everybody deserves a shot and we shouldn’t rule anybody out,” said another.


Campus Reform was at GWU for around an hour and was able to gather signatures from more than two-thirds of the students they talked to.


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  • superlloyd

    Brainwashed idiots that have no purchase on reality. Let these idiots be the first to be exchanged for white immigrants from Eastern Europe, South Africa and elsewhere. However, they should be sent to third world cesspools such as sub Saharan Africa, Afghanistan and Isis controlled areas of the near east and not civilised white countries. Let’s see how long before they start blubbing and begging to be returned to the white created 1st world.

    • SentryattheGate


    • Reverend Bacon

      Yes. There was a Twilight Zone episode, which I think was called “the button.” When you push it, you get $10,000. And also, someone you don’t know will die.

      The show deals with the moral issues of pushing the button. But at the end, the wife pushes it, and the guy comes to collect the button and give them the money. “What will happen to the button?” they ask. “It will be reprogrammed, and given to someone you don’t know.”

      Again, life imitates art. “Push the button, and an illegal will be given amnesty. Also, someone you don’t know will be deported…”

      • newscomments70

        Push the button, and an illegal will be given amnesty….also, an American child will be raped (whom you may or may not know).

        • Reverend Bacon

          Let me guess- the button is in a voting booth, and it’s pretty much any button you choose, Democrat or Republican. Am I close?

          • newscomments70

            That sounds pretty accurate.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Add Non-Muslim to that criteria.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      If my fellow college pupils are representative, you are correct in your opinion of their idiocy, but they are not brainwashed. Liberal college students have the opportunity to hear other ways of thinking but choose not to. This makes them more abhorrent, because they choose to believe a lie.

    • phillyguy

      if they are sent to Afghanistan or an Isis controlled the area and utter one peep, they will be stoned to death, then again if they are sent to sub Saharan Africa they will be raped and beaten to death.

  • MekongDelta69

    You can not fix stupid.
    You can not fix indoctrination.
    You can not fix brainwashing.
    You can not fix self-hate.
    You can not fix mental illness.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Well, 1 out of 5 ain’t bad…compared with 0 out of 5.

    • mattj458

      Probably right. But a chance would be nice.

    • Pathfinder75

      You also can not fix (most of the time) the damage done by such clueless voters.

    • withcaution

      If you could, religions would’ve ceased to exist thousands of years ago.

  • I’m probably going to go against the grain of consensus here, but I really don’t put much credence into this. My opinion of this is similar to my evolving opinion on the Mark Dice videos — Amusing at first, but the more I see, the more I think that he’s taking advantage of dumb uninformed people for clickbait purposes.

    Likewise, are we supposed to draw some great political implications that 19-year old dumb clucks who don’t know beans from shinola sign a fake petition?

    • Who Me?

      I think it was poorly worded. It would be easy to deduce from what was written and what was said, that it was one, and only one immigrant that would be allowed in, not an even one for one exchange on a larger scale. that being said, none of the twits signing the “petition” looked very bright. Indoctrinated sheeple, every one of them.

    • thomasdosborneii

      You mean other than that they vote?

      My only beef against this kind of thing is that I assume the videos are heavily edited. I mean really, is it absolutely true that virtually every single person they come up against for things like this (or the Mark Dice videos) are this way? For this one, they say that 2/3 signed the petition; that’s a pretty significant level of ignorance if that is the truth. I don’t Mark Dice reveals his ratios.

    • Anna Tree

      Maybe they were told that the one American to be deported is Obama.
      Or Sharpton.
      And the illegal immigrant to be allowed is a White from South Africa.

      Yeah, I know, I am dreaming.

  • Conrad

    I have, like, an idea. Like, let’s deport one, like, George Washington University student for, like, one white immigrant from South Africa.

    • Steve_in_Vermont

      Like, I was about to, like, say the same thing. Now if someone would just take the names of all those who signed and send them a letter informing them that they had been selected for deportation……….that would be, like, great.

      • Conrad

        That’s a great idea.

      • Pathfinder75

        Like,far out.

    • IstvanIN

      Now that I can agree with!

    • Pathfinder75

      Don’t forget the White immigrants from Europe,as well.

  • TomIron361

    Lets face facts. Our young people are dumb.

    • See The Future

      Our young people have been brainwashed. There are many traitors responsible that need to be rewarded.

      • thomasdosborneii

        Brainwashing assumes torture or some other system of duress. Sitting in a college lecture hall being indoctrinated isn’t really torture. I would expect ones brains to be active while sitting in a college lecture hall. If these students aren’t actually dumb, they have some other flaw just as bad.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          No, it doesn’t imply torture. Cults are known to brainwash people without the use of any violence. Not all liberalism is cult-like, but the far left (like the far right) arguably has some features of cults, like deliberately convincing people to cut social contact with anyone not leftist, excessive punishment of dissent through verbal abuse and ostracization, and control of members through shame and guilt.

        • LHathaway

          This is where you are incorrect. Recently, I was discussing life in the US military. In the US military, day after day, you lead a very regimented life, down to the exact position your toothpaste must be in proper drawer of your wall locker. In the US military, there is a fair amount of fear used on new recruits getting them to obey. Not having, even your toothpaste, in the exact right position, would likely get you in some trouble, a berating, and perhaps assignment to extra duty – with the option of marring your service record on the table. The US military is a breeding ground for conservatives. Recruits rationalize their behavior and beliefs. On some kind of unconscious level, the rationalize their behavior. Say to themselves. . there must be some kind of Good reason I’m obeying these regulations (and not simply because I’m afraid). They come to believe there is a good reason (it was their idea in the first place – what they wanted to do all along) they follow these routines day in and day out. There is a fair chance they will end up being fairly conservative for life.

          I say this only to point out. Those young kids in college (much more likely to go on to jobs that aren’t in something like construction) they are exposed to racism being constantly punished. If not in their textbooks, then in the campus newspaper, racism (white racism) will be constantly punished and ridiculed. These young students will come to believe, not that they are being ‘coerced’ but that ‘tolerance’ is their idea in the first place and promoting diversity (or respecting it) is what they wanted to do all along. Both methods are coercive. Both methods could be considered brainswashing. I should note that never are women and people of color ‘encouraged’ to be tolerant of whites. Quite the opposite.

          • thomasdosborneii

            So it’s kind of like (or maybe actually like) the “Stockholm Syndrome”, which is the phenomenon of hostages developing an admiration of their captors, even a form of love, at first being a method of self-preservation, but later mutating into the feeling that that is their genuine feeling.

            That’s a good argument, particularly when applied to the military, which, starting with boot camp, actually intends to tear the individual personality down and then build them back up again “the Army way”. So when recruits feel that their sense of self is being destroyed, they develop a preservational technique of deciding that they meant to this in the first place, or that it was to their benefit to do it. There are those guys who will say that “the Army straightened me out”, like they were somehow deficient before, but now they are fixed by the Army.

            Certainly college would less intense than being in the military, but there could be a correlation anyway, since it happens to people at the same time in their life, between youth and adulthood, so their personalities are fluid and therefore malleable. Someone with the right techniques actually could “brainwash” them, I guess. It’s all like being in a “cult”, then.

      • TomIron361

        They’re dumb. Just sit in a room with them for awhile as I did at Thanksgiving and try listening to the stupid, partial sentences coming out of their mouths – “like umm, you know what I mean,” etc. And these are college people.

        • David Ashton

          OMG, that’s like awesome, nome sane, man.

  • dd121

    Jefferson always said our society wasn’t compatible with urbanization. He thought we would fail if we were not an agrarian society. Seems like he got that right.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Unfortunately, that pesky thing called farm automation came along.

      • Pathfinder75

        The automation of the agricultural industry is an undeniably positive thing for our society:

        More agricultural automation = less supposed “need” for illegal alien farm labor from Mexico and Central America.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Unfortunately, though, as I understand it, Jefferson, himself, was actually a failure as an agrarian.

  • Hy Alldredge

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if the interviewer were to inquire as to what exactly the idiots in question thought “deporting” an American citizen meant, they wouldn’t be able to articulate it. People will pretend they know what they’re talking about so they don’t look stupid on camera.

  • LHathaway

    “Everybody deserves a shot and we shouldn’t rule anybody out”

    This student has no clue as to what they want a shot at, and why they’ve been imported here, and what has been transpiring for the last 40 years or so. The little guy he’s talking about just may score.

  • See The Future

    The petition authors will be the first to go.

    • Bobbala

      I don’t think you know how this game works.

  • Mary

    I have a great idea. Let’s, like, raise the voting age to, like, 30. These kids obviously (along with most of their cohort) are clearly not ready to be anywhere near a voting booth.

    • MannyR

      its a great suggestion just one problem. One of our parties would do everything in their power to stop any legislation making this happen. Guess which one?

  • Simonetta

    This survey is embarrassing, because I am a college graduate (just barely, but solely documented and credentialed as such). And an American citizen who has traveled outside the borders of the USA. I remember being 14-years-old and having tiny women outside the train station in Calcutta, India, try to sell me their leprous babies for pennies. And having a Chinese Red Guard point an AK-47 at me for waving my foot over the crack in the cement that demarcated the beginning of the no-mans-zone between Portuguese Macao and Red China (before Macao became the Las Vegas of Asia). Empty theatrical gestures, certainly, but educational for a teenager about what it means to be an American in a way that universities don’t teach.

    But the idea of an exchange of a documented American for an undocumented (someone who can’t get papers through the normal application process) non-American is not such a bad starting point for a thought exercise because it introduces the idea that this country is full. It’s not the endless frontier where any and all can just come and make a life. A serious concept as the undeveloped world’s population continues to explode and everyone and their mother wants to come to America. Let’s consider trading their top 5% of people for our vicious bottom 5% of people. We certainly have a lot of people that we could stand to get rid of. And we can’t just kill them, after all, we’re not Germans.

    The real big question is exactly who gets the boot.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of deporting third-time black 80_IQ felons to Liberia. The original post Civil-War treaties are dusty, forgotten and unused, but still in place, and therefore, still effective. Nothing else seems to convince these people not to commit felonies. Certainly neither the threat of decade-long jail terms or even their reality is no determent. You know that your culture is dysfunctional when most of your young men expect to be spending large portions of their adult lives in prison for committing actual felonies, not political crimes like being born the wrong ethnicity. When your young people expect to be able to commit horrible crimes against fellow citizens, until the day that they inevitably get caught, and have to go live in a different hellhole, a prison instead of a slum. Three hots and a cot, just with bars instead of rats. Gang rapes with ‘bros instead of ‘ho’s.

    But being sent to the jungle with no expectation of every being allowed to return, well, that’s different. That’s serious. Maybe a few people might stop living the thug life.
    Not that I care. Where they are or what they do. As long as my people are safe from them.

    • IstvanIN

      We certainly have a lot of people that we could stand to get rid of. And we can’t just kill them, after all, we’re not Germans.
      Was the anti-German comment necessary? The Chinese and Bolsheviks killed a lot more people than the Germans ever did.

      • Simonetta

        Yeah, I know that the Chinese and Russians killed a lot of people. They killed all the lower-middle and middle classes. The upper classes fled the revolution.
        But it’s the Germans who are all so squeaky clean and oh so nice and morally pure now days. They’re the first to stand up and condemn all those who would deny the most obscure of human rights to anyone Especially the Americans. They live well, do well, think well, and act well. And they want everyone to know it. And, why yes, they do believe that they are better… And they have the statistics to prove it. Especially to the Americans.
        They did put 10,000,000 of their most productive and loyal citizens into ovens. And started a war that nearly destroyed the European white civilization and left 70,000,000 people dead. And yes, I do feel the need to remind people that the Germans are a nation of psychopathic war criminals. Because more than anything they would like us to forget that.
        But what they did before they will do again. That’s why we study history.

        • Douchebagalo

          you are so brain washed. you are like the old farts that tell me if not for them fighting in WW2 I would be speaking German. that doesn’t scare me. lol

        • IstvanIN

          That was a very demented diatribe.

    • Guest

      Excellent points, and no doubt, we are in real trouble but likely some of those who signed the petition barely paid attention to it. Maybe one of the petitioners was wearing a t-shirt sporting the colors of their favorite rock group, or some other campus uniform. They were probably just trying to ‘help out’ some cause, any cause, while on their way to get to class. They may not even have known what It really was.

      • Who Me?

        By that age they should know better than to sign stuff if they don’t know what it is–they could end up in a lot of trouble that way, or owing a lot of money–somebody should have taught them not to sign stuff until they know what it is.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Simonetta, yours was an intelligent post that I thought was thought-provoking. By the way I have not experienced what you have experienced, although the closest thing for me was to have a policeman in Stockholm run over and accost me for taking a photograph of some government building (I mean, who knew you couldn’t do such a thing?). Also, in Sweden, waiting in line at the airport, I learned from some officer grilling me about where I had been in Sweden how it all works, because I had the courage (or nerve) to ask him how did he know I wasn’t lying. Interestingly enough, he said that he didn’t care WHAT answers I gave, he was learning all he needed to know from my eye movements. Very interesting! But anyway, to have these things happen in the paradise of Sweden, and not, say, Moscow (where I have not been), was, itself, an eye-opener about American liberty and how other countries do not have it.

      Anyway, your idea of the country being full and the need for deportations; after the riots in Ferguson due to the Grand Jury not indicting, I began to think of historical England deporting criminals to Australia. It seems pretty clear that England was way full, which is why so many people had been emigrating to the new colonies for a new start. The concept of ridding from your country’s land your criminals fascinated me, and I figured that Ferguson rioters and looters were a good place to start, here. Clearly these people can not live in a sophisticated, law-abiding civilization and the country and its true citizens can no longer contain them. Where to send them is the problem, of course (I can’t imagine that Africa really would want to take them), but I believe that the U.S. had prison ships in its early years, and that was even when the country had PLENTY of room. I suggest that the U.S. take up having prison ships again. It’s the oceans of the world that have all the room, and ships become obsolete all the time. Instead of breaking them up on the beaches of Bangladesh (HUGE pollution), using these rusty, beyond-their-commercially-useful lives floating tubs as prisons would be perfect. Mind you, these would be permanent deportations, which goes along with not only the whole “deportation” idea, but also to serving as the kind of deterrent you were suggesting.

  • Luca

    Sure. Let’s deport one criminal black and allow one undocumented European immigrant in.

    I can play this game all day long.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    The voting age should be raised to 30.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      More like 45

    • David Ashton

      Plus an IQ test, a literacy test, a property test and an ancestry test?

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    These kids are just brainwashed. In a few years hopefully when they are out of college and reality sets in, they will realize how stupid they were to support such a dumb petition.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I would sign the petition if it said to deport blacks, Hispanic also Muslim Americans and keep a pure white from Europe, Australia or South Africa in America. Fat chance of that happening.

  • mattj458

    “Students” is a laughable term.

  • phillyguy

    These white idiot students here, they are the first ones that have to go,,they are our enemy.

  • MannyR

    These are the same a sshole millennial types that I have surprising me at work, because they went to college and I didn’t.

    • Harry

      Did you mean “surpassing”?

      • MannyR

        Supervising….steve jobs and his spell correct

  • thomasdosborneii

    Makes you feel that every single college student is an affirmative action admit. Also that a college degree is meaningless, these days.

  • Fall and Decline of Man

    Whites haves failed in the evolutionary struggle. Our destiny is displacement

    • David Ashton

      Oh thanks. Lars Porsena had nothing on you. I have four lovely grandchildren, and many young nieces and nephews.

      Well, we’ll go down with the guns firing.

      • James

        I’d back you odds if your grandchildren, and many young nieces and nephews do not watch television or anything out of Hollywood.

        • David Ashton

          All mutual support here is welcome.

          Some of my young relatives virtually ignore TV and others view it selectively with a sharp critical eye, I am glad to report. We need to raise a generation of national resistance. Our chief asset is actually the energy of youth, and the distaste of young people for being misled by older ones.

  • Belinda Boundreau

    Love Campus Reform! Thinking they are the same group who did the NDAA survey last year?

  • David Ashton

    I remember poor old Revilo Oliver before he went potty saying that white American students would not sacrifice their OWN livelihoods, let alone their OWN lives, to save one non-white non-American. The old pessimist was just too optimistic.

  • WhiteVeinKratom

    Like, these people like, walk amongst us.
    May the gods help us.

  • WR_the_realist

    People get enormously in debt to attend our universities so they can be brain washed.

  • Realist

    The universities and colleges in this country have lowered their standards to idiocy level. It’s all about money.

    • Fed Up

      That and pandering to our liberal fools!

  • Lkoehn

    Who really cares what pimply faced retards say or think? They are about as relevant to the world as is flatulence to a hurricane.

  • KyraNelson

    Wait a minute. This is a really good idea. Each knucklehead who signed that petition should in fact be deported. We can import some of the beleaguered French who are suffering serious Muslim Fatigue Syndrome. Or, white South Africans who wish to leave.

  • Slayer88

    you get to these parts look me up, i’ll buy you a beer.

  • Harry

    We’ll trade 4.5 million blacks for 4.5 million white South Africans.

  • newscomments70

    These students remind me of any young liberal idiot who ever emigrated to the Soviet Union (or other communisty country). Most begged to come back, even the most radical. We need a North Korean emigration program for liberals. That would be a perfect place for them. If we send them to Africa, they could escape to Europe. If we send them to North Korea, they would most likely never be allowed to leave.

  • Paleoconn

    OK, idealistic GWU students. You first!