Posted on December 23, 2014

Police: Man Killed Middletown Teen at Dayton Mall in Self Defense

Jay Warren, WCPO (Miami), December 23, 2014

A 16-year-old Middletown High School football player wanted to buy the new Air Jordans on sale Saturday morning at the Dayton Mall.

But Jawaad Jabbar got there too late and the shoes were gone. So Jabbar tried to rob a pair from another shopper, police said, and he paid with his life.

Jawaad Jabbar

Jawaad Jabbar

“The juvenile wasn’t able to get in line in time or whatever to get some of these shoes,” Miami Twp. police Sgt. Jay Phares said.

So Jabbar went outside to the sidewalk and pulled a gun on a man who had just bought the shoes, Phares said.

Only, the man had a gun, too.

“The person who he tried to take the shoes from had a valid carry concealed weapon permit through Ohio, and when he was threatened with a firearm he drew his firearm and discharged it into the juvenile, who then died as a result of a single gunshot wound,” Phares said.


Two other teens who were with Jabbar ran from the scene, police said. The man who shot Jabbar stayed at the scene and does not face any charges, police said.