Feds: Attorney from Englewood Cliffs, Husband Stole Millions from Two NYC Law Firms

Abbott Koloff and Jeff Green, North Jersey, December 22, 2014

A prominent antitrust attorney and her husband, who is accused of being the head of a New Jersey drug trafficking ring in a separate federal case, were arrested early Monday at their Englewood Cliffs home for allegedly stealing millions of dollars from two New York City law firms where she had been a partner, federal authorities said.

Keila D. Ravelo, 49, and Melvin Feliz, 50, appeared in federal court in Newark in the afternoon on charges that they conspired to commit wire fraud. The couple allegedly arranged to have two law firms where Ravelo was a partner pay more than $5.75 million in legal consulting fees to two dummy companies they established and controlled from 2008 through this past summer, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said in a news release.

Keila Ravelo

Keila Ravelo

Fishman said the work was never performed and that the couple used the money–including $250,000 paid to a jewelry store–to finance personal investments and purchase items for their own use.

Ravelo had been with the law firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher until last month, a woman answering the phone at the company said on Monday. She had been a partner with Hunton & Williams from 2008 to 2010, according to that firm. Both firms, which were not identified by authorities, issued statements on Monday saying they are cooperating with the investigation.

Feliz had been charged in March with conspiring to distribute cocaine in a plot that authorities said included paying $550,000 to buy 20 kilograms of the drug in California and transport it to Bergen County, according to court papers. Authorities referred to Feliz as the “leader” of a drug trafficking organization in the filings and said he and two other men had been charged in the case after an investigation that included statements by a confidential informer.

The wire fraud charges announced Monday against Ravelo and Feliz carry a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and a fine of up to twice the defendants’ gross profit from the alleged scheme, Fishman said.


Ravelo, whose bail was set at $500,000, was released Monday after posting security in the form of a painting she said was worth $125,000, a $200,000 retirement fund and $325,000 of equity in a Miami condo. According to tax records, she owns two homes in Englewood Cliffs, one assessed at $2.4 million and the other at $1.4 million.

Two months ago, Ravelo was highlighted in a magazine segment called “Women Worth Watching” published by the Profiles in Diversity Journal. She wrote about herself for the article, which included a picture of her with first lady Michelle Obama, saying she specializes in antitrust litigation and has been working with the same “core team” of “smart, ambitious lawyers” for 10 years.

Two years ago, she was named to the board of directors of the National Center for Law and Economic Justice, an organization that helps impoverished families receive help from government agencies. She is no longer listed as a board member.


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  • Two months ago, Ravelo was highlighted in a magazine segment called “Women Worth Watching” published by the Profiles in Diversity Journal.

    Well, the FBI was watching her, the DEA watching her husband.

    • APaige

      Two representatives from the ‘talented tenth’ (of one tenth)

      • Oil Can Harry

        Let me guess- the only reason these law firms made this affirmative action buffoon a partner is because they needed diversity window dressing.

        And after receiving her undeserved salary she pays them back by looting them.

        • Christorchaos

          She probably failed the bar too. The failure rate for black law students is significantly higher.

          • Michigan Patriot

            Surprise, surprise, surprise , as Gomer Pyle would gleefully state !

  • Christorchaos


  • Reverend Bacon

    The jokes just write themselves.

    If you had her as a guest in your home, there would also be “silverware worth watching.”

    He’s a drug dealer, she’s a thief. Yes, I suppose that does constitute diversity.

    It’s just too easy.

  • DaveMed

    Diversity magazine said she was “worth watching.” Apparently so.

    Haha! Well done, editor.

  • superlloyd

    Even an educamacted negress consorts with a drug dealer and commits million dollar embezzlements. These negroes can’t help shooting themselves in the foot. They prosecute our argument against them every day with their stupidity and criminality.

  • Dave4088

    When affirmative action goes wrong. If she’s interviewed she will claim that she and her hubby “dindo nuffins” and that it’s all a racist frame up since whitey won’t tolerate strong, successful afro-mericans.

  • dd121

    Put a black in a position of power and authority and they feel entitled to steal from “the man”, ie some white man. Look no farther than Detroit politicians, Sharpton and a pantheon of lesser black thieves. They are born degraded.

  • Even with a decent job that most would appreciate, the negress could not control her impulses and had to act on the larceny that resides in her dark heart. She made it to the big dance, only to take a proverbial crap in the punch bowl.

  • LHathaway

    I’m sorry, but I’m anticipating several, ‘good for her’! comments. I’m anticipating them, hoping they will provide me with some good humor this day. Forgive me my moral failings, if that’s what they are.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Just watch, little will happen to these thieves because of their ‘diversity’—it’s obvious that they were forced to steal as the result of White racism.

    Both the FBI and DEA ultimately, through channels get back to Holder & Obama…who will protect their own…..ask the New Black Panthers.

    • kikz2

      he’ll bring them both in for ‘selected’ positions w/in his regime.

    • phillyguy

      they would have gotten a slap on the wrist with the embezzlement but now with the drug charges they will do time or at least he will

  • See The Future

    A woman of her skills, knowledge and higher education would be a welcome addition in many countries of Africa.

    • John Smith

      Best thief becomes leader, just like in majority-black American cities.

  • libertarian1234

    “Two months ago, Ravelo was highlighted in a magazine segment called “Women Worth Watching” published by the Profiles in Diversity Journal.”

    That’s really hilarious.

    But I don’t know if she was really very clever since large payments to dummy corporations are the easiest of all fraud to expose, because oftentimes they’re exposed in the process of just doing business. And sometimes during audits by an outside firm.

    To be effective she would have had to staff the other businesses with shills who actually do consulting, but are in on the scheme to transfer fraudulent payments. That’s still not a fool proof method, but at the very least it could make the case into a civil matter rather than a criminal one, with the defrauded law firm scrambling to try to prove no consulting was performed.

    • Michael Whalen

      I’m taking notes.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Years ago I worked with a black lawyer who I knew was a thief. I saw him steal things on a document project site . All the sick white and jewish liberal lawyers on the project loved him (no, idolized him) so I didn’t say anything. Had I spoken up, they would have turned the tables on me in a heartbeat. Disgusted, I quit the project shortly thereafter.

    • pcmustgo

      idk, I once knew a white (Italian) lawyer busted for embezzling his clients funds… Doctors are notorious for being involved in drugs, perscription drugs especially.

      • phillyguy

        what are you a troll for the Huffington Post? if a white person takes anything especially from the government good for him because all of the government’s money is going to Negro EBT and illegal immigrants and their children.

  • evilsandmich

    Ravelo was highlighted in a magazine segment called “Women Worth Watching”

    Indeed, literally “watched”, not figuratively.

    published by the Profiles in Diversity Journal.

    Wtf is that? Does anyone besides the most guilty white liberals read such garbage?

    saying she specializes in antitrust litigation

    Antitrust in today’s America? That explains that. Where to put the diversity hire in a law firm? In the division that does absolutely nothing.

  • IstvanIN

    This has nothing to do with race, she was simply typical of a North Jersey attorney.

    • pcmustgo

      are you serious? confused

      • IstvanIN

        You don’t know New Jersey, the north is a hotbed of corruption, bribery and criminality.

        • MrGJG

          As someone from NJ, it pains me to agree with you. Totally corrupt state, but the black run towns are still over represented in that corruption.

          • IstvanIN

            Oh, black Jersey is the worst. Southern South Jersey is still pretty White, even Gloucester County, despite being built up since I was a kid is till mostly White. In the North West Hunterdon, Sussex and Warren aren’t bad. In Central Jersey Ocean is pretty White as are large tracks of Monmouth.

          • Christorchaos

            First in blacks, first in corruption, first in gay marriage…. and no significant attractions or landmarks or physical beauty (mostly crappy beaches). Yielded no President except the infernal Wilson.
            New Jersey is my nomination for number one hellhole. That and Mississippi with all the kudzu.

          • MrGJG

            I live in a town of 7,500 in Monmouth county that’s 0.10% black. I can go weeks without seeing one. Most of them or in the northern counties. That being said, the day after I retire, I’m out of this God forsaken overly taxed shiithole.
            Probably head south since I’m a redneck at heart.

  • freddy_hills

    They were rich. Now they’ll be poor. when they get out of prison they’ll be old and poor.

  • Belinda Boundreau

    The first image to pop into my mind while reading this article was that of deceased Mike Brown in the street, face down with his pants halfway down. Summarizes ‘nergoality’ in North America. Bless Darren Wilson.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The nigra has a very under-evolved sense of “mine” and “thine”…