Russia Link and Le Pen Dynasty Mark French National Front Congress

Catherine LaGrange, Reuters, November 30, 2014

France’s far-right National Front re-elected its leader Marine Le Pen with a 100 percent mandate on Sunday at a party congress marked by closer ties to Russia and the rise of a new generation of the Le Pen dynasty.

Opinion polls suggest Le Pen, who took over from her father Jean-Marie at the party’s last congress in 2011, will repeat his 2002 feat of reaching a second-round run-off for president of France at the forthcoming 2017 election.

“No one can be in any doubt that we will be in the second round,” Le Pen told some 2,000 enthusiastic supporters, who chanted “Marine, President.”


Russian lawmakers also attended Sunday’s congress. Andrei Isayev, who sits in the Duma lower house, said on his Twitter account that he gave a speech there. Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the Russian upper house of parliament’s international affairs committee, was also in attendance according to French media. Both men are members of the United Russia party, which is close to President Vladimir Putin.

Largely ostracised by Western leaders, who accuse him of fomenting a separatist revolt in Ukraine, Putin appeals to the National Front thanks to his image as an uncompromising patriot.

Le Pen has fiercely attacked the French government’s recent decision to suspend delivery of a helicopter-carrying warship to Russia, saying France has acted against its national interest and caved in to U.S. pressure.

“We are wrongly accused of being anti-Europe, but we are for (a Europe) that stretches from the Atlantic to the Urals, not from Washington to Brussels,” Le Pen said on Saturday.

The party congress also saw Marion Marechal-Le Pen, 24, the leader’s niece and granddaughter of the party founder, top Saturday’s ballot for the party’s central committee, winning 80 percent of the vote, ahead of Florian Philippot, the group’s deputy leader who is seen to represent a more liberal wing.


Marine Le Pen’s emphatic victory came the day after former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy returned to frontline politics, winning the leadership of his conservative UMP party–a potential step towards seeking a second presidential mandate.

Le Pen painted both Sarkozy and Hollande as losers.

“You messed everything up,” she said. “They gave you a treasure–France–and a diamond–its people. You have ruined the one and abandoned the other”.


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  • David Ashton

    That last quote is excellent. “…qu’un sang impur….”

    • LHathaway

      All of her quotes were great.

  • anony

    Russia may yet lead the Whites back to greatness.

    • Shlomo Schekelstein

      Yeah, well they have allot to make up for since they were responsible for 16-20 million white christian deaths in the Holodomor. Not to mention destroying Germany and opening up the world for Marxism and now cultural Marxism.

      • anony

        That was not the “Russia”, it was the Bolsheviks.

      • jayvbellis

        The filthy criminals who did the Holodomor were not real “Russians” any more than the filthy media moguls in Hollywood are “Americans”

        • Fr. John+

          Neal Gabler told us who THOSE PEOPLE are, two decades ago….

    • See The Future

      There never has been greatness for white people in Russia.

      America was greatness. Most of Europe was greatness. Australia and so on.

      Europe is done……..Australia and Canada are on the way.

      The USA is the only remaining hope for the white race and time is running out.

      • lib1

        In America whites make up roughly 62% and dropping. All eyes are on Russia at this point. Although I’m skeptical of this alliance as France and Russia are two different cultures. So long as there is no entanglement I see nothing wrong with it.

        • newscomments70

          Russia has some strong, intelligent, good-looking, white people, however collectively, it’s a violent, poor, corrupt, third world country. Their instability and violent crime rate rivals Mexico. Kaliningrad Oblast, which used to be Eastern Prussia Germany, now looks like Detroit and Mexico. I have actually felt safer in parts of the Caribbean, than I would feel in Russia. Also, many Russians are virulently anti-American.

          • Realist

            “Also, many Russians are virulently anti-American.”
            Maybe it’s because the U. S. is trying to screw them.
            The U. S. is the most hegemonic country on this planet.

          • newscomments70

            Russians can have some extremes good and bad…but they can be pretty nasty. Russian corruption hurts its own people. Russians are afraid of their own police and have a deep distrust for them. The military is corrupt and has been known to sell its own young men and women into prostitution. Their mafia is violent and sadistic beyond imigination. I don’t have much faith in the country, and Russian corruption has little to do with what the US is doing.

          • Realist

            Where did you get this vast knowledge about Russia?

          • newscomments70

            Living around them, reading history. A simplistc, but good example are videos of “Driving in Russia”.

          • lib1

            And what’s wrong with nationalist fervor? It’s their country let them rule it how they see fit.

          • newscomments70

            I agree, but the place is a mess…and they want to rule other countries than their own.

          • Realist

            Now are you talking about Russia or the U. S.?

          • newscomments70

            Yes, both are messed up, but Russia has roughly double the murder rate of the US, even though we have more diversity. Sorry to disappoint you about Russia. It’s not a safe haven for whites but a high crime, third world country.

        • David Ashton

          There has always been a link between the French and the Russians that has lasted through complete changes of political outlook. The time for acrimonious divisions and suicidal despair among all white peoples is over, and the time for co-operation is overdue.

          • lib1

            And then these cultures mix and we are left with nothing. Russia for Russians, France for French, Denmark for Danish. The way history has shown us.

      • Itooktheredpill

        The USA is the most balkanized, most brainwashed, most sheeple like, most naive, and most unlikely to turn things around out of all the nations you have mentioned.

        • lib1

          The U.S. is marked by multiculturalism.

        • jayvbellis

          Merry old England is worse.

      • jayvbellis

        Oh do shut up!

        St. Petersberg Russia in the 1880s was on the highest level of White Civilization of any time – the best writers, classical music, art, architecture, and ruled by practical, wise but tough men.

  • B.A_2014

    Marion Marechal-Le Pen is one of the most beautiful creatures our race has produced.

    • Anglo

      Agree. I’ve seen her photos. She is very beautiful.

  • je suis paganisme

    God, let it be!

    Against all odds, let it be!

  • dd121

    It seems to me Putin is the only guy around who is doing what he thinks is best for his people and his country. We could use a few of those.

    • lib1

      We could use a lot of those. IDK why whites in the U.S. continue to act docile when the writing isn’t just on the wall but engraved. I suppose we are responsible for our cultural downfall.

      • nadeanbhav

        So, you lib1, think that the U.S. can use a lot of Putins aka totalitarians? Interesting coming from a professed Liberal.

  • libertarian1234

    “The National Front has forged close ties with Russia.”

    Russia is the only real hope for white people into the 21st Century and beyond.

    Which is likely why the radical MSM demonizes them so much.

    • See The Future

      Russia is swamped with muslims too

    • bilderbuster

      The White races only need to let the Germans be Germans and Germany will pave the way for us all.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Ms. Le Pen is an extraordinarily gifted politician and has the potential to move France in a whole new direction. She is very sharp to propose an opening to Russia – French farmers are furious at the sanctions, which are hurting them at least as badly as the Russians. I suspect most Europeans on the street are uninterested in an anti-Russian crusade for the benefit of the crooks running Ukraine.

    • anony

      She had better watch her back.

  • LeonNJ

    Putin is still a mixed character for me. I’m not sure if I like him or not. If he invades mainland Ukraine or the Baltics, then he’s a bum in my book.

    • anony

      Look for Putin’s foreign policy speech of about 3-4 years ago on Youtube. One of the best and insightful speeches I’ve ever heard. Also see McCain sneering, the oaf.

      • IstvanIN

        There are quite a few, have any specific clues?

        • anony

          I can’t seem to find the specific one I admired; it may have been removed. Sorry.

        • anony

          The title is:” Putin’s speech exposes the NWO”.

      • JInSanD

        There’s a pretty good Marine La Pen interview with the BBC on youtube called:

        Marine Le Pen on Muslims and Nigel Farage

  • IstvanIN

    The worst thing the west did was to antagonize Russia after the collapse of the USSR. Allowing the US to ring Russia with “NATO” bases was an act of aggression.

    “We are wrongly accused of being anti-Europe, but we are for (a Europe) that stretches from the Atlantic to the Urals, not from Washington to Brussels,” Le Pen said on Saturday. I hope she succeeds.

    • David Ashton

      Good point. Not from Wall Street to Brussels, but not from Muscovy to Beijing (a la Dugin) either. We must put the demographics in the geopolitics.

      • Kenner

        Correct. Putin is being sidetracked with this ‘Eurasian’ idea.

  • Michael Mason

    Marine’s success is based on her ability to inspire people. She defies every stigma that has been set up to vilify people who defend their own people.

    • See The Future

      Too little too late


      I imagine Marine’s Father taught her well about the pitfalls of politics and how to avoid them. I also think being a female plays in her favor by allowing her to say things a male could not get away with.

  • crockadoodle6

    Value judgments of Russian culture, economy and characteristics are one thing and are opinion based. Debate whether they are corrupt, backward, intolerant, whatever. But….. Several things are clear: 1) they have armed nuclear submarines. These are killing machines and are virtually undetectable when submerged 2) they do not have black apologists 3) they do not have white guilt 4) they are not ashamed of their nation 5) Their MSM are not leg-humping Dachshunds for a failed socially engineered agenda 6) They are not intimidated by ‘Green’ and black fools whose only purpose in life is to make their neighbor miserable and steal the productivity from responsible citizens.

    This romance with the French right is relevant and historically meaningful. Remember what happened at Yorktown? The French saved our dream with their navy. Sounds like the Russians are in line to save the French people from their misguided political oppressors with the Russian navy….the submarine version.

    • David Ashton

      The Anglo-Saxons, the French, the Germans and the eastern Slavs are all different, but they are all equally threatened by inner collapse and outer threat. We have tried two world wars, now try unity.

      • anony

        Yes! No more fraternal wars!

  • jayvbellis

    White Indo European women are stepping up big time!

    In contrast pathetic, castrated Lib Libertarian boys are getting down on their knees to pander in the worst ways.

  • jayvbellis

    Dumb arse. Reagan era Conservatives wasted the 1980s obsessing about our kinsmen “the Russians” arming nasty throat cutting Jihadists in Afghanistan.

    The cursed Neo Cons still play on Amurikun patriots still wanting to fight the Russians. Neo Cons advisers got Mitt Romney to say the most stupid comment that Russia was the USA ‘s #1 geopolitical adversary for doing terrible things like backing secular Assad regime in Syria. What liars/idiots.

    Whenever I come across some Amurikun patriot idiot mouthing off about how we have to fight “The Russians” I tell them that if any Russians like Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova are coming to get me, please give these beautiful women my phone #.

  • jayvbellis

    Remember when that Tribe Oligarch head of Yukos Oil was mouthing off, trying to start American style TV media in Russia and insulting Russian history, Russian culture?

    Putin put the guy in a public cage then sentenced him to hard labor in Siberia! Same was done to lesbian cultural Marxist punk rock band. Pussy Riot who desecrated a Russian Orthodox Church.

    Got to love Putin and the a Russians. No chance of Liberals or Libertarians coming to power in. Mother Russia.

  • The biggest blow you can deal to our tyrants and maniacal crooks holding the reins of power right now is to embrace people like Putin. While he does have his faults as far as not being a Racialist to the degree that I would like(along with some other issues), he doesn’t allow his country and its citizens to be bullied by outsiders, and taken advantage of by those with ulterior motives that, if not held in check, would quickly destroy Russia’s history, heritage and racial composition.

    If Putin can learn to use a little more finesse with various Nationalist causes(pretty much referring to more Racialist types of Nationalism), then he might see a tremendous groundswell of support for Russia that would dwarf the already sizable amount he and his country have right now. Other than that, Putin is a millionbillion times better than the “leaders” we have destroying our future and the future of our children.

  • Peter Connor

    Very sensible of Le Pen, and great quote at the end.

  • Epiminondas

    How ironic that of all nations, France is our best hope for Europe at the moment.

    • bilderbuster

      Well Germany was doing a fine job until traitors running this nation decided Stalin could do a better job.

  • Yves Vannes

    If one major country in the EU turns the tide around the rest will eventually follow. Switzerland pulled the plug on unlimited immigration but Switzerland is too small a nation. Central Europe doesn’t have that kind of influence. It would take France or Germany to turn things around. The Brits are always seen as the odd man out so the Brits won’t do the trick. It needs to be France or Germany. Even if Le Pen wins it will still be a very difficult road to hoe. If Sarko wins France is finished.

  • David Ashton

    The US subversion of Ukraine risked a NATO base in the Crimea whose Russian population was betrayed by Khruschev.

    • anony

      Many in the US are aware of the US “messing” with the sovereignty of countries around the world through NGOs and otherwise. The World Bank “loans” is another mechanism to “mess” with countries.

      • David Ashton


        Also, a greed (e.g. Soros).

  • Fr. John+

    of course, no one is saying the obvious- Le Pen is French, Sarkozy and Hollande are….

    of the Tribe. Ça explique tout.

  • anony

    Putin’s rebuilding of the R.O.C. is/was a shrewd political move at the least; the people loved it. And the former USSR saw the breakaway Muslim republics as “good riddance, as does Putin. Why have trouble-makers in your home?

  • Paleoconn

    Marine is gonna be the sexiest head of state we have ever seen. Vive la France!

  • David Ashton

    See Wikipedia “Ukraine-NATO relations”.