Police Offer Reward in Oakland Hills Park Death

ABC 7 News, November 29, 2014

Police are offering a $10,000 reward for any information on the fatal shooting of a 60-year-old man Tuesday at a park in the Oakland hills, East Bay Regional Park District police announced today.

Officers responded to a report of gunshots fired Tuesday in the area of Huckleberry Botanic Regional Reserve, park district Lt. Gretchen Rose said. {snip}

A witness reported finding a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

Oakland police and park district officers responded to the park where they found a man lying down on a trail south of the staging area, she said.

Paramedics also arrived and pronounced him dead at the scene, according to Rose.

The man was identified the next day as David Ruenzel, who police said was a regular hiker at the park and described him as “an upstanding citizen.”

David Ruenzel

David Ruenzel

Police said they are investigating robbery as a possible motive for the crime.


Witnesses told police that they saw two men on the trail just before they heard the gunshots.

The first suspect is described as a black or possibly mixed race man in his late 20s to early 30s with dreadlocks, a medium complexion, high cheekbones, narrow face, thin build and wearing dark clothing, police said.

The second suspect is described as a black man who stands about 6 feet tall, weighs roughly 240 pounds, is clean-shaven, has short hair, out of shape and overly friendly, according to police. {snip}

Police have released sketches of the suspects.


[Editor’s Note: As Colin Flaherty reports, David Ruenzel was a freelance writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as the Gates Foundation.]


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  • dd121

    It was just a random act and not a racial incident. Move along.


      Oh my! It looks like a snake charmer was bitten.

      • me

        Schadenfreude! ☺

    • LHathaway

      I’m willing to accept that in this case.

    • archer

      Yeah it was a robbery see, yeah that’s it, a robbery.

    • JohnEngelman

      I suspect it felt like a racial incident to David Ruenzel. He learned the truths of race realism minutes too late.

      • Realist

        Poetic justice is so sweet!

      • none of your business

        I wonder if he begged for his life and told them he had fought for black supremacy for 40 years. If he has a wife she will probably give a speech at the funeral to the effect of don’t blame the poor victims of a racist society and evil Whitey, blame evil White people.

        • Jacobite2

          Why not? I suspect her husband hated white people.

  • dmxinc

    Shouldn’t happen to anyone, but if it does, it should be to those who have enabled these killers, such as writers for the SPLC; certainly not to blameless citizens just trying to live their lives in peace.

    • APaige

      I bet he was also an advocate of increasing diversity in hiking and other outdoor activities.

      • JohnEngelman

        And he thought his enemies were over zealous police officers.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Good point. When this $PLC stooge saw these two thugs in the park he probably rejoiced that more blacks had taken up hiking.

        Maybe when they shot him he sputtered “But I voted for Obama…”

      • Thank goodness Ruenzel did not profile them when he saw them coming! That might have hurt their poor little feelings, and who knows what would have happened then?

        • none of your business

          Any White person who lives in Oakland, even up in the expensive hills is a fool. There is an attempt to gentrfy Oakland with asian businesses and young White men with guns who can’t afford San Francisco or San Mateo or Marin suburbs but it isn’t working out very well. The asian business people are recruited in asia and arrive to find their little business is located in a dangerous ghetto.

    • I believe the phrase you are looking for is “hoist by his own petard”.

    • Fathercoughlin

      He checked his white privilege.Good riddance!

      • none of your business

        He must have forgotten to bring his White Privilege Knapsack along.

    • Denver Goddess

      I think it should happen to people like him.

  • MekongDelta69

    Mixed emotions…

    I’ve seen too much killing in my life and I definitely don’t like seeing yet another black on White murder –
    I can’t help letting the thought seep in, that I’d rather see a creep from the SPLC get greased, than a normal White guy.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Bleh, don’t feel too bad about this one. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. And he wasn’t really “White” anyway.

      • Fathercoughlin

        You mean….

        • AndrewInterrupted

          He means:

          He wasn’t White, he was Jewish. They hate White people.

          Mike Wallace during a 60 Minutes segment:

          “I’m not White, I’m Jewish”.

          • cyrusthevirus

            Well it would have been slightly better had he been white–race traitor and all that –but the cultural enrichers bagging a jew is very acceptable!!

          • Jacobite2

            Mike’ll be eligible for the next Gruber Award.

    • I don’t feel bad for him at all. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Let him feel the effects of pandering to Bantus for decades. It’s what he most deserved.

      Personally, I see it as an act of divine providence, a form of justice against a man who hated America and the founding stock of this once great nation.

      • This must have had the rest of the $PLC in an uncomfortable emotional quandry for about five minutes or so, until they realized that they could blame us.

        • MekongDelta69

          Don’t worry. Morris Sleaze will figure out a way to make more big bucks from this.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            He probably ordered some more security cameras.

      • none of your business

        I agree. I am proud to say I’m happy.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      He wasn’t White, he was Jewish. They hate White people.

      Mike Wallace during a 60 Minutes segment:

      “I’m not White, I’m Jewish”.

      • Magician

        capable of winning John Engelman’s heart

  • AmericanCitizen

    Heartwarming story. A White Liberal who does everything he can to promote the spread of blacks in the name of “diversity” is killed by two stereotypical thugs for his trouble. I wonder if he became a race realist in his last few moments, or if he called himself a racist for not agreeing with his imminent death.

    • bilderbuster

      He may have done an Amy Biehl “Comrades I’m on your side!” just before he realized that all White lives including those of White haters like himself don’t matter to these animals.

      • B.A_2014

        I don’t have any sympathy for those that betray their own people.

        “Death to every foe and traitor” as the song goes.

    • Caucasoid88

      He probably took the gun and shot himself and told them he deserved it.

    • dukem1

      Probably like the kid in Georgetown….died thinking – “I deserve this.”

      • none of your business

        That kid in Georgetown wasn’t hurt or killed. I wonder what he would write had he been seriously injured and permanently disabled. Or gang raped and injured and infected with an STD.

        • Jacobite2

          Let’s run an experiment and see.

    • 48224

      I’ll bet he bragged at many a liberal dinner party that he, “frequents black areas all the time and NEVER has a problem!”

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Don’t confuse members of the tribe with “White”.
      They only look White–sometimes.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    A goy-hating, anti-white, SPLC employee was killed by negroes? Gee whiz, that’s terrible.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I kind of with he had lived, so he can either retract everything he has ever written, or pathetically blame his white privilege for getting himself shot. I would’ve like to have seen some of his attempts at writing for the SPLC after this incident.

      • If Ruenzel had survived, he’d blame us instead of the inconvenient fact that it was out of gratuitous cruelty that they shot him multiple times, probably only after robbing him. I haven’t worked in my old field in over 14 years, but to the David Ruenzels of the world, I should have hired his killers to work in a laboratory making ceramic precursors out of dangerous chemicals. I haven’t worked any steady job at all in almost nine years, but no matter; I am some sort of “oppressor” by virtue of having brown hair, fair skin and a townhouse I paid off 10 years ago.

        A HuffPo editorial last year was by an Afritard who said he was “coming for my job” and that he wasn’t going to compete with illegal Mexicans. He’s more than welcome to my old work. In the microelectronics industry, I worked for pathological liars. He is more than welcome to go do that and see what it does to his own blood pressure and drinking and sleeping habits. After that, he can try out federal prison for a few years before returning home.

        To Ruenzel’s former pets, I say “OK, you do it.” The “sail foam” they probably robbed him of very likely uses an integrated Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 capacitor for which I did all of the wet chemistry work, 20 years ago. I loved that sort of work even more than fishing or shooting, but eventually I couldn’t stand my bosses. I once felt so happy getting up swilling three cups of coffee and then driving to work, and they ruined it for me. When we had a process control problem on SrBi2Ta/Nb2O9, due to the bismuth oxide self-reducing to Bi3+1 sub-oxides, I suggested a series of experiments that would establish what was going on, and I was completely correct in my suspicion, but not even my bosses told me about if for six months afterward, and they knew. My clue was that the capacitors were shorting, which meant oxygen vacancies in the crystal lattice. In the meantime, I was in complete despair.

        The $PLC can go have someone else do that work, because I won’t.

        • Jacobite2

          Yeah, turning some Ah-freakin’ lose in a lab would be awesome. I guess you’d have to teach him the alphabet before he saw the Periodic Table.

      • none of your business

        Like most liberals robbed, raped and beaten by blacks everything he said or wrote about it would enlarge on 3 themes. (1) But not all blacks are criminals. (2) They are victims of a racist evil society. (2) It is not their fault anymore than it is the fault of a week old puppy that it isn’t housebroken.
        (3) Evil White goys robbed, raped and beat me, these poor victims of a racist society were merely the tools of evil goydom.

  • Reynardine

    SPLC was named after what they shout when being assaulted by the black undertow they try to protect: “Stop, Please! I Love Coloureds!”

  • anony

    I feel so terrible, really I do. A writer for the SPLC? I really do feel sorry, really I do.

  • Conrad

    The SPLC has worked diligently to poison this nation. The poison has now taken out one of their own. These people are just like the traitors that sold guns & whiskey to the Indians in the 1870s. Somehow I don’t think that they’ll get the point.

    • Guest


    • Jacobite2

      Memory. There was a Western from the 40s (“Western Union” maybe?). Anyhow, it contained this line of dialogue: “But, no white man in North America would sell guns to an Indian.” The kids they’re turning out of our schools today (the pithed-brain Generation) not only don’t know our history, but they wouldn’t believe it if you told them. And they wouldn’t like it if they did believe it.

      • Conrad

        Many of the old westerns had the evil money grubbing, self consumed sort that paid for their treason in the end when the Indians killed him.
        I am returning to my Christian roots so I’m all for being a kind & decent person. That does not mean that I cannot see where things are going, and why.

        • Jacobite2

          Well, under the Hays Office, bad guys had to get wasted before the end credits rolled. But, then, it was still clear to everybody that whites who sold guns to Indians were bad guys, Today, I wouldn’t bet they wouldn’t be the heroes.

  • Mahound


  • DaveMed

    The tears are just streaming down my face.

  • Flanders21

    I am sure if Mr. Roenzel were with us today he would say to his perps, “I understand why you did this.” Shades of Reginald Denny, the White p.c. poster boy child who was victimized by blacks with a brick to his head in the after-math of the Rodney King beating and who was used by the media to echo words often used in institutions through-out America that promote “White Privilege” “White Self-Hatred” and “White Guilt”—anything anti-White.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Reginald Denny at least had the excuse of extensive brain damage.

    • none of your business

      I think he just read a script his attorney wrote for him. Remember, he was in the middle of a lawsuit against the city for his injuries at the time.

      There was another guy seriously hurt, a messican construction worker. He had been to Home Depot and had $3,000 worth of materials in the back of his pickup. The materials were stolen although blacks have no need for construction materials.
      Anyway, a few weeks later one of the black churches had a fund raiser to compensate him for the materials and medical care It was a total fraud. The revunn kept the $3,000 plus thousands more for medical care for himself. But the messican had not bought the materials himself. He used his employers credit card of course. But the blacks claimed that the materials were his and that he was a poor poverty stricken messican out $3,000. Of course workmen’s comp paid for his injuries and lengthy recovery and full pay until he was able to work again.

      I was really surprised the LASlimes printed that story. The riot was instigated by the Slimes and Stanley Sheinbaum, police commissioner, marxist communist, son- in-law of Warner studios who has used the Warner fortune against Whites since.
      the time of his marriage.

      Construction work is hard on the body anyway. Add serious injuries from the beating he got like Denny he will suffer pain the rest of his life.

  • Truthseeker

    Oh the irony. I can’t say for certain what White liberals believe in their heart of hearts. I think most are useful idiots who are sincere in their beliefs, while others are realists who are knowingly being treacherous. I don’t know which one this guy was. All the same, this proves that siding with “people of color” against Whites doesn’t earn you any points with them. They’ll kill you just as soon as they’d kill one of us Amren readers.

  • He reaped the violence that he sowed. Maybe there is a god or Karmic justice or whatever. But full justice for Ruenzel will mean an eternity burning in hell for all the deaths of innocent white people he caused through his writings.

    • ViktorNN

      A preachy anti-racist robbed and murdered by negroes.

      I hope he had a few final moments realizing how pointless his life was.

  • shatwood

    A writer for the SPLC?!

    I’d like to buy these two a 40oz.

    Where’s your PC, White Guilt God now, Ruenzel?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      No! No! They were “teens”! Just yoofs!

  • Ed

    Sometimes the pets you care for hurt or kill you.

  • Mack0

    I’m sure he was killed with love. His last minutes were spend reflecting how much he deserved to be killed and that he understood that he was only being murder because those young black men didn’t have the same privileges as he did.

  • Zimriel

    Are they going to invite Ramzpaul to speak at the funeral? :^)

  • MartelsGhost

    Fried chickens coming home to roost?

    • Weisheit77

      slightly distasteful, but I laughed…

      • MartelsGhost

        Only slightly? I must try harder……………………… ; )

      • 48224

        “distasteful”? I love fried chicken. Very tasteful…..indeed.

    • Speedy Steve

      2 piece spicy white meat with red beans and rice to eat here, please. Si Senor.

    • George Costanza

      lol touche sir.. touche!

    • B.A_2014

      Oh that nearly had me on the floor.

  • MannyR

    Wow of all the deserving people out there that could’ve run into these 2 fine black brothers, this guys about the best. Great story, heartwarming….

  • Weisheit77

    So wait… Diversity attacked diversity??? muh ha ha ha ha ha ha (wiping tears out of my eyes) Sorry, that’s rich!

  • Xerxes22

    It would be ironic if David Ruenzel had his hands up crying “Don’t Shoot”.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Maybe Rabbi Allen Secher could buy Ruenzel’s place to be used as a main
      office for his “Love Lives Here” organization?


  • Yves Vannes

    The Oakland Hills are a largely white enclave – until the sun goes down. Then the Diversity criminals from the flatlands roll up Broadway looking for “opportunity”. Also, the Oakland Hills are so liberal they make Marin County seem like Salt Lake.

    • LHathaway

      Any place near people of color must be Saturated, bombarded, with constant pro-color propaganda from all media an Ed sources. For them or for us, of just to raise the local birth rate? Who knows? Perhaps I should have used the word ‘blacks’ instead of people of color. .

      • Yves Vannes

        Communities of color is a way blacks and politicians obfuscate when they mean black. They like to pretend all non whites are in the same boat so we get “communities of color”. But the only “community of color” that can’t get its act together is the black one.

        • Charles Martel

          “Community” by itself seems to be the code word for black folk theses days. Sharpton uses it all the time

    • AndrewInterrupted

      David Ruenzel, like so many liberal, anti-American dumbazzes,
      thought his white picket fence would hold.

  • TruthBeTold

    If caught I hope these two aren’t prosecuted for a hate crime.

    • me

      The $PLC will probably defend them.

    • I hope they are apprehended and given a littering ticket.

      • none of your business

        Good one!!!!!

  • IstvanIN

    Isn’t it awful how we have no to little sympathy for this man? We all know murder is wrong yet even I had a smirk on my face. Oh well.

    • Mack0

      I was thinking about that. Maybe I’m rationalizing but I think the humor is not in the murder but the irony. If it is ironic. I feel guilty for being so callous about this mans death but I also don’t.

      I’m reminded of people who take wild animals as pets only for the pets turn on them violently. They never see it coming but to most rational people it was a matter of it. We choose to see what we want to see.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        I agree. He was a fairly good looking man for 60. I have known and worked with several of the same type. Ultra lib, college professor, lawyer fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. He was a little too young for Woodstock, but definitely the granola crunching, open sandals type who truly believed negroes are all misunderstood “yoof” who din do nuffins. Sadly, the joke was on him in the end.

        • Mack0

          All jokes aside what I really think was going through his mind was something to the effect of, “don’t kill me I’m one of the good guys”. Maybe he had so much faith in them he didn’t think they would kill him. I doubt he reconsidered any of this positions in his last moments.

          • B.A_2014

            I think he would have. A gunshot will do that to you.

          • bilderbuster

            He was shot multiple times just in case there was any confusion on his part after the first shot.

    • SolStans

      Never let compassion or pity take root when the enemy loses one of its own. That’s how whites ended up in the predicament we’re in.

  • Diamond_Lil

    The feel good story of the day: SPLC’s Ruenzel Gets Enriched.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Probably looked something like this.

  • TL2014

    Haha, poetic justice.

  • [Guest]

    >>>The second suspect is described as … overly friendly, according to police.

    Evidently he was “one of the good ones” right up till he pulled the trigger.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      That how I use to tell a psychopath. They are overly friendly.


      • Kenner

        –Or a sociopath, at the very least.

      • me

        When they went into the woods, they used the psycho path….hee hee.

        • bilderbuster

          And they met one there too.
          What are the odds of that happening?

  • Michael Mason

    Is it true that blacks are different from whites? Over my dead body.

  • Lord Sandwich

    Amy Biehl award winner 2014.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      They have the Darwin Award for that. They both had that recessive white guilt gene that refuses to mutate out.

  • RHG

    I guess these poor misunderstood victims of “white male privilege” didn’t realize how much Dave cared about them.

  • JohnEngelman

    When David Ruenzel saw the two suspects, he probably tried to have a friendly conversation with them. He thought of them as victims of white racism. They thought of him as easy pickings.

    • Mack0

      Damn, son. Brutally poetic. Nice tag line for a movie too!

      • me

        “He thought of them as victims of white racism. They thought of him as easy pickings. They were…..DJANGO’S SONS! The brave new movie by Quentin Tarantino. Starring Jaleel White as Django, Jr. Along with Bill Cosby as the owner/operator of the local juke joint, Orca Winfree as Pearly, the town prostitute, and Emanuel Lewis as the heavy-handed pimp.”

  • bilderbuster

    He’s in a better place. His suffering is finally over. He has been relieved from his burden.
    He is free at last from carrying all of that White Guilt around for those many years.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    It is painful to be bitten by one’s own pets.

  • Cathy Madera

    two word – grizzly man. read the colin flaherty article linked below. these liberal fools think they have a special relationship with the underclass in which the underclass instinctively recognizes them as down with the struggle and cool. they speak grizzly and they move among them until one day they’re just another white guy who has something they want.

    • none of your business

      Or those stupid mostly women liberals who “adopt” rescue pit bulls and then get killed by their lidle poopsie woopsie. One pit bull was raised from a puppy and 2 years later murdered the wife and her 2 weeks from delivery baby. The husband was such a liberal he buried the pit bull’s ashes with the wife and child the dog murdered. The husband and the wife’s parents still are active in one of those pit bull rescue and understanding organizations.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Good. Better him than me. He looks like a sociopath anyways.

    I bet Satan is pouring him a glass of wine right now.


  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I hope there is more like him willing to make the same sacrifice.

    The sooner the better.


  • Mack0

    He died for our sins!

    • Charles Martel

      You just KNOW that his surviving family members believe this!!

    • Jacobite2

      We still have more sins; we need millions more Leftists to sacrifice.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    The bottom one looks like San Francisco.

    What are the pictures for?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Those are photos of Huckleberry Botanic Regional Reserve, a beautiful hiking area in the hills above Oakland. That’s a view from one of the hiking trails; the views of the bay are spectacular. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge – along with downtown San Francisco, the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island (in the foreground). I know the area well.

      I’ve never once seen blacks there.

      But I will not go there again without a gun.

      • none of your business

        I remember a long time ago it was a fad among the Oakland OFE boys, the 9 to 14 group to sneak into the Oakland Zoo at night and try to kill the animals either by stoning or climbing into the enclosure and stabbing and beating with hammers. There were some baby alligators in a pond separate from the adults The OFE yout put out the eyes of several.
        Because it was animals instead of Whites hurt by OFEs it was in the papers.

        OFE obsolete farm equipment.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Back in the 1980s there was a black rapist/killer that attacked his victims on the other side of Hwy 24 by the Chabot Space Center. I remember the news media telling all the black woman that it was a white supremacist and to watch out for white males. That stupidity cost the lives of several black woman.


  • Speedy Steve

    … out of shape and overly friendly.

    Yeah, I don’t trust that sort at all, and I keep a wide berth from them. I’m sure this will not educate an $PLC writer, though, and his next article will be blaming institutional racism and White traditions.

    • Out of shape? Evidently that one was not a regular hiker, which leads us to the conclusion that the two were in the park expressly as predators.

    • Charles Martel

      He sounds just like the Gentle Giant!

  • ViktorNN

    He wrote for the $PLC?

    Excuse me, but I’m going to crack open a brew and do a little celebration dance.

    This news just made my day.

  • MekongDelta69

    “He was a martyr for the cause – realized his White privilege and took a bullet for all of us as a form of reparations for 10,000 years of White oppression, racism and slavery.”

    Just 10,000 years?! No, no, no…
    The earth is about 4.5 Billion years old. How do you know those original ‘evil’ White electrons weren’t oppressing the ‘poor oppressed’ black protons right from jump street?

    • Fathercoughlin

      The Big Bang was rayciss

  • Maybe these two “yoofs” should apply for work with the $PLC. They could add some “vibrancy”, and it seems the organization currently has a writing position vacant. Morris Sleaze and Mark Potok could introduce the pair to Tim Wise.

  • Ella

    At the sight of those composite sketches of the suspects, he should of ran-like-hell out of the park before having any nonverbal or verbal contact.

  • superlloyd

    Live with the negro, die by the negro. His pets turned on him.

    • Xerxes22

      He didn’t live with the Negroes. His kind avoid their pets like the plague. They know, in their hearts, just how dangerous and feral these creatures are. This was probably Ruenzel”s first real encounter with the joys of diversity.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Maybe a better metaphor would be that the wind changed direction after he had already stirred the hornet’s nest. Stirring up trouble and then slinking off to watch it on CNN is exactly how this guy lived. Now he’s part of the statistical violence equation from the receiving end.

        OR, the SPLC had him whacked to avoid paying him a pension. Money is money.

        • none of your business

          I’m sure he had a lot to say about Ferguson. How ironic killed by blacks the same time he and his evil ilk were agitating against Darren Wilson.

  • John Barleycorn

    It’s a mistake to not arm yourself anywhere in Okilland…

    • none of your business

      Some hispanic illegal alien women appear at the subway stations and major bus stops about 5/am with coffee, pastry carts and burritio carts. About a year ago some of the savages realized the women had money so robbed and beat some of them. I have no sympathy for illegal hispanics, but that caper reminded me of what parasites blacks are. Their favorite victims are children,women and old men isn’t it true?

  • SiniticMan

    I never thought that this section of the Oakland hills was dangerous until now. I know the area pretty well and I have always considered the botanical park area the safe part of Claremont/North Oakland. This case is particularly very scary. You just don’t think of ghetto Blacks at all when you think of a beautiful regional park like this in the hills directly east of Berkeley and Oakland. If this happened in the adjacent foothill/lowland areas of Berkeley and North Oakland, I’d still be pretty surprised because Blacks are usually scared to commit extremely violent crimes against non-blacks in the highly patrolled South Berkeley area. Blacks regularly commit muggings against ill-informed naive Berkeley students that walk in the area between Telegraph and Ashby but generally, the nature of the crimes that Blacks commit against non Blacks gets more severe as you get closer to South Berkeley/North Oakland. In that Telegraph area that is immediately south of the campus, Blacks generally just want to rob you of your pocket money or valuable electronics, intimidate you a bit or maybe pistol whip you but you generally don’t have to worry too much about getting shot. It happens extremely often here in Berkeley.

    I think it is so Ironic how blacks have been screaming “Black lives matter” in the protests recently here in SF. It is so apparent that they themselves don’t feel that Black lives matter as much when they commit random acts of extreme violence towards one another on a daily basis all around this country. It makes it so much harder to care about their situation when they are openly, randomly, and shamelessly shooting each other. President Obama isn’t even ashamed about his own community. And he made poor judgement on his impartial statements regarding the Trayvon Martin case and on this Ferguson case as well. In both cases you had violent low IQ thugs being violent and paid the price for it. I’d be pretty embarrassed if it were me making those statements when considering the facts. I don’t think I would even have said those statements if I were extremely drunk.

    • Charles Martel

      And even more ironic how many white faces are among those protestors. While they may shout “Black lives matter!” until they are hoarse, the nearby Blacks do not share the same view and especially do not share it when it comes to white lives.

    • Keepin’itREALISTic

      “President Obama isn’t even ashamed about his own community.”

      President Whitemama has never really been a member of the black community – he ain’t no real brotha.

      He is a white woman’s petulant homosexual bastard from Hawaii.

      His path/past is as alien to the black American experience as black culture was to him before they hired that black actor from Chicagoland to train him to sound “educated black”.

      He’s totally insecure in his blackness because by culture and background he’s really just another gay white leftist but in brown skin (who just happens to be muslim). That’s why dimwits Sharpton and Jackson can intimidate him so easily because he’s just another cowardly white leftist afraid of them.

      He embraced the color of his sire only to gain political advantage in this affirmative action era. He is the ultimate overly-promoted incompetent of that affirmative action era. Had he been sired by the Asian who fathered his half sister by his mother we would have never heard of him to be burdened by the scourge that is his presidency. He just uses blacks for his political advantage like now stirring them up to make news in protest so the spotlight is distracted from all his lawlessness and derelictions in office.

      He proves the omnipotence of the leverage provided to blackness by affirmative action.

      His presidency is “Birth of a Nation” legislative scene fulfilled because he’s always getting high with his gay lovers when he is said to be on the golf course or when he should be attending to his duties like the night of 9/11/2012.

      • As late as mid-2007, the rap against Obama is that he wasn’t black enough, or authentically black. Now, those whispers are starting to come back. I’ve been saying since this whole talk about a gentry liberal versus black undertow battle within the Democrat Party has been brewing, that Obama is really little more than a gentry white liberal with a mild tan.

        • Keepin’itREALISTic

          So true and insightful.
          That’s why he’s overcompensating so much lately by constantly indulging the Black Grievance Industry mercenaries with invitations to the WH and speeches to their liking. (That beside the fact he’s directing the spotlight away from his scandals.)
          Blacks scare him to death whenever he senses his fake brother-man persona isn’t fooling them.

      • none of your business

        I think you have something there. Even Dinkins and those thugs in Detroit or black Mayor Washington of Chicago never allowed Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakan etc to influence their administrations or distract from their media coverage. In fact supposedly it was the black elected officials of Chicago who ran Jackson out of town to Washington and the national stage.

        But Obama seems to have just caved to Sharpton. And he is the one black elected official who should not have to, especially in his second term. On the other hand, what with his history of being an FBI informant and the Jew media adoration of him there may be more to Sharpton than meets the eye.
        Could be he has been an agent of the Jews and CPUSA all these years.
        Stranger things have happened.

  • Raydonn


  • Guest

    Every now

    • Whitetrashgang

      and then good things happen to bad people?

  • throttler

    (Nelson Munz voice) HA HA!

  • Mark George

    Liberals, never leave home without your “I’m one of the Good Guys” card when going into vibrant areas.

  • The news reports are wrong! He wasn’t killed or murdered; he was freed from the bonds of his own White Privilege. Anyone claiming to benefit from White Privilege should be so lucky.

    • LHathaway

      Nope. The white orphans left behind will embody white privilege just as much as anyone else. Gotta keep an eye on those near whites and half white too. Even thinking white is a problem.

      • I think we can all agree that these two black men are the real victims, because they are going to be railroaded by a system that unjustly accuses and convicts black people of crimes that they have to commit as a way to counter the White Privilege so rampant in our society. The supposed victim, David Ruenzel, is actually the perp. The two black gentlemen were probably on a leisurely stroll through the park until all of a sudden this man comes along flashing his privilege in their faces. He probably arrived to the park in a nice $70,000 Mercedes and thought he could smile at them and try and strike up a conversation as a way to hide the hate and world privilege he enjoyed at their expense. Who did he think he was!?

        • none of your business

          It was justifiable self defense against the trigger of his micro aggression of being White.

  • SolStans

    Pardon me while I weep 6 million tears.

  • johningermany

    Feel good story of the week, right.

  • ViktorNN

    He should be considered a role model for all white liberals who hate themselves and their race.

  • Charles Martel

    Please tell me this is a parody!!

  • none of your business

    All i want for Christmas is……………. I’m up north for a few months, maybe I’ll find out where he’s buried and go dance on his grave.

  • none of your business

    Remember about 10 years ago there was a rash of black on White murders in Oakland and Berkley? Young blacks, men and women would just walk up to any random White and kill them? I remember one victim was an old woman who was active in the historical society and the Buddhist center. She was a volunteer and created and maintained a beautiful garden at I think it was the buddhist center. She had just finished working and was walking to her car when 2 or 3 blacks just walked up and shot her. She was not the only one. I believe most of the victims were older White people walking.

    This may be a resurgence of that.

    • ViktorNN

      The blacks in the Bay Area CA are really unpleasant in my experience. They live their entire lives in their miserable ghettoes, and being surrounded by all the creative white activity around them makes them seethe with resentment.

      The black populations on the West Coast are very strange in general. None of their communities are successful, they’ve never integrated or assimilated into the larger cities they live in, they never leave the big cities, nor are their own communities productive enough to support themselves.

      The truth is there really shouldn’t be any blacks on the West Coast. They don’t belong there.

      • The black populations on the West Coast are very strange in general. None of their communities are successful, they’ve never integrated or assimilated into the larger cities they live in, they never leave the big cities, nor are their own communities productive enough to support themselves.

        Yes, in stark contrast to Midwest, Southern or East Coast blacks.

        • ViktorNN

          Point taken! But I do think there’s something different about West Coast black communities. It’s hard to put one’s finger on.

          They seem dislocated from similar communities in the rest of the country. Obviously geographically, but also culturally. In the case of Oakland and the rest of the East Bay, they seem especially ornery. I put it down to their isolation.

      • none of your business

        Like the communist take over of 3/4s of Europe and China after WW2, west coast blacks are an unfortunate effect of WW2. The blacks in the west coast were brought here to substitute for the White men in the military in all the war industries. I believe San FRancisco has only about 1,500 blacks in the 1940 census. By 1950 the black war workers, their women and spawn had destroyed 3 neighborhoods, Hunters Point, Bayview and Fillmore. It took only 10 years.

        • ViktorNN

          Good history lesson. Thanks.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “Nothing became him in life like the leaving it…”

  • Jeff Traube

    I wonder if his colleagues will consider that the perps may have been from a poor family, or had to deal with a legacy of slavery and institutional racism.

  • Poetic justice. I won’t be shedding any tears for him.

  • Augustus3709

    Use this story as a “Teachable Moment” to White folks who are going along with the anti-White agenda in the hopes that they will be immune from its fatal bite.

    Race Realism, Awareness, Intelligence or whatever you want to call it is destiny. You can’t out-run fate. We may be traversing the dark valley of the racial dark ages today, but soon the enlightenment will go mainstream and then it’s all over for the agenda of the enemy.

  • Paleoconn

    You shall reap what you sow.

  • John Smith

    The reward should go to anyone killing an affiliate of the SPLC… even negroes.

  • John Smith

    Probably hoping for a young white girl, rather than an old white leftist.

  • Denver Goddess

    I call it karma.
    Will the others learn? Of course not.

  • none of your business

    Was the bedwetter Jerry Brown or governor gollum as I call him Mayor of Oakland at the time of the fire? Piedmont s my ideal community physically, all those 1880’s to 1930’s large beautiful homes. I wonder what would have happened to Piedmont had blacks ever been bussed in to destroy the schools. Come to think of it, how did Piedmont ever escape bussing.?

  • none of your business

    Fairfax, Marin County and Oakland, Alameda county Ca are perfect examples of how blacks and Whites affect a town. Both towns imported cheap labor for essential industry. Around 1900 a major dam was built near Fairfax. Fairfax at the time had just a few homes, virtually all summer cabins. The dam builders imported Italians from Northern Italy, not Sicilians. The pay was low but sufficient to buy a half acre of land and build a home on it.
    The Italian foreign labor did not turn Fairfax into a crime ridden ghetto. They built it into a nice little town. It’s now part of one of the wealthiest and Whitest counties in the country.

    Around 1942 the Port of Oakland and ship owners imported American blacks to load and unload the ships with war material. Their pay was extremely high. Also, most were well paid with benefits Union longshoremen. Others were also well paid union factory workers and truck drivers.

    And what did the blacks do to Oakland? Turned it into a crime ridden ghetto as well known as Harlem for black disfunction. And it took less than 10 years.
    Blacks were on the verge of destroying the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco for a while until single gay White men with guns colonized the neighborhood between Pacific Heights and the black ghetto.