Michael Brown and Eric Garner: The Police, Use of Force and Race

Jennifer De Pinto et al., CBS News, December 10, 2014

A new CBS News poll finds stark racial differences on views of the police and the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. While four in five whites say their local police make them feel mostly safe, that drops to 52 percent among blacks. Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.

Blacks and whites also hold different views on the police use of deadly force. Eighty-four percent of blacks say police are most likely to use deadly force against blacks, while most whites say race is not a factor.

More than four in five blacks are disappointed or angry about the lack of an indictment in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Blacks are much more likely than whites to think race played a major role in the deaths of both men.

Two-thirds of blacks think the use of deadly force in both cases was not justified, but whites see the two cases differently. Far more whites think the use of deadly force was justified in the Brown case (43 percent) than in the Garner case (14 percent).


Most Americans have heard or read a lot about a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, but they are divided on how they feel about it. While 45 percent of Americans say they are either pleased (19 percent) or satisfied with the decision (26 percent), nearly as many–41 percent–say they are either disappointed (28 percent) or angry (13 percent).

Blacks and whites see things differently. Fifty-one percent of whites are at least satisfied with the decision, while 82 percent of blacks say they are disappointed (55 percent) or angry (27 percent).


Americans divide in their assessments of race relations in the U.S: 45 percent think they are generally good, but 43 percent think they are generally bad. Views are similar to August–when protests in Ferguson first began after Michael Brown’s death–but the percentage who says race relations are good has dropped 10 points since the spring and is now the lowest in CBS News Polls since 1997.

Blacks are more critical than whites. Fifty-four percent of blacks think race relations are bad, while whites are more divided.

Only one in five Americans thinks race relations are improving in the U.S. Most either think they are getting worse (36 percent) or staying about the same (40 percent).


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  • Oil Can Harry

    So race relations are at their lowest since 1997- when Bill Klingon was president.

    Does this mean race relations are better under Republicans? Recall that Bubba and Obama ran for office as “healers”.

  • Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.

    That is about the percentage of blacks who will ever be involved in the criminal justice system for a felony crime or charges.

    Two-thirds of blacks think the use of deadly force in both cases was not justified, but whites see the two cases differently. Far more whites think the use of deadly force was justified in the Brown case (43 percent) than in the Garner case (14 percent).

    I think the reason why is because there are extenuating circumstances in the Garner case, that while there might not have been anything wrong with the actual NYPD-Garner confrontation, that there is something amiss when the cops devote so much time to what seems to be the penny ante matter of people selling loosies. Of course, that’s a function of the kook left’s sociopolitical jihad against tobacco, (motivated by disgust that most tobacco money finds its way into red team war chests, and that white gentry liberals hold cigarette smokers in contempt). Of course I know why cops are militant about enforcing tax laws and laws that have direct implications for tax collection — The king’s soldiers are always fanatical about collecting the king’s taxes so that the king has the money to pay the king’s soldiers. The NYPD officers who responded to the Garner matter that day probably passed a dozen people smoking weed, but marijuana has no implications for the New York City treasury.

    • TruthBeTold

      Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.

      I was coming home from work one day and there was a black kid on the bus. The bus stopped at a traffic light and there was a police car stopped by the curb. The kid pulled his t-shirt over his head. The police didn’t even look over.

      Another time we had one of those sobriety check points set up. The streets were devoid of blacks.

      Something tells me they have reason to feel anxious and it’s not just being black around cops.

      • newscomments70

        An acquaintance of mine was a policeman in the LA area. Whenever a car full of black youths was pulled over, more than half of the the time, there were drugs and weapons. The police cannot pull someone over for nothing, but there is usually a trivial reason that gives them the right. (Blacks often break simple traffic rules or have non-functioning lights, etc) Blacks complain about racial profiling, but this is why. We must allow police to do their jobs.

  • HJ11

    Race relations are bad. Good. We Whites should not want good race relations with non-Whites. Love (miscegenation) of us will kill us off. Let them hate us. It will help us survive.

  • MekongDelta69

    “While four in five whites say their local police make them feel mostly safe, that drops to 52 percent among blacks.”
    Yeah, but who’s the FIRST person they call when another of their black bruthaz are attacking them?

    “Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.”

    • HE2

      MD, did you serve with Lt. Col. Moore’s Seventh Cav in the Ia Drang Valley? What a disaster that was.

      In any case, all you brave men who chased the VC deserve high honors.
      I shudder when I reflect on how this country treated VN vets.

      • MekongDelta69

        “MD, did you serve with Lt. Col. Moore’s Seventh Cav in the Ia Drang Valley?”
        Nope. If you hover your mouse over my icon, you’ll see who I was with.
        “We Were Soldiers…And Young” w/Mel Gibson was a great movie.

        “In any case, all you brave men who chased the VC deserve high honors.”
        Thanks, but we were just doing the job we volunteered for.

        “I shudder when I reflect on how this country treated VN vets.”
        The only people who treated us well back then were cops, firemen, construction workers, bartenders, and the like. (That’s b/c there were so many Vets with those jobs.)
        The great thing is today’s Vets (meaning, anyone after us, but especially in the last 13 years), are treated 1,000% better (by most of the gen. pop., not just older Vets like us). They deserve it. In addition to all the services, etc. they receive, what they really need from anybody, is a simple “Thank You.” You have no idea what a morale booster that.

        • HE2

          MD, you are a SEAL vet, then?

          Thank you, thank you, thank you and beaucoups hugs for your honorable service, SEAL or not.
          I knew there was a reason I love you. [Remember I am a female].

          Your VN encounters were close up and extreme, were they not? Do you have flashbacks?

          Yes, I have seen “We Were Soldiers,” about 99 times. Own a copy.

          We are a SEAL family, though one of our SEAL nephews was diagnosed with Ménière’s [episodic, debilitating vertigo] and had to quit.
          He was heart broken leaving his buds.

          I want them all to quit. This govt is no longer worth risking your life.

        • Thank you.

      • dd121

        The war itself may have been a disaster for the USA but the American fighting man and woman did what their government asked them to do. I think it’s disgraceful that those vets aren’t given high honors for their service and sacrifice.

        • HE2

          Agree, dd. They still do not receive the attention they deserve. Nobody wants to talk about V/N.
          About the lead-in Gulf of Tonkin “false flag” assault, oh yes, they will talk about that as if it is the only thing that matters.

    • LHathaway

      Maybe they are saying, “Things are so bad, even cops can’t keep us safe”. haha

    • Weisheit77

      Years of reading the news has taught me a few things regarding the police and blacks.
      1) Policing black neighborhoods is a sign of racism.
      2) Not policing black neighborhoods is a sign of racism.
      3) Policing black neighborhoods with white police is racist.
      4) Policing black neighborhoods with black police is racist.
      5) Not policing black neighborhoods with white or black police, see rule #2
      In short, everything is racist.

  • John Smith

    Funny how all this recent controversy stems from a black thug who attacked and robbed a business owner, then punched a cop…twice…before trying to steal his gun and having his blood splattered in the cop’s car before being killed.

    Yet, all the discussions on TV and radio talk about how we need to address “police brutality” and “racism” in general terms.

    There is no more destructive and subversive force than the filthy creatures in the anti-white media cabal.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      The conservatives aren’t talking about black savagery either, their issue is with the liberal media and the race hustlers.They are the same ‘healers’ the top post mentions and want us to live all together. They loath us just as much as they do Al Sharpton.

  • dd121

    I wonder how treatment of blacks would be affected by the police if they tried to act like model citizens instead of like defiant thugs?

    • Reynardine

      No, that would be “acting white” and would be demeaning to the black man.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      They would never have recieved the prefered status they enjoy now.

  • LHathaway

    So, CBS news subjects us to weeks of biased reporting. Make that, a lifetime of biased reporting. Then CBS news conducts a poll regarding public attitudes. Then it determines these attitudes, and not reality in any measurable way, matters. And we should base policy on it. What are the odds the poll questions themselves are biased, leading to certainly likely answers?

    • Weisheit77

      you wouldn’t be referencing the “F****** coons!” phrase from a man who had black friends, voted for Obama, helped a homeless black defend himself from the son of the local top cop, and although no one ever reported it, I’m sure he was a hip-hop fan, would you?

  • HJ11

    With all due respect, there’s one sentence you wrote that I would correct:

    “And since nonwhites don’t believe in it [multiculturalism, etc], there’s no reason for Whites to believe in it.”

    I don’t care what non-Whites think about anything and I never justify what I believe based on what they believe or don’t believe. I believe in Whiteness. Period. I believe we Whites must separate from ALL non-Whites as best we can. Those of us who can physically separate should do so. Those of us who must live in Star Wars Bars areas must separate in place without a lot of fanfare–simply don’t socialize with non-Whites, don’t go their businesses, don’t befriend them. Just stay with our own kind as much as possible.

  • Da Troof

    “Two-thirds of blacks think the use of deadly force in both cases was not justified, but whites see the two cases differently. Far more whites think the use of deadly force was justified in the Brown case (43 percent) than in the Garner case (14 percent).”

    This really sums it up.

    Blacks have the same opinion on both cases because they are quite literally incapable of analyzing each situation logically.

    • John R

      Exactly. White respondents objectively looked at each case individually; blacks just said “Dey ray-ciss wite cop iz awways screw’en wid da ‘frican ‘mericans, knomesayin?”

  • A Freespeechzone

    Blacks are never comfortable when anyone hold them to a behavior standard; it requires them to act like they are civil which is not what they want to do.

    Given that police will be further neutered by the DOJ and other agencies that will never require negroes to act lawfully; the fact your safety is your responsibility will be even more important.

    Per the SCOUS in 2005, LE has no obligation to protect you–Obama is seeing to that.

    Carry lethal protection responsibily and only use it when necessary.

  • libertarian1234

    “Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.”

    Which means 43% just committed a crime and/or have outstanding bench warrants for their arrest.

  • me

    Time to get the ships ready and let these poor Negroes go to a fairy land where they can steal, riot, loot, mob, rape, and murder without consequence. The can go to Negroland, where they can be as ‘nasty as they wanna be’, without worrying about Western culture’s rules of civility and justice. They can be free of all of the White, Asian, and other non-Negro ‘racists’ that won’t put up with their nonsense. They can go back to the ‘old ways’ of cannibalism, tribal wars, voodoo, and other shenanigans that are part of their ‘culture’. In Negroland, they won’t have to go to school, get a job, worry about law enforcement, or trying to ‘act White’. They can smoke weed, drink alcohol, twerk, and rap all day long! It’s time we separated from them and sent them on their way, for their own happiness and well being.

    • Harry

      And where is this Shangri la exactly? Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great idea but you’re also talking a lot of money to keep them in dope and booze 24/7. Who’s paying for that?

      • See The Future

        Africa……..ship them there and drop them off, end of story

        • meanqueen

          And their white, libtard friends. Please don’t forget that.

        • Weisheit77

          I don’t know if you’ve done it, but google the demographics of Africa. I’m terribly afraid that precisely the opposite is going to happen before I die an old man 40 to 50 years from now.

      • Weisheit77

        Actually supplying them with dope and booze would be a lot cheaper than forcing an edumacation onz demz, gnome sane? Not to mention, it would undercut the economic incentive to be “gangsta”, thus sparing us of some that idiotic un-culture.

    • John R

      Yeah, but the problem with that is they won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a society built by intelligent, hard working White people. Too bad, huh?

  • Pathfinder75

    “Forty-three percent of African Americans say the local police make them feel mostly anxious.”

    Feeling guilty about something,eh?

    “More than four in five blacks are disappointed or angry about the lack of an indictment in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.”

    I’m angry that so many blacks have such an antipathy towards due process and the rule of law that they will riot just because they won’t accept a decision from a grand jury proving a police officer’s innocence in an officer-involved shooting.

  • Who Me?

    Race relations are getting worse because the White population is slowly waking up to what is going on.

    • Harry

      We are $17T in debt. A big part of that is not a Bush/Chaney ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ fleecing of America. We live in a welfare state that goes back 50+ years. With each generation, those welfare recipient numbers triple in size. No country can sustain this.

      • See The Future

        18 now

    • RationaliseThis

      Many of the stories are designed by their narrative and selective use of facts to make a Whites and Backs angry at each other, too keep us fighting, to prevent a reasonable solution.

      Who is doing that and Why?

  • Who Me?

    Whites will always “Still have a lot of work to do” as long as there are blacks living on the North American continent. That is what blacks DO: make work for white people who have to take care of them and clean up after them.

  • WR_the_realist

    Race relations will get worse as our leftist overlords continue to demonize whites, excuse the vilest of black behavior, and show far more concern for black thugs shot by police than for innocent white people killed or injured by blacks playing the knock out game.

    • RationaliseThis

      No point spending all of our energy defending ourselves, the best you can get from a successful defence is a short reprieve. The enemy has to be metaphorically punched before he or she opens her mouth, then tracked then sucker punched again. Metaphorically of course. They should be so discredited that anyone should feel ashamed or disgusted to be associated or work with them.

      Isolate the target who whom what, attack. Close up and personal. That’s what they do to us.

      A case in point might be Sabrina Rubin Erderly. She who wrote the false rape article for Rolling Idiots magazine. She deliberatly shopped around for a campus of mostly blonde folks so she could pariahitise White males as well as promote her rape culture ideolgy.

  • shawnmer

    Read the full article and note something carefully. Every rational person agrees that Ferguson was extremely clear cut, and the NY situation had the police on much flimsier ground in justifying a man’s death. Forty three percent of whites said affirmatively the Brown shooting was justified, while just 14% said the Garner arrest tactics were justified. Black opinion on the same question? Sixty four percent and 68% unjustified, respectively.

    Put differently, it is us blind, insensitive, “white privileged” types who have some fairness, diversity of thought, and are able to approach each scenario, evaluate the facts, and reach their own conclusions. The black respondents looked at 2 very different sequences of events and came to roughly the same conclusions in the same proportions! Because the cop was one color and the “victim” was another!

  • Evette Coutier

    Blacks, who are in the habit of using violence and deadly force on innocent victims, object when police do the same to violent black thugs. There can be no peace, no compromise, or shared existence with people of such mentality.

    • Weisheit77

      You’re right. It’s like letting the kids run daycare. They have no objective sense of justice or what they define as justice is getting things done their way. Justice is just a one sided sword in their hands.

      • Evette Coutier

        I think you hit it perfectly. The overall horde of blacks don’t have the ability to be objective. It’s not just lower intelligence, or an excessively violent nature, it’s a brain dominated by emotions with no greater ability to be objective or do meta-cognition.

  • John R

    My poll: “Over 90% of White respondents looked at the incidents in Ferguson and New York objectively; 90% of black respondents just saw race in everything, and nothing that White people did would satisfy them,” There, fixed it.

  • gah

    What I’m disappointed about is that way too many whites take the blacks side in just about everything.

    • meanqueen

      I don’t take the “whites’ side” either. I take the RIGHT side, which usually means the whites’ side.

  • phillyguy

    everyone who participates on this site. tell your family and friends to boycott Target stores, every commercial is showing nothing but blacks and browns , and in one commercial only the white kid is naughty ,the blacks and Browns are behaving like angels and the white kid gets nothing for Christmas , this is one way . we have to start call up the corporate offices and tell them that we will no longer shop there and you will spread it around to free white consumer in the country.

    • Robert Smith

      Try to find the Christmas section at Target also. I mean the section dedicated to Christ, not reindeers, snowmen, etc. The Hanukkah section is prominently displayed and grows larger every year. It is full of religious symbols, Star of David, menorahs, etc. People thought this was a joke when it first started. We are the new Soviets. Instead of Siberia you will suffer economic Siberia for speaking the wrong words.

    • HE2

      I never, ever shop at any Target Store.
      In California, they are mestizo magnets, no matter where they build them.

      • phillyguy

        also the recent dodge commercial where a good negro keeps his new car out of danger from an idiot white guy.. boycott Dodge.

        • Mary

          The list grows. The overrepresentation of minorities, especially blacks, the ubiquitous black male/ White female pairings, the glut of mixed race individuals, the portrayal of White males as villainous or stupid…enough already. They need to stop diminishing or insulting Whites, who still hold primary purchasing power in this country. We’re not gone yet, no matter how much some would like us to be.

        • Chrysler has become basically bellcurvemobile.

          If I made a product, I would be praying on my knees every night to every deity known to man that my product would not become especially popular among blacks. For a myriad of reasons.

          Let me put it to you this way: Chrysler is now one ghetto rumor spreading like wildfire away from Chapter 7. All it will take is some Bellcurvius starting a rumor that Chrysler cars’ seats are implanted with some chemical agent that makes black men sterile and impotent, or something of the like. As we all know, there is an inverse relationship between an idea’s logic and an idea’s acceptance in Bell Curve City.

    • HE2

      An article in USA Today last month referred to it as “Hanukkah hype.”
      The authoress of the article was scornful of what she views as ethnic pandering overkill.

      Christmas is an American holiday first and foremost in my view as well. Enough already.

      • Mary

        They do go too far. Even in parts of the country where Jews are a very small percentage of the population, or virtually nonexistent. And Kwanzaa…please. I live in a state with a large black population, and I’ve never heard of anyone actually celebrating this. Corporate America would do well to realize that probably about 90% of their ambiguous “holiday” shoppers are actually “Christmas” shoppers and direct their advertising/decorating/policies accordingly.

        • HE2

          Just another ploy in the sinister war to suppress all things traditionally American.
          In this case, a ban on public displays of iconography representing a traditional Christian based holiday, the rigor of enforcement dependent on the area in our country.
          In some areas, the long standing tradition of creches, mangers, even the playing of ambient Christmas carols in shopping venues may be disallowed. We cannot offend someone.
          This turn of events saddens me no end, and I am not even a Christian.
          Especially enraging is Obola celebrating muslim holidays in the White House, the National Cathedral hosting a muslim service.
          End of rant.

          • Mary

            Exactly. The deconstruction of traditional America is paramount, and the Christmas season does occupy a prominent position in American culture. That is why some have attacked even secular Christmas symbols in their relentless quest to remake America. It seems to be more of a “War on America” itself rather than merely an attack on Christianity per se. Some who have denounced the “War on Christmas” don’t seem to fully grasp this.

  • Speedy Steve

    Poll indicates race relations are at their lowest point since 1997.

    Oh really? Quite frankly they are not low enough. IMHO separatism is the best solution. Let them get their freak on in a place far removed from me.

  • Since the article brings up the David Garner death, I believe it fair to point out that Garner was an obese (350-pound) slob who’s health problems included asthma, heart disease and diabetes and died of a heart attack during the ambulance ride to the hospital, not suffocation at all. Whatever it was the NYPD did to him, it did not include death by strangulation, and a fellow in Garner’s miserable health should have known to take it easy.

    • Weisheit77

      Unfortunately that is about as useful as pointing out that Trayvon was trying to kill Zimmerman or that Brown had attempted to take the cop’s gun and was charging the cop as he was shot and killed. In a post-modern, post-western world facts no longer matter.

  • Massif1

    Both, Brown and Gerner, would of have been alive today if they did not commit crimes.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Committing crimes was in their nature; what killed them was defying the lawful authority of Police and aggressively resisting arrest. In Brown’s case, violently resisting.

      Frankly, society is better off without them.

      No apologies.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Poll indicates race relations are at their lowest point since 1997.”

    A declining economy, which we have had under both Bush II and Obama, does not help race relations.

  • Weisheit77

    Operating from the viewpoint that the media drives interests and much as it is interest driven, I just can’t help but wonder why are they really turning up the heat on these racial stories. It seems like the frequency and severity of the outrages has only been increasing since the Jena 6 or Beergate incidents.

    I know I feel that we’re back in the 90’s as far as race relations are concerned but I also know that my interpretation of the world is a lot more influenced by online media than it was in the 90’s. It does seem that the number of people saying very irate things on the internet is at an all time high.

    I can only wonder what is next.

  • Weisheit77

    So they were committing crime so you could have a job… wow. A unique and modern twist on the Robin Hood concept.

    I’sa robs from da rich to makez jobz for da poor, gnome sane?

  • fgbrunner3

    Blacks commit about 65% of all violent crime in the USA. Since the media appears to be unaware this fact, perhaps Al Sharpton could alert the media to the problem by hosting a million man symposium on black crime at the Lincoln Memorial.

    • I propose they March to Africa to protest their own DNA. They will each need several changes of “afawete” shoes, as these will likely become wet. Head due east. folks, and turn southeast at the Bahamas. The truly nifty aspect of an event like this is that they could stage multiple “I Can’t Breathe” protests en route.

  • John R

    Race relations are bad? That is code for “More and more White Americans are getting sick and tired of a system the curries the favor of violent blacks.” There, fixed it.