Demise of the Southern Democrat Is Now Nearly Complete

Nate Cohn, New York Times, December 4, 2014

After President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he reportedly told a fellow Democrat that the party had lost the South for a long time to come. It took more than a generation for old Southern loyalties to the Democrats to fade, but that vision is on the verge of being realized this weekend.

If Mary Landrieu, a Democratic senator from Louisiana, loses re-election in Saturday’s runoff election, as expected, the Republicans will have vanquished the last vestige of Democratic strength in the once solidly Democratic Deep South. In a region stretching from the high plains of Texas to the Atlantic coast of the Carolinas, Republicans would control not only every Senate seat, but every governor’s mansion and every state legislative body.

Democrats held or controlled nearly every one of them when Mr. Johnson signed that bill in 1964. And they still held a majority as recently as a decade ago. Ms. Landrieu’s defeat would essentially mark an end to the era of the Southern Democrats: the conservative, Southern, white officials, supported by white Southerners, whose conflicted views helped define American politics for half a century.

Today, nearly all of the Democrats holding federal or statewide office in the South will represent so-called “majority-minority” districts or areas with a large number of new residents from outside the region. In the states of the former Confederacy, Democrats will control Senate seats or governors’ mansions only in Virginia and Florida. Not coincidentally, those are the two Southern states where people born outside the state represent a majority of the population. These Democrats bear little resemblance to the Southern Democrats who won by attracting conservative white voters.

The dramatic decline of the Southern Democrats represents the culmination of a half-century of political realignment along racial and cultural lines. “Some of it is about Obama; most of it is about the longer-term realignment of white voter preferences,” said Guy Molyneux, a Democratic strategist. The shift has contributed to the polarization of national politics by replacing conservative Democrats, who often voted across party lines, with conservative Republicans who do not.


In some states, the Republican advantage among white voters is nearly nine to one in presidential elections, a level of loyalty that rivals that of African-Americans for Democrats. What has changed is that Southern white voters are now nearly as hostile to born-and-bred Southern Democrats, like Ms. Landrieu, as they were to John Kerry or Barack Obama.


The timing of the demise of the Southern Democrat is not coincidental. It reflects a complete cycle of generational replacement in the post-Jim Crow era. Old loyalties to the Democratic Party have died along with the generation of white Southerners who came of age during the era of the Solid South, before Brown v. Board of Education, before the Civil Rights Act.


The demise of the Southern Democrats now puts the party at a distinct structural disadvantage in Congress, particularly in the House. The young, nonwhite and urban voters who have allowed Democrats to win in presidential elections are inefficiently concentrated in dense urban areas, where they are naturally drawn into overwhelmingly Democratic districts by congressional mapmakers. They are also concentrated in populous states, like California and New York, which get the same number of senators as Alabama or Mississippi.

It remains to be seen whether Republicans will continue to fare so well after Mr. Obama leaves the White House. Yet a Democratic rebound seems unlikely anytime soon. With Republicans now holding the advantage of incumbency, unless the region’s religiosity dims or the Democrats relent on their full-throated embrace of cultural liberalism, it may be theirs for a generation.

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  • Atheist Realist

    do Mark Warner Tim Kaine and Bill Nelson not count as southern democrats?

    • Speedy Steve

      You forgot about Clinton bag man Gov. Terry McAwful.

    • Bunky

      The conservative punditry just write off Florida (pretty far South) and Virginia (pretty much South) as Northern states.
      Florida was the third state to secede and Virginia was the eight state.

  • Some of the Southern Republicans aren’t anything to write home about.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hey, stop attacking Lindsay Grahamnesty. That’s homophobia!

    • none of your business

      Anti abortion, Christian, zionist,pro illegal immigrant labor worst of all, patriotic and in love with the flag and what they consider the original intent of the constitution.

  • dd121

    My daddy was a Dixiecrat. He always said that he didn’t leave the democrat party, it left him

    • connorhus

      There were still a few old Dixiecrats up here in Missouri in 2009. They are completely gone now as was clearly shown in this last election. A few Femocrats that made their money off the Democrat party are still around but the old families who could trace their sympathies back to gray uniforms finally got the message.

      It’s now completely the Femocrat way. All money and all about taking from the White Men.

      • dd121

        He was the Democratic chair back in the 50’s-60’s.

  • Mary

    Not surprising, although it speaks more to how unpalatable the Democratic party has become, more than to any inherent appeal of the Republicans. I live in a suburban Southern county, and every single elected office is held by a Republican. Democrats literally don’t even run anymore.

    • One thing that most people forget is the concept of homeostatic equilibrium.

      The political center always readjusts. It’s just that in the red areas, the new center will divide red voters; in blue areas, it will divide blue voters.

      We have already seen that at work in California, with various blue team elements at each other’s throats, such as the gentry liberals versus the Hispanic street rabble.

      I tend to think that over time, Southern Populism, of the Huey Long, Richard Russell and George Wallace (pre-1959) variety will make a comeback as homeostatic equilibrium readjusts within the red team. We saw a small example of that in the Chris McDaniel vs Thad Cochran primary this year, which was a battle largely waged on up versus down politics.

      • Bobbala

        Compromise always shifts to the left. Get ready for the GOP to dig in on gay marriage not being soiled by the bestiality advocates.

    • LHathaway

      Then this mirrors decades old politics in or near urban areas. We truly have become divided.

  • Fed Up

    So what’s the bad news?

    Wake up Democrats — voting against you for Obama’s treachery is our way of “peaceful protesting.” We’re not Blacks. So we don’t burn down stores (after looting them, of course), nor do we revel in destruction for its own sweet sake.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    We know what all Democrat senators say about immigration law today. Here is what the late great Democrat Senator from North Carolina, Sam Ervin, said in 1965 — on the eve of passage of the nation-destroying Hart-Celler Immigration Act of that year. Compare modern-day Democrat senator blather with Senator Irvin:

    “Mr. Secretary…you take the English-speaking people, they gave us our language, they gave us our common law, they gave us a large part of our political philosophy….The reason I say this bill is discriminatory against those people is because it puts them on exactly the same plane as the people of Ethiopia are put, where the people of Ethiopia have the same right to come to the United States under this bill as the people from England, the people of France, the people of Germany, the people of Holland…

    “I don’t know of any contributions that Ethiopia has made to the making of America. The point I am making is, we discriminate every day in every phase of life, we make discriminations in law, we make them in our personal actions, we discriminate in our opinions…we discriminate by the girls we marry, choose one and object to the choice of another, or they object to us.

    “The only possible charge of discrimination in the McCarran-Walter Act [1952 legislation which maintained the quota system strongly favoring European countries as source countries for immigration] is that it discriminates in favor of the people who made the greatest contribution to America, and this bill puts them on the same plane as everybody else on earth.

    “Finally: I do not think you could draft an immigration bill in which you do not discriminate. I think discrimination is ordinarily the exercise of intelligence to make conscious choices…I think there is a rational basis and a reasonable basis to give a preference to Holland over Afghanistan, and I hope I am not entertaining a very iniquitous thought when I entertain that honest opinion.”

    [Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration, Hearings on Immigration Reform Act of 1965, 2/10/65 to 3/11/65., P. 66]

    • Michigan Patriot

      What the combined efforts of both totalitarian regimes of socialists named Soviet communists & Nazi didn’t / couldn’t do to western civilization; our latter day progressive socialists,aka, democratic (liberals )have delivered a near mortal blow via anti-white Christian laws in almost every Western country. Immigration of non-white, diverse , non-assimilating alien invader parasites is the coup de gras or Trojan Horse plus opening of Pandora’s Box. These traitors that belong to these traitorous political parties should be executed after their Nuremberg trials !

      • bilderbuster

        There was absolutely nothing anti-Western Civilization about National Socialist Germany. Germany was without a doubt the most pro-White/Western nation of the last century if not in all of history.

        • Julius Caesar

          Amen to that. Most people don’t know the half about the NSDAP.

          • Rhialto

            True enough, but losers don’t write history, and the National Socialists lost.

          • bilderbuster

            Germany still lives!

          • none of your business

            Half was a typical Soviet colony disfunctional slum until a few years ago. The other half is more disgustingly liberal and wallowing in guilt than the worst American liberals and demorats.

          • Bobbala

            So, might makes right, huh.

          • UncleSham

            With might you can declare yourself right, and turn your beliefs into reality. Without might, you can think yourself to be right, but it will make no difference. So for all practical purposes, yes, might makes right.

          • Bobbala

            No, that just means you’ve taken the programming.

            Public schools. Mass media.

          • Julius Caesar

            Right, so I’ll trust the Jewish version of history instead.

          • MannyR

            The white race lost a heaven on earth when the mongrel countries crushed the 3rd Reich. Everything going on today in this country is a director result of the Germans failing to win rule of the Eastern continent. The Tribe is stronger now than every, whites are racked with a level of brainwashed induce hatred for themselves that may never be corrected and our countries are being taken away from us. Once that’s complete in another 70 to 100 years the Eskimos will play their final card and bring about Planet Israel.

        • nBmnp

          You don’t know much about history, right?

          – The whole economic system was socialist and included *ALL* the planks from the communist manifesto
          – Hitler changed the law in 1935 so that homosexuality was no longer as “unnatural” on the books and he also reduced penalties. (go and look it up) Bestiality was still considered unnatural, so nobody can claim that just the semantics changed. Only in the 1970s the homos became big “victims” of NS. Of course that’s no surprise as pretty much all of his buddies except Goebbels were “queer” in one way or the other.
          – Hitler’s social system and extreme paranoia was basically a rebranded form of Judaism (pretty much all extreme antisemites will tell you that we have to emulate the Jews, so it’s entirely logical even though it may look counterintuitive) and is therefore also non-Western.
          – Hitler hated Christianity and the SS destroyed all Christian symbols wherever they went, basically the goal was a mixture of paganism and Judaism.

          To sum up, National Socialism is a collection of many non-Western ideas. He took socialism (which is basically Oriental despotism), sexual deviancy (similar to the pederast system that is still practiced among the Moslems, therefore also typically middle-eastern) and Judaism (if the Jews in the SU run a secret police and build concentration camps it must be a good idea – again non-Western) and mixed it all into the still remaining Western German culture.

          I don’t see a lot of Western things there that weren’t there before and absolutely nothing Western they pushed.

          On the contrary, it was a “if the Jews/Communists do it, we do it too” reaction to Communism/Judaism.

          • bilderbuster

            Is that you Alex Jones?

          • bilderbuster

            Is that you again Alex Jones?

          • nBmnp

            Look up the 1935-law, if you don’t believe it.

          • bilderbuster

            Homosexual behavior was classified as “Degenerate”.
            Any man serving in the SS convicted of it was put to death.
            No. Hitler was not Jewish.

          • Alexandra1973

            I believe it was the effeminate gays who were rounded up. The “masculine” gays were among the ranks of the Nazis.

            I remember reading that in ancient Rome, it was shameful to be on the “receiving” end in a sodomite relationship. Being on the giving end was okay (which is stupid because in order to give someone needs to receive).

          • bilderbuster

            The “Pitcher/Catcher” scene is how the Black prison rapists view themselves. They consider the victim to be the Homo (Black Logic).
            In Germany the laws were enforced for those over 21 and they could be sent to prison.
            “Chronic Homosexuals” were sent to concentration camps and had to wear the pink triangle.
            There were also different punishments for “the seducer” and “the seduced” where “the seduced” was usually given “psychological therapy”.

          • nBmnp

            You don’t have to go so far as ancient Rome, just look at the Muslim world today.

            It’s also much better documented than ancient Rome.

          • none of your business

            His original force was the SA. It was a very, very gay organization. He rounded them up and killed every one he could find, the night of the long knives. But he didn’t go after the SA because it was so gay. He went after the organization because it was a rival to be eliminated. None were effeminate gays. They loved the uniforms and masculine comradeship and the excuse to avoid marriage.

          • none of your business

            What I do know is that Hitler was a total liberal. He was a lunatic fringe animal rights guy in that he thought animals had the same rights as the German obermenschen. He was also an extreme environmentalist although forest worship is a standard German thing, He was gay as attested by Vienna Austria police records before 1914 when there were complaints that Hitler was accosting men in public bathrooms in parks.
            He was a vegetarian. He believed in holistic and alternative medicine. He thought the state should control children’s lives both during and after school and during school vacations, hence the Hitler Youth. He outlawed home schooling so parents could not protect the kids from the school propaganda. He had to tolerate the Catholic and Protestant schools because there were so many of them but his plan was to eliminate all private schools eventually just as his plan was to gradually eliminate capitalism.

            By every criteria from schooling to labor relations to holistic medicine, vegetarianism and extreme animal rights,Hitler was a liberal/socialist.

            And he definitely was not pro White. He was pro German. He claimed to be pro Nordic. If so,why did he invade and occupy Denmark and Norway?

          • bilderbuster

            Britain had already mined Sweden’s ports and Germany knew Britain and France were planning on invading neutral Sweden and Norway to keep Sweden’s ore from Germany and beat them to the punch by only a few days.
            Hitler was not a male prostitute.
            Hitler didn’t worship trees or want to integrate Germany’s schools with farm animals,or share German water fountains with pets or allow them to vote.
            Hitler didn’t like Jehovah’s Witnesses.
            Hitler wasn’t a Rothschild…

        • none of your business

          It was extremely anti Christian. Its economics were good, a combination of socialism and capitalism and most of all, protectionism for workers and products. Public works projects were good for the infrastructure and the employment. The forced Hitler Youth was not good. The kids got plenty of free activities but it came at a cost of government propaganda mixed with the activities.

          It was not pro White. It was pro German. Ever read what the nazis wrote about the White Poles and other Slavs calling them sub humans? Ironic in that the Slavs especially the Poles are far blonder, and more blue eyed than the Germans and on the average taller.

          Anyway it was a long time ago.

  • Robert Binion

    None. Sometimes you have to eat tripe or go hungry.

    • Kenner

      Tripe is the word!

  • Dave4088

    When afro-mericans collectively reject the Republican party it’s because the Republicans are somehow racist and need to get with the program. When southern whites collectively reject communist party USA it’s because they’re small minded, bigoted and not open to change. At least that’s how most mainstream media outlets will spin this phenomenon.

  • Rhialto

    Senator Mary Landrieu was the hottest politician that I ever saw when she entered the senate many years ago. She still looks ok.

    • shawnmer

      I’ll agree she was easy on the eyes 18 years ago. Today her nickname is , correctly, “Ms. Piggy! “

  • I guess they spent 50 years believing their own press releases.

  • Bobbala

    I still think Zell Miller and a few others should have been involved in some kind of prisoner exchange. The GOP has plenty of communist in the ranks to trade.

  • Petronius

    Harry Flood Byrd, Jr., the last real-Virginian Senator, died last year at age 98. It was the end of an era.

    Apart from Randy Forbes (R 4th VA) of Chesapeake, the rest of Virginia’s Congressional delegation are carpetbaggers.

    Our last real-Virginian Congressman was Virgil Goode (R 5th VA). The 5th district runs from Charlottesville down to the North Carolina line. Goode used to speak at our SCV events. He was a member of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus. He lost his seat by a narrow margin in Nerobama’s 2008 landslide. After that he was no longer welcome in the Republican Party; like Tom Tancredo, he was regarded by Washington elites as too conservative on the amnesty and immigration issue. Goode then ran for president on the Constitution Party ticket in 2012.

    Goode’s current replacement in Congress is Robert Hurt (R 5th VA) from New York. Other Virginia Congressmen (except Forbes) are from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or Wash DC; Dave Brat is from Michigan.

    Both of Virginia’s Democrat senators are also non-Virginians: Mark Warner (Connecticut) and Tim Kaine (Minnesota). The Democrat Gov. Terry McAwful is from New York.

  • lib1

    What difference does it make if there are no Southern Democrats in the Senate? Have you seen the demographics of the South? 55% of American blacks live in the South. These states are soon to be majority minority. No donkey or elephant will fix that. We look at a branch and not the whole forest, which is burning btw.

    • Bobbala

      It’s not prejudice. It’s experience.

      • Unperson


        • none of your business

          Postjudice, my favorite word. When people accuse me of being prejudiced I always tell them no, I am post judiced.

    • Sick of it

      This may shock you, but white Southerners tend to have more kids than whites in other parts of the country.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Except for perhaps Mormons in Utah. They have very large families and it’s a joy to see hoards of White children when I go there. If they could just let go of that cult religion.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Then they would have as many kids as other whites, which is less than 1 per family.

        • Sick of it

          I was rather naive about the Mormons until I attended a Mormon church for a time. They really do believe in every single heresy that people talk about and far more than those. It’s impossible to imagine people believing in some of those things, even after you can disprove it through scripture. But yeah, it would be nice if we had old time religion in the South again. Everything would be better. Bigger families. Young marriage. Whites supporting one another.

        • Well, the “cult religion” certainly hasn’t hurt them. In fact, it seems to be the central pillar to identify the ingroup for them, which is necessary to do group evolutionary strategy, one of the three pillars of success.

          Mormons really screwed their pooch when they started letting in non-whites.

          • bilderbuster

            The Romney’s set a poor example for White Christianity with Mittens groveling to Israel.
            And of course there was that famous Romney Family Christmas Card with Little Black Romney perched prominently on Mitt’s lap destroying a photo of an otherwise handsome White family.

      • corvinus

        And black Southerners actually have fewer kids than their racial brethren in Democrat-run Northern states with generous welfare programs (like Minnesota and Wisconsin).

  • MBlanc46

    It’s hard to imagine that a party that openly bases itself on blacks, Hispanics, and feminists would get a lot of support in the South. In fact, if you look at a map of Congressional districts by party, almost the entire country is red. Only large cities and other concentrations of blacks and Hispanics are blue. (This is by no means an endorsement of the Repubs, whom I loathe, merely an expression of my hatred for the Dems.)

  • Bobbala

    Don’t forget to add the arsenic.

  • DelmarJackson

    In Florida, the biggest roadblock to making E verify mandatory has been the GOP representatives who when pressed on immigration, mumble platitudes about protecting the border, but actually actively work to prevent any real progress on reducing legal or illegal immigration. As Wallace once said, there is as much real difference between democrats and republicans as between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

    • LHathaway

      When you wrote ‘e-verify’ I thought you meant that thing where you have to take your vehicle to the garage once a year to be tested for emissions and safety. They had not problem passing that in many states!

    • corvinus

      In Florida, you have a special problem: Cuban Republicans. Unlike most other GOP members, Cubans are complete idiots when it comes to immigration.

      • DelmarJackson

        Yeah, but so are most Americans. The GOP state rep was an American who was also a millionaire farmer who publicly stated he needed foreign workers to pick his blueberries as no American workershad the same skill, of course, if you go on YouTube you can find 12 videos of automated blueberry piskers requiring amost no workers.
        In the Carter administration, sec of agriculture Bob Bergland dismantled the entire FDA department pioneering automated agriculture machinery.
        We need to face facts, we have been bought by the billi9onaire open border globalists who now own the media and most of both parties and who have an agenda.

        • none of your business

          I read somewhere than messican famers use more automated equipment than American farmers do. I drive up and down the San Joaquin valley of California several times a year including harvest and planting and I never see any human workers, just machinery.
          So where are the farm workers? Hanging out in Home Deopt parking lots hoping to build more housing for more immigrants.

  • MannyR

    Exactly, I guess we should just ” sit it out ” and let the Democrats control every branch of government. 20 seconds after they get inaugurated we lose all our 2 nd amendment rights and were will be? I think a lot of the posters on this site are secret Dems, I suspect Robert Binion is one. If he’s not he’s sure trying to screw us over with A1 bad advice.

  • Sick of it

    “If Mary Landrieu, a Democratic senator from Louisiana, loses re-election
    in Saturday’s runoff election, as expected, the Republicans will have
    vanquished the last vestige of Democratic strength in the once solidly
    Democratic Deep South.”

    Congratulations, the party is over. She won’t win.

  • Sick of it

    #1 Felons are barred from voting for a set period of time and have to go through some rigamarole in order to reclaim their right to vote.

    #2 A lot of blacks actually vote conservative around here. Obviously not a majority, but enough to tip the balance.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    She SHOULD lose 57% to 43%, but don’t underestimate the ability of blacks in New Orleans to steal this, because that’s how they got her elected the first time…

  • D.B. Cooper

    It doesn’t mean a thing. Aren’t about 75% of republicans closet liberals anyway?
    I do not recall the GOP reaching out to the white vote. All they did was sit back and hope for whites to vote republican by default.
    Therefore, expect more illegal aliens, refugees, and fleeing white liberal democrats from New York and California to flood the south. The Democratic Party will regain power in the south, watch and see.

    • Sick of it

      The progressives in the party are about 25-30%. Most of them are from more liberal parts of the country. You won’t find many Rockefeller Republicans in the South. The problem is that the guys in charge and the major donors belong to the same club. So many of the guys pushed for office are chosen by said club.

    • See The Future

      Whites will become the minority and when they are elected out of office they will never again regain power by administrative means.
      The only question is whether the financial collapse will precede the above.
      Power may be regained by the following race war.

  • Lkoehn

    DemoRATZ = socialism or progressive-ism or just plain rob the rich to give to the poor. The biggest problem with that is if you work and pay taxes then YOU are the rich.

  • Weisheit77

    I wish I could get excited. As the South completes its transformation into North Mexico more American southerners will have their lives ruined fighting wars for Israel.

    If you have ever wondered why the South is so Republican it is because there are so many blacks there. They don’t have room to experiment like Vermont and Montana do. A democratic takeover of a state would mean de facto black rule and all the entailing misery.

    • Ella

      We have so many Latinos here that our American Continental foods and restaurants are slowly being replaced by greasy Mexican and Indian Asian foods.

  • withcaution

    Who cares!!!!!!!’ Are the same party!!!!!! Amnesty Reagan, thousand points of light Bush one, open borders amnesty Bush No. II, John McAmnesty and The polished Mormon!!!

    I don’t have a problem with rabbits crossing my borders/yard because I don’t lay out a bunch of carrots for them. Same with the Libertarian party, quit giving them incentives and they’ll quit coming here.

    I expect nobody’s going to ever catch on to this though because as my Republican friends told me when they voted for Bush disaster number one in the year 2000, “it’s better than voting for door!” See how well that’s worked out?

  • Alex Dihes

    McCain called Putin a tyrant.
    Putin did not reply. Putin do not talk to idiots.

    • See The Future

      The fact that McCain continues to occupy an elected office is proof that the democratic process is an absolute failure.

  • serious123

    Anything that makes the creepy editors at the NYT unhappy makes my day. Never did such a large bunch of anti Americans ever exist at one spot than at the MYT.

  • See The Future

    Elections matter not. We are moving in a direction that cannot be changed by administrative policy or procedures. It is like a plague. It will run its course and the sun will shine again on those that remain.

  • News in this evening: Landrieu lost.

    • IstvanIN


  • withcaution

    That policy has worked so well for the last 50 years let’s try for a century or two.

  • none of your business

    She did lose. Unfortunately the winner is an anti abortion patriotic type, no good for Whites. At least this election proves that Whites can win an election even in the deep black south. I’m glad she lost. Will the anti abortion Republican help Whites? Remains to be seen.

  • none of your business

    Hold your nose when you vote. Old French saying.