Amnesty Activists Already Pressuring Hillary To Expand Obama’s Amnesty

Conn Carroll, Townhall, December 3, 2014

As predicted here less than a week ago, amnesty activists are already pressuring Hillary Clinton not only to renew President Obama’s existing executive amnesty, but promise extend it even further.

Today on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, Latino Decisions previewed a new poll showing that 85 percent of Latino voters would be likely to support Hillary Clinton for president, but only if she promised to renew Obama’s executive amnesty. Without that promise, support for Hillary among Latinos dropped to just 37 percent.

Furthermore, the new Latino Decisions poll found that 73 percent of Latinos believe the next president should expand the executive amnesty program if Congress does not pass it’s own amnesty bill.

“We found overwhelming support, 73 percent of Latinos say they support the president, or a future president, using additional executive action to continue protecting the additional 5 to 6 million undocumented immigrants who were not covered under the executive action of two weeks ago,” Latino Decisions co-founder Matt Barreto told MSNBC.



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  • Latino voters want…

    Who cares? Other than fake Hispanic “leaders” and strangely white-ish looking Hispanic media figures. They’re a minor percentage of the electorate anyway. Do we care what Bhutanese lesbian transgendered vegetarian voters want?

  • dd121

    Republicans better go along with her or risk being called a racist. /sarc

  • libertarian1234

    “73 percent of Hispanics say executive amnesty should be expanded.”

    Of course. They devastated their countries down to rat and cockroach infested hell holes, with sewage running through the streets, now they need a fresh one to work on.

    • Michigan Patriot

      You are not being critical enough; toughen-up your critique.

  • Who Me?

    Pressuring for more…ever hear of the camel who got his nose under the blanket?

  • tjh

    Why don’t we just do away with borders entirely, and have open citizenship while we’re at it…the effect would be the same. We put idiots in charge of our country???

    • Whitetrashgang

      No Jews, quiet don’t tell.

    • ThomasER916

      Massive fraud put them in charge. Like how the Culture of Critique found votes at a laundry mat to secure Al Franken a Senate seat.

      When Whites realize what the Culture of Critique has done, it will be total war. That’s why Whites are being made a racial minority in every country on earth. It’s to prevent whats coming.

  • Reynardine

    In other news, paying Danegeld to the Danes ensures their yearly return in greater numbers. Who knew, right?

  • JohnEngelman

    I think Hillary has the sense to avoid this issue. Whether or not Congressional Republicans stop amnesty for illegals, it will be clear by 2016 that their efforts were popular with most of the voters, including many Hillary will need if she is to be elected president.

  • Alex Dihes

    Obama: So a Nobel prize. I’m proud. It is the first Nobel in history for nothing to a nothing.

  • John

    “Latino Decision” previews a poll that they wrote and tweaked so in order to garner the results they wanted and they were only able to show a success rate of 73%? We certainly don’t want these incompetents in the US. A decent native born cultural Marxist poll organization would have had a success rate of 85% or higher certainly.

    • me

      They scream, we scream louder. They protest, we protest bigger. They invade, we cut off public assistance. They break the laws, we deport. We need to fight back.

      • M&S

        That’s only a part of it.
        We need to find a replacement for what they are perceived to /do/ in this society that disincentivizes businesses and community leaders from doing what they do to help themselves out.
        If junk consumerism as pumped consumer market indices is part of the key here then switch to an indigene meritocritous entitlement system whereby the 23% who have given up looking get back into the job market by a series of leveraged buy-back options on existing debt, future housing and future debt.
        Hitler did this, in 1933, starting with free housing to 250,000 who had been kicked out of their homes by a collapsed enonomy as closed factory doors.
        He then offered 25 dollar a month housing. Buyouts for women willing to leave the job force to start families. The beginnings of a paid healthcare system, sponsored vacation and even car ownership assistance programs.
        If we stopped treating our own as disposable assets and elevating outsiders as The Coming Thing, we too could create exactly this kind of a system. But it would have to begin with the notion that we are building up a permanent wealth base from ALL members of our people. Ensuring that they have the basics to pass onto their kids. And providing for them a means to reconfigure their lifestyles around control over the labor markets as effectors in this society.
        That means, no more proles vs. banksters as class division. That means command of robotics as 5-10-15 pairs of robotic hands which pay social credits into ONE person’s bank account.
        So that the process of real control over the economy of this country changes from one of Process Ownership. To an idea based on ‘effectors’ as those who make the wheels go around. In a fashion that doesn’t leave them burned out at 50 because they are doing brutally hard labor, all by themselves.
        Needless to say, this could only work in a white society.

  • fgbrunner3

    Send them home.

    • ThomasER916

      Not good enough. Remove them utterly.

  • Michigan Patriot

    If White -Euro-stock people who created this country & society ever thought ( please let it be so ) about taking care of their own again versus taking care of non-appreciative minority parasites; they would be condemned as ” racists ” by our international Marxist; the biggest hypocritical racists that exist !

    • John

      That sort of condemnation is already starting to take place. Any book that has the “N” word in it for example. Mark Twain’s classic’s “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” are 2 that come to mind. Any work that has what are these days are perceived as “antisemitic” overtones. Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” because the Jewish merchant “Shylock” is portrayed unfavorably. The forces of political correctness never rest and are well funded to be sure. Thanks to the Internet, more and more of us are waking up as to who these people are. They are the real enemy and have been all these millennia.

      • LHathaway

        “The forces of political correctness never rest and are well funded to be sure”
        So, these people will never rest in their efforts to portray Whites unfavorably, whites and/or ‘white society’? They would be considered ‘insensitive’, actually, if they didn’t. If they didn’t portray whites unfavorably it would be an affront to all the people on this earth who have and are suffering. They are busy ‘educating’ us about white malfeasance because their careers depend on it. A not properly enthusiastic endorsement of this narrative, a failure to acknowledge white evil enthusiastically enough could get one in trouble for being ‘insensitive’. But really, there’s no one who is ‘insensitive’ now, so portraying whites as evil is not a problem.

  • ThomasER916

    The sooner America dies the better. Then they can starve and I can do what I’ve been trained to do – hunt down the Culture of Critique.

    See you soon Johnnie.

  • Lkoehn

    Round them up, house them on closed military bases, ship them all home period end of story. The USA needs these people like we need 12 million illegal Muslims.