Posted on December 5, 2014

Amnesty Activists Already Pressuring Hillary To Expand Obama’s Amnesty

Conn Carroll, Townhall, December 3, 2014

As predicted here less than a week ago, amnesty activists are already pressuring Hillary Clinton not only to renew President Obama’s existing executive amnesty, but promise extend it even further.

Today on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, Latino Decisions previewed a new poll showing that 85 percent of Latino voters would be likely to support Hillary Clinton for president, but only if she promised to renew Obama’s executive amnesty. Without that promise, support for Hillary among Latinos dropped to just 37 percent.

Furthermore, the new Latino Decisions poll found that 73 percent of Latinos believe the next president should expand the executive amnesty program if Congress does not pass it’s own amnesty bill.

“We found overwhelming support, 73 percent of Latinos say they support the president, or a future president, using additional executive action to continue protecting the additional 5 to 6 million undocumented immigrants who were not covered under the executive action of two weeks ago,” Latino Decisions co-founder Matt Barreto told MSNBC.