Michael Brown’s Parents to U.N. Torture Panel: You Can Save Lives

NBC News, November 12, 2014

The parents of Ferguson police-shooting victim Michael Brown said they traveled to a United Nations session in Geneva to “get justice for our son.” A grand jury in Missouri will decide whether the white officer who shot the unarmed black teen will face any charges. While that panel hears evidence, Brown’s parents made their first overseas trip to testify before the U.N. Committee Against Torture.

In testimony on Tuesday, Brown’s mother, Lesley McFadden became emotional while his father, Michael Brown Sr. said he wished he could have put himself between his son and the bullets that killed him Aug. 9, setting off days of protest and unrest and drawing the attention of the Obama administration. “Whatever the grand jury decides in Missouri will not bring Michael back,” the father told U.N. panelists, according to NBC station KSDK. “We also understand that what you decide here may save lives.” {snip}



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  • MekongDelta69

    I nominate THIS to be my AmRen hilarious article of the week.
    (Hey – maybe even the month, if nothing else even more ridiculous and ludicrous pops up.)

    • Katherine McChesney

      I think it’s hilarious also. To think of McSpadden and Brown in Switzerland cracks me up.

      • Nancy

        Who wants to guess how long it’ll take before “Geneva” pops up as their new favorite baby name?

        • That will probably depend on whether McSpadden throws a fit while demanding to “shop” at a store there right at closing time.

        • RacialRay

          Je’NieEvaH. You pronounce it with the accents on the capitals.

          I sure hope they brushed up on their Genovese before going over. A brotha doesn’t want to be misunderstood, yo.

          • Nancy

            They’re likely annoyed that nobody speaks “Amurrican”.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          That would be a shame if they adopted “Geneva” as a name. The only Geneva I knew was a 108-year-old white lady in a nursing home, from Walton County, Georgia.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            I knew a black stripper in 1989 named Geneva (real name, not stage name) so it’s nothing new.

          • Anglo

            I knew a white girl in high school named Geneva.

      • bilderbuster

        Wouldn’t Swaziland be a better place for them to be?

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Yes, imagine these unsophisticated, low-life afroids— who have never been out of their hood— in Geneva, heh. “Negroes go to the moon.” The first thing their fish-out-of-water, dull little afroid minds will ask as they look around at all the upscale Nordics is “What da f*** am I doin here wit all dese white folks speakin’ languages I can’t understand? Where all my n***** at? Uh oh…. dis be some sinister, racist s***! I wanna go home! Gemme outta here!”

        • Nancy

          That’s my bet. If it annoys the bruthas in prison when the Mexicans speak “Mexican” so the negroes can’t understand them, I can only imagine how irritating a whole country of non-English-speaking people will be.

    • Nancy

      According to Daily Kenn, they were “snubbed” when they got there. Apparently the members of the “torture committee” seemed confused as to why they were even there, seeing as the Gentle Giant wasn’t “tortured”. They were actually annoyed that the Brown’s were there to begin with, basically seeking special treatment.

  • Truthseeker

    Not that I’ve ever taken the UN all that seriously, but giving these thugs an audience only reinforces what a joke they are.

  • Darren Wilson did save his own life.

    • bilderbuster

      And no doubt future would be victims of Gentle Giant attacks.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Michael Brown’s Mom to U.N. Torture Panel: You Can Save Lives”

    “For insence, like Big Mike’s granma, Pearlie. You sees, Pearlie almose loss her life because she was selling bootleg Hands Up merch. Nah, I don’t stand for that ish. So I rounds up my homies and wees put da boots to Pearlie and her man. Knowwhadi’mtalkinabout? Anyways, Pearlie’s man ain’t doing so good after we beats him in da head with a pipe. UNs, if you could save his life soes dat I can get out of murder charges, I be so thankful. Peace and fight da power!!!”

    • Usually Much Calmer

      That was sublime. Thank you very much.

    • Max

      Should read “haid”; “inna haid with a pipe”.

      • Who Me?

        “inna hay-id widda pipe”

  • Massif1

    His mother is pending a charge (felony?) and she’s allowed to leave the country? Also, wonder if the White House paid for anything so they could travel to Switzerland.

    • That would have depended on what her bond conditions had specified. A PR (personal recognizance) bond here in Colorado often means GPS tracking on an ankle monitor and visits to a probation officer for random drug tests. A cash bond doesn’t. I have no idea how Missouri does these things.

      • bilderbuster

        I believe she’s still “under investigation”.
        Black Privilege don’t you know?

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Yeah, with OUR taxes.

  • james AZ


    • DaveMed

      Hey there.

    • dd121

      What ya got for us?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Greetings… wish we were in a beautiful white land like Switzerland. Sort of like the U.S.A. used to be.

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        LOTS of muzzie’s there now. Not as white.

    • bilderbuster

      How’s tricks?

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        Tricks are for “Johns”.

        • bilderbuster

          “How’s tricks?” Is how one greets a hooker.

  • RacialRay

    And if they can’t get ‘justice’ from the mighty U.N. they’ll…riot?

    I guess no one clued them in that the U.N. is the biggest joke this side of the NAACP.

    • The NAACP isn’t even in the same league as the UN. The UN Human Rights Commission has included such glittering beacons of human dignity as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Pakistan, to name but a few.

      • Max

        But, they are all “persons of color” and that is what really matters.

  • Ograf

    Under ordinary circumstances they probably don’t even qualify to have a passport.

    • awb

      They had passport’s? Were they expedited?

  • heard the small arms is 12/24. bring it.

  • Ronald

    The UN rejected the appeal and chastised Brown’s parents for wasting their time.

    • WhiteVeinKratom


  • Steve_in_Vermont

    When I first heard this story I thought it was a joke. One of the biggest, yet most useless, organizations on the planet invites these folks to testify about……..what, exactly? I’d question their competency except for the fact that it’s the UN and most people understand they have no credibility.

  • dd121

    The simple truth is that Brown attacked a police officer who was in his car and got shot to death for his efforts. This is just leftist theater; not a matter for the UN.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Shows how worthless the UN is.

      It should be defunded, kicked out of NY, the building razed to the ground and the ground it stood on salted.

  • Nancy

    “U.N. Torture Panel: Where we gather ambassadors from around the world and torture them by making them sit and listen to the oooks and eeeks of indignant American blacks.”

  • E. Newton

    The father wears that tie with a picture of his deceased “gentle giant” on it. The UN might as well have invited two of those Papua New Guinea natives with the gourds they wear are on their private parts. We live in a world increasingly run by demented children.

  • DaveMed

    “get justice for our son.”

    That’s weird. I could have sworn that I read about his receipt of justice a couple of months back.

  • Ohmy!

    Apparently, testifying before the U.N. committee against torture is a joke, not to be taken seriously by anyone. How can “justice” be served in relation to Michael Brown (I’m just curious)? What does that mean exactly in the parents’ minds? White police officers are never to defend themselves, shooting at unarmed young black men. Their son did not experience one moment of torture during his encounter with the police officer. These parents are delusional, not understanding what actual torture is. The police officer was doing his job and their son, Michael Brown, got shot, dying as a result of his own aggressive, stupid behavior – attacking a police officer. How hard are these facts to understand, especially for Michael’s parents (and other irrational people)?

  • Luca

    I believe they went there just to sell tee-shirts. I can’t think of anything else, no other scrap of logic to explain their presence before a UN committee on Torture.

    • They’re both black, and probably aren’t intelligent enough to make the distinction between painful, humiliating or degrading treatment by authorities as punishment or to extract information or a confession (as defined in the UN torture convention and ratified by the US Senate in 1994) and self-defense shootings by authorities attempting to either make an arrest or merely order that disorderly conduct cease.

      All those complicated words would naturally fly right over the heads of typical blacks, probably at escape velocity.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin’s cases have been torture as the media and parents try to portray these worthless thugs as innocent victims of White racism.

    Did she also tell the UN about the armed robbery charges against her and how she had someone take a length of pipe to her mother-in-law and then stole $1200 from her?

    Torture is being forced to hand over my hard-earned money so American can support a class of lazy freeloaders welfare citizens


    Also appearing before the committee on Tuesday, the U.S.-based National Center for Lesbian Rights will argue that conversion therapy — attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation — amounts to torture and/or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

  • LeonNJ

    Move the UN to Dubai. They seem to have more in common than us in the West.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Who gives a crap what the UN thinks, says or does…..just as long as they stay the hell out of any influence with US Law and our God-given right to self-defense.

    Michael Brown & Trayvon Martin got the justice they deserved—being DEAD. No Loss

    No Apologies

  • Barabbas

    ‘They say they went to Geneva to get justice for their son.’

    Their son already received his justice.

  • MannyR

    In what way was Gentle Giant tortured? I’m fairly certain a 40 cal round to the forehead is a pretty painless way to go. Perhaps we should go back in time and ask Channon Christie or Christian Newson their thoughts on the issue?

    • Ohmy!

      Yes, these two people KNEW what true torture is, having experienced it courtesy of black psychopaths. It sickens me what they endured.

      • LexiconD1

        It sickens me more that the news media totally ignored this case, and pretend it never happens.

        • Ohmy!

          I agree, these murders should have gotten major media attention.

    • LexiconD1

      That’d be Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, right?

      • Ohmy!

        That’s correct. I only learned about this couple, Channon and Christopher recently, being appalled by what happened to them. They were good, decent people and their killers were NOT (that’s an understatement). Just thinking about how they were murdered literally makes me furious. I wish their killers were six feet under.

      • MannyR

        Yes. Thank you for correcting me.

  • martin stuart

    These people are so ignorant that they really don’t understand that they caused this with their parenting.
    I wonder who is paying for this and I guess welfare people have passports.

    • dukem1

      Parenting…That’s funny…he was probably raised by his step god cousin, or some such formulation found in the new definitions of family so beloved by the “It ain’t ever their own fault” crowd.
      We are doomed.
      Torture to these folks would be to withdraw every US dollar given to prop up the UN…they’d probably have to move their HQ to, say, Brussels…the Euros…which would in no time at all turn the UN into world headquarters for the world wide caliphate…much sooner, rather than a bit later.
      Just thinking about the imbecility of this whole scenario …I think I can actually feel my brain cells dying…
      Is there not one elected official in the West with the stones to call this out?
      (Rhetorical question)

  • Ron Cheaters

    (Lengthy Post)
    Here are some highlights from the appeal document to the UN:

    Submitted by the Family of Michael Brown,
    HandsUpUnited, Organization for Black Struggle (OBS), &
    Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE).
    “According to his friend, the closest witness to the afternoon’s events, the officer approached them in his SUV police vehicle, told them to “get the [expletive] off the sidewalk,” which then escalated into a confrontation. After a struggle, the officer began to shoot the teen. Brown ran away, as he was hit by the officer’s bullets. The officer chased the teen on foot, and according to multiple witnesses, even after Michael Brown raised his hands to surrender and begged the officer not to shoot, the officer continued to fire.”

    “Following his murder, Michael Brown’s body was left uncovered in the middle of the street…This treatment of his body, grotesquely mutilated by the six bullets and left bleeding in the street in plain view, traumatized countless neighbors who witnessed either the shooting, its aftermath, or both…Not only did the abandonment of the body convey to residents that the police officer regarded the black youth as less than human, but it also illustrated the officer’s brazen confidence that he would not be punished for such unwarranted violence…A local resident shared her belief that these efforts were done to “set an example” and that “they shot a black man, and they left his body in the street to let you all know this could be you.””

    “Additionally, the manner in which Darren Wilson’s prosecution has proceeded and the
    concerning decisions of the prosecutor have raised questions as to government bias in favor of the police. For example, rather than filing a set of potential charges that the grand jury would endorse, as is typical practice, the state prosecutor in this case, Robert McCulloch is allowing the grand jury maximum discretion to decide the appropriate charge…Of particular concern is the prosecutor’s decision to present every witness and every shred of evidence to the grand jury as the prosecutor’s office receives it, without waiting for county and federal investigations to be completed, as prosecutors typically do…The state court judge extended the term for two additional months, and added 60 days to that, to give the grand jury the maximum possible time under Missouri law.”

    “On August 18, Jasmine Wellington was peacefully protesting in the early afternoon. Police officers gave her conflicting directions on where to stand. When a police officer pushed her onto the sidewalk from behind, she grabbed his hand not knowing who it was who had touched her or why she had been pushed. For instinctually grabbing his arm, Jasmine was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. While in detention, a female police officer completed a full body search, lingering while searching her private parts, leading Jasmine to believe that she was touching her for sexual purposes or an attempt to humiliate her.”

    Link to the file:
    http://i2 . cdn . turner . com/cnn/2014/images/11/11/fergusonreport . pdf
    (remove the spaces)

    Its outrageous trumped up allegations anyone can see through.
    If they presented this to the UN, its likely this would be repeated in kangaroo court.

    Part of me laughs, part of me gets angry.. and I don’t even live in the US.
    Just an observer.. oh, and one lat thing, Leslie, Ronald McDonald called – He want’s his wig back.

    • They’re still trying to foist off that “shot in the back” fairy tale?

      • Ron Cheaters

        They have their star witness. If they change tactics now it would only go against them.. so yep.

  • If Brown Sr. is so distraught over his son’s shooting death, shouldn’t he have involved himself more closely in the kid’s life while he was growing up? The guy had a prison record of his own; he could have commented as the voice of experience on the lifestyle that got him sent there. Waiting until your son is dead or locked up at the age of 18 seems a rather poor way to go about parenting.

    As William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies” suggests, civilized behavior isn’t something children will naturally develop on their own. Brown Sr. and McFadden allowed their son to be raised by TV, Hollywood, and the streets, in what amounted to an 18-year episode of “garbage-in, garbage-out”.

  • Chris R

    I’m envisioning a dumb hoodrat speaking Ebonics in front of diplomats. Funny stuff.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      … and the translators trying to distill it into French, German, Italian, etc. They’ll probably need a translator to turn it into English.

  • bilderbuster

    UN Peace Keepers coming soon to Ferguson?

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    So I guess they used their son’s death to get a free trip out of the country, just like Trayvon Martin’s mother used his death to sell T-Shirts and to copyright ‘I am Travyon’ I would have preferred that they went on a one way ticket to Africa instead of Geneva and back to the US.

    • It was just an attention-getting stunt. These slugs had Andy Warhol’s proverbial 15 minutes of fame, and enjoyed playing the role of distressed parents, even though if they’d acted like parents earlier on, and done that consistently, their kid would be alive. They miss the public attention, and since “Poor little black us” is the only game they’ve got, they’ll keep trying that while the rest of the world moves on.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    What about justice for all the white people killed by black people for no reason at all.

  • Evette Coutier

    Michael Brown’s life was not worth saving.

  • KenelmDigby

    You can see how much respect Michael Brown himself had for so called ‘human rights’ and the distaste he had for intimidation and actual physical violence, by the way he bullied and manhandled that paki shopkeeper.

  • Alucard_the_last

    It doesn’t seem to bother them that he is in hell. Biblical speaking, it is impossible for it to be in heaven.

  • archer

    Do the parents share the same last name, if not why not, are they married, is she eligible for more benefits if she is a “single” mother that is not married technically.

  • Im no big fan of the U.N….but they are not dumb. Most in the U.N understand and know what the African American is about. Nor do they want to get involved with a criminal being shot by a law enforcement officer doing his job. This was good, It has exposed the mentality of African Americans that we deal with every day. If you have not notices just about all of them were wondering, Why are you here wasting our time.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    I wish articles would stop referring to Michael Brown as “unarmed”. Not having a gun does not mean that a person is unable to pose a threat.

    • Malgus

      I have a serious problem with them referring to him as a “victim”.

      Conferring “victimhood” on someone automatically anoints them with moral superiority and attempts to make them untouchable. If you speak up and say anything unsupportive of the alleged “victim”, it paints you in a bad light by default.

      “What?!? How dare you say anything bad about Dindoo Nuffins! He’s the VICTIM here!!!”

      Brown attacked a cop, clubbed him so hard it fractured his ocular orbit and then got righteously shot dead… The End.

      He ain’t no “victim”…

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Why are the parents of Michael Brown going to Geneva to “get justice fo dey son”? Their no-good creep of a son already got his justice, which is why he is pushing up daisies now. These phoney baloney afro-hustlers just want a free vacation on whitey’s dime. White liberals are falling all over these losers now, wining and dining them, making these parasites feel like accomplished big shots. “We iz global ambassadors fo JUST-US. We is imPOtant now.”

    • Who Me?

      I bet lil Trayvon’s mama wishes she’d thought this one up!