Charlie Rangel: Calling Tea Partyers ‘White Crackers’ Actually ‘Term of Endearment’

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times, November 11, 2014

Don’t take offense–referring to members of the tea party as “white crackers” is actually complimentary, said Rep. Charles Rangel, longtime Democratic lawmaker.

That’s how Mr. Rangel explained away his widely criticized 2013 reference to the group during an interview with The Huffington Post in which he also seemed to suggest that tea party members were of the same vein as terrorists.

Mr. Rangel was first confronted with his 2013 statement, when he likened the tea party to the “same group we faced in the South, with the white crackers, the dogs and the police,” the video showed.

He then responded: “I thought that was a term of endearment. They’re so proud of their heritage and all the things they believe [the tea party] . . . I can tell you this. With all of the feelings I have against these people who have been against justice, fair play, equality, and the freedoms as we know it, if I offended them by calling them a white cracker, for that I apologize. For the rest of it, there’s a lot that has to be done here,” he said, on the video.


“With the names I’ve been called, I’ve never really put cracker in that category. I certainly would like to have dinner with some of the people who were offended,” he said, on the video.

“This shows how ridiculous this is: a guy . . . in Congress calls mean-spirited people that bomb and kill people, set dogs on them, lynch people, and still refuse to believe that we’re suffering the pain from this–they can say that guy makes a lot of sense but he had no business calling us a white cracker. Like I said, if I had thought that that would have made a difference in terms of their beliefs, believe me, I would have taken that away, crumbled it, thrown it away.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    Can I go up to Charlie and call him my own ‘term of endearment‘?

    Jes’ axin’

    • TruthBeTold

      Be my guest.

    • De Doc

      Even ol’ Mark Twain wouldn’t have had a problem with your idea.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      You could send Mr. Rangel an e-mail and churn out every term of endearment you care to.

      • I don’t particularly enjoy being arrested.

        • propagandaoftruth

          But he said the “C-word” man.

        • Fr. John+

          And that’s just ONE MORE thing we need to fix, come the Restoration. No ‘diplomatic immunity.’ Esp. for non-Whites.

    • dukem1

      I love Charlie…He my niggah! nome sane?

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I have several, depending on who’s listening.

      “Zombie,” “Baboon”, or “Parasite.”

  • John Barleycorn

    Here is a veteran who was a war hero that I just can’t give any endearment to..

    • He was also found guilty on 11 counts by the House Ethics Committee back in 2010.

      • bilderbuster

        Obviously you’re not familiar with Black Privilege yet.

      • Veritas

        And yet this corrupt racist idiot is still a representative for his corrupt racist party. Why isn’t this fool in prison?

      • Charles Martel

        He also has multiple rent controlled apartments in Harlem in direct violation of the city’s rules governing their allocation. . . yet he continues to be re-elected. It’s as if his constituents don’t respect the law!

      • none of your business


  • Call Charles Rangel a “black n****r,” see if he thinks it endearment.

    • dukem1

      Redundancy alert!

      • rightrightright

        Not quite. There are also ‘sand n…’

  • Yves Vannes

    He does more to bring to light the incompatibility of Ice People vs. Sun People than does the entire HBD blogosphere.

  • james AZ

    Oh really let me see that too many black crackers in Africa because there no success nations yet ???????????????? huh

  • Massif1

    When BRA is in control you can say whatever you want and get away with it.

    • Luca

      There is no BRA but there may be a LRA or JRA. L stands for Liberal and J stands for (use your imagination).

      The Liberals like to allow the blacks to dress up and feel important.

  • RacialRay

    “I certainly would like to have dinner with some of the people who were offended”

    Sure thing, Chuck. I’ll bring the fried chicken and you bring the watermelon.

    • He could eat dry kibble out of the dog bowl here, though not at the table, but I doubt Maverick would like that. On the plus-side, dog kibble and tap water would constitute a gift of less than $100, so this would keep Rangel in the clear with the House Ethics Committee – this time.

      • Who Me?

        “We also keep the house cool enough in the winters (55F) that I doubt we would need to have it fumigated after he had left.”

        But are you sure he’s housebroken? Some male pets like to “mark”. where they’ve been, it’s a kind of territorial thing, I hear…

      • dukem1

        “This time.”…Ahhh..made me chuckle there..thanx!

  • Mr. Rangel was first confronted with his 2013 statement, when he likened the tea party to the “same group we faced in the South, with the white crackers, the dogs and the police,” the video showed.

    Unfortunately, that’s not true. I wish it was true. I wish the TPM was on par with legends like George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Bull Connor, Ross Barnett, Richard Russell, Theodore Bilbo and many others like them. But they’re not; it’s just a miracle that they toned down somewhat their (insert pejorative here)-loving from their movement’s early days of 2009 and 2010, and are doing some important grass roots leg work on immigration.

  • Dave4088

    Any white congressman who referred to radical, race baiting black Democrats like Obongo, Holder and their flock as n*ggers would have been censured and denounced within 24 hours by both the radical left and the kosher, “race doesn’t matter” neo-conservatives.

    Some animals are more equal than others in the exceptional American nation.

    • bilderbuster

      And not a single Republican will do anything about this but they will be the first to jump on any White person who says something similar about Blacks as would all of the kosher conservatives.

  • TruthBeTold

    “same group we faced in the South, with the white crackers, the dogs and the police,”

    THOSE white crackers were Democrats.

    • Luca

      Who the hell is “We”? He was born in Harlem which is basically upper Manhattan.

      • He also spent many summers in Accomac, VA, on the Eastern Shore, and not in Harlem, NYC at all. Not exactly Birmingham, Alabama!

        • none of your business

          The real estate people who developed Harlem created an upper class housing district with glorious late 19th century style houses, apartments and commercial buildings.
          Then the blacks moved in and did what they do. Hyde Park area of Chicago, Fillmore neighborhood of San Francisco, the most beautiful expensive well built buildings in the world are destroyed when blacks move in.

    • none of your business

      They stopped teaching the political party of the Whites who opposed desegregation long ago. Most people under 40 have been taught that the Republican party fought on the southern side of the civil war and opposed desegregation and black voting in the south before 1964.

  • The n-word is also a “complimentary term of endearment”, Charlie. Trust me on this.

    • Luca

      I believe if you end the n-word in “igga” it becomes a socially acceptable term of endearment. As in, “Charlie Rangel, mah nigga.”

      That’s more than endearment, that there is very high ghetto respect up in da hood.

      • He wasn’t referring to whites as “crackas”, so the “-r” ending would have to remain.

        • Luca

          Alas, Charlie has so much European DNA apparently he is capable of ending a word with the letter “R”. I concede and stand corrected.

  • Caucasoid88

    Charlie Rangel looks like an elderly Punjabi.

  • HJ11

    Rangel is a White hating punk. Spit!

  • WR_the_realist

    “With the names I’ve been called, I’ve never really put cracker in that
    category. I certainly would like to have dinner with some of the people
    who were offended,” he said, on the video.

    But what Tea Party member would want to have dinner with him? The Tea Party was always a rather incoherent movement, and was all too quickly hijacked by the neocons, but all they really wanted as a fiscally prudent government that stayed within its constitutional bounds. Those goals are racist when you have a black president.

    • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

      As if he would ever be invited to dinner by decent white people.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Is “tax cheat” also a term of endearment?

    Any remarks from Rangel are as worthless as he is.

    • none of your business

      Is he black? Looks like my Dad when he got old.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Too bad Rangel didn’t cop that attitude back in the ’30’s and ’40’s—or the early ’50’s for that matter; he would likely be ‘put into his place’, to say it lightly.

    Notice that blacks are never for equality—only ‘payback’.

    Hopefully someday negro Rangel will get his….

    • He could also have surrendered to the Chinese at Kunu Ri in 1950 and tried that with them. I’m sure the People’s Liberation Army personnel would have been their usual, understanding selves over the matter.

  • [Guest]

    Nobody would mistake the words I use to describe Charlie Rangel as terms of endearment.

  • antiquesunlight

    His point, as far as I can decipher, is that it’s ok for him to call racist whites “crackers” because they are “mean spirited,” or whatever. I’m cool with that if it’s ok for me to call gangbanging, anti-white blacks n*ggers.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Its funny how history has flipped on its lid. its now perfectly acceptable to insult whites and laugh about it on air. Yet old whassername lost her show on the cooking channel because she admitted she used the word decades ago under oath (an oath nobody really believes in anymore).

      White is the new black?

      “White privilege” is White Oppression.

      So how do we get it back? and how low do we have to sink before we rise again?

      • antiquesunlight

        Pretty low, it’s looking like…

        Yeah, the Paula Deen “scandal” really bothered me. She’s the sweetest lady on the planet and they just ran her into the ground over nothing. It’s so senseless.

      • SolStans

        I had to cover the Paula Deen fiasco in my business communications class. (We were studying business catastrophes.) My whole presentation can be summed up as “her only mistake was to apologize and grovel, and if anyone should be called a ni66er, it’s the guy waving a gun in your face.”

        Surprisingly, I saw some students nodding in agreement, as well as the teacher. And we all only mildly flinched when I said the unedited n-word out loud.

  • MannyR

    Ever since Saint Skittles I proudly identify as a Cracka.

  • The All Seeing Bry

    This is the first time I agree with this man. I have no problem being called a “White Cracker”. I might actually enjoy it…I think someone is just jealous.

    • dukem1

      No duh!!!he’s jealous of the “white” part…as are they all.

  • tobytylersf

    Is he saying he likes Tea Partiers? So he’s calling them a “term of endearment?”

    I don’t believe that either.

  • gregCall

    I wish people wouldn’t legitimize “cracker” as an insult. Being from Florida and proudly being a “cracker” myself I laugh at the blacks attempts to use a term that simply means the original settlers of the area or their descendants. By acting as if that is an actual insult it just gives power to the foolishness of black who think calling each other “nigga” is a term of endearment.
    Cracker is a designation to be proud to claim even if some 70-80 IQ morons grasping for anything they can use as an insult think it’s an insult. I don’t allow retards to redefine words and neither should any thinking person.

    • jane johnson

      They freak out over “redneck”, too.

      • gregCall

        At least ‘Red Neck” is an actual insult coined by rural southern whites to describe white migrant workers, In effect calling someone a redneck properly means you are calling them a drifter with no fixed address who does menial day labor (white trash).
        It always amazed me how rural people adopted that term to describe themselves, to me it’s too much like blacks calling themselves nigga.

    • LexiconD1

      I laugh anytime I hear some random black using the pejorative ‘cracker’, it is so stupid. Knowing where it comes from makes it even more dumb.

  • LHathaway

    dogs and hoses and lynch mobs. . . Not that I believe anything Mr. Rangel has to say, but has he even vacationed in the South?

  • dave

    There’s rules for youins and rules for weins, and it aint the same rules.

  • ghettovalley

    When the KKK uses racial slurs at their rallies, these are actually just terms of endearment. The KKK actually loves black people.

  • Malgus

    That’s okay Charlie…

    White people don’t care what black people call us, especially when we consider the source… what you think of us means less than nothing to us…

    So, you and your Mood Ring can go back to your criminal activities, lying on your taxes, swindling people, being a race-baiter and being a general, all-around incompetent…

    Those are words of endearment, Charlie… don’t blow your porch light…

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    His deflection is actually racial insult on top of racial insult. He just didn’t have a better term for whites than that, so he did his level best to give whites a break. Give me a break.

    This man’s hypocrisy is beyond belief.

  • Augustus3709

    More mulatto compensation. Looks like he’s covered in BBQ sauce.

  • none of your business

    I believe the term cracker comes from the term crackerjack which meant expert, skilled, extremely competent, maven, wallah all those words that meant a very skilled competent person in whatever he or she was doing. When I was a child I remember adults talking about someone who was a “crackerjack typist” one of my aunt’s hired.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    Rangel is pretty much the male version of Jackson-Lee.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Isn’t it way past time that we stopped worrying about what black sewer-rats like Rangel think, say or do?

    He should be in the Federal Slam with the rest of the Black Caucus, doing three years per count and making Restitution…

    • Charlie Rangel has had an ulterior motive for ratcheting up the anti-white rhetoric in the last few years.

      In the last two election cycles, he had to huff and puff and hustle to stave off a very strong challenge within the Democrat Primary for that Congressional seat from a Hispanic who is currently the head of the New York State Senate Latino Caucus, as the Congressional district was redrawn in 2011 to include a lot more Hispanics. In both instances, Rangel won only by a few percentage points.

      So what does Rangel’s anti-white vitriol have to do with beating a Hispanic in a Democrat primary?

      Easy. Rangel could not have come out against Hispanics, otherwise it would spark a huge internal food fight within the Evil Party. But by the same token, Rangel wanted to win, and knew it would take black voters to win. So what’s the easy answer? Bash white people, bring up the civil rights era we shall overcome rhetoric. That reminds the black voters of his district that he’s black and they’re black, therefore go out and vote for the black candidate.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Did you know he holds the seat originally won by Adam Clayton Powell, the first black Congressman from New York, another black crook and the prototype for every member of the Black Caucus, since…?

        • In 2010, ACP’s grandson tried to primary Rangel but Rangel won that one easily.